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Hey, this is John Taylor running back for the Indianapolis Colts. And you're listening to the Fantasy Football as podcast. To the fantasy football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright. Welcome in. Wednesday, September 9th. One day, the football football eve, football eve today is football eve, actually more importantly today as the League of record draft. How are you doing, Jason? I'm pretty well. How are you? You're pretty well, yeah.


Superbrands good.


I think your mastery of the English language knows no bounds, Mr. Moore. Thank you, Mike. Definitely fantasy here, man. Wright is here as well. I mean, he hollaway. Where the fantasy football and we are one day from NFL football got done with hard knocks last night, that was you know, it's exciting to see basically anything related to football at this point. That's true.


I did not make the team neither team.


I did I did make one of those teams. They didn't show me at all. But and I changed my number to 11, which is my favorite number. Jason, more wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers. Watch out. Twenty. Twenty.


I we were just talking before, I wish that we had seen more football, like I would have loved to see one carmaker snap or one.


We saw carmakers fumble. We saw one from local. Yeah, just a little bit more of some of these, you know, on the edge fantasy football talent type of.


Sure. I you guys, I really liked the the Rams scrimmage from this past episode with that sweet Tyler Higbee touchdown.


Yeah, he's a good player. Yeah, got to score a lot of touchdowns at the followers on Twitter, the fantasy football, lots of changes on the website if you're a member of the foot clan to join the fight dotcom. The mega ball drafts wrapped up last night. Jason and I both were in one of those, much to the surprise of the other people in the league, which was a lot of fun. Yeah, Andy and I jumped on the old sleeper voice chat that was really fun and had a party where people were like, I don't think it's you.




Oh, yeah. That was the hardest part. They're like, yes, you either tweet out my first three picks and then show them out to prove it. Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. Would you like held up the newspaper. Right. Life. Exactly.


But you can get access to premium projections, the flex rankings, the advanced start set tool, some of the player profile modules open up for you. So there's a lot of cool stuff on the website that starts it to is up there for the upcoming week is up graded as well. Yes. Not only will it show you, you know, which players, even across positions, you could do up to four if you're part of our footballing community. And now it shows matchup details.


It's going to show each player side by side what their projected lineup. Are they favored? Are they underdogs? Is that a high overunder? What what is the matchup? It's it's a really great tool. You're going to love it this season.


Yeah, we're very excited. Lots of upgrades on the site over the last year overall. So it's it's nice. And what else is going on? YouTube, dotcom slash the fantasy football. Subscribe over there. Click the bell. Appreciate everybody with the reviews lately on Apple podcast as we head into the season. Those are awesome. So let's go out and get into some bycel. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction.


All right, week one edition of Buy or Sell, we're starting with O Goo, Goo, Goo, Goo Goo, Darrin Waller, five and a half catches at Carolina.


What do you think he averaged five point six catches per game in twenty nineteen. In fact, the other day when I pulled up his player profile and I was talking to Jason about Mr. Waller, I just. I think we forget the kind of season he actually had. Yeah, he had one thousand one hundred and forty five receiving yards from a Titan ninety reception. He has definitely been lower on the talked about players, but a lot of factors went into that over the off season.


I mean, number one, the team spent, you know, everything trying to revitalize and revamp that wide receiver corps rug's in the first round. Brian Edwards in the third at the time when Bowdon was added. Also in the third, they've just they've really tried to add some pieces. So it felt like Kandarian Waller really hit that same ceiling. And then on top of that, the draft, the ATP for Darrin Waller, it's right in that dead zone for tight ends where they had just time after time after year after year.


We see them the failed six round.


Yeah, you they failed to come through. I still like Waller in his prospects, but that's that's what happened to him. He fell into this Bermuda Triangle in the draft spot for four tight ends. So are you going to take buying or selling, taking over?


I know this game is going to be wild. Man like Carolina breaking out the brand new offense. See what the new pieces can do for the Panthers and and what head coach Majar Rule can do. I will I will reluctantly buy this because we're still trying to get the the rookies going with which they were listed as the starters, Henry Rug's and Brian Edwards. So I'll buy that the the seasoned veteran will be more involved. Week one. Yeah, I'm I'm going to buy it as well.


