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The people have chosen to listen to giggly squad because paige was just on the carpet for the people's choice awards.


Is there a podcast category?




I feel like there should be now. I feel like we're in an age where podcasts should be a category at the oscars.


At least something for memes.


Yeah, at least something for the creatives. No, Hannah. Okay, remember how I was saying I could never do stand up by myself because I shake when I walk out on stage?




So my first hit for e was where the fans sit, and they were announcing people and celebrities were walking through, and fans were going crazy. But this was, like, before anyone even got on the carpet. So it was just like me and Aaron standing at the beginning. There were a few gigglers in the crowd, which did make me feel less stressed, better. And so I'm about to do my first thing, and of course, I know that I'm about to start shaking, and I'm in heels, and my knees literally start giving out as I'm doing it. And in my head I'm like, plant your fucking feet, bitch. So then I get done, and my publicist was standing there, and I was like, oh, my God, how was that? I started shaking, and she was like, wait, I thought the wind was blowing because I was like, what's going on with her dress? And I was like, no. That was like, just my body being like, whoa.


This is a lot of adrenaline for a fucking Sunday.


Why are we vertical? Why are we vertical?


No, but let me just take a moment. To acknowledge that people make jokes like, oh, Paige is in bed. Whatever. I'm in bed, too. But you're working your fucking ass off this last week, you've been to every single place on earth, on every show, every outfit, glam every morning. It's really fucking difficult.


I am Kourtney Kardashian right now. I literally can't get glam.


But I do have to say, when I first met you, you said, I want to do correspondence on the red carpet for e. Yeah. And bitch did it. So where do we go?


I freaking did it.


You fucking did it.


Erin Lim was so nice. And so shout out, Erin. It made me feel so comfortable.


Well, she's a pro. No, she's been in the game.


I literally was watching her do all of her interviews, and then when it was my turn, I just would copy whatever she did. Like, I literally was cheating the whole time.


Hey, I'm Erin on the red carpet.


Hi, I'm Erin Lim. Sorry. Pages Orbell. It's so funny because when I used to work at ABC News, while I was supposed to be working, I was watching Erin Lim's Snapchat story show. And so to meet her, I told her that. But my favorite part on the red carpet was, I'm watching the celebrities walk in, and so I'm making eye contact with some of them, and I just smile to be nice. And so there's a show on Netflix called Ginny and Georgia, which I'm obsessed with. I binge it in the first day it comes out, and the main girl on it, who plays the mom, her name's Brianne. Well, Georgia in the, like, we lock eyes, and I just smile, and she mouths, like, I love you. And I'm like, no, I'm freaking out. And then I got to interview her, and it was just like, such. It's just like, girls being like, I felt like such a girl. Like, girls, I don't know, but I've never met in person, like, Brie and grace from Barstool. I've never met them in person, but we saw each other, and it was like, hi. Oh, my God, you look so pretty.


So it was like. It's funny when stuff like that happens.


A beautiful red carpet girls bathroom where everyone's just like, oh, my God, you look so good. Do you have to puke, dude? In my hands. I love you. You're amazing. You're worthy. You're everything.


No, literally, it's all drunk people in a bathroom.


It's so fun to see people. And if they also know you from somewhere and you have these moments, but afterwards I'm so fucking tired because I'm so lit up the whole time with the most insane adrenaline. Are you okay?


No. I literally. Obviously, I immediately vomited when I got home.


Was it before or after the hot dog you posted?


It was after the hot felt. So I feel like I'm such a. Like, we're always fighting the good fight. And I was like, I'm in LA. I'm getting a fucking hot dog. Because I want one person to be like, do you know what's in a hot dog? But it was so good. But also when I got home. Yeah, I must have been so much more nervous than I let my brain realize because the body come down of like, okay. And I did it and it's over and I don't have to think about it anymore. And you crushed it. My whole body. I felt like I'm sick today because.


You were crushing it. But also, my butt will be so sore because I'm clenching my butthole the whole time. I'm standing and I don't realize it. And then I get home and I release my butthole and I'm just like.


No, it's a full body workout.


My butthole is so strong.


My favorite dm of the whole night was Nana.


What did Nana say?


Nana was just like, I love the bang. And I was just like, Nana.


Because Nana doesn't know how to lie.


I don't know what Nana's last name is, actually. What is Nana's?


Delio? Vera de Leo. Shout out to Vera. She listens to every episode.


I call her Nana. And then I'm like, wait, I should probably call her Mrs. And then I was like, no, but she's also my Nana.


But that's funny. I feel like that's you coming from a smaller town, how you respect everyone's parents, and you're like, hi, Mrs. Delia. Where growing up in Parksville, Brooklyn, everyone was like, what's your name? Greg. You would just call parents by their first name. It was crazy. Can you hear that? Sorry. It's like a car alarm going off. Shut up. I'm trying to podcast. So my favorite thing that Nana does is during every award show, she finds an old photo of a gown she wore, and she posts it and she looks better than all the celebrities. And she goes, period. She goes, good luck on the carpet. Trying so hard to not be me tonight.


Here's me from a wedding 20 years ago. You bitches could never.


Just so fucking snatched. So iconic. We love you. Nana?


No. Iconic. But I'm in LA.


You're in LA?




Is there any other behind the scenes of corresponding for E on the red carpet that the giggler should know about?


It's so funny because it's like anything that you've ever gone to in real life and you're like, wow, it looks a lot bigger on tv. You know when you go to a professional baseball game and you're like, okay, they don't have to run that far. But on tv. But on tv, you're like, wow, that's so far. They're so good. And in real life, you're like, move faster.


The pitcher is 3ft from the mound. How do you miss?


I feel like the picture is not that in shape.


That's interesting.


Everything looks so much bigger on tv, and so really, the hosts are all right next to each other, so it feels. It's just there's a lot of crazy.


Like, were you near Laverne?


No, I was right next to us.


I feel like they're going to a whole different planet when they go to a different person.


The glambot is probably the scariest thing I've ever encountered in my entire fucking life.


Can we discuss so on TikTok, if you go to TikTok live, it was a live of just people doing the glam bot, and I got fixated on this. I saw, like, Brooke and Tana came through, so I was screenshotting and texting them. But who thought that was a good idea?


Who was, like, a man?


Maybe one out of 100 people. I'm like, okay, that's kind of cool. Like, their bangs, their hair moved, but.


Otherwise you can only nail it if you have the body structure of Alex Earl. If not, it's so awkward because it's so quick and they're like, and look the hottest you've ever looked in right now. Sorry, you missed it.


