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Then Stan was a rule to himself. I can remember rooming with him. Well, I was told I had to room with him. Frank turned around to me and said, Look, David, you're one of the more sensible ones. I want you to look after Stan and make sure that he's on time and this and whatever. This one night we were going off horse trotting and Stan decided that he wasn't going. I said, Well, look, what am I supposed to do? He said, Well, go out the door, say you haven't seen me. I don't particularly like lying. Liam O'Cain came up to me. He said, Where's Stan? I said, I haven't got a clue. But that night, the alarm bells were going. He'd broken in from a fire exit. He'd been out seeing some young lady. I just had to say to Frank Clark, I just can't room with him anymore.