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Hello, everybody, welcome back to Golden Talkies. After a brief hiatus that was unintentional because we were lazy on this podcast, we discuss films that came out 50 years ago this very week. And in this case, that film is Disney's The Aristocrats, which some of you may have a very cunning pun. Aristocrats, funny. Well, how are you, Duncan, my dear co-host? I'm good, how are you? I'm pretty OK. Pretty well.


And that was that was a big time introduction.


I just realized I'm not using the microphone I used last time. It's graceful. It hits it. Oh, well, sorry. Know there's no my little, you know, way to go back. Right.


OK, clearly I practice you just talk to each other a bunch in the first minute and yeah, we're almost a minute into and there's no way of possibly changing my microphone. I'm so sorry everyone.


Do you remember either the last one before when you said that there is loads of stuff that come out in December, so we're going to be really busy making tokes episodes. Yes. And it's now the 12th and we're we're on our first one, which I guess means you only missed one in December.


But in terms of Spain tonight, well, don't worry, because almost all of the relevant films came out next week. And obviously the character of the format, we're only going to be able to do one.


Well, I reckon we could do a multi film extravaganza. Absolutely.


So, I mean, whilst we're on the subject, we'll say next week, not this week, is the release of El Topo, Rio Lobo and Love Story, all of which are significant for different reasons. Nobody really remembers love story. I think it was significant at the time. OK, so, you know, they're all worthy consideration. I am personally very much wanting to see also who I like here is good and I like using this podcast.


Look at slightly weirder, more obscure things I would see normally. But, you know. Right. We most can we can discuss after.


Let's keep the viewers out of that discussion. Discussion exactly. The many viewers.


So but this week we are watching the success of some of the most artistically ambitious film would you like.


Some historical context, jimminy, why don't you, Bob? Yeah, you can do so well, and so the film came out well.


It premiered in illumined December the 11th of December 1970, and it came out around Christmas in the US and UK and Christmas Eve in the US.


And you have to say, is I really where I thought it was like Christmas. A lot of people are going to be showing up on Christmas Eve. Yeah, I think after Christmas when you got, like, the kids free, but something to do.


I assume it was I assume the reason it released several days later in the UK was because maybe the cinemas were open in the US over Christmas and not in UK.


Do you think. Yeah, I maybe just like the US is more multicultural. Yeah. I can see like the US having the cinemas open, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, whereas in the UK I feel like that's not very likely and they would open after opening day. That would be my guess for why they released it.


Staggered by three days using the very inexact science of when the first new Star Wars film came out. I assume the ideal release date for like any film is December 17th or like a week before Christmas? Yeah, probably. I'm guessing they would have, like, precision engineered the ideal date for a big film and. Yeah, so yeah. December three, Christmas Eve seems a bit odd to me, but you know, who am I to question their ways.


So, uh, that's when it came out on December 1970. Can you guess on. So take me back to you. And as usual, can you guess which artist, according to that site, this is like the biggest news of the day. Which artist released an album that contained the word fuck?


Charlie from the Rolling Stones, maybe no. But Bob Dylan, no. OK, just two guesses, you can have 20 more. I know Ringo Starr and his debut. So because all this thing is this the release of all things must pass.


No. Oh, John. Oh, John Lennon. I don't know I don't know what album, but, you know, John Lennon's Beatles stuff.


I know that he did a big about. Paul called. How do you sleep at night?


You don't know John Lennon's Pospisil stuff, although I imagine not really. Or this Christmas, I should say. I don't know. Well, I think Mother's Day and the first album. OK, listen to very much, as you know. And then I guess our listeners won't. I was in the top zero point zero five percent of Beatles songs last year, so I consider myself something of an expert. Crazy.


Um, can you guess which Scottish actor was born on the 11th of December 1970? Sean Connor now, because he's way right about 50, Ewan McGregor. Oh, my God. What what is it with if the second guess is being so close? Those close to you and we're going to take this trainspotter. I'm not going to give you any more clues. I think you can get it stuck close to Ewan McGregor. Um. Scott, do about the same David Shannon somehow, no, this is to the same age that is really close to you, McGirk.


Do you like being in the same stuff or like he looks similar as in when you said Jim McGregor, I was like four really close.


Is there another person? It's contracture of the Syrian immigrant who are drawing a blank on.


Oh. Oh, you're so close. Liam McGregor, no, no, no, no, not me, Kryger.