And no one could get a redo, right?


No, it's one and done. Next person. And you're like, oh, my God, you forget how to stand.


I'm going to say it right now. If I ever do the glambot, I'm going to make the ugliest face on purpose. I don't feel like anyone's ever done that, and I don't know why, because I'd rather look ugly trying to look ugly and be like, how you couldn't get me. I got myself.


Yeah, no, that's because I would blink.


For sure, and it's just like, blinking or just, oh, my God. Yeah, no, a man definitely thought of that.


I got one piece of advice before I did it from Robin girl, Bostown. She said, keep your eyes open and shut your mouth. And I was like, I feel like a lot of people have said that. Before you go, two things that are.


Very difficult for me. Very difficult. And, like, it's not what I live.


By, but I guess for 1 second, it's fine. Wait.


Shout out, girl. Boss town. Also, I didn't realize normally with a carpet, people are like, you're walking on, you wait your turn. But this one, people had to make, like, a whole entrance. Like a Wwe wrestler. No.


It was so crazy because every time a celebrity would come in, fans would go insane. So I was in the middle of an interview, and then all of a sudden, it was just like I couldn't hear them. Yeah. So I had to just watch their mouths move. And when they stopped talking, then I would start going. The inside of my brain, I felt like, squirrel.


What was your hardest interview moment?


My hardest interview moment was with Lainey Wilson because she was easily the most famous person that I interviewed and I was the most nervous to interview. And when the director was like, counts you down, like three, two, and then honestly, he skips one and he just starts moving his hand like, you're already late. And the prompter didn't correct. From me introducing real housewives of Beverly Hills to then introducing Wilson.


So your enemies are out to get you?


No, my enemies were in full. They had won. In that moment, my enemies were there and they had won, and I gave it to them. And on live, I go, it's wrong. And then it's just my face and I'm like, and it's Lainey Wolf. And so I felt so fucking bad because she was probably like, this dumb bitch. And then it threw me all off. I forgot all my questions. And so then I just went into what I know, and I was like, how'd you pick this outfit?


Honestly? Probably better. That reminds me of when I mispronounced Luan de laceps in the beginning of an hour podcast. And I couldn't get it off my mind for the rest of the time.


But I do have to say, thank God, scary person. To not.


How much did you use the cards? Because you don't want to look down to the cards and then you have a teleprompter.


The cards for me were a prop. I felt like they looked good with my outfit. They made me more news presenter Barbie.




They were like, paige, cards are upside down again. I was like, sorry, I was just.


Going to say something.


And I forgot.


Knowing how I deal with nerves, I would forget every celebrity's name. If there wasn't a teleprompter, the most Beyonce could come up and I'd be like, fuck. It starts with a b.


No, it's actually so funny because before we started, one of the executives came into my trailer and was just like, you know, good luck. And she was like, be yourself. And I was like, right about that. When you say be yourself, what version are you referring to? And I was like, are you talking like full giggly squad page or, like, page who went to college for broadcast journalism? Read the teleprompter correctly. And she was like, okay, definitely not full giggly squad because this is network. And she was like, somewhere in the middle. And I was like, okay, great.


Streaming on YouTube, so they'll be fine.


I'm like, okay, so don't drop the f bomb. Got it.


Which, honestly, it's harder than it sounds. No, that's amazing. Who were you surprised that you vibed with? I love how I'm now interviewing you. So hardcore right now.


I love it so much. I was actually very nervous to interview, which I don't know why because I had met her one time before J wow. And Mike, the situation. And I think I was nervous because.


I've never met J wow.


Or small town italian girl. No, I was starstruck. I was like, no, you guys are my Brad and Jen. So I was very nervous about that. But Jenny is so fucking nice.


No, I love.


She actually made me feel so much more comfortable when she was stepping onto the platform before we started going because she was like, oh, my God, I'm so excited for you. So that made me feel really comfortable. So it was fun interviewing them. So I think they were, like, one of my favorites.


It is funny how a little thing like her just smiling towards you can make the whole interview better where a little thing like them not making eye contact, you'll be like, they hate me. They hate me.


No, that's so true. Because here's the thing. Everyone's living their own journey and coming up with their own conspiracy theories in their head. A perfect example of that happened. So there was this one producer that was standing on the floor and she kind of had a headset on. She was kind of, like, directing celebrities where to go next and whatever. And she was so pretty that I couldn't stop looking at her as she's doing her job. And I was like, wow, this girl probably thinks I'm insane because we keep locking eyes, and I'm just staring at her. But in my head, I was like, this girl should be on the red carpet. She is so pretty. And so then at the end of the show, we're, like, standing next to each other, and I turned to her and I was like, sorry. I was literally staring at you the whole time because you're so pretty. And she was like, okay, I thought you were staring at me because you were like, what is this girl doing? She looks insane. And I was like, no, you made that up about yourself. But I do the same thing.


And you probably had, like, slightly stressed face on, given the situation. And then you were staring at her and you weren't giving, like, no, we.


Know what I look like.


Yeah. I didn't want to say it, but also, you straight up hit on her. No, you go, hey, don't want to bother you, but I've been staring at you across the room.


1 second away from being like, where's my hug?


Why aren't you smiling, babe? You've been working all night. You didn't smile once you got a man. No.


I hate myself.


That's so exciting. But I think the reason why I like to watch award shows is because you never know what's going to happen in those chaotic, crazy moments of celebs and those quick back and forth and then them on the red carpet and stuff.




It was very interesting. I'm so proud of you.


Thank you so much.


But the gigglers at this point, they manifest it and they just, like, know. I feel like they just know. They're like, yeah, obviously.


No, all the gigglers in my dms were so fucking nice. And I feel like that energy really does make a difference in the universe.




And so I was like, honestly, I felt like at one point, I was like, just act like you're doing, like, a giggly squad live. There are possibly more people at your giggly squad live show than are watching right now, so chill out.


But literally, in situations, I'll be insecure, but I'll just tell myself, I know there's at least one giggler watching and enjoying this. Yes, and I'm fine. It's like in the Taylor Swift documentary, she's like, no one out there actively hates you. Don't be dead eyed. No, the gigglers are my fucking everything.


I have to bring this to someone's attention because it's all over my for you page.




Have you seen the thing where the girl has the 50 part series called who's the man I married? Like, who is this man I married?






Is it done or is it still going?


