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Everybody wants to do it. They're a football club. That's their business. So do they want to do it? Yes, of course. The logistics of doing it now, the biggest problem with doing it now is it would have to be in September and it would have to be if even the ground staff and all those people would allow you to go on the pitch during an away weekend. It's a very difficult tournament. I know it's a different surface and stuff like that, but you still have to load in from a Tuesday or Wednesday, you have to put a huge amount of pressure and machinery on the pitch. It needs to recover after. Some pitches can do that, some pitches can't.


Just had a new pitch lead. It's like half off visual hybrid. That's a good thing. Good. And also in two weeks we get the fixture. There might be an international break.


September and national breed. It might be. But end of September. Can you tell me, Lee? I'm trying. I want to do it. I think there's a few quid in it. I'm up for it.