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Hello. Welcome back to the Garaboldy Red podcast, a Nottingham Forest podcast. We're here today to look ahead to a big game, Forest v Villa. It seems like every game we call them big games at the minute, but with Forest Travel to Villa Park for, I'd like to say probably a nice clash to see in the Premier League between two good clubs full of history and character back in the Premier League, and it's nice to have Forest Villa as a clash in the Premier League to discuss all of the game. Look ahead, a few injury news and bits and pieces, joined by Dave Asprey. Not with a strawberry milkshake today, though, Dave.


No, Max. Lemon and ginger tea pigs, only the best for Asprey. So, yeah, it's good to be back, mate. Some people might know I've had a really tough two or three months. And I just feel now that it's okay to talk about football again. For a while, it felt trite and trivial, but tomorrow's game is anything but trivial, and it's a great prospect. Two European Cup winning clubs going head-to-head in a fantastic stadium. We've got a great stadium, the best in the world, and theirs isn't bad either. So, yeah, looking forward to it, Max.


Yeah, definitely. And also, Dave, nice to see you back as you touched on there. Great to have you back on the podcast. Thank you. And nice to be talking about Forest with you again. So we travel to Villa tomorrow, coming off the back of a very positive result, really, against West Ham. Let's just touch on that game, actually, Dave, because I haven't really spoken to you about it. Just an all-around good performance from Forest. A lot of people will say, Well, West Ham played badly. Well, I actually think Forest played very good, and Forest probably didn't get that credit maybe sometimes they deserve. But I know it's one game at a time, but something at the back of my head is going, it actually feels like it's maybe coming together a little bit now.


Yeah, I would agree with that, Matt. I think there's sufficient period now to allow us hindsight to take a view of what's happening under Nuno. And I think we all generally agreed that the football has been better. I think Steve ran out of road. I I think he ran out of energy. He'd done incredible things, and he'll always be an icon of Nottingham Forest. But I think maybe just run out of a bit of gas. Nuno has come in, and I think with the exception of the Arsenal game, we've been in every game. Some we've won, like Newcastle, Manchester United, and West Ham, and others we've lost, but we've performed well. Brentford away, I thought. Sugar had a point against Newcastle. Probably Shady Affairs at Dean Court against Bournemouth. I think Arsenal for the first 85 minutes were two or three tears above Forest. But even then, our lads didn't give up, came back and made it a bit of a squeaky bum ending. So I think as a general perception, if you like, I think we're playing much more, well, I'm not saying much more, but we're playing more front-foot football. And I think we carry more of a goal threat now than we did previously.


But with regards to last Saturday, Max, I was wary any team that you take on that has just had a severe thumping, like West Ham had had at the London Stadium against Arsenal. You think they'll clear the decks, they'll have a reset, and they'll be tight, and they'll be difficult to break down, and they'll be hard to beat. And that didn't happen. Forrest were on it from the word go. I was so proud of our lads last week. They really are a smashing bunch. They're a decent bunch of young men, our lads, and they're well worth my support as people. And they came out last week and they gave a really... They put in a great shift. They were honest, they were on it, and they were the better side from minute one to minute 95 or 96, whatever it was. And I think 2-0 flattered West Ham. If you think that Anthony had a early on, Morgan had a shot early on. Anthony had a volley that was tipped over the bar by Arriola, who actually, in many respects, Alphonse Arriola was the best player on the park. And that tells you of the superiority that Forest enjoyed it.


Actually, It went and got for themselves. So it was great credit to Forest. There were other chances as well. I think Danilo had two fantastic efforts. Yatesy came on, he got involved as well. Our lads were well worth that victory. I thought it was terrific. It was a game to lift the spirits, mate. It was a terrific effort by our lads.


Yeah, it was a good win. It felt like a little bit like last season with the atmosphere back at the city ground as well. It did match, absolutely. It just felt like that magic was coming back, really, which is what we all sing about, isn't it? We've got Forrest and Magic on and off.


We do, mate.


It sometimes needs to be a lot more magic. Let's look ahead to tomorrow. We talk about you I mentioned, Anthony Langer there and Callum Hudson-Odoy. Taewo has a bit of a knock. He got picked up a bit of a knock in the game. I will say as we're recording this this morning, the press conference hasn't taken place with Nuno. That takes place this afternoon, later on. So any injury news we haven't got yet. But Taewo has got a knock. Nuno has been very quiet about it. We don't know whether he'll feature, but the likelihood is maybe potentially Divock Origi will start. Forest really only option now on the bench, given Chris Wood out injured. But even with Origi up front, and this is no disrespect to Origi, Dave, but you look at the likes of Anthony Alanger and Callum Hudson-Adoy and more Hudson-Adoy recently that are full of confidence. These are two players that have really, really almost thrived under Forest, under Nuno recently. That front three is very lethal and could probably do Villa damage tomorrow.