No, it's done. She posted the final part. It's 50 parts, so she wrote it. I obviously watched them all. I don't think people know that you can watch TikToks on two times speed because I got through that.


How do you do that, Hannah?


The little share button on the right hand side, you click that and then swipe all the way over, and it says, playback speed. And you can click two times. Or you just hold down on the right side of the screen and it plays it two times.


Wait, that's so important because there have been so many moments where they're like, this is the secret to living a happy life. And I've been like, I can't fucking wait any longer.


No, I actually got nervous the other day because I realized I watch a lot of TikToks on two times speed, which means my attention span is getting less and less.


A literal squirrel, a cricket, which means.


I identify with Gen Z more and more, which is, welcome to the crew.


So you watch your series.


So I watch this literal, short, limited series. It's all about this woman who married this man, was with this man for a year, and every single thing he told her was a lie. And she had to put the pieces together, contacting family members. So many things in the universe happened for her to find this stuff out. It was not a coincidence. It is so insane. This man would lie about things that he also didn't even need to lie about. And she was like, some people were giving her a little bit of shit of, why are you airing all your dirty laundry? And all this stuff? And she said something where she was like, I don't consider myself stupid. And there is part of me that believed certain lies because I wanted to believe it, but I needed to put this whole thing out because women go through this all of the time. And she was like, I never had in my life have I come in contact. She was like, I've come in contact with a compulsive liar, but never a pathological liar who lies about every single thing. And it's so textbook. And I do feel like girls go through it so much, but can't compare it to anything.


It's just an insane series. If you have a free 48 hours, I suggest you watch it because it takes so long.


No, her doing that, it's like she figured something out, and she wants to potentially help someone else figure something out. But also, you don't want every girl for a guy to be like, oh, I'm going to go get a sandwich. And they're like, are you? You become super paranoid.


You literally never know.


I did date a guy in high school, which I don't even think that counts, but he was so charming, so funny, but he lied about everything, but I thought he was funny. I'd be at a party and someone come up to me and be like, his dad's a priest. And I'd be like, no. And then he'd be like. Or he'd put a celebrity's name in his phone and be like, yeah, I text him all the time, but it was always like, to random people, not to me, but it's like, if they'll do the little stuff, they'll do the big stuff. And then he was like, lying about what college he got into. And I knew someone at the college, and I was like, did he visit your college and meet you guys? And they were like, we've never heard of him. And I called him and was just like, yo, did you really go to that college? And he was like, I did. And I was like, okay, I've had fun knowing you, but this is weird. And then I went to college.


Here's the thing about lying. I forget. So there's just no way I would be able to keep it up if it's not something I care about. I'm forgetting it. I'm putting it out of my brain.


At the end of the day, I get in trouble for being too honest. And if that's how I go, that's how I go. Okay. If that's how I go, that's how I go. Because at least at the end of the day, I can say I was honest. And if the truth hurt too much, the truth hurt. But who am I to change the stars?


No, pathological liars are. Honestly, they're smarter than me.


They get off on it.


That was the other part. He would lie. And she was like, I think he would actually get off on me getting excited about something, knowing that's never going to actually happen. She's never going to actually get this new car that I told her I'm buying for her because I think lying.


My biggest pet Peeve, I think it's my number one.


I just think sometimes it can be scary because it's like, oh, I don't even have anything to do with the reason why you're lying. There's something in your brain that's not computing correctly, and that's scary to me, honestly. My biggest fear is the human brain. It's so scary what it's capable of. And just the fact that there's something that doctors are like, yeah, we don't know a lot about.


Yeah. Pathological lying is just, like. Is a couple steps away from serial killer. It's, like, all connected. But there was a slight breeze when you were six that hit a nerve that didn't turn you into Jeffrey Dahmer. And then you wonder, do you have empathy for someone who's a serial liar? Because it's not their fault. It's like, clearly a.


Clearly there's something wrong.


Yeah. Can it be fixed? Something therapy? So anyway, I mean, this is way above our pay grade.


Way above our pay grade. This special segment is presented by Macy's and acas. Creative. Okay, so one of my ins for 2024 is I feel like I'm always. I like to switch up my style, but I feel like I'm really entering my girly, girly era. Not that I haven't always been super girly, but I just feel like I don't wear enough dresses. And I've ordered a few dresses, and I'm like, even though we live in New York City and it's so cold, I can still pull off a dress. Like, I love a knee high boot. So I'm very into dresses for 2024.


I am going to argue with you, even though I shouldn't, what I'm going to do in 2024 and tell me if I'm wrong. I want to bring ties back.


Neck ties. I love it.


The thing is, it's very hard to pull off. But, like, next giggly squad episode, I want to have, like, a button down with a tie and just see the vibe.


Okay. Can I say something?




I pulled a dress and an outfit, this tweed dress, and I was like, oh, that would be really cute if you put, like, a button up on and a tie with it and if you had to go to a meeting, but you have to get a dress that's like. And I'm sure they have them on. Like, you have to get a dress that's, like, a little bit lower neckline. So you can see that. I think it's like a tie.


Nostalgic because, like, avril Lavigne did it. We didn't do it when she was doing it. We were like, that's fun for her. I can't pull it off.


Gator then and now I feel like.


It can be very chic, preppy. It's like prep school vibes.


Yeah. It's like, oh, we went to a private school.


It's also giving, like 80s businessman.


It's also giving Barbara Walters.


Yes, I think I'm going to do that. But I also do. I love a dress. I think you should be able to wear dresses any season. I also talking about the preppy vibe, like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren is on Macy's, on the Macy's app. And they have a lot of really classy stuff.


No Ralph Lauren. I've always been really scared of it because I'm like, I don't know if I'm that preppy, but now that it's the old money esthetic, it's very Sophia Richie.


And you can mix high and like, it's not to be all prep.


And also, let's just be honest, sometimes picking out an outfit is exhausting. So knowing that, oh, I have this really cute dress, I can throw tights on with it, or I can do like a knee high boot. You don't even have to figure out pants.


Do you know Macy's also has mango on it?


No. I love it so much. Most of the stuff I get is from mango on Macy's because then mango won't have. Yeah. And Macy's does. Yes.


And I love how they organize. You can see what's trending, what's contemporary and what's like.


Yeah, it's not just like all the dresses in one spot.


I get very overwhelmed. I can't shop, like, physically going to shop. I'm like, I don't understand the rules. I know what's happening. I don't want to talk to people.


