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This is Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk. Hey, this is awesome. It is Allen Robinson. Hey, this is David Johnson. This is Melvin Gordon. Hey, this is John Taylor. Hey, this is Drake. Hey, this is Darren Wollard.


Hey, this is DeAndre Hopkins. Hey, Patrick Mahomes. You're listening to the podcast. Welcome to Episode one thousand of the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Oh. One thousand shows while we're under assault. Oh, my goodness, we've somehow my mug made it through unscathed mind in. Oh yeah.


You got to come in to the show, the one thousandth episode of the podcast.


I am now drinking confetti from my mug. We have well, by we I mean, Jason has been making. Oh my goodness. Very funny jokes about this being our final show. Mm hmm.


The sound of those confetti cannons almost turned it into the final show, I think. I think my very afraid my heart stopped. Look, I'm a I'm a skittish man. I stordahl easy. Holy Toledo. And you really the producers are laughing back there.


Well done. By the way, I you really only had one shot or did you have backups.


We didn't have backup. No, but we did, we did a test earlier and that confident enough to roll with it. Wow.


Al Borland, Judge Jamadi. That's impressive. No backup's is kind of the theme of this show. We don't we don't go back. We go. Safety nets are for amateurs. When you're when you're going to slack line across the Grand Canyon, there's no out. You just do it when you're going to slack.


Lying across the Grand Canyon. Yeah. Hold on tight. Oh, well, think Evel Knievel had safety nets?


No, that's why he body was broken. Well, this is hospital bills are so high, we're going to say that's why he's dead right now. All right. Show one thousand. Welcome in.


We are. We're with your foot clan. Now, the three of us are along for the ride, so to speak, on today's episode. We do have it's playoff week.


We've got some. Assistance to bring to you playoff teams out there, I mean, I don't need it this week because I have the bye week and Dynasty. Congrats. I'm actually not going to research at all.


Oh, that's bad, because you're you're still playing in other leagues.


In fact, you are playing against you are playing against Mike in a league of record, which I was very disappointed. You told me I was I know I was wrong. And Mike has a lot of injuries and I wanted that. Instead, I'm getting a derrick, yet he against me. Yeah. So we do have Mike and I have a long and storied rivalry in our league of record. We had three consecutive years where we met in the fantasy championship game, each of those years more painful than the one prior for Jason.


Yeah, that was the the dark era that says, oh, yes.


Oh, I love it. I love it. And we have some bycel today. We're going to talk about that Tuesday night game, which is not a phrase I've said very often.


Tuesday Night Football doesn't have a bad outcome. There's there's spot three games on Christmas this year to Christmas football Dockum.


Yeah, Christmas for Doug. Christmas football, dotcom.


I'm on my way and we have some special segments that we literally don't know what they are. The producers, the team have put them together. And if they go as well as that intro, this is going to be a spectacular episode of the show and I'll be deceased. And Michael Michaels, I'm not making it through another round of those. And if this is your first show, welcome in. This is not how it normally goes, but congratulations on making one your first.


I encourage you to stick around for show two thousand.


Yeah, every every which is ours, which is our final show, by the way, to episode 2000 will be our final show.


Yeah, this is the final countdown.


And if you're not watching on YouTube, which you can do YouTube dot com slash the fantasy footballers. Mike is wearing his famous pink suit that he wore to the Aspies where I believe you spent some time with Robbie in. Oh, I did. Good friend of the show. Yes, great friend of the show. He was very into our conversation. And I talked to Jared Goff as well. Was he into the pink suit? Was Goff into the pink suit?


Oh, who wasn't this one announcement?


This was this was well timed. Got word this morning.


The nominations for My Heart radio for all of the podcast awards came out and we were fortunate enough to be nominated for the best sports podcast.


Again, that is three straight. Yeah, three straight nominations. We have a victory in that in that run.


And we'll see what happens this year. But thank you, everyone. Yeah, I guess that should be said at the top of this show as best to it.


Yeah, it's a good place to start with the. Thank you. So thank you. Everybody out there for the past one thousand shows. It's pretty crazy to think about from I shared a picture of us in our upstairs bedroom when we started and you guys have supported the show. There's another two hundred and fifty episodes of the foot cast in there. Our weekly episode for all of you that have supported us to join the foot dotcom.


And thank you very much. And we've we've made it to a thousand. Incredible.


All right. Any quick thoughts on the Tuesday night game? Yeah, a couple thoughts. No. One, while the passing yardage was not what you would hope for, it was good to see Lamar Jackson doing a portion of the things that you drafted Lamar Jackson to do. He had he finished with two touchdowns through the air. He had the the big rushing touchdown. Ninety four rushing yards for Lamar Jackson. So and and that was coming off of covid.


And if you saw that he had a quote saying, like, I don't wish covid on anybody, it's clearly Lamar Jackson was very sick. You know, that's one of the one of the things that is not released to the public is severity, the severity of the symptoms for for these players as they're unfortunately suffering through it.


Myles Garrett came out recently and said it was really hard on him to. So Lamar Jackson coming back to health it right off of his recovery, putting this game up. That was good to see. His matchups for the fantasy playoffs are also a hundred and seven passing yards. Is that what you were saying you weren't quite looking for? Right. Yeah, that part sucks.


Watching the game, I felt like Lamar Jackson stunk. I mean, he he had a great fantasy game. You know, he's always a threat on the ground. The Dallas Cowboys. I mean, man, did their defense just not show up for this game? No, they did not. They were run all over two hundred ninety four rushing yards for Baltimore.


So it's one of those things where I think it was more about the matchup than Lamar. He didn't look good as a passer as he hasn't looked good since week one. The throw to Hollywood Brown was pretty good. Well, in the that's not to say he doesn't have a flash every game, but consistency hasn't been there. But the nice thing is, if the you know, if the schedule opens up for him and he's got more Dallas Cowboys ahead, well, then great.


And JJ Dobbins.


Oh. Spontaneous congratulations. Oh, my goodness. Oh, amigos, Brad Evans here from FTN Fantasy. Gentz, congratulations on reaching a number of my unflinching man crush hashtag mandatory Montgomery may never achieve in a single season on the ground 1000.


You guys are industry pioneers, affable dudes. I only possess an infectious sense of humor, but also a wonderful woodsy scent. We all can gather again. I can't wait to scratch and sniff each one of you. Oh my gosh. Here's to the next ten thousand.


Mike. Mike is not going to survive this. No, I'm going to end up as a weepy mess by the. Yeah, yeah. This this show is going to be bananas the rest of the way.


I am telling you, Jason diagnosed it quickly as the host of 1000 episodes of the show and a bit of a control freak. A bit a bit by bit.


And I am, you know, like you going to be surprised there's type A and then there's type capital and now I'm feeling a little bit of self, so it's not a bad thing.


That's my name's Andy. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. So anyways, because. Oh, no, what's happening? Spontaneous congratulations. OK, what's up, fellows, is JJ Zakari Senior. Hey, big, congrats on your one thousandth episode. You guys probably need like some sort of vocal cord massage at this point, but it's a huge milestone. You guys should feel really proud. The fantasy football world. We're very lucky to have you. And it's been an absolute blast getting to become friends with you guys over the last handful of years.


And I always say this to you when I get to see you, but I'm really glad that it was you three who found the success that you found in the fantasy football industry, because you're three genuinely awesome people. You're no different off the air as you are on the air. I love you guys. Congrats again. Thank you, Jay.