I know personally of you and you and you and Scott and Ian Bremmer are so, you know, he was in Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor on the spot spot.


Oh, OK. You don't know you. OK, fair enough. Now. Um, so you in Burma actually originally played Renton in the stage version of Trainspotting, but you also were demoted.


But I don't know about demoted, but they when they were casting the film, they were going to cast him as rent and then he realize he faked little better, which I think he does if you you know what I mean.


I haven't seen his performance as ransom, but you know, neither. And cool. Well, that was an historic day for you had a double quiz, Ewan McGregor. He's got a big TV series now. I know you saw the guy.


There is also. Oh, right. Quick, just before we move on to that, there is something because I told you that I'd spotted something on TV back to you. That was surprising to me, didn't I? Yeah, right. So I was thinking about that to you. And it said to you, Anne Bremner, right. Bar and whatever. And they had like the little blue name thing. OK, yeah, the links. I clicked on it and what looked like Wikipedia came up.


So I thought to myself, OK, so Wikipedia page. And then I noticed that instead of a picture of him, the main thing was some kind of astrological chart. And I realized that I was on Astro Databank dot com. So I asked a dot com slash Ashu databank, which is essentially Wikipedia, but for Luxo, specifically for social stuff. And here's a cricket that it's got the exact time that he was born at seventy four p.m.. Right.


That's the thing for me. It's on public record. Are they. I don't know.


I don't know all I know. It's also got the place he was born, including the what looks to be some sort of coordinates the time zone that it was in. The data and the data sources quoted something, something so and its goal has astrology data. So the thing for me off because I clicked on it and it looks exactly like Wikipedia, this page and the time was it for me. I was kind of like, oh, this page is already a bit weird.


And I looked spawned and then it said a time. And that's it for me. But yeah, this is a very, uh, bizarre website discovered Astro dot com. And it's like the Wikipedia wiki thing anyway, that was that's just said, by the way, and Rube Goldberg died this week.


I found my looking things up of Rube Goldberg machines. And I was like a lazy cartoonist. And then other than that, seemed like a lot of historical stuff of import important happened. No, I guess not. You know, history is pretty slow during December, you know. Yes, true, everyone can I mean, even the First World War, you know, stopped for Christmas Day. So.


Well, I suppose it it's like historical stuff tends to happen during the summer. Yeah. It's easier to go outside, I guess. Yeah. During winter. It's hard to like, you know, get together. So yeah.


You were talking about human Gugger and his serious and I was following it was quite interesting because on our group chat there was you were watching the video game awards. You were saying every time there's a new award or thriller or something and then someone else is watching the Disney review thing. And they were saying every time that there is some kind of thing revealed, there's something interesting in a Disney show. But no one was applying in need of you're applying to each other.


So it's just kind of two hours or four messages.


I woke up to, oh, I feel you saying my you're saying, oh, my God, there's this game.


And then I'm saying, oh, they just announced this show. And then you're going, oh, this just won the award. And then I'm going, whoa, I can't believe they've got this person in this show. And it was just just no no human interaction. It's very, very tradition.


As old as time is near watching things like if you in the game awards and just directly vomiting, what happens in the group, captain? They reply, and I refuse to adjust for surrounding circumstances. That's fair. I respect that. Um, yeah. That's been going on since at least 2014, I'm pretty sure. So, you know, that's like six years of history. And who am I to interrupt that story?


And yeah, it was, it was good. So yeah, the Obi Wan Kenobi is having a show with Hayden Christensen in it as Darth Vader, which is weird, which is interesting.


And presumably he's not going to be doing the voice because James Earl Jones is still alive and likely going to be much better at it.


So in the prequels, is it James Earl Jones?


It goes no, it must be right. And to know I don't know, man. I can't really remember who could be. But I'm guessing like I assume there's going to be various points.


It takes his mask off. And I guess but we know what he looks like under the mask and it's really fucked up is the idea. Yeah. I feel there's not a lot of room for fun stories about everyone in the car, and I'm sure they're going to bend over backwards to establish some in a way that would really irritate me.


Well, there's a bunch of stuff here. There's a fair bit of him in it. Some of the animated stuff, I think.


Yeah, but this is just, you know, like. I have very little patience for the Star Wars expanded universe. I think it's silly. It's very I quite like it. I swear I'm not detracting from you better not be. We're talking about Disney plus earlier how you have it because you're such a boo.


