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I'm Brucker and I'm Nate, and this is Talks on the Rocks.


This is a little bonus series that we do at the end of the month to kind of wrap up the episodes that we did that month and sort of give some behind the scenes stuff what's going on reads listener stories and questions.


And I just go over some, like, housekeeping stuff, but I am not joined by Levite today. I'm joined by Nate, as he just heard. Nate, how are you doing, buddy?


Brooker I'm doing awesome. I got a belly full of Texas brisket and a guzzle full of wine and I'm just ready to take on the evening. So how are you doing? Fantastic. I mean, I got chili and whiskey. That's a it was kind of like a microwave kind of night.


It's a deadly combo for your toilet later on. That's what people want to think about. But so I'm so sorry. So just we kind of before we get into the movie rankings and everything, we kind of have some major show announcements and some kind of housekeeping things that we kind of just got to address, you know, right off the top. But if you were listening for the Twister episode, Nate was able to come in and subbing for Levi.


And we had a lot of fun talking about Twister. Turns out, uh, Levi, it's needing to take a bigger step back from the show. And it's something that, you know, we all wish that he could stay around with Nate and make it like three headed beast here or a film on the rocks. But he's a he's got a lot of good stuff going on. His, you know, and he's just he just simply doesn't have time for it right now.


He will be back eventually. But Nate is coming in and I'm really happy that the timing worked out perfectly because you all just kind of swapped out and it really did just kind of like tag teams.


And he slapped me in and I'm in the ring ready to go. But I'm excited. I'm excited for this. I think it's going to be good. Yeah, it's going to yeah. I'm really excited. And I have been kind of talking about some, like, cool bonus stuff, spitball and some ideas. We got a kind of little bonus extra bonus show that we kind of been wanting to play around with. We've been if you very excited for it.


Yes. If if you're not a patriot and supporter or if you don't follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you maybe haven't exactly gone the news. Yeah, I've been kind of trying to keep it hush, hush hush, but we have a little sideshow coming and call TV specials. Nate and I, we will cover we're kind of dabbling into TV shows a little bit with this with Nate being on the show. We're still going to be doing movies, four movies a month with the talks on the rocks.


But we're also adding in an extra monthly episode with a TV show. So we will pick a different show and a specific episode of that TV show and just give it the film on the rock special. You know, we'll talk about, you know, what scenes we like to give it, drinking rules, kind of like talk about it. And it's also a really good opportunity for us to sort of reminisce and give and share some, like, personal stories.


Because when we talk about stuff this nostalgic to us, things we grew up watching and some other stuff, too, but we always got some stuff recorded and I'm really excited to get that stuff out. We worked out the kinks. That was the big thing because we we did one episode. It was so bad. But I want to be released. That's got to be it's not going to be released. That's a lost episode. We're just going to we're just going to burn that tape.


But the other the other ones are really good, so I'm happy for it. Yes. So I'm really excited about that. So that's what we that's kind of something that we're going to launch in September because we are going to be taking a small break in September, um, mostly just because I feel like I need it. We I don't think we've skipped a week since November, but hopefully y'all won't really notice the break too much because we got two TV specials coming out in September and those will be released weekly.


And we also got we do have a movie planned that will be towards the end of September. And this movie was actually requested by our patron, Katy, of the haunted outfit. Be sure to check out her Instagram page. Really cool artwork, Katy does. But so the movie that's been requested for us to kind of talk about it and maybe poke fun at is Batman versus Superman.


I'm going to shoot on that movie just a little bit. But yeah, we got we got some things to say. Yeah. So I, I've noticed I like some people have sort of like through polls. I've done people, I've said, hey, you be kind of fun for y'all to kind of just pick a bad movie, just kind of make fun of it. And this was one that Katie or Patrón requested. So Batman versus Superman, I was like, oh my God.


Yes. So really looking forward to us recording that and doing that at the. That'll be towards the end of. Remember, so be sure to look out for Batman versus Superman. But before then are the two TV spots that we got. We got a episode on Lizzie McGuire really excited about that, that we share a very special story about why Lizzie McGuire is important to us and that you have to hear it on the episode.


Do you have a very you share a very funny, embarrassing story about one of your worst picture days, Nate.


So maybe I got to dig up that picture to share it on the on the Instagram, so it'll be good. Yeah. So really looking forward to hearing that. And the second TV spot or TV special episode that we have is actually an episode of Seinfeld is a really good one too. It's the Magic Lukie with episode with Keith Hernandez. It's a great one. The two parter, the long one. So yeah, I look forward to it. Yeah.


So be sure to check those two out and let us know what you think and if you want if you want to send in a request for us to cover a TV show as well, feel free. We'll be happy to do that. If you is the specific show or a specific episode of a show, we'll be happy to do that. Be a lot of fun. And yeah, it'll be helpful too, because it kind of gives us direction, because there are so many episodes and so many seasons of so many different shows that we can go back, go back and be nostalgic about.


But if you're offering suggestions like we're all ears, so. Oh yeah. And you can send out into our email at our podcast at Gmail dot com. And the plan is that we'll we'll see how it goes belly. Our plan right now is to do post September to do one TV special a month and there will be one extra TV special exclusive for the Patriot at the top level.


So we're trying to, you know, give you some bonus stuff, but really looking forward to y'all checking those those episodes out. Lastly, I think to more like housekeeping announcements in October, something that will also be coming to the page on is the Mandalorian season to be coming out.


So Nate is a huge Star Wars fan.


And so we are going to be doing a Mandalorian Recap series on The Patriot as well throughout October. So be sure to check out that if you're a big Star Wars fan. And lastly, we are doing a giveaway contest. This contest will be going throughout the month of September, tune into our September episodes to kind of figure out all the parameters in our social media, because we'll kind of give extra details then.


But what the prize is that we will be giving away a month subscription to Shutter for the month of October because we are kind of already in October mode. We're kind of using September to record and get ready and prepped for October. So, yeah. So throughout the month of September, listen to those pre-recorded episodes that we kind of already got done to get the parameters and everything. And you may win a free month of Schutter on us. And I have two comments to two things you just said.


So the first thing I to just exemplify how much in October mode I'm in, in my household, we've got a pumpkin apple butter candle going right now, dude, my life. I'm ready. I am so ready for fall like this is going to be incredible. Second thing, can I just share a quick story about Levi. Yeah. Star Wars. OK, overall story. Brother Levi and I are all in a fantasy football league together. Right.


So that's more of the general way we know each other. But Levi and I have actually crossed paths before then and I didn't even know until Breker and I spoke when he was coming on the show about Levi and I. Very quick story. We actually met at a party. We were both under the influence. You know, he'd been drinking a little bit and just out of nowhere, he just starts talking about stars. And I just I hear someone say the word lightsaber, so I just gravitated towards them.