Well, this show is doing you guys this thing, you just suck. So that's so nice. Yeah, that was that's very nice. OK, so OK, don't take it, Dobens. Speaking of sneaking things into a show, Jackie Dobens snuck it up to 100 as my taking it to one hundred player.


I mean he was oh man. He was already he had a solid game for a running back for fantasy purposes.


Eleven four. Seventy one with a touchdown. The touchdown came right at the very end, but everyone on the ground having incredible success. The Gospel, except for Mark Ingram, the Guss bus was all there. He was stopping for no no pickups on this, on this bus. He could have made the bridge jump in speed. Yes. One hundred percent. I mean seven for one on one.


That's ridiculous. Yeah. And again, Jason brought it up.


Can overreact, Dallas didn't show up on defense, Andy Dalton was all right. Twenty five and two he was. I actually thought the Dallas Cowboys offense gave me hope. In fact, I would say what I saw out of the Cowboys gave me a lot of hope going forward because their defense continues to be as bad as it was the beginning of the year and their offense is starting to, you know, get together with Andy Dalton and connect. So this is one of those things where they're going to be down, they will be down because their defense stinks and their defense is committed to that.


They're they're absolutely committed to the highest draft pick they can get. And the offense will have to, you know, keep up. And they're not always going to have to be thrown against the Baltimore Ravens. So I. I do like Dallas options going forward.


Zeke, Zeke actually had some success on the ground, which I think you can have. That's great to have a confidence boost in Ezekiel Elliott moving into the playoffs. And nice to have a little you know, who do we got the Ravens next against the Cleveland Browns? I was going to say Class Campbell's not himself right now. Yeah, he's not healthy. And now you have Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Kareem Hunt against you. Mike, let's go ahead and move to some bycel.


Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. I feel like I need to have my head on a swivel today up here and never know what's going to happen. Have you looked out, Mike? Oh, there's some confetti trapped up there.


Yeah, there. There's confetti everywhere.


It's delicious. All right. Last week, we all went to for three on Bycel. So that's nice, you know, two for three is not bad. No, and this week we've got. Week 14, Bycel. Stinkers from week 14 and whether they're going to redeem themselves, so the first Bycel, Alvin Kamara at Philadelphia is the top ten running back. As of right now, I expect Taysom Hill to be the quarterback, and if that is the case, I do not expect Alvin Kamara to be a top 10 running back.


I think he's good. I think you should start him. I know you will start him, but I don't believe he's a top 10 guy. So much of his production. We've said it before, 68 percent of his production in PPR leagues came from the passing game prior to the change at quarterback. That is a lot to give up. He's still phenomenal.


Now, to be clear, the redemption is based off of last year's matchups.


Just because Kamara had a good week. Yes, Kamara was top twelve running back.


But if you look at the notes here, OK, this is fantasy stinkers from week fourteen of twenty nineteen. Yes. Last year, fantasy burns in the playoffs all twenty nineteen versus San Francisco.


Kamara not not not on top of his game. Yeah I'm going to.


So am I buying that he is bad again or am I selling that he's not good.


You're going to buy or sell a top ten running back performance from Alvin Kamara sell. I'm going to sell it to. I don't think he stopped in this week. What do you think, Mike? Uh, yeah.


Despite Philadelphia's offensive disgusting this sure that we have we have seen their defense has still been, you know, pretty stout, aside from Darius Slay getting getting wrecked. So I'm going to go I'm going to go ahead and I will sell it if we're all selling. Yeah. Then I will just point out, like you said last week, you had a really good game. He was the running back eleven last week, so he would have sold on his really good week through Tyler Lockett against the Jets.


Oh Hot Lauca.


It's been it's been a cold. Lockett Oh hold on fire. I just hop right in right now. I'm buying. My man is showing up for the playoffs. Oh. And he is going to help me destroy the Yeti in our league of record. Tyler Lockett. Absolutely.


Top fifteen wide receiver this. We've been saying that in the mirror this morning. Yeah.


Tyler Lockett, cryptozoologist. Exactly. That's right. I'm going to sell it. I'm just going.


Eighteen was the last time we've had a top fifteen for Tyler Lockett. They've been since the Cardinals.


I don't think you have done it since Arizona.


Yeah. So it's a long weeks ago. Yeah. Against Arizona. So in the last, what, two months we've seen Tyler Lockett be good for finishing twice. He certainly can do this. Yeah, no question. I'm just going to take the odds of recent odds for Tyler Lockett, so I'm going to sell.


What are you doing my. Fifteen's a good line because it's not hard to sneak in there, I'm going I'm going to this last six weeks. So hard to comprehend.


Yeah, not so sneaky lately. I'm going to take the odds to. I will.


Oh, I mean, when it comes to rankings, you're going to have him ranked as a top 15 guy because it should happen. Because you would.


Well, here's what you would pay him over other players. Exactly. When you've got Tyler Lockett, you're going to play him over other players. It doesn't necessarily mean that's where we think he'll finish. That's the that's where we believe we would start them because there's upside that factors into rankings. And he has the upside. He's been the the wide receiver one on a week, twice this year. Yeah.


And rankings, if you think about it this way, if Tyler Lockett, let's say he has a 50/50 shot, that's our evaluation. 50/50 shot of being top fifteen.


And then another wide receiver is a, you know, a forty percent chance I'm going to rank Tyler Lockett higher, you know, even if I don't think either one are favored to do so.


So, Lockett, I'm selling in part because I want to twist the knife on Jason. If it doesn't go right, I'm going to buy it. OK, thank you, Mike. Marvin Jones is a top twenty four wide receiver against Green Bay this week.


Is this contingent on Golladay missing another week? Yes, because it makes all the difference in the world to me, I will absolutely buy this if he is not back out there, which I don't think he will be. So I'll buy Marvin Jones again.


He's got three top 11 finishes in the past six weeks of the matchup against Green Bay is not what you prefer for your fantasy playoffs, but the matchup against Chicago last week was not something that you would be excited about. We've seen 29 percent of the targets against Chicago, 30 percent against Houston a couple of weeks ago against Washington. Thirty one percent. He is seeing a huge amount of the Detroit targets. Well, Kenny Golladay is sidelined. He is in and we talked about the the unleashing that interim coach.


Bevell has seemingly in one game done one game, very short sample. But it's but it's not just the one game. It's the one game combined with last year's unleashing. So you put those two together in this. There's leashes off its end. Yeah, I think the line is one that I'm buying. I think the odds say you should buy. I am going to sell on the basis of Jason Alexander. I think that he is a really great cornerback.


And, you know, we saw a couple of weeks ago in Houston, Marvin Jones got twelve targets. I mean, you twelve targets, your top twenty four, except he finished the week as the wide receiver. Forty two. So what about twelve targets against Chicago, Jason? How'd that go? Wide receiver five It's a touchdown situation and I don't think he gets it against Jameer Alexander. All right.


That was by herself from pristine action. Pristine action. He's a code Bala's. Get a ten dollar credit. You want to go talk about some news, I think so. I'm skittish, I might hit the snooze button. News & notes from around the league. All right, Jalen Hurts, starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh, brother, good luck. He gets the Saints. Yeah, good luck to you. We offer Jalen as a tribute.


We were talking in the studio yesterday.


Mike is playing the Saints defense against me. I am. And I was kind of like, how great. You know, Jalen hurts rookie. I mean, it's not good, but is it better for me than Carson Wentz?


