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I've never, ever met Mr. Fawaz in my life. It was Mr. Mouranakis in the period just as he was taking over Forest. But I don't think he actually signed the paperwork, but it was that gray area in between that. I remember being told there's 11 loan players over there, 4-1 boys, on serious money. You're into an away game, you're driving on the coach on a Friday afternoon, and you might have 20 players on that coach. You've got 15, 16 boys, not even on the coach, let alone not in the team. I remember reading something derogatory about Frank. Let me tell you, there's not many better in this country in Europe with an eye for a player. Frank should be working at the top end of the Premier League. I don't think he paid hardly a minute. Did he? I think he came on maybe as a sub once, and that was it. The two other guys, I had loan players coming up to me saying that they wanted to go home, they wanted to get out. I didn't even know who they were. I'll never speak ill of anyone, but I just felt we were let down in terms of we hit every single KPI given to us, and then he gets out to Christmas.


Can you imagine if I'd have said at the start of the season to the Forest fans, Now, let's come mid table. If we can come mid table and start to build from there, I would have got battered. What an unbelievable achievement. Not to win it once, but to win it twice. Not the Forest will be champions of Europe. Unbelievable. But it's nearly 40 years ago. We can't keep living off of that. You've just avoided relegation to League 1. You can't say, Yeah, but we used to be European champions. Irrelevant. Irrelevant.