Yeah, I need to go home. So if you're looking for a new wardrobe this 2024 and you're changing your ins and outs and you want to get some more dresses or maybe even necktie, make sure you head over to Macy's. Com slash dresses.


And my favorite thing about dresses is you don't have to pick a top and a bottom. You just have an outfit. If you're a lazy girl.


Acast recommends.


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Now, acast is home to the world's best podcasts, including the David McWilliams podcast. I'm grand Mam and the one you're listening to right now.


Speaking of my looks, I know the only reason why I can't be a supermodel is because when I'm walking through the crowd, like, doing my walk, if I made eye contact with a men, I do something stupid. Like, there was a, like, if you.


Were at a Runway show and I was sitting in the. What would you do?


Gun to your head. You cannot make a face when you walk down this red carpet. Even if you lock eyes with someone you know, you have to keep focused. There's photographers. You have to keep your face calm. I'll say, shoot me. Shoot me right now. Because there was a video of, like, Irina. She's one of the famous ones.


Irina Shake.


Yes. Irina Shake. She was walking and she said, irina shake.


Listening to this being like, okay, notice.


No, I didn't want to mispronounce it.


Wait, we didn't even fucking talk about.


We'll go back to it.


Rita aura being a giggler, but keep going.


Yeah. Oh, my God. Everything's happening. So she sees her friend who's recording the video, and she gives, like, this little cute smirk and keeps walking. And I go, that was classy. That was cute. That's not in me. I would be like, holding in laughter. I'd be like, do like a piece. I would do something stupid. But that's like me with crowd work. I'll be like, don't say something to that man on the front with a stupid hat. Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it. And then I have to say it in front of 1000 people. So anyway, I don't have the self control.


What is it about, though, when you're not supposed to laugh that shit really?




Funny. It's a feeling. Here's why it's such a good feeling. It's so wrong, but it feels good.


It's like a qtip.


No, there's no laugh. Okay. I went to a catholic school my entire life. So every Friday we would have to go to chapel. And so you would go to chapel with your class weigh me and you.


Would have been evicted from heaven.


No, I never fucking got in trouble in school, except for in chapel. I was like, look, guys, you can't pull me in a silent room with my friends and not burst out.


I wasn't going to laugh. But now that I'm not allowed to laugh, suddenly I knew I have to.


No, I have to. And it's a feeling that people, I feel like, don't get to experience enough in adulthood.


I have to tell a story. There was this company that wanted to get on the phone to talk to us, and they wanted to see if me or you were available. You were not available. So I was like, I'll take it. Actually, I don't think we asked you. I was like, I'll just do it.


I don't even remember.


Yeah, I don't even remember that. So I'm on with Grace. And they were like, this is really important. We have to talk to Hannah. And they are just not saying anything important. And I was like, that's fine. And then, like, ten minutes go by, and they're still talking. And I can feel grace next to me. I can feel her holding it, laughing.


Wait, are you in person or. You're on.


I'm sitting with grace on a zoom, and I could feel her. Like, I'm looking at her face through the zoom next to me, and she has her hand kind of over her mouth, and I think she's laughing, knowing that I'm thinking, like, why the fuck did they make this a big deal when this could have been an email type thing? So she starts doing the shakes, and I'm like, oh, no, you're not. So then I do like the cough thing where you just have to let a little out. It's like, yeah, no.


If anyone knows Hannah and knows when she's uncomfortable, her telltale sign is a fake cough. I feel like there have been situations where I've looked at you and been like, I can't believe you just pulled the fake cough out right now. Are you fucking kidding?




In this time, right now, in this economy? No. Grace is so fucking funny. We were in the car on our way to the people's choice awards. Okay? It's like 09:00 a.m. We're going to hair and makeup. And she turns to me and she goes, people think you're a bitch. And you are. And I was like, good morning.


She meant that as a compliment. Yeah.


And she goes, no, this is a compliment. You're a bitch at the right time.


She's so wise. She's like our Yoda. Yeah.


I was like, thank you so much. She's like, you're a bitch when it's important to be a bitch, but you're actually really nice.


Or like, you gaslight people to think you're going to be such a bitch that when you're slightly not, they're like, you're incredible.


No, I literally walked in. Literally, we got out of the car, walked into the trailer, and I was like, my assistant just called me a bitch.


No, I was recently with her, and someone like, giggler came up to me, and I was like, oh, my God. Hi. Love you. And then Grace said something in the conversation. I go, oh, by the way, this is Grace, the girl. Her mouth dropped. She goes, you're Grace. Like, fully freaks out. I think she actually shoved me, shoved me away and was like, this is the Grace. Like, the Grace. And I was like, yeah, okay. Grace just standing on business. Anyway, shout to Grace.


She's the now I'm obsessed with.


She's our CEO.


Also, my mom yelled at me.




Wait, last thing about Grace, my mom yelled me because she was like, what are you guys going to do tonight? This is, like Saturday night. And she was like, what are you going to do tonight? You should really take Grace out to dinner. And I was like, grace wants to get in the bed and not see me until tomorrow. And that's what I want to do. And she was so mad at me. I thought that I was being mean to Grace. I was like, grace doesn't want to hang.


I mean, you're like, yeah, I'll get delivery to her room.


Yeah, anything she wants.


Yeah, anything she wants. I did torture Grace, though, last week, because I'm doing, like, a comedy set at orange theory. And they were like, we want you to roast orange theory. And I haven't done orange theory in a while. And they're like, can you come to a class? And I was like, only if Grace comes with Grace. No.


And that's definitely an HR violation. I don't think you can legally make your employees work out.


I've did it to her before with about yoga. But I'm like, grace, it's fun. It's like, we're being healthy. She's like, yeah. And then we get there, there's a heart monitor thing. She's dying. And then I'm dying. And we're both at the red.


Part of working for giggly Squad is taking a stress test because we're anxious girlies. We need to know where you're at.


The worst part about this was I also peer pressured her to eat a full bagel she met at my place. And at 10:00 a.m.. I'm italian. So I go, what do you want to eat? Like, we need breakfast.


Wait, she told me that.


And I have no self control when it comes to, like, if I'm craving something, I don't care what's going on around it. I'm eating that fucking food. And sometimes I crave healthy stuff and sometimes I don't. And I said, we're getting an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. She said she wanted it untoasted, which, interesting. I don't judge. I support women in the arts. But I was like, right, why? And she was like, I don't like when the cream cheese melts. And I'm like, I get it.


But it doesn't melt. It gets a little toast.