He probably is. And here's why. Carson Wentz, he has been taking so many sacks because we've all seen it. He is skittish in the pocket, holds the ball too long, moves around without reason or rationale.


And he just goes like, we didn't really talk about it.


Sorry, Jason, but to Andy Dalton, where he was scrambling around the pocket. And then he did this weird jump and he threw both hands out like like he saw a B on the field. Did anybody else. I did. I didn't follow that catch.


It was it was for me.


I did see him try a few Russell Wilson back spin moves and for no reason, like there was nobody there. But he did them.


Yeah, well, you got to practice the move. This works for us. Yeah. I also saw the commentators say he's doing his best. Lamar Jackson in response to one of those. Oh, man. Getting outside of the pocket moves. But the reality is this, that that heavy sack, the defense of the New Orleans Saints, very heavy.


They were going to demolish Carson Wentz. They were going to crush him. Yeah. And Jalen hurts at least can get out of the pocket, can do something with his legs. And I think this is good for the Eagles chances.


All right. Oh, no. Yeah, it seemed like it was coming. Spontaneous congratulations. Hey, Adam, right here, you guys stink, thank you. I didn't want to take an opportunity to congratulate you on Episode one thousand. That's amazing. You know, so many times people, innocent people come up to me and they're like, hey, man, I want to do what you do. Not a lot of people do it. And not only have you guys done it, you've exceeded most people, including myself.


So I congratulate you, wish you continued success and can't wait to see what you guys have cooked up next.


I'm going to be honest. I like show one thousand quite a bit. This has been this has been great. Thank you. And it's weird because every time they start talking, I feel kind of embarrassed. But then by the end I feel like. Hold it together. Yeah. We got to do this. Well, look, I'm. Thank you, Adam. That was very nice of Adam, especially considering. Oh, no, I knocked him out of the playoffs.


Is league eat it, Adam.


I knew it was coming their way right this year or last year. Oh, that's right.


We we took him out last year. That's right. Oh, my gosh.


What a shocker.


I just figured if you're going to dunk on him, I'm gonna I'm going to lean in there. All right. James Connor, he plans to play against the bills. So we need to follow that this week coming off of covid and we'll see what happens. Antonio Gibson, diagnosed with a painful case of turf toe, it is very unlikely that Antonio Gibson will play this week. He was projected four points early on in this on most platforms not playing.


That's just to rub it in. Right, so that he can take him away. Yes. So they could make me feel even worse about the way the turf toe in Tony Gibson is going to be knocked out a few weeks. And then even when he comes back, let's say he comes back in week sixteen, somehow he's going to be hobbled.


Turf toe sucks, especially for a running back. If he was active this week, would you even feel no, yeah, like I know. OK, Kyle Shanahan suggested both Jimmy G and George killed need more time before they can think about coming off of injured reserve.


So will we see them again this year? This is only a situation of if if, you know, the last week or two of the season, week 16, week 17, if they're in the playoff hunt and they still have a fully legitimate shot, you know, this is a team where if they actually got healthy and snuck in the playoffs, then they're they're an absolute contender, even though they've, you know, had such a difficult season. Joe Mixon eligible to return this week.


I know the team believes he'll be back and playing. Oh, I haven't seen it yet about John Mixon. Kind of surprised me.


I have a league where I have Frank Gore and Antonio Gibson, who started for me last week and not a lot of depth on the waiver wire. And I'm looking at my bench that got Joe Mixon. He's been sitting on our. And I was happy to see that report. Now, he could be back out there for that team I'm playing Joe Mixon. Yeah, I was going to say, when you've been as conservative with the health of him as they have, this isn't a all right.


He's finally just barely ready to get back out on the field. Will will ease him in situation. I would be really surprised that this seems like they're waiting until he's and this is what they said. They're going to wait until he's 100 percent right. He's ready to go. So when he's back, he should be put in to the Bengals lineup as normal. Now, that doesn't mean you're going to get a great Joe Mixon game. They what's their offensive tackle?


Who was injured with. No, Jonah, you went to the Rams. Oh, no. Williams old. Thank you. I believe he just went on air today. So he's going to be out. Obviously, they have no quarterback. They do have a great matchup, though.


The are you the Dallas Cowboys been playing him without question if he's active now, I want to be clear. I'm not reporting that John McCain has been activated from our in his playing this week.


But if he is, I think you can play him. We talked about it yesterday. Carmaker's Sean McVay says he expects him to play on Thursday night. It's against the Patriots. It still is not a I'm not I'm not trying to play carmakers this week, I'm trying not to. I think he's a flex option. Sure, yeah.


I mean, 63 percent of the snaps, that's by far the highest he had that he had ever seen. But this is the Rams. Seventy eight percent of the attempts. I know we say that every week for a different running back. And you know me, I love carmakers. But on a short week with a shoulder injury against the Patriots defense lawyer who just shut out the Chargers, I'm not I'm not excited. I understand Flex might be fine and maybe you don't have another option.


But just laying it all out there.


All right. We have a mystery segment coming up. Yeah, but speaking of celebration, let's celebrate today's sponsor, Omaha. Guys, it's the holiday season. It's been a long time coming. Make it worth the wait. Send the perfect gift.


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Liar, liar, pants on fire, footballer's ed.. Oh, no. Oh, so we're playing some liar liar, not me.


This is Ballers versus Borg. Oh, the Borgo again, the editor in chief. OK, so if you're not familiar ficklin with the Liar Liar segment, this is the best segment that we do. But we do it on the spitball comedy podcast, which you should go download and listen to this coming off season where there are two truths and a lie and we have to determine what the lie is. Let's see if Kyle is as good as Jeremy.


All right. Well, this is fun. All right. Let's do this the first. So what are we doing? Three rounds there. Albon OK, Yuzu. All right. The first round is is titled While Mike, you want to take this?


My number one guy, he's my number one guy. All right. The first fact or we'll see or it could be a lie. Doug Martin, a.k.a. Krampus. Oh, I thank you for reminding me. One of my guys from twenty seventeen.


I tried to warn you he hasn't played a snap. You're like he eats kids, Andy. He hasn't played a snap in the NFL since twenty eighteen.


He has more one hundred rushing yard games over the last three seasons, my goodness, than Alvin Kamara. What's that? Can't be true. Oh, that's good. That's our fact number one. OK, so even though he hasn't played since twenty eighteen, he has more one hundred yards games on the rushing yards.


I call that. Yes. The important word. All right. All right. Number two, despite not registering his first top 12 wide receiver weekly performance until four years into the league, Cole Beasley has more top 12 weeks since twenty fifteen.


Now, Sean Jeffrey, I choose to believe this no matter what. Yeah, you could tell me that this. No, it's this pro Cole Beasley.


Well, I certainly by the you know, for four years before registering a top 12 week with Cole Beasley, that was a slow ascent for him. And in fact, number three, if you were to combine all the passing touchdowns thrown by slot, wide receiver slot, wide receivers in twenty twenty.


It would be as many passing touchdowns as Cam Newton has this year. I feel like that has to be true, Jarvis.


I know Jarvis Hall. Back, back. Oh, no, not, he said, slot wide receivers. Yeah, you said Beasley, right? Yeah. Did Jerry Slayton.


I don't know if you don't consider him or not, but one of the giants through no matter whether this is true or false, the point is, has five passing touchdowns this year. That's the headline to me.