Our projected stat line for him is six point two receptions this week. I'm going to go with that. I could definitely see a world where Josh Jacobs just scorches the football field so badly that they don't need to throw the ball much against this Panthers defense. Right. But outside of that, the rookies coming in, this is their first game in the NFL. I think they're going to lean on Wollar.


I'm going to buy it as well. Love Bell. Thirteen fantasy points at Buffalo Week one, he averaged twelve point one fantasy points in twenty nineteen. I'm going to sell that, I'm going to sell it. I'm going to sell it as well. Look, if you drafted live in the fourth, I'm still going to play him. I just am. We've had to adjust our expectations for Le'Veon Bell over the past two weeks, as Adam Gase has.


You know, done his thing here with Frank Gore. Yeah, he's he knuckle does. Yes, he did. Yeah. We're kind of in a daze, an Adam Gase days.


Oh, yeah. No, I'm definitely selling. This is a you should have made that line ten points.


Brooks, I would have been tough. Ten points would have been tough.


You are terrible at handicapping Brooks.


Yeah. What if it was ten points. Oh what a great buy or sell point. Because I would by 10 points.


I think you can get ten against Buffalo with the passing. What's the scoring for you.


It's a half point PPR. All right. I'm going to sell, sell. You're going to sell ten nine point nine. I, I don't want to play him against Buffalo with Frank Gore. He's just worrisome to me.


Mike, would you buy or sell at 10 points? I would sell. I like to me, the question becomes, can Le'Veon Bell hit 10 points this week without a touchdown? Sure. And then now you're like, I don't think so. He tried all last year with that touchdown PPR.


He'll definitely get there.


But D.J. Chaak, top 15, wide receiver week in week one against Indianapolis. What do you guys think? Does he finish in the top 15? I guess I have him ranked right above 15 this week, so I will.


I mean, it's it's funny.


By the way, we were talking about it right before the show starts, you know, looking at the game lines and it's like it's week one. There's been no preseason rankings and projects this week. One is extremely difficult because your dataset is last year now, teams tried to make changes. You have no idea if those changes are going to work out like, let's say, Arizona. They spend their first overall pick on Isaiah Simmons, who theoretically can come in and help the tight end problem like last year was.


Was there a tight end playing Arizona boom, put him in your starting lineup because he's going to be the number one guy in the week. Now, theoretically, they've tried to adjust for that, but you still only have the numbers from from last season.


So just based off of that, I will sell Chaak this week as a top fifteen. I'm selling as well. My my early rankings had him in there, but I've moved him since then down. I'm I drafted the Indianapolis Colts as my defense in the the league last night. I love this week one match up and I just think their defense is going to be awesome this season.


They're going to be so much stronger against the run this year with the acquisition of Buckner. It's just a huge move for them.


That was by herself from pristine auction. We'll see how it goes in week one. By the way, the most common start sick question on the website right now is left, Bella Antonio Gibson. That's a tough one, because Antonio Gibson was he's probably being drafted fourth, fifth, sixth round right now. Yeah, right around love. So you've got you have a lot of teams with both of these players, is my point. So this is a decision a lot of people are facing.


Gibson's a rookie. He's got the Eagles match up. I would probably go with the veteran in week one.


I would as well. All right, pristine auction outcome, like I said, use the code ballers to get a ten dollar credit. Let's talk news. News& notes from around the league. All right, the Cardinals signed DeAndre Hopkins to a fifty four point five million dollar contract extension. Well, let's just round that up, shall we? I believe that means he's under contract for the next five seasons. Is that correct? I believe so. Only 24.


OK, that's great. That's great.


The Browns signed Kareem Hunt to a two year, thirteen point twenty five million dollar contract extension. He didn't break the bank. He's not now on the market heading into next offseason for a starting gig or a backfield to himself, I should say. But one of the questions I got this morning was from one of our league of record fellow league mates. All right. And he said, why are people not more concerned with Nick Chubb? I just don't get it.


I would say that my we have some concern for Nick Chubb, but you're you're believing in the player. You're believing in the new offense from head coach Kevin Stefanski. Stefan, so you can use two running backs. And I totally understand. People are pointing to the second half. As soon as Kareem Hunt came back, he Kareem Hunt was actually the lead scoring running back for the Cleveland Browns, especially in PPR formats. But when you actually go look at the usage splits, yes, Nick Chubb took a slight degradation to his volume, but it was not significant.