Yeah, absolutely. All of a sudden, we've developed a really good attacking core there, if you like. Our front four was on a stream last night, and it wasn't me. It was guys who support other clubs saying, 'Blimey, Forest front four is worth noticing, worth taking note of. Taewo is becoming talisman, really. He plays and he scores, basically, Taewo. And then obviously, Anthony and Callum are now giving him service and support, and they're both playing really, really well in their own right. I think Callum has been absolutely outstanding in the last three or four games. I think he's scored in every game. He looks to take his man on. He's exciting. We sit in the Trentend, Max, and every time Callum gets the ball, everybody is standing up straight away. Go on, Callum. Take him on. And he's a player you can really want to. I think he's got good character. Him and Anthony They are on rescue missions of their careers, if you like. Callum fell down the pecking order at Chelsea. There was a time not too long ago where he could have gone to Bayern Munich, I think, for 70 million or something, and we got him for three million.


He might yet prove to be a mid-hour scatter gun recruitment policy. Callum might prove to be an absolute diamond there. I think he's playing really, really well. He seems to be really enjoying his football. He seems to be enjoying being part of the club. He's obviously enjoying, if you like, the camaraderie he's having with Anthony Langer and Taewo Wani and Morgan. And the four of them, you look at those four and you think, there are goals there. And any club in this division, even the real big guns, the giants at the top, and we're going to be playing two of those in the next seven days after this Villa game, they're going to say, Hang on a minute. Them four need looking after and need dealing with. And I think it's a good blend that we've got. And with regard to Divoca Reggie, I watched the highlights again this week, and there's like a backheel volley to set Nico Williams up to pull the ball across for the second goal. And it's like, I think, a wonder.


His best contribution so far, probably, Dave.


Yeah, I think he scored against Was it Blackpool in the Cup?


It was Bristol City.


Bristol City, beg your pardon. And Divockariji, let's not be about the voice, Divockariji has scored in a Champions League final for Liverpool. So the guy's got ability. And I just think there's just been a gradual progression of him and lots of us. I mean, you go back three or four months and we were all saying, Where are the goals going to come from? And at that time, let's take Chris Wood. People were saying, Oh, is this guy past it? Can he still do a job? And now, Woody is seen as part of the furniture, part of the fabric of the club. So I think, attacking-wise, I think we'll get a goal tomorrow. I really do. It's just a matter of whether Ollie Watkins and Co get more than we do. I tell you what, Max, it's a fascinating game in prospect, and it reminds me, I have the same feelings about this game that I had going to Newcastle on Boxing Day. Where I thought, we're not going to be favorites. We're up against a side that is a European... Newcastle has been Champions League, Villa, I think it's still in Europe, they're in this Europa conference, Shield, Vars, 's whatever it's called.


I just got this feeling that Forests might just go there tomorrow and put up a good show. I take a point now, but I said that about Newcastle. We ended up winning 3-1 at Newcastle. The second half of Newcastle was It's absolutely superb. It's just got that feeling that it's a club in the higher echelon. I mean, all logic states that Villa should win. But as I said last night to somebody, logic and football often go in different directions. So just got a sneaky feeling for us tomorrow to make it difficult. But let's make no bones about it. Aston were a good side, brilliantly managed. I mean, their progression since Unai Emory came in It's just remarkable. And they're good to watch. But, Max, they've only won two of their last seven. And they just dropped off their standard a little bit. When they said that, they ride in the ship at Fulham last week. They were very good in winning at Fulham. And that's, as we know, it's not an easy place to go win. We had our lowest moment for years, I think, at Fulham before Christmas. So we lost 5-nil at Fulham.


And on a full line through Fulham, Billy Just one, two, one. So you think home bank of tomorrow. And all the neutrals are saying home bank of tomorrow. But there's just that sensation in me gut that says you might do something.