So what's troubling is that all three of these seem like it's certainly possible, Alvin Kamara, he makes his hay in the passing game. You know that there could be some interesting stats with 100 yard rushing games. Cole Beasley, you know, Mike's going to lock that one in, yeah, I have to I have to choose to believe that that is true. No matter what the output here, I will go. I'm going to take the dog, Martin one as the ally I know Doug Martin.


I'm trying to remember he had that he had a little bit of a hot streak there at the end as a raider, but I can't remember exactly what happened.


I'm going to lock in. Number three is the light, the passing touchdown numbers compared to floor wide receivers. I'm going to guess that number is like four.


So that's what I'm going to lock in.


Yeah, I'm going to go with you there as well. When we started actually thinking about which slot wide receivers have thrown a touchdown this season, I couldn't get to five. And at least that's recent. I can't imagine, number one, being a lie because it seems like there's so much work that you're proud of this stat. Right.


And so you don't want to be like, I just made this up. OK, what's the truth?


What's the answer? The lie is the Beesley. Jeffrey Oh, my gosh.


No, no. Yeah, I was going know. So we whiffed. Stop the count. No. OK, we wish for Whif. All right.


What a great start. Let's move on to our next one. Number two. All right.


Speaking of number two here, here are the three facts for this question. Speaking of number two, Adam Gase has been a head coach in the NFL longer than the fantasy football his YouTube channel has existed. Head coach? Well, that's head coach. OK, OK.


No. Two, Frank Gore secured his first ever top twelve fantasy performance, rushing for two touchdowns the same weekend that the movie Hong Kong.


No, King Kong. Oh, what did I say? Hong Kong. Well, that's not a movie, but the movie sucks.


King Kong, directed by Peter Jackson, the Jack Black version. Not the not the OG King Kong. Well, you can I mean, you could relay your former statement on that movie, so. OK, the OG. Yeah. Wow. Sorry. Peter Jackson. Yeah. Well it hit number one in the box office charts when it released. So did Frank Gore secure his first ever top twelve fantasy performance, rushing for two touchdowns the same weekend that King Kong?


It's very possible. Possible I. I feel like Gore's been around longer, though, than the first King Kong, not the first one, the Peter Jackson.


Yeah, I don't count the the the original King Kong is a movie, the one that doesn't exist because that's an iconic, like, cinematic thing. Yes. So Citizen Kane. Look, if you decide that Jack Black is part of the, ah, origins of King Kong, you've got a problem. Number three, this season, every single wide receiver has at least one weekly finish.


What does this this season, every single wide receiver has had at least one weekly finish of wide receiver, 50 or worse. What do you mean every single wide receiver?


That means there is not a wide receiver in the league who has been in the top 50 every single week of this. OK. All right.


I'm following now. Yeah.


Who would be in the running for that? Who would be. That's in the ones that haven't done it. Well, yes. As in who has on Diggs. That was the first name that came to my mind as well. I can't remember a game outside of that.


I don't even know if Hopkins games have been outside the top 50. They have. Yeah, he's had some outside the top 50. Hmm, Tyreek Hill No, the top five Tyreek Hill has been incredible has he said Wow all right that's tough. I mean I'm going with the I'm going to go with the. Adam Jace has been a head coach longer than our YouTube.


I feel like I remember when he became a head coach. Yes. And that means that would be a long wait.


Do we draw our power from him as head coach or hope not, because it's not lasting much longer.


This could be the last show. I think number three's a lie. We are thermally powered.


I don't think every single wide receiver has had at least one finish. I'm going to lock that in as well. I see. If we can whip it together.


Yeah, I mean, Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs, they come on the line as Adam gets.


Oh my gosh. All right.


I'm in the lead so we don't need him for our power. No, that's. Well that's great. Thank goodness for that. I mean, Jason, stop agreeing with me. It's not working right.


Oh. Spontaneous congratulations, this episode that you guys is all snuggly here, just want to give a shout out to the fantasy football players and say congratulations on 1000 episodes, that's awesome. Looking forward to some more content. Keep it going.


Mr. Ekler, good friend of the show. Awesome. Excellent. Even now, best friend of the show, I dare say.


Yeah, that's pretty great. Thank you. Awesome. Ekler spectacular. Continue to be awesome. All right. Six Tyreek Hill was the wide receiver 66. Oh, there it is. Matt, Drats, man, all right, we have one more yup, one more two truths and a lie here. No.


One, after digging through crude audio clips and manuscripts in the annals of footballers lore, Jason has selected more tight end my guys.


Then Andy and Mike combined, wow, since my guys inception before the 2015 season.


Hmm. So that's just saying he selected Titans more frequently than Urai. Yes, I don't know if I've ever taken a tight end, I can't remember the year that I know. I know days has taken Trey Burton. Yeah, that's the only one I can think.


I also believe he probably took who am I thinking of from the St. Coleby?


Oh, yes. Oh, he finally. This is true, this little question. Yes, because they aren't the only one I could think of is is when I was madly in love with Travis Kelce like the first year. Sure. And then he didn't bring me a break until the next year. All right.


The number two fact here in true Rieper fashion, and he has the fewest, my guys left on an active NFL roster dating back to twenty fifteen.


That's a fun stat. All right.


So you guys, at the end of their career, why are you personally, this show's been around a while or you bring about the end of their career by like I think that's that you're on to something.


Jason, I feel like that's probably true. All right. Number three, the team with the most official nicknames in the history of the fantasy football is the Seattle Seahawks.


I don't like that. Well, we had Fred Jackson, right?


Yeah, but he got his nickname on the Buffalo Bills. Yeah, but yeah.


But he was a Seahawk when we were talking about the depth chart assassin, by the way. Yes. We've got a woak one peach cobbler all the while we to peach cobbler.


Kristen Michael was peach cobbler is Pete Carroll.


Yeah it is. Now Kyle has said the official nicknames are not Lockette are per hour per the football nomination. Now that's what my question. Did Russell Wilson make it onto an actual ballot?


Yeah, he did a limited. All right. I'm going to I think that one is true. I think that one thing that makes it tough, then I'm going to say that number two is the lie. Andy has the fewest. My guys left on an active NFL roster dating back to 2015. I don't think you're actually the reaper here. I'm going with that one as well. All right. I'll go with the number one, the tight end my guys and think that maybe we forgot one.


But what is the answer, Brooks? The answer.


The lie is the reaper one. Oh, I see. I think that means I won. That is just only true.


We don't keep score of things here on the Fantasy Football, this podcast. That's not part of our history. Congratulations, me. All right, we're moving on. Oh. Spontaneous congratulations. Andy, Mike, Jason, it's Matt Harmon here. I just wanted to send you guys a massive congratulations on one thousand episodes. This milestone is awesome. I can remember during the summer of twenty sixteen on my cross-country trip, stopping by to do a show with you all in person in Phoenix, Arizona, and just watching you guys.


Then I remember thinking, man, this is not a podcast. These guys are literally building an empire. I was right then and I'm sure as hell right now. Congrats on this. You all are the best. I appreciate you for being not just a part of this community, but also a part of my life. And let me join you to be a small, small part of this thing you guys got going here. Love you guys. Congrats.


Thank you, Mr. Harmon, that is that is a true if you want a fantasy football trivia.


Yeah, we have there have been many guests on this show, football players, fantasy football, industry experts, celebrities. What was that?


That was that celebrity is like. I think that's how Bruno said it. I'll say it again is that of celebrities is a Bruno.


Yeah. Yeah. Nice, good. Deep cut.


