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Hello, everybody. Welcome along to Garibaldi Redd, a Nottingham Forest podcast brought to you by Nottingham Shall-Live. It's just after nine o'clock. If you're watching us live on YouTube and Facebook, as Forest have an emphatic win, a huge win over Man United. It is the first time since, is it 1990? You can tell I've just straight got back from the game, so I haven't got a script, so we're doing this completely off by heart. Two goals for Forest, a wonder strike from Morgan, Gibbs White, on the just really the outside of the box. And nice to see Domingo's on the score sheet as well to discuss all of that and more. Joined by Callum Castell, Forest fan, and Mark as well. Good to see you both. Callum, let's start with you. Watched the game on the telly. What did you make of it? Because as you can probably tell from the sound of my voice, the atmosphere was electric inside the city ground tonight.


Yeah, I'm so buzzing. I gave my ticket to my dad for his 50th and I got a picture sent of him and he was absolutely buzzing and screaming on the video as well. I can't even put it into words. I think these last three games, including Bournemouth, since Nuno's coming, I feel like I'm watching a Premier League club almost for the first time. Even in the first half when it was a little bit boring and we were in control of the game a bit, it never felt like Man United were ever better than us throughout the game. And to say that to... I was going to say a few years ago, if you told a Forest fan that we beat Man United comfortably, 2-1 at home, if you told us that three weeks ago or a month ago, we wouldn't have believed you. It's amazing. It feels amazing. Back to back wins for the first time this season. And we look like there's a team there that has a clearer identity. It's crazy because there's only a few games, but it's so exciting to be a Forest fan now I think.


Yeah, it is. We are live on YouTube. And Facebook, Nottingham Forest News and Garibaldy Red on YouTube, so be sure to get your comments in. Reds fan says, I'm proud to have been lone voice calling for Cooper to be sacked after BlackPool in January. God, that was a while ago. Eves says, Good evening. Hope you are well. Great winds. And I put a smile on my face. Markit certainly put a smile on my face. And just the performance on a whole, just so enthusiastic, just willing to go and get that goal to kill the game off. And of course, Matt Turner makes an error that really kills the atmosphere. But the Forest fans, the Forest players rolled their socks up, went straight out and managed to get that second. What did you make of the performance? I'm running out of super-laters to describe them really.


Yeah, it was a fantastic performance. And I was so jealous of you guys. Obviously, I'm over here in the States. I'm watching it on BBC. I'm hearing the roar of the city ground. I don't know that it's ever sounded more vibrant. So fantastic game to watch. The one thing we talked about with Nuno Max in the last episode was his courageous approach to attack. Even though it wasn't gung ho tonight, there was a little reserve, particularly in the first half, he struck that balance so perfectly. It felt like the team really was sitting back and trying to absorb pressure. I mentioned in Twitter during the week, the key to winning this game was not playing like Aston Villa. You play such a high line, man, you're not going to get behind you and Garnatio and rashford are going to kill you. Forest were very, very smart in the first half and then clearly cracked the whip. Then at half-time, boys went out and there was only one team in it. Fantastic.


Yeah, fantastic indeed. I just wanted to touch on a few single performances. I want to start on Domingez, Callum. Great to see him on the score sheet for the first. Well taken as well. What a player. He's becoming for Forest, but also as well, brave from to make that change. He made quite a few changes today. Obviously, San Garay out from suspension, but great to see Domingiz slot into the team so well and get the goal.


When I first saw the lineup, I was a little bit confused about who was playing where. I think I tweeted that. It looks like Morgan might be back out on the wing, which surprised me. And a lot of people were saying that they were hoping that wasn't the case and throwing different formations around to see where Domingo's would go. And people were saying Danilo might be on the wing, might be Domingo's. And it just looked like they were trying to build the midfield and stop Man United in that area. I know that Eriesson's just come back and he's quite creative. Domingo's, I don't really know what happened with him. It seemed like the West Ham thing halted him a little bit and now he's being bled back in, which is what Bruno has done with multiple players and even to go to different players. But he's done it with Montiel. He's done it with certain players that come back in from... I don't think Montiel was last to January. I thought we might send him back. And the last two games, he's looked incredible. And it's the same with Domingues. He's bringing them back in a way that I don't know if he's lost his confidence and he's trying to ease them back in.


