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Hi, everyone, welcome to another episode of the set. Well, hello, everyone, welcome to Golden Turkeys Episode five. What was it you said to me just for research recording there, Jamie?


I never said anything that I know about how you are feeling right now. I'm very tired. Yes, very tired.


So I'm I'm sure it's going to be a good party. You know, nothing makes for better content than a tired presenter.


That's why it's important that I don't show any enthusiasm for what I'm making so that the viewers will feel obligated to project their own enthusiasm into the project. So make up for me. I understand. You're right. You're right, man.


I really hope I don't get power at this time. That was really annoying.


Well, maybe this will be our first episode. I mean, maybe we should we might we might we might pose accordingly for you because I get I get nervous about it. And but, you know, people around to know that I've just told them, but they don't want to do it. So why are we watching?


And this week, Jimmy, we're watching the Shion Social Club, which I thought was Yadin Social Club at first until I said, oh, so is that what you said last night? I guess I absolutely can't say she had no sense of shame.


Cheyenne sounds kind of like Siam, doesn't it?


Yeah, I forgot to speak like a cowboy. The rookie error, uh, never work again, of course.


Yeah. This also was the first Western we've done. Right.


Is is shall we start with the historical context as usual. OK, sure. OK. And certain search and go. Did it do you. Who can take the time however. OK, good.


So of course then you know what website I was using Jimmy.


Calendar month dot com.


No I was using take me back to you have still not sponsored us despite this being our fifth episode. Unbelievable.


And so the charts were much the same and the summertime is still number one. Can you guess where back home was by now, Jimmy?


Back home. No, no, no. It wasn't back. It was still in the charts. Oh, we got him.


You got me. It was number five to good, it was number three last week in number five this week, finally following oh, I forgot to check. I was going to look at the World Cup results and how they gone. And we do that right now. But I can see I can keep talking while I can just be like la, la, la.


Well, I could say, right, you can speak. You say, well, this is the first question we've done, as I said. And the reason I bring that up is that I would obviously Bastian's used to be very popular as our good friend Steven Spielberg would like to say. I think you can correct me if I'm wrong, though, because you actually know about this. The heyday of the Western was a little bit before we're talking about right now.


I think it was the 60s when I went on. But you can tell me I'm going to punch you in the face.


I mean, I don't really know, but I think you're right. I've actually not seen that many.


If you see that film studies degree is really paying off. I don't really watch Westerns in that.


Jamie, what your films got Westerns are real films. Always. Yeah. Uh, so, yeah, I think I've most of all spaghetti Westerns personally. This might be I think like regular old actually made in America Western I've seen. OK, cool. So yeah it was an interesting first impression because. Yeah.


Well um but they did it come out. It came out June 12th right.


Mm. No maybe. Yeah yeah. Yeah, yeah.


So I'm looking at the World Cup, the quarterfinals start and on June 14th so it's on the group stages. There you go. That's the World Cup update and I'm sure you're all glad and OK just to hear what the magazines had to say. Jamie.


Uh, OK, sure. Does it involve protests of some kind?


Again, to be honest, I kind of skimmed over everything about like I don't think there's any protest, but there's, you know, the usual stuff about Vietnam and stuff. I just get over that cause I feel like people are going to get tired of us talking about that again. But I guess what film time was reviewing, Jimi?


Uh, something we've done, I would guess so.


Maybe be out of towners based on the date and the relative to late the hero two oh oh oh. That's even although we are miles ahead of the time and we're fifty years late. But within that, that we're ahead of schedule, we're ahead of the time. So that's good. And I can read the whole review but um it's, I don't know what to say about it but yeah we clearly better than them um and oh and also sticky on the topic of films that we are we have which are going to watch and Life had an article about the Catch 22 film.


I think we'll be watching in a couple of weeks.


I think either this week or next week. I think next week maybe so. Yeah. And it was like the making of it. And if I didn't read the article, it looked interesting. I might read it like the week that we actually do.




And and then the on the other thing, there was an article in time about migrant workers heading to the north of Europe through the south of Italy, which is also a timely issue.


Pretty relevant, although interestingly, um, it's interesting, there's a lot of them are actually from the south of Italy, which I think is less of a thing to do.


Well, so it was like saying like these are like nice Italians or something like the. Why what why does it matter whether from exactly no, as in like obviously currently you think about my coworkers and the secretaries and they're coming from Africa and stuff.


Oh, I'm seeing at the time it said it did include North Africa, but it was like I mean, it was talking about Yugoslavian stuff as well. But it also said the south of Italy and which I find interesting because I don't think that's the thing today unless I'm just ignorant of it. I don't think it's like a mass exodus from the south of Italy itself.


Maybe there I sound really ignorant. I know that one half of Italy is much, much economically poorer than the other. And, yeah, the the south definitely is the south.


Yeah. So I guess I can see why I was so sure at the time.


Yeah. It probably still is a thing but not as. Yeah. I find it interesting. So that was, that was on my historical context of the short one this week.


There wasn't anything that whatever happens in June. I mean really. Exactly. The rest of them I think is it was quite a nice change. Yeah.


To be honest, I think isn't about riots and revolutions take place in summer usually.


So. Yeah, yeah, they did. And they on the October Revolution I guess, and probably others government. Yes, probably quite a lot that don't.


But as a general rule, I mean it's when people are more likely to get outside, isn't it. And as Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing told us so memorably, it's really annoying when it's very hot. It's disgraceful on that film. It's a great film, isn't it? So, yeah, this is the Cheyenne Social Club, do you want to mix things up, Duncan, you can do the plot synopsis this week. We'll see how you do.


And the spice of life, does that mean that you don't have the personalities written down? I never write it down. I go from memory, so it gives the oh shit. And can I do the plot synopsis? I don't know. I feel like you're there.


You don't want to jump in because I have point random points written down and I feel like I'm there jumping in. All right.


I'm screwed. And let's not forget the whole thing. All right. We've got ourselves a cowboy, an actual cowboy. He doesn't really do any gunslinging stuff. Whatever. You just stumbles cowboys.


That was my first point in the film. Actually shows cowboys like being cowboys. How man. Very interesting.


His name is on something. Yeah. And he's got a best friend. His name is Harley. Harley does nothing for the entire film and that's literally not true.


But Jonás from a lawyer downtown, he says he's inherited some property, the town's social club.


Do you remember what he says when he gets a letter from the lawyer? Oh, he says he won't open a letter from a lawyer unless less time full time.


Good luck with an open letter from a lawyer and an empty stomach. Pretty funny line, though.


So then he goes down to Cheyenne, which he's from Texas. I don't think they expressly say Russian is almost like implied.


But anyway, let me look it up, because the journey clearly takes months. It does. It's in Wyoming. They do say that, I think. All right. Yeah.


I mean, Harley comes along with him because they're about according to Harley, at least. So they arrive in Cheyenne after it's two years after the lawyer sent the letter. Yes, you know, it's the olden days post the slow transport slow.


It was kind of like it was kind of like Skyrim when he gets a little. If you have ever faced I have fled, I'm not yeah, like when you when you get a letter from someone like you're in the middle of a battle or something and somebody just runs up and he's like a God got a letter from you and it's just like some guy you just give shit. That's kind of what right there in the middle, like Franklin case. And then this guy just walks up and he's like, Yo, you got this letter.


