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Hello, everyone is back on your screens and back in your youthfully earlobes.


And so the reason it just started, I was nowhere. And you don't know that, as Jamie was just telling me, his new audio set up and I didn't want to react to it live on stream.


I live in a beautiful system where I have taken off my dressing down and draped over my laptop on my head in order to create an enclosed space. So my audio should hopefully be less. Actually, I was quite uncomfortable because I'm leaning down and because I'm now nothing about my boxer shorts. But, you know, other than that, it's working out great. So I'm trying to visualize this.


You're sitting in your chair and you have your laptop on your desk. On my desk and you have it.


You have a dressing gown over your head and your laptop. Yeah, you're leading.


You're hunched over your desk with very hunched over, knowing that it's going to be very sore.


But your well, if your family walks and my family aren't here anymore, remember?


Oh, of course. Yes, I murdered them. Remember I remember I told you, of course.


Because if you got earphones in as well. Yeah. Yes. I would think they could walk in and you wouldn't even detect them. They could just go to your room. But they're they're not here and they're in my basement.


They're in your basement in France. In pieces. Is that dogs, the dogs. Yes. So why did we not record last week, Jamie?


Because you were away. And unlike me, when I go away, you doesn't show the same dedication to the cause.


I know, because you went to France before the logjam is lifted, actually, and. I didn't know technically. Technically. Oh, we drove through England and the lockdown was lifted there.


And I'm joking. I'm just saying, I know you're being very responsible. You are. So I just want to clarify. Jimmy is being responsible. But yeah, Jimmy was in France. He didn't want to say in a podcast. But now I've been abroad in the Netherlands and I'm back.


So I feel like or Holland does anyone sensible would call it.


I was I was technically no. But I was insightful into Jimmy, not norful. And it's all Holland always has been. Oh yeah.


Well, yeah. I was in the Netherlands. I later called the Netherlands because that's what it's called the country. And I was technically in Holland. I was insightful and though and I feel like Norfolk Island is the one that people probably think of because where I'm standing.


Were there any. Yeah. Any windmills or casual drug use and no casual talk to you. Hallmark's and lots of windmills. So that. Did you think the drug is interesting because it's really not a big thing apart from Amsterdam.


And yeah, let's say I only like goes to the Netherlands especially to do drugs will obviously just go straight to Amsterdam, probably not following your like you're just allowed to do it.


And that this place I went I think, and they have one shop that sells it, but it was shut down or something.


And and like I did, I did see the drug alley where you can do drug deals and stuff. But and yeah, I went to Amsterdam last year and I mean, it's pretty crazy with the drug thing, like every window has it in it because that's a big tourist thing. But in the rest of the country, it's really just like and not a big thing. People like some people do it, some people don't.


And but I got to say, I am and remain in favor of legalization of weed, at least having spent the last year in a country where it is legal. I got to say, the thing you don't realize when you're thinking about it is I really fucking stinks like just the entire street smells. It doesn't look too bad.


They do like. So I don't think it's so don't read.


And this is all I could get used to is definitely strong.


Oh I definitely am. But like particularly like I saw like a street party or something. Let's be like entire streets. There's just like incredibly pungent.


This is true. Yeah. Um no but I did not taken any casual turki's. I mean, you know, I'm not, I'm not like can do it anyway. And also it really is not being a big thing and it's not a big thing. And yes, I just got back. It's pretty interesting. Troubling.


How did you find it. I swear, just through an airport where there's nobody else there. Yeah, Amsterdam airport and was empty. So I got to Edinburgh Airport when I was going.


I got there free 50 something. And I think technically it wasn't open yet because I went for a sign, said no entry and good.


And everyone else in the security was like, I worked in security or worked in the shops or were pilots and stuff. There is no other passengers. And I just went through and I was wearing a hoodie and no one questioned me. I swear to you it is normal. But then, you know, the duty free pay that you go through. Yeah. To to get to the main pay that was shut up.


So I had to sit and wait so to make my own waiting there. And then there was a couple that had actually told me, they said no entry and I shrugged at them and then just gone for anyway. And so they came for a few minutes after me and kind of were really confused as well. And then another couple of blokes came through and they went through the doors. It said like, no, no unauthorised personnel because they're like, oh, well, off duty.


Frisco's must just go through here. And they just barged in. And then just as they were going in there, the judge reopened. So I think I technically got into the airport before it was open and sweet. Anyway, the point is the airports are empty and I go for security super quickly and but that could be because it's free in the morning. But then coming back through Amsterdam, which is obviously a very big airport and there's no security there either.


No people. That was in the day. Yes, people. I'm some people. So it was the middle of the day when I was there and like the busiest time should have been like free or something. And there was no one, no one to treat for security. Seem like walk to the gate.


Quite nice. The very you is a very unique atmosphere. It's places that are usually filled with people being empty, like the same as, if you like, going to like a town square in the middle of the night or something.


Yeah, you say it's like there's a great piece to it and it's definitely so I've just realised we've been going for like five minutes and we've not introduced the podcast to film or anything.


This past is no provisionally. Still, after two months as the golden talkies, we used to talk about films that came about out 50 years ago this week, this week.


What's today's film done to see, you know, today's film is Trog. Short for troglodytes, very tricky, yes, Trog and went to Trocha mate Jimmy 1970, if you're going to ask me to come back.


I don't remember, I didn't write it down.


You know why you don't remember? Why is it on, say, anywhere?


All right, the release date release date on IMDB very suspiciously is just July 1970, and then if you click on the Wikipedia page, it says October the 24th, 1970 USA. And it does say that.


So I so I IMDB lied to me clearly. And I'm sure that at least somehow I such liar.


Recent you in July, but it's just bizarre. Yeah. A U.K. film.


I could not find the date where a number of films on IMDB, well they only have the release date recorded for the month and I don't understand how that happens. Right.


Yeah, probably you either know, it came in on particular day, whether or not you know you think so and I guess maybe not.


Oh, apparently Trog is also a major game developer in our kids in 1990. Oh, yeah. I think unrelated to the film, I believe.


But that just came up when I looked up Trog release date. Yeah. I can't find the right.


Well, wherever I am. Divi said it came out this week and we're not very careful.


And I'm looking at Amazon now and the DVD as it came out. Oh no, that's that's November 2011. OK, I was going to say the DVD is November, but that's when it was released.


But I don't know anyway, regardless, regardless, this is what we want 50, 50 years ago this week, or it could have been 50 years Gillispie.


But it's we skipped last week says so fine. Hmm.


Anyway, that's a pre film, but, you know, I'll just say quickly, and they have really good fit in the Netherlands and not in cuisine, just as in like the snacks and stuff you get, which is so much better.


Yeah. Like, they've got they've got the pit bulls, I've got a pit. Oh, yeah, well, I mean, that's the key European a European thing. Yeah, but it's not it's not something you can get here.


