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Welcome to Garibaldi Redd, a Nottingham Forest podcast brought to you by Nottinghamshire Live. We're with you on Boxing Day to reflect on Forest's brilliant performance away at Newcastle at St. James's Park, and Forest win three-one, a Chris Wood hat trip. Things you never thought you might see, especially on Boxing Day. It really is a Christmas miracle. I've even tried to get the Christmas jumper on because I am feeling very festive at the minute. It's the first win for Forest in 51 days, and it ends that awful away from as well. And of course, the winless run we were on in 14 games. Joining me to discuss all of that and more is a very festive Mark below us. Mark runs... Well, Mark, you do a bit of forest podcasting. You're a familiar face. And yeah, you're coming to us from America today. Thanks for joining us.


Delighted to be here. I'm coming to you from Snowy Colorado. We have white Christmas, so fantastic.


Very nice. I like the Christmas jumper as well.


Thank you so much. Look at that. It's about as ugly as it can get, but it is Christmasy.


And someone without a Christmas jumper in the top corner is Max. Max, Scott, Forest van, and broadcaster. Max, good to chat to you. Disappointed with your lack of Christmas jumper, though.


Yeah, I feel like I've let the boys down there. If we do it in a year's time, then don't worry, I'll be there.


Good. Of course, this is prerecorded. We're on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and on YouTube. We're going to read a few tweets out as well that people have been tweeting us on Garibaldi Red, underscore with their thoughts on the game. Forest win, three-one, a Chris Wood hat-trick. It doesn't really get much better than that. Max, let's start with you. What did you make of the game? Kind of watching it on the TV, a bit of a nerve-y start. But the Forest really grew into the game. Clive Tillsey said that actually on the coverage that as the game went on, the Forest players got better. And you could really sense that as well. Obviously, three goals show that as well.


I mean, my immediate reaction is that it's just a massive relief. Regardless of what side of the Cooper argument people fall on, ultimately what we needed Nuno to do is to try to stop the rot. The game against Bournemouth was clouded with controversy, and it was just great today to finally get the win in particular away. I think you're absolutely right. I thought defensively, we looked incredibly nervous and tentative. But as the game grew on, you could see the confidence flowing again. It's the first time we've seen that since the Villa game, which was a long time ago in football. So massive relief. I think there's so many positives. A Chris Wood hat-trick, who'd have thought that you couldthat he could do that and dink the ball over the keeper? Absolutely class. It's just a massive relief. Again, regardless of how people feel about Cooper leaving, Nuno has done what he needed to do, really. He's done it in really impressive form, I think, with the players that he used, the rotations that he had, and doing it away from home at St. James's Park, which isn't an easy place to go.


No, it isn't an easy place to go at all. He made six changes for Forrest as coming in, as well as Ola, Anya, Hudson, a Doy, and Joe Whale, of course, just to name a few that made a return to the bench after the recent controversy surrounding him. Mark, just touching on what Mac said there, really and how structured Forrest' performance. That is the difference for me. In the past few games, and of course, since Bruno's arrival, just two games now. But in a game against Bournemouth that was filled with controversy and Forrest down to 10 men, we still managed to score two goals from open play. We've scored three today. Chris Wood's got a hat-trick and things all of a sudden look very rosy, don't they?


Yeah, they do. And I think a few things have happened here. I mean, first off, Chris Wood, just a phenomenal performance from our New Zealander. As Mac mentioned, that second goal, Lord of the Dinks from New Zealand. So fair play to him. But a few things have happened here. I think you're seeing the players re-energize because you have that new manager bounce. There's no doubt that's happening. Players are contesting spots in the team. We hear continuously that the score is too big. That's I'm sure a message that the players have picked up on. So everybody really is fighting for their livelihood. You see the change in formation, of course. But I think for me, the thing that's most fundamentally different, Max, and goes to your point about the goals we're scoring, is the repositioning of Morgan Gibbs-white. I think wherever you are on the Steve Cooper conversation, and I think most people were pro-Couper, didn't want to see him go, even those that did still pro-Cuper. But I think one thing we could all agree on, regardless of what side of that argument you're on, was that Morgan Gibbswight wasn't being played in the right position.