So yeah, he goes to the Cheyenne Social Club and Suki's or whatever. And then it turns out the shock horror. It's a brothel. It's a whorehouse, as they say. Yeah, it's the same West and everyone in the town like his brother, the people who work there are super happy with it. But John played by Jimmy Stewart isn't because it's very immoral, played by the guy you see Jimmy Stewart said Jimmy Sure.


Jimmy Stewart would also work. Yeah.


So he tries to shut the whorehouse down and get converted to a nice, respectable boarding house. And then everybody says it's a bit of a dick move. Firing all your work is like that, Johnny Boy. And the entire town hates him. Fact they all loved him at first. It was like it was like when Byron's fired the workers, wasn't it, Jimmy? Yeah, that was a dick. Did it remind you that?


It did not explicitly remind me of that. But generally, I don't think fires is only fire.


All your workers is ever a good thing to do, although I'm sure there some weird loophole anyway. So, yeah, the entire town hates now and then the girls don't leave anyway and they sort comes around to it after some fights and stuff. But then the accident. But then one of the girls gets beat up in a very weird kind of exploitative way and he shoots the he did it and then his gang comes to get revenge and he fights them off.


And that's the end of the film. Another guy is going to come out for his head now. So he hurries back to Texas with his friend. And that's. Yeah, that's cool. All right. Episode over ten minutes longer.


Thank you. I'm really, really trying to be more concise, you know. Yeah.


You have really concise that don't have any. I have I feel if I just robbed the story of all the spirit of things really the way to go. Yeah. So yeah. What did you think of our leading man, our leading man leading character, I'm sure. Mr. John.


Well, I'm sorry. I actually didn't, I didn't recognize either of them to start with. Yeah.


Jimmy Stewart looks very wary of a beard. I'm like, oh it's him. And yeah.


So I saw the Henry Fonda guy and I was like, oh, that must be Henry Fonda. And I still didn't fully recognize him. And then, like, gradually, as more close ups are done, stuff like that. But even once I knew it was Henry Fonda, I didn't realize the other guy was James Shaw until he like shaves and gets a new suit. And then I was like, oh, shit. Yeah, that's him.


And man, Jim Shaw is a really good actor, isn't he? I like him. Yeah.


Yeah. He's got like a really good face, I think for a film like. Yeah, really. Especially for like a Western.


He's very good at being nervous, you know. Yeah. Like right. Yeah. So what's your favorite James Stewart film, Jimmy?


Uh, Vertigo, which I think is probably the only one I've seen on this one. Have you seen have you seen Rear Window. No, it's good. It's good to have you. Oh, you've seen it's a Wonderful Life. You don't like it. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah. Well that's him. Yeah, he's all right. I always forget it's him.


Yeah, it's in black and white, which I know is a stupid reason not to recognize him. Yeah. No, that's true though. That's true. Yeah. No, Vertigo is probably the best one I'd say. And he was also in group. Have you ever seen Rup.


Oh that's the one, that's, that's one that's meant to only be in one shot. Right. Yeah it's one. So yeah it looked like that only Hitchcock really didn't want to do that, but he really was surprised. Yeah.


He kind of noticed that he didn't want to be kind of knew it wouldn't be up to his usual standard, but he invented it I think. And uh yeah.


More like that. It's not they didn't want to do it, but yeah, I think it's more I guess it's an easy sell into doing it.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So I want to see Ropen. I think it could be interesting. I've heard it's not very good, but I mean it's so would be interesting to see.


See. Yeah. So Jimmy Stewart's character arc is a bit weird in this film I would say. Uh yeah. I wasn't quite sure what it was going for until the very end, which is maybe not supposed to work because he does at first I thought it was going to be like this tension between his sort of morality that he's been taught and an actual morality he develops for himself, you know? I mean. Yeah, but then it sort of starts being about that.


And then it kind of it seems more like it's about can Jimmy story ever live up to the legacy of his brother? And it's yeah, it's pretty far back.


I like you know, you've seen, uh, I was wondering if you're going to I was thinking bring up Rebecca when we're talking about Hitchcock films, because it's what I like a lot.


But yeah. So my flatmate while was talking by Rebecca just to interrupt you, my flatmate watch Rebecca and he didn't like it very much.


And I was like, oh, that's that's very tasty for films. Yeah. He said like as a Hitchcock film, it wasn't one of his best. Sounds like many of those are the good Healthwatch again.


I'm always it for a while, but I really like it. I like it.


I know that not. I'm very upset with that film and I know the change the plot for the Hays Code. And like ever since I learned the original plot was, I'm like, oh, that would be better.


Well, they changed the plot of Rebecca.


Yeah, but it was like under the Hays Code, you're not allowed to show someone murdering their spouse and getting away with it. So they had to change it from Max murdering Rebecca to, you know, accidentally. So there being an accident, but one that he looks like he's blameworthy for his less kooky. Well, and I'm sorry for spoiling Rebecca.


Yeah, we really I mean, we just spoil everything doing. Yeah. I mean, she. Spoiler warning, like in South Africa, 60 year old movie, yeah, it's true if you're not seeing Rebecca fucking what's wrong for you? I mean, a lot of people probably haven't. I think it's not one of its famous ones.


Yeah. So there's a story about that coming out about his brother. And then it's more about selfishness, I suppose, and selflessness. And it's finally about him, like realizing that he never he was never see Mousy with a country mouse. And he's going back to this thing. And that's like the final lesson, which I think probably the least interesting out of all.


So I don't think I can find the final bit kind of funny because essentially. So he's a cowboy. Yeah. As in like an actual cowboy that plays cows and what cowboy does.


And then the film, he gradually does more and more like stereotypical cowboy stuff that you see in films. Yeah. You know, I mean, so obviously that's not what cowboy she is.


But in the mind of the viewer, that's like no cowboy stuff you just have to look at. And he said he's in a firefight in like a duel and stuff like that.


And then at the end of it, it's like I said, I want to be a cowboy. And then he goes back to being a like a guy that goes boyscout, you know?


Yeah, well, it's just I feel if the arc was like, this isn't me, I feel like he would have had to have given himself over to being like a city guy, if, you know, I mean, at some point. And that never really happens. He's always quite true to himself. Yeah.


He he comes in and he's like, this isn't me. And he does give over briefly because he he gets the new he gets a new outfit and. Yeah. But that's the very beginning of the film.


Yeah. But then he changes, he becomes a Republican remember. Yeah. But like he says, I'm going to be a businessman and I'm going to be a Republican.


I think he does give over to it, but that's his own.


That's what he wants to be his own thing. I feel it's not like that's him being still being resistant to the role as demanded of the completely opposite direction. If not, I mean, is it. Well, yeah. Like the film, I would imagine, would proceed like the whole I don't know, I'm a cowboy. I'm not a city guy, whatever it would be like I'd say he become he owns a company, for example, for that, and he gets a suit and tie and he starts making like ruthless poor decisions or whatever.


And then, you know, little girl comes up to me and says, Daddy, why are you firing all the workers or something, you know? I mean, and then he'd be like, oh, wait, I've lost everything in my pursuit of power, blah, blah, blah. Doesn't mean right. Whereas he gets the business and then he's like, no, I think this should be more respectable, but it's not like he's like he would have always felt like that.