It was simply a touchdown variance where Nick Chubb had some opportunities to score and he just didn't come through. So it's not panic in the streets. And I would look at last year's blueprint and you can't just move that forward. This is a completely different team. If it was the same coaching staff, then I would understand it there.


Yeah, there are a few things that give me confidence. Nick Chubb. One is he's one of the best players in football at the position. If you told me Kareem Hunt signed a two year deal and he was the third down back in Tennessee, it doesn't make me throw Derrick Henry away because what Derrick Henry did last year and what Nick Chubb did last year, it was pretty similar. They were both absolute rushing leader.


I was a fourteen hundred plus yards for furniture right around the thirteen hundred and something.


Almost fifteen hundred. Almost fifteen.


I mean, you don't Kevin Stefanski is not going to just get rid of that. And there's a positive progression at that in the touchdown category for Nick. Certainly any positive trend in what Stefanski did and what he was able to do with Dalvin Cook in the passing game on first and second down. That gives me enough. I, like Chubb, is a better pass catcher than Derrick Henry. Yes.


Here's the thing is that Chubb last year when Kareem Hunt came back from Wexton on, he was the running back. Fifteen wasn't even a running back one. And that's why some people are really concerned. But like Mike said, if you dive deeper and look at how that came, he had he was he had a six game pace of 322 opportunities. That's fun. Nominal. He was on a six game pace. This is with Kareem Hunt of thirteen hundred and eighty two rushing yards.


Yeah, that's great. That's a good point. Sixteen game pace of four touchdowns. That doesn't happen for a fourteen hundred yard rusher. That's just that, that's an outlier. Yeah. And he's hopefully an improved offensive line. We'll see what definitely an improved offensive line. Definitely, hopefully that one, I feel confident because last year was, uh, ferocious trash.


Yes, that is a new phrase. Packers running back, Aaron Jones said the team is working towards a new deal for him.


Sure they are, Aaron. I think I think they definitely are. That being said, the regression at the touchdown. No. I think it happens. I don't think it's severe. I really don't. I don't think it's a severe regression. He gets so much work inside the five, you know, I have them for I think he can score 12 times again this year.


Yeah, I believe he can absolutely do that unless Coach Loffler says I'm chillin like a villain. And AJ Dillon, with his with his Godzilla action going on there, turns into Tolima.


Thank you, so long to get that in early in case he's just nothing this year. It's in the realm of possibility that AJ Dillon turns into that. And I'm excited to see what happens with this contract situation, because this is going to come down, I believe, to how much does Aaron Jones believe he should get paid? I think there's going to be a discrepancy between that and what the team wants to offer.


Yeah, there will be. I will be surprised if he gets a big money contract right now, which is what he's hoping for. I'm just blown away. I have not. Ever heard Godzilla before and maybe that's a common thing, but that's phenomenal.


I don't think it's a common thing, regardless of whether you've heard it before, Godzilla. And that's good. That's good. It's good.


There have been three Maurice Jones, Drew Sakal Barkley, and now. Oh, we need four, obviously. Oh, there's a little made a joke for you.


All right.


Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said Leonard Fournette will have a, quote, solid roll in week one against the Saints. Solid, solid, like the defensive line. He'll be running up against Srour in that matchup. What do you do with Buccaneers week one opportunity?


So that's easy. I take Ronald Jones and I put him on my bench, but I take it I put them on my bench. Right. And lady, if I've got shady, I'm going to bench them for week one. But and if I took a flyer on Keyshawn Vaughn, I'm going to him. Well, I'm probably going to cut him, but I've got a team roster. I'll I'll bench him. I'll start all the the pass catching option, sir.


Mike Tomlin said James Condon is the team's unquestioned Bellcore. It's what we said a few days ago once they got into getting ready for week one. Shape in camp, he took all of the first team reps and they they had managed his reps just a matter of if he can stay healthy. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. Adam Schefter, this was also a source that Von Miller ankle surgery season ending. Broncos fans, I'm sorry, it I feel the disappointment, I felt it through the Megamall drafts, I felt it on Twitter, I felt it everywhere.


I feel bad for him. Von Miller is awesome to watch Play Football. And I had read a report of just. They said it was the last place, it was the last play of training camp. It is freaking awful.