And so he's just going on and on and on about some Star Wars things in in books that he had read. And up to that point, I had only been a Star Wars watcher. You know, I'd already only seen the movies in the cartoons and stuff. I'd never read any, like, expanded universe things. But Levi is actually the one who got me interested enough to pick up a book and just really jump started my obsession in the Star Wars.


So that's a fun fact. I don't think I've ever told him that, but I do know he knows now. I credit to that to him. And now I consider myself like somewhat of a historian for Star Wars. Probably nothing. Nothing I should be proud of, however. I'm all about it, and I'll I'll I'll sling that info whenever it becomes relevant. So that's just a fun story about Levi. So props to you. Thank you.


I appreciate it. That's a fun story. And I actually met rock climbing. Believe it or not, at the Levi, Nate and I went to the same undergrad and in the gym there's this rock climbing wall and like a little bouldering area, kind of free climbing. And just every day freshman year, we were just there at the same time every day to go rock climbing. And that's kind of just how we met and then brought him into the fantasy league.


Well, that's actually when the fantasy league started. This league's been going on since 2013. Like, that's nuts. So, yeah, I think I joined like a year or two after it had been going. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right.


Yeah, yeah. The league has been expanding, but yeah. So yeah that's that's the nice thing about sports. That's the one thing is like kind of like kept us all together for like the past six or seven years but yeah. So that's kind of how we sort of all know each other. And I'm kind of surprised. I haven't we haven't shared that story before yet, but yeah. Yeah I'm surprised to. But you and I meet chemistry class.


Oh yeah, that's right. Oh well since we're sharing sentimental fun stories, can I just share one about you. Breker. OK, so Breker and I have the same undergraduate degree I actually. Did you get a double. No, no, no, no, no, no. OK, OK, so we have the same undergraduate degree and so we met in chemistry class and this is around the time I was really struggling because it was just very hard for me.


Science just was not my forte. And I was actually considering dropping the major and just doing math.


I'm really good at math and humble brag and I legit. I was seriously going to drop all my classes and just pick up all math classes and just and go from there because I started off as math switched to bio and then I was going to go back to math. But Brucker is the reason I even have that undergraduate degree because you just like reignited my my passion why I got into the degree in the first place. Oh, really? Yeah, I, I actually I don't think I've ever share that with you.


So this is probably the first time you're hearing this as well. So we're about to shed some tears on the field, on the rocks, you know, feel like, oh God, oh my God, I'm going to be flipping out. I'm skip 50 seconds. Skip, skip, skip. No real talk. I was going to I was going to stop. I was done. And then I just got interested and because, like, he helped me out.


So I had actually I had torn my Achilles while we were taking a genetics class. And it was like on the furthest the furthest building in the campus. I was on crutches. It was on the top floor and the elevator was super slow. Sometimes I had to take the stairs and I just stopped. I just had to, like, stop going to class. And I even talked to the professor and broker would like send me his notes, like, super detailed, better than what the professor was even doing because he was like reading the book and like providing this information.


So you're the reason I passed that class in the first place. But, yeah, it was really it was very nice of you. I really appreciated that. And then I just got once I healed up and I was able to walk again, like I was just like gung ho about the degree and I got finished. And now I work in science and it's great, you know, I appreciate it. Oh, that's cool. I honestly don't remember, like, sharing the notes, to be honest.


I do. I just remember you and I kind of struggling through organic together and then like playing NHL and ignoring some stuff.


But now I did I was I was struggling, struggling real bad. So I appreciate that. Yeah, well, awesome. And well, hopefully people don't hate these sentimental stories too much, but I appreciate that.


Thank you. I actually do know that, but. Well, it's kind of I guess it's get into the movie rankings. So this is going to be this will be a weird movie rankings, ladies and gentlemen, just because, you know, Levi wasn't there for all of them. Nate was there for one episode. I was there for all of them. So the list is going to be kind of odd. But we're still going I'm still going to kind of rank them.


Won't go into too much detail about which ones like my favorite to record or anything like that, just because I feel like I be kind of weird and awkward to talk about that with you when you were just on one episode. But so starting I know it's kind of a weird thing to talk about with your son bitch, but I'm just kidding. I'm kidding.


I do have Levi's list. He did send that on over the four movies that we cover this month. If you haven't if you don't know, you go back and listen to them. We covered School of Rock, the Mummy, the faculty in Twister. So it will be ranking those four movies. Nates, which movie do you have ranked at? Number one. So to preface this. I did not watch the faculty. I have I tried, I fell asleep, I was very tired when I started it.


So I'm going to abstain from my viewing. So I'm going to go top three with these movies. Right. My number one clears day for me. School of Rock. Like it's a good choice that that movie is so much fun. I consider myself your typical average viewer, average dumb viewer. I really I am just there for the ride. I'm there to enjoy it. I'm not really picking out movie details the first time around until like after a few watches.


And I'm just there strictly for entertainment value. And that is exactly what this movie did for me, even like multiple times watching it over. It's just a good time. A Jack Black is probably one of my favorites. He just kind of keeps me engaged as a child and even as an adult. So it's good. Point number one, what about you? That's I really like that choice. I think that one, like honestly, is probably the best rated movie, if I'm being honest, out of this list.


But so can rankings entertainment value plays heavily into this and maybe some nostalgic bias. Sorry, folks, but I got to say, the mummy number one for me, it's just that's a good pick. Such a fun movie. There's really not a there's not a bad movie out of this bunch. But the mummy, it's so much fun. I mean, Brendan Fraser is Brendan Frazier was awesome in it. I love the character that they came up with.


And it was also really fun to make it tricky rules for it's such a great example of how an adventure movie should be, you know. Yeah. And it just it holds up, you know, movie that was made maybe that was me nineteen years ago, I think. Or hold on now. There's like twenty one years ago. Twenty one years ago. Yeah. Thank you. Math is hard. Yeah. You're the one that was good at math.


It's, it's, it's just it's still so entertaining, incredibly watchable. And I just love all the characters that we get in it. So yeah. He's number one for me. And Levi also said the mummy was number one for him as well. Wow. OK, yes. All right. So and he did not he did not provide any further context, but I could imagine this was his first time watching it. I have a feeling he just really like to have a feeling.


He also had a really fun time recording it because we had a special guest on that episode, Aurelien, from the Spooky Sisters Book Club. She was awesome. She was awesome. I love that episode. I loved listening to it. Oh yeah. She killed it. Yeah. Orlean's awesome. So which I'm really looking forward to having her back on in October. I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag yet which what movie we're doing.