That is him thinking about a whorehouse isn't respectable. Do not. Do you get what I'm saying. And, um, kind of I perceived it more as like he very quickly changed to. Well, no, I yeah, I get what you mean. Kind of, yeah.


I don't know. He never accepts the whorehouse as being a good idea, really. Any point in the film.


Well he I mean he does towards the end. Towards the end. And then he realizes that he doesn't want to run it though. Well yeah.


That's the thing. I don't I don't think I don't think his problem is being a playboy. I think it's like that that specific line of work.


Yeah, well, no, because at the end of it, it definitely he definitely decides that it's like Cheyennes. The problem is not for him. Right. Whereas it's not about the specific line of business, but. I should think of free when I was four, I said, I mean, I'm Trinny and.


To the same, I'm trying to think like the character. Yeah, I didn't very satisfying character mostly. Yeah, I guess I didn't change that much. That's that's the best way to say he didn't really change at all towards the end, despite the fact that sort of a lot. No, a lot of movement was made, but nothing changed.


Well, I think that's fine. I think that's that's just a character realizing that he had a good life to start with.


I don't know exactly, but it wasn't.


I think I think it's interesting. Character is different to what you normally see.


Yeah, it was true. I'm just wondering if it's I suppose. Yeah. If you're saying it had a good life overall.


My last you know, it is like Joe. It's like Jamie. Well, it's like it's a wonderful life. It's exactly the same. That's why you don't like it, because it's James Stewart.


James, you're realizing that his life was good before and and going back to what it was before.


I feel like if someone told me, it would be like, hey, that's why you hate that.


If Jimmy Stewart was like, oh, if you would be better if I was dead all along. And then, like, the angel showed him the world without them. And it was like mostly fine. It was like, no, I realize it's better if I'm alive, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I know if you're doing that. But it is funny. That is, if you do funny, they wanna know if you're doing the whole I wish I had a better life.


I wish I had this specific list that I think you need to have an opportunity for that life. And that's never on the table at any point in the entire film.


Um, no, but I think I think there's a brief moment when he finds out and he's like, oh, I've got all this money and I'm going to be a businessman.


I'm going to be a businessman.


And like, he gets it in his head and then, yeah, say the brothel isn't what he thinks it is. And then he realizes that the brothel is like staying and then he doesn't want to be involved.


I feel like this, though, when you say like, oh my God, it makes sense, I think. There's not maybe it's just there's not enough focus on the dream for me to talk about. Yeah, maybe, but maybe if that's the part that's wrong, then maybe that there's more focus on that.


Yeah, I don't know.


But. You think of this film stance on prostitution, by the way, anyway, because I found it quite interesting. Well, this is the second film you've watched. It has the only woman in it being prostitutes, which is, after all, probably not the best trend to start. But again, it is the 1970s. So what can you expect, I guess?


Oh, right after like the hearings. Yeah. To the hero. Mm.


Yeah. Um well what I think of the film stand on it. Well. Um. I don't know what kind of. It's. Um. What do you think? I thought I was that was a useless answer. Yeah, well, I think that the film was quite non-committal on the answer in a way that was not surprisingly. But at first I thought that the film was going to be saying, like, you know, you should stop being such a stick in the mud, like look like an objectively good thing for the town or.


Yeah. And then, like, you know, Jamie would like realize I think the film's actual stance on the issue is that it doesn't really take one.


And I just think I think the point is that in this specific instance, all the girls are happy and looked after. And it's clearly there's clearly strict rules in the brothel, you know, I mean, like there's a baby, like they have to have a bath and like, all that stuff.


So I don't I don't think it's necessarily like glorifying glorifying it, but it's definitely not saying it's a bad thing. I do. I do feel that it shows them as happy, but then explains why they would be happy in this specific. You know, it's not just like they're producing. They're happy to say the approaches and they're happy because X, Y, Z.


Yeah, well, I think the one thing the film does quite a lot is that it keeps introducing things like external mechanisms regarding Jimmy's relationship with the houses were it's like the one we see is that like it turns out, there's actually a contract that his brother signed, which means it has to stay as a whorehouse. You can't change it. Yeah, which is classic. Yeah, exactly. Something the lawyer didn't tell him when he signed it for. Where I feel you don't actually own the house is quite an important thing to say.


No, he does on the house. Jimmy doesn't.


I'm just going to tell you as a lawyer now and he does not own the house.


Are you a lawyer in training, but in training?


He well, he owns he owns the house, the materials that go into the house, doesn't he?


Maybe. But I suppose the other thing is that, like, even once come to light, you know, it's time for Jimmy to show that he cares the two sort of things that show that this one guy proposing to one of them and Johnny and beaten up. Well, I don't think it's ever Jimmy never ends up respecting their profession in any way, you know?


I mean, yes. Audio issues again. So external facts. Yeah, well, like just the use of external things, the use of external well, talking about external things and the audio just cut off again.


That was fun. I'm just going to every time you try and like continues, if nothing happened, I'm going to point out that happened and just like saved my ass from editing. And what was it you said at the start, this podcast, that nothing was going to go wrong this time?


I said maybe nothing would go wrong. Well, something's going on, but I don't think we've lost anything. So it's fine. We're back and. Right. External issues on making him like the girls. Yeah. Yeah. So you see, you were saying that he doesn't respect the profession. He just respects the girls.


Well, yeah. That's why I feel the film sort of I'm going to to say cowardly gets out of ever taking a moral stance on the issue whatsoever.


I mean, my my view on that is it's like it is a comedy, so it doesn't really need you know, it's not like a horror. It's not like a hard hitting drama about. No profiles and what in the Western America at the time. But if you think if you think brothels are immoral or if you think that they're fine, then you should, you know, say that if you have a phone and so directly touches on the issue, I feel.


But I mean. Yeah. I mean, I feel it's one of those things where, like, someone could walk in as someone who like incredibly, you know, up for like sex workers rights or whatever, and they walk out of that film feeling OK about it. And you can also go in with someone who's, like, completely down on the entire thing and thinks to be outlawed and like they shall be executed at the stake. They'd also feel fine about it.


I think that's probably the point, Jimi.


Well, I mean, I know that's what they're trying to do, but I also implies that Republicans are all bastards and Democrats are all like underdogs. So, you know, it's not I'm afraid this is that no Hollywood view the.


I mean, it certainly is I'm not saying that the bravest stance you can take, but, you know, I'm just. Well, I see. No, it's all right. You know, if you say Republicans are either nuts, you know. Yes, this is that. Maybe another one.


Maybe that's what they went for and they didn't I don't know. I didn't find it that bad or distracting.


Like, I think I think I don't think it makes more sense. I think it makes more sense that he. Like, I feel like he is becoming more accepting of their profession by getting to know them, you know, like that, so he does become more accepting of it. I don't I don't see how else he could, like he said, unless he, like, walked in on one of them, like carefully putting a condom on and being like, now you're going to be very safe doing this.


And like, I don't know, I just I don't know how you could possibly show that easily.


You know, I mean, it's like he I feel like he does he does get an element of respect for the profession, but that's only because he gets to know the girls. But I don't know how else you could do that or how she'd want to do that.


Hmm. I just I feel if you make a film entirely about something that's so politically controversial, then it's like you're kind of obviously tiptoeing around it. Then I feel like that's a missed opportunity.


