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Hello. Welcome to Carlyle, Red. The pictures are out and the Premier League season feels like a little bit closer. We're going to discuss that in one or two transfer rumors. But I feel like we have to start by recognising the tragic events of Tuesday. I thought long and hard about what I'd say and what I could say that will make any difference. I thought long and hard about the victims. Often we say thoughts with the families at times like this, but this is so close to home, something which happened on the street so many of us have walked so many times. Barnaby Webber and Grace Kumbar were both students at Nottingham Uni, both 19, both talented athletes. I thought of myself now as a 40 year old with a family of my own. They've had all these great life experiences taken away from them by a census act none of us can comprehend. So too has Ian Coates, a 65 year old Forest fan, a school caretaker who is just months away from retirement, one of our own. We've spoken many times about the power of unity on this podcast of standing together in good times and bad and what that can achieve.


This isn't football. It's far more important. But I believe that not even we'll come together again at time of great diversity and sadness for everyone, not least the families of those who have been taken. Our thoughts really are with them. Yeah, that's a rough intro, but I don't know. I thought we should say something about it. Obviously, it's a tough few days for everyone. So yeah, our thoughts really are with everyone. I don't know. There's no easy transition to make going into football chat. I'll just introduce everyone and then we'll get down to business. Greg, how are you doing?


Yeah, well said, Matt. Lovely words. Just a real tough time. I can't imagine what those families are going through. So a beautiful city is there for them. I'm sure they'll get through this somehow. But yeah, well said, Matt.


Mikey Clark, you okay, mate?


Yeah, I'm all right. Thanks, Matt. Yeah, I'll echo what Greg said. Well said, mate. I know that was difficult for you to write and articulate, but me and Greg fully support those words. Nice one. I'm fine, Matt. Thank you.


Good. Right, dust yourself down. Let's get down to business. We'll ask Mike about his football shirt at the end. As normal, he's got something obscure and weird for us, but we'll get to that later and we'll focus on the fixtures initially for Forest, then we'll get into the transfer rumors. Let's talk about... I'll put a graphic up for Forest's first six games and we can just talk about what we think is going to happen. Here's the first six games for the Reds. Starts at Arsenal away, Sheffield United away, Man United away, Chelsea away, Burnley at home, Man City away. Not necessarily the fixtures you want when you've been absolutely godawful away the previous season, but we did finish the season better on the road and it's a fresh dawn. So hopefully we can be top of the league after six games. Greg, you're an optimist. Are you glass half full or glass half empty about that?


You say Christ, but I don't think Jesus is going to help us. I don't mind it. We're going to have to play. It's funny because I'm sure last season when the fixtures just came out, I was like, Oh yeah. And then I think it's a weaker league this season and you see those fixtures, you go, Oh bloody hell. But we are the team we were this season. We've got to get that mental block about the away games out of heads for next season. And we pick up some points out of those away games and we're in a fantastic position. So bring them on early. Arsenal are still licking the wounds. Man City hopefully will be on over and we can get a result at Man U. There'll be one or two of them games where we get something. And that's all we need if we win our home games.


Yeah, Jack Greenish is probably still hungover, I think. So come September 23rd, he's enjoyed his wins. Mikey, how are you feeling? Are you more glass half empty or are you as optimistic as Greg?


No, I was optimistic. Mind you, when I first saw them, I thought, well, I said to somebody, is this a joke? Because somebody just done that for a laugh? Because playing all those four in a row and then I think we've got Liverpool straight afterwards is really a tricky start. But you have to play everybody twice. And now I'm glass full, mate. You've got to play them all. But there's a couple of winnable home games in there, absolutely. So let's be positive. And like Greg said, we were God awful away from home last season, but the back end of the season, we did pick up. So who's not to say we can't go away to one of those teams and spring a result. But now you've got to play more twice and I'm very much glass half full.


