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Hello. Welcome to Garabaldi Reds, a Nottingham Forest podcast brought to you by Nottinghamshire Life. Well, after yesterday, Forest are still in the FA Cup just after a draw with League 1 Blackpool, Forest came back from two goals down with Dominguez and a nice strike from Morgan gives White once again on the score sheet yesterday. Right, joining me as always, Sarah Clapson, Reds correspondence. Sarah, good to see you. Your first podcast for us since 2023, and then now 2024. How are you? Happy New Year.


Yes. Happy New Year to you. Hope it's a good one. Yeah, good. Thank you. Nice to be on again.


Yes. Nice to see you. And also joining us in the top right, you can see a very familiar face around the city ground still. Guy Mousset, former Forest player. Guy, good to see you. How are you?


I'm very good. Thank you. And thank you for your invite.


You're welcome, mate. You're welcome. I've probably grown since the last time you see me again, Guy.


All the time, my friend.


All the time. What have you been up to, Guy? How's life keeping you? Because you do some stuff in France in terms of a sports medicine.


So I keep doing that a little bit internationally. So I keep traveling a lot. And yes, he's doing well. And I try to get back. I play again now with I'm a veteran football in Paris when I've got time, over 35 years old. So it's funny. I'm keeping fit. I try to keep fit.


We could probably do with you back at Forest at some point. You never know. You could maybe get a stint under the new manager. Sarah, let's touch on yesterday, first of all, then just quickly. I mean, it was never a really exciting tie, was it, when it first was announced for the FA Cup third round fixtures, but a packed out city ground at times and nice to see some young fans come, but it just wasn't really forest day at all, really, but showed fight to come back from 2-0 down.


Yeah, I thought they started really flat, slow, didn't really get going, bit lackluster, had a lot of the ball, didn't really create a lot. And then they were hit by two goals from Blackpool and it was, oh, well, that's a bit of a wake-up call. You really got start going now. Got back into it, got the draw. Not ideal. I think Nuno made his thoughts clear afterwards that a replay is far from what he wanted. He had a plan for the next fortnight without a game, including a trip to St. George's Park. He's had to rip all that up, start again, and it's not what he wanted. I think he probably would have learnt a lot from that game, probably as much as the previous two wins. It was just a different performance compared to the ones over New Castle and Man United. It was just flat. The first half hour, particularly. Second half, much better. Offered a lot more, bit more threat, bit more attacking impetus. I thought Nuno Tavares came on and made a real difference, added that bit of spark. Could have won it, had chances, just didn't put the ball in the back of the net for a third time.


Yeah, I suppose, positives was It's, like you said, nice to see Nuno Tavares play. Guy, you didn't really catch any of the game yesterday, but do you think it's talked about a lot in this modern day about the FA Cup not being as special as it used to? Do you still think that the FA Cup's got that spark about it?


I think it still have, but I think it's always more entertaining for the team that are going to play against a higher division, more than Forest. I think in that stage, when we have all those things that changed in the past few weeks at Nottingham, and obviously, I think there are a few players that wanted to play that game in order to have game time and prove themselves for the manager, but it's not the same motivation. So I would believe that if you were at the time when we were a Championship team, we want to play against a Premier League team. So now there is the excitement. But I don't think that when you're in Premier League team, you have the same excitement when you to play a League 1 team. So sometimes it's regarding the motivation and excitement, and I can understand that.


Yeah, it's quite interesting. Sarah, do you think this is a competition that Forest are taking seriously this year or not? With Nuno coming in, the main focus might be just on the league.


I think the priority is the league to get off the table for sure. But Nuno spoke really well before the game about how much the competition means to him. He made the semifinals at Walsh. He knows that Silverware, that the FA Cup is really important to Forest. He knows the history. He said he wants to get back to those good days of doing well in Cup competition. So I think he does take it really seriously. If you did a strong team or as strong as he could go with absences, he wants to do well. He wants to maintain that momentum, the winning form that Forest had in the league before that. It was just It didn't happen on the day. And I guess trying to put your finger on why is difficult because the players that were out there, the team that was together, should have had enough about them to put in a better first half performance. Again, second half, much, much better, showed more. Yeah, I think he does want to do well, but now he faces a tricky replay away to Blackpool, which is not going to be easy. We saw that last season in the FA Cup.