That's right. Right. I would also say you're talking about the sort of thing that I thought the representation of women in this movie was not great. Right. I thought that it was a very sort of 50s, 60s, 70s style feminism that you see in sci fi a lot in particular, where there's clearly like this belief that women's rights should be like entirely based around like free love and the right to have sex with men as much as they want in a way that looks that feels disingenuous sometimes.


Right. And like whilst this film wasn't as bad as something like was the the film the book about a Martian, like a man from a strange stranger, from a strange land or something. OK, I wasn't quite as bad as all that. It was still. Whilst also of supporting prostitution, none of the women in the film are anything other than, like, incredibly nice bitches who are all lost after everyone.


Yes, they're very sort of childlike, aren't they?


Yeah, I don't like I mean, I feel like, Jenny, you could be an argument that Jenny is not quite as much like she she understands what's going on and she helps him. She, like, shoots the guy that comes in. Well, yeah, but even even with those, she's definitely still that kind of like stereotype of the like.


Oh, I you're like you're letting me run it. Mister, that's so nice of you, you know what I mean.


Like yeah. Yeah. And the rest of them are just like that the whole, the whole time they just, they're all like horny at the same time.


At the same time.


I do think it is better than it could have been like you do, you know, like have characters like independent characters are not they're not all just like generic prostitute woman. Yeah.


I suppose I think than maybe Jenny and even then I think it would be debatable. I don't think many of them have much agency which is. No, I'm saying no.


But then I mean, that could be a result of like the the way the film is set. It's kind of implied that they and they do rely on the brothel and they relied on his brother.


Yeah, especially.


And that's kind of that's kind of to do with the plot of the film. Whether that is right or not is a different thing. But I feel like that is that is kind of the plot rather than I suppose.


I think even if that's the plot, you've still got ways you could spin it. Like you've just even if you like, just hinted that, like they have like more interesting lives outside of just being prostitutes or whatever.


Yeah, it's. Yeah. But even if it's just like, you know, I know Pauline's hobby is kickball and suddenly something, you know, rather than just. Yeah, well, one of them had a bad liver. Yeah, that was falling and then it turned out not to be a bad liver, she just had the courts on too tight. So that's true and that was funny.


So, um, I find the film really funny overall. Oh, did you? Yeah, I laughed.


No, I mean, not like, you know, I don't really like that.


Did you exhale air out of your nose. Exhale. They quite a lot. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. I find it very funny. I got to be honest, I didn't find it funny at all. Really. Yeah. I think it was not a sense of humor. I write like and I just like. And I know some people like to say that unlike meeting like a code like it was before, it was really racist, but I'm just trying to be nonconfrontational about it or something, you know, but like, no, this is just it wasn't for me as Josef's go.


Fair enough. No, I find it funny and. Yeah, I thought it's like a comedy Western, because now what's what's another comedy Western as soon as Blazing Saddles.


Yeah, yeah. I don't find that funny at all. Oh, really? Yeah.


How interesting. I think it's hilarious. There you go, Jimi. That's, uh, different shows. A sense of humor is, I guess, um.


Mel, oh, yeah, it's Mel Gibson, it's a racist one, isn't it? Yeah, a little person said white liberal used the N-word.


I think it's yeah, I think it's on the right side.


Oh, here's here's a tweet. I've just lit up Blazing Saddles and here's it seems like it never big if you like.


Censoring the producers would be anti-Semitic. True. True story. Cool. Um, all right. But no, I find it really funny. And you know what? I find just the scenarios really funny. Like the. Yeah. When it's like talking, you tend to talk to them all and tell them tell them that he's going to shut them down and they keep getting called away. Yeah. By the bell. I find that really funny. And the same thing happens when he's leaving.


And I find a bit when he goes to the lawyer and the lawyer's got a black eye from the fight and then like the assistant singing along with the guy and stuff like that. But the lawyers just really angry. I find that really funny.


I said the one joke and I really did like was when he's like describing a song and then like just in the background focus, you can see the assistant, like, bobbing his head.


Yeah. And then the assistant says the name of the song or something, and then they sing it along together and then the lawyers like fucking hell cause he's got a black eye from the fight. Yeah. I just find that really funny. And like the guy, the guy that asked to marry the girl and erm and it's like it's like James. Sure. It's the father and he's like, are you going to look after there and stuff. I heard that really funny.


I just find really funny that he got and all these like scenarios. I feel like that maybe that's kind of what I, my sense of humor is like and like awkward scenarios or like characters getting in uncomfortable situations and stuff like that. Yeah, that's what I find funny. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's very British businessman, very British, you know, the music or the music reminds me of, well, you know, the Mitchell and Webb anymore sketch.


Oh yeah, every time there's something like every time something happened, I'd like the same music of like doo doo doo, like whatever, you know, like, oh way.


It was always good. I find it funny if anything really funny overall.


Yeah. Yeah. Uh. Yeah, but Joy also remind me of a little bit. Well, you know, the you know, The Ballad of Black by Buster Buster, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Have you seen the film?


Yeah, yeah. The Coen Brothers one came out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have you seen it. Yeah. Yeah. It kind of reminds me of that like a funny unfollowed thing like problem having an oncologist thing is that like you're always going to like remember in terms of like which bits were better and which ones were worse, even if like the standard. The quality of. Yeah. So, yeah, I liked bits of butterscotch. Yeah, there were some bits, really, several of them say I remember correctly.


So towards the end, yeah, it was not.


But was the yeah, I think it's the the one I didn't like so much. What about with the Caltrain and then I like I like the prospect of one. I think quite a lot of people didn't quite like that one. Yeah.


And the other bit they remind me about Buster Scruggs was the like traveling salesman on the stage. Yeah.


I mean, that's super that's like super classic Western style. Yeah.


Not to immediately take down the tone of this discussion. It reminds me a lot about that redemption. Right. Like, yeah. It's the snake oil salesman. Yeah. Yeah.


I said, how does that bring down the tone of the conversation?


I just, I don't like. Oh well yeah. Sorry I'm not that right. Yeah I'm sorry but I like Mr Yancoal. He was cool. Yeah.


11 years old and he didn't want to shake the guy's hand because of germs, which is a very, very 20-20 attitude. Mhm. Yeah. But then he dies. So that was funny. He was a really funny character actually.


I liked the way he was played a lot. Yeah. Kudos to whoever was. I don't know. Yeah, well, there are lots of little bits like that, and I just really liked, you know, what did you think of Harley? Because I sort of give my opinion already, but I'm I don't think he does very much in this film. I feel it's kind of a waste.


Um, well, I feel like he does. He can. And he's one of the things that makes James Jr. realize that he's changed and is being a bit of a dick. I guess it's that classic, like, relationship of like they're so used to. And they're like really good friends, and then one of them changes a bit and then it makes them realize that they're how much they've changed. I guess that was like his main purpose in the film.


I liked him. I thought he was a really good side character. And apparently, apparently, James Stewart specifically asked him to be in a restaurant.


I can see that were good friends, but I really like I liked the dynamic.