But today he was great. They call him the press king in Italy, and he was there again. And I think I saw that he had 91 % pass accuracy, so he didn't put a foot wrong really there. He took his goal well, he took his goal well against Brentford as well. So we know that he's got a bit of that in his locker. And it just feels like now you can look around the squad and look at different players in different areas and feel like we've got depth from players that we didn't think that we would have or might not be coming back into the fold. Like you said, San Garay, he looked great last week, and obviously he's suspended and then going to AFcon. But I'm looking forward to getting him back now. And even when the players go to AFcon, I feel like we've got players in that position now. He's even brought Warrle back amazingly, by the way, because a lot of people aren't happy with that. And there's been certain incidents with Warrl, but he bled him back into the side, the last game. And we've got that player there now to replace Nia Kate when he goes to half-con.


We've got Hayna, who looked like we'd lost him at some point. He wasn't getting back into the side. Toffalo's come out, but now he's coming off the bench and he's still great off the bench. And it just feels like we've got a squad. It feels exciting to be able to look around the team and just have options and good players.


Yeah, it does indeed. Just such a good performance. If you've just joined us, Facebook, live, YouTube, discussing Nottingham Forest, brilliant win over Man United. Brian says, Hope you guys were actually at the game enjoyed it as much as we did watching in a pub at Chicago, U Reds. Dean says, Well, that was an amazing display of football. Brendan in Nuno, we trust. Richard says, Montiel is like a new signing. Where's he been? Superb two games. Mark, let's touch on Montiel. Interesting to see the criticism before... Well, just interestingly, the criticism in recent months from the Forest fan base towards him. That's a guy that scored the winning penalty in a World Cup final. He's a World Cup winner, European player. And just like Richard says there in that comment, he really has been like a new signing, hasn't he, in the past two games?


Yeah, he really has. He's clearly been reinvigorated under Nuno. There was a lot of talk pre-game about Garnatio and rightly so after his performance against Villa and a Man United, it's astounding comeback to win three-two in that game. But when the Argy-Bargy came about between Montiel and Garnachio, there was only one winner. Then Montiel hooks up with Domingez for the first goal as well. A really solid all-around performance, both defensively and offensively. I think that's one thing we're starting to see now from our fallbacks across the board. Callum mentioned Ina there who had another good game as well. Toff came off the bench, looks as steady as anything this season so far. I mentioned in the previous episode, Matt, I've been really impressed with Nico Williams since Cooper brought him back. We definitely have options, half-con or not, we have real depth in that position. Montiel, again, stepped up today. Very good performance.


Yeah, he did indeed. Lawrence says Montiel, different player. Now needs to come in second half of the year. His debut was a disaster. But now, wow, and spot on really there, Lawrence. Mark, I think when you look at players like Montiel and like Gibbs White, they have massively improved in two games with wins, but then three since new nose come through the door. I spoke to Dave outside the ground who's a regular, he's been on here before and interviewed Dave most weeks. Dave said, whisper it quietly, but potentially the people that were on the opposing side for Steve Cooper leaving might be in the wrong. Is this a case, do you think, of really a new manager bringing his style into the club, carryingin carrying what Cooper's done for the club, but a new manager coming in? Or do you think this is just a few games where it's that new manager bounce? Or do you think it's more than that?


That's a really hard one to answer. Sometimes I think it's the old manager wasn't necessarily bad or wrong, and the new manager isn't necessarily better or right all the time. It's just different. And I think you have to accept that sometimes. You just have to accept that change can be the difference. Certainly some players responding to Nuno and his approach. When we played Manchester United last season, we weren't that far away. We were close to them in every game and couldn't get over the line and their quality showed out ultimately. They had a very good season and according to 10-hark, overachieved. This season obviously, we look different now with the new no. Does that mean he's better than Cooper? Yeah, maybe. Certainly means he's different.