I think obviously it just puts an onus on those two home games, which isn't particularly what you want. But we've been so strong at home that you would back us to get, well, I would say at least four points, but it feels like you need six to lay a foundation for the season and then nick a point or two away from home or maybe a win I just don't... I think Chelsea are going to be much better than they were last season under Pochettino, than they were under Lampard. But Arsenal away presents a bit of an opportunity. Everyone's going to expect them to win comfortably. I saw a few of their fan comments saying 5 0 again after last season, revenge for the home game. There's certainly hope there. Now, this is a frivolous question because we haven't signed anyone. We don't know what our squads are going to look like. But what's a decent point to return, Greg, for those first six games for you?


This sounds quite negative. I was going to sell seven points, win the home games and get a point at one of those three. It's just tough, isn't it? We know that you have to get used to not winning every game. And we did do that and we still came out of it positive.


So just.


Get a decent result at one of those away games and win the bankers that we didn't win last season in the Fulhams and Bournemouths. It's now the Berns and Sheffield United right. Those home games are absolutely critical for the good start.


What about you, M ikey? What's the solid return?


Well, I was going to say seven as well, but I hold back to something Fletch said last season where... Let's stop trying to look at games in groups, perhaps, and just look at the accumulation of points. So it's really about how you finish the season and where you end up, obviously. So remember that last season start, we really struggled. We had one point from seven games, something like that. Now, nobody wants that start again, but it's not the end of the world if we lose those first four away games as long as we pick up the odd points. So a joy of attention to December as well. There's seven fixtures in December. It's a really heavy month there and there's some winnable games. So even if we don't start like a train and spring a few surprises, it's a long, long season. So I'm going to say if you ask me now seven points and bite your hand off, win the two home games, keep that home form going, spring a result somewhere and then take it from there because the next six after that, apart from maybe Liverpool and away, I think we can win the vast majority of them.


So again, let's see where we are 10 or 12 games down the line rather than that initial month, which we all know is going to be really tough.


I think six points is a solid return because then you don't have to go to all the big six clubs or the away games. They tend to be the ones that you write off as free hits. I know fans don't like us saying that. I agree, no games are free in this league. But if you get those tough games out of the way and then you look at our fixtures going into Christmas, it's a run of home games where you think, actually, we could win. We're confident winning almost all of those, hopefully. Although, like you say, you shouldn't judge games just on paper. But I think, lay a decent foundation, go from there and then take us into the running. Before we get to the running, any patterns you've noticed, Greg, or any particular games you're looking forward to, either away or at home?


I think it's the cluster of games in, is it, December? Because August, I think we only play at home once. Our second home game is something like September the 16th. There's going to be a lot of fans that only see us play once in the first month and a half or whatever of the season. I think December, like this year, is critical and I really like the running, but we just need to make sure that we've got a right, nice base of points to get us into that running, which could push us wherever it needs to push us higher up the league.


Just before I come to you, M ike, Greg mentions that first home game and a few fans have noticed, and I think t mps might have noticed, obviously, in the WhatsApp group, the first home game clashes with a hundred game at Tram Bridge. So I wouldn't be surprised to see that one move either a day forward or a day back, depending on... It might get picked up for TV as well anyway. So yeah, I wouldn't bank on that one staying where it is. What about you? Any fixtures that stand out for you or particularly looking forward to or clutches of games that are pivotal?


Yeah. So I'm just having a quick look now to remind myself. So the one that jumps out for me, obviously is Everton away day after my birthday in April. Never been there. I'd love to go there. And with probably Owen for last season. But I think other than what Greg said around December, there's a couple of weeks in October and November that quite interests me. So you've got Palace away, where we got the points at the end of the season. Loughton at home, so you'd like to think we might win that. Liverpool away, which was probably the start of our up turning fortune away from home. We're putting a really good performance there. And then you've got Villa, West Ham, and then Brighton at home. There's absolutely points there in those four or five weeks. And that is literally just as we build up to the Christmas period. So like I said at the start, if we start a bit slow, bearing in mind what we have, there's definite opportunity to pick it up five or six weeks later for that running. Those five or six games really stand out to me. There's definitely points in there.