So I was like, okay, psychopath. So she was already like, I was confused. And then we ate it all.


She's already on thin ice.


We get to orange theory immediately. We're like, the bagel is a bad choice. I don't know what. I thought they were going to take it easy on me because I was, like, there for research. No, they started doing, like, a competition, and I didn't even know the rules of the competition. But I'm like, grace, we have to win this competition. And she's like, the bagel was in my throat.


Is it you guys running on a treadmill? Where is the heart monitor?


Okay, so they put a heart monitor around your arm and then you see everyone's name and their heart rate. No, it's the thing. You want your heart rate to be like green or red. It means you're working yourself hard enough. But during the warm up, ours was like red because we're at our shame. And then I started to cheat, obviously. So then my heart rate got really low, and the guy came up to me who was teaching the class, and he was like, is your thing on correctly? And I'm like, no, I'm fucking slacking because I going to puke and it's embarrassing.


So anyway, no, I had to row school anymore. I'm not showing my work. No.


How did you get this? How did you get to 4 miles on the treadmill?


Show your work. Fuck you. No, I hated it in school. I'm not doing it in real life. Like, you're not seeing my heart monitor. HIPAA violation.


Wait. Show your work. I'm so triggered by you saying that. I'm going to start saying that to people. Show your work. Show your work.


It's so triggering honestly if you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you. And he says, he got from point a to point b.


Show your work.


Show your work. Because I do not believe you. I do not believe that you did not cheat and show your work.


My favorite is when you finally get in that moment where the teacher is like, there's no fucking way you got from this to this. How did you get there? And you have to try to explain.


Or when you would show your work and it was different, but you still got the right answer, and it was like half off. Is this Russia? Are you fucking kidding me? I still got the same answer.


I did the rest of my head. I did the rest of my head.


I was like, I couldn't see that far on the person next to me's paper.


Whatever happens, being effortless. Why do I have to show my work? What if I'm just an effortless queen?


Also, how many teachers out there are so pissed when they were like, you're not going to have a calculator on you as an adult? And it's like, guess again, bitch. We have chat GBT.


People have chat nowadays. That's like what the kids use. I mean, it's crazy.


No, it's so good that I'm not in school when these cheating.


Yeah, you would have been in jail.


The way the kids are cheating these days.


They're cheating.


I would have been running ponzi schemes. It would have been too.


But it's also like, okay, then when they have to go in the real world and they have to put together an email, they're going to use chat GBT anyway. So at the end of the day, it's like grammar. The world's evolving. But the thing is, chat GBT, it gets it wrong. 15% of it is always, like, wrong. I feel like. And with comedy, you can put in, like, hannah Burner joke, and it'll say, like, actually, I want to put it in. I just downloaded it this last week because my little cousin told me about.


It whenever I'm on FaceTime with Craig. Let's write things into chat GBT and.


See what it says. Wait, so funny. So I said, hannah. I'll write Hannah Burner joke. This is the rest of the podcast. This is all we do. Hannah Burner joke. Write a Hannah burner joke. See, I already. It's confused me. Write a Hannah burner joke. What if this is my next special? It's all chat GBT jokes. And everyone's like, okay, I love if you.


It'll give you, like, a bio on yourself, too.


Yeah. Why did the cell phone break up with its charger because I found another connection that was more energized than being plugged in. It's like Tinder free electronics. Okay, so it's doing, like, dating stuff, but it's like, the jokes don't hit. Right. It also said that I was on below deck Mediterranean. In my summary, it said what? It said that I appeared on shows like summer house or below deck Mediterranean. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Wait. It just shaded the fuck out of me.


What'd it say?


It said, if you're looking for a joke she's made, you might want to check out her social media. Keep in mind her humor may vary and be subject to personal taste and context.


Okay, so our enemies work at chat GBT, and that seems fucking.


Would they say that about a male comedian? Would they say that about a male comedian? Anyway, also, oh, my God. Before I did orange theory the night before, I was like, oh, I have a important, crazy workout class the next day. It's going to be intense. I ordered indian food.




I think sometimes I do it for the plot.


Yeah, you literally like to see what happens. It's the same mentality, like when we work with a makeup artist we've never worked with before. You love the drama. You're like, have you ever done a cat eye? And they're like, no. And you're like, great, let's try it.


And then if it doesn't work out, I get upset. I get upset. Make that happen to myself. Do I self sabotage?


No, not when things that matter.


Yeah, just like my makeup for every giggly.


No, you do it for things that are like, it'll be fun to see what happens, but nothing that would be detrimental.


When I know something's going to be bad. Regardless, I'm like, let's eat indian food to just make it even more exciting. I remember being like, oh, I felt it all on the treadmill. But no, orange theory was actually really fun.


You're like, let me feel something.


I just want to feel alive in this life. Also, what is your opinion, speaking of makeup on mascara on the bottom lashes, I feel like this has been a long debate that no one's been talking about, and we have to wait.


Are people talking about this on TikTok?


Not really, but I am.


Okay. I have a very strong opinion, and I go one way, so I'm very interested to see if you're the same or opposite when it comes to bottom mascara. I think it's an absolute, necessary, and a must. I think my eyes don't look complete without it. Do you not use what's so crazy.


Which is so on brand for us. I never do bottom mascara, hannah one, because I have not to humble brag. I have, like, abnormally long bottom lower lashes. Yeah. Where I'll do it and then it kind of gets everywhere. And then someone told me not to be ageous, that it can make you look older, interesting. And your eyes look less bright. And I love looking older and wised and smart. And someone told me it can also make your eyes look smaller, especially if you do undereye liner.


Yes. If you do undereye liner to make your eyes look bigger. This is kind of crazy. You have to do liner in here.


Oh, that's helpful for the listeners.


Grace, clip this in your waterline on the top.


In your waterline on the top, you put.


Yes, on your top lid. In the waterline, you have to put black mascara. It is so crazy. The difference. It's what makes your eyes look like the fox, like, dough eyed. It just completely opens them. It's insane. But I guess I don't.


Do you put a lot of mascara on the bottom?


No, but I have to touch it with the.


You have to touch it a little bit.




I think I'm also just, like, a mess. Like, it gets everywhere. Do you remember? Well, you were at all girls squirrel, squirrel, squirrel school, we'd wear makeup, and then by the fifth period, one eye I was scratching and the makeup's everywhere. And then the other eye, I go in the bathroom and I had a fucking chunk of mascara by my nose. And I'm like, how many periods?


