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Ram sam SA


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We deserve to be promoted. The football that we've played, the games that we've won, the aptitude that we've given every time we've had an average performance or a loss, we've recovered. I think it was only once. We've lost two games on the run, and ironically, that was against Huddersfield, but we bounced back. So I'm just really proud of everybody connected with the football club supporters. It's a magical football club and we've just reminded the world of that. But it's been a brilliant season in terms of the attitude of culture, that the training ground is such a good laugh and there's such a pride in there and such a togetherness, and, yeah, it's been a brilliant to be part of it from day one, and that's all I am. I'm just really proud to be at Nottingham Forest. It's just such a nostalgic, brilliant, massive club in the country that everybody knows, and I'm just pleased that I've been part of the journey that's got us back to the Premier League. Sounds great. Just the joy and the smiling faces and tears. My family were there as well. It was good. It was a nice feeling.