And we were talking last night about hard knocks with Derwin James and such a great player.


And you knew on hard knocks that that injury was coming. Yeah. And it was just like I was even telling myself maybe it wasn't true. I was like, well, maybe it wasn't a season ending.


Right. Was it season ending? Maybe it was just three weeks and. Oh, he doesn't look too bad on that.


Like I know all the results actually.


Yeah. I tweeted out, I was like I felt like I was watching a horror movie because, you know, they were starting to build up into it for the narrative of the show. And my stomach just is like, oh, when when's the jump scare going to happen?


And you would have preferred, like the ring a little girl climbing out of a television set and Derwin James going down and I would have.


Yes. So, yeah, that was that's too bad. And then they don't have Bradley Chubb back at full strength yet off the ACL. So, you know, you look at week one and you know that defense is hurting no more. Chris Harris there either. It's going to be interesting because there no you know, no one is a good defensive team, but they could be struggling. All right. We're going to get into our Thursday night preview.


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Thursday night break down. Oh, it's good. It's good to hear you, old friend. It's like a salve to an open wound. Feels good. Now football is coming and it's a good game.


All right. And it's going to be a good one, too.


Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I'm excited. We've got new money. New money in this game. Houston Texans taking on the defending Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. In Arrowhead, chiefs are nine point favorites, this is a fifty four point five over under the Chiefs. Both quarterbacks in this matchup got paid this off season. Patrick Mahomes Deshaun Watson. In many ways, there are very few question marks on the Kansas City side of the ball.


They are one of the teams with the most offensive continuity, continuity in football, bringing back the majority of their weapons, adding Clyde Edwards a layer to the backfield. But on the other side, you have Houston with some question marks. You have the first time we see Deshaun Watson. Without DeAndre Hopkins, you have an injury to Brandin Cooks. He did not practice on Tuesday. He is limited. And you know, they have the highest vacated target percentage of any team in football.


So we know Deshaun Watson is elite. Mm hmm. He just got paid, like, easily, and we don't know exactly where he's going to throw the football. So that's going to be part of the fun of week one. And I'm going to make a bold prediction right now. I don't think we'll fuller we catch every pass. And if Brandin Cooks is banged up. Yeah. And this is then who's catching the ball, Jason? Well, Randall Cobb or Kenny Stills and Randall probably RANZCOG.


And the thing is, is I predict that whatever wide receiver breaks out in this game, not named Wil Fuller. In prime time, the debut of football, twenty twenty, that could be one of those traps, week one illusions on the waiver wire of Randall Cobb comes out and sets the world on fire in primetime. But let's look at the quarterback position. I mean, you drafted both of these players. I want to play them both.


And you're a brilliant man. Um, yeah. Watson as that QB seven right now, Mahomes QB one. In this match up, we know that Kansas City struggled against the pass last year to begin the year. Do you still view them through that same lens as you did last year? I do not. So it'll be interesting. We'll follow your you're going to play him, especially if Brandin Cooks is going to miss Time. He's going to be the number one wide receiver for this team.


And we've seen we've seen enough history with Deshaun Watson. And we'll fuller that when both are healthy, magical things can happen. I know last year was quite a disappointment. Sande's one game or whatever, however many will follow, are actually produced. But I'm going to play him. I'm going to play him with a decent amount of confidence. And David Johnson, here we are. Look, tomorrow starts of the week. David Johnson is my running back start of the year.


He really? Yes. I love it. And here's what I like about David Johnson. I like the overunder here. It's the highest of the week, nearly fifty five points. And again, I stand by the it's it's really hard for Vegas to to accurately put a put an overunder on it. But they're very smart people working there. They don't want to lose money. No. So they have said it. They've set a very high. The Houston Texans are tremendous dogs in this match up.


You're talking in applied team point total of twenty three points compared to the Chiefs Vegas projecting them to come back those vacated targets. David Johnson is going to be half he's going to be very involved in the passing game in this particular matchup. So you drafted him and I am starting him with full confidence. I think David Johnson can come down with five plus receptions which match up when you asked me who's getting so if willful or does who's getting the receptions, I went back and forth in my head between Randall Cobb and David Johnson.