I'm just going to skip it back. This is a good question from Dan I should probably have asked. It's an interesting talking point about the approach to those early games, particularly the away ones, I guess. Do you think he has to stick with the mantra that we saw at the end of last season to grind out points, M ikey?


Good question. So I think back end of last season, I was advocating being a bit more front foot and trying to score some goals and attacking it. And I guess we did see that. But then again, some of our best performances have been where we've had the back five and we've maintained low block and we've won it to the one nil. I don't think that's sustainable. It really just depends on the recruitment, to be honest with you. If we've got players that can maybe get more than 25 or so 30 % possession in the game. Certainly waiving them, that would really help. But I just think you got to be realistic. Five of the first six away games of what? Chelsea, both Manchester clubs, Arsenal and Liverpool. I mean, it doesn't matter who we buy, they're going to be really tough. So I'd expect us to probably go with the back five, sit low, try and nick something. But after that, like I said, a couple of those fixtures that said just there. I'd like to see us a bit more on the front foot. But again, it comes with where you are in the table, how you're doing at home.


It's all ifs and buts, I know. But eight points away from home last season, what was it? One win or two wins? One win was it Southampton and a few draws. I mean, it's not really good enough, is it? So if we have anything like that this season, we'll struggle. But I'd like to think that once we get over those first few away games that are really tricky, we'd be more of a front foot team and actually have a go at teams, whether that means the back four pushing a bit higher. But we'll see how it goes. It's all lifts and buts, but bloody hell, that's a hell of a start to a season away from home. So now let's just play back five and try and get the odd point, I think.


Does it make you think... I know, Greg, you're thinking of Europe and top 10 finish, but then you look at it and think, Oh God, it's such a hard league, isn't it?


We're going to have some great away days in August, though. I've told myself I'm going to have a bit of a break off drinking in July, so I think August is going to double it up. But we went Man City earlier last season and we lost 6 0. We've now got... And it sounds silly, but we've got a gauge, haven't we? We lost 5 0 to Arsenal. We put up some good performances early season against these away teams and we'll see where we are. We'll know from last year I went in a bit silly, obviously, but that August is really going to tell us so much about where we are in the season, even if we don't get all the results we might deserve. So I see it now and I'm glad it's happening the way it is. I just think play them early, play them before the ball settled in because they're all going to have a load of new players as well. Arsenal, they're not going to be finishing second next season, so arguably they're not going to be as strong. Yeah, it's exciting. It's why we're in this league, isn't it? For days out like that.


So bring them on early whilst the sun's out.


I certainly don't think... Obviously, there were a few absolute hammerings last season. City, Arsenal, Leicester, you know, weirdly. But I don't think touch wood, we're going to go and get slaughtered anywhere. I think we're a better team that, but it's just hard. It's so hard to turn a 2 1 defeat into a 2 2 draw or a 1 1 draw or something. I think that's the challenge that Forest is going to have to embrace. Just quickly before we move on to transfers, we'll have a quick look at the last six fixtures just to gauge the run in. Obviously, so far away, we don't know how good some of these teams are going to be, but it doesn't look too bad on paper. Although, again, a lot of these more winnable games are away from home. But Forest finish, for those who are listening or watching, Wolves at home, Everton away, Man City at home, Sheffield United away, Chelsea at home, and Burnley away on the last day. Obviously, we very much hope that Forest don't need anything at the turf more unless it's to get into Europe. But hopefully it's just another away day party.


Greg, what do you think about those? The last home games of City and Chelsea, which is an ideal, but it's a decent mix otherwise.


I'd like to send those two last away teams down on the day we visit them. That'd be nice because I don't think much of either.


Of them. What's your burny gripe?


They're just not right. I don't like them. I don't like the away day. At least there might be some cricket on pretty much. Watch the cricket grand next to the ground. But no, not a fan of either of them. So they can be gone. We can do that to them. And yeah, anyone at home, we get results again. So it doesn't matter about who were playing at home. I love the Wolves and Everton games. So yeah, it's good. That's a good running, that is. It's a lot better than last season's running and look how it performed on that.