I'm not blaming Cooper for that. He was trying to accommodate a lot of different players, and it forced Morgan Gibbswight out wide. Where he is now and the impact we're seeing him have on our offensive output, it's night and day.


Yeah, it is. Morgan Gibbswight, of course, playing in the middle. And then he had Hudson Adoy on the left and then Allanger on the right and then Chris Wood just in front. And that final third of the attack for Forest max, picking up on what the media have been saying and the pundits since the result this afternoon, it was just very different and it gave Forest a lot of options going forward. There was times when a Langa maybe should have had better decision making. You look at that chance really in the first half to get Forrest levelly, he didn't. But then he made the right decision when Morgan found that space and played it into him. And then Chris Wood gets his first and eventually the equalizer for Forrest just before half time. And that's what happened. Forrest had to be different today. And for me, in the final third, just looked really different and it was a breath of fresh air to see that.


I think there's no real argument about Morgan Gibbs White, is there? He needs to play in that position. He's incredibly dynamic. His work rate really sets the standard. And he makes Forrest tick because he's just fantastic in tight spaces and can make chances out of nowhere. I don't think there's any Forrest fan out there that would disagree that Morgan Gibbs-Wright is finally playing in his natural position. You also have two quite raw talents in Hudson, Adoy and Allanga. We're better for having Anthony Allanga on the pitch. His pace is devastating. But if his final ball, if he was more decisive and slightly more, you could say, cultured in the final third, that today would have been massively different. It would have been more than three because we really played to our strengths. I think particularly in the second half, we were absolutely solid. Then we were able to break with the dynamism of Morgan Gibbs White and the pace and skill of Allanga and Hudson and Doy. Once Allange gets that right, then I really think he's then filled Brennans and Johnson's boots a little bit. You can see why United let him go. His pace is devastating, but he's unable to make the right decisions all the time.


But I'm sure that will come. He seems like an incredibly coachable player. I know that it's all really highly rated at international level as well. Lots of positives. It's bizarre to think that we've beaten the team three-one away and it could have been more. But here we are, three points later, looking at the positives. It's amazing what a win can do. It was such a understandably toxic atmosphere after that loss to Bournemouth because all of the Cooper stuff that preceded it, the nature of the referee and performance, how easily we conceded goals, but it's just what we needed. We needed to be able to get through that first half, even though we looked a little bit nervous. And then we just... It was exponential improvement in that second half, and it's just a massive relief, boys. I'm just so relieved about that.


Max, can I just think of something that... Of course, the other Max said there very, very quickly about Morgan at Gibbs White and you name checked to Lange, and you name checked to Brennan Johnson, having the same breadth there. I think that's important... I think there was some frustration on occasion around what Jonno was delivering. And I think Morgan Gibbs White joining the team elevated Johnson and helped Johnson become a better player. I think we're seeing some of the same thing happening with Allanga. If you look at that ball, you talked about Allange's decision making on the first instance where he didn't pass to Wood for the tap in. And then on the second occasion, he did. If you look at the ball that NGW plays him, he actually plays it in front of him to such an extent that he takes the decision making out of it. All All I could do at that point was cut the ball back, right? You didn't put it into his feet where he could have taken the shot. You've got to put him in a position where he's like, Look, I'm going to put the ball exactly where it needs to be, so you do the right thing with it next.


I think Morgan gifts right in addition to being a fantastic player in and of himself, he's starting to elevate those around him.


Yes. And it's a positive time probably to see Morgan in a forest shirt. And of course, Morgan's probably, Max, the most creative player. I'm just trying to think of the Forest squad on a whole, but someone that can really change the game, whether they start or even if he came off the bench. And that's a short period of time that Nuno's obviously played in the middle and such a big impact. How big is that? Not only for Morgan, and obviously, as Matt was touching on there, how big it is for Forrest and him having that influence on other players, but also just on a whole, really, from Nuno making just one little change, how it freed up so much space, so much time for other players today, and resulted in helping Chris Wood get three goals at his former club.