And the reality it will it will be both of those guys. I think David Johnson gets off to an amazing start this week because, look, if he stinks and he gets five receptions, he's going to be good for fantasy football. At the end of the day, that's all that matters is right. Do they score points? If you're in any kind of half PPR for PPR, you're getting yardage plus reception totals and then you've always got the, you know, the chance at a touchdown.


And then on the flip side, what if it doesn't stink? What if he actually is just right that, you know, healthy David Johnson, who's been great. So I do think that the four is rather high this week in this matchup.


On the other side, Clyde Edwards allare. Mike, you're the highest on him this week. How many touches do you expect for him making this debut at home? We know Daryl Williams will be involved. They're not going to give every snap to collided. It was bu but when we saw Kareem Hunt in his rookie debut, that was a kind of coming out party. Oh, man. That was that was really, really fun that Thursday night. The if you just remember the emotions of that game, Kareem Hunt does not fumble in college, comes out his first touch of the game that he fumbled and all fantasy players who drafted Kareem Hunt.


We were all punched in the stomach because you start having these flashbacks of Tom Coughlin with David Wilson, who fumbled on his first touch and then never saw the field again.


Andy Reid is no time for puts one of his greatest features. That is so OK. Right. He Greenmount goes back in the game, dominates for how many touches for Edwards player? I would set the overunder at around. I would say like fifteen and a half, which that would be a tough line for me to, to go with because I want it. I want to say fifteen. Sounds like a a guarantee. Yes. Daryl Williams will be involved.


But Clyde Edwards, David Johnson, your start of the week. Oh, I would play Edwards. Lay over him for sure. You want to take the team that's favored by ten? Yes. Yeah, I would. I agree with Mike there.


And you already talked about well, Fuller getting him into the lineup for Thursday night. Looks like the primary target at least to start the year. This was a there's a rematch of that AFC divisional game when the poor Texans were up twenty four to nothing.


Oh, Miro's twenty four. Twenty four nothing. And they were down twenty or nothing. The Chiefs and the Chiefs won by twenty.


Oh. So I mean so just for like the mathematics of the equation, there could have been like a forty three point deficit that turned into a goodness oh victory.


Because of that game. There is no way like if you're the Houston Texans and you start the game, well, it doesn't matter. Right. And it's going to be in your head and it's going to be in Mahomes and the like. The chiefs are returning all those same players. They're not going to be worried about it. I don't see how the Texans could possibly win this game.


The implied point total for the Chiefs is almost thirty two points. We know we're starting Tyreek Hill, who, by the way, in that game when they had fifty one points in the divisional series, only went three four forty one. We know he's in your lineup because it was playoff time.


It was the lizard king. He finally emerged.


It's just what happens with Tyreke sometimes. I mean if you don't hit on those two or three big plays he doesn't you know go out and give you Michael Thomas type of PPR numbers. So in a regular league, you know, just normal depth, you're not really wanting to start Michael Hardman, Sammy Watkins or Randall Cobb. They're not you know, you're not aching to get them into your lineup, but you have to choose one. You have to do a sneaky snart here in this matchup.


Jay, which of those three wide receivers would you go with? It would be Sammy Watkins. It would be it would be the lizard king. He's going to have the most pain, the pain to say it. He's going to have the most snaps he will in the game with the most targets.


He will probably he's the cold blooded. He will probably in the game with the most receptions out of that group. I don't know that he ends the game with the most fantasy points because Michael Hardman could just touch the ball once and 90 yards later. He's the fantasy star that you want.


But I would I would still put Sammy Watkins and prove that he's a weak one magician always so that he can take up somebody else's waiver spot in week one instead of the guy that you really want. The nice thing about the Chiefs is all of their players are one touch player. I know Michael harmonies, but Watkins's DeMarcus Robinson is they are they've equipped that Patrick Mahomes fellow with some pretty decent weapons. You're playing Travis Kelsey. I also I was kind of laughing over here because you guys were talking about who you'd start.


And I'm scrolling down in this match up and I'm seeing that. Our fearless editor, Kyle Demagoging has put a far too zoomed up picture of Bill O'Brien's chin.


It's a little nonsense. I'm feeling uncomfortable. I mean, I thought for a second that that was Adam Gase.