So it's not an easy game for sure. An additional one that he didn't really want.


Yeah. Can they do it on a cold night away in Blackpool?




Who knows? Gee, as a player, you have the FA Cup and particularly when you were at Forest, do you always expect that the manager will rotate the squad and you'll get the young players coming in? Or do you, as players, want to play every game and you want to play in the FA Cup third round, or or whatever fixture it may be?


To be honest with you, it's like we want you to play every single game. But then sometimes when you're tired and you play in the FA Cup game against, let's say it's a League One or a League Two, it's the game that you want to skip also. You can say that, okay, we can win this game, because in the same time, I would say as a Forest team in a Premier League, you expect that if you make a few changes, we're going to win a game against a League One team. Football is not like that, but we know that we're supposed to have the quality to rotate the squad and then be able to win that game. So I believe that all players wants to play, but there is a certain type of game that you like, okay, this one, if I skip it, maybe I can recover a little bit more to be ready for the next game. But then sometimes you have players that didn't have enough game time, so they want to play that type of game. And then now it's down to the motivation. Those the players that used to play regularly in Premier League have the same motivation when they play this type And then now you can have a mix of the one that never played that much, that's super exciting and want to do well, and the one that we know that he will play anyway the next Premier League game.


So it's like, okay, even if I'm 50 or 60 %, I'm supposed to win this game. But even though I don't win this game, my priority is not necessarily that is the Premier League, because the situation of the club, we need to stay in the Premier League. So I would say it's a mix of both, but I believe that some of the players knows that the priority, even we love the FA Cup is to stay in the Premier League.


Yeah, definitely. We saw with Forest under Steve Cooper, Sarah, and in that promotion winning season in the Championship, when Forest were in the FA Cup, they kept that momentum going. Is that something that Forest can replicate this season under new era, new manager, fresh start? And now you look to the FA Cup games as something that can keep the momentum going to get us results in the Cup and then leading to success in the league.


Yeah, absolutely. Obviously, different manager. But under Steve Cooper, he was very clear that you can't turn a winning mentality on and off. You have to be on it the whole time. Every game, you have to want to win. Nuno is exactly the same. He's a winner. He wants to win. He wants to keep momentum building. And I think you saw that with the team that he put out. It was fairly strong, and he tried to have a bit of continuity, and he's trying to build up connections and relationships on the pitch. He's still getting to know his players. He's still getting to know his group. He did take an opportunity to look at a few, the goalkeeper, for example. He hadn't fielded up until Sunday. But generally, I think he just wants to see what his team is all about. And you do that by playing games. And yes, you learn more, perhaps in adversity than if you get a win. But he wants to keep the momentum building He wants continuity. He wants to keep the positivity and the good form going. And the Cup's a great chance to do that.


Yeah, it certainly is. I mean, Sarah, are you shocked at how Forest approach the FA Cup in the past and maybe not taking it seriously in recent seasons? And you mentioned there the winning mentality. When you look at Nuno now, he said in the press conferences yesterday, he wanted the replays to be scrapped. It's very interesting. And I can imagine that if Forest were a lower league opposition, you might not be saying that because it obviously doesn't help Forest in this now busy. Well, it was supposed to be a quiet three week break, but it becomes even busier now.


Yeah, I wonder if it was something he said in the heat of the moment, whether his opinion might have changed if Forest had won, whether he would still be wanting to replayers or if it's because he's had to completely change his schedule for the next fortnight, whether that played a part in his thinking. I have to say I quite like replayers. I think it's part of the tradition of the Cup. For a team like Blackpool, they're really looking forward to getting Forest back at Bloomfield Road. I know their manager was delighted at the prospect of another game, and it can add to revenue for those teams as well. So I quite like it. Perhaps not going to Bloomfield World on a cold Tuesday night so much. You might hear me say different then, but I think Vee players are important. And again, whether Nuno would have changed his mind in different circumstances, I'm not so sure. But it's good to see him enjoying the FA Cup. It's good to have it taken seriously because it's so important to English football. It's such a prestigious competition and it does still have its magic. It does still have that special quality about it.


