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Hello, I'm all of a Conway. This Edition is published in the early hours of Friday the 2nd of April. The BBC has seen footage of the killing of unarmed civilians in tigray by men dressed in Ethiopian. Army uniform the World Health Organization says the slow roll out of covid-19 in Europe will prolong the pandemic and with football stadiums. Empty has Home Advantage really disappear in the podcast African history the battle to get Treasures return.


Disturbing videos which appear to show the massacre of unarmed civilians in Northern Ethiopia by people dressed in Ethiopian. Army uniforms a bit of Tainted by the BBC in November 88 the government launched a military campaign in the northern region of tigray following an attack on an army base that that being accusations of serious abuses by all sides in the conflict of the government's media blackout is so far limited attempts to examine them this report from Africa correspondent Layla nephew contains material that some people may find upsetting.


Armed men in uniform dating a group towards the cliff Edge.


But it's enough. It's enough.


Oryza, pass strewn across the ground a man is us to throw one off the cliff. It would have been great. If there was gas to burn these people these graphic videos and others like cats with Paul for the BBC and began circulating on social media last month. We've been able to match elements at the landscape shown to Features visible on the satellite images to identify the loacation navarrete go in Ethiopia tigray region in November 2020 following an attack on a military base the Ethiopian Army began inoffensive in the region against to take dry people's Liberation Front or tplf through a challenging central government rule trips from Eritrea are also involved backing the Ethiopian government.


The conflict has largely been hidden from view as access is being severely limited the UN is currently investigating numerous allegations of atrocities committed by all sides.


We can't say for sure when these videos were filmed, but the armed men are wearing uniforms that match those used by the Ethiopian National Defense Force or e n d s. They are speaking Amharic one of Ethiopia's official languages the victims all dressed in civilian clothing and I'll head speaking the language of the region.


But I was trying to piece together what's happening on the ground. This is more evidence of shocking violence mean since the beginning of the conflict in Sudan very serious abuse has including extrajudicial executions by Ethiopian government. And this is absolutely an incident which would require further investigation because what we are seeing here in the video could could amount War crime we put the videos in claims to the Ethiopian government who said they were open to Independent investigations in the T cry region and said social media post and claims could not be taken as evidence.


They added that investigations into allegations will welcome the remedial action unaccountability off the months of darkness slowly a horrifying picture is beginning to emerge of the bloody events that have occurred that over the past five months.


The World Health Organization says the slow pace of covid-19 nations in Europe is likely to prolong the pandemic. It says Transmissions have risen in the majority of the nations in the region which includes the EU Russia turkey and others that you in particular has had difficulties and securing supplies while vaccine hesitancy is high in countries. Like France is a your correspondent Kevin Connolly if the struggle against them, it's one that Europe is still not winning as France prepares to Angie what amounts to another National lockdown including the closure school system.


The Providence is wrong cast. Dad said the third wave is here in Spain Belgium and Austria are among others have tightened restrictions. And in Germany, the federal government finds itself at loggerheads with some Regional Administration who don't want stricter controls. The World Health Organization is now stepped into the crisis with the shop Leawood and wanting from its directive.


European speaker. The vaccine role of the best way out of the pandemic is unacceptably slow slow down the mental health consequences more people in the hospital Urgent needs to really get the vaccines Cricket all of the production chain, and then we could out of the fridge into the heart of this is not a common tree on the competence of the European Union's vaccine program. The whl's European region includes more than 50 countries that are you human or member states and after slows down at vaccination rates in some countries or improving Francis says it will be fascinating the over-50s from the middle of May and the French Europe Minister came on bone has admitted the EU did make mistakes.


He told the committee of the French scented that the EU would not invested enough and development.


Production of vaccines but I did the lessons would be learned from any mistakes in Brussels. He who pays the piper calls the chew it comes to a pandemic. Is it right that only those who can pay get access to a life-saving vaccine wealthier nations are placed big Advanced orders with drug companies. Most of which I paste in rich countries without more even distribution. It could take years to vaccinate enough people in the developing world and the new head of the World Trade Organization says something needs to change and go see you canget whether a former Nigerian Finance Minister has condemned vaccine in equality and WTO countries to agree to waive intellectual property rights to Medical knowledge could be back to Shadow.


She's been talking to the BBC's economics editor Faisal Islam a situation in which you know, 10 countries have administered 70% of vaccine doses in the world.