Then you just watch Crunchyroll and said, well, yeah, well, Miles says, I have Disney Paskin. I bought it. I might mention this on the podcast. I bought it while driving to watch Finnieston for the movie. Oh. Which was fine. That's where I want to see it. Yeah. Yeah.


Well you can watch all my Disney Boscombe for the next few days when the next few days I do have an exam finishes by feel speaking at one of the enemies where I have to pay like for three different streaming services. Just you have to. You have to. I have to. I'm forced to do it. Legally obliged. I'm legally obliged to have Crunchyroll Funimation and High though. Yeah. So I feel like I like pay for our streaming service.


I don't know if it's going to a company I think is too powerful, it makes too much money. So that's why I'm abandoning the Disney postup. And also I don't really like much stuff Disney makes which hey, isn't that a fantastic Segway into the main body of the podcast?


Yes. But so the film is very understandable if we got the Aristocats, which to remind you is a really funny pun, this is the first film we have ever watched that begins with a racism warning. You know, a lot of fun. Well, yeah.


I mean, I do feel like some of the other ones would otherwise have been if they were on Disney plus. Yeah, but I do know what I mean. Yeah.


So I think we talked about this on the podcast before, but it didn't overturn my opinion that I feel that kind of insubstantial, although I don't really know what the best solution would be. And I feel like you shouldn't show films that are racist to your children anyway.


So I guess this one. This one. Hmm.


But movies lead with like one unbelievably shocking exception. Yeah. So, like, 99 percent of his run time is fine. Yeah. Yeah, I feel it's a bit strange, but obviously. When you put, like, a little warning on that on, then like I think it's kind of it's definitely better than nothing. And I think these things should be accessible more for like archival historical purposes. I think if you're an animation buff, whatever, then you should be able to see all the catalog.


Yeah. And I feel is also a certain thing towards like, you know. You can stick it in front of the kids, sometimes they get like this little message saying like, hey, it's quite racist by. I mean, yeah, I know with the Warner Brothers cartoons, like they have like a mini documentary with Whoopi Goldberg, like explicitly talking to you about how am I going to see know kosher. Right. I think aimed at children.


So I think this is the better approach if that's like compulsory every time you watch from. That's a difficult needle to thread, is, you know, this is not the most racist film these are made, but it's still quite alarming as we all get to go.


It's got we, uh, we stereotype in it that perhaps perhaps a little bit racist. Question. So this is a this is the aristocrats once more is set in what I thought was a quite unique set of Paris in 1910, like sort of turn of the century. That is, I think, quite interesting. I underscored period. But this film also doesn't explore the Disney thing where every main character is American, regardless of what country there are supposed to come from.


And every secondary character is English.


And there's also Russian and Chinese cat. Yeah, some of the cats have different personalities, but among the humans is almost entirely British. I think one French guy is an incredibly minor character. Yeah. And so you're not going to be getting a great flavor of French culture here, which I suppose is quite a contrast to how to do films nowadays, where a lot of those films are very like. Selling themselves based on like sort of exploration of another culture.


Yeah, like sort of like compare this to Ratatouille is another sort of like Disney was not the Disney Pixar film set in Paris. And like the approach to exploring the culture that was, I think. In this film could really take place anywhere and they really quite get why this Paris doesn't really come into play at any point. Also, the currency they used in the film was dollars, and that really annoyed me, I didn't know I wrote it down and underlined it three times.


Disgraceful stuff. And so we start with an all old, oldish, aristocratic lady who lives in poverty and the rich district, which is the Dow Jones or Cat's a mother capital duchess and three children, cats, we don't know where their father is, which I find it weird to the feel of Disney film. They would like explicitly say that he's dead. But you know what?


Maybe. Yeah, well, I feel like there's kind of an element, though, where. Cats, cats can be bought and stuff can be, you know, yeah, I mean, not like a human feather that's missing. Presumably this hypothetical cat is both orange and black, half and half. Yeah, I think the actual explanation is that this film is pretending that, like, the Walmer like reproduce asexually.


But yeah, I think so. And I think. Because probably nowadays you'd say that that's that's pretty it's pretty good normalization of a single mother. Yeah. Where they don't need to father, but I don't I don't I wouldn't I definitely wouldn't claim that that's what's going on in this film. But I do think I do think that that is the sort of thing that would happen nowadays, which is.