Yeah, it does. It's a very good answer, actually, Matt. It's quite a difficult question for me to ask quite early on during the live podcast. Tonight, keep the comments coming on Facebook and YouTube. Kieran says, Nuno has got us playing quick counter-attacking football. Not slow and boring like Cooper. Aaron says, Back to back wins, which is great. Nuno wants for Jan, new goalie for Turner's distribution is the worst I've seen. We'll get on to Matt Turner and then talk about probably maybe the only negative from tonight. Callum, I'm going to read out your tweet that you put on. You talked about Man U spending a combined 158 million on Anthony and Hoyland who have one goal involvement between them in the Premier League this season. Mark, you touched on that stat in the post Newcastle stream we did. And then, Callum, you're going to say Allanger has come through their Academy, Forest have got him for 50 million and he's had 10 Premier League goal involvements this season. Four goals, five assists for Anthony and Allanger. Just sum it up as a player for us, Callum.


I think he's so excited. I've just tweeted as well. He's done an interview after the game and he's basically talked about appreciating what Cooper did for him, what Nuno is doing for him now, what his representatives have done for him. He's so appreciative of everything around him, what's got him to this position now, and he said that game he wanted to impress. That was a game he was targeting, probably to prove them wrong for selling him in the first place and not trusting them because he's better... In my opinion, he's better than all of them, put together their attackers. So that's me being biased, but still I feel like that. And he's going to be so coachable because there's certain parts of his game that need tweaking and improving, and we don't need to discuss it because we know what it is, it's the decision making in areas. We know he's got that raw pace. We know he's got that raw talent. And when he's got attitude like that, he's coming out of the game and he's not bigging himself up per se. He's just appreciative of everything that's gotten there to that point. And mentioning Cooper, mentioning Nuno.


And he's going to be really coachable for Nuno and he's only going to get better. He's still, I think, he's 21 and I'm excited. I think he's the most exciting player of the Merillo that we've got at the moment. And what a pleasure it is to have some talent in our squad and silly for Man United to let that go, especially for so cheap. And then when you think that we sold Brennan for 50 and we've made a profit by signing a Langer, it's great business and it's exciting. And we've got hopefully a long time to come with him and we can see him when he hits his prime.


Max, let me just jump in, just very quickly jump in there and say, there's been a lot of talk about, I don't think it's tongue-in-cheek, I hope it is, about Declan Rice being a bargain. One hundred and five million quid, no one's a bargain at that moment. But he's had a great start for us. His kudos West Ham who's getting applauded. Madison, obviously at Tottenham, they've all hit the ground running with their new teams. Allanger has got to be in that conversation as being the best bargain in the Premier League this year. Fifteen million quid. I mean, it's ridiculous.


And to think that those goal involvements have come, and most of them come before Nuno, when we were struggling so much to get anything out of the side. A few weeks ago we were talking about, We don't know where the next goal is going to come from. We're going to start. We can't start, we can't start, Chris Wood, we've got to put a Langer through the middle. There's so many struggles that we've had, and he's come right thick of it at the start, and he's got that many goal involvements halfway through the season. I said yesterday that he's going to explode in the second half of the season, and I feel like he will. And if he's already got 10 goal involvements by Christmas, what is exploding for him? But that's why they don't get the hype of things sometimes, is when teams aren't doing as well, they don't tend to look at those players. They want to look at the bigger names from abroad coming to the teams that are doing quite well. I think Declan Rice has done well. I don't think he's lit the world on fire. And like you say, for that amount of money, you'd expect him to light the world on fire.


Allanga, for me, is doing that for us. And it's so exciting. And I feel like the second half of the season for him is going to be massive.


Yeah, definitely. So nice to be talking about some talent, really, in the Forest squad and then start to pick up goals and now wins. Lawrence makes another good point here about Yates. He's the glue that holds the team together, does all the dirty work, nothing flashy, and a calming force in the middle. Such an underrated player in our team and one of our own as well. That's a very good point, Mark. I just think when you watch Ryan Yates week in, week out, he really is that unsung hero often. He was like that again tonight. He was in the faces of the United players at the time. He's the first, and of course, the captain for the forest of the night, he's the first to go to the referee. It just seems like he really gets what it means to this football club. And you run out of praise for Ryan Yates. I think a forest team without Ryan Yates, it really struggles, doesn't it?