Yeah, so, like, just to give my perspective on it, yeah, I feel. Firstly, Holly is like motivation's I never like the sort of I mean, you can tell he's going along with James Stewart was a good friend. Yeah. And like he clearly values their friendship and anything else they're interested in. But it's just that other than sort of being someone for James Stewart to talk with and, like, bounce off of. And most of the stuff he does by himself never really comes to anything, but he tells the he tells the gang all by James Stewart.


Yeah, this is that's a slightly different because he implies at the end that like it was some part of some sort of plan or something. I'm guessing it wasn't easy. Yeah, I think it was.


And I mean, he just he distracts. He distracts the guy by eating the pecan. Yeah, exactly. These are the kind of yeah, I mean, this is purpose in the film. I liked him. I like to think he has a sort of romance that begins to develop and then just kind of stops. Yeah. In any social animal and then. Yeah, the big joke that he's hanging out for prostitutes to load that phrase as much as possible.


Yeah. Another man that is just sort of giving a disapproving talk to Jimmy Stewart, no matter what Jimmy Stewart does, it's not like Harvey's got a consistent philosophy here is just constant disapproval.


He doesn't he doesn't like how his friends changing Jimmy. That's true. But it's not entirely clear exactly what is also very cool for Harley. It's not like, oh, you sold out, man or anything. It's either man or you're not going with the flow enough. Then again, he does.


He has been going along with him for ten years. So I guess, yeah. If you yeah. I got quite bored of that phrase which. Well, just constantly going along for 10 years. Nice. Yeah. I mean I think that is the basis of the friendship.


So Jamie, if you and I were John and Harley, who would you say was who? I'm clearly a Harley because I've got nothing going on in my life. Exactly, that's what I was thinking. Great. Thanks for making me glad that I'm glad.


Like, you know, I wish I could I can see me just taking along a road trip.


And you just so you know, you start you stutter slightly one time.


And so therefore I automatically get the James Stewart position is that I do stutter quite a lot. So you're talking about stuttering and man, Elon Musk is that is a lot.


I was watching it. Yeah, it's watching a video of him doing a presentation, and then I noticed it like he he's not he's not very good at giving presentations or not noticing that he's, like, very sultry and only comments are like and this is me giving a group presentation or whatever. So it's good to know that one of the richest men in the world and is also incapable of speaking.


You know, it's very incompetent. I don't like you.


Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm like the silent James, which is right along in his horse. And you just like that or we constantly.


Thank you. I'm well known as conversationalist, obviously. Yeah, well, compared to me I guess. Yeah, I guess. Oh do you want to know. Relativize something a little cool touch art that I know. I do. There was some cool foreshadowing at one point because James Joyce got into a fight and someone goes to the whorehouse to talk to him and he says, what are the odds? Oh, it's the one. And it says, All right, I'll make no difference if I show up.


But then at the end, there's a firefight where it's five to six to one and he shows up and they win.


So there was a low is also there. So, yeah. But, you know, shut up.


Women aren't important.


Jamie, Jamie, she gets her, she gets her token one shot the trademark female character. Exactly. One shot exactly as quite an important one.


But it is also well it's always an important one. It's just it's always exactly one.


That's the way it is is so true. They might have films. So there's like a female sidekick and she like does one really good thing. And it's like, oh, you can you can really shoot Jenny, huh?


You can you can really just feel the hand on the executive clipboard with. He does tick.


Yeah exactly. Tick, tick, tick, tick. She's. Yeah, I guess. I don't really have a lot else to say about this. No, surprisingly little happens in it in a way. That's true. And Johnny here. My favorite lines. Yes, sir. So there was an opening, a letter from a lawyer, an empty stomach, one that we've already talked about this. There's a bit where they say, did you ever see anything like this?


And the guy goes, not even in Texas. Oh, yeah.


The law of Texas bashing.


And there wasn't sure what I would find much funnier if I was in, um, it's kind of it's not like it's like self-deprecating souls and. Yeah, exactly like we're from Texas and we've not even seen anything like this there, you know. Yeah.


I'm sure it's like the same as like a UK film was like talking about how like the characters from like a certain town or something and then like, you know, everyone like that.


So knowing laugh about like I don't know, I guess it's like I guess to be like Edinburgh, Glasgow like like yeah. I like some like characters come to you from Glasgow to Edinburgh and like see someone get stabbed and are like, you ever seen anything like this. Not even in Glasgow or something you know.


Yeah, exactly.


And then another another one of my favourite lines and James shirt said I'm not cut from this kind of cloth. And then Jenny goes, Berelowitz what your cut from. Which is pretty, pretty good. Well, OK, but burlap, you know, like the I get the joke. Yeah, I like that one.


And then and then the last one was when the prostitutes like, oh, his brother was visiting me. And there's such a close family and she's marrying the other the brother. Yeah.


And she's approaches.


The implication is I, I, you know, clearly didn't find this particularly funny line.


Like I say, it wasn't a problem for me. No, I'm really not. And, oh, there was another there was another pit where there is real, like, I hate my wife Phibes. As if it were always like, oh, James Stewart, James Church just talked to Jenny or something like goes and tells Harley what he said and Harley is like, well, did you say this?


Did you say that? Because, you know, it's like talking to your wife.


I was married once and I hated her or something like that was after one man. He's just he's over. It is they just keep talking. If they're not talking is bad enough to talk and it's bad.


I hate my wife and I like the fact that his real wife is James. True. Exactly. Exactly. Which is just like I was Jamie. Well, you know, people people have often described us as a married couple. Yeah.


And that's not that's not a lie that has happened. Yeah. It's good. Good times. And married couple in your 40 years.


Yeah, exactly.


And oh the whorehouse is very well decorated. It's very green.


It's very green. Green. Yeah. Like do you not remember that.


Yeah. It's so green and all her dresses are green as well but the rest of the house is decorated fine and as I say, quite nice. But the parlor is disgusting. Oh I didn't really know.


It's all I know, it's, it's like it's a very nice house with like very nice decor and like it's all carpeted and nice wallpaper and statues and stuff everywhere and really nice poster beds and stuff. It's really. Now, would you envisage. At the whorehouse. Um. And anything else you want to say about how should we move on to things? Sure. I have to say I'm sorry. Oh, the Indian whisky drink. You remember that?


Oh, yeah. They talk about the cocktail, right? Yeah. Oh, is it is it an actual cocktail?


I mean, technically in that they give you enough information in the film that you can make one yourself. Yeah, I can cocktail anyone else who was murdered before.


I feel I need to catch up, drink from getting straight.


I was literally about to say in the position of the catch up drinking, getting straight. Can we talk about the economy? Oh yeah.


So, well, let's let's finish an Indian whiskey. And because it was I mean, it was really something it had like tumbleweed in it. I remember I read a list of like ingredients that did not go together and then also tumbleweed of Indian whiskey. And I'm not getting anything.


So the entire point of the drink was just like, you know, you know, whiskey burns. And like, if you work on them, like, I wish it burned more. I wish that was its whole thing. I was this non berney part of drinking needed to be 100 percent. I thought I was.


Was it not like a fake thing to make people think it was a drink? I think maybe that was the impression I got, it was like a prank you could play in someone where you like Indian whiskey and then he's like, you need that pepper because that cake's like real whiskey or something. Maybe you could also be right at the same thing.


So, yeah, I just think the warm milk with egg in it.