They have this thing called the PLA, which is like chocolate sort of yogurt milk stuff that you have for dessert, which is great. But they have a high like which is the the chocolate sprinkles that you know very well, because we went we went to nuns and we when we were ten.


Oh, yeah. I'll be honest, I don't remember much about trying to remember the chocolate sprinkles because we made our own sandwiches now.


Oh no. Yeah, yeah. The like my partner, as it were, my. My counterpart in the Netherlands school gave me that gave me a chocolate spread, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles sandwich.


Yeah. So that that's very tasty and yeah, just stuff like that. It's nice. They have a lot of dairy products and very Morgana's. Anyway, I just wanted to say that while we were still because I don't know if we'll probably get back on that topic, but just quickly and while I'm looking at my film here, because look at my notes here, we've got pre film and we've got historical context. And would you like to know the historical context?


Why not? So I just up with the world, you know how last week was the first week that the film it watched was on the website. Take me back to you. Yes. Today sponsors. Yeah, not the responses. And so actually, the mind of Mr. Soames was on TV Back Talk to You, which was the alternative title for this week that might watch.


Yeah, we were thinking of watching that film and I gave the two films to you and you made a choice. And it's on you.


It's on me. This week is on me. And so so I find it interesting. Trog was not on TV back to you because it didn't this month potentially.


Um, would you like to know about the charts, Jimmy?


Uh, yeah, sure. OK, so the UK charts haven't changed much or at all, what was it was on, um, I can't remember.


And Michael Jackson something. No, I don't think five sorry.


The Jackson five I think were in the US one couple weeks back. And anyway, there is a Elvis one, the wonder of you and somehow anyway, UK ones, if you listen to the last last episode they were the same and the US once had a couple of interesting ones in it. So no one was close to you, you know that, so I don't. Why do birds suddenly. Oh, yeah.


Yeah, sorry. I know as why you birds. Yeah. Yeah I get it. Yes.


That was number one in the US. Oh interesting. And also the top 10 was signed, sealed, delivered by Stevie Wonder.


I don't know.


Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, delivered. I'm yours. Oh yeah. Yeah. I just I need to sing the words I can't sing, but it's fine.


This will be a new a new segment. And then topping out the top ten was a child by the Guardians of the Galaxy Band.


Yeah, I'd say yes, the child things like easy.


Uh, I'm sure that we could do child. Things will be bright.


Uh, I'm sure that the harmony won't get the results done.


So we're trying to do right now.


Um, I'm sure that's copyrighted because that would make you feel better.


I'm also sure that that would work really well. And singing at the same time, we'll come together it very well because I'm sure there's no delay at all that would, uh, affect that.


OK, um, Life magazine had articles about atomic bombs because, uh, it's twenty five years.


Twenty five years since they were dropped roughly. Oh, um. Wow. Yeah.


I guess it would be the start of August. So they were sort of leading up to that. Um, yeah. So, uh, symphysis go for today's audience, but twenty five years ago from from the 1970s audience. So that's interesting tragedy.


Uh, I'm sure that the US looks back about twenty five year anniversary and, you know, disarmed and really had a long, hard look at its relationship.


I thought I should I should have looked and I didn't even look at the article. I don't know whether it be. Yeah, I don't know.


I can't imagine the article is nuclear bombs. Aren't they great. It won't be twenty five years of fun and games.


I would imagine the article is something about, um. Fuck, I forgot what I was going to say, they're. We were kind of necessary or not nice. I'm sure they'll be like, you know, on the one hand they're bad because you have no choice. In conclusion, we're not taking a stance by.


Yes, that's what I was trying to say. Yeah, I think that's Obbie. And anyway, and finally, there was the Chicago College All-Star Game and which seems a bit unfair. So it's an NFL game, but it's between the Super Bowl winners and the best college players. Oh, which seems a little bit unfair to me.


And yeah, it's not just like some. Let's just give them a sense of respect. So they need to know how far off it goes.


I guess so, because if you think about the the college seniors that are coming in, it refers to seniors as people that have left. But you think about the people that come into the league, there's going to be like maybe 10 really good players, Max. And this is a whole team vs. literally the best team in the league. And so it seems a bit unfair. And the results back it up.


They got beaten like four something five, and the All-Star team had like a point to eight winning percentage.


Yeah. I'm sure they expect like the college team to whenever.


No, I think it said that they won like five times out of over many games. It was over. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, that doesn't happen anymore, but I find it interesting. So that is my sort of context. Shall we go into your plot bit? OK, yeah, so this film is Trog. It sucks. This is an important factor across immediately. Usually I like to actually ask complete lies, but I usually like to tease it now and go straight in.


But this time, I mean, it sucks in an objective sense. You understand it is not good. It is very poorly made. It is extremely camp. And I think I think if you've ever seen episodes of the original series of Star Trek or maybe so Tom Baker, a retro doctor who that I would say that that's sort of the level of production we're dealing with here.


So just to set the scene in terms of the style we're going for here.


So it is sometime in the late 1960s. And you can tell, even though this film out in the 70s, obviously it would be obvious anyway, since they got the style free spelunkers are wandering around the world.


That's what I was looking for, just a random empty English field. And they find a cave, which apparently no one's ever heard one of them.


So they're walking.


I mean, I think it's important that we make it clear they're walking along a very open mirror and there's like a very well cultivated farm work, farmland, wild or anything like that, maybe a couple of bushes.


And then behind the bush, there is a giant cave opening that apparently no one person has ever seen or.


Well, they were saying it was newly emerged, which maybe I believe it was smaller. All right. OK, shake or something. But that's like a man sized hole bigger than man sized.


Yeah. It's not fully expects.


Far as I can tell. Their entire strategy for spelunking was to wander around fields until they found the hole.


Yes. But because they want to find a new I suppose you could you could say that maybe there'd been some kind of tremor or something and they were trying to see that.


That's maybe that's that's the charitable.


Yeah. Just to clarify, that's not something the film tells us.


That's me trying to explain to them what could possibly happen. You could argue on the film's behalf. Yeah, I'll play Democratica. They go down the hole in know spelunking is one of the more dangerous hobbies out there, even by those standards, this seems incredibly unsafe. They're slipping, slipping and sliding and very loose ropes hanging about, they do have one helmet with the headlamp, so that's what they're bringing into this.


Yes, that's the cave. And like, wow, this is a new cave. Was ever seen anything like this before? And in fairness, you know, bearing in mind that at this point, the film is like one of those really well produced episodes of 1970s Star Trek when we can tell he really went all out. It's nice cave, essentially.


If it's not it's not a real cave, is it? No, it's still a Styrofoam. Yes, it's time. It's done just well enough that you have to ask, is it a real cave? You can tell him, but you have to ask. It's not that poorly done.


No, but you can they come to, like, sort of come to the bottom of the cave and they sort of come to a hole. Hole. An underground stream. Yeah. And the free blond's 1960s lads whose names are, I think, Cliff Charlie. And then one of the ones under something, Malcolm, Malcolm, that I was going to say.