Do you know what, Dave? My first three weeks of doing this podcast. I think it was two weeks. Forest had that performance against Fulham. We sacked Steve Cooper, we appointed. We had the points deduction. We had all this stuff. It was like podcast every single week.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But that's what we're here for, to talk about football. Right, let's quickly go and get the opposition view from Dan from the Clareate and Blue Villa podcast. I caught up with him earlier this week, and here's what he had to say. Dan, good to see you, mate. Thanks for chatting to us for the opposition view for Forest v Villa today. Let's start then. Big game, I suppose, in terms of Villa Park. Nice to see Forest Villa back in the Premier League as well. Two big clubs, and Forest coming to the back of it with a decent win. You're looking forward to the game?


I am, yeah. I can't wait to get back to Villa Park. It's, weirdly, it feels like a long time, even though it isn't really. Just any time watching Unai Emory Ball is a fun time to be had for Villa fans at the moment. So, yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. We've had some good games, haven't we? You and us over the years. The 5-5 springs to mind as a Villa Park one. But yeah, thoroughly excited to get back over there on the weekend.


Let's touch on this season for Villa. How good has it been under Uni Emory so It's just unreal, really.


You have to pinch yourself every so often. Obviously, doing the podcast as well, where we get to speak about it and over-analyise every single thing that happens during the games is a real pleasure most of the time. I've had a bit of a blip recently, I think, up until, obviously, the most recent fixture of beating Fulham and Sheffield United a couple of weeks ago. But we lost Pab Torres to injury in December, I think, or late November. And since then, we went off the ball a little bit because he's just that important to the way Emory wants to build up from the back and progressing the ball forwards. He came back and started against Fulham last time out and we won. And on our podcast, we were like, That's no coincidence, because everything goes through him. In the 25 games, I think it was, when Emory came in last year after Gerrard, he got 49 points, which is incredible in the second half of the season. He's done exactly the same so far. 25 games played, 49 points again. Super consistent over the course of a year. If we chip away at that over the next 13 games is, I think, including this one, we should be up in the top five.


Fingers crossed, that gets to Champions League for us. Where we were under Gerrard a couple of years ago, thinking, Where are we headed here under this manager? To literally a couple of years later, 18 months later, talking about we might get into the Champions League. There's been some journey and that is down to Unai Emory. So I'll be building a statue outside Villa Park if it was up to me.


Yeah, no, it's been good to see to be fair. Big club like Villa. I think there's a lot of similarities between Forest and Villa as well, being at the Premier League for so long and now back there and obviously Villa doing a lot better than Forest.


You're a big fan of course, everyone knows.


Yeah, exactly. Although everyone says that we bang on about it too much. I suppose when you Look at Forest and Villa, what message would you give to the Forest fans and also to Forest as a club? If we wanted to try and replicate Villa's success? You came up in 2019, you beat Derby for it in the playoff final, and Forest will always be grateful for I think Forest hope maybe in the next 4-5 years, we'd be in a similar position as you guys are now, really.


That's a great question. Good luck, probably, is my message to you. It's not easy. Like I said, just we were heading towards relegation, really, under Gerrard. I felt it was that bad. I suppose the similar is... Maybe Forest fans will disagree here, but from my perspective, I would say that the promotion to the Premier League, similar to Forest in a way that you have to go on a great run to finally We get there both going up to the playoffs. Obviously, our manager at the time was Dean Smith, who we had a great connection with as a Villa fan. Cooper wasn't a Forest fan, but you had that sense that he understood the club, he understood the area, and you had that real connection with him. Villa's Sacking of Smith when it wasn't really going well led to Gerrard, and it was like, Well, we've had the good days under Smith now, but he's not going to take us where we need to go. We need to make that change now. We go to Gerrard and get it horribly wrong. It's only the failures of Gerrard that have led to in a roundabout way. So we've, I don't want to say, felt lucky with it, but Sacking our version of Cooper was wrong for us to do because it led to Gerrard.


Hopefully for Forest fans, not this weekend, though, Cooper going to Nuno won't It's the disastrous appointment and it's the one that comes after Nuno is the one that gets you success. But we've got a world-class manager. When he came to Villa Villa, we were 17th, but there's still something about it that he saw that challenge and there's obviously very wealthy ownership there. There was a lot of great players that were underperforming and he maybe saw something in that as an opportunity to get us back where we are now. I don't think anyone would have predicted us to be going for Champions League and stuff. When Emory took over, we thought, Well, let's just get into the top half first and we'll see that as some success. So message to Forest is that you need that bit of luck to be able to attract a great manager. And hopefully, as I say, Nuno is that for you. It can be done, I suppose, is the message. If you've got ownership that are willing to back you and willing to invest, FFP permitting, where it's allowed to The infrastructure, I suppose, is there for Forest as a big club with a stadium and a city behind them.