And their countries that don't have have not seen one single one single do so. I think that the kind of a vaccine are pretty weird thing is definitely not acceptable. That's what happened with HIV AIDS where we had to wait 10 years. So if you put together access to life-saving drugs, they tapping with H1, N1 vaccines where which country brought up the vaccines and poor countries that had not so you can understand why hundred members today saying that they need the waiver in organizations or the wealthy have the vaccine and have the vaccine know how they don't want to share what they want us to do better on Nextbook prohibitions.


We want them to do better on vaccine manufacturing and and the transfer of know how so I think that everyone is beginning to see that having people vaccinated in one country and leaving others out but not in.


Does tyranny solve your problems away is a possible mobile hear what happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine developed in the United Kingdom. Why you seen a licensing with developing country India and then making hundreds of millions of terraces at cost price isn't is that the initiative that you think could serve as a model for the rest of the world increase in production precisely in the way you said the serum Institute has this transfer of Knowledge from AstraZeneca is able to produce up to a billion doses. It's the largest manufacturing capacity in the world.


So if we had more of that that's kind of a long trip licensing and transfer faster, we could save many more people less have the same kind of arrangement that AstraZeneca has with the serum Institute novavax J&J. I know the other should follow suit of the World Trade Organization.


Islam in Nigeria the battle against covid-19 has seen some success of Lights with daily infection substantially down since January, but as a country tries to distribute 4 million vaccine doses given by that Global Kovacs game, its health system could be disrupted by a strike some 16,000 resident doctors medical graduate training in state hospitals are taking industrial action and they make up a large part of the workforce the Nigerian president muhammadu buhari is currently in London for medical treatment by Austell Nigeria correspondent. My any Jones about the impact of the strike in Nigeria currency when he has 40 mm registered doctors for the whole country as with this is for population of over 200 million Health System that's already pretty fragile fully staffed.


And now a big chunk of it is striking against covid-19.


Burzum in Nigeria at according to the official tally by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control. Has she been fooling some want to listen to be containing the disease called? Well at the moment but they all trying to vaccinate and number of people at the union carrying out the strike. The National Association of Resident doctor said that the vaccination process will not be affected. That's because most of its members are not veggie straws and they say that it's registered as a caring as a nurse has that kind of some of the assassination but what they want is at the pressure on the government, they say that you know, they need life insurance that they need an allowance because of the extra risks that I can cook it 19 carries with it.


And so they kind of the strike at this moment to all the to have data management medical. What do these resident doctors do that? Then not doing it the moment. I usually be when you were going to a hospital looking for treatments did usually be the ones that were true.


You some of them I also still in training to become doctors from your summer moves Tea near doctors who even though they're not in the various Health Centers across the country vaccinating people that all instrumental to the Healthcare System here. This isn't the first time medical staff in Nigeria have gone on strike of the last year when the lockdown was initially announced in 2020 couple of months later in May that was a strike by doctors Nationwide one. They said they were being harassed by the police because it was a tough few doctors were supposed to be exempt obviously because their front-line workers, but they frequently find themselves being stalked by members of the Armed Forces after moving out during curfew time.


There was another strike just a month later in June salaries have been paid and then in September the complaining of a flock of personal protective equipment. So it's part of an ongoing battle a discussion between members of the healthcare system in.


In Nigeria who feels very much on the pressure during battles and your forties from the claims are not meeting the needs and no making sure that their families are taken care of if any of them were two possible because of covid-19 is now Mexico. They became extinct animals were able to evolve and fried receptionist. Now think that the same massive Extinction event also transformed tropical rainforest as we had from the Paleo Pasta Mista Monica, Yeah from the Smithsonian tropical Research Institute in tropical rainforest. There was an Extinction of about 45% of species diversity took about eight to ten million years to recover to pre Extinction levels.


And Wiz that there was a change in what tropical rainforest look like soap.


Before the impact they were a mix of ferns flowering plants and conifers which is totally different to the flowering plant dominated environments that we see in today's Tropics back then Forest world. So pretty spread apart are growing quite spread apart. So the forest were not as dense and they were not as dark as we eat today. We were actually pretty open light was able to reach the forest floor and that's very very determinants in the ecology and how a rainforest function after the impact after the extinction.


We see that rainforest became dominated by flowering plants. They were also seen as growing very dense. They formed canopies that we're nearly continuous and that made them a lot darker inside Smithsonian tropical Research Institute.


Chinese State media has been accused of publishing stories by a French journalist who doesn't exist Loren Behrman has apparently written French language Outlets pirating the communist government denials of Human Rights abuses and criticizing a planned visit to Taiwan by French MP's. I'll Paris correspondent. Lucy Williamson has been checking out at Prudential according to the social media account. She opened a week ago. No handle mall is a journalist for Chinese State media with a degree in art history and Archeology website. She writes for says she's studying at the sorbonne has a master's degree in journalism.