Yeah, we're severely lacking their grudge matches now. Leicester have gone down. Not that the.


Grudge is more there. I've just made a couple. There you go.


Forest and Wolves seem to hate each other suddenly, M ike. So that's a decent one to look forward to, I guess.


I agree with Greg. I think it's a good running. There's definitely winner board games there. And you'd like to think by the time we play Man City at home with four games to go, they'll have wrapped up everything and be in the late stages of European competition. So Mike might rest a few clutching its drawers. You never know. But certainly those last three, Shefford United away, Burnley away, Chelsea at home, we can turn over, all of us thought, fingers crossed. But I think it looks good. It looks healthy. Let's just open a strong position. You know what you just said just there, Matt, about you don't think we're going to go away and get slaughtered. You know that's going to be clipped, don't you? 15th of June, Matthew Davis, we're not going to get slaughtered.


I'll note that down for our end of season omnibus podcast that we always do. I think that pretty much covers the fix. There's only so much you can say about playing each team twice. Obviously, Forest's best chance of winning these games is putting a very solid squad together. So we'll talk a bit about transfer rumors. We discussed Brendan Johnson, I think it was last Monday, wasn't it? Where Tempest was Adam and he's absolutely not going anywhere. But I just think these rumors are going to persist and test for his resolve. Brentford bidding 30 million to try and get him. We'll start with you, Greg, on the rumor itself, because on your list of grudge clubs, it's getting ever longer. Brentford are on it. What do you think about that, B id?


Brentford are top, if I'm honest. They've done that just to try and upset us. They know 30 million is nowhere near it. What I will say and what I'd imagine is Brendan's agent must love that because that must mean, look, there's teams that won him, there's teams that are going to pay him a lot more than we currently are. So off of the ladder contract. And that's what I'd love to see from this. And I think that's the most likely scenario that happens. It benefits everyone because he's going to be a top, top player, going for top, top money. And you could argue it's already double the 30 million value for a young British player like he is. So give him a new contract and then if next season he wants to move on, which you'd imagine that might be the optimum time frame, we'll get a hell of a lot more than that pathetic Brentford bid. What a waste of time that was. But there you go.


Do you think, M ike, you'd like Greg says, that's the subtext to all of this. I don't think it's any surprise that clubs are dropping into the press. Is this all about potentially... Does this end with him signing a new contract, do you think?


Yeah, of course. That's what it's all about. It's the season, isn't it? To do it. So I hate agreeing with Greg, but he's right. I think Brentford is too low bar for Brendan Johnson. If he's going to go anywhere, it'll be a top six club, maybe the year after this one, because I genuinely think he's that good. So I tell you what, it does give you a bit of a boost on. So Brentford wouldn't have targeted him if he didn't hit all those metrics that they gauge success by. By default, having Brentford interested in one of your players is probably a good thing. But like I said, 30 million probably doesn't buy his left leg. So I suspect that unless it snowballs into a bidding war where some of your more I say more established teams. More established teams coming for Brendan, some of those higher echelon teams. I suspect it will probably end up with him getting a new contract, probably well deserved as well. He was brilliant last season. And then the question then remains, does that contract have a release clause? This is just what we have to live with now. We're not in League 1 anymore.


We're not bottom of the Championship. We're not sniffing around for free transfers and getting people's rejects that can't fit in at another club. We're now in a space where teams are starting their bids at £30 million for our players. And if I would have said that 18 months, two years ago, you'd have laughed me off the show. But that's where we are. So we should play hardball. I think he's got three years left of his deal. He's a Nottingham lad. He's no rush to leave, I wouldn't have thought. But now Brentford are way too low for Brendan in terms of his career. And they'll have to probably do all that for him to talking, I'd have thought.


Yeah, I agree. It's a good point about Brentford identifying him because they need to replace Tony. So they're obviously looking for real talent that can play straight away in their set up. So it is good that Brentford are looking at him because they are strong in the transfer market.


