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Oh, well, good to see you again. First of all, obviously, out here in Spain preseason, well under way, how are you finding things out here?


I think it works pretty well. It's good weather. We train hard, so we're happy to be here.


Good weather is an understatement. I think it's boiling hot out here. It's really tough conditions. The sessions look really tough from watching from afar. How are you finding playing in this heat out here?


It's not easy. It's not easy. It's very intense with this heat, but I think we all enjoy to train here. The weather is good, the vibe is good, so.


We enjoy it. Obviously, two games so far in preseason, two different tests against Notts County and Valencia, but I suppose at the moment it's all about getting minutes in the legs and building that fitness up ready for the start of the season.


Yeah. I think now it's all about fitness and it's a good test. First game I got a local derby. So it was a good test in front of familiar faces. And here in Valencia against a good opponent. So two good tests now. Let's see what will happen in the next days.


You mentioned fitness. How are you feeling yourself? You played 45 minutes against Notts and then over an hour against Valencia. How are you feeling in yourself?


I feel that I'm getting more and more stronger. With the heat, it's not easy. When you see the image, I'm sweating a lot, so I need a lot of water and then it will be fine.


We've obviously got a few younger lads out here as well with Paulie, Joe Gardner, Dale Taylor, etc. As a more senior player, how much are you enjoying helping them along and almost mentoring them and giving them advice this preseason?


I think they are good to have around. They are good players, so it's really easy to talk with them. They are listening to every advice we are giving them. I think we have fun with them too.


Obviously, back in action on Saturday against Le Vente, the last preseason friendly out here in Spain, how much you wanting to end the trip on a high and just get a win, go back to England?


Yeah, it's very important to go home with a win. We don't want to go back with two defeats. So we will do everything to win this game too.


We're not back in England for long. Obviously, we play Leeds and we're flying up PSV. Then back in England again and playing at Frankfurt. I mean, you're used to play in across the world at Belgium. How much do you look forward to going to Germany and Holland to test yourself against them?


I'm very excited because I think it's two good teams and beautiful stadiums with nice fans. So I'm looking forward to this game. I know also a few players from both teams, so it will be a nice game, I think.


Well, you spoke recently, us two, about how much you look forward to the new season. It's getting ever closer now, only three weeks away. How much are you looking forward to the new season?


I'm very excited. I think first game could be the toughest opponent. I think Arsenal is an exciting game in a beautiful stadium. We're all looking forward for this game.