It's got that feeling with it, past glories, ready to be reignited and all that thing. It can be done, but you've got to get your ownership obviously invested and producing the funds required to build a team. You need to get the right manager in place and you've got to get your recruitment right. I think if you can do all of those and get a perfect harmony between all of them, which will feel like they have, it can be done. You progress yourself back into Europe. I'm not sure whether that's feasible for Forest at the moment.


Would you feel different? I think- It's a long way away from Forest. Yeah, I think it is. I think given the possible point seduction, we could be sat here in six months time saying that Forest aren't on a Premier League side anymore. Let's hope that that's not the case. But I think it will just take time. And I think there's been uncertainty off the pitch with the ownership and with a scatter gun recruitment as you like. So there's got to be more people in place and probably more plans, but fingers crossed.


I suppose you mentioned the similarities between Villa and Forest. I suppose the thing maybe you would look at and hold your hat on a little bit is that Nuno maybe is the template to follow if he's the guy that you've picked at the moment and you're going to be with him for the next two, three, four years. He got walls into Europe. He was probably overachieving to get where they got to. So rather than try and think, well, Villa and Forest got promoted fairly recently, they're two big clubs. Can we emulate that? I suppose if you can emulate what Nuno did at Wolves, at Forest, that would be a good starting point.


Yeah, definitely. And he's had a good start since he's come in. I mean, the football for me, he's playing is much better, sadly, than it was under Steve Cooper. It pains me to say it, but Forest looked writer going forward, they look more attacking. It's just defensively and silly errors that have caused Forest recently. So they've just got to sound them out. Let's look ahead to the game. Who's Villa's biggest threat? I can pick out a few who scare me. The whole side at the minute and the whole club. But who would you be saying to Forest fans traveling to Villa Park on Saturday to watch out for in a way?


I suppose the obvious two in terms of the word threat would be the forward options. Watkins and Bailey, I suppose. Were they on your list?


Yeah, they were.


Bailey has been like a man possessed this season at times. I'd written him off on our podcast at various stages last year. He's very injury prone, joked about his hamstrings being made out of cheese strings and all these things. He's probably quite disrespectful to a Premier League footballer, but you have a couple of good games then break down. It's just no consistency from him. We've never been riddled with injuries this year. Some serious ones as well with three ACLs, which is unheard of, frankly. Bayly has been injury free all season, which is the irony of how football goes sometimes. He's having his best season for us. Watkins, the other one, I suppose, is somebody who I think is a world-class striker. I know a lot of fans will disagree with that because you see him on match of the day missing chances and going four or five without scoring. But then he goes on patches where he scores every single week and he looks absolutely lethal, as he did at Fulham at the weekend. He's unbelievable and one of the best strikers in the division, in my opinion. In terms of threat from who's going to punish you in terms of scoring goals, it would be those two.


But players like Douglas Louis is a brilliant. Pau Torres is a great footballer in setting things off. A lot of areas that Forest needs to be careful of. But Watkins playing off the shoulder and spinning centre-backs and running him behind is something I think you might see at Villa Park on Side-eye.


Dave, when you look at a club like Villa, and I touched on it in the intro, big club, big stadium, doing really well at the minute. You talked about just before Dan came on about the progress that Uni Emory has made for them. It's just nice to see this fixture back in the Premier League, and it's nice to see Villa actually doing quite well, isn't it?


Yeah, it is actually. It's a game that should be in the Premier League. We play them in the Championship a few times. I remember that 5-5 at Villa Bart that night, which was just... It was like a psychedelic trip of a football match, which it was like bonkers. It was probably the most bonkers match I've ever been. But These are two great clubs. We've got two European Cups. They've only got the one, remember. But it's just set up to be a really, really good game. It's soaked in history, this game. But it's in the here and now. And as I said to you, mate, I just think it's tantalizing. As I say, everybody thinks it's home banker, but you never know. I really like what we're doing at the moment. I think we are getting towards a settled side. I've got to give a big shout out to my little Argentinian mate, Nicolas Dominguez. I think he's a smashing player. He's like a dog with a bone. He can't let go that lad, can he? He's getting into tackles and winning stuff. He's doing a good thing. I remember talking to some Bournemouth people and they were like, God, what a little four-layer word he is.