But Matt Harmon is the only guest who has ever done an in studio appearance. Right. Is that true? Yeah. You don't remember that. Well I do remember it because we were in the bedroom and it was miniaturized.


Yes. The space that we had. Thank you, Matt. Yeah. Did his voice sound a little deeper than normal? He's a grown boy. I mean, he's a man. He's a man. When we met him, he was just a child. Oh, my goodness.


Thank you, man. So next up, guys, we're going to get to some mailbag questions. We got a good mix of fantasy playoff questions and some frequently asked footballers options, but we have a special quick montage mailbag drop montage to lead in to that. OK, so it's going to start with the very first filmed mailbag drop. Oh, my. All time. And it's ending with a live mailbag drop. So be ready, Mike. All right.


Mailbag might find you very nice. I'm always amped after that. Oh, yeah, that doesn't sound, aunt.


Yeah, he's going to be fun. Wait, that's actually you that does that that's not part of the draw. Well, you know, that's life now.


You know, this is Mario. We needed your base, we needed your best today, turned into the mailbag. Oh, I liked it. But are they OK? Oh, I tried. I forgot it made you. That's the best one right there, man, go bag, yeah. Thank you. A little extra pennies. Incredible.


Powered by meat, gradable mailbag by 1000.


Wow. Wow, that was incredible. Well done, guys. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny this, but this is how I remember it. This is a fantasy football show. We are remembering this. So I will Byrdland, who is now one of our fearless producers, was essentially like fan number one, no doubt for the fantasy football as he supported us when our downloads were one. Yes, one per episode because it was him. Our parents refused to download the show.


Yeah, only Al Boyland, but we had the mailbag drop and the way I remember it is he told me he's like when the ending tag line hits the the Perrineau now it's like I sing mailbag in my head. Really. And really. You are remembering that correctly. Yes.


So the the origin of the mailbags singing was because of our boehland mentioning so and it took 1000 episodes to give him credit.


Well look, I try to keep my secrets close to the vest. Very. That's amazing. Yeah. Awesome.


I assume the royalty checks in the mail. Yeah. Yeah.


We gave you a job so we gave you a job. I assume my paychecks in the mail eventually.


Yeah. All right. We've got some mailbag. I'm excited about this. The first question comes in from a foot clan member, Blade, Blaker, Blakelock, Blaker, OK, yo, yo. Hi. Hey, Bonds, you're from Canada. Sponger onshore heading into my playoffs. Should I ride with Kyla Murray, even with the past three weeks, disappointing or with a streamer? Thank you for all the hard work, fellas. Well, this is this is a tough one because of several factors.


Number one, they are facing a formidable, impressive of late Giants defense this week. Cuyler could be dealing with prolonged issues due to injury. I retweeted this tweet that showed DeAndre Hopkins Route three oh, over the last. This ain't even a tree. This is a route bush. I mean, this is it's a it's not a tree. It's a picture of vomit. Yeah. It's like, you know, run between five and 10 yards on the left side of the field.


And is this a product of the shoulder, is this the route that he can throw right now? I don't know what's going on in Arizona, but I don't like it when I will say this. While Kyla has had two back to back four weeks, bad weeks for fantasy football, you know, those those were the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. I'm not taking anything away from the New York Giants who've been playing some good football on defense, but they are not in the tier of the Los Angeles Rams and I am not personally afraid of them.


If Cuyler got me to the playoffs, Kyla's in my line. Well, Russell Wilson last week.


This is a road game for the Arizona Cardinals. They are in New York, the Cardinals historically don't try like no one really travels well from the West Coast to the East Coast because playing them over Tannehill.


No, that's my question. Your best friend, a streamer who might actually be available would have been Ryan Tannehill. Now Ryan Tannehill, Jacksonville, Detroit, Green Bay, no.


So that's what the next thing I was going to say is, you know, we had our streamers yesterday, our waiver wire show, and we assumed that Tannehill was no longer out there. We said if you picked him up last week, certainly keep rolling with him. If I have Tannahill and Cayler, I am going tannahill this week. But outside of that, all the streaming options we gave on yesterday's show.


Are you playing Cayler over Josh Allen against Pittsburgh? Oh, the way I know. Yes, I am you playing him over Tom Brady against Minnesota? Yes, I am.


That one didn't sound as confident and not confident about either, but I've been herbut against Atlanta, I would probably go with Herbes. All right. Yeah, it's tough.


It's tough. I'm so discouraged.


I almost want the answer to be that he's hurt because if he's not hurt and this is the battle plan for the Cardinals doesn't work.


We've we've seen Claff three straight games of calamari only rushing five times.


Yeah. Yeah. All right. Question number two. Footballers question, how did you guys meet people to ask this question all the time? Andy and I met all the way back in high school when he first got to high school and goes to his freshman Spanish class.


He's a freshman class, all this upperclassman in his freshman Spanish class, because I refused to take Spanish to that time. I also dropped out halfway through that class, couldn't handle the freshman course. I never took Spanish and used it as my deficiency to get into college because it wasn't for me.


The language say your primary language.


Not really for you, right? Language. Language is a difficult thing for me. So we met then and we actually met playing fantasy basketball. That's kind of what general basketball, the relationship. And then we reconnected after long after high school. Even after college, I had a business that I was running that at that point made MySpace layouts and designed MySpace. And then I ran into Andy, who was doing graphic design work and brought him on. And then you grew as the company grew, you became the CEO, did everything.


And then we made video games. We changed to a video game company. And Mike, the fantasy hit man. Right, was an unbelievable and is an unbelievable audio mastermind who could make every song necessary, every sound effect necessary. And he was a one man audio team for our company that we brought on. And once we were there, all we ever talked about was fantasy football.


Yeah, accurate. Yeah. I'm Mike.


Mike is was extraordinary in that role. And I noticed from those vintage mailbag drops. Very consistent. Oh, thank you from the first one until now, you haven't lost yet, Mike. Not yet.


Your workouts, they're working.


Question number three from Nick in Chicago says he has Josh Allen in the Steelers defense. What do I do? OK, so Josh Allen, I think we've we've kind of exhausted this, we're playing Josh Allen, you can't you can't extinguish those those flames right now. But Andy, you have the Steelers defense in league record, right?


Yeah, I do again. Are you are you playing the Steelers defense against me? Yeah, I am.


And I am. I'm not excited. I'm not thrilled. I would be completely content with them under normal circumstances without the injuries they've suffered recently. That being said, Josh Allen is still willing to provide some stumbling, bumbling mistakes. Sure, it's the Steelers look like they were a bad play against Baltimore earlier this year. It was one of their best performances. I'm going to dance with the defensive that got me to the playoffs. Yeah, I think I would stick with the Steelers defense.


That being said, if you have both of these, I understand why you're thinking that way. You're saying, OK, if Josh Allen does well, then my defense does poorly and you're not wrong. I mean, if he sets the world on fire, you do lose some ceiling playing both of them. So if you're a maybe a huge underdog and you'd rather play a higher you know, which one would you pivot? Would you pivot off of Josh Allen or would you pivot off of the Steelers?


If I'm going to pivot off of one, it's going to be the Steelers. Yeah. So I'm going to throw out a couple options for you guys. We talked about them on the waiver wire, but. Steelers defense or Carolina, the Carolina Panthers against Drew Lock and company, the Denver Broncos, no, I'm not playing Carolina's defense. There's no way.