And this worked for several news organisations in Paris. The problem says Lamont France's most established Daily newspaper is that she doesn't exist a quick investigation. It says has found her to be Unknown by Franz his legendary bureaucracy with no record of her degree.


Employment investigation was triggered by the suspicions of China expert Antoine has his work on Taiwan was criticized in one of those articles this week. It wasn't clear. He told me what the heck profile was entirely made up for the elements of someone else's identity has been adopted as an alias, but he said off the years of targeting English speaking countries China appeared to be turning its disinformation campaign on France. We are the Chinese Embassy in Paris for a response, but haven't yet received a reply that's been no response either Twitter account of November month.


Baby, baby, baby baby, baby, baby. Come on the podcast.


The Killers song that spent a total of 5 years in the chart.


The Tronics Eric Chauvin the white former American police officer accused of murdering George Floyd has been hearing from mr. Floyd's girlfriend Courtney Ross. Spoke about that troubled life together our story. It's a classic story of how many people get addicted to opioids. We both suffered from chronic pain. We got addicted and tried really hard to break that addiction. I'll call the trial in Minneapolis. Let me tell me more about what she said, She was actually a process prosecution witness broke by the prosecution against Eric Chauvin and really want they were trying to show is that look a drug addiction happens to all sorts of Americans and that it is not an indication of someone correct said there is a history particular when it comes to police brutality cases involving people of color and black.


Of using that as of narrative at 2 kind of tarnished the person involves such that was a prostitution trying to get ahead of the defense and saying that it didn't indicate that he was Isaiah trying to prove a cool thing a disturbance at the scene has really did try and show the types of drugs that George Floyd was taking and it'll say the people that have been with that day had in the past sold drugs to him trying to kind of pick apart the picture that she had showed up that live together.


And the man that he was who else is the paramedics they were the people that came to the scene and effect. Floyd and took him to hospital. Both of them said that he appeared dead when they arrived and really quite powerful to hear one of them saying we'll both of them actually say that when they arrived.


Try and check for George Floyd Pulse and had to tell Derek Chauvin to move from his neck as they were trying to text of those signs of life. We also had the from the supervising officer Derek Chauvin supervisor who had been by the 911 dispatcher. He was so alone by what she saw on police camera. He was saying that really the restraint that they were doing on George Floyd should have ended when it was became clear that he was no longer responsive the military two months ago the deposed civilian leader of Myanmar Banks NC.


She has faced a series of charges initially accused over unlicensed. Walkie talkies latest allegations included causing fear. Now, he's facing the most serious charge yet breaking a colonial-era official Secrets law, which could carry a 14-year presents.


Hello are amendments. So spoke off of the hearing.


Suki's face is clearer. Save it away. She seems to be in good health. She was wearing a navy-blue your longest set with a mouse come she seems calm and Charming in the court may seem come but me and Mama remains in turmoil that he has one of an imminent bloodbath and decides to find me a bit stuff that to leave them said more from Andrew kurc with the UN resident coordinator for me. I know they'll temporarily leave the country and is still come back as soon as it is safe to do so, but I think it's important to emphasize that know you and Personnel are being evacuated in with the UN will continue to stay and deliver for the people of me and my now most of our Personnel security conditions in the city or such that its we don't feel that it's safe to continue to have the families here and as an example just yesterday a Korean bank worker was killed on the way.


Back from the office. I mean there is violence on the streets are the random shooting at yeah, we think it's the best idea to get families out of Harm's Way, you must be concerned if it if you try and help people who would deem to be on the wrong side of the complete then you or your stuff could potentially become targets themselves. Yes, and that's definitely true. Fortunately. We haven't had any of the United Nations staff killed or seriously hurt. I mean, we're bombarded daily with videos of killing here right here in the city of Yangon and this week.


I think it's important to emphasize was the bloodiest week since the coop so far. We've confirmed 538 people killed by the security forces and thousands more have been injured most of those in Yangon ever Yangon to Mandalay the other two biggest cities and in fact one and seven of all of those deaths have our children under the age of 18 and some of them as young as five.


And I think it's also Bears emphasizing that 90% of all of those deaths are from gunshots and the majority of those were bullets to the head off and by snipers and in broad daylight. So I mean, this is a situation that is it seems to us that this indicates a deliberate coordinated and widespread use of lethal Force by the security forces Andrew cut cut off of you and talkin to Tim Franks from Yangon. India is expanding its immunization program to include everyone over the age of 45 as it struggles to cope with a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.