And you think, well, then Nicolas Dominguez is obviously doing something right. If that's what opposition fans thing. I think he's terrific. Marillo was already getting his own highlight reel of iconic moments from the run at Crystal Palace. Last week, his dealing with Michal Antonio, one-on-one, was just for a young lad making his way in the game. And let's remember, he's not been playing professional football that long, Marillo. It was a fantastic effort. He's developing all the time. So I think we are getting towards an accepted starting lineup that isn't going to change him. I felt there was too much chaos before, too much fluidity. That seems to be setting that. That said, Willy, Ibrahim, and Ola are all back now after Afcon and their heroics there. And it'd be interesting to see what Nuno does with regard to those. But my view is, if it was me, don't change a winning side. The lot who played last week earned the They like to start again. They earned their shirts. And it's just a matter of... And as you said, Max, the Taewo situation is interesting. I saw... I think Colin interviewed Taewo after last week's game, and Colin made mention of Taewo having to go off for a knock, but Taewo was like, 'not so nice.


It was all part of an accepted plan that he would play 60, 65, and then Divock would come on. So I suspect Taewo will be all right. If he's not, then Divock will have to do the job. And he came on last week and he had a hand in the goal. So I think from a psychological point of view, our lads in a good moment right now. I think, like I say, on the quiet, they'll fancy their chances of being put up, and it will help that they're written off. Sometimes, take Luton town, for example, written off, written off, written off, written off. They get to a game against Shefield United at Kennewath Road and everybody expects them to win. And lo and behold, they lost it. So it's where you place yourself in the context of a game. And I think Forrester at the point tomorrow where they're quite happy to get into Villa Park under the radar. I just hope they play better than they did in April last year or whenever it was, where we were outclassed, really, and never really in the game. It'd be nice to go there and actually stick a flag in the ground and say, We're Nottingham Forest.


You're going to have to work hard Villa to beat us. That'd be nice, just as a start point.


Who'd you fear most tomorrow, Dave, from a Villa point of view? You've got to be looking at probably Ollie Watkins, the frontman.


Yeah, Ollie Watkins is in great form. He's quick. He's got great movement. I'd love him to play for us. I think that's always the thing to say about a guy. Would you like to see him in a Gary Bouldy red? Yeah, I'd love to see Ollie Watkins in a Gary Bouldy. He's an excellent. Mati Cash has proved how good our academy is. He's gone on to Villa and he's actually progressed. He's playing international football for Poland now. Kashi is always He's going to be a danger because he's quick and he's a really good overlapping fullback. I like Diarbi. Leon Bailey, very useful. They've got good players all over the park. They've got to work up when a goalkeeper in goal. Although, having said that at the city ground, he blotted his copybook for Romain Gala's goal. But where I do think Forest could have some joy is that I don't think Villa will have their first choice central defensive duo out. I think it's going to be Pau Torres and Lenglet, who would not be their first choice center of. They're still going to be really good because I think Villa have got really good depth in their squad.


But maybe if our front four or as we've seen and as we hope they'll be tomorrow, I think there's a possibility that we could have some joy there. But we're going to have to work really hard. The very first requirement is humility and hard work, feet on the ground, and then we go from there, mate.


Yeah, we'll see. I hate to ask you, Dave, but finally, then your prediction tomorrow. Can you see, possibly? I went actually I think, obviously, with Dan on the preview. I said that Forest would draw. I think it'll be quite high score, and I think it'll be a 2-2 draw tomorrow.


I fancy your draw as well, Max. I'm so unoriginal, mate. I'm such a leader, not a follow-up.


We go five-five again.


I think it'll be 6-6, Max. I think it'll be 6-6. I think Tammy Abraham will score six for them and Lewis Graban will score six for us, something like that. I think it will be a really entertaining game, but I think the This slightly adjusted Forest will go there, and they won't just go there and sit and try and contain it and contain Billy. They won't go and think, Right, let's damage limitation. I think Forest will think, No, Why not? Let's go and have a go. I mean, our disgruntled PE teacher, Mr. Ispiritu Santo. I'll tell you what, when he walks up down that, it's like, it reminds me of my nasty PE teachers I had in the past who I was really wary of. You wouldn't forget Mr. Ispiritu Santo, I forgot me kit. Wouldn't like to get on the wrong side. I think his press conference is actually legendary because he just treats all of the questions as if they're the most banal suggestions he's ever heard. He look at him, his facial expressions are like, Well, what do you expect me to say? ' I think he finds them. And I tell you what, I love his program notes.


