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Have you ever seriously pissed off your in-laws? A few years ago, I started investigating my wife's family history, specifically whether my wife's great-grandfather actually committed a perfect crime. And my in-laws, well, they're not exactly thrilled about it. If you come out with a piece that says he was a murderer, then I will be sorry that we ever said we would contribute. So why am I doing this? Well, the woman who was murdered, she was my wife's great grandmother, and I think she might be haunting the house I grew up in. I woke up because my bed was shaking. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Things also happened to me in that house, things I couldn't explain. But I didn't take any of it seriously until I learned about the others who lived there after me. You now have three completely unconnected families who have had some inexplicable experience on the top floor of that house. Look, I know how this sounds, but I think this all might be more than just a bizarre coincidence because the ghost is a faceless woman. It just so happens that my apparently haunted house is right next door to where my wife's great grandmother was killed by two gunshots to the face.


A murder was blamed on her brother, but I'm not so sure. Obviously, the question was, did Fethe do it? Killed them both. Here I am, trying to figure out, did my wife's great-grandfather get away with murder? Is her great-grandmother haunting my teenage bedroom? And while I'm at it, did I end up marrying into a family because a ghost wants me to solve a case that everyone has got wrong for nearly 100 years? You are deconstructing an age-old story. We're going to be more traumatised by this podcast than we were about the murder, I'll tell you that. There is going to be blood. I'm Tristan Redman, and from Wandery and Pineapple Street Studios, this is Ghost Story, a show about the things that come back to haunt us. Follow Ghost Story wherever you get your podcasts. Episodes out October 23rd.