Malcolm, Chuck Richie. Yeah. I think is Malcolm Cliff. And what's the other one. Charlie, Charlie, Malcolm, Clifton, Charlie, yeah, yeah, so Malcolm's very sensible and he says, I'm not going in, Malcolm, you know, I can quit when I'm ahead.


I'm not going to go diving in an underground stream. We don't know where it goes for obvious reasons.


We've we've discovered this cave, the sub Aqua Boys can go that way. And then Cliff and Cliff and Charlie, especially Cliff know especially Charlie says, no, no, we found a cave. We're not letting them go all the glory.


Yeah, there's Aqua Boys take all the credit. They do a history for discovery in this one cave.


Are you still stuck in the games there?


Or. I genuinely thought for a second that the main character, the main actor of the games, is in this film. Oh, no, no.


Kokanee, are they one of them's Cockney?


OK, I think is Charlie.


Yeah, that's a recurring theme. Anyway, Cliff and Charlie, the dive into the river a wee bit apart. And I think Cliff comes across the titular frog who kills him.


Yeah. And, you know, in the shadows, you can't quite see what he looks like. Yeah. And then Cliff is grievously wounded, but manages to get back to Malcolm, who takes him to a local research lab run by Dr Brocton Broxton. It's just not quite Dr Proctor.


I mean, what is that, Prote?


Dr Proctor went to Gloucester on a winter's day.


Something something didn't happen because I definitely recognise that and I. Remember hearing it and being like, what's that? Yeah, OK, yeah, so, you know, he goes back to her and Cliff's gone mad with terror at the site of trial. And, you know, Malcolm, you know, he's he's he's a good boy. He's he's been working in university and he's you know, he knows of Dr. Proctor and her doctor Broxton and her brilliant work.


He's he's doing he's doing zoology, zoology. And she's an anthropologist. And yes. No, not that either of those things matter at all because the science is and essentially totally ignorant of what those fields are.


But just to just set the scene, we'll get into the science, my friend. I'm sure we will.


But just to set the scene, he allegedly he's a zoologist and allegedly she's an anthropologist. But yeah. Yeah. Which you would think would be completely unrelated films if it weren't for the completely unrelated fields, if it weren't for the exact premise of this film.


Exactly, yeah.


So Malcolm and her go down to the cave and they take a picture of Trog and now they have proof. So the police inspector who's you know, he's on the case, he's not letting anything get in the way. You make sure it's all aboveboard, I don't think.


Yes. I don't think he's Cockney either, by the way. No, I only know one English accent. You know, let me have this. Everyone's going to sound like this in this film.


A couple of them tend to kind of Scottish. Then you think, well, what's the name of the land developer, Mr Murdoch? Yeah, I like he was my favorite character. I'm really like, oh my God, he's so fucking fantastic. OK, I like the next scene anyway. Yeah, yeah. We got him at the next scene.


Dr. Broxson and Malcolm Mountain Expedition.


They want to get out of there and the police are all come down, the crowds all come around, some hot dog stand set up and then NVP of the film, Mr Murdoch comes out and he's like, I won't have it any other. This creature here, he's got a waste of taxpayers money. That's this community. And these are this is what you will be saying for the remaining one hour and 15 minutes of the film.


He is a Daily Mail reader. He's a Daily Mail reader who I don't even know.


Is he the mayor or is he just some random housing or he's a housing developer? Yeah. Yeah. He's just really pissed off about the fact that Trog exists driving down property prices. Mm hmm. Um, so you just complain about the taxpayers money constantly.


Yeah. And the livelihood of the community, particularly during the court scenes that will come up later in this film. He constantly interrupts constantly a little, never with anything more than the same. Two arguments. Exactly. Yeah. Um, he is a beautiful, beautiful man.


He has a religious there's a religious side as well. I was there. Yeah. He said something about the first the first thing of God created man in his image and then. Oh this. Oh yeah.


Like I'm sorry to jump ahead a bit, but like there's a point where trunk's been captured and like the talking about whether to experiment them. And Mr Murdoch says that he can't be a man. He's clearly an animal because you know, the whatever commandment is, you know, God made man in his image. Yeah. And then she says as a gotcha ah. But command no to Dow shalt not kill, which first of all I don't kill Trog.


First of all, that's not the second commandment. But more importantly, trochus killed three people at this point.


Yes, he yeah. More actually I think yeah.


It's like it's hard to keep count because obviously the folks aren't that much. But as far as I could tell, like, you know, Trog is not keeping my God at this point.


I'll tell you why it's hard to tell Jimmy is because the way that he kills people is by bashing them gently over the head of a Styrofoam rock.


So it's very hard to tell whether they put the item on the head with a Styrofoam rock or sort of froze them off camera. I'd like, you know, if they land on grass, they'd probably be completely fine, but maybe they had a nice landing on the stone.


OK, so I feel it now. They were telling me this is getting so quickly. Get it, please. Trog, he's a professor. Yes.


Trucks shot it. OK, let's just really let's not jump ahead. Okay.


Or jump ahead to real anyway because they go down in the cave and they bring out Trog. You see him in all his glory. So I'm just a middle aged man in a monkey mask. Yeah.


OK, a couple of things. So no one allegedly that monkey mask was from 2001, A Space Odyssey. I believe it will get parts of the south is bizarrely quite nice when you get a proper good look at it. It's just the weird part of it, just being on a guy in his underwear.


Yeah. So he's just in his underwear. Is a big lad in his underwear. It was boots on and like a really actually really good mask and OK.


But the guy, the guy that played Trog was a professional wrestler, which explains why, which is why in no way he kills people is by like he's suplex. He's he's he's simply he's a diver. At one point when he when he first escapes, a diver goes in to get him and he likes suplex. He's a diver in the water. And then when he breaks out the cave, he lifts the guy's above his head and like chucks them off camera.


Yeah, right. Oh, yes, man. He's a trucker and he like hits people. I mean, the way the way he kills Charlie, the stories just like bashes his body like boom, boom, boom. And then Charlie's just dead from like a gentle beating and.


Yeah. So the guy, the guy that played Trog is quite, quite funny.


I watched an interview with him and he seemed like a very nice chap. Was about Trog.


Yeah. Yeah. It was the only time he's ever appeared alongside the film and done an interview. And yeah, it was interesting.


He didn't really say anything massively revealing, but he seemed like just a normal dude and but yeah, he was a wrestler, which is obviously why he was cast and but yeah. Back to the way he kills people. It's just hilarious because.


Yes. So in this fashion he kills two men when emerging from the cave and everyone runs away, including the hot dog stand guy.


But Dr. Brocks Brocton, wonderful moment. Brocton is played by Joan Crawford. She's maybe like a sixty something year old lady, everything like Angela Lansbury in murder. She wrote that sort of vibe as she goes back into her car and gets a shotgun, cocks it, loads it a tranquilizer, and then shoots them in the face.