India now has the third highest number of reported infections in the world from Delhi pants rajini vaidyanathan.


Alma de India recorded its highest daily increasing coronavirus cases since last October the country steps on fix oxidation program stream of people waiting to get their shots once vaccinated. They posed on Board sign which red I don't like covid-19 vaccine today official to set the ambitious eating everyone over the age of 45 in high-risk areas within the next Fortnight. Suspicions about the job. He's not getting today Urban rid of some sort of action Hicks has he been seeing the number of people in India, and I've seen it in my neighborhood.


Also. I was trying to convince people to come with me today.


The government to temporarily suspended exports the decision has impacted roll out elsewhere including in the UK today to directions to Centers for Disease Control and prevention said the continent would be unable to meet you on the cusp of the most significant cultural moment in post-colonial African history. That is the big question being posed by a new book on the fate of thousands of sacred items from the historical Kingdom. Now part of Nigeria, which was seized by British soldiers at the end of the 19th century. The BBC's format Nigeria correspondent Barnaby Phillips has been telling us about his and his sense that the long campaign for the return of the Benin bronzes could be coming to a head.


Sing of 1897 disrupted a cultural understanding it resulted in the fast of a thousands of Priceless spiritual and religious object long before they became objective aesthetic art, which is how we here in the west Now understand them was awful it obviously did not kill other cultural awareness of the past having said that I also felt that in this book I had to be honest and I didn't want to romanticize either the Benin Kingdom or Nigeria's challenges today and I are shocked and saddened by the state of decay of those City walls.


I know it's a priority around the new Museum to improve that whole cultural and historical indestructible Tremblay Medicaid. Sometimes the city was I just use this to debate about returning the pain.


Is at its highest in so many decades have you heard from any of the family members reaction to the return of those Bound By The Crown Prince of fire ban in just a few days ago from benin-city and he's ecstatic I suppose who is the son-in-law Prince Gregory Atkins were who is the oba's uncle and the point man on all these negotiations and the mood is euphoric. I think within that Circle things have moved very far. The ball is in the Nigerian score for the first time this collection of people have real power and the European museums.


Some of the others are not so corporate if there is an amazing opportunity. I feel that the governor of the state of the office pilot. They are pushing against an open door and if they can pull it off and build this new music.


In Benin City and hundreds of Benin bronzes. Go back to Nigeria. Will that for me? I do know if you agree. I think that is an African history in conversation with it's been suggested that they canceled out the advantage of playing in front of your friends in Germany have found that teams still seem to keep not absence of crowds is Richard Hamilton Beach stand, but this is what we experienced the support of their own fans giving them a psychological boost in European football leagues historical analysis has shown that home teams went around 50.


Cancel that matches and draw a feather 25% Home Advantage has been attributed to the crowd cheering up the players but also intimidating the referee the former Scotland International Pat. Nevin is a football pundits are the baby see the recipes on chicken deliberately favoring the home team for your blood in telling you that every decision you're getting wrong. Well, the next one that comes along that's a bit tight human nature. You will win this season's English Premier League seems to be for the first time ever that mean more away Winston home ones that researches from the German Sports University in Cologne.


Look to the much larger sample 40,000.


James across Europe a thousand of them during the pandemic they found it country to what you'd expect the home team's retain their advantage. So why is this the author of the study Professor Daniel meme that says players still feel more comfortable in home stadiums, even if they're empty until I confessed to a child feeling safer at home recently, which is still left is the title of the behavior of the home team in family surroundings when you are at home and it shows an item and normally a dominant allowed children goes to another house then they change the behavior that is water found psychologist in many stars, and he always knows that all home with our Castle is our home and the car and be a fighting for the car.


Professor meme that says the impact of the crowd made a full have been overstated his team analyzed six thousand, two games which hardly had any crowds and the home team still tended to win more in the broader study of a thousand professional games during the pandemic. He says there was a marginal increase in the proportion of away wins. Just 7% He says this Falls below the level of statistical significance.


Play Nelly p.m. In the UK a new singles chart record as being set by The Killers.


Mr. Brightside has now spent the equivalent of 5 years in the official top 100. The Indie pop anthems spent four weeks in the UK singles chart when it first came out in 2004, but it's done biking on numerous occasions now heading up to a whooping 260 weeks and bring the loan is being streamed more than 280 1 million times, but despite its enduring popularity is high tide chart position has been number 10 number 78.


Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb America from updated version of the global news podcast later. This Edition was produced by our Mountain Automotive Conway until next time. Goodbye.