Yeah, I'm both glad and unhappy that you come to me on this one first, because there's no way I can talk about Ryan Yates without pinning my fanboy colors firmly to the mask. This is my Achilles heel. This is my blind spot. I absolutely adore Ryan Yates unabashededly. I think he's absolutely that. He's the glue that holds his team together, plays with his heart on his sleeve. I loved seeing him today getting into it with Van and then with Johnny Evans that was cracking me up. I hope you were saying to Johnny Evans, Shut up, grandad. Wish I could have heard a little bit of that conversation. That would have been mega. But also Yates can play. Yates can play. Yes, he can break things up. Yes, he can be a disruptive influence to the team. But let's not forget, it was his fantastic pass that set Forrest off on that first goal. It was his incisive ball out to Alangar that set the whole thing in motion. I think he does a really good job actually of finding space between the lines when Forrest are in possession and then getting tight to players, opposition players quickly when we lose possession.


I know when Mangala was announced as being on the bench today and not making the start in 11, there was some consternation in the US WhatsApp group. And I never understand why Yates is valued so low compared to the other players when you see how much he brings to this forest team. Yeah, another good performance from the captain.


Yeah. And Callum, it's nice to see Nuno come in, trust players like Ryan Yates and give him the captain's armband, isn't it?


Yeah, I think he'll have taken a lot. I think he's been clever with that. He's taken a lot on board from the coaches that he's had kept around, even Reef and bits like that. They'll know how important he is to not only the club, but the city and, well, yeah, massively the club, because he's come from... We sent him out on loan to really low clubs at the start of his career, and he's made his way all the way through. And each time he's been doubted in each league, he's proved people wrong. And he's not like the fancy player that's going to get all the board. I think at half time it was that he'd made the most tackles, won the most duels, and won the most fouls on the pitch in the first half. And that's what we needed in that first half, because the second half came alive, and I think it was when Montiel got the yellow card and everything started getting a little bit feisty, that's when everything started happening. But that first half, we needed him to martial the team. And I just love when he wins three kicks. And every time he does, I turn to someone, whoever I'm with, and just go, That's what he is.


That's what he's about. We're in a sticky situation there. We don't know how to get out of it. We're backed into a corner and Yates is going to win as a free kick, and he does. And it's important. It's more important than a lot of things when you're under that pressure. And he's a professional foul winner. I love it. Aside everything else that he does, I love the way he wins those fouls. And he's exactly what we need. And again, today I looked at the sign line-up and thought maybe because he's done that so well against Newcastle off the bench, I thought maybe that's what we're going to need in the second half to come up and bully everyone. And anything that I looked at today, the Domingo's decision, wondering whether Gibbs White is on the way, I'm not even going to question anything anymore. And I knew that today looking at the lineup, I thought, There's a few things that I'm thinking, but I trust Nuno. After two games, I trust Nuno. After three, do what you want. Put a blockade on the front if you want, I don't care.


Yeah, trust Nuno. I think it says a lot when Ryan Yates has played... Ryan Yates has seen a whole turnover of managers at Nottingham Forest in the Championship and the Premier League even now. And it always says a lot when he seems to be the first name on the team sheet. Roy Keane still sings. Ryan Yates is praised now.




Keane still sings, is praised now. Roy Keane was assistant manager at Forest quite a long time ago now. If you've just joined us, we're live on YouTube, Facebook live as well. Nottingham Forest News and Garibaldi at Reds. He says, Evening from New Zealand, super impressed with Montiel. Do we think the love from Nuno will be enough to keep him here for the whole season? Callum, that's an interesting point. And it's been hard to see how the fan base has shifted. And of course, we thank Steve Cooper and Nuno talks about building on from that legacy. But even something like tonight in the ground as the full-time whistle went, I expected just can't get enough to come on. It didn't. They played rocking all over the world. So a new era. But it's been quite difficult, hasn't it, really, to adapt from that change of manager?