But I'm really excited for, for her return with us. But OK, quick side sidebar. Levi needs a Star Wars nickname. I love that you guys called me Forrest goes, Nate, I really appreciated that. So just keep that in the back of your head. We don't have to talk about it now. We have to discuss it now. But if one pops in your head, just like bring it up, I'll have my boys on the assignment, we'll think of something.


We'll come up with one. So for what movie do you have ranked at? Number two? Number two was the mummy. OK, ok, OK. And it wasn't my number one because I actually saw the mummy when it came out. Nineteen ninety nine. Well I was. I'm surprised. I'm surprised you did it. Well I think there's a nine, I was seven years old. There's a story to go with it. We lived on a military base in Germany and there was one movie theater, one screen and they would play the adult movie at night.


And typically you didn't see a lot of kids in the theater at that time. And I just so happen to be one of them. It was me, my sister, my dad. And when we got the tickets, the guy was like, Hey, man, this movie is actually pretty scary. It's like your kid looks pretty young. I don't know if he, you know, can handle it. And my dad being like military Harto, which is like, can you handle it?


I was like trying to like emulate him. I was like, yeah, yeah, I can handle it. I've seen some things in my seven years. Right. So and I was doing pretty good throughout the movie. Right. But it was about the time where they were they were getting Amitabh out of the out of his tomb. And what did it for me was the scene where he like First Awakens and he's just like, yeah, I almost shit my pants, you know, because I was like shivering.


I was like, shaking. At this point it's pretty. And then it was fucking terrifying. And then I that happened. And I grabbed my dad's arm and I was like, oh, we got to go. I can't, we got to go. And he was so pissed. He was like, what the fuck. Like we talked about those like you could have said no. But he was like he was actually a lot nicer, but he actually didn't say what the fuck, he was just like, oh my God, OK.


So we laughed. He tried to get his money back there like. And so we left. And then he actually he went back with some of his army buddies and saw it again. He loved it. But that's why it wasn't my clear number one, because I, like, have a negative memory to go along with it. Yes. Otherwise, it is mentally scarring for me. So it was very triggering to what? To listen to that episode.


But it was definitely one of my top movies. Also, I really resonated. I forget who said it, but I think it was Leevi where Brendan Fraser is just goofy. Right. I think I think it was Levi. He is so goofy to me, he was George of the Jungle. That's who I had seen him as first. And that's all I pictured throughout the entire movie. And I was like, this guy is not hard. He ain't he ain't it?


But then he gets that haircut after being released from the prison is like, oh, oh, you know, do I seriously, I he was just goofy to me on what you were about to just like, swing into a tree right now. Oh, that's hilarious. I wish I saw that movie in theaters. I mean, just for the spectacle, I guess. But yeah, that's that's cool. Um, I.


So, number two, I had a really hard time deciding when to put a number to, um, I was kind of stuck between these two movies, but I'm officially ruling with the faculty at number two. Oh yes. I know. That's the one that you weren't able to finish. But it's it's like watching it for this. It was a lot of fun. And I just I forget how much fun it is that or I forget how funny of a writer Kevin Williamson can be, even though, like, it's really campy, kind of like Superman or whatever.


I like it. I just like hits my funny bone. And it is also fun singing baby.


I would also love the whole sci fi element of it and it kind of feels like the thing like John Carpenter's the thing.


But in high school, it's a high school movie and I don't know, it's just not fun. And it's kind of like I love the whole suspense of who's infected, who has it, who, you know, is everybody really like playing themselves or whatnot? Is it so fun? So, yeah, the faculty is number two on my list. OK, OK. And I've never seen it.


And Levi also has the faculty at number two, which I am surprised I got to watch this movie. I'm actually really surprised Levi put that on number two, because I honestly, I thought he would have been the kind of guy to put school rocket number one.


Mm hmm. But I'm I'm kind of shocked. I'm kind of shocked. You're a mysterious man. I'm actually I'm shocked to hear some great Jack Black ad libs for School of Rock. So I really thought that would be number one solely based on the ad libs. But yeah, you know, you can't win them all. All righty. So, Nate, what do you have at number three, which I which was which is like the bottom kill is now the only one left.


Yeah, it was a twister and it honestly would have been a really good movie for me if it was not two hours long ago. And I still with this movie combination, I still think it would have been number three, but maybe it would have been higher on that number three scale, like it would have been closer to two, maybe if it wasn't like an at least an hour and a half long. But that's really the only drawback for me.


I had a good time watching it, even though I had a lot of nitpicks just to point out. So it was a fun movie. I kind of agree with you on that, that it probably should have been a little bit shorter. But I mean, it was was really fun having you back to do a movie episode because it'd be like a year since you've done a movie episode with us. It was kind of fun to throw you into that.


But for number three, I have the School of Rock. School of Rock is really good. I had a hard time at putting that number three. I guess that's what I was struggling with. I kind of couldn't decide it was two or three. But I think just based on my taste, the faculty kind of hits my spooky, my spooky genes a little bit better. Um, and that's kind of like what I like. But School Rock is great.


It's really funny. And something that gives it huge points is the message. It has a really good message that the movie, you know, just message of, you know, being yourself and working hard. Um, I, I just really appreciate it. And also it even though Dewey Finn is being is being an imposter, I felt like it show that, you know, like teachers or professors can be people that you can confide in and people that can really help you work through things.


OK, again, kind of like those sort of messages that we were getting.


I really appreciated. And it's written incredibly well. Probably the best written movie on this list. Mhm. Yeah. And speaking of that episode recording, I really like the stories that you guys had to say about the professors. That meant a lot to you because I've had a few in my in my lifetime. So it was nice to hear that too, because also my dad's a teacher and what does he teach Spanish. OK, so it was cool to hear because like I've seen like I've met some of his students who.


You know who went to the school, I was a tour guide for the school, so I met some of the students and they'd be like, oh my God, I love your daddy. So cool. And I kind of relay that information to you. And it really does mean a lot to them as educators where people have good things to say. So it was cool. I really appreciated that specifically. So you didn't tell them?


Oh, yeah. You think he's so cool. He kicked me out of Mommy because I was crying.


Yeah, well, let me tell you about my childhood. How about that? No, that's really awesome. Always love hearing stuff like that. Well, so Levi also has School of Rock at number three, in case I didn't say that. But yeah, he didn't get it. Levi has School of Rock at number three, which again was kind of surprised. I would have expected I would have expected him to be the kind of person to have that number one.


And he let me know that he did not get to watch Twister. So he said, just go put that number four. So I'm learning that cat out of the bag. But my number four was Twister as well, not because it's a bad movie. Just, you know, it's going up against these other heavy hitters. And I really agree with you, Nate, about how if it was, you know, 90 to 100 minutes, I think I would it would be a little bit better.