I think in another crushes did I see in another lifetime? We definitely were in high school together. You would have loved. I know that you loved boys and were boy crazy, but you would have loved all girls high school. You would have thrived so much because not everyone loves an all girls high school. And I will say I had a very particular grade of women. Like, we were unlike any other grade in our school.


Yeah, you loved your grade.


I loved my grade. We never won a single event, not one time in all four years did we win anything when we competed against iconic because we didn't care. We were like, sorry. And we all went out. We all partied. But the thing about an all girl school that you would have loved was, like, there truly was zero judgment when you showed up to school and how you looked and how you took care of yourself during the week, nonexistent. It was so like, you rolled out. I would have died if I went to school with men because I would have killed my mom for my outfits every single day and how I look. And I just.


No, the outfits every day were so important. The beginning of the school year. Like, the outfit you chose. Who are you this year? But it was, like, exciting. But I would argue that a Catholic all girls school was way more fucking boy crazy than our school. Because we just go and you see all the guys, and so and so is dating so and so. And you have your crush that you make eye contact with once every three days. Maybe you see him, you go on aim. You hope he talks to you.


If there was a straight man anywhere on campus, everyone knew about it. When I was a senior in high school, my favorite ex boyfriend would bring me lunch to school or put shit on my car or whatever. And he was, like, a good looking high school. He was, like, an attractive guy. Everyone would know when he was in the parking lot, people would come in during classes and be like, Paige's boyfriend is like, we could sniff it the fuck out.


No. But I also know that all male schools, you guys would live for the weekend and be like, this school and that school is hanging out with that. Or, like, what dances you're going to.


I like to think all girls high school kept me out of a little bit of trouble.




Because if there was a chance you could make out with a boy at your school, I would have been doing it.


No. Yeah, you would have been trouble for sure, because. No. Yeah. I had a friend who she would, like, have sex. It was Manhattan, so she would leave the school. They would play hooky and go have sex in the whole foods bathroom in Lincoln center.


That's insane. I still had his terrifying.


The second I got a boyfriend and he was a senior, and so they didn't care about school. I'd be like, walking. And they'll be like, where are you going? And I'd be like, class. And they'd be like, no. Hang out here with us. I started skip class because my boyfriend was there, you know, going to school.


We're in our 30s.


Do you know sometimes the gigglers, I think a lot of them know, but then some of our younger gigglers forget, and then they'll hear that I'm 30, too. And they'll feel gaslit. Like, they'll be like, what? No, you guys, age is made up.


Sometimes I'll hear someone say my age, and I'll be like, how fucking dare. You know I'm not.


I think times have changed. Everyone's like, oh, 40 is the new. Really? Think, oh, my God, I had this idea. We're the first generation of old people that are going to be good at technology.


Yeah. We're the first generation who grew up with it, grew up having.


There'll be new technology that we'll be confused about, of course, like, even Chachi BT. But we're the first generation that will pull out an iPhone and be like, da da da da da da. And no social media. So I think it's going to keep.


I find us to be an adaptable. We're an adaptable generation. Generation.


Okay, big word.


Like, throw it at us and we're going to vibe with it.


I feel like, okay, big word.


Marketers and business owners, you've been pining after a certain someone. Your job's on the line. You're desperate for them to like you back. Here's a word of advice from me. Talking is hot. Just you and them, finally alone, like the two of us right now. Maybe under the duvet or at the back of the bus, headphones on, one on one. Podcast advertising is proven to be one of the best ways to catch their attention. So surprise them while they're tuned in, while the moment's right, say a line or two. That really gets them going. Next time, if you want to win over your special someone and build some brand love, experiment with something new, just talk to them. Advertise on more than 100,000 podcast shows with Acast head to go. closer to get started.


Wait, we totally forgot to talk about the Today show and Rita aura. Spill the fucking beans.


Honestly, what a day to be there. I'm like, guys, the drama follows me. I didn't ask for I'm.


Do you know things?


No. Honestly, couldn't have been more oblivious.


You were like, I was just staring at myself in the mirror.


No, I didn't even know Jenna wasn't supposed to co host with, like, I didn't even know it was, like, a special guest host. They put me in the same green room every time. I don't even know where these other alleged green rooms are. I've never even seen them. It's so funny because that day, there were a lot of a list celebrities there. And when I walked in, one of the girls who was working said, oh, we have this curtain that you can sit behind if you need your own space. And I just kind of looked at her, and I was like, oh, I don't need my own space. I don't have to sit behind this curtain. It's okay.


She just puts a towel over your head.


She's like, the flipping is.


Don't want to see you right now. I'll just close my eyes.


No, they've never offered me my own space before, so I was like, I don't need.


Maybe they were triggered by something that happened.


Yeah. So I'm like, oh, it's okay. You can give it to someone else or something. I'm fine just sitting on this bench here. I'll just wait. So I'm sitting back there. My models who I'm dressing are back there changing, and then everyone who's in that hour, who's, like, a guest, is in that room. So there was, like, a woman who was doing, like, a cooking thing, and we're all sitting there, and it's a room. Segments, so many segments. And so when I got there, there were so many paparazzi, and I'd never seen that before. So in my head, I was like, oh, my God, someone like crazy must be doing the Today show. So when I walked in, everyone was like, oh, jlo was here earlier. And then I'm sitting there, and I see Rita aura walk in, and I got so starstruck because, one, I didn't expect her to be as tall as she. Like, she's really gorgeous. Like, she's gorgeous on tv, but in person, she's gorgeous. And, like, the way she walks, she's very elegant. You just immediately look.


Wait. I actually saw her once when I was, like, bartending an event, like, seven years ago, and she was walking, and everyone's staring at her. And, yeah, she had this long ponytail, and her energy was, like, star power.


Yes. She gives off energy of, like, I control this whole room, and I haven't even said a word.


And I love her fashion.


Yeah, she looked really good. So I see her walk in and go to the back where the dressing rooms are, where my models are getting changed, and she's getting touched up. Then I see her, and it's, like, 30 minutes until my hour starts, like, the 10:00 hour. So then I see producers coming in, like, five minutes before the show is about to start, and then all of a sudden, Rita Ora is on the camera, and then I hear people being, talking about Kelly Roland, and I'm like, oh, I didn't even know she was supposed to co host, and no one said anything to me. And in my head, I was like, oh, I would have stepped in. I said it to one of the producers, and she just looked at me, and she was like, yeah, we went with Rita ora.


Wait, so they were saying Kelly Rowland had to drop.