Yeah, really, really difficult. Really strange. It was sad when the Seedkeeper left. I was scrolling through videos on TikTok, sad videos and compilations and certain wins and performances we had under him. And I love him so much still, so so much he's going to hold a special place in my heart forever. And all those memories are there. And I think that the music is a big thing because I think it is leaving one era and starting a new one. And it is great to have those two eras. It's a shame it didn't work out with Steve Coupa as it did, but I think we're seeing now that it's like my saying, it just seems to be that the change was necessary. And I think that it's hard to put it all into one. But I think the way that Steve Coupa got us up, it was so quick when everything happened. The loans or the loan players all went. We had to sign so many players, build a squad. We managed to keep that all together and keep us up, which is such an amazing achievement on its own. And then he's had to deal with more players coming in the second season and he's under pressure again.


Knows that being under pressure means a lot under Marinac as he's tried different things. And when we take the lead, he's tried to keep on top of that one goal lead rather than be more attacking or expansive. He's been so desperate on it. And so I just think that it just ran its course in that way. And as I said before, it's not that he's a worse manager than Nuno, he's just different. And Nuno's come in, put Gibbs White in the tent. He's been fearless. He hasn't really got anything to lose at this point, and he's just looked at it with a fresh pair of eyes. He's took the advice from the coaches. He's blended it all together. He's tried two different sides almost, and he's brought players back in that we thought were gone and other players are flourishing that are still there, and it's what we needed. And it's hard to adapt. And it was strange not to see who could be in the dug out for the first time, because for myself, my age, probably I think is the longest reigning manager of my lifetime, and he built that culture. And it's not so easy to adapt because it's emotion.


And a lot of people that wanted to see C3 to stay, a lot of that was emotion more than anything. I was in between for so long and I just kept coming back to one winning 13 at the end and that was it. And now it's two wins and two. And it should have been three and three. So it had to happen. How many goals are we scored in those three games as well? We didn't know where the next goal was going to come from. So it had to happen. And it's not been easy, but it's a little bit easier when you can celebrate a win and come on here and talk about a win. So yeah, it just had to happen. But yeah, I'm happy with the win.


Yeah, it's nice to talk about it. And, Callum, you actually led me on to my point quite brilliantly, actually. Andrew goes on to here to say we are defensively stronger under Nuno, even though we can see thewith Bournemouth 10 men for 75 minutes didn't help. And that's in my mind, Mark, I'm just thinking after the Toptenham game, I actually tweeted this about half an hour ago on the way back from the game, everyone wondered where the next goal for Forest was coming from. Everyone wondered where the next win for Forest was coming from. We scored two with 10 men against Bournemouth. A game where we were hard done by, probably should have at least got something. We've scored three away at Newcastle, a crisp or a hat trip against the top six side pretty much. And then we've scored two tonight and it just can't really get much better than that, can it?


I suspect you have a tattoo somewhere that says where is the next goal coming from? I hope so.




Become a bit of a catch for you, hasn't it? Until the last handful of games. But no, you're absolutely right. I mean, you've nailed it. That's the biggest seat. I think that was a really good point that one of the contributors made there just a minute ago about we've become defensively more solid as well. I don't think we've become better defenders individually. I just think as a unit, the way Nuno set us up... I will say we're playing four at the back. We're not being defensive in terms of formation, so there probably has to be an individual improvement as well. But as a unit, Nuno certainly seems to have a set-up in a way that is making us more difficult to break down. But the biggest sea change obviously is at the other end of the field. I think the thing that's really good to see as well is we're getting goals from different places. We're not relying on one player or perhaps a couple of players as we did last season. We've had goals from MGW, which is long overdue. Domingez weighs in as well today. How long before we're in the trend, Matt?


How long before in the trend? Ryan Yates' goal, it's on the horizon. It's a matter of time.


Not long. Not long, fingers crossed Matt. Although I don't know the temperatures at the minute. It was very cold tonight. God knows what it would be like in the trend. Callum, I just wanted to touch on the home atmosphere. Shout out to as well to Monte, took my brother's girlfriend's brother to the game tonight. It was his first Forest game and he absolutely loved it, the atmosphere. And the atmosphere really was electric tonight, Callum. And it's what we expected; the city ground under the lights on a Friday night. And a nice... Or almost for the fans to get something out of paying hard-earned money because it's been really difficult in the past few months, hasn't it?