And they're fans that talk way too much about their team. They always say they only buy players where they've got a much better selling clause because they reach a ceiling where they know they can sell them no matter how good. And they've done it for years and it does work. So going in at 30 million means they know that in a couple of years' time, it'll be worth a hell of a lot more than that. So they've become too obvious. The little games don't work anymore. A couple.


Of people are noting, Brendan, you signed a contract a year ago, but I don't think that's relevant these days, really. Players have a good season, especially young players. They're going to want another contract. They're going to be wanting to play commensurately with the players that came in on really big money from foreign clubs. That's what their camp will want for them. So I don't think that's a factor at all personally. An interesting frivol question from, let me scroll up and find it, James Vincent, Every player has got a price. If there was a real bidding war for Brendan Johnson, what is his price, Greg?


For starters, it depends who he goes to. I think you just do not sell him to a team around us no matter what the price. But for me not to be absolutely upset, I think, and it is too early for this. I think you go top six club and 80 million next season. He doesn't go this summer. It'd be crazy. Unless he absolutely pushed for a move, which I doubt he would, you do not sell your most valuable asset this summer when you know he's only just at the start of his journey of value, really, for us because it's only going higher and higher with him.


I think it'd be a real mistake. We saw last season how valuable the squad is. I know Brendan might actually sit out some of those earlier away days, but I think it'd be mad.


Who was the Everton player that went to Newcastle.


Last year? I'm just googling it now. 45 million was Anthony Gordon's fee, and I think it's worth much more than that. If I had to put a fee where I wouldn't be gutted, I don't know, 60 to 70 million, anything less than that I think would be mad. But I think this is, like I say, just a notional chat. But, M ikey, stick a figure on it just to round us off.


Yeah, I said I wouldn't even start talking until it gets to 60 million. But you've got to think about what it will cost to replace him as well. So who are you going to get that offers what he does with his electric place, ability to play in numerous positions, incredible high ceiling? We know he's going to go to the top this lad. And who are you going to get to replace him? Because you're going to have to spend half of that on a substandard Brendan Johnson anyway. So I just think we're not going to get better by selling our best players. We just scraped it last season and we stayed in the Premier League. The first thing we should be doing is selling our best player pretty much and just be nuts. Him or Gibbs White. So I'd like for us to build the team around those guys. And like Greg said, though, if the season goes on, if he has another good season like he did last season, there's going to be bigger clubs in for him for Brentford and we're going to get a lot more money than what we're talking about now.


So the guys were mentioning in the comments about he has signed a new contract. And yes, it is irrelevant to a certain degree, but what it does do is it protects that asset. So it's not in his last year, he's not even in his second last year. So there's no pressure on Forest to sell. Like there is, say, Mason Mount at Chelsea, where he's going into his last year and they'll eventually sell him for whatever fee. We're not in that position. So there's no need for Forest to sell enough unless a daft big comes in. But I wouldn't even pick up the phone if it's anything less than 60 million.


No. Jack Greenish is an interesting comparison as well. He had a season back in the Premier League with Villa, where he did well. And then he had a second season where he did really, really well. And he got £100 million move to Man City and he's a top class player now. And I think I don't know why Brendan would go at this stage when he's going to be a regular for Forest and he's got a great coach who's developed him. Look at the strategy he's taken the last two years under Steve Cooper. If he keeps there, keeps here, then there's no reason to think he can't find that next gear and keep going on. We hope for us, it's going to be a better team next season. Then we saw with Joe Warrell, players get better with better players around them. I don't see any reason to sell him at all at this stage. Maybe next year in 12 months, we're having a totally different conversation, but right now, it doesn't make any sense to me. Let's move on to actually an incoming winger, potentially that Freud has been linked with. Carlos Borges, 19 year old, Man City winger, can play both flanks.


Got 29 goals last season in their under 23s. He's never played a senior goal, senior game, excuse me, but he's got one year less in his contract. And according to ESPN, he's valued at 11 million quid. I haven't seen much of him. The videos look really exciting and he scored a few against derby last season. Greg, is there much we can say other than it sounds an interesting one?