Absolutely. We need that from Morgan because he, I think, is ourarchy player. We might have signs that cost more than him, but he's the person that is the most full package of a player we've got. I think we all know Morgan could be better in the final third, but he showed that today with that fantastic pass that's just been explained to Allange, where it's so good, Allange just needs to cross it and it's a goal. But I also think we've spoken about the players in front of Morgan Gibbs-white. I think the two midfielders behind him, particularly San Garay, I think there's another conversation about Danilo. I thought it was really interesting that he was kept on because he looked to really struggle. He gave the ball away a lot. I quite liked that Nuno hasn't pulled in and has trusted him. But I think particularly Sangare, because Morgan gives white central and he's orchestrating things going forward, Sangare looks a little bit more comfortable today. It's really frustrating that he got that yellow card, particularly how little he's played this season, it would have been nice if that's what Bruno wants to see him play a run of games.


That interruption is going to be frustrating. But I think he helped the players behind him because they have to do less if he's just in front of them orchestrating things. And so you can see, and it's a relief for me as well, that Nuno is clearly sees him as the man. I think there was a slight worry that because it didn't quite work out when he was a teenager at Wolves that he might ignore Morgan Gibbs White. That's clearly not the case. So he's the cornerstone, really, I think, for Forrest, not just going forward, but all over the pitch because his work... He plays like a fan on the pitch. If I was talented enough, I'd be running like Morgan Gibbs White or Ryan Yakes when he's on the pitch. And I love how determined he is and that dogged attitude he's got. And I think that really helps when you're playing away at St. James's Park and you've got a player that's giving Guimaraes what Guimarae gives everybody else. I'd love to see it. You never.


Know, Max. You might get a call-up from you one day. Let's go to Twitter and see what a lot of fans said. Jive Coach tweeted Garvodi Redd and said that trust in each other wasn't there in the first half. Second half it was. Turner still looks uncertain in his decision making. I wish he'd come out strong for the balls he goes for. Callum Hudson-Adoy made some good noise, impressed. Much needed win. Going into Saturday at home. Adrian says it just proves that Steve Cooper had run out of ideas. If this team could play football, they can keep the ball, they can control the game if they are allowed to. That's an interesting point. Let's pick up on that that Adrian says, Mark. Is this do you think, Nuno coming in from the past two games? He's had a week, a week and a half, less than that. With with the Forest players to get his ideas across on the training ground, Morgan Gibbs-white talked about in his interview with the TV cameras that he's tried to help the boys understand how Nuno wants to play, obviously working with him in the past at Wolves. Do you think this is a new manager bounce?


Do you think this is Bruno getting his ideas across. And as Adrian maybe says there, almost a handbrake being taken off. Whereas with Cooper, it could have been a different story today.


You read my mind. Using that phrase, new manager bounce, we often talk about the new manager bounce as it relates to the players. How does it relate to the manager? You think about the stress and the pressure that Cooper was under. His job was perpetually in jeopardy, and then it wasn't, and then it was again. I can't remember the exact time frame, but Brian Clough says something along lines of, Do all your dirty work, do everything you want to do, put everything in place. Put your mark on the club within the first, I think it was the first 30 days, because you're not getting fired, right? You've been hired for a reason. And I think the thing we're seeing with Nuno is he's been very courageous. He's come in, he's changed the structure. He has moved players around and put them in positions in which they're more comfortable. And we have a gung-ho, swash-buckling approach to our football now. I mean, it's no accident that we scored five goals in the last two games. And I think Nuno is going for it. He's laid down a marker very early and said, This is what we want to do.


Now, he could have blown up in his face and not come off. It hasn't. Even in the game we lost, it's still a good showing. And I like that. I like seeing that courage from Nuno and certainly emboldening the players as well, particularly in the attacking part of the field.