Yeah, exactly. And you can't get that atmosphere without the performances, without the results. I think even performances will get you an atmosphere like that. The best fans and the best crowd in the world will struggle to pick up the pace when the performances are poor and you're losing game after game after game. And it's so nice that that's been able to happen. I think my dad runs a business who doesn't really get to go to as many games, and he went to the Bournemouth one and he said the atmosphere was unbelievable, even though we lost. And the referee probably helps the atmosphere with that decision. It just was just a mental atmosphere to be in. And then to that night you said that it was just unbelievable to be a part of. And we all know what it's like when it's at its best. It's one of the best in the country, one of the best cities in the country. And I don't want to say one of the best clubs in the country and get carried away, but I just love the club so much and the fans as well, and they deserve it big time.


They deserve this last few games because last season, some of the results, you look back at the Brighton win, bits like that, and they were huge. And those are big nights in the atmosphere and the city draw and everything like that. And they were they were great. But some of them were so big because of the jeopardy and because they were so close, the performances and the results at Southampton at home, it was so big. But this is like the Newcastle game. It was just... It was comfortable and it was enjoyable and it was enjoyable and it was fun and it was counter attacking. Same tonight. It was just we looked better. We looked like a Premier League team and we deserve it because we haven't been a Premier League team for a long time. And it was great fun watching us win loads of games in the championship. It was so fun. And then last season was the opposite because the big wins were big because they were so far and few between. And now it feels nice to have two on the bounds. And I looked and I've got Brentford away next. We can do them.


And if we can, I did another tweet, I saw a Wolves fan say that what Nuno did for them was he helped them believe they could go to Old Trafford, the Etty had places like that and get a win. And two games, I feel like that as well. I'm looking at the fixture list now and I'm not scared. I'm not as worried anymore. I know it's only three games, but I just feel like it's all changed. I feel like the confidence is there for the players and for the fans and they deserve that as well. And that ground where it's rocking, it's a beautiful place.


Yeah. It's nice to be talking. It's just nice to be positive. Really is nice to be talking after a game and be so positive. Mark, the simple question, where can Forrest go after this win? It gives us now three weeks of this winter break until we face BlackPool in the FA called third round. But it gives us now three weeks on the training ground with Nuno for him to get his ideas across more and going into this short break. That win tonight at the City Ground just does everyone the world of good. Yeah.


I mean, it's going to be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. I like Callum's point in regards to they're dropping like a stone right now. I'm excited to play them and get them to the wire before Ivan Tony comes back as well. As I imagine, he's probably going to come back with a bang. That works out for us. There's going to be some work that needs to be done in the transfer market as well, getting players out, as we mentioned on the last episode, Max, and then bringing in a couple of key additions as well. But I think we have to take a moment and talk about my namesake, young Matthew, between the pipes. Another mistake this evening from Turner, who's so bad with his feet, I'm amazed, quite frankly, he can get him into his boots. Yet somehow he manages to make it onto the field with a pair of boots on and then proceeds to do that. It's difficult, though, as far as Turner's concerned. He's such a good... As good as he is with his feet, he's as good as he is with his feet. This is as good as he is with his hands, right?


Would you rather have a goalkeeper that's great with his hands and shoddy with his feet all the other way around? Or would you rather have a Nana who's equally bad with either? There's definitely some work that needs to be done on the training ground, not just with the goalkeepers, of course, and in the transfer market. But I am excited. I'm excited to see what happens in the next couple of fixtures. Keeping this momentum is going to be important, Max. I think there's a possibility here folks get carried away. The reality is, yes, it's the first time this season we've had back-to-back wins, but it's two wins. That's all it is. We need to keep grinding. Players need to stay hungry. Not everyone's had a look in yet, so they're going to be some players champion at the bit to get their time on the field and a new know. I'm definitely excited. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next couple of games in particular hold for us.


Yeah. Callum, just touching on Matt Turner there. Do you think that was tonight a battle of who was the worst goalkeeper between the man you call keeper and then Turner?