They, I, like, couldn't hear, but they were like, will Rita do?


Was she was supposed to be there for just a segment.


Yeah, she was there getting interviewed, and then they were like, hey, will you stay? And she was like, yeah, sure. And so then she did it.


Were you told that you were going to be interviewed by Kelly Rowland originally?


No, I had no idea.


Oh, yeah. So you're in the dark, you have a towel on your head.


I'm still standing behind the curtain, like, waiting for my name to be called.


Wait. So for people who don't know, Paige goes on the Today show, and then a couple hours after, everyone's saying, kelly Rowland storms out of the Today show because she didn't like her dressing room. But then if you look at the comments, people were not having it. People were like, how dare you spread this filth about Kelly Rowland. She's an angel. She's perfect. We're obsessed with her.


No way.


The fans were not having the Kelly Rowland slander.


Wow. Okay. So I don't know. Here's the other thing that's like a crazy part. I don't even know what dressing rooms they're talking about. Like, where even are these elusive dressing rooms? And I can't imagine.


Well, where's, like, Hoda?


I have no idea.


Wait, it is giving real housewives, though, when you walk in and the bedrooms kind of smaller than the girl next to you, and you're like, can I.


Talk to them about. Here's the other thing. I've never been to the Today show where they've had that many really big.


Stars at the same time.


Jlo, Kelly Roland and Rita Ora is an insane lineup in general.


Yeah. Well, I hope that whatever happened with Kelly, she's okay.


I hope everyone's recovered. And I hope the biggest takeaway was that Rita Ora is a giggler.


Oh, yeah. So how did you figure that out?


So when I first sat down, Rita Ora says hi. So nice, like a normal person. And I was like, okay, but this isn't a normal person.


Also, she's british. That's cool.


That's cool. That means she's like eyebrow comedy.




And so I was just like, oh, my God, I'm the biggest fan ever. And she was like, oh, my God, like, giggly squad. I listen. And so I wasn't even going to say anything because we hadn't started going yet. So then when they introduced me, I said to like, everybody's just treating you so normal, and I'm over here. So starstruck and then it was Hoda, who by nature, I feel like, feels like a giggler, said, oh, and Rita said, she listens to your podcast, so she's the one that called it out, which is a girl's girl. And so then I was just, like, in my head the whole time was, I can't wait to tell know.


You texted me and Grace, and we were like. And I think we were together laughing on that Zoom call. Also, no, you're so right. Hoda gives giggler energy.


She gives giggler for sure. She's wearing all leather. Like, all black leather. I was like, I feel like we're soul sisters.


I have a conspiracy theory now, because we've heard a couple rumors about certain celebrities that listen to giggly squad. So then in my delusional head, I'm like, oh, it's the podcast that the celebs listen.


No, I feel like if we still had e true Hollywood stories, we would be referred to as the podcast of the know. And it's what makes it so Kim.


K. Goes to get her vampire facial. She turns on giggly squad.


And the craziest part is, like, we've never had a guest ever in our. Like, I don't even count Trevor as a guest because he's a.


Like, do we even call this a podcast? What?


Is this weird?


Also, people didn't say it, but I feel like Hailey listens. Hailey Bieber.


People are saying it with their. Like, they're saying it with their energy.


My mom listens. Nana still got it listens.


And that's my Hailey Bieber.


Hailey Bieber. Oh, my God. Well, you're fucking doing so much out here. Why did you write Pilates? My neck.




My pussy and my cry.


Why did I write Pilates? My neck, my back.


Are they hurting?


Oh, no. I must have written this down when I was in health hour of my life.


Oh, to help your neck and your back?


Yeah, if there are any, because I feel like I've talked about my chiropractor and on giggly squad, and a lot of gigglers have gone to him. He's on 26th and fifth. His name is Dr. Kang, K-A-N-G. But whatever. I am obsessed with him, but I always have neck and back pain. And I'm not kidding. I've only done, like, eight Pilates classes. I feel like already it has so improved my back and my neck pain that I'm actually in shock whenever you.


Say neck and back.


I just. We're combining Pilates and hip hop yoga here. Okay.


Oh, my God.


So if the girlies are nervous to start working out, me and Hannah have.


Just started, so we're on our beginning of our journey. I love how it took us four years to be like, guys. Maybe the whole, like, move your body and make you feel better. Maybe there's something.


Maybe they're on to something.


But you know what's crazy? You've invited Sierra, but you've never invited me to do Pilates. And I thought that was, like, you know, our history with the wedding.


You know what's funny? I went to Pilates the other day, and I didn't invite then.


But she was there.


No, but I was walking in. I was like, wait, what if she's here? You both cheat on each invite her. And then I was like, but then that would mean she didn't invite me either. So we are even, bitch. Like, I had a fake fight with Sierra Pilates the other day.


You both are like, spider Man's pointing at each other. I want to ask Grace to go to hip hop yoga, but I'm afraid that there's, like, a weird power dynamic where she feels forced to go.


Let's let her come to us. Yeah, let's let her ask us. I would love if you came to Pilates, because I want to come to a hip hop yoga.


Okay, well, now you're coming into my.


Territory, and we'll see what happens.


I think it'll be hilarious. We'll give a review for people don't know.


Imagine we opened a workout studio, like.


The giggly squad workout studio, and there's a nap section.


It's like sleeping pods. You can come and get, like, stretched and then take a nap.


You can also turn around if you want to, and we won't charge you.


There's, like, lasagna in a vending machine. It's like, take it on your way out. It's, like, comforting.


Isn't that just lifetime fitness?


Wait, no, there was a gym in Albany. There was a planet fitness in Albany. And they would order pizza every Friday, and I never.


I was like, free pizza.


Such a weird collab.


Very Italian. No, I know. Also, in terms of watching stuff.




Desler are watching this thing called the killing, but people are from Denmark. They speak. I don't know what they're speaking. I've been watching eight episodes, and I don't know what language this is, but I'll tell you, it's not English.


Wait, have you watched any? Love is blind?


I do have to say, even though I can't watch reality tv because I'm triggered. That's the show I would watch because it's good, but they torture them if.


You'Re going to dive into it. This is definitely the season to dive into, really? Because they nailed it with the casting.




Like, last season and the season before. I didn't even finish because if the casting isn't spot on, the whole show is a sham. And this year, they're casting perfection. It's so good.


I feel like the producers for sure must get in their ears in terms of, they know, like, oh, if this guy picks this girl, it's going to be fucking epic. They're definitely like, dude, oh, my God. The way.