I think that's quite interesting, Mark, because there were lots of question marks around Nuno's boring football, wasn't there? And I remember him at Wolves and thinking... I didn't watch many Wolves games, but what he did at Wolves was fantastic getting him to play European football. And it's interesting that that hasn't necessarily been the case, even with 10 men against Bournemouth. He took Mangala off and brought to Llewellyn, Muddson, and Adoy. So again, it's another refreshing element to particularly today's performances. You see players playing to their strengths or Nuno playing to the player's strengths. So again, it's amazing what a win can do just to relieve the existential anxiety of being a football fan.


And I think a microcosm of that is, how long as fans have we been talking about the inability to connect with Chris Wood up top?


We just.


Talked about that ad nauseam. We can't make the best of him. He's not right for us because of the way we play. And yet somehow in the space of two games, we've been able to make that connection. There's that linkage. And it's not just at NGW. I mean, look at the third goal today with Marilloow, sliding through the lines and breaking wood on a quick counter. I mean, we're finding ways to do it to be creative. Yeah, Nuno is definitely been very courageous to this approach. It's good to see.


He is. And Max, do you think I want to talk on his post-match interviews today? If you haven't listened to them, I would 100 % recommend anyone that's listening to us on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcast to go and listen to them after you've finished listening to us. He touched on Cooper's work and the culture. And what I like is how he's thanking Steve Cooper a lot. The man that got Forest promoted for the first time in 23 years, always will be a legend around the city. That's something he's done max. And I really like that respect that he's brought to the club. And now he's talking about building on that culture. But how difficult is it for him, do you think? Because he's replacing a manager that was so popular with the fans. But then today, surely results like that would have obviously massively helped.


Yeah. Look, it'd be a fool not to credit Steve Cooper, and he'd be a fool not to talk about how amazing our fans are. I haven't seen anything like this in English football for a long time in terms of the support that was shown to Steve Cooper. So it's an easy win. I agree with what he's doing and I'm not being cynical about it, but he has to do that. But what I do like is that there's clearly, I think, just in Bruno's language, he's speaking the owners, he's speaking of Angelos Maranacas, he's singing to his tune. Because Maranacas, his big thing is, of course, we should appreciate the history and be proud of that, but it's about a new era. That's where his arguably his standards that are maybe too quick or his expectancy for success. But that's where that comes from for Maranacas, because he's desperate to return Forest to big time, and he's shown that in his investment. Clearly, you can see that Nuno, he's not just thanking Steve Cooper for what he's done. Like all of the previous managers have banged on about Brian Clough, he's also talking about building. I think it shows a synergy between manager and ownership, which we've not seen, which has been lacking massively between Maranacas and Cooper.


Obviously, you'd expect that two games in. But yeah, all the right noises are coming out, Max, and we need that. The worst thing that could happen is for there to be a mutiny within the fan group. I'm sure Evangelos Marinacas is going to sleep well tonight, knowing that we've gone and done what nobody said we were going to do, watching all of the prematch stuff. No one gave Forest a chance, and I don't really blame them. But yeah, he's making all the right noises and he's given fans a reason to believe in him. If Forest fans believe they're the best fans out there, but if Forest fans see football in front of them that doesn't work, that doesn't look positive, that's disjointed, then they're going to be frustrated. So good on him.


He is. And Mark, how impressed have you been of new know the way he's carried himself in the media and obviously today's result and even potentially the way he set us up against Bournemouth, even though he had a few days with us. How impressed have you been with him since he's come in? And do you think now is really the time after this result for Forestry Kikon, Man United next Saturday. This is the time for the new era to really begin.


Yeah, it's a great question, Max. And I think, I mean, how can you not be impressed with him? I think he'd have to be a real stick in the mud to not recognize what he's done in just a space of a couple of games. Again, I use the word courageous. I've been really impressed with the way that he's attacked these games. And I think Max mentioned this earlier as well. One of the maxes, I can't keep the max straight, but one of you talked about the number of changes right from last game to this, personnel changes. And in Nuno's postgame interview today with Colin Frey, Colin asked him whether or not that was something that had to happen because you played most of the last game with 10 men and indicated yes, that definitely had an influence on it. But also I want to get a look at all the boys. He keeps talking about the fact that the squad is too big. And so I like what he's doing right here and now, but I also like the mindfulness he has to bring in the other players to lay them back in. Not to do wholesale changes.


