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Here. I think the English football public has been sold a misnomer on possession. There are statistics which indicate your strength and I'd put shots in there. I'd probably put corners in there because that indicates you're high up the pitch. And there are statistics that just simply indicate style. And I think for a long time, the public or the football public had been sold this lie that possession is an indicator of strength. It's not necessarily. It's an indicator of style. You have a team that sacrifices the ball and plays brilliant, wonderful watch counter attacking football, the very low possession, and you'll have a team that dominates the ball but just play short passes around the back that doesn't really try and move forward. Brendan Rogers fell foul of this at Leicester where he had lots of the ball but didn't actually do anything with it. All possession is is working out all the number of passes in the game and then working out the percentage that each side had. So if one side passes the ball nine times across the back, nine different passes and then one team plays a brilliant three ball through for a striker, that's one pass versus nine.