Yes. Well you have scrambled eggs like scrambled eggs before you cook. And I've never looked at that and felt I mean. Yeah, yeah, before before bed and like, yeah, the joke would be, oh, it's like a mixture between, like having warm milk before bed and like a prairie oyster. Yeah, I just don't think you ever need to combine those things.


Oh yeah. So we've had we had to catch up drink and this one had Indian whiskey and milk, egg and milk in it before bed. So yeah.


We'll release an official licensed cookbook. Oh she did.


This one must be so good.


Oh yeah I that's store stordahl golden tokens dot com.


Get your rebate. You going so far. The cookbook with three recipes that it catch it. Catch up. Drink Indian whiskey and egg an egg and milk. What are the drinks is two ingredients.


The soft drinks. The on water. No it had to happen so yeah I'd prefer as well. Titmus that's for your ingredients.


Oh shit. All right. All right. So yeah. Going, yeah, I guess my my final thought on the film is that I thought it was a pretty forgettable comedy.


Personally, I really enjoyed it even when I really enjoyed it. Um, I would watch again. I would not I barely retain any of it right now, and I yes, this morning.


So we do our rings. Yep, I would say don't watch it. I would say buy it. That's high praise. Yeah, and I mean, it's especially high praise, given its available free on Vimeo. Yeah, but that's not of course we watched it not on video. We paid for it.


We paid for it. Yeah. We bought the Criterion Collection released. I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I wouldn't buy the Criterion Collection released but I would pay for it and.


Oh so. Something something this film reminds me, do you do you kind of get this thing where some people have, like, really good faces for Westerns specifically? Yeah, I got what you're saying. I mean, so I think Jamie James Jr., there was a bit where I was like, damn, he really looks like he's from the Wild West. And then the beard that Henry Fonda had really reminded me of, you know, Walton Goggins.


Yes. You know, they make films. Yeah.


Like some of and whenever I see him, like, he is like straight out of the Wild West, like no matter what. Yeah, I think you need to have like a certain like you need to be able to look rugged and tired.


Yeah, but James Stewart is very good at being a slightly balding, like, sweaty man, which is the other notable Western look good as a cowboy like before you say it was convincing.


I'm not going to take that away.


Know, he was definitely both the main characters had this like look that I have in my head. I feel like maybe it's like you need something distinctive, you know. Yeah. Or like some some strong feature here.


I think you need to look a little cartoony to be a. Yeah. That's it. Because Walter Goggins has like the really thick stubble and the like big white teeth. Yeah. Henry Fonda had the same beard, but he's also got like very strong and like a very big chin and like strong, I don't know, cheekbones and stuff, you know, it's just like that, Luke. I don't know, I mean, who else, who else?


Clint Eastwood, what is it like? A blonde stubble company usually has a cigar or something. No, no, it's got a cigarette. Smoke has a big heart.


Yeah, he's he's very rugged as well. And he had he's got the beard and a lot of the Wesson's. Yeah, I feel like there's just like a look at that. Like it's like the Western film look.


Mm hmm. Yeah. OK. Yeah I think that's true. I agree. Good. I'm glad. So soft cowboys.


What should be more soft cowboys, I want a completely unrigged cowboy. You could you could be a gay cowboy alabaster.


Hmm. Maybe I could. Maybe that is the career for me, Duncan. Maybe. Absolutely. I mean, I assume, yeah, cowboys still exist and they still exist.


Yes. It's big ranches. Let me look at your Facebook profile here. Yeah, I could yeah, I mean, I could be standing on top of a mountain and how the winter was probably very anti cowboy environment, is it?


No. And there's so many cowboy films like set in the Winter and Mountains when they're like traversing from one place to another and the. Yeah, the whole the whole staff read that, too, is a fake cowboy game, fairly about cowboys can last gasp of the old West.


Actually, you know, you might you might be a salesman, Jimmy. Or what? You think you could be a good snake oil man? Yeah, I could see you selling blue. Tony, I think it was really, Tony, or maybe or maybe like a bar bartender, thank someone who gets shot at one point is what I'm hearing from.


Yeah. I mean, obviously, you see, I don't know. I'm trying to remember you very obviously be the funeral home man, I'm afraid to say.


I hope you'll be the funeral home man. He shows off after that. You with your wheels. The undertaker. The undertaker. Yeah.


You know, undertaker is too cool a name and they call them something else in Western films. Guzik.


Yeah. The home, like old scrublands by the funeral home, was something I could be actually, because I've got the tall and lanky look, don't I just need a very battered stovepipe hat?


I mean, you've got that. Yeah, I feel like I'm thinking of the undertaker from more than a salesman. I'm like, let me undertake your Western.


Oh, yeah, like that top and it's not we that's what immediately showed you, although I think the first the first one hears from Red Dead Redemption, which you don't like, you look up on the table.


The rest of them are the undertaker, the undertaker, Mad Dog McCree. Undertake your mad dog, McRee, yeah. Right. Yeah, look at me, yeah, shit. Yeah, yeah, what's that from a video game called Mad Dog McCree, where, you know, it's like a light gun game and you shoot it. But this is a real person, well, yeah, who's an FMV, so it's like, oh, I got to shoot on top of that.


And then whenever you die, very suddenly cuts to that guy say you died.


Oh, amazing. Amazing. All right.


Well, The Contender we now, if I remember correctly. So now we find this.


Yes. Oh, wow. You need to move because like.


Oh, maybe it's just maybe it's a yeah. Yeah. It looks like it's an old game. One of the Western Games. What did you play wri do.


Is that what was called yeah, is that the one where you have to solve the murder of your family? It's like pixellated and you can do anything? I think so. It's definitely pixellated.


Yeah. Yeah, I think yeah, I have played that. I've only played a tiny bit of that thing you hate twice. And I apologize, but yeah, I think I played I quite liked it, but I took McQuery his four percent of PC gamer.


Oh yeah. It's not a good game. I never said that.


Well apparently 89 percent of people liked the game on Google users.


So as a dedicated fan base, clearly it's really. I think it is. Yeah. W rather double double barreled. Yeah. Own and I played and enjoyed. Right. I mean have you ever played or perhaps even met anyone who's ever played. Right. That revolver. You the first right did, yeah, the one that doesn't count anymore. Yeah, um, I don't know if I have one. Did it come out?


I think it was two. I think it was pirated revolver. I'm guessing it's not good, is it?


Not really. I wasn't I was a masterpiece. Maybe I don't know and I can't say I know anyone.


And on top of my head, it's it you know, I never go into Red Dead Redemption.


I don't like it at all. I know. I think I love you, too, but then for you, I get because you you don't like GTA either D I don't like that. I think it's OK as a sandbox. I don't have severe problems with it, but I think it's saving grace. Is that traveling from place to place is fun. Yeah. Because like you basically all like the real actual game of GTA is really just trying to rack up your star rating as far as you can and then I think you like in Red Dead Redemption is also a sandbox game.


But game from place to place is incredibly boring because nothing happened.


I agree people and I, I do really want to get into a direction too, because it's such a huge game and it's just like the setting, I think is the thing that really I just find it so hard to get into.


Yeah, I just I, I feel it would genuinely be more fun if it was either much more focused, so much smaller world or even if it was just linear. Yeah. I say that about a lot of things or even even like semi semi linear. Yeah.