It's great. Three times, three times, baby.


And then he goes down and the banner of the entire film.


Joan Crawford, do you know her? Personally, from what I was reading about, she seemed quite famous, but I don't actually know if I've seen her, I recognize the name and I thought, oh, Joan Crawford, I've definitely heard that name before, but I didn't recognize any of the films she was in.


And apparently this was this was this was the last time of her death in 1977.


But but no one knows how old she is.


Oh, no. She was a star when she was younger. So why is every like Hollywood leading lady, like in the early nineteen hundreds who was like, super sad life. So, yeah.


Well first of all, no one knows when she was born. Her birthday is not on her birthday is on Wikipedia but not the year.


Yeah. Is weird which is bizarre.


And sometimes 819. Oh I questionmark.


Oh here we go. No I find it maybe 19 or six current imdb. Oh, it's going to be I don't know why it's not on Wikipedia anyway. Oh, because you registered college. Giving her year of birth was 1986, apparently. Right. I guess she must've been an orphan, I guess. OK, yes, no, no, no, because the Wikipedia thing talks about her and parents. Her dad, because. Her father abandoned her.


Yeah, he abused her, and so, yeah, anyway, anyhow, so yeah, so she was a child, not a child. So bright young star. And then no one would cast her in anything. And apparently she was incredibly lonely in her last years. And she would write letters to the producer of this film and his wife and he wouldn't respond. She had no friends.


And and there are a lot of rumors, there are a lot of rumors that she was drinking every day on set. And but then the guy that played Trog said that she was very nice and he didn't know she was drinking at all and she bought gifts for everyone.


So this makes no there's a whole, like, mixed story behind this film. If you look into it, we're like some people say that she's like really unprofessional and she was drunk all the time. And then there's other people that say she's really professional, really nice and whatever. So it's interesting. She also brought a possible Pepsi Cola. I said pretty well.


I think she she was involved with the yeah.


She was involved with the Pepsi Cola Company because it was actually the hot dog stand, that Pepsi on it. She was married to the company chairman, CEO of Pepsi. Hmm. And so she had brought Pepsi on to say every day and the room it was vodka instead of Pepsi.


And so, yeah, I mean, anyway, that's Joan Crawford.


And it seems very sad and it always is. But she was pretty good in this film.


Yeah, she does. All right.


I mean, nobody in this film does a good job. No. Can't support a good performance after all. Ridiculous.


Exactly. But apparently, apparently, regardless of whether you believe the stories about her being really nice or you believe stories about her drinking a lot, apparently she really took the role seriously and compared to everyone else and she was very acting very seriously and taking it very seriously, which is I suppose you would have had to, but.


Yeah, yeah. Well, she's such a big deal anyway.


Anyway, to take Trog back to the lab, he's put in a metal cage. Yeah. And they start debating whether they should kill him or experiment on him. No one suggests any thing outside of those two options. Which I feel is a bit fucked up. Yeah, it's a sign of the times.


Jamie Yeah I guess, I mean I mean I might as well talk about now because I won't be able to talk about for long. So it's not my expert, but obviously, like with stories about like civilizing the savage, there are obviously racial undertones to it.


Yeah, that's true. But, you know, yeah. I feel almost begins to step around by the fact that Trog is played by such a pasty white guy.


Yeah, I like it. I yeah.


But it is still very clearly an example of that. Yeah. I mean I think that's always in the background, but I think this film does pretty well. It just avoiding it obviously. Obviously it doesn't in any way face up to that or try and correct it. I feel like it doesn't play into it too much.


No, I just, you know, the knowledge that's there and that this film spends very little time caring about what Trog actually thinks, feels or anything like that.


Oh, the guys go Bill that truck. It's not Charlie Cook. So it's Malcolm. Malcolm Clifton Bill. OK, sorry, I was just looking at my notes.


Say, no, no, no, that's fine. Anyway, Mr Murdoch's like, as we said, you should kill that beast. He's he's he's driving down our property prices. Yeah. Joan Crawford is like, no, no, we should we need to study him. And in order to do that, we will be civilizing him. Yeah. Which makes no sense. Is a plan of study whatsoever? No. Like it becomes clear that their plan for Trog is to teach him how to speak yet so he can tell them what he remembers about his life yet.


Which is so. Bizarre. Yeah, you know, the science in this film is taken out seriously, so it's hard to get to man about.


But just I mean, it's taken. So I was trying to work out what the, um, general view on evolution or the general understanding of evolution was at this time and whether Britain it was a lot less because it was like I'm losing my Comverse, I'm talking about like this, which was like, oh, the apes walked out the forest.


And and we believe this guy is the missing link, which is obviously just not something that people just know didn't happen. You know, it was a lot more knowledge nowadays. Debate.


I think people just like talking about losing weight loss. The classic idea, I don't know. Well, that's true.


To be fair. She she herself as a character, does say that she is peeing in ridiculously simple terms.


And I mean, so the film, those kind of hint towards that, like I just talked about, obviously, Mr. Murdoch is implied to be a religious man. And he and there's like a couple of points where Dr. Broxson is like any sensible person accepts evolution now in a way that one could perhaps interpret as being passive aggressive.


Mm hmm. So, yeah, I think the film takes a pretty firm pro evolution stance, it's just a question of whether the stance of any meaning whatsoever. Yeah. Anyway, then the rest of the film is about Dr. Crawford sort of teaching Trog like she gives him a wee doll, you wind up doll in her daughter, who is there some reason she does nothing in the film? Yeah, she's just there.


She doesn't go to all the. Her daughter, yeah. Yeah, I just she was just really bad, like all like she was like, oh yeah, OK. Yeah. I don't mean I assumed when she came and I don't mean to sound sexist or anything, I just assumed that she was the love interest, like the obligatory one, and then that never happened.


So I don't know. So otherwise, all she really does is sort of sit in the background during the scenes where Dr. Proctored Training Child. Yeah. So, yeah, I think they could have just saved some money and not had her in it.


Well, it did save money because she wasn't very good actress. Yeah, yeah, um. Anyway, the seats trying to play football and during this, does this something disastrous happens, the neighbor's dog comes along and he and try to get into a fight where the dog is clearly having a whale of a time. Yet deeply happy dog is being strangled by Trog. And they use this as evidence that truck is an animal because he kills like an animal, which is of course, the legal definition of animal is killed like an animal.


Of course, this takes place in the background of a court trial, which is determining whether Trog should be treated as an animal, as dangerous animal, therefore killed or should be given the rights of a human, a human child who was a bit slow, although Dr. Brocton uses the R word, you know, in a way without malice, which is quite rare to hear.


And that's that's that's what happened. That's already had that in the film where maybe there's another film I was watching, Horrendous Time, where, like, they just said it. Oh, no, it was great. Did you see that video of the Star Wars when it originally came out? And they you're like interesting people and there's a guy. It's like, oh, we should go to a room of children. And they loved it the blank because of the R word.