Yeah, I've been on nights o I woke up late morning to message off my city mate, Greg, saying how good he is. I think he swore, but it's all about being mustard. And if we don't get him, then he won't be surprised if he signs a new contract. I've never watched him play. I can't say he's great, but I like the fact I'm Man City fans telling me how good he is and they'd expect him to sign a contract if he doesn't sign with us. So this talk of a loan, isn't there? If we don't buy him, maybe he signs for them and we get him on years for a loan. But I love transfer talk like that. Young players hungry, wanting to play in the Premier League. That's exactly the type of person I want us to sign.


Yeah. I mean, I did look online at the what fans were saying when they saw the rumor, city fans, and they were like, he's worth way more than that. He's quality, don't sell him. That is encouraging. I know it's just a rumor at this stage, but for Forest to be targeting that level of young talent, it is good still, isn't it?


It is, yeah. Absolutely. I'd rather that than somebody at the back end of the career that's only going to get worse and is going to command a bigger transfer fee and bigger wages. I think my only word of warning, I guess, on this is I think we've all seen the YouTube clips. He looks ridiculously fast, but then Deo Carby look fast on YouTube, didn't he?


Deo Carby, this is my favourite ever clip that goes right after the first touch of a goal kick.


Exactly. It's brilliant. So I've been a little bit cautious, but it does give me a bit of heart what Greg was saying about people that obviously know him a lot more than us, thinking he's a decent player. Another word of caution. I think Southampton signed a lot of young players last season. They signed a kid called Samy Adozi from Manchester City who was in the same team as him for a similar price as well. And I think he's going to be a good player, but just complete out his depth in this league. So it's just about finding that balance. If we can get somebody like him in and then a few more maybe senior pros, I don't know, mid 20s, people that have been around the block a little bit and can have that bit of experience, the balance and the makeup of the side would give me a lot of heart. Just as I would like to sign five or six players at the back end of the career, it's the same with signing players at the start of the career. There's risks attached to each. But like I said before, being linked with quick man city winners, that's great.


But you're going to get a load of this. Honestly, every time we come on here, there's going to be different names. But I think if it's somebody that Cooper's identified and the way we play, which is rapid on the transition, somebody like that would really appeal to the fans. I would have thought as well. Sounds an exciting player, so we just have to watch what happens.


Yeah, that's a good point about pace on the transition. P icking up on the Southampton thing you said, which is a good point. I mean, they went way overboard with young players, but they also got Lavia from Man City, who's a top player, so he's going to get a big move. One thing City seem to do, they don't mind selling a young player, but they'll put a buyback clause in the contract. They did that with Douglas Louise at Villa and it expired, but I think they've done that with quite a few of these Southampton kids, or they'll loan them out. There is a good source to target, I think City definitely. Certainly an interesting one. We'll keep tabs on that. I think that covers most things we're going to say. The other thing to monitor is, Evans, that's more that Marenakis was looking at buying Monza in Italy, which is interesting. Maybe get that left back Greg that we were linked with. Is it Carlos or Gusto? Something like that sound good?


I don't think we have to be concerned about what he's done there, do we? I think we seem to be the project. The Premier League is obviously the project for him. So if it can help us move players about and I think it's a positive thing. Mike is the Italian correspondent, isn't he? He probably knows all about it. I'll leave that one for him.


Yeah, maybe. Tell us what your shirt is, M ikey. I mean, he hasn't bought Monzi yet, as far as I can tell. I was reading up on it before we came on, but it's one that's in the pipeline. What shirt are you wearing today?


So this today, guys, is FC Sorento. So series D's finest. So if we stop signing players from them, I'll be really worried because I watch their training and I think I could probably get in their team. So yeah, it's me and one of my random tops. I think just going back to Greg's point on a serious note, it's just about the balance and makeup of the squad. I'm probably more interested in who leaves, if I'm honest, because if you look at, I think I said this the other week, you know got Brendan, Niko, Danilo, I think somebody else that now have to be registered in the 25. So we're going to have to ship a few players out. And as long as we end the transfer window with a balanced squad with cover for every position, so obviously some jump out like left back. We've only got Toffalo, I think, or Richards, but who knows about him? As long as we got cover, I think we'll be okay. But it is really exciting. I'm genuinely excited about the next few weeks. I just think that I think that we won't go as mad as we've done previously.