But I still love that movie and I grew up on it. So, um, so. Yeah. So that's my list. The Mummy, the faculty school of Rock and Twister in mind was School of Rock, the Mummy and Twister. Awesome and interesting from the faculty. And we won't get into which ones are our favorites to record because I feel like that's kind of pointless right now. But I had a lot of fun recording The Mummy with Aurelien and had a blast recording the faculty with Rachael.


Super fun, I guess. I just went and said my two favorites.


Uh, yeah. I personally I'm just super excited to be a part of the podcast when there's a guest on. That'll be really cool because I don't know, it's been really cool hearing you guys talk to them and different people, different perspectives. So it's fun. Oh yeah. I'm really looking forward to that. And speaking of guest, I want to quickly plug the All Broz podcast they had me on recently to talk about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


You can find the Albatros podcast pretty much anywhere you listen to podcast. So if you want to go check them out, do that. They they cover movies in a different way than we do. They they do like rankings. They do. They like rank the writing, the plots, the costumes, the acting. They kind of break them up into categories, into rankings. That's how they cover their movies. But if you want to listen to me talk about my love for once upon a time in Hollywood, again, you go check them out.


All right. Next on our list, we got some several email and email submissions with questions and fun back to school stories. If you ever want to send in a story related to any of the movies we covered or question for us, send it in to effort to our podcast at Gmail dot com. And before we get into that, I want to quickly thank supporters for sponsoring come on the rocks this month. Support has been super awesome. I've really enjoyed talking to those people over there.


They're super nice and I love their their mission statement and pretty much what they're setting out to do. They're trying to help people meet their goals and accomplish things that they need help with. The whole idea support is that if you have somebody holding you accountable, that you will stay more motivated to meet your goals and stay on track. And it's all personalized. You meet with an accountability body through their free app, come up with a personalized plan that it best fits you to meet your goals.


And it's really good. It's all positive. It's not like added pressure or anything like that. That's not what they're about. You get hard to get support. Dotcom, Telefilm, Laroque, Sentir and from the list of movies that we covered this month, there is I feel like the people from The Mummy, like the Magi maybe had like the those are the people that need the most accountability possibly, I would say Jack Black's character in terms of accountability, you know, like.


Yeah. Just, you know, he definitely needs that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He definitely needed it. Yeah. So I think you again support a support is really awesome. So be sure to go to get support. Tell him that film on the Rock Sentier and let's get on to the emails.


That's the mailbag. Mailbag. Sorry, that was an ESPN reference.


So what are you apologizing for this story about ESPN?


They're going to sue us. That's why time. Oh, man. All right. Well, our first our first letter comes from Dana all the way from the UK. Dana has a podcast called The Meddling Podcast and podcast is spelled N.W., D.C. ASD. It is a what's new Scooby Doo RI Watch podcast. It's really fun. I love Scooby Doo and I've listened to a few other few of her episodes. It's it's awesome. I love it. She goes into.


Amount of detail, and my favorite part is that she for every episode at the end, she has awards for like, I don't know, like best outfits, best jokes, best, you know, whatever. And so it's always really fun as she's progressing through the episode that she's talking about, she's kind of knocking people off of the suspect list. It's really fun. So give the middle podcast a little listen. But she actually had a she actually had a bunch of stuff for us, so I'm really excited to get into this.


So one of the things that we asked people to write in was what kind of shows or movies make you nostalgic for school. Dana Adut writing that pretty much anything from the CBC, which is like the BBC channel, but for kids. So she said like shows like Arthur, what's new Scooby Doo and Moaner The Vampire all make her nostalgic for school because she was always super excited to get back home to watch them after school. I definitely had some shows.


I was always really excited to watch, like when I got home from school. One that comes to mind was digital watch Kodaly Ocho or even know what I'm talking about. I have no idea what you're talking about. It was like this and this anime show that came on Cartoon Network. And if people like Toonami Cartoon Network or just Cartoon Network Cheesman, it's above my pay grade. I don't know.


But but it was just like this animated show where he's like high school, maybe boarding school kids. They were like they were able to do like some I like put like their subconscious. And it was kind of like the Matrix. Like they're like like this computer program. But they all had like special abilities like powers or whatever. But the whole stake's is that, you know, if you died in the computer program, you died in real life and each episode ended with them time traveling.


I don't really get it. But that's like when I was I don't like 11 or 10. So I remember every day after school I want to catch Kodaly. It was so much fun. My mind was I was actually king of the Hill. King of the Hill. King of the Hill. As a kid, as a kid, because I thought it was so funny because I really appreciate dry humor. And that is the show in a nutshell, is just dry humor about life and really about nothing, you know, propane, propane and propane accessories.


And I live in Texas now, so I'm about to start watching it and see if I get the jokes even more. But who knows? One that also makes me really nostalgic for like back to school is for some reason, Eddie and Eddie. Did you ever watch that? Yeah, I loved it. I love that show. So that was like a show me my sister watched together all the time. Yeah. It was kind of disturbing, too, though, because, like, the coloration was weird, like their tongues were all different colors.


Whenever they have the jawbreakers, it was like a huge thing like thing and rock in their mouth. And it just looked I don't know, it was it unleased me a little bit, but I definitely love that show. Yeah, we should probably do an episode on that on the TV specials because I really want to get into that crazy fan theory that all the kids are stuck in purgatory. Yes, yes.


Yes. Is that ok. OK. OK, ok, pause. We'll talk about that. Offline data also included a little question for us. So something that we asked was, you know, if you have any funny, embarrassing school school related stories or what have you. So she said that she always got really embarrassed when she was in class and she would accidentally call her teacher mom instead of miss, you know, whatever I was I was a defender of this in kindergarten.


I remember doing that. I just want to die when that happens. Mm hmm. I've done that a few times. I've done that in preschool a lot, actually. So, Dana, you're nursing Dana, you're not alone. But she did leave as a question. Her question is, what fictional school from a TV show or movie would you want to go to? The first thing that comes to mind is Hogwarts, but it seems tough. Yeah, no, that's it's a tough question.


I think Hogwarts is a good, really good choice. Not a big fan of schools you can go to and just die out.


You're not a fan. Um. Oh, so you'd say Hogwarts, that's your answer? I think I would say Hogwarts, I'm trying to think of like TV shows. Oh, definitely. Like the school from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, because there's those kids. I feel like they got away with murder in that show. So it's like, yeah, it looks like a lot of fun. And I want like I want my best friend to be the janitor.


Yeah, that's.


Oh, gosh. I think for me, I mean, you make me feel old because I mean, like we're like almost the same age. But my my when I think of schools like from TV shows I think of Saved by the Bell and Power Rangers like the old Power Rangers. Oh I loved Power Rangers, especially at the space one. That was that was my that was my I was only Mighty Morphin was my only only Power Rangers I had.