Let's put it on. All right. We're that they'll look, that was a transition. We should have moved on here. But but. Oh, my goodness. Has the great reminder. It's Thursday. Make sure you are paying attention to your lineup. Don't put Tyreek Hill in your flex. Don't like or maybe it's a lower level guys. So you just figured I drafted him later. And if you have to start Sammy Watkins. Right, if he's a guy that you're looking at your lineup, you want to take that shot and he's your, you know, he's certainly not one of your best two wide receivers.


You still put him in your wide receiver spot.


Yeah, I will. Fuller all over the place. And I drafted him late. And he's not one of my best two wide receivers. And he's in all of my wide receiver spots this morning getting information.


Yeah. For the flying green there. You got a little bit of knuckle stuff on the old Twitter. Darn right you did for not. But most people found it more offensive that you hadn't seen Space Jam than Mighty Ducks, which surprised me so.


Well, they were right in the sense that now I've never seen either movie, but it is more actually offensive because I grew up a die hard basketball fan. The players I find that were in that game, we probably false based on this situation.


You know, it was it. But this evidence, the evidence again. So it was. Yeah. You don't like Michael Jordan. Look, sometimes people they give you guff on Twitter and it's undeserved as sometimes they give you guff on Twitter. It's well deserved. This is well deserved. I absolutely should have seen this.


Are you going to prioritize this, like seeing these movies or are you just kind of done with it? I think it's been it's been enough years where I've I've made peace.


OK, yeah, I get it.


We have all the macho previous or the beginning of them on tomorrow's show. We have starts of the week on tomorrow's show. So we've got a new segment taking it to one hundred on tomorrow's show. So very, very, very excited about getting in there. I know you guys have your starts of the week. Figure it out. I'm. I'm a. I'm taking it to the last second on my starts of the week, I want as much.


You take it up to ninety nine as much drips of information as they can get heading into the week, because I just what a difficult week to predict overall, but it's going to be a lot of fun. And let's do some maybe.


Mailbag. Oh, yeah, all right, into the mailbag, we go check out the website, the fantasy football, click the submit a question button. You can send us your question for the show, three zero two four six four FFB. That's the voice mail hotline, three zero two four six four FBB. We'll start with the voice mail question.


Hizbollah's. It's Andrew from Wisconsin. Pretty standard question here about the flex half point people. Do I start Chris Thompson or Digex? Thank you so much. I love the show, but it definitely needs more. Slide whistle.


Oh, man, oh man. Jason's reaching for it. I can see it. This is easy for me. This is the Shaun Jackson. The window for Deshawn Jackson to. We have success in this offense is the window where there's no Alshon Jeffery, there's no Jalen Reagor, there is a bad Washington defense and there's a healthy Deshawn Jackson.


I'm playing Deshawn Jackson over Antonio Gibson this week. I'm playing him over Chris Thompson. I'm playing him. I probably play him over AJ Green this week, but what about when he gets injured?


He just tried to find something to use. The soil is very good.


Look, when when it's forced, it's the best. Uh huh, uh huh.


Uh, love, Thompson, but you're you're playing Digex this week. He would if you get it, has it here. Here's another voicemail.


Hey, this is from Minneapolis. I have a question about your fellow co-hosts. Has there ever been a time where the other two guys convinced you and saved you from taking the player that you were otherwise pretty high on or getting a little too caught up in the hype? Thanks. Love the show.


No, you kidding me? Get out of here. They should have with Karen Johnson, but they didn't. And he tried his best. Yeah, I made every effort.


But the problem is, is the way we hear. Here's why. The answer is occasionally, but mostly no. The efforts we make are a combination of real efforts and taunting, and when someone taunts you about a player, the human nature elements cause you to, you know, clench down and get what we call hashtag taluk. Yes. Why do you think Andy has doubled down on AJ Green so hard? It's because I've just shoveled it on him.


Yeah, that's not a false statement whatsoever.


And so and there have been players that have taken me a little bit of time to come around on this off season, two of them being from the Washington football team, Terry MacLaurin and Antonio Gibson, that, you know, I wasn't excited about at the beginning of this off season. Mike has been very vehement about both of those players. You know, they've made changes to their their backfield situation and then Mike's brought a lot of good data to the forefront and I have more Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson on my rosters than than I did, you know, imagine that I would have.