But yeah, she's very closely in that time. Yeah. Before becoming, what would you say, poisoned or slurring, I mean, that's that's that's that's just language evolving, I guess. Yeah, which is just weird to hear.


But, you know, the actual only interesting idea I would say this film has, which it doesn't really explore in any debt, is whether a trial should be tried as an animal or human. Yes. Lines be me actually of talking about Star Trek still reminds me a lot of the episode measure of a man where a side of a robot man should be, should be, should have the rights of a human being or the rights of an object as a nun.


And, you know, that's one of the best episodes of that show. It's fantastic. These questions are really interesting. Trog is not interested in them, but you know that they're. Yeah. But yeah, so like. The trials in this are just kind of strange, yeah, so will I be having or having a lot of legal stuff, which is obviously not accurate, but generally judges like to keep control in their courtroom?


Yeah, basically, every court scene starts off with Dr. Brocton saying Trogs students 12 votes. And then Mr. Mr. Murdoch says, no, he's not. He's a blight in our community. And the judge says, slow down, Mr. Murdoch. And then he goes, I think I'm going to side side with Mr. Murdoch on this one, unless you show some real progress, Dr. Brocton. Yeah, and not a free times in the film.


And Mr. Murdoch is not someone that should be able to speak because Mr. Murdoch, Mr. Murdoch is always in the gallery.


It should have been found in contempt of court at least twice by the end of the scenes, is asked to leave at one point, but faces no legal ramifications.


So but but that's quite far in so. So, yeah, generally what happens is the the inspector will say something which is fine because he's on one side. Then Dr. Brocton will say something and then actually seeing it, Mr. Marico, if I may remember.


And then the judge actually will not stand for this.


The judge will go, oh, please, could you keep it quiet, please? And then that's it. And it's only after that happened about 10 times, the judges like fighting the judge to reject him, which just seems like a bizarre switch in character.


So the rest of this film passes in a sort of mush where it's really just scenes of trials being trained and court scenes back to back. Yeah, one kind of interesting one is where Mr Murdoch invites down Dr. Broughton's Assistant or whatever, and they go down to the pub and we drink. They drink wine because they're pretentious shits.


Um, and he says, I wish there was a real man, a reliable man leading the lab instead them. Yeah, exactly. And then the assistant nods had and says, yes, vital work is being ignored, which speaks out against her at trial, which actually.


You know, from the time is is almost almost forward thinking, well, I'd say it's a progressive statement. It's a clumsy one. You know, it's well-meaning Dota program is meant to be a man, by the way.


It was only because he Castro that they changed it and was nice, but they changed it and they acted in this scene to show how a woman in that position might be judged.


So actually, you get to take my. Because everything just a shame. Yes. I'm just saying so wank and or maybe it could be more recommended.


I mean, yeah, it's not this is definitely not the most subtle. No, you can't fault it for intent.


You know, it's the weird way he delivers the line like it was just like I wish there was a reliable guy who was in charge of it. And like you'd be like, oh, look, you know, he he said, Guy, we see his mask off, you know, whatever.


Yeah, well, like he has like this, like, most men would know what to do better if only there was a man in charge of that clinic that has a woman in charge of it.


Yeah. That's sort of know. But hey, but hey you.


It's been getting top marks for her. Yeah. I should not talk myself out because there's only one scene about it. But, you know, marks for Marchesa minus, um. Anyway, they start bringing over some scientists from foreign foreign lands as France and us, yeah, and they give Trog surgery against as well, I should say, because when it's convenient.


When it's convenient for them. Yeah.


To give him vocal cords as part of their master plan to unlock the secrets of the past.


And just so at this point, we should clarify that. And this this is not a case of, um, this is some kind of evolutionary break that's been living in this cave. And it's not a case of an experiment gone wrong. It's not a case a monster. It's a case of this this this trog has been frozen and it's been frozen and frozen for four thousands, millions of years.


Um, and what follows the surgery is possibly the dumbest fucking thing I've seen in my life where they show.


Well, why don't you describe it? Because I thought, OK, so they show a slide show of dinosaurs and skeletons. And I just want to remind people that for one, the a stegosaurus and a T-Rex lived further apart than we do from way for the most recent one was, I think, from the T-Rex. So that's the first thing. They were never at the same time and actually fell apart. So just showing him random dinosaurs, regardless of the date, say it's pointless and even more so.


There were no humans are presumably not even close to a human alive at the time of fucking dinosaurs.


So the idea that he would see a dinosaur bone, because what they show is they show fossils, they show pictures of fossils from the dinosaur thing. Now, if I was shown a fossil of a cow skeleton of a cow, I don't know if I'd recognize it. I'm going to look up. Nice cow, Skelton.


I don't know if I'd recognize that that could be fucking anything. Right, I mean, they're talking about how, like the projected images we get off, like fossil records are always wrong. Exactly.


Literally, I'm looking at a cow skeleton and yeah, you can tell it's a cow because I know it's a cow. But if I just saw that, I would I would think it was some kind of dog with horns.


So them showing them skeletons is fucking stupid. Anyway, they show a dangerous health and he has no reaction, dangerous admiration. Then you show the first signs of Skelton and suddenly his eyes light up and the music goes, whoa.


And then we cut to a stop motion dinosaur. And you're thing of like a T-Rex eating a triceratops.


Yes, a last stop motion. Dinosaur fights here. A lot of so much nicer fights. Like a good five minutes, ten minutes solid intensifies.


So far too fucking much stop motion dinosaur. Now, if you're Oceanian on stop motion dinosaur fights.


Duncan Well, Jimmy, if I had to guess, I would say those slow motion dinosaur sites fights were from 1956.


And, you know, that's very funny because they are from 1956, Jimmy, from a 1956 documentary. So there's just install the footage, stock footage is dinosaur stock footage from a more importantly, why was that a documentary?


Well, exactly, because, Jim, in the 1950s, if all the dinosaurs looked like that and walked like that and these are the most inaccurate fucking dinosaurs, like this sort of thing you see in King Kong from literally about to say, I watched King Kong a month ago.


I think my film kind of sucks, at least now, because it's mostly stop motion dinosaur fights and they aren't impressive.


Yeah, well, it's very, very old, but yeah, for for no fault of their own, of course. But yeah, my my main criticism of King Kong is the film is too many stop motion dinosaur fights. Yeah. And I'm add that bullet point to my criticism of this film as well as stop motion dinosaur fights.


The key thing for me is that, um, they could have made their own slow motion dinosaur fights. And I'm sure that in the 1970s they would have looked pretty good, or at least pretty and watchable. Like you think about Star Wars, the stop motion. That is not bad, but this is from 1956 and it's from a nature documentary.


So it's never going to be top tier. Why is it there? And why is Trog why does Trog remember dinosaurs is a fucking humanoid. Oh my God.