And to go far in it is terrific. We saw that under Steve Cooper. And if Forest can have another run like that, if they can get through a tricky replay, then that would be great.


Yeah, I can just picture how cold it's going to be.


Thanks, Max. I might join you.


I might join you to help me through it. Gee, when you played for Forest, have you got any particular FA Cup memories that really stand out?


I would say that's one of the games that I haven't played, to be fair. No, I would say the game at home when we won against West Ham, 5-1. It was a January, I think, 2014, maybe, if I'm right. I think now it was a really good game. And we were trying to fight for the promotion, and then now you have the time to fight against a good side. And then it's exactly the same what I said regarding Nottingham Forest and Blackpool. At the time, I remember they have decent player, but it was some of the players that wasn't playing regularly, so they were taking game time. So you come down and you're supposed to think that it's going to be easy. And then how you face a team that was super motivated and then you get beaten. So that was maybe, I think, my best memory in FA Cup with Forest.


Yeah, I can actually remember that day. I think I was still in the trend, and Was it Abduun scored a mad penalty, Guy?


Yeah, he scored like... Panelka?




Yeah, it was funny. And Patterson scored on that trick, something like that.


Yes, I can remember. Just quickly, Guy, what was that group of players to work with and Billy Davis as manager the second time around? Because on the pitch, it just seemed to be a real breath of fresh air and the energy was unmatched. Probably Actually, before the Steve Cooper Promotion Squad, that was the first time it looked like a Forest Side could actually get out the Championship.


Yeah, I think Billy Davis, it was a good manager, but it was a good mentor. He knew how to talk to people. He knew how to create a synergy. I remember, I think I've said that, I already said that. So one of the things that Billy David has done, for example, so he said, When we score a goal, within 15 seconds or 10 seconds, let's say, I want all single player to be all around, all together, including the keeper. And I didn't understood that at the time. And then I think I exchanged with him a little bit later, and he told me that basically the aim of doing that is maybe I can be close to Sarah, but she's not my good teammate, or Max, you're not really my good teammate. We're okay, but we're not a good teammate. But when we're going to score a goal and now we celebrate all together. He created something. And now you created team spirit. And then by doing that, he was able to... Then I started to be close. For example, I remember at the time, Paul Anderson was a good guy, but I didn't talk that much with him.


And now we start to be more friends and talk a little bit more together in a different way, I would say. So we have a few things like that that could make a difference and create a real momentum I mean, a real team spirit.


Yeah, it's really nice. It's a really nice insight there, Guy. Sarah, can I just touch in a little bit more before we move on on yesterday's game. You already picked out a few positives, but Nuno Tavares, I thought Hudson Adoy had a very good game as well. Him getting back to full fitness. And Morgan Gibbs-White as well. Another wonder strike from him.


He's been in great form, hasn't he? He's found his scoring boots in the last couple of games. And that move to a more central role is just... He's really got to go in now. He's back to the Morgan Gibbs-White that was doing so well last season, back to his best, pulling the strings, looks confident, looks full of belief, and he just seems to be enjoying himself in that role. I think moving him there has just been a real key change for Forest, and it's one of the things that Nuna has absolutely got spot on. I think the fact that the two of them know each other and have worked together before. It definitely helps. But you can just see in the performances that Morgan's always had that quality. He's always got that little bit of something about him, and now he's really starting to show it again. And he's so important. Having him on top for me is crucial for Forrest because he's such a good player. And now he started to score goals as well, which is something perhaps he wasn't doing quite so much of. It was an area of his game he really needed to improve.


Now he He can do that. He can pick it out in the top corner like he did yesterday. A few more of that and he'll be well on his way. He's absolutely flying. So long may that continue for sure.


Yeah, definitely. What have you made of Morgan Gibbs, White Gee? Because he's certainly a special player, isn't he?