Even if I was just like you have this one, there's one western town, you know, like old timey like town even. And then it was just so that you can get from place to place really, really easily and quickly. Yeah. And then you've got different missions and stuff. But it's just because transporting yourself in that game is so dull.


Yeah. And I mean, there's not there's not really much variety I guess. And yeah. This is saying, you know, I mean, like if you watch Western film, if you watch a Western film, it tends to be set in a town or like on the road, but it's saying doesn't actually change much or stay in one place because like the general thing is interesting. But what's not so interesting is that like every town looks the fucking same.


And then when you have a big open road game, which was a travel round, but I don't know, it just feels very samey.


I know a lot of people are also complaining about how, like, the missions are super restrictive, which are certainly mine. I don't think people are complaining.


Yeah, I feel like it's it's at odds with the rest of the game, though.


I guess the issue of that redemption regards to Rockstar Games. I suspect the L.A. Noire maybe also suffers from this is that there's this focus on openness, but there's nothing to really do with the world being so open. Yeah. So you've got to ask what that's in service of. What? You're just pretty busy work.


Yeah. But then, I mean, again, there's other games so open that are really good.


Yeah, I think seeing the kind of use of it force, the things that you do that, you know, like you've got like races and softwares and red, that it's like you're hunting or you're you're racing horses. But that never happened, you know, stuff like that.


I don't even know how to make to making like a good open world game is to make sure the interesting things can happen to you once you get to the place, because I Zelboraf, the wild, those that really, really well, because it makes sure that interesting things are always very visible. Skyrim does it very well as well, because like you're always like you, if you have a favorite destination, you usually run into like a bandit camp or something, you'll get sidetracked.


Yeah, I agree. But like basically like the mini game, as it were, where you are out running the police and stuff wasn't right. That redemption is very rare or anything interesting to happen.


And it's always the same stuff that you get. You get out there the amount of videos I've seen where someone's like trying to do something and then a bear comes out of nowhere and moles. Yeah, exactly. I like that is the exciting thing that happens.


And you're like, fuck me. That just looks like not great.


I think variety as well. It's just variety is the spice of life is I think an open world games is really, really important. And yeah.


I mean I guess they try with read that the numbers are too high but I do definitely they do that just like it. I think it's limited by.


But yeah, that's really at least the first ride that which is the only one I'm really familiar with. Like it really doesn't change very much until the very end of the game where you go to the one I. Right. Whereas I think one of the things to harp on again about Zelda, whereas the big advantage is because it's more cartoony, it can get away with having much more diverse spirals, as it were. Yeah. Whereas I feel if you're going for a realistic approach, you're always going to be at least a little hamstrung by the fact that you need to make it look like a cohesive place.


Mm. Indeed. And oh, something else that I totally forgot to say about the film. There was a really there was a really nice match at one point between the whiskey being poured into two different saloons.


Oh, yeah, I thought it was nice. It was like an. Because, um, Jamie sure was a really nice win and it was like a nice bottle of whiskey being poured and then like so much like a jug being poured from the other one.


Oh, yeah. That's a sucker for a nice match as well. I love a match cut that delicious.


Oh, are the kinds of cuts such if I ever got to make a film 100 percent match cuts and star wipes here, I would be.


You know, that's such a cool idea. Jamie what. Just match cuts. Yeah.


So you're obviously obviously not a cool idea for like an actual feature length film, but for like a short film. I mean, short film are like a little low filmmaking challenge or something. That would be kind.


Well, there you go. You're free to use the idea. I like you. I mean, nobody else can use it.


Yeah, just me. Mm hmm. It's a little contract Jamie and I have.


Exactly. I am the only person who's ever thought of this idea. Well, he's a lawyer. No independent creation is remotely possible. Quite.


Quite. Um. What else have you been up to? What can I say? One more thing also on the subject, of course, of course. I don't like cowboys very much. The setting I've just realized I think I've decided early on I agree with you.


I think it needs to be done very well. I don't I wouldn't say a blanket because I really like this film, for example. I would say it's quite hard and it's very like oversaturated market. It's quite hard to get a really good film in it.


And I guess a lot of, like, perceptions of, say, things are like very much shaped by the films that make them. No, I mean, like everything would like pirates. You think of like a swashbuckling adventure. But obviously most people like Errol Flynn and stuff.


Well, it does depend. Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Hopefully it is good. Well, some of the hateful eight oh four sorry, yeah, well, I like to guess. Like Westerns as a setting are now so defined by spaghetti Westerns, I think more than anything else, which are often quite interesting to look at and stuff, but I guess it's just not. I don't feel much of a sense of wonder. I think that's what they're trying to tell you when it comes to the old West, I don't think my got lined.


The possibility, however, is just ideal.


Do you think? Do you think it might be part of the culture thing? Like maybe it's more of an American thing? Yeah, well, I guess it's their history.


Yeah. I guess the old West is like very late, the American dream, as it were.


Yeah, well, I mean, out in the road like an unfamiliar land, which is definitely, definitely unoccupied wing.


And so, yeah, the one I watched, I actually watch a couple of Westerns and I watch True True Grit. Yeah. And was all right. The old one. Not the new one. And I won't bother to pass the. So it was the other one I watched. It was about the um the Oregon Trail. Did you perhaps play the celebrated 1980 Apple Computer game, the Oregon Trail? Oh, that's it. Yeah, that's right.


But it could be easy to go for a film. She and man, it was like there was a dog owner that was about as opposed to Scruggs. Yeah, OK, never mind.


You know me, that was the most interesting thing about the a really long sequence in it for me would be the fact that, like, there's basically no real effective government or law enforcement there, but the sheriff just fucks off in this one guy.


And unlike so many Westerns, actually focus on that all that much, at least beyond like being able the lobbyist, because.


Yeah, like all this, like, they usually have bandits in them and stuff, but it's usually just more as something for the protagonists to do, whereas I feel actually discussing it and maybe how life would work out there actually is kind of interesting. We're like a regular Joe. Yeah. Oh, it's just something that occurs to me. Yeah. Thank God that's like as exciting as people that really want more.


Yeah, I want more films to just be like about ordinary people who are like surrounded by, like, really slice, slice of life, slice of life.


Well, like, whenever I look at, like, the big franchise movies, like I was a Marvel stuff and I was like, man, I really wish they'd make a film like this about like a regular person, like trying to exist in this world surrounded by, like these forces that they can.


Yeah, I actually find that kind of interesting. My family absolutely hates that stuff.


I like slice of life films. It's like I want to see the hero and I want to see what they're doing, whereas I find it quite interesting to focus on other people.


Mm hmm. So it's nice to have like a novel perspective. Yeah. I guess like. If there was like a Western and I like this big life and that going on between like the Cowboys and like a that camp and then like, you just got to hear the perspective, like Charlie, the shopkeeper, then that would be interesting.


Yeah, actually, that's something I wrote down. It would suck to be a business owner in any of these films.


I don't know what it was like in my life, but like saloons are constantly having brawls and erm and shootings and stuff and they're like fucking also yanase that we have to replace, you know.


Right. And I mean those things have to get taken across the whole country from Zacharie wherever you know.


Yeah. It's a return on the western front, yeah, I guess we can talk about what's going on with you.


You know, again, I think a lot of Jimmy, uh, I hate I hate myself for Transport Square transport fever, too.