So, yeah, I think that they have that we help each other out.


We do. We do. Yeah, but you're right. It's more of a you bring a perspective on a player that I didn't like and then you change my mind and then I become far more interested in that player. But you're right. We're we're very stubborn. Yeah.


We change our mind two and a half weeks after the information quietly and then bring it back up.


It's rarely a two on one situation that gets us to change, though. It's. Oh, yeah. Like it's worse. I was it is almost worse when you're ganged up upon, you get defensive. But like I remember, Andy's metrics on Tyler Higbee really convinced me to the side of Tyler Higbee not being a great fantasy option this this year. I mean, it does. It happens in hard knocks. Brought you back. Yes. The one scrimmage touchdown was like out the window.


I'm back now. The reality is playing in a scrimmage touchdown league, though that's worth allowing.


That was six points. And almost every single episode I write a note or two down from you two gentlemen and adjust my ranking. So it does it doesn't sway someone from a strong belief or disbelief in a player all the way to the other side. But yeah, I mean, look, the reason you're listening to it is the same stuff we get out of it.


Yeah. And the whole point of this show is not to come up with a take in March, April and May lock it in for ultimate glory. Like the point of the show is to stay water, take new information. When I think the first thing I said about Antonio Gibson when I wasn't as much of a believer was I'm not going to decide right now. I'm going to watch camp. And all of a sudden they got rid of two running backs in camp.


So I Crosspoint, I'd be a fool not to adjust my viewpoint.


A great question because I know my answer. Facebook question from Brandon, who is one player that you really wanted in at least one league but did not end up getting well. We still have a chance tonight. No, we don't for me, because he's a keeper. So that the answer for me is actually DeAndre Hopkins. While we are lower the industry on Hopkins freshly minted money, Calima in this Kingsbury offense, very friendly to the wide receiver, you know, there's a chance that it's great and he's a hometown player.


So for me it's kind of that hometown desire to have one of my guys that I'll be rooting for every week on the team. I don't have Hopkins anywhere now.


It's it's Maki's Hollywood Brown. I mean, I know you have him nowhere. I can't get him anywhere. Everybody, everybody.


I've intentionally snatched him when I'm in drama. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's it's it's purposeful.


If you're in a draft with me, you grab him and honestly, you're probably grabbing him too early like you're doing that because you're in a draft with me and you know he won't get back to you. Yeah, but there might have been a better player on the board for for where you're grabbing him. But I haven't got him anywhere. And it's devastating. And he's not even a player that like a year in therapy for this.


I have tried and tried and tried to trade for him and our keeper and dynasty leagues failed. I'm so hard nosed in all these different drafts, but someone two spots ahead of me grabs them every time.


And I would say James Carter, he like I had always had a warm spot in my heart for James Connor, believed in that. Mike Tomlin wants the three down, running back. And just the way the drafts have gone, it's it's it's simply never lined up. Maybe I get him tonight. We'll we'll have to stand by and see. But, James, if James Connor is actually healthy man in the fourth or wherever people have drafted him, incredible steal.


I have my bold predictions article coming out either later today or tomorrow morning. And with Pittsburgh, I ended up just going with the James Connors, the top ten running back until he until he's hurt. I mean, because. Because he is. Because he is.


Unless something goes really sideways with this offense and Big Ben and Big Ben coming out today, I don't know if you saw a little bit for the first time in a while, there was some Deontay Johnson hype coming from Big Ben, talking about the sky being the limit, how good he is at getting out of his routes, getting open.


So it was nice to see because that was a it's been a while that was man made hype. That was not team related hype with Deontay Johnson. Yeah, it was fantasy related. There wasn't really anything coming out of Pittsburgh camp.


Yeah. So it's nice to see. I think he's dropped down in a lot of drafts and he has every chance if this offense is back to be a big factor. It's funny because I, I like Juju Smith Schuster. I believe in him. I think he's going to be the clear one. I was able to I was playing more in the global league. I grabbed him. But in in most of our real drafts that we've done, Deonte Johnson is the one I end up with because he your.


The value falling so far for what he could be, you know, the range of outcomes, if you just look at odds that he could end up being relevant. They don't put him where he should. Where he's being drafted right now is not where he should be drafted.


Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Another voicemail and a fantasy football now from California here. I'm going to 14 Team PPR league, and I'm in the unenviable position of having to choose one of Leonard Fournette and Jerry Julias. My Flex. Any advice for week one? Also, what do you expect out of Leonard Fournette as the season goes on? Love the show. Thanks.


Yeah, good. Good luck to you. That's my advice. No, I would actually I'd probably be playing the touchdown game. I mean, Denver has Tennessee in week one Judi's of brand new rookie Fournette brand new to the roster I'd be playing. Who do I think could fall into the end zone or has the highest odds? And it's probably Fournette. Yeah, that's what I was going to say. If you, if you play the touchdown game, I mean it's really do you want to play the touchdown game or the reception game.


Those are the two ways that I look at this. If you're in a full PPR league and you think, OK, you know, you might you might get five or six receptions for jury duty, then you go that way. If you're if you're not in a full PPR and you're playing the touchdown game, then yeah, that's where I would that's where I would lean. Leonard Fournette getting a golden opportunity. But the you know, the Saints are very good run defense.


It's close. I would play Judy. I'm not buying into this solid role being more than seven to eight carries.


No, I get it. You're probably right. And it's not like Jerry. I mean, Jerry Judy is listed as the coach starter with Tim Patrick on the other side of Courtland Sutton. I do like Tennessee's defense a ton in week one. They're probably my second favorite start of the entire week.


So it's close. I lean the duty side as well. You're saying a prayer after you put one?


Oh, yeah, for sure. No matter what. So look, weak one man, miracles happen in week one. All right. Twitter question from Bayou Bengals says, What is Devin Singletary this year in PPR leagues? Is he in RB three? Haven't heard much about him from you guys. I am a big Devin Singletary fan. I am a dynasty and I'm terrified. I really am terrified of Zach Moss will take over the backfield.


I don't think Zach Moss will take over. I think it will be a split. The worry is that what he splits is the more valuable role of the receiving and the touchdowns. I think that Devin Singletary is an RB to not RB three, but he's going to be one of those RB 2s that is just weakly consistent is floor is high enough to where he doesn't fall into the RB three category, but his ceiling is low as well.


So I really don't want to rely on Devin Singletary for fantasy.


His ceiling is, we've said a few times, but I really believe that his ceiling is last year's Phillip Lindsay where it's not a great ceiling. Yeah, but that's what the dude hit 1000 yards on the ground, had some reception work barring an injury you're not seeing, but you're just like, OK, I started.


But it's so discouraging. It is, because when the Moss pick happened initially, I was like, OK, I can live with this. Like, we scouted Zach Mozes and he's all right. But I didn't think that the team would. But then all the reports out of camp, Zach Masetti, just a Beazley camp and his pass catching ability and the fumbling problems for Singletary is not great vibes. And if you tell me his ceiling is to be Philip lindsy of last year, that is that is the problem.


Zach Moss has just been flying up draft boards.


I mean, and rightly so. We we don't have any actual games to go off of. All we could go off of is the is the reports, the the vibes out of Buffalo, the way that beat reporters are talking about things. And they're they're all very in on Zach Moss. All right. Instagram question on a scale of one to oh.


Which is a standardised scale actually one to fifty five scale, of course. How comfortable are you with Calvin Ridley's wide receiver, one and a half point PPR league on that scale.


So it's fifty five fully comfortable. Yes. Yeah, I'm about a thirty.


I would put myself at about a. A nice healthy forty five, I'm a twenty seven, I'm exactly below the 50 percent mark, but I'm right there. So the reason I'm comfortable is because that means I have three superstar running backs. I don't want Calvin Ridley as the number one wide receiver on my team, but I've sacrificed. I think that's more the spirit of the question is how confident are you in getting if I'm just a wide receiver, one type of value out of Ridley there, then I would drop it a little bit.


But I guess it's I really believe in the Calvin Ridley breakout. I think he's going to have a fantastic season. So I would put it at about thirty five.


The reason I'm below the 50 percent mark here is because you can stack your team with running backs and get people that I'm just more confident in right around that same range. If you're going for your wide receiver, one, would you rather believe in Robert Woods who's there, or Calvin Ridley? I would much rather believe in Robert Woods, who has been in one before and is still clear, I believe the first target in the Rams offense.


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