Yeah, I think they probably work in lying or like people would find it easier to read. And I think this is more sort of mother is the magical provider. And yeah. So the duchess is very posh and very nice. Those are two sort of character traits, are good natured, are supposed to be the better phrasing it. Yeah, very nice. Yeah, they're free kitten cats.


One is a girl and you can talk to other people and was told to lose is the orange one. He likes to pretend that he can fight. And then there's a black man whose name I've forgotten that they are the main characters are not.


I remember like the days, the days, the. Let's go, Dean, is it and it somewhere I genuinely count Dean and now Daylor, these are. But they got a lot of freedom in the House and they're learning to paint and to play a piano. This film has three songs, and one of which is during the opening credits, which, for the sake of completeness, I will say, are good opening credits. Yep. Know. Terrific.


Nice theme song. These are the two things they need. And then they play here. They play the song scales. Mark HIJOS, which I'm just saying as a mature music critic I thought was fucking terrible. I genuinely want the worst Disney songs ever heard. It's like you have to know your scales and you can't even sing like. Yeah, I can't tell you how it goes, I just know it's not good.


Yeah, so criticism for that anyway, to get into the actual plot of the thing. So I don't want to go for what we have.


Of course not the old ladies. I turned him around and she says that she wants to leave everything to her cats, which speaking as someone almost literally qualified, I will tell you, is not how the law works.


Some people have done some that know you can't you can't leave your money to your cats.


Some people have left money to dogs and stuff you can like I'm sure you can, like, give someone the responsibility to make sure that while it's after you leave money to a dog, it's not a legal person.


Can you need money to know? No. It's not going to have a bank account or some more importantly. Wait, yes. Uh, no, you can not directly anyway. Mm hmm. Leave money in trust for the purpose of caring for your pets. Yes. The point is, person one person, look after the money for them. Yes. And this person be able to use the money however they see fit to care for your pet and leave your wishes and send your wishes.


Yes, would that be legally binding? The trust, yeah, you wouldn't be able to clean. I don't know if it's been a while since I did trust. I don't know if you can compel them to look after your pet, but they wouldn't be able they definitely wouldn't be able to legally use that money for anything else other than looking at your pet.


So that is interesting. Animals take them to court for not I don't want to say this again.


Animals are not legal people, but kangaroo over a kangaroo court. That's not like I should. Oh, no, that's not okay. Bangaru Court is.


But like, the reason it would be would be wouldn't you think you know a but you're so cool.


The snake eating its own tail.


Yeah. And. And that's an interesting one. So she says that she's leaving the money through our cats and then when the cats die, I'll go to Algar, which also isn't something you'd be able to do. You wouldn't be able to say, like, I leave my money to the person and then one person dies. It goes to be a person like where the money goes, right?


Well, if right in this situation now. Right, you left the money to Edgar, but you had to look after the cats, OK? Yeah, right. And then but he gets the money if the cats die, OK. If not, if he killed the cats. Well, what would happen?


I think the bear rules that would be valid. I am sure there would be a bad faith exemption if it turned out that Edgar would killed them on purpose and he would get the money right. But yeah, I think if this were a realistic film, quote unquote, or I suppose if you are looking for advice on what to do to make sure your pets are looked after, what you would do is you would leave the money to Elga and then either, like privately say, I want you to look after my pets if you trust them or if you don't, then, like, make him or someone else a manager or a trustee.


But yeah.


So OK, so you said there's not a way. There's not a way to leave money to someone and make them leave it to someone else. Not sure, but is there a way to leave money to trust? And then if the trust completes its mission, then someone individually gets that money. Probably so. So in theory, this film could be true if if rather than just stating that she's leaving the cat, she she left it in a trust, but then said to get the money from the entire fortune and trust for the cats.




Um, and Edgar would get that trust money if the cats die. Possibly, although I like I say, I have forgotten what happens when the trust fund issues go. I think the thing is most of us are like for a project, it's never going to end. I mean, it's like it's like I trust like maintain the state or like feed the poor or something. If not, I mean. Yeah. So I think cases where trust actually are like definitively finished rarer if you want.


I could look it up right now. I have my notes on this computer. Can you. Yeah.


I know how far this has turned into like a legal legal eagle review Harris always wanted.


Is this are you slowly moving the podcast in another direction here?


Yeah, I was originally going to be a legal discussion of my podcast.


I think we all knew your ploy was to take a couple of weeks off so you can, uh, forget the format a bit, then come in with this kind of legal review. I didn't say that was really interesting. We should add some more legal aspects going forward and then slowly merge, get rid of the fifty year thing.