No, no.


I've not played that for, like, last week. Last week, I was really into that one. And although I want to do a correction from last week, um, when I said I didn't know the difference in terms of who one in terms of have you.


I watched a video about once a year or two. And apparently the the whole thing about like specific towns needing specific things is new to us. And there are a couple of other things that were new. And so I apologize to the developers for claiming that they just released the same game twice before, probably cost them hundreds of millions of sales.


Exactly. So that's a little correction.


And yeah. So I've been playing at FIFA a lot. Jimmy Oh I know. And why I can tell you why.


So I quite like sports games and I don't like football particularly. And however, when I play like Madden or NBA or NHL or something, the the outside lights play most in sports games are the ones who, like, I can make myself or like an approximation of myself and then like play for a career. So I'd like to do that. In all those games you're like immediately at the top.


And whereas because of the way FIFA works and because it's got so many different leagues and different teams in it, you can start with like a low level player in like a random team somewhere and then work your way as your player improves, you get signed to other clubs in like you can kind of create a story for it, you know? I mean, yeah. So that's that's why that's why I've been playing it cool, really.


So I'm currently playing for Levingston and are almost finished my first season and then I guess I'll get try and get transferred to somewhere bigger because we're doing so. I really don't like football at all I suppose.


I mean it's not like any of these games are like that. Good approximation of the actual sport. Exactly. Exactly.


Like anything Matt Madden's fun. But it's really not the the best like field.


American football, perhaps more than any other sport, is like very hostile to video game adaptations. Yeah, it's not so. The NHL one is really great. And like, really good, I was playing that a lot before I picked up people again and the NHL wanted so good, much like FIFA, it has hundreds of teams in it. And because like the NBA won and Madden only feature only feature the NBA and the NFL. But NHL features and like all the American hockey leagues, a bunch of European ones like like all over the world.


And it's got all the hockey leagues from around the world. And the game plays a lot more interesting than FIFA, I think.


Yeah, but the career, the career mode is not as good, so that's why I've been playing defense. I suppose like to contrast the Hockeys probably quite good for the game for so fast paced.


Exactly. And it's it's five. It is also it's like very easy to keep track, like pass, pass, shoot.


It's like FIFA, but smaller and faster and you know, the best sports game of all time, as well as Mario Stryker's charge. Oh my God, what a fucking great game.


Which is a top tier game. So good.


I might just put my way up again and give them a good deal of my time.


I don't know if maybe I became such a now the developer who made that game went on to make unhelpful Nintendo Wii, which is one of my favorite games of all time to make what sorry, punch out for the wee box. It is fantastic. And then they make Luigi's Mansion games now, which is cool like those games. But it would be nice if they made other things because I don't like my Stryker's charge people. Yes, please. I will charge that as a sequel.


So the third strike as well.


But maybe, maybe it would be like Red Dead Redemption for the first one doesn't count. Maybe they'd write code.


They'd write code in the like naming system. Just exactly.


You know, after the big twist and Mario strike is one, they realized that they couldn't really go back to the canon anymore. So they had to get rid of it so that they could, like, keep things consistent.


Well, what was the person on then? Like in 64, the game to game the without losing mind sports games. And that was they had Mario baseball as well. Oh. As well as sex and golf, which they always have.


There was a new tennis one out fairly recently, wasn't it.


Yes, I played the demo of it and it was really, really good. But it's like very heavy on like the online play. And as you well know, that's not something I can do.


It's not your big thing. Yeah. It's always this like it's just I mean, it's like.


Yeah. Oh yeah. Of course. Yeah. I think tennis would be good. Yeah. Like the really reject to make it like very technical and fighting gaming in a way I'm quite fun and then like yeah. What was I going to do. Something else. Yes. So many times my own golf like baseball they had for a bit. Right. And that all of weird spin offs that those Mario hoops for the Nintendo DS basketball. Oh exactly.




I actually talking about career mode. The NBA one's very good as well. Uh oh, sorry, you get railroaded in and like the so you do you do start in like a lower league but you kind of get and pushed for. I just like choice. I like I like making a character and then. At least some somewhat choosing their journey and yeah, whereas, yeah, the NBA won, the career was really good, but like the up until you get into the NBA, it's very much like you're in college and then you get kicked out of college and then you play for this specific team from another country and then you're back in the NBA like it's very like that's what happens.


And all the games have like different plots, but they're all the same.


And yeah, there are steps in the same state and they're the modern ones, the same. It's like you have to play if you do the like and storied career. Motoman just a normal one. It's like you have to play this position at this place and then you just play for the story and then you go into the free bit. Um, so yeah. So yeah, that's how it is I guess.


Very cool. Well I've been playing this week. I do.


Oh. Just quickly, I also I also played a bit of Skyrim. It's not cool. Like I might slowly get back into that and. Right. What've you been playing.


I've been playing two games this week. Tramcar questions asked the parliament, the first of which is a game called Mark of the Ninja, which is a stealth game, which is in 2D, and it's incredibly good.


I remember a good friend, Mark.


It is not sadly, the man's name is not Mark and a very interesting and but yeah, I was playing I was thinking because I think tudy really helps a lot. I feel an issue of stealth game. I'm it's kind of hard to figure out what the enemy can see and say.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see what you're seeing. Whereas I say now once it's in two days, I actually a lot clearer and more puzzled like and fun. So I thought it was very good. That's more that's Marcus.


Marcus and injure anyone. Marcus the ninja.


Yes, exactly. Yeah. And then the second game I played as I finish Dark Souls are lost and it's something I like. I like the interest in your voice.


Well it's just because I know I know that that means you want your passport back, which is. Yes, exactly. Yeah. But it was an incredibly fun time. I love it dearly now. I'm a fool. I started the second play for with an ever so slightly different bill.


Jamie, if you're doing a second play for you, sure they don't need your PlayStation, but I'm already like a third of the way through already, so I think I'm out to be done by the time I PlayStation back. Anyway, that's pretty quick. So, like, the thing about Dark Souls is that it's very much about learning the game. So once you get the hang of it, I want you like memorize the enemy placements.


Playing through again is very, very easy and doesn't take very long because you elite gamer who knew exactly.


So I'm playing as a pyromancer now. I don't know what I mean. Yeah, it means I can throw fireballs at things which makes the game a lot easier as so.


Yeah, I'm having a whale of a time. I'm going to start dactyls to our blog Broadnax and I'm like maybe I just get burnt out.


I did that, so I'm probably going to get burnt out. Well, I think I might if I play like all of them in a row. I've heard this game is a fantastic game. I would very highly recommend it, particularly if you do like having a choice and like how you make character and stuff is very accommodating to. Yeah. All right. I'm also it's really fun. It's it's hard to Jimmy famously.


It's not it's not hard. Last night the misconception is designed so that you will feel a lot like. It's not difficult, it's just a matter of learning fun, Jimmy is opaque is the correct word. Once you get it on, it's really not that difficult. I see. OK, it is fun, you know, set out in the world by yourself, you're figuring things out. Right, good, right. Well, you got your donation.


Are we done? Yeah, I think yeah, I think we are not going. We talked about the film so well. Remind me during the watch, uh, they're watching you and I said bye. So that's, uh, that's a one in the four. So the film gets a five. BIO's by.