I really like the player. I really love him, actually. And I think that he just needs to have more, I would say, statistics in terms of assists and goals. And he would be a really, really top player because the way that is influencing the game is just amazing. His activities, his energy, the way he dictates the game. And it will come with the result of Forest, obviously. But you will see that either he's going to score a goal, like in Manchester United game, or it will be not the assist, but the pass before the assist because he created something. So I think it's really important into our game, and I really enjoy watching him.


What have you made to Forest since Nuno's coming in this short period? You've followed the club very closely. You've seen lots of managers when you played at Forest and and watch them now as a fan and someone very well known. But what have you made to Forest this season? I suppose you were probably sad to see Steve Cooper go, but now a new era?


I'm sad to see Steve Cooper go because he done He did a really good job. I don't know if Andre Reid is still with the football club also because he was a member of the staff, so it's affecting a little bit. But we know this is football anyway. So a manager doesn't last, I would say, in an average more than maybe 2-3 years. I'm not sure about that. So it's sad to see that. And as to Nuno, Nuno, I I think it's a good manager. He proved it already, so we don't have to talk about that. But now it's the time to see if his strategy will suit the player, if we'll find the right player for him for the way that he tried to play football. But basically, I cannot judge him right now because I think he done some pretty good game. But you always have a momentum when there is a new manager that comes, everybody wants to prove. Because sometimes what I think is when you have too many players in the squad, for me, that's my personal opinion, is not good. Because if you come in the squad and, for example, you, Sarah and Max, you're both playing regular football, and I'm here, I'm coming to the training where I'm not playing, I'm going to start to be moody, and then you're going to pick up my mood.


Because if you like me, hopefully, then you will be like, Oh, Guy's not happy, blah, blah, blah. And then that affect your mood. So when you go in the training, you're not 100% also. But then when you have a new manager that comes, everybody wants to prove himself and prove the manager that I'm supposed to play. So normally the level of training will be higher because every single player think that this is my new chance potentially to carry on playing in the first 11, or maybe if I wasn't playing at all, maybe it's the time for me to go 200% to show the manager that I've got the ability to bring something in the table. But then now it's after maybe one month when the player starts to analyze, yes, the manager wants to play me, or maybe I impressed the manager, or I didn't impress the manager, my situation haven't changed, then now we will potentially get back to normal. So we will see also the way that the manager is going to start to motivate the player that do not play, that's not playing anymore. And then this is why it's important to wait maybe one month, I would say, to see how the manager is going to manage this squad.


Yeah, don't worry, Guy. We do like you as well, and I'm sure if me and Sarah were the team mates. We'd be letting you have the game time. I know what? Guy, as well, just quickly, when you were at Forest, you saw a big managerial turnover and now as a fan. Was Billy Davis the best manager you worked under as someone there? You mentioned a manager trying to find it hard to keep everyone happy. And did Billy do a good job of that?


Yes, I think Billy Davis was... I think manager Everything is like education. It's different of the type of player and the mentality of the player that you would have. Billy Davis was the perfect manager for us. But when you look at our squad at the time, we have an average age of 23, 24 years old. So the way he was talking to us, then it was easy for him to command us and make us do what he wanted to do. But then when you have a squad with more experienced player like he had in his second spell, it was more difficult. And I could have seen that the way he was to try to talk and pass on his messages was different. I would say, personally, for me, it was the best manager in term of it teaches how to work hard and enjoy working hard. I think that's something that was really So it was really important. And yes, at the time for me, at Forest, it was one of the best manager. But we have also, for example, for me, Colin Cardewood was really a top manager, but it was different. And so he had His assistance, his assistant manager, that was a little bit more tough.


But Colin Cardewood used to pass the messages, his message in a nice way and is the same. For me, Billy Davis and Colin Cardewood was the two guys that I could have fight for them, even though the rest of them also. But I really feel that when they were passing on the messages, it was really catching me.


Yeah, no, very good. And I think Billy was probably the man to come close with Forest before Steve Cooper. Sarah, let's look at this three-week, I would call it a winter break, but now not so much with Blackpool. How much do you think that affects the team? You talked there about Nuno. He'd said that the team were going to St. George's Park. How does this affect Forest now, really?