It's just I feel this is going to show my ignorance and I apologize to any animator who ever listens to this. But like these stop motion things they made those days are such low freight, like, can't you just take more pictures just to make it look a little smoother? I don't see why this is so impossible.


And I don't know, Jamie. I don't know films expensive, I guess is. But, you know, but just I mean I mean, for, you know, what was fucking contemporaneous to this roughly. Ironbridge TV postman Pat. That's the stop motion series. It looks fine.


It's you know, what else was roughly contemporary, maybe merriest.


This. Yeah. 2001 A Space Odyssey, Jamie.


Yes, but I feel Posten part is a closer budgetary comparison.


Probably we already know. But, you know, he stole a costume from that.


Why not just have him remember his family and have him have two Trogs, I would say, to keep going.


And then it's like, oh, they were sort of ape things.


Why do they have to have dinosaurs fighting for and give you the dinosaur bucks stonking kids love? So that's what gets them in. Do you think so?


Maybe. Maybe, yeah. Anyway, I think dinosaurs are more exciting. I think that's true.


But this slow motion is laughable. It's laughable. Yeah.


And and and the fact these remembering dinosaurs is just dumb and it's dumb. It's dumb. Yeah, yeah, anyway, well, we're after this little break to what a lovely country.


Sorry, come on. What is it? What does he say? I didn't write down here.


Stroke tries to speak afterwards and he sees and he goes like, oh, he didn't say anything.


Yeah. It's just like roars that are so close to what they're supposed to be. Okay. Well, like, Trog never speaks properly in this film, even though he has an operation to forcibly, I imagine, tear apart his throat.


So he has vocal cords and there probably was an ample moment for him to say something as well, like where the end will come into that.


Yeah, I see. Yeah. Why would like I think anyone will know Trump dies at the end of this film.


Why wouldn't you just have him like go up and say why are your there Chewbacca.


That's what it looks like as well. Hmm.


They say just imagine you're you're on Halloween night, you dressed in Chewbacca, but like, oh fuck. You spilled some fucking spilled some red wine down your Chewbacca suit, man. Yeah.


You got to take it off, but you haven't worn anything underneath your Chewbacca suit apart from a careful, careful underwear.




So, yeah, you've got you got your back costume and you're you're so hard wearing and to get the full experience you put on some wool underwear as well. You put the head on and I put the head on, you spill your drink all down your torso and trousers. Thankfully the boots are hard rings you can keep them on and the head you've just put on. So it's fine, but you head to the top and the bottoms off and that that you have got Trog just about to come to rock.


You have become Trog and you can use that if you have any questions. I was a lot more original to be fair, although I imagine I might be pretty I'd be incredibly fucking cold in October and Fox costume.


And you will have a lot of people asking you who the fuck are you supposed to be?


But also, apparently I've just looked up Trog and apparently it's a fortnight skin as well, so. Oh my.


But it's not presumably a tie in to this fellow.


No, not AT&T. Not in the 1970s. Trog, you know, and this Trog is blue and it looks kind of like the crazy frog.


Actually I love the guy being mean merman.


I'm talking about bringing together.


It does look like the like the crazy it does.


There's also apparently Trog Wanderer's in Skylanders as well.


Anyway, we've gone a billion miles of topic here and. Oh yeah.


So at this point I think it's pretty cool because you can speak and not see any legal test actually. Sue.


So he's a human now and but somehow I don't know, cage baby somehow is not being tried for like the five murders committed.


It's slightly strange, I would say, obviously, the crackdown obviously quite times the situation would presumably be to try Trog as you would like, a mentally unsound person and, you know, stick him in an asylum or whatever, which is basically the same. You know, it's going to seem like they just decided nobody really is that no one in the entire film is really that bothered about the murders he does before. And, you know, they just kind of annoyed that he's scary yet.


But, you know, he stays in the cage.


And then Mr. Murdoch, in the plan of the century, comes out, drives off in the night. He walks up to the lab a bit. He leaves he bronczek car in the head as well.


Yeah, because Bonke sneaks in. It's I don't know what his plan was, because all he does is he goes into the lobby first, some bottles on the floor and he says they'll say Trump gets angry and then he unlocks the cage and leaves and leaves, as one would assume, given that aspires to have child killed, now would be a good time to do so.


Yeah. But now he's just like Trog, who has had temper tantrums throughout this film. May find that Trog is knocked over some bottles, they'll have to kill him.


Yeah. In a moment, Mr Murdoch, then what happens? Mr. Murdoch, much like in the acclaimed film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, gets behind the wheel of his car and turns on the leaps down and bashes him, yeah, I'm beating him. And then Mr. Murdoch very conveniently leans on the horn so that everyone knows Dr. Brockton and I'll come and see Kill in the Sky. So that runs off into the night. Yeah.


This is a this is a bashing kill, not throwing kill and not a road kill. This is one of his two bashing kills. Think he only just to passion kills in the film.


It's very special, but not special is what's coming up. Because, you know, you knew what was going to happen when we had drug locked up next to the quintessential English village. We all knew it was going to happen. So it's time for Trogs rampaged through the town.


Total rampage early morning, early morning. There's two people out.


There's a butcher and there's a greengrocer, Jamie, that you are going to see the chaos that can be unleashed by a man who's slightly stronger than a normal man. Exactly.


He goes to the greengrocer and he he bonks the greengrocer in the head and kills him.


Oh, gosh. And then he you take this car if he flips a car and explodes.


Actually, yes.


It's the same thing he does. And still not that impressive.


Not that impressive, but convincing. And then he goes to the butcher and in an uncharacteristically brutal way, he hangs the butcher up on a meat hook.


Yes. Which is just because every other every other person he's killed thus far is like, OK, he's overwhelmed and he doesn't know what he's doing his best, but he looks a bit in the eye. He looks at the pigs, they're hung up and he grabs a butcher and hangs them on the hook and then leaves.


I think the case, the pacing of those shots is bizarre. Yeah. It's, you know, look to the butcher, OK? We know what's going to happen. Then you get Trog, he picks out the butcher, walks over to the meat, hooks, the camera shifts a little. So the meat hidden by a chicken. Yes, but we see tronc putting the man up. We know what's happening. It's just, you know, special effects, blah, blah, blah.


Those are expensive. Yeah. But then, like, there's those Trog leaving and then entirely separately it does a slow pan, like suspense filled up yet.


And it's like, oh my God, he's been hanging on to me. Can you believe it. Who could have thought this was happening when he shifted the butcher.


Because I thought, OK, they're going for a rating, a certain rating. They don't want to show a guy getting stabbed through a meat hook and then they just show it anyway. But they don't show it happening. They just show after it's happened.


Yeah. The shows after you already know what's happened is a shocking reveal. Absolutely bizarre.


And then, yeah, Trog goes down to a children's play park, which looks remarkably similar to the play sizes today. It was in a way that does not speak to me very well about current council budgets.


Oh, OK.