Yeah, that that's a really close one to me. But I would stick with the Steelers in that situation. OK, the Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals against the New York Giants and either a hobbled Daniel Jones or backup Colt McCoy. I'm going I guess I'm just playing the Steelers, yeah. All right. I think the only team that might be out there that you could pick up and play and I would play over the Steelers would be the Seattle Seahawks, whose defense has improved drastically over the last couple of weeks, and they're playing against the New York Jets.


I will say this. It is not a bad thing that the Steelers lost to Washington for your defense this week. Yeah, that's true. A little bit of a chip on their shoulder coming into this game in the locker room was probably a scary place to be with Mike Tomlin after that defeat. So we'll see what happens. Question number four. Why did you start the podcast, so we started the podcast. Originally, it was just myself and Andy.


We started it for our league of record and we just wanted to take our our to the next level.


We're always trying to amplify the fun for our League of record live draughts announcers at the draft punishment's banners, T-shirts, custom mini helmets and without. OK, let's go with a podcast. So we did that. We put that out once a week and then we said, hey, we're kind of good at this. Let's try it.


Jason said, we're kind of good at this, OK? The irony, he said, OK, this is pretty this is pretty good.


I knew you guys had something special. I came to Andy once and I said this this thing is going to be big. And Andy said, Oh, you really think so? I said, no, I know that this will that this will work. And then we made we made a podcast for the public and we were no longer good. We were, in fact, really bad. And we took some reps. We eventually said, hey, we need to get a third voice in here.


We did. And then Jason was invited on that note. Breaking news. It's been a while, we said we were going to do this at five years, A&E and we have a story to tell you, Mike, about how I came on to this podcast that you don't know about. Oh, my goodness. What an episode. Well, well, well. All right. So secrets are good. Secrets are coming out. We legitimately said we'll tell them in five years.




And here's the moment. Live on the air.


OK, so you two had this podcast going and it was great. And I thought I said I think this was great, but I never wanted to be a part of it. Never thought about being a part of it. andI thought I would like to have a third voice and bring Jason in. So I don't know if you remember how I came in, but it was actually your doing by Andy out of respect for you did not want he knew if he came and said, I want I want Jason in, that you would be forced to say yes.




OK, so can I get inceptions you got you got so instead.


So instead, Andy says if you want to be a part, you need to go ask Mike if he would, you know, you bring it up. So I came to you, Mike, and said, hey, if you ever wanted a third voice, you know, I could bring, you know, the stuff I do for business and that I would I would be willing. You said, you know, I think there would be a good idea.


I like it. And then you said to me, but I've got to make sure Andy's OK with it. And when you said that to me, it was the funniest moment because it was his idea that was a in but out of respect for. And then you made it to me and said, hey, I've got this. What do you think about this?


And I was like, I think it's a pretty good idea. Well, that's great. That and that's how we became a team. Yeah. Yeah.


At least. Oh. Spontaneous congratulations. I have a fantasy. Oh, those three footballers. Can you name them? I can. Andy. Mike. Jason Delicious. Boice Lefko. I am so proud of you. One thousand. That is insane. I love you so much. And I cannot wait until I'm in the same studio sweating with you legends. Congrats, boys.


Oh, my goodness. Oh, I sweat a lot when I was in studio work. I mean a lot.


That's a clip for another time. But you definitely want to check that out. Thank you, Adam. We appreciate you. Yes. You got Inception, Mike, I guess, or maybe I already had that idea and you didn't know about it.


And I said in 10 years, I'm going to tell you to wait for the bell. Spectacular. All right. We've got another question here from Unlimited Butterface for Clint supporter, long time Brooklands supporter.


Yeah, what a butterface, says Logan Thomas, with all the recent volume and success, or Robert Titanyen with his nice schedule in recent touchdowns, four weeks, 15 and 16. What do you think? Robert Titanyen. Logan Thomas. Boy, it's hard not to chase that volume that you've seen from Logan Thomas. Yeah, and I mean Antonio Gibson, not that he was a target machine from Alex Smith, but we saw a few flashes of that.


But and so those targets are gone. Not that J.T. McKissic can't take all of the targets this is so tight to because both of them have three out of the last four weeks inside the top ten at the tight end position. And. I can't imagine. Tom is not being part of the offense without Antonio Gibson.


I can see a world where, like the total target numbers are a little bit lower for for Tanya, Tanya, Tanya, I don't know. I guess I lean times by it, by a nose.


So the way that I view this is is pretty clear to me. The safer option, the higher floor is Logan Thomas, because the target volume, the snap percentage, the routes run, all of those. He is a more central part of a worse offense. The upside is most certainly with Tonin.


If you look at how many times these guys have been in the, you know, the top six where it really matters, a top 10 performance, a tight end is like, OK, great. You know, week six, Logan Thomas was the title nine. Well, that sounds great. He was three for forty two. You know, that's that's not a great week. So Tongson has the upside. So it's about matchup, right. If you are going in, you look like you're solid.


It's a competitive game. You just need to not have a nothing from your tight end. I think I would go Logan Thomas if I am playing against one of the great teams out there in the playoffs and I really need to show up and have all my players scoring double digits, then I think I would go for the touchdown upside with with Ton.


I think that's that makes sense. Makes a lot of sense. All right. We have one more question.


Why do you say I love Michael Keaton in the place of Jinx, if you've noticed on the show, if we say something at the same time, we say, I love my partner, we actually have that clip ready to go along with some other footballer's origins.


But did you see the movie coming out with Michael Keaton where he is a McDonald's movie?


It is him, but it looks great. What? It's the inception of the fast food world.


And Mike, what? He is a crook. No, he's not a no, not a crook like Ray. Oh, Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc is. I think it is. He's the founder of McDonald's. Yeah. Or he plays some part in the beginning of McDonald's in this movie. And it almost reminded me of a Mad Men style because it's back in.


All right. I'm in. I'm in. And I love Michael Keaton. What did you guys just become best? Batman. Batman.


That was not good bye for the season of his career. That was me saying goodbye from my rankings. Yeah.


To his groin. No, I didn't. It wasn't to his groin. What do they call me on Twitter, Mike?


They're calling you the fantasy reaper, my friend. You get high in Andy's rankings, you go down. People were worried about every injury in the NFL.


Is a fantasy reaper sighting.


It is Thanksgiving week. Yeah. And look, they call me double stuff, mostly because I'm fat.


Am I going to be able to withstand victories for the next few weeks? Did you say withstand victories? Does that mean. Well, we can always withstand a victory.


Five Stars is titled With Standing Victories. I have been able to withstand multiple victories since I started listening to this podcast.


What do you think it's like for a new listener to the show to hear so many people reference withstanding victories? Do they just think that we are dumb?


My hair is gone for the most part. It looks it looks mighty fine. Well, thank you. That's better than Jason looks today. I'll tell you that right now. The other news. Hey, Jason, Jason, Jason could not be with us this morning. It is a toy. He is.


Ask him a question. Jason, how you doing?


Voice Public opinion. What are your thoughts on this one?


There are certain offences where someone like Kyle Shanahan or someone like Adam Gase in Miami, who, by the way, is a butthole.


Wow. OK, tell us what you really think.


How do you feel? Ah, is that because he put Kenyon Drake or Frank Gore on the depth chart? It's it's freaking nonsense. You're the starting running back. You want to give Gore Kerry's fine. Just don't be a ball. There's the nickname of the Year award, which is the highest honors that you could possibly get for sure from this podcast. Yes. Is Adam Gase.