That's that's what I think of. Yes. Do that movie was really good. Um. Oh gosh. That's so tough because Mighty Morphin like they, it was like a cool. Those people were cool and like all the stuff was cool how they go hang out at that little cafe but at the same time like it wasn't a cool experience. I think I'm going to go with God. What was that show with Mr. Feeny? Oh, boy meets world.


Boy meets world. No. Yes. No, that's lame. No, that's it. But that's lame. How is that lame? Shut up. Is this lame? Sabrina, the teenage witch. That's mine. Oh, that's right.


I'm not at any of that out there. Like, oh, that's my final answer, because I was just like always something going on. Like Sabrina was always messing up in some way. And everyone's just like, what, Interisland chickens today?


OK, you know, Sabrina the Teenage, which was another show that my sister would watch like every day after school. Yeah, that was that's a good one. Mm hmm. Well, thank you. Thank you, Dana, of the Medley podcast. Thank you so much for this question. I was really good. Our next question, so this one, I'm kind of cheating a little bit. This was kind of like in passing, like as or Leon and I were kind of chitchatting before recording.


I was like, oh, I'm kind of going to use this for for this. But so she I hope that she's OK with me saying this. Uh, she said that the School of Rock was actually the first movie she saw on a date. And so kind of like what movie did you see?


Like what was the first movie that you saw on a date?


Yeah, I, I actually used to steer away from movie theater dates because I didn't know I don't know how to act in them. Like I don't know if we're supposed to be making out or what was like. Yeah. Like Oh we're supposed to be talking because we were watching like what are we doing. Do I look at you. Um but the first time I did do it was it was the movie. This is 40. This is 40 odd.


I don't I I don't know why I think she wanted to see it. I was in high school. I was actually might have been in college, actually, and I was just home for the summer. But she was the first movie. That was the first one. And it was just so long. I think it was like two and a half hours. And I just remember thinking, when is this going to end? Because I won't like I was starving.


I thought we were going to get food after I was really expecting like an hour and a half movie and it just went on forever.


And it just keeps getting screwed over on these long movies.


Now, after it is over, I was like, I'm going to I'm going to go, because that was just awful. Having the worst case of hangry. I get hungry really badly and immediately went to Taco Bell and I was like, look, I need some food. Mine was that Shil above movie Eagly, a movie ever seen? I don't know. I don't think I've seen that. That was pretty. I mean, I remember it being pretty good.


I don't know if it holds up, but it's pretty good. How would I grade the day? Probably an F, but I was at high school. It was like I thought I was actually my first date to want to go see Eagly. And I watched your parents drop you off. Oh yeah. Big time. Was that awkward. Big time. Yeah. And I that was also a reason I didn't do movie theater dates because I didn't want my mom asking questions.


I specifically remember her dad sneaking, not really sneaking. He didn't sneak just like poking into the movie theater to like make sure we were still in there. Oh, my God. He's stuck around. Yeah.


I mean, we were like fifteen I think. Yeah. So I mean, I remember that he was like hanging out in the lobby the whole time or whatever else kind of dude, I'm just like I like movies so I'm like, oh you're already like, you're like I'm actually here to make drinking rules so you can go.


This is going to be important ten years from now.


You're going to be a story on my podcast one day. What's up? You wait and see. I don't know. But whatever it is, you're going to be on it. And he was. Yes. So that was my first movie date was Eagly, which I love next. So this was a interesting question. So this was a question we got from this person didn't leave a name. So I was going to say it's somebody from the next level guy show question marks.


Um, so this person wrote in. So I would be intrigued. Not so much on films, but the characters which characters in films you love appeal to you the most. Why is that? What makes them great characters? Great men? I would say great people. What are the qualities they have that you wish you had? Do they do you want to see a lead characters with vulnerability or in growth or the kind of the standard Hollywood leading man style of a character, etc.


, etc.? So I guess kind of like what characters like what type of characters kind of appeal to us? Are there any that you kind of think of from a movie?


So right off the top of my head, Brad Pitt's hair and the movie Fury was my favorite character.


It was immaculate. It was so nice. And I'll tell you why. I actually and that's actually a serious answer. I'm actually not dicking around. Oh, but that was Yuto. And that's the movie with Brad Pitt. And it's World War One or two. And they're in the tanks, World War Two and they're in the tanks. That's what I'm talking about. If you guys don't know Furi was. But that was a time in my life where I had been growing my hair out for like a year and a half or something.


And I was going to cut it and I was really trying to figure out what haircut I wanted. And it's not this is literally nothing serious at all. But this is like how I felt. And and then I saw that movie and I was like, I want to undercut Long on top and just like it back with just so bad because of because of Brad Pitt. And I did it and I have curly hair and it did not look the same.


So I just that that memory just sticks with me. So Brad Pitt's hair in fury is my character. The it and the answer. Sorry to answer the second part of it. I prefer like a. A character arc in the movie, I don't like to see one sided characteristics like a bad ass the whole time, I like to see some growth. So, yes, is there like a character that comes to mind that the USA is a good example of that?


No, man. Let me think. Go ahead. You answer your question and I'll think I'll think about that. So I'm going to say Danny Ocean from Ocean's Eleven, George Clooney character, just the whole aesthetic. I just love it's, you know, just the whole just everything about him.


You know, he's so suave. He talks real confident and just I don't know everything just about his attitude is great because he's also like he's smart, he's also funny and but he's not like a funny like a belly laugh kind of way. He's kind of like he's like point something out and kind of just like I don't know. I don't know. I don't know how to describe it. But like, he's just funny. There's like the way he says things.


I can't describe it. Can I can I take a stab at that. Yeah. How to describe it. So this is it because he's so handsome. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I mean everybody wants a guy. Yeah. And he says something and you just like you know.


But instead I just secretly have a man crush George. No, I think it's them. I literally think it's a man crush because I have a man carpet and I think that that that might be it is this good content for everyone, but yeah. So yeah. So that's kind of like something like that. I also really love the OK, so people might start rolling their eyes but hear me out. Tom Wellings portrayal as Clark Kent from Smallville is something I've always really liked because I don't know if you've ever watched that show, Nate, but the people that have people know that it's it's really good.


We're kind of seeing Superman develop into like an adult kind of. And we're kind of seeing where he gets all his morals and everything. And even as like a fifteen year old in that show, we kind of see how he he just denies temptation a lot. And, you know, he could use his powers if you want to, but he takes the high road so many times. And it's something I've always admired about that character specifically and his whole duality about like, you know, him trying to figure out where he belongs in the universe, what's his purpose, which, you know, when he should and shouldn't be using his powers.