But anyway, Trog, if you remember, I very subtly in a very cool way, just sort of sprinkled in as part of the list that one of the exercises I did with chalk was training with Little Doll, your listener. That's right. I did look after your excitement because now I am going to shoot off my Chekov's gun and tell you that Trog looks down for suitable child to be like the doll and he steals one from the slide. And the children on the scene are real shit, frankly.


A polling actors, all of them, I'm sure you'd agree. Yeah, I mean, a lot of the people in the film are true, actually.


That's true. If the children are up to par. Yeah, well, they're still really looking at a monster and running away.


And then they go, yeah, yeah. Anyway, then Trog takes the young girl down to the cave and he tries to look after her and it's like, oh, isn't it sad that we love child? I personally never held any emotions towards Trog throughout the entirety of this film is quite. Yeah, anyway, then we call the fucking army, yet at least 40 man, I think a bit more to look at to get one guy who, again, is just slightly stronger than a regular guy.


Yeah, but they don't want to test me. Yeah. And then they just kind of shoot and stick him in stalactite. That's not true.


Jimmy Jones goes down. Joan goes down to that. She was dying. I'll try to wrestle the child and she was luuk I can reason with Trog and Amoco's get out of here and blow a hole in the cave and they go down and shoot Trog and he falls in a state like stalactite or so my dog. Tight so tight you. As the inspector has a little thematic speech, which would be fine if it wasn't so bizarre. I was like, maybe you scientists can find a balance between life and progress, but for regular folks, it's all got to be one or the other.


Yeah, and he walks off. Bizarre.


This film is a weird thing about how apparently scientists are treated differently from like no one else in society understands scientists and their struggle. Yeah. Which I'm not sure is true.


But so, you know, the film sucks.


It does suck. So, OK, well, something that we forgot to mention is when the, uh, when Malcolm says he goes to university, the guy goes, oh, you go to university. So which just was this just some kind of university prank that your friend just died was a prank.


And it's like obviously not like you ever read about accounts of universities from the 60s and 70s. They had nothing else to do. They just did hoaxes, just did hoaxes.


OK, well, fair enough. But it's like they oh, they all think that they're trying to cover up a prank gone wrong by claiming the Trog is a guy and which is kind of.


Yeah. Well so I go down here to do this film apparently has a reputation for being so bad.


It's good. I disagree. I think it's so bad. It's bad. Yeah. I watch a lot of stuff about it's good films. This, as with many of them, runs into the problem after the sort of first half hour, we sort of gotten over the shock of what it is. Yeah, you are forced to watch the remaining hour. Yeah. Which is really boring as most bad films are, I would say almost all of them.


A couple of exceptions. The thing about comedy is that it kind of has to build up and when you're doing accidentally, you can't do that.


Yeah, so I actually wrote down 40 minutes in. I am now very bored. Yes. Twenty minutes left and the opening is the best bit by far, which I want to talk about the opening this is in.


I love the letters. The font is great. Oh yeah.


I genuinely really enjoyed the first ten minutes of this film as in the cave. In the cave. The tension was really yeah there is no music and they're just like sound effects. And I kept expecting like something to come around the corner and there was like the cinematography is very eerie.


So the cinematography is bizarrely OK. It's amazing.


Especially in the opening, though, the whole film is well shot, but the opening, especially the cinematography, is really good. You've got like stalagmite so like tights in the foreground.


And people in the film actually directed the. Do you want to know? I've got it here.


Yeah. Freddy Franz. Freddy Francis, who is who is a cinematographer. Yeah, and he's won two two Academy Awards, but he was a cinematographer for the Elephantmen. Oh, shit, for June, holy shit, you're right, I'm for glory and for Cape Fear. So he's a really good cinematographer. Yeah, he was also cinematographer for Saturday night and Sunday morning, which is a very good film and recommend it. And from time to time, that was his last film was like DP.


And then he just never really made it as a director. And he kept he kept getting he he got sort of type type directed as a kind of horror director.


Yeah, I can see looking at, if you like, the way you stare at it, but he's he's a that's why the cinematography is so good. When I genuinely when I say that the opening scene is very good. I'm not joking. I was yeah. I find it very tense and the cinematography was really, really nice.


I'm going to do a little like intellectual dishonesty here where I was I watched the particularly the cave stuff was a lot of, like, nicely framed stuff. And I was like, yes, I think the cinematography here is quite good. I'm not going to mention this because this clearly must be terrible cinematography and I just can't tell. No.


Well, yeah, it's quite get it was really good and it was all like little pans and stuff and everything was framed. I mean, I think the frame was the ultimate painting was framed very well.


And the issue is obviously like the sets are really bad.


I can't quite get I didn't even think the sets were that bad until you'd seen them a lot. Like, I feel like they worked. They actually worked in the opening scene. It was just once they were in the cave again and again and again. You can see, OK, I get it. It's a cave. I can see it's not quite right, but yeah, it was, um.


Hmm. Yeah, he's he's a cinematographer and he's a very good one at that.


He's done a lot of films.


Yeah. Yeah. That's generally good stuff. The best Junn film.


I say not knowing what the other one looks like, I yeah I don't know but yeah he's done quite a lot of David Lynch. Yeah. Actually uh yeah.


Yeah. So yeah I wouldn't say this film holds much water as I say, but it's good film.


No it's so bad. It's bad.


Yeah. I think it's worth checking out just for a bit because you know but once the scene where Trog emerges from the cave is really the best that from that angle.


Exactly. I would if it would be the best known, ironically.


So if we're talking about watching, I'm going to put it and don't watch. Well, I was going to say ship, it's on, but only for a bit, which I know is not sitting well, I'm going to watch, but I'm saying if you can find the opening 10 minutes and you would get you get a scary cave and you'd get the hilarious bit where he breaks out, which which does fit into so bad, it's good thing. But I wouldn't say I guess actually maybe you could say which of his own and then just give up.


Yeah, but that's really what I'm trying to say. But I don't really know because I genuinely would not watch it for like if I wasn't doing this I would have stopped watching because it was just really.


Oh yeah, absolutely. I hated watching this. Yes. After a while, it's just so predictable. And I mean, it's got nothing new to it.


It's like I just start at the start of this first season. I keep you on eBay. I was like, oh, is this going to be like this this kind of underappreciated horror gem? And then, um, there's just no more horror. I kept expecting horror.


I expect to keep sending him to pre-K or or, I don't know, just something or more of it.


If you are if you're so mad, it's good. But if you like bad films, I think it's worth checking out just because it might work for you. Yeah, but I wouldn't count on and.


Who else is it going, it's got Michael Golf. He plays Murdoch and he was in the Batman films, The Bert Burton, Schmierer, Burton, Schumacher ones, OK, for Batman films, The Burning Ones and Shumack ones. And he was also the Dodo and Alice in Wonderland. He seems to have worked with Tim Burton a fair bit.


OK, age is cool. Who was he playing, Murdoch? Oh, yeah, he did seem like an actual. Yeah, yes.