Oh. Mr. Hall going to be eligible to receive this award? Of course.


B.L. OK, good deal. Worse than you not censoring it.


Yeah. Oh, and he's still around, still crapping on your team. I like watching the evolution of the sets. Yes, my hairstyles are weight, our weight.


I'm just glad there were no there were no clips of me stuffed into the Batman suit from Halloween.


That was a real wake up moment in my life, either a few moments in your life where you're like, yeah, I got to make a change.


And yeah, Batman suit was one marshmallow sticking out of the mask. All right, we're moving on.


Thursday night breakdown. All right, the New England Patriots, six and six taking on the Los Angeles Rams, who are eight and four, playing some good football in the Rams, are five and a half point favorites in this one. It's a 44 and a half point over. So we're going to break this thing down. How complicated does it really get on the Patriots offensive side of the ball? Not and I think it gets even less complicated because.


Damien Harris was the only spot at running back that, OK, I'll play Damien Harris, maybe he gets enough work, he's not going to get the touchdowns, but maybe he gets enough work. It's a plus matchup. No, it is not. A plus matchup this week against the Los Angeles Rams over the course of the season. They are the sixth worst matchup for fantasy running backs. The Los Angeles Rams defense is elite up against this Patriots offense.


Who they are, they're completely one dimensional. The Rams have to stop one thing, and that's Damien Hirst running or that is Cam Newton running. Running. I mean, yeah, you don't have to worry about the passing attack from Cam Newton at this point. So I think this might be I think this is this is a no patriots. I think this is the easiest matchup as far as the Patriots side of the ball of the year. Every time we say, I think there's nobody to play from this team, there's like, well, you can put Logan Thomas right.


You know, it's usually a tight end. Dallas got hurt. You might play from the Eagles. I cannot imagine starting a single player, including Cam Newton, who, yes, he can get it done on the ground. But I don't believe that that's going to be true against Aaron Donald, against this defense that, you know, No. One against quarterbacks, top ten against running backs, top ten against wide receivers. They are an elite of elite.


And this is one of those things where if you take the average of Patriots offensive weapons and then you subtract a couple of points because of the matchup, you're like, I don't want that. Their average is below average. I don't want below below average. That's called failing. So I don't think there is one single patriot I am willing to plug in my lineup this week period.


Now it feels like you'd be threading the eye of a needle in this one, trying to get with one shot at it. Yeah, with one shot and New England, they slow this all the game down 31st in pace of play on the other side. Kinka offering company. I still you heard me talk about carmakers, I understand that you can play them like if you're going to play a running back on this team, that's why I play. Patriots are figuring some things out, they're figuring out what the recipe is to win ballgames, slow the game down, try to control the line of scrimmage, acres is a flex option, I think.


But you are not I don't think there's a huge ceiling for him in this game. You always play woods in cup. But I don't think I want to throw Jared Goff out there in desperation mode at all. Jared Goff is maddening for fantasy purposes because he will you never know which Jared Goff is going to show up. You know, I mean, you never know which Los Angeles Rams unless he plays the card to show up. Well, you know, the Cardinals, what I'm saying, like against Tampa Bay week eleven old on the road, Tampa Bay.


No, thank you. Jared Goff, quarterback three the week before that versus Seattle at home. Oh, this is about as good as the matchup could possibly get there. Their bleeding points, the quarterback's wide receivers and quarterback. Twenty two on that. This it's there is saying start Jared Goff because it appears to be a bad man. No, I am saying you cannot take Jared Goff at face value for matchup because just because a matchup is good does not mean he will show up.


Just because it's bad does doesn't mean he will be bad. But this is hands off for me. Jared Goff is out of my lineup, if I can help it at all. Yeah, I expect this to be.


Spontaneous congratulations. Hey, guys, it's Matthew Berry, and I just want to take a quick moment here to congratulate you, not only a thousand episodes, but everything you guys have accomplished. It is not easy to sit down in a small room in front of a microphone and entertain and inform thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people. And you guys have managed to do it for nine hundred ninety nine episodes. I'm assuming this one's a clunker. Anyway, guys, it's been a pleasure seeing you guys rise.


I'm a fan of you guys. I consider all of you friends, and I'm thrilled for your success. Here's to a thousand more thing, man.


Thank you, Mr. Berry. That means that means a lot. He is saying he is he is the top of the industry.


Wow. Yeah. That that one's really cool. Really cool. Thank you, sir. Yeah. Appreciate it. I also like it when those cut us off in midsentence. So well done. That makes it more entertaining for me. I can't imagine how much fun. Oh they are having back there with these interruptions. No, no this is it. Once every thousand episodes you get to do this. All right.


A reminder to take your Thursday night players out of the flex spot. It's very important, especially with the various covid type situations you can get yourself into. And it's the playoffs. Do not forget it, but that'll wrap up our Thursday night breakdown. And we have one final segment of our swedo. Now, introducing the top five moments in fantasy football is history so far, that's right. We asked on social media and to that the official foot clan on join the four dotcom asking for their favorite moments of history.


Let's count down the top five. Oh, my gosh. Number five, all right, so we are going to get into the waivers now before we do that, we've had some curiosity here in the studio.


We've you know, sometimes we get it here in the morning, you know, and it's darker out now. Yeah, it's tougher to wake up. You guys are throwing the coffee back in the morning. And we made the joke. We're like, you should probably get some smelling salts as you see them on the sidelines. Oh, NFL games. And we are athletes of our own, right?


We are our own right. We are vocal athletes.


So Al Borland has acquired some smelling salts for us.


And this is a pretty big waiver, really important show, a pretty big waiver show. Hyped. I just want to get it. Yeah. Boyland, can you give us. Oh, I snapped it pretty much. Now that pretty much give us give us a three count.


Our only three two one oh oh oh oh oh oh moli. Oh baby. Let's go that way over time.


Put me in, coach. Let me tell you all of the waivers that you need. Oh, my eyes are watering.


Whoa, that was that was intense to get back at.


My sinuses are clear. Oh. Oh, brother.


Well, that's what those do.


It's a different experience than I expected. Yeah, not exactly potpourri.


It was weird because at first it's like there's nothing. Yeah. It didn't hit and then it was like, oh the inside of my skull is on fire. OK, I get it. Yeah.


Like a little man was doing jumping jacks in my nostrils. So none of us have ever done that before.


You know, and Mike, you mentioned that, that it must be pretty effective if it can bring people that are passed out back to life. Yes.


Yes, I believe that was five, I'm pretty shocked. So that ended up at number five where recency bias. Yeah, but that was a special moment. I remember that happening like it was a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, yeah.


All these moments from the last two weeks, there's going to be a problem. What's number four.


Number four. Oh. Come in, it's football time.


Hey, hey, hey, come on in a few lyrics for the theme song today. Those are the words that people don't know this well. You did write it. So people don't know that the fantasy football theme song has it has worked. It's called It's Football Time. Yeah. That's the name of the song. And that's the. That's it. That's it.


You just you fit it in where you can fit it in and then scream, hey, hey, hey, it's football time again. Hey, hey.


Already it's football but it's football time. Yeah. It's kind of football time. Oh here's football time. Yeah. Little bit brain, I don't have enough characters, I ran out, but I ran out of syllables. Well, you went syllable choice versus coherent sentence.