And I don't know, kind of like that whole complexity of it I've always admired and how he just for the most part, I mean, there's a couple of occasions where he did it in the show, but for the most part, how he was brought up to take the high road, high road, even though it would be incredibly easy for him to not do so. So that's kind of like another character that I like.


And I mean, I guess you could say those two people, just to like Tom Welling and George Clooney, are kind of like the Hollywood leading man, quote unquote. But there's a lot of complexity to some of it. So that's I kind of agree with you. I like the character arc and I like to see vulnerability. Mm hmm. OK, so I thought of mine just it's kind of going off the same vein as yours. And mine is Ang from Avatar, The Last Airbender, the TV show Collodion.


And I know it's a cartoon, but I actually think that show has one of the best. Just storylines in general, you know, and it brings in a lot of different culture, cultural references. It's very inclusive, I feel. Mm hmm. And it's just it's really just a fun show. And I know it's a kid's show, but it got it is just so good. And I I've just been watching it recently and I think we're going have to do an episode on that because I think.


OK. Have you seen it?


Honestly, I did not grow up watching that cat had because Cat loves that show and she had me watch the first few episodes because it's now on Netflix. So we're not like currently watching it or anything like that. But I've seen the first few episodes and that's about it.


OK, well, just to sum it up, he's like he is the avatar and the avatar is basically the savior of the world. Right. And this great danger is beginning to happen. And he flees. Right. And he gets himself frozen. He's a 10 year old kid. He gets himself frozen for like a hundred years. The world goes into complete disarray. And when he's unfrozen, he has to kind of undo everything. And it's just the journey of him learning the different elements because he, like, controls the earthly elements.


And he just goes from like this childish like I just want to run away from everything to really just taking ownership of who he is and the role he plays in the world. And it's just very interesting how he goes about that, because he encounters encounters like good guys and bad guys. And he learned something from every single person that he encounters, regardless of whose side they're on. And even if they're neutral characters, he's still learn something. And I think that's just really valuable.


It was valuable for me as a kid kind of growing up, and it was very valuable for me as an adult kind of picking up the things that I really didn't catch when I was a child. So, OK, that was a good show. I think you actually I think you'd appreciate it. I really like that kind of breakdown you gave that that as something that would piqued my interest. OK, cool. Well, good. Really awesome question.


Thank you. From the next level guy show. Nate, you want to read this next letter from Sam. Yes. OK, so I'm going to read this as if I wrote it.


So just just bear with me. So this is actually from Sam from the Disney Channel original newbie's podcast. He wrote a story about the School of Rock. Again, I'm reading this as if this happened to me, but this is Sam. The hardest I've ever laughed in my life was watching School of Rock. It wasn't because of anything in the movie itself, but the experience of watching it, of watching it. And the people I was with, I was watching in the basement of my house with my younger brother and sister.


My brother recently had a hernia surgery. I think that had happened the same day, isn't supposed to do anything physical. So we decided to watch School of Rock for the first time. So my sister and I realized about halfway through that, moved halfway through that my brother would say, wow, every time you left, seemingly due to the surgery, but it didn't seem like it was a big deal. So finally, we get to the scene where Jack Black calls one of the girls turkey sub.


And for some reason, for some reason, my brother found that so funny that he started cracking up. My sister and I decided that because we know his that's his weakness. We were going to rewind the movie to that scene, making him laugh even more. I think we re-route well, I think we rewound the turkey subscene about 15 to 20 times. By that time we were crying, laughing at my brother because my brother would not stop laughing whenever he said turkey sub.


So yeah, that's the hardest I've ever laughed at a movie. That's fantastic. And that was actually funny. You guys are fucking me. Correct? Did he start eating? That is just what he didn't show was the internal internal bleeding that his brother experienced when that bit something, if he just said like rest in peace, my brother just also he died. Oh, he's doing fine. So but that's that is hilarious. I do love that part because I'm like I could picture him just laughing at us because Jack Black does the whole like finger guns, turkey.


It has to be in. My cousins had a very similar moment to this, not the whole hernia surgery, but there is a part in that movie see spot run, which I don't know if anybody's seen this movie, but is it it's a dog movie. There's a part of the movie where the dog farts. And I found it hilarious when I was a wee very similar. Similarly, we were around it like fifteen to twenty times, just laughing every time the dog farted.


And yeah, dude, farts are always like a really good left, you know. Doesn't matter how old you are, nobody beats a good fart. We are not an academic podcast. This is fart jokes and tricky rules. People. I told you guys I was the average dumb viewers of farts make me. Whatever, even though I'm the one telling how that was my story, but oh, so thank you, Sam, from what was his podcast again.


That was excuse me, the Disney Channel original newbie's podcast. Thank you, Sam. Yes. Go ahead and give them a listen. That sounds like something I would actually listen to. Not going to lie. I know. I read it and I was like, OK, well, I'm going to make a note of that just added to my Spotify queue. So our next story comes from Ryan of the notes on my phone podcast. He writes in saying, Hey, guys, saw the Reddit post?


Yeah, I made Reddit posts that I share some nostalgic thoughts on a movie that deserves more love. One movie can easily outshine the other. In 2003, Pixar released a Finding Nemo. This is me talking great movie. Back to Ryan, a household classic and a title we won't forget. But this movie's success outshines another fish flick. He just coined that term fish flick that doesn't get enough love. One year later, DreamWorks released Shark Tales, a hidden gem of a film.


The Car Wash. Yeah, exactly. The car wash. Man One year later, DreamWorks released Shark Tales, a hidden gem of a film that nobody speaks of. Today, stars Will Smith, Jack Black, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro. I mean, come on. Phenomenal story. How can you forget Katti current or Katee current? Keeping it current, though, little shrimp. You're a good person. And of course, Angelina Jolie fish.


I'm not into fish, but if I was, I'd risk it all for her. Do that fish had some fat lips. Although we're not done objectifying this fish, he continues. I'd risk it all for her. All this in a fuck. All this. OK, I guess we are done all this in a finale with car wash. All I ask is that we don't forget this classic movie with this outshined, but that was outshined by Nemo in Dory.


I got to say, I think Finding Nemo is probably the better movie, but Shark Tale deserves some love, right? Shakhtar was fun, dude. Very underrated. Will Smith movie. So, yes, I'm with him.


Thank you, Ryan. That was Ryan from the notes on my phone podcast. Um, Nate, do you want to take the next story? Yes. So this one is from Cameron from the Cameron Journal podcast. I'm going to read it as Cameron you recently covered the movie Twister. And I wanted to say that people who work in atmospheric sciences are are as crazy as the people in the movie. And tornado chasers are fucking crazy. I had the fucking he didn't didn't say crazy, but I agree.