I think probably more than they thought it would because they have had to rearrange all their plans. They had it all mapped out what they wanted to do before they play Brentford. They knew what their schedule was going to look like, and now they've had to rip all that up because as Nuno said, the focus is on the replay. The priority now is the replay on getting ready for that, of making sure that players are fit, that all their tactics, their game plan is in place for that game, which is obviously going to come around fairly soon next week. So it's not ideal by he means. I think Nuno was looking forward to the trip to St. George's Park, not just because he was planning double training sessions to help with fitness. He's mentioned there's a few players who's fitness levels need improving because of injury, because they haven't been playing as much as they would have liked. That was one reason, but also for team bonding. He was really keen to just spend time with these players to get to know them, to be able to talk, I guess, about football, but also about life away from the pitch and just getting to know them as people.


And like Ghees mentioned, develop a bond, have a team spirit. And you get that by time. You get that by spending time together. The winter break was a good time to do that or a good chance to do that because you don't often get that little period where your focus isn't game, game, game, training, game, training. That's what Nuno has had so far since he's come in. He's had a really hectic schedule. So this was a chance to step Get back, take a bit of a breather, reflect on what's happened, reflect on where he still needs to improve, what needs to be done. And he had that shortened now. So I think he was a little bit frustrated about that, that he won't have as much time as he would have liked. But he's got a game to prepare for now and he'll learn as much about his players as any other opportunity. So that's the priority now, getting ready for Blackpool.


Do you think still go to St. George's Park, Sarah, just for a short period of time?


I think they might have to revise that plan. They were planning to go for three days, stay overnight and use the facilities. And he pretty much said yesterday that it might have to be scrapped that and revise what they're planning to do during this fortnight, which is a shame because I think they were really looking forward to that opportunity. And it's a lovely place to go, St. George's Park. It's really It's really high facilities and a good base to use. But obviously that has had to be revised.


Yeah, they could always add a few days on in Blackpool maybe and do some training on the beach. You never know, Sarah. You never know. You could join them, really. I suppose make the trip more worthwhile. Gee, from a footballer's point of view, how important are those international for training, for recovery, and as Sarah mentioned there, for a manager to really get to know his players and eventually his best 11?


Yes, I think it's really important, and especially in that time when you just take the team, now he can have more time to speak with players, more time to eventually, some of the players that more fitness level, adjust a training session for them, and then maybe having a really tough first week and having maybe a two days break when he can make a bound with the players going somewhere somewhere to go karting or something like that to make something a little bit funny. But this period of time is crucial and really important to bring a team together or work on the small details.


Did you ever Did you ever do any funny team bonding exercises when you were playing? Can you remember any?


Not really. But what we used to do, we have a good group of players, to be honest, and we used to go all together in London just for shopping or maybe maybe a restaurant or stuff like that. I remember during the international break, B. David used to give us the last training session on Wednesday, I think. And then we were off until the next Monday. And then we all organized on Tuesday a trip to London for two days. So we were all taking the same train from Nottingham train station to London Saint-Francrest. And then we were going to the same hotel. And we were each other on our way to go to shopping. And we were making a meeting, for example, at 6:30. We go all together. Then we are seven, go to a restaurant all together and maybe partying after that. But that was good. That was a good time for us to stay all together. We are really a good group of players for that, yeah.


Yeah. Sarah, maybe we could do a team bonding exercise.


Yeah, exactly.


We could go to St. George's Park for a luxurious spa getaway. I suppose, Sarah, this break brings us nicely to almost halfway through the season. What have you made of it? I suppose it's a very difficult question, but we've seen Steve Cooper depart and Nuno come in with this new era. But what have you really made of the football club so far this season in their second season of the Premier League?


Second season was always going to be difficult, I think. Maybe there was a bit of underestimating how tough it could be. It's not easy for any club in the second season. And Forest had another summer of change. They brought in more new players that needed integrating, that needed to adjust to English football, to adapt to each other, to get to know each other. And that was always going to take time. Nuno has made a great start to his tenure. He's made a big impact so far. You can't argue with the results that he's got, even the Bournemouth game. I think it would have been very different if that red card hadn't hadn't have happened. And we could have been looking at three very different results. But generally, I think he's made a good impact. He's got players playing well. He seems to know the basis of the team that he wants, or at least the system that he wants to play with. I think it's just about keeping it going. It's about maintaining that momentum. The table is still really tight. Putting more distance between Forest and the relegation zone is the priority, because as much as there's a little bit of a gap now, I think everybody would breathe a little bit easier if it was bigger.