And I know this is not even forest and I know people are going to go, Come on, it's forest. We're going to sign 15 players and let 20 go. I really hope we don't. I hope we let the ones go that we need to go and then we sign four or five and that's it. Because we were talking earlier on about the fact we got stuffed at the start of the season. It's because nobody knew each other. There was a load of new players that were just trying to find each other. We're not going to have that this season. We've got the makeup and the balance of that team. And all it needs is one, two, three, four key quality players being added to it. And they can hit the ground running at the start of the season, which gives me even more optimism that we don't need to be afraid of any of these fixtures at the start. We can go away and compete because they're not 11 strangers anymore. The team unity we showed at the back end of last season should carry on into this season. So let's all be positive. Let's all look forward to what we're going to get through the door and out the door.


Then out the door and I reckon we're going to have a great season. I know we're doing predictions now and I keep changing my mind, but I might be nearer to Greg than Tim's this year.


One final point before we go, that a couple of people have rightly raised in the comments around the African Cup of Nations, which I think might deprive us of a clutch of players for up to four games around December time. That's a concern, Greg, isn't it? We've got Nia Kata, Awan Yee, Bolly, Kriate, Orie. That's a clutch of important first team players there we're going to have to mitigate for potentially.


I didn't realise it was four games. I thought that went into the international. We've got a two week.


International break. I think that's if they win it or something. I think that might be the absolute worst case scenario. But I think it's going to be at least two games.


That's why we're going to be building a squad, aren't we? Every other top team in the Premier League, they're all going to be losing a hell of a lot of their good players for the Premier. So let's say we play someone who's lost five players instead of our four. Everyone's going to be in the same boat in the in that situation, I'm sure.


Of it. I think it's just so we probably do... Well, you said this already. I think we need another number nine in through the door to cover any of our one year injuries. But yeah, that's one to bear in mind. Right, before we go, any other business, M ike, you want to add?


Nothing, really. I was just going to mention, I didn't know whether we're going to touch on it, just contracts as well for some of these players. So Yates, he's got two years left, Warwick McKenna, one year. I just think maybe we need to look after those players first. But I'm sure that's all in the pipeline. I'd love to see our club captain tied down for a few more years and then obviously make a decision on some of the others as well. I think we spoke about it last week. But now just echo what I said before, really positive time to be a Forest fan and let's just look forward to what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks. I can't see them selling Johnson or a Gibbs White. I'll be astonished. And you can clip that as well, Matt, and play it back to me when they're selling sold them in two weeks. I'm sure that will be the case.


Greg, anything from you before we go?


No, nothing from me for once. Just look after each other and enjoy your summer. Say hello to your neighbours if you've never said hello to them before because we're a lovely city, aren't we? So appreciate it.


Yeah, good point. Right, just to mention the live shows next week as well, bring a couple of pound coins with you because we'll actually have an auction on the day. I don't know if I mentioned that. And there's food there anyway, obviously the NAV takes cards. So put your money over the bar, they'd be very grateful. And hopefully we'll see as many people as possible there on Wednesday and Thursday. I might be able to release a handful of tickets for each show, probably on... God, it's my kid's school calling, I think. Probably on Monday or Tuesday. Right, thanks very much, everyone. Greg, thank you.


Yes, see you all next Wednesday. My drinking ban doesn't start till after that, so I might have a cup of book.


M ikey, see you next week.


Yeah, see you next week and see everybody next Wednesday and Thursday for the live shows.


Yeah, come and say hello if you're coming. Otherwise, we've got a normal podcast on Monday with Simon Bristow from our glorious band, talking about his book, and we'll have a few other interviews through the summer, plus all this transfer chat. So have a good few days, everyone. Echo what Greg said about life is short and we should all make the most of it, I guess, the last few days of showing us. So we'll see you all soon.