I agree with Exline. It's good that they are because we get great data as a child of someone who works in the field. It was a popular family movie and I watch it from time to time. Our IP, Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman, thanks for reading. Cameron Cowan from the Cameron Journal podcast. Find it at Cameron Journal Dotcom Forward Slash podcast. That's awesome. That's so cool. Cameron, your parents sound really awesome working as storm chasers.


That's such a cool profession. I'm literally just picturing both of his parents at breakfast just like. Yeah, and drink your drink suck zone. The extreme in the extremist. Let's go.


Let's go chasing tornadoes.


OK, camera, please tell me you have a sister named Dorothy. Uh, the camera is also like. Yeah, also my name is Toto. Toto, I'm just messing Toby Toby with the dog from the Twister movie. Toby. Yeah, I keep forgetting. Thank you Karen. Our next one and we got one to three. Moore Our next one is from Chris of the Geek between the line podcasts. Hey, guys, I'm really enjoying listening to your movie analysis.


When I think about school and movies, I think about the time my seventh grade English class went to go see the first Harry Potter movie for a field trip. Oh, man, that sounds awesome. My school never did anything like that. Seriously? Yeah, we read the book for class. We sort it into houses and competed for points and everything. Oh, my God. It sounds like it is so friggin cool. My teachers called it witchcraft.


Oh my God it was. But I mean, yeah, I'm OK. This is depressing. Now, um, by this point I had read all four books that were out six times each. Oh. A little smart. Get over here. So I was a little obsessed however, because my teammates didn't understand how to bet in the final Jeopardy style trivia tournament at the end of the year, we lost our house cup, even though I got the answer correct.


They didn't say what is helpful, puff or whatever sucks got off on a technicality. That's junk. I hate that, Chris. I feel for you being stuck with idiots. Um, I love you.


Nate was kidding. Oh, my God, you asshole. All right, still haunts me to this day, but now I use my obsession for good as a co-host, for Geek between the lines where we discuss Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and other geeky series through different compelling themes, podcasters unite. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Chris. And I have to say, I listen to one of their episodes. They have this really fun series that they do call sorting episodes.


So I listen to so they had assorting, the prequels. And basically what to do is to go through each prequel movie and they would say which character will be sorted into which Hogwarts house.


And I thought, oh, so that's such a fine idea. So it was it was like different. Like Obi Wan was sorted in different houses based on which prequel movie you're talking about. It was really cool. I really like fun stuff idea. Very cool. Niche thing. I'm going to go listen to that actually sounds really fun. Yeah. So think of Chris from the Geek between the line podcast and. All right, Nate, your last story.


OK, so my last one is from Simon of Everyone's a Dragon. Again, writing from Simon's reading from Simon's perspective. I saw you covered School of Rock, which I watched far too many times when I was younger, although there was one kid who seemed to jump out of nowhere after the performance. The kid called Gordon that did the lighting. Jack Black tells him he did an amazing job, quote unquote, and he did. But I'm the only one who's the only one to think.


He seems to have popped up out of nowhere. I think I remember him in one other scene, and that was because I was looking out for him specifically. So I wondered if I was missing something. Is there an extended audition I was missing or something? Many thanks, Simon, from Everyone's a Dragon. First off, Everyone's a Dragon. Makes me think of makes me think of Randy from Scream.


Everybody's a suspect. Everybody's a dragon. That's what that makes me think of. But and I forgot to include this little detail, but everyone's a Dragon is a D and podcast. So if you're into D and D, here's there's a podcast for you. Hey everyone, breker editing here. I got the description wrong for every Once a Dragon. It is an actual play RPG podcast with a Kirpal crew in-depth story. They've got an Elvin Ranger, a kinka rogue and a human fighter.


That's a little crazy. It's a fun group of friends that have that are assisting in Council of Dragons to secretly rid the world of powerful artifacts and weapons while pursuing their own agendas. So be sure to check out every once a dragon if you're into RPG games. OK, back to the show.


But, uh, get Gordon. I mean, Gordon was kind of hired, I say hired assigned early on in the movie to kind of just do like all like the the graphics and like the laser show and whatnot. And I think the only like he has a point because he's not he's kind of just in the background for most of the movie. There was a point I think in maybe the teacher parents night where like Jack Black brags about him during that, I can't remember.


But, um, yeah, he kind of did just kind of pop out of nowhere towards the end because you see Jack Black assign him his position. And I don't think you see him too much towards the end of the movie. Yeah, I just Google image then and I do not recognize him. All right. So our last submission was from Nicholas. Should I buy it, though? And he also has a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Dungeons in Dreambox.


So Nicholas writes, You guys are awesome, thanks for the ability to share stories about our favorite movies and your generosity in spreading the word about our podcast. Yeah, no problem. In my favorite movie that reminds me about school is sky high. Oh, that that takes me back and makes me incredibly nostalgic for my high school days. And it is a hilarious movie that made superheroes cool before NCUA came about. Thanks again. Have a great day.


You can find his podcast, Spotify, Apple and YouTube by searching whimsical productions. Have you ever seen Sky High? Yeah, I've seen bits and pieces of it. I think I just saw the beginning and I had to, like, leave the TV. Very cool concept. I might actually go back and watch it. I just remember the I mean, I've seen it before. But the thing that sticks out my memory was the bus like the flying school bus that they had.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Which seemed pointless. But anything like not everybody can fly, so. Right. Yeah. Because I think, like, one person's power is that they can just transform into a guinea pig and that's it.


Do you what would you do if you just had a useless power would be. So I would do useless things. I don't know. Like if it was, if it was that I don't I don't know what I would do honestly. I don't know. I guess if I was ever cold, I would like in my house I would just shrink down to a guinea pig. And as I curl up in my blankets, just getting a blanket. Yeah.


Actually sounds kind of fun. OK, let me go find a lamp to sit under. I just like the only memory I have a sky high is my step mom taking my sister to go see it without me.


And I don't know what I did that day because I don't remember. But the only thing I remember from that day was my sister coming home. Be like, I want to go see sky high and the guinea pig girl was the hero and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I was like, Oh, you just blow the whole thing for me. Oh, thanks for ruining it.


Thanks for ruining Skyhigh. That's did it come out in theaters. I just remember it being like a TV original or something. You no. You might be thinking of the other Disney superhero movie up, up and away. That might be. Yeah, yeah. About like the kid who hasn't developed into his powers yet. I don't know. I'll Google it later. All right. Cool this anyways. Thank you everybody for those letters and questions and stories.


We love getting some interaction with people and we don't mind other podcasters sending stuff in. It's a lot of fun and the podcasting community is super friendly. So it's always really fun to get in touch with people. Never know who we might collab with, but thank you everybody for that for our next talks on the rocks. We won't be doing another talks on the rocks until October, but I guess. OK, go ahead and say it now. Go ahead and just send in some of your best Halloween memories.