A few more points needed for that because we know how many twists and turns you can get in a season, how quickly things can change and how other teams can start picking up results and all of a sudden the table can shift around again. So there can't be any room for complacency or for thinking that, okay, Forest have won the last two Premier The League games. They've turned around the form now and that's it. It doesn't always work like that. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of twists and turns to come and ups and downs, because very rarely do you have a season where it's just a continuous upward curve. There's always going to be some roller coaster and going through peaks and troughs. And there's always challenges to deal with. The challenge Nuno has got at the minute is players are away on international duty. He's lost a lot of key players, potentially for a good few games. So he's got to navigate that. He's still trying to figure out his best team. I mentioned it before, but the goalkeeping situation for me is one that really needs addressing who is his number one, or does he feel that a new number one is needed?


I think that's something that he's got to look at pretty quickly or make a decision on pretty quickly because it's such a key position. And then we wait to see what happens in the rest to the transfer window. I don't think Forest need too many new additions. I can't see there being too many new signings coming in, but the ones they do make, they have to make sure they get it right. Yeah, I think it's a season that has been interesting so far, and I'm sure that the roller coaster will probably continue for the rest of it.


Yeah, it certainly will. It's never a dual day supporting Forest. Sarah mentions the goalkeeper situation there. Forest just don't seem to have a first choice goalkeeper as you like with Flakidimios and then Matt Turner. What have you made from an outside point of view of that? And also how difficult as a defender is it when you almost don't have faith in your own keeper, which it really seems like the Forest back four or back line as such. They really just don't seem to have confidence in whichever keeper that Nuno seems to play.


I think it's really difficult Even though for the goalkeeper, I think the goalkeeper is such a special position that's instability. It's not like the players in the field, the players that you can have competition or stuff like that. It's really a crucial position that you have to really be focused. And I think it's not easy for the keeper to be unbalanced regarding his position, even though it's a competition game, so you have to understand. But we have to understand who's the who's the number one? Who's the number two keeper, and then obviously have a competition in the way that if the number one keeper doesn't do well, then obviously the number two keeper can have his chance. But then me, I would have prefer that it's pretty clear because then Even now, the keeper can be really relaxed when he played. Because sometimes when you play and then you know that as soon as you're going to make a mistake, you're not really pretty sure about your position and stuff like that. I think regarding a is such a different position that for me, I wouldn't be comfortable also.


Yeah, that leads us nicely onto a bit of a Q&A, especially for Guy, some questions aimed at him. We put a call out on Twitter, gariboldyred_keepupToDate with us on there. Guy, first question, no pressure. James asks, your favorite memories at Forest?


My favorite memory is Forest. It would be that game against Derby when we win We won 1–0 at the stadium. I think it was good. At the time, we were in a good momentum to put together the automatic promotion. That was the perfect game at the time. You played derby, win the same division. I think it was Billy Davis was the manager and the other side, it was Clough and the tension between them with Robbie Savage. Also the tension with him and of the player of the squad because he sent some brochures to Nathan Tyson with his mention saying that, I can rent you my house or something. It was crazy atmosphere. I think it's one of the best game when you go there and you know that you're going for a while. So it was a lovely game.


Yeah, we certainly miss those derby days for sure sometimes. Another question actually from Paul, and this is a bit of an interesting one, Guy, as you're speaking towards it. It says, as As a former player, how did you deal with the media? Often football players these days are media trained. Did you have any media training when you were playing?


No, we didn't. I think that's maybe one of the problem. We come with social media in the same time because social media is becoming a media. And at the time when people start to use Twitter or Facebook or whatever, it was, I think, maybe a way of expressing yourself without notice that it's going to be put outside in the public. And then we have to learn of what we can say or what we cannot say. But I think in the end, if you just have to be honest with you, know how to talk to people, then it's pretty easy.


