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Hi there. An exciting message from us just to say that we're adding a second live show this summer after the first one sold out so quickly. It's once again at the Trent Navigation and it's going to be on Wednesday, June 21st. That's the night before the original date which is sold out. On the panel on the first night will be Gary Bertels and Darren Fletcher. It's a 6.30 PM start. They're going to have an interview on the stage and then after an interview, they'll be joined by Greg and Temps for a Q&A with the whole panel. Ticket's priced at £7 with £1 for from each ticket going to switch up Knot and tree tops hospice, respectively. Links to get the tickets are in the description for this video and also in the comments. So thanks for your support. Totally blown away by how fast it sold out the first one. We've had loads of messages from people saying they missed out, didn't even realise tickets were on sale. So we've added this second date. I know a few people are going to come to both dates because it won't be the same. I'll give the full lineups just so people can see the difference if you do find C coming to both.


Night one, Gary and Fletch, and then Greg and Temp s on the panel. Nice to night two, Fletch, again, a warrior stepping up to do both shows. He'll be joined on stage by Lewis McGougan, and then joining them for the Q&A will be M ikey and Emily. Tickets are the same for both prices. I know the NAV, which is obviously a great venue for putting on a barbecue, so you can get your dinner there as well for both nights. So hopefully see you there. Once again, thanks for the support for the live show, the podcast all season. Been a great year and we'll have lots of good stuff to discuss at the show. So hopefully see as many of you there as possible.