I don't know if I wanted you to come to this question because I can't do it anymore. I can't do it. And I think the feet and the hands thing is, if you can't pass the ball back to your goalkeeper, it affects the whole way you play. And it's so bad. It's terrifying. My heart just jumps out of my chest every time it comes towards him. And I just don't want them to pass the ball back to him and you can't play like that. And as good as he is with his hand, there are points where he pushes it back into the wrong place as well. Yeah, I don't want him anymore. I don't want him to be in goal. I think a good player, a good goalkeeper, he's good with his feet and his hand is British Samba in France. I would do anything to get him back to be honest with you. You look at some goalkeepers and they have to be equally gifted with their feet and their hands. And you look around the league and there are some teams who've got some great goalkeepers and Arna is terrible. But around the league, we've been linked with Jose Saar, I think that's probably an upgrade.


If Matt Turner is starting and Nuno is seeing both keepers in training, Vlokodomost must be terrible. And like I said the last time I was on here, I didn't see him make a save, but I didn't see him do anything. So he must not be very good in training at all. And yeah, we need a new goalkeeper desperately because we need someone to make the defense feel confident. Because our defenders have got a bit in the Marillo today, there was a point where he tried his special dribbling up on the other side in Man United's half. And we know he's got that in him, it takes him a while to get back. And then Nia Kata, he's got the odd bit in him as well. And then Joe Warrle is going to be coming in. So we need a goalkeeper that's going to fill the defense with confidence. And Turner isn't that? On corners, I'm terrified to see him come out for the ball. I hate seeing him get the ball to his feet. It's a shame we've got a negative to discuss after that win, but unfortunately, that's what it is. And we can't, I don't think we can continue, because your cost us points, your message tonight, we had to come back again, and to show real courage to come back and win the game because we were comfortable when we were winning 1-0.


And that's what cost us. And even the Tottenham game, I feel like we were on our way back into that, and then he made the mistake. The Liverpool game, we were a little bit further behind. A one-year came on and we started creating bits, but then he made his mistake there. Brentford should have given away a penalty. We probably should have had that point because they should have had a penalty and might have got sent off for that. So it's not like it's his first time. I was in the middle of tweeting after we kicked the ball, I don't know how high he kicked it, I was in the middle of tweeting, he's going to cost us points. At some point, he just has to go, lo and behold, a couple of minutes later, we can see because of him, and it'll cost us points in the future. We have to get a better goalkeeper.


Yeah, I will just play devil's advocate and say that there was a few good saves from him after that did keep us in the game. Ian says there seems to be a lot of trust now building between players, and with that, some confidence, players seem to be enjoying to play again. I think we'll close on that, Mark. Do you agree? It just really seems that it... I know we don't want to get too carried away, but it just seems like the players are playing again. Nuno's brought this new energy, new philosophy across, and it just seems to be going well. And I can see Forest just keep rising at the minute.


Absolutely, Max. Like I said, I'm interested to see what happens with the next couple of games. We don't want to finish on a bum note, but as we're talking about goalkeepers, let's instead get positive about it and point out that in the New Year's honors, one of our own Miracle Men, Peter Hielton, has been awarded a CBE for his efforts in football and also his work with... I want to try gambling harm support because obviously Hielton has been struggling, famously struggling with gambling during his time as a player and immediately post-carea. And it's a lot of work to turn that around and help others do likewise. So congratulations to Peter Hilton CBE.


Yeah, that's quite nice to end on. Yeah, good stuff and nice to be talking about some positivity. For once, Callum, thank you very much. May, I was going to say enjoy the rest of your evening, but God, these half past five kickoffs and when you get in, I think it's bedtime to be fair. And Happy New Year as well, mate. Thank you for all your contributions recently.


Thank you for having us. Thank you so much. Yeah, I think I need to lay down. I've been up since 4:00, but that's a story for a different podcast. But at least I'm going to wake up tomorrow and remember a win and look forward to the future for the first time in a while. So, yeah, thank you for having us and I look forward to coming back on to discuss some more wins.


Definitely. Mark, thank you. Happy New Year, mate.


Cheers, mate. And yourself. Thanks, guys.


Yes. Good stuff. Right. If you've enjoyed this episode of Garibaldi Redd and on Facebook and YouTube, don't drop us a like, share and subscribe. And it's Forest Beat, Man United 2-1, two goals, Forest rocking all over the world and doesn't get much better than that, does it? Happy New Year. See you later.