Yeah, Sarah, don't worry. There is a question for you.


I hope it's not on media training.


Well, I suppose maybe you could media train Guy. He doesn't need it. Yeah, no, he doesn't actually. He doesn't. Sorry, Guy, that was harsh. Sarah, it says, Sarah, now the window is officially opened. Can we expect any movements in the next few days or over this winter break?


It's been quiet so far, hasn't it? A quiet start to January I think it's probably going to be a relatively quiet, I was probably spoken to you soon there, but a relatively quiet window, at least compared to previous ones. I don't think we're going to see an influx of signings. Again, I'll probably put the cursing there and we'll be on deadline day and be tapping away because it'll be... Yeah, exactly. You can never say for sure, but the focus is really going to be on outgoing. I mean, Guy's mentioned that the size of the squad, for us, need to cut down numbers. They need to move some players on. And I think Nuna wanted to make sure everybody had a clean slate and a chance to put their case forward and stake their claim. And a few players have had an opportunity to do that by getting game time. He'll have been assessing everybody in training as well. But he's already spoken about hard and tough decisions having to be made about who stays and who goes. And I think that's going to be the priority in the minute. Obviously, we know the focus on Forest's financial situation as well.


And I think that will have a big impact in terms of signings and what business is able to be done. But the focus really has to be on cutting numbers and making it an easier squad for Nuno to work with.


Yeah, for sure. Guy, I quite like this question. It asks, who is your favorite player to play with and who is your favorite player watching Forest now and why?


My favorite player to play with, I think I like to play with Radhi, to be honest. I've got the right connection with him. I'm still always talking with him up to now. And so yes, but just a little also, just a little hello to my friend, Luis McGugan. And I think he was a great player. And I think it was one of the best talent that we have. And unfortunately, he didn't really feel his potential because I think it could be a really top, top, top class player. So I'm really playing with him and watching him because I remember at the time, Louis, it wasn't defending too much. And then me, when I came to the squad, I remember I said, I always meant, even when we have this successful season, when Louis was playing and scoring a lot of goal, I was like, Don't worry, don't worry. I do the dirty job. Just enjoy it and score goals and make assis. So it was When he was on his day, it was unbelievable. He could just call right foot volley, free kick. He was really top player. And nowadays, who I like to watch in our squad, I would say Morgan, but But I was really happy also to see Ryan, 80 in the squad because for me, it's really like...


Sometimes I talk with youngsters and And I always give his example because I remember seeing him in 2015 when I was training with the squad, when I back... No, 2016, I think. And he was a young player. And to be honest, he wasn't the one that I would have said, Oh, maybe he going to break through. But the first thing that I always realized is when you used to talk to EAT, it was like this, listening to every single bit of what you're saying and then learning. And then maybe after that, When he left, he was like, Okay, that's not interesting for me. But it was something someone willing to learn. And in life in general, football or whatever, if you're humble enough to listen to people with more experience and then you're willing to learn, then And now he's a captain of a Premier League team. It's unbelievable.


Yeah, it is. And certainly the growth of Ryan Yates has been huge in his time at Forest. Guy, just finally, you mentioned there about youngsters in the Forest squad. What have you made of the sense about Murillo this season? He's got a lot applaudits from Forest fans and people in general in football that will say he will go on to greater things for sure.


I really like the player. I think he's always trying to play simple from the back. He don't just kick the ball, and he try to have a little bit of composure. I can see that sometimes he have a few times when he go and dribble the ball to go forward. I think he's a really good and decent player. And obviously, I believe that also he will have a brilliant future if he carry on like this. A really good player.


Yes, definitely. Right. That probably finishes us quite nicely. We'll keep you up to date over the next three weeks. And of course, as we take the trip to sunny Blackpool. Sarah, thank you for your time today. Much appreciated.


Thank you. Good to see everybody.


Yes. Good stuff. Guy, thank you. Hopefully the next time I see you, I might have got taller.


All right. Thank you guys for the invite.


You're welcome. As always, if you've enjoyed this episode of Gariboye Red, remember to drop us a like and subscribe across Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube, and we will see you very soon. Fingers crossed for a decent BlackPool replay. See you next time.