No, they've definitely upped their reality tv producing this season.


And then they all hang out still afterwards when they're all technically married.


No, they literally all go on vacation and meet up, and then they see what everyone looks. Well, they see what all the couples look like.


I actually met, you know, giannina from the first season. So she's with Blake from the bachelor.


And they're having a baby. Yep.


I was gonna say they were gonna.


Have a boy or a girl, but then I forgot what they were having, and so I didn't want to mess it up, so then I forgot how to talk. But they are with child.


But Blake has a special place in my heart because I was going through some hard times with reality tv, and he went through, like, an insane thing with the bachelor her. And he ended up posting screenshots to show that he wasn't, like this person they were trying to. And we had this moment where he was very. It's hard because it's such a specific experience, and he was just very insightful, and I love him for that.


And she's so sweet.


She's sweet, she's funny, she's beautiful. So they come to my show in Denver.


Yes, I saw that.


And she made a comment like, oh, don't judge me by the show. And I'm like, bitch, that show was so insane. The fact that you ran away on the altar was the most sane thing that happened. The fact that you didn't want to marry a guy you met through a wall four days ago, that was completely sane of you. You were the only sane one.


If someone says, don't judge me based off, no, I won't. I would never.


No. But she decided not to marry the guy she met for six days, and they made it seem like she was insane. I go, thank God she didn't marry the man. But the whole concept of love is blind for you. To be like, yeah, that's a girl. I've fallen in love with her voice and her spirit or whatever the fuck it is. And then they expect you to have to stay with them 4 seconds later when you see someone hot. Like, it's genius. Because it's like, also, you didn't fall in love with each other.


The thing that I am most curious about is I would love to know how my intuition would perform during that. If I heard someone's voice and I pictured what they looked like, I would love to see if I was way off or spot on.


We know that you are a witch. You like ugly people sometimes.


I sure do.


So you try to find something that's funny and gets you. You'd be perfectly happy with that experience.


I'd be so good on love is blind.


If he came out and he was five four, I would start sobbing. I'd be like, you turn producer.


You'd be like, my enemies are producers on this show, and that is clear today, and that has been made.


Then you have to lie to producers. You have to be like, I want a short man. I want him to be gay. I want a gay short man.


Not again. Please don't put that in my atmosphere again.


But also, I could fall in love with a wall. Like, I would just be laughing at my own jokes. They'd be like, hannah, it's a different person. I'd be like, what? What are you talking about?


No, it would be very interesting.


One guy with a low voice, I'd be like, he gets me.


Wait, did you come with me that one time? I did. Like, the blind dating at Soho house?




Were we even friends? Okay. One time my friend made me do this thing at Soho house where they were, like, performing. Actually, yeah, this was like, way before summer house. And he was like, will you do this for me? And be like, one of the girls that picks one of the three guys? And I was like, okay. So I did it, and I was so nervous, I wasn't even listening to what the guys said. So it was over, and I picked one of them, and afterward I went up to him and I was like, hey, obviously we don't have to hang out if you don't want to, but all my friends are going to have dinner, and you're more than welcome to come with us.


You're like, but my parents are having dinner.


This man wanted nothing to do with me. And I was like, and that's fine, too. Have the best night. But the guy sitting in the front row, I ended up meeting and I slept with him for, like, five years.


Wait, the turn of events was wild. It comes back to, you never know where you're going to be. Someone is going to vibe with you. But the thing is, when love is blind does work. You're like, oh, my God, that cute couple with Cameron, whatever his name is. Okay, maybe I'll give it a try.


Give it a try. I actually am watching the best show ever on Amazon prime. It's called Belgravia. It's like, one of my period pieces, and it's like 18 hundreds. London. It's so fucking good.


Oh, my God. You have such a wide range.


I'll put it in the newsletter.


Did I say last week everyone has to watch love on the spectrum? Us, season two.


You didn't.


It is so good. So fucking good. I would say, like, the first three episodes are good. It gets a little slow, and then it ends. It's the cutest, most incredible stuff. And I follow all of them on social media, and it's just like, it's so insightful.


I follow the one girl on TikTok.


And some of them are such geniuses in such specific things. We're just fascinating how their brain works. And then seeing the parents and the family. Oh, it's just so good.


The parents are really the best part.


One of the moms this season loves the camera. She's trying to move the story along. She's like, Connor, you're going to call that girl right now. Mama needs to make some money off the series. Okay.


And just, like, to see the parents perspective is, oh, or they'll be like.


This relationship that their kid found had made them grow in ways they didn't anticipate or, oh, when they were four years old, the doctor said they would never speak. And now you're seeing them on a full date, having an amazing time. It's just like, des cries the whole time. He cries the whole time.


It's a really good show. Last note before we end. I'm starting to get, like, gray hairs.


Welcome to my life.


No, I'm like, welcome. I'm not. Okay.


Like, they have different texture.


It has a different texture, and it's more than just one. And I'm like, stop. I keep plucking them.


Apparently. Apparently, you're not supposed to pluck them.


I just feel like that's a myth.


Three summers ago, you went in my hair like a monkey and you pulled out all my grays.


Yeah, I did, and I loved it.


And I don't think it's your fault, but the grays, they have main character energy. When they grow. They go, I'm here, I'm here. And they're, like, thick, and they go straight up.


No, it's really stressing me out recently.


Like, I get my hair colored very subtly, but then it's like, every couple months, you get colored. Or you.


I might go get a glaze.


A glaze? Or you'd be like, Stacey London. Hopefully your gray grows and do that one beautiful sweep side bang.


Imagine I'm just like, my bangs are gray.


Do you know what the grays show? Knowledge, experience, wisdom. HPV. Finally, people still think the newsletter is a bit. They keep going. The newsletter bit is really funny.


I love that they think it's a joke. And I love that our newsletter is of that. Of the caliber of a fourth grader who came up with the idea for a newsletter. Like all photos, there's not much to think about. It's very straightforward. It doesn't have a lot of variation, but you will enjoy seeing it, for sure.


And it's once a week. It's once a week. You know when you sign up for a newsletter and you're like, why do I have eight emails from this brand right now?




They're asking you where you are, what you're doing. Get away from me. No, it's too much. Well, we love you guys so much. Thank you, Paige, for giving us the BTS. Thanks for having me on crazy week. Thanks for coming on giggle Squad this week. We love you guys. We'll talk to you later. Bye.