Welcome in this mobile time. Right, right, right, yeah, yeah. Oh, my goodness. There we go. You found the first one between the mail bag drop compilation and then that one, Mike has a very specific role here that he is dominating. I have always a little bit hype. I've always pigeonholed myself as the hype man of the show. And you are you wearing a pink suit today? So I really can't complain. Right.


Very nice. So the its football team comes in at number four. Yes, sir. Very nice. All right, number three.


Number three.


Having said that, Jason, would you play Kirk Cousins or Philip Rivers?


Is it. Come on, man. Oh, fuck, man. I saw Philip Rivers, who I hate now, I didn't.


But last week I made him I started the week and he looked terrible.


He looked washed. He looked awful, is and was on my team.


Any other adjectives you want to use for just poor old Phil thesaurus?


Awful. OK, and all of them. But I am playing him this week. Oh no.


Welcome in.


Oh, we got the band back together sort of Tuesday, November 19th, the fantasy football players, Andy, Mike and Jason is basically a two man show because I'm about 50 percent Jason's about 50 percent different reasons.


The outside of my body is here. The shell that you have come to know as Jason Moore is still on the show, Jason Moore is no more.


The inside is hollow. I am an Eminem with no chance.


You're like the the Easter chocolate bunnies. Oh, you're like, oh, a whole bunch of chocolate.


Oh, except they serve a purpose so they can be delicious and a tasty treat. Well, I have no reason to be here. You absolutely do have a reason to be here. It's a waiver day. We have a tremendous amount of listeners that are just dying for your advice.


I guess I getting for your I guess I am serving a purpose here because, you know, look, you eat that chocolate bunny is not good for you, but it gives you something that you want. And you've come here to this show today to witness the death of a man.


And and I want to provide that for you. I don't want I want you to this is a good for you, but I hope it tastes delicious.


But my tears. Yeah. Oh, no. Why do you fill people in?


Yeah, not every Filemon. Well, you fill me in. No, no, no film. Fill a river. Oh yeah. OK, a river of tears it was.


I had Patrick Mahomes. Jason had his good friend Philip Rivers as well as Tyreek Hill. Yada, yada, yada, Tyreek Hill left the game, yada, yada, yada, Mahomes had a terrible game Rivers's driving down the field. Rivers needs to essentially drive down the field for Jason to win, and he does and he does. And I won and Jason was up by half a point until.


One more one more interception, I believe that is seven interceptions in the last two games, I have had all of them, but it took each one to put me where I'm at right now.


OK, Jason, does that bring you back? Oh, man. I'll tell you what, if you are not watching on YouTube, you did not get the experience of seeing a man without a soul. You only heard it. And it's not good enough. But that is the reason why this week, week 14, with the plush matchup, I will not go down with Philip Rivers. I will never do it again. You are a dead man.


Oh, man. A dead man. Watching that, my eyes, I remembered the feeling of of just hollowness. Just torment.


OK, no to Brexit. He river number two.


So we're talking David Johnson, the twenty second pick of the third round by the Arizona Cardinals. Be still my heart.


And if you want a fun time, go watch David Johnson's highlight reels that Johnson Johnson Johnson somehow.


Oh yeah. David Johnson. Oh, David Johnson. Oh, wow. Oh, come on, David Johnson. Oh, I went the roof and I swallowed my throat. I don't know what happened. Oh my goodness. Wow. Just I did not feel good. I feel like we owe David an apology.


Yeah, we do. Thank you.


If if you want to not miss that, go to the. I hope that's not a premonition for the season. There better be a whoo hoo hoo after David Johnson. What?


There it is. All right. All right. We individualise soul left his body.


Oh, my goodness. Oh, I forgot about that. Yeah, that one caught me off guard. I forgot. But that's a double whammy memory because I feel like the David Johnson experience when he was coming out as a rookie and his sophomore year break out that, you know, this show was, you know, on that moment. But then it also had the throat swallowing moment. I could do it. It was special. Was that the year that he went out, week one?


I don't want to know, man, because if if it if it was I think it was a premonition. And even you even called it. Yeah, you're welcome.


All right. Number one, overall moment, proxy number one.


I'm excited to find out what it is, number one. OK, let's move on to the news. Oh, yeah. Oh, super newsy. Yeah, not to the 80s. What on earth I'm leaving this. Oh, this is magical. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports. The MRI has confirmed. Oh, Jimmy Garoppolo is initial diagnosis of a torn lefty ACL. Someone call Axel in Axel Foley in here immediately.


If you could see Brooke's face, it's a gas. So a couple of days ago we lost our whole soundboard.


We lost all Sanborn and Brooks rebuilt it. And he we hadn't played new since then. That is maybe five feet.


Yeah. Cardinals coach Steve Wilks announced Monday that rookie Josh Rosen will start at quarterback going forward. Oh man. Dalvin Cook Day to day unserviced week for statis. Jaguars coach Doug Marone said running backs Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon will be day to day this week.


Speaking Monday, Titans coach Mike Fribble said there are still throws Marcus Mariota can't make it Guess what Alshon Jeffery still hasn't been cleared for contact the best news We never had a better news segment.


Oh man So that was by far the number one submitted answer was a moment like probably all moments of the show that have accidents.


Whoopsies Brooks. Hi, how did you feel in that moment?


Let's get your thoughts. When you realized that you had put the wrong song in there, it's the worst feeling ever, basically.


And the worst feeling ever is the best moment in show history. Yep. Wow. You guys. That's what you guys the power of you guys. You can't screw up, can you, Brooks?


You just can't you can't screw up.


What a crazy ride this first thousand episodes has been. Oh. Yes, congratulations. It's the wise guys, if they can't believe it.


Amazing banana when they were squished in that tiny upstairs bedroom, Caleb's bedroom, it smelled like feet.


I think junkies way too many times they started off and it was pretty scary because they basically said, hey, we're going to start this phase.


Yes. Like no one's done it before here. It's great. It's like, OK, yeah. And they kept their families first through it all that we never felt like we were forgotten or left behind.


Our kids are always feel like they are just they are their daddy tucks them in, they are helping with homework. They're at every show, every performance that I think is the greatest gift.


Just so you all know, foot clan, the footballers you see are the footballers. We are at home. Oh, yeah. And mine is like a bird. My home clothes.


Jason, Jason is in his underwear at nineteen ninety eight. So they are genuinely that's who they are.


The thing that's I think awesome to about the show is not only for other families but for our own families. We know that our husbands have a job that our own kids can listen to. Each of us has our own little football player in the family. And so so to not only have that person that they can get advice from, but it's also their dad and they can look up to them and to watch that relationship grow between the boys and their dads, that's just been something that's been really special to watch, too.


It's going to be really cool to see those little guys grow up to be the next fantasy footballers. Terrifying. Yeah. So here's to a thousand more. We're so proud of you guys. Congratulations. Hmm, you got me. You did it. Shut it down and shut it down. But I am the.


Thank you, everybody. Oh, my goodness. Congrats, you guys, Al, Judge Jamadi, the whole team. Thank you so much. Kyle Snider, Rob, Josh, everybody out there. OK, yeah. Oh, man. That well, we cannot thank you enough final show. This is a life transforming journey we have been on. It is. I mean, it's Jason thrugh. It's going to keep going maybe to 3000. So we might have to shut it down on three thousand, but.


All right. Thank you. We'll break down some match ups tomorrow. Sound good? Yeah, after we recover. Take care. We'll see you tomorrow, everybody. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers. But, Glenn, there's nothing better than a delicious Omaha Steaks holiday feast, get that deluxe grillers assortment today.


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