You know, cool parties. He went to what you dressed up as trick or treating stories. What kind of scary things happen to you or or like, you know, what kind of like what's your tradition? Do you like to stay home and watch movies? That's kind of me not going to lie. So send in some of your favorite Halloween memories to your podcast, Agema Dotcom. I will read those in October. I'm looking forward to that.


That would be fun. I have some ghost stories to share and excited about that. Spooky. We're going to get into our last segment and that is our recommendations and what all we have been watching. Nate, what all have you been up to or what like what kind of shows you've been watching or movies you have any sort of recommendations you want to give people?


Mm hmm. I've been watching I mean, I talked about it before, but I've been watching Avatar The Last Airbender a lot recently. And that's been on my own time because, you know, I live with my girlfriend and we got to agree on some shows sometimes. But that's been my like my guilty pleasure. And then movies, movies in general, I've been really just jumping into the like the whole Jurassic Park World. Oh, awesome. Looks a little bit.


And I've been looking at like if there's like expanded and expanded universe that goes along with it to kind of explain further things. And that's it's been a lot of fun for me in particular, especially, you know, jumping back in this podcast and seeing things from a different perspective. So that's been cool. What about you? So I don't know what it is, folks. I'm sorry. I've been watching a lot of horror movies. I don't know what's wrong with me.


I so I've been on Schutter and I too like big movies that came in on their words was host. I appreciate you all of all seen kind like the meems or like people talking about it on Twitter. Maybe, maybe it's just me. I don't know. But host was amazing. It was so good. It's also really short, only 56 minutes, but it's like this perfect meld between unfriended paranormal activity and insidious and. Oh, it's good.


And I love the concept because it's it's in the world that we're in right now. So it's like during this pandemic and the whole movie takes place on a zoom meeting, like for like an added do what I did for like a little extra spooky effect. Watch it on your laptop with headphones and it'll like, really get you double. The whole third act is fucking terrifying and like I legitimately was going, wow, like that, really go with that.


It was so good. So I highly recommend host if you need if you're needing it like a good scare. I watched random acts of violence. It was really bad. Uh, I don't know why this has high reviews on Schutter, but it was not good. The premise is cool. It's about this guy who writes comic books and he writes comic books about like a serial killer that he named a slasher man. And this Real-Life serial killer is kind of like mimicking the kills in the comics.


And, you know, it's kind of like that whole thing sounds cool, right? It was really bad, IMHO. It doesn't sound like anything. My speed. Yeah.


I don't think you're into Slasher's too much, but in the like the kills are really good and like it was artsy in some ways and like in some scenes. And it was like there are some bright spots. But overall the directing and writing was are so bad, so kind of stay away from act from random acts of violence unless you just want to give it your own shot. And something that I've been watching obsessively is the Batman trailer. Oh, my God, Fox, I am so excited.


I haven't seen it yet. You sent it to me. You sent me a few. You haven't seen the Batman?


No. No, I haven't. No, I got to watch it right now.


I'm serious. Watch it right now.


We're going to do a watch along. No, we're not going to do a watch. I'm going to cut it. But watch it right now. It's OK. Yeah, I need I can rip my head off octopods. The recording. Nate has now seen it. OK, I just watched it. Do you want to just share my comments please? Yes, yes. Yes. That's one of those that I was geeking out over here as I'm watching.


I thought, is that the guy from Westworld? It is. I thought I thought Brucker had sent me like a fan trailer. I don't know. But that that's cool. I like that guy. Holy crap. Is that Twilight himself? Robert Pattinson is. And I noticed Batman's young and it seems there's like a big police angle on it. Yeah, I think this was like way more noir and kind of focusing on him being as a detective, I think.


And this is a movie, not a TV show. Yeah. Yeah, you have. You don't like heard about the stuff. No, I haven't. But this so this actually looked a little bit familiar, especially with all the fire in it. Um, there's this like comic. It's called Batman year one. And this just felt very much like that. And that's a good comic. Yeah. You read it. Yeah. Yeah. OK, yeah.


I got into like Batman comics a few years ago and kind of I have a handful of random ones in my collection, but yeah.


Um OK. So what do you, what are your thoughts. I'm, I'm, I'm super pumped. I mean because I they announce like the Robert Pattinson as Batman like last year or maybe this summer I don't know. But yeah, I'm really excited and I've looked at the IMDB and Andy Serkis is Alfred Pennyworth and it's like, I'm really excited about that, you know. Really. Yeah. Yeah. Gollum, yeah.


Snoke and then, uh, to the night, Colin Farrell is the penguin and the Riddler is supposed to be like the main villain in this. So like, I'm just so excited and I get interesting. I don't know if you ever seen that movie seven with Morgan Freeman and what's the fucking box?


Yeah. Yeah, I got some a huge seven vibes from this trailer, so.


Yeah, yeah. I'm really excited. That was cool. I would watch that. Yeah.


I mean I watch all the Batman stuff in my life, but something funny is a you know how at the end of the trailer it does like for like the release date is like twenty, twenty one. But for the to it has question marks. My friend Zach, he, he texted me, he was like he's like that was kind of bold. They don't even know when the date is. I was like dude it's like a nod to the Riddler.


Oh. Oh that's hilarious. Yeah. But all right. Well thank you guys for listening. Those are recommendations. And thank you everybody for sending in questions and stories. Please and please keep them rolling. Send them into your podcast at Gmail dot com. Be sure to look out for our episodes in September. We get Lizzie McGuire an episode on Seinfeld and we will get to Batman versus Superman.


Dawn of Justice does sixteen really exciting. I'm like I know that's like a bad movie, but I'm excited to talk about this bad movie like I wrote. So I'm excited to be like kind of like because I know that you're like a big Batman guy, some kind of excited to see what sort of things that you like. No, this is bad or this is good or whatever it is. Yeah, I think you. I just have different images on who are Batman is.


OK, that's a take. Yeah, and then we can kind of get into that. I'm really looking forward to that.


Also, be sure to tune into those episodes to get specific details on our giveaway contest. If you want a a month's subscription of Schutter on US or October for its Stookey month. So really excited. Yes, stay tuned. All right, guys. And now Nate and I are going to get into the Pichon segment, which will be available on Patrón dot com Slashfilm on the rocks. And we are talking about our most disappointing movie experiences. So let's just kind of get into it needs.


I have a couple on my list and some of them are superhero movies.


Some of them aren't. But things like the first one that comes to mind was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.


Did you like that movie? I'm like, oh, OK.


OK, let me explain myself. OK, so this book OK, you know, that movie is like kind of not well-received, right? Yes, but that was the first.