To your point, Max, bring Joe Wharrall back in who's been on the fringes for we don't know but it's certainly been some contention there. And he's doing a nice job of reintegrating players so he can get a look at them in advance of January, where he's going to have to make some decisions. I hope seeing some players leave the club, but also bringing in one or two key acquisitions as well. So very impressed with him so far, Max.


That's what I think made the win so impressive, is that he brought in Montiel, brought in Domingus off the bench, brought in Worel, which I think was a really brave decision because Warrl's been getting so much heat online with his fans, clearly under a lot of pressure. I thought he performed brilliantly and did what he needed to do when he came on. And that's what's so impressive is that all of those players that were on the fringes clearly feel energized and confident enough to do that and to see out the win. I like that it's been a completely fresh start, but that also makes me feel confident that we will get out of this relegation battle because the majority of these players that we've signed are decent players and can at their best, really compete in the Premier League. That's another reason why I feel so, again, relieved because clearly, we need ingredients to go and do it.


Fans bidding off Montiel after a couple of shaky performances. I mean, that was nonsense. You got a World Cup winner there. He's a quality player. And he showed it again today. San Garay is another one, right? Didn't became a bad player overnight. I'm excited, but I'm excited for what we're seeing early doors.




Trying not to get too carried away. Maybe I had one too many whiskeys yesterday, so I'm trying to say I'm an even keel now.


Nuno actually said that this was a good win and it was exciting, but Forest can build on from this. Now we face Man United next week on the 30th, Antony and Alangar's former club. Can I just want to touch on Alangar and forgive me for reading down at my phone as I read these stats? 78 % pass accuracy for Alangar today: 41 touches, five ball recoveries, four ground rules won, three key passes, two dribbles, two big chances created, which led to two assists. What a performance from him, especially in the second half. The Newcastle defense looked really, really scared of him and watching it on the TV with family, we're just shouting at a lanker to just go on and run at them. And that's exactly what he did and was able to do that. And the stats don't lie, Diddy Max, just looking at that what a player he's becoming for Forest. Again, hopefully now beginning to really start thriving under the new era.


I think he had a really good performance. The stats definitely don't lie. But the stats just make me think how much better that performance could have been. It could have been 5, 6, 1 if he'd have got things right. I don't doubt that he's been a really good player and he scored a few goals for us, so good on him. Hopefully, it gives him the confidence to have just that moment in his mind of clarity in the final third to be a bit more confident. It was a great performance, Max. But my overwhelming feeling about Allange still, despite their stats is, Mate.




Could have scored two goals as well as get to assists. But that's exciting because I do think he's clearly a coachable player. He's come from United's Academy that despite all of their troubles, produce good players. He's got a good pedigree, and I've got no doubt that he'll get better this season. And Nuno keeps talking about wanting to coach players and improve players. Well, he's going to be, I'm sure, fast tracked in that process and be really successful this season.


One stat- Did you agree, Matt? Yeah, one stat you did miss on, which I thought was delicious, is he's now been involved in eight contributions to goal, goals or assist, eight this season, which is more than all of the goal, 12 contributions of the front line of another Premier League team. Do you know which one?


Manchester United. Manchester United.


I feel like going on to that, Mark. I'm really about the Man United game. Not at all that I think it's going to be an easy win. But let's be honest, if you want to play Man United, it's now. A bit like today, if you want to play Newcastle, it's now. They're on a touchy, on a form. I just think if we can start the first 5, 10 minutes well, get the city ground roaring, then I really do fancy our chances because they, like we have recently, really lack a backbone. I feel like it was so frustrating to lose to them having gone two-nil up and throw that away. But hopefully, this victory gives us that stealing us at the back and that self-confidence to go ahead and then defend it. Because let's be honest, they're really struggling, aren't they? I'm excited for that fixture.