We used to get like, chapter and verse from Steve, NuNo, two sentences, 'We have to try and improve. Thank you for your support. ' And he's great. The thing with NuNo is I think he simplified a lot of stuff, actually. And I think he'll say to our lads, 'You've got a chance to do this. ' I mean, the way I look at it, a win tomorrow would be huge, mate. It would come out of the blue. It would rattle the other six around us because I think it's a bottom seven. I think it's Luton, Sheffield United, and Burnley, Everton, us, Palace, and Brentford. And of those seven, we've had the best week Sheffield United lost five at home, Burnley lost five at home, Luton have lost twice in four days, admittedly to United and Liverpool, Palace and Everton, Drew, Brentford have lost twice in four days. We've won. Now, if we were to win tomorrow... I mean, Palace and Burnley play each other, so one of those or either of them are going to falter a bit. If we were to win tomorrow, I think it'd be huge, and it would be alarming for the other six because the other six would think, 'Blimey, Forest had gone to Villa Park and won.


' It would be a real statement, I think, to win at Villa Park tomorrow. It would put the cat among the pieces. The others, the other six around us. And we're on 24. Palace and Brentford have got 25. If they think they're not in it, they are. And Palace and Brentford have sleepwalked into it. I've always thought we were in it, and I think our club, generally, have always thought we were in it. Maybe not at the start of the season when we were playing quite well.


Yeah, I think given the points deduction.


Yeah, I think given- Yeah, I know. And that's another thing. We need to build up a cushion to absorb any points deduction that might come. But I just think Brentford and Palace, in particular, have to readjust their thinking. They're in it. I know Palace will think that we've got Glazner in now and we're going to motor away. But I've got a funny thing. I think Crystal Palace have dropped something this week or last week. To bring a new manager in while your previous manager is in a hospital bed, I think it lacks respect and it lacks empathy. And I think that thing will come back on you. I always want the moral high ground, always, Max. If that was Nottingham Forest's manager in a bed in hospital poorly, and Forest were bringing another guy, I'll be, Oh, I got a minute. I got a minute. Fair is fair. Let's treat somebody with human dignity and respect. And I think Palace have not exactly covered themselves in glory. And Klaessner is a fine coach. What he did with Frankfurt is there for all to see, but I just think it's not a good thing to do.


Everton at Brighton, they won 5-1 there last year. Will they do it again? I don't know. Blades play Wolves on Sunday. Wolves are a good side. They just went on top. Netto is out of this world at the moment. So I think if Forest go about their business, the first thing, give a good account of yourself. Even if we get beat, let's stress Villa out. A point would be terrific. Three points, mate. I think my head might just explode, but we'll see. There's lots of opportunities there for Forest tomorrow in the game itself, and then in what goes around it in terms of the table and our rivals and making a statement. So I think there's lots for Forest to go and grab their head tomorrow. If they're good enough. And time will tell about that.


Best behavior, please, tomorrow, Dave, at Villa Park. I know what you like on an away day. Yeah, I- Storble milkshakes, something like that.


Storble milkshakes, mate. I'm looking forward, again, to the... I had a tray of curry and chips, Max, in the Doug Elis stand last year. And you think, 'Oh, it's just curry and chips. ' And it was fantastic. And the folks who serve me, the folks who are working on the food bar underneath that, they're absolutely lovely. So I'm definitely going to have a curry sauce and chips. It just depends. If it's raining, then I'm not going to bother, because I don't want rain all over me, curry and chips. But we'll see. Max, it's just... I mean, it's something like you say, we both said, it's something to really look forward to. I mean, this This is a great week to be a Nottingham Forest fan coming up. Aston Miller away in the Premier League, Manchester United at home in the fifth round of the FA Cup, and then the League leaders, Liverpool at home in the Premier League next week. I mean, they love football like I do, and that's a week from heaven. I tell you what, Max, I saw some social media posts this week from some people who said they'd rather be back in the Championship because, oh, well, we've got a chance to win in and we'll get a ticket and all this stuff.


No, no, no, no. I want to stay in a Premier League. I want to play Aston Villa, Manchester United, and Liverpool in a week rather than, and no disrespect, rather than United, Sheffield Wednesday, and Huddersfield town. Let me put it like that. And I just think our lads at the moment, have a look about them. You think we might be all right, but I've often fallen over after saying things like that, mate.


We'll see. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed. I'm not going to go into the forest. We will see you next week for our review of the game on Villa and Monday for our main episode. Do take care. Remember, we're across Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube, Garibaldi Red, so drop us a like, share and review if you do enjoy. Dave, thank you and fingers crossed for three points tomorrow. Well, have a great time if you're there at Villa Park tomorrow. Enjoy it if you're watching on the telly. We'll see you all very soon. Take care.