So he was in Batman, Batman and Robin Batman Forever, Batman Returns and he was also in Sleepy Hollow is uh oh. What's my mom say.


Tim Tim Burton film. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And Kasprowicz is Tim Burton. Alice in Wonderland is Tim Burton and then Tim Burton. The other one seem to be kind of similar to a film called Konga. We spoke with a K that's huge, like a King Kong kind of thing. Dracula film horror. Something so a lot of that kind of thing, but, yeah, he's been in a few. A few things, yeah. Hmm, quite a lot.


Oh, he was in a Christmas Carol 1984, but I don't know who was. There you go. Cool, very cool and very, very cool. Anything else for the film? Let me look at my notes. There's a nice little bit foreshadowing where someone says, go ahead, it's your funeral, and then the guy dies. I guess I think I think Malcolm says it to Bill before he dies down. Well, yeah, and they say that they say that, um, Tarok is not a carnivore and then they feed him fish and lizards.


So, yeah, obviously Tarion investigating lizards, mate. I don't think they can, um. There's a few cliche kind of things in it, like, um, Dr. Brocton says to her doctor, never show fear, only trust, which is like I feel like something you see in all these and like Planet of the Apes, there's some kind of overt fun of the apes.


So would you say and I think the obvious template for this film is King Kong and basically the same. Actually, yeah.


King Kong, even more than Planet of the Apes. I was thinking about the Apes. I was thinking about the recent apes.


But yeah, King Kong, like, you know, if you show love to these beasts, they'll give it back. That was kind of the main clichéd theme thing. Yeah.


Um, yeah. I don't want to watch it, don't watch it, I'm I'm actually not glad I saw it. Frankly, I would have been fine without doing this.


There's so many other campy horror to watch.


Troll two. It's so fucking good to watch trolls to world to not to.


But I genuinely the best Sobel's good film. Speaking as someone who has seen my fair share is Troll two with recommendation. It's so weird watching it. Sometimes it's so fucking good.


I was thinking of what's the film with. There's like the giant trolls. It's like a found footage film. Oh no troll hunter from 2010. No, I'm not recommending it, but I was just I followed maybe what you're talking about.


No, no, no. I can't even remember. I can't even remember and. Around 1990, which is actually not that surprising, maybe maybe I should watch Troll Hunter again, it looks kind of interesting.


What's true to it's on I'm video. You can watch it. Easy vote, but we have to watch it together. OK, if you will. There you go.


Yep. OK, anything else you want to talk about this, you've been up to anything else? I spent this weekend, not this weekend.


This week, the. I have very little now, I've been watching a lot of Taskmaster on UKTV play. Oh yeah, you're saying I should be the first four series now, over the past week, you've watched the first four series in the past week.


Yep. Nice. It's pretty fun.


Dabwido said I would rank the series as follows. I would say the third series is the worst I've seen with Ilmari, Dave Gorman, Paul Childreach and others. Who else in that series? Sarah Pascoe and Rob Beckett. I would then put it I don't say the fourth series with Mel from Sue and Mal. No Fielding Lowie. Who else is in that one?


Joe Lysa. Hugh Dennis. Yeah, I do like it and I see no one.


He likes it and he was his own dog. And then I would say the second series is the second best with Richard oarsman, Catherine Ryan, John Richardson and that and one other.


Joe Wilkinson.




And then I say, you like the first series, the most, which I just finished this afternoon, which has so and our romance. Ranganathan just where they come, Tinchy and Roshini, whatever our second name is. Yeah, but taskmasters fun I'm looking at. I mean, I watch them. I'm going to start the 50 series this evening, which has Bob Mortimer in it, so I'm looking forward to that. It's a good time, very funny, lights up my dark days, um, which ones have I seen?


I've seen Series seven. Yeah, it's very because as James A. Yeah, and Jessica Knapp, it is funny feel, way or feel. I love Rogova. He's really funny. Um and I've seen season eight all season.


He's got Joe Thomas in it, which is also skewed, um, on the guy from. And the chase, Paul Paulson, her. Oh, yes, isn't it, Susan? It's a good one and then I don't think I've seen season nine or I seen passes and I know the series 10 starts is ultimately they revealed the task, the cast.


So the task is to tell you who is.


Yes, tell me.


OK, I'm going to look up the list surreptitiously because remember all the names, I only make us a big one.


That's not very nice and very nice from the IT crowd and from that crowd is in it then.


It's all right, Richard.


Richard Herring from Leicester Square podcast. And also, there's problems on the Metro.


Right. And and Daisy, Mini Cooper, who's been in a lot of things people say is quite good. She's busy. She's very funny, I think. And then a comedian called Marwan, one, I think, who's a bit more obscure. But, you know, it's usually the obscure ones who are pretty funny on Taskmaster. So it's a good cast to me. I have to say, Channel four, I'm not super familiar with any of them.


I don't think. Oh, you must know Johnny Johnny Vegas. So. Yeah, but other than that. Yeah.


And I watched it. Crowd No, no. I mean, don't do it now because the courageous horrible.


But you know but you separate the army artist Simmie. True. But that crowd is very explicit. It's transphobia. It's not like you can ignore it. Right. Its views are on show.


OK, well, maybe I should because I've only seen two seasons of Tessmann says maybe I should watch it.


Well, like I say, UKTV plays free. Yeah. So you can watch literally every season of it for free, of course. So I'd recommend watching it. It's been a fun time. Um. Other than that, I started playing The Witcher free, which is a good game, I like a. Now controversial. Indeed. Well, yeah, well, I was away and went to the beach and stuff, it was nice.


Uh, well, I, I the last couple of days have been trained to play Planet Coaster. Um, yeah. And I just haven't been able to get into.


I bought a couple of doses as well just to sort of expand the game and I don't know, I just haven't been. And I know because I fought since I've been playing six games, if I maybe I could get back into some of the games I used to play. And obviously these games are sort of thing that once you. Once it clicks, you know, you'll be really going at it, but it's not clear yet, so I yeah, I keep playing it for a bit and then just say I'd rather do something else and I just do something else.


So and I'm sure at some point I will play it again because I used to love roller coasters taking free, but we'll see currently currently not really playing anything, but I'll let you know when something grabs me. By the polls and pulls me into a PC. So I'd like to hear. Yeah, I'm sure that Sebti here on the gold and talking about what people want to hear.


Yeah. On that note, uh, shall we call around?


So, yeah, keep it keep this Minnesota or reunite with the last episode. Yes.


Very similar symptoms as Jamie told me. You said you said you better call it Minnesota. It'll be really funny because the same life as the other ones. And then I call the megacorp, which I find even funnier because not only is it some of the other ones, but it also means I know Jamie, but he wasn't very happy.


And it's like it, though. No. Have you OK, finally, Jamie, self-liquidating, so you're just going to hear me talking. OK, bye bye, everyone.


Have you actually stopped? All right, OK, bye, everyone. Hope you enjoyed.