Yeah. This is more to come from Calum, Hudson and the door as well.


Definitely. Definitely. And also living in Manchester, Max, the thought of beat in Man United, yes, I'm very excited for that game. But, Mark, just touching on that game again, it's a good time to play Man United. It's the third game in this new era. And I promise I will stop using the new era after a few weeks. But this is the right time to play Man United. And as Max said then, with the city ground rocking with players like Gaglinga, can you see Nuno sticking with this side? Don't fix what's not broken. And Steve Cooper found it so hard to find consistency in a start in 11. So surely now, after a win away at Newcastle, a very good side, a top six side, albeit not at the moment, then surely Nuno's got to stick with this side going into the Man U game?


Yeah, I think obviously you've got to drop Chris Wood now and put Aarigy in. But you're going to see San Garay out at the start line of a course because of the suspension. So you naturally imagine that either Domingus or Yates are going to step in there. I'd be partial to Luke Ryan Yates as he's become the new Premier League number one S-House this season. Absolutely. Absolutely fantastic. Love how he gets under-opposed and team players as skin and the fan's skin as well. I don't know, Max. I don't know whether or not he'll keep this team. We've seen now two variations, and both have been successful to a certain degree. Obviously, he didn't win that first match, so you might question that a little bit. But I don't know, I think we could see to fall and come back in. And Nico Williams has been, I think, excellent. I don't think he's been one of our best players of the last few games, quite honestly. Yeah, he's susceptible to a mistake, but he's come on really, really well, I think, since Steve Cooper reintroduced him a few matches back. So it'll be interesting. But I think one thing that Nuno has done now is he's given himself choices.


He has options. It's not a case now just whacking down the same 11 and crossing new fingers. There's competition in this squad, and I think off the back of this victory, players are going to be fired up and desperate to play in that next match.


Definitely. Max, just finally to finish us off, I just want to touch on Chris Wood again. I listened to him in his post-match interview. He talked about, That's what he needs to do as a striker, score goals, five goals for the Forest so far this season. If he can remain fit and if he can remain the way he's been today and being in the right place at the right time, albeit a very good finish. It wasn't a typical trademark or Chris Wood finish as well for the chip. But how vital can he be for Forrest whilst Tywo is out? And of course, that will do his confidence to world of good today.


Well, it's massive. That's what we've lacked, isn't it? Someone that can score goals. And Mark said it earlier, I don't necessarily think it's been Chris Wood's fault. He's not been getting any service. That's not to say that Chris Wood's been performing fantastically, and it's everyone else's fault. But now that there is clearly a structure in place to give him service either side and have Morgan Gibbs White playing in that position, that's going to be massive until Tywo comes back. And if he keeps scoring goals, then at least Tywo has got some competition, which he hasn't had. But it's really important he continues scoring goals and that the players around him create those goals. And if that happens, then there's no danger in Forrest getting dragged into a relegation battle. So long may it continue. And hopefully, this gives Forrest a bit of a blueprint to know how to feed Chris Wood and play to his strengths because he's not as quick as Taewo at his fittest. He's not as strong as Tywell at his fittest, but he knows where to be. And clearly, he can finish. So crack on, boys. Exactly.


Crack on. That would do us nicely. Nice to smile and talk about forest at Christmas time. Max, thank you for your time today. Enjoy the rest of your boxing day, whatever you're up to, mate.


Yeah, and you, mate. And you. It's been great to chat. Great to chat to you as well, Max.


Yeah, definitely. Fingers crossed for a Christmas jumper next time, Max.


I'm actually demolishing this and reading this. This is my boxing day.


This is mine.






Boys, it's been great. Very good. Thanks, as always, for tuning into this installment of Gariboy Red. Remember to drop us a like and subscribe and follow across Spotify, Apple podcasts, and YouTube. We will see you next time after or before the Man United game, actually. And as Forest wind, three-one away at Newcastle. Have a wonderful Chris Wood time. Thanks for tuning in.