I know your fucking plan may well at the plan is that now that I have sole responsibility over what films we do next, I can just lie to you and tell you that they're all anime films and then it'll be too late for you to realize what's going on after about ten weeks and. Okay. Okay. This is a show on. Right, in various Asian variations, OK, this is that is basically the answer is I don't know.


No, no, keep looking. Keep looking. OK, let's find out, Gilfillan. Uh, Roqia, Jimmy. So, um, what have people been up to?


AUDIENCE Yeah. Oh really. That's. Well, what did you say? Oh, I'm happy for you, bro. That's nice. Uh, yeah, what about you? Yeah. Oh, you've been, uh, you've been doing that, have you? Wow, that's interesting. You know, I've done that before as well. And many times. Um, so also, uh oh, yeah, something else got their hand up, yeah, you got a question.


Yeah, um, yeah. So the reason that Jamie's not speaking is he's currently looking up, uh, the legal review because we're watching the Aristocats and is a bit where the lady leaves money in her will. Cats and Jimmy just looking up whether whether aged care could benefit from killing cats if this was a real life legal situation. And I hope that Jamie's looking out specifically the turn of the century French law, because otherwise I don't know. Yeah.


You know, I don't really know what he thinks is going to be binding here, but it's fine. Jimmy. Yeah, yeah, and I have absolutely no fucking clue. I've looked at it, I can't figure it out. I didn't study it. I didn't take proper notes. I apologize.


I probably didn't for notes this probably three professors.


Did you actually for next week. Do you want your first?


I don't have the courage particularly. I think I'm mean I'm by the relevant professor. But I mean, I don't think. I mean, why, why, why? Why, why? I sent an email to the wrong address and then a relevant person got in touch with the professor to email them to you, to tell me to email them the correct address. And then that first person hasn't replied. No, I mean, it's an irritating thing.


You know, as has happened. I've just got an email, Jamie, from YouTube. Yes, right, and it says, Golden Turkeys, CEO creators kept us inspired in 2020. Now, what a year. Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the good. And then I think I think it might be supposed to be like a year in review thing, but because we've not done anything.


Let's take a look at how creative across Europe, Russia and sub-Saharan Africa brought us together and why why ISIS is one grouping if you pass.


I guess so there's a right, so I've clicked on the link, and it's a playlist and unlisted plays, 12 videos with no views yet I taught my cat to play the guitar. All right, bye, Shannon, lying this open the way p e with Joe, that's the guy that did you know Joe the guy who did all the stuff. All the you know, the lockdown fitness stuff. Oh, yeah, yeah, I think it must be him.


Uncle Roger, disgusted by this egg fried rice video, DVC Food by Mr. Nigel Engie. There's a parody song, there's a German video about depression, there is another German video, looks like, uh, I don't know what there is some kind of sports thing. There's a Russian video about washing your hands. There is a French person launching their YouTube channel.


A time lapse of a structural works factory being re re renovated and another German flag with someone's got baby.


Gay couples go, baby. It looks like, uh, this one could be Spanish, I think looks like another building thing and then basic same issues are wearing a face mask. Why, what is this? Why is this? I'm going forward is that you deserve to see this this email as much as me.


Jamie, oh, yeah, I'm almost there, I swear, it really sounds like, you know, I'm nodding off Elga in the film The Aristocrats, 1970 conspires to drag the cats for sleeping pills so you can throw them in the river and the cats share their meal with a mouse, which is voiced by Jim Cummings, which looks weirdly out of place because his eyes are black dots and it upsets the eyes.


But I like the Winnie the Pooh voice, so it's in my good books. Jim Collins should voice every cat. Anyway, he tries to throw the cats in the river. He goes on a motorbike out town, but he's foiled by two dogs, which the film thinks so much funnier than they are.


Yeah, they're really not remotely funny. They're also sovereign, someone American to really, you know, hammer home, not caring about their names are Napoleon and Lafayette, remember?


Yes. But not Le left Lafayette or something. They don't pronounce it properly. They don't pronounce it properly. No, I was pretty.


Yeah, I'm sorry.


And I appreciate it there in the film is not pronounce properly. Yeah.


So the cats don't end up drowning in the river. They sort of wake up the next day and they're greeted by Tom O'Malley who was voiced by whoever voice borloo the bear and looks a lot like Billu for a cat.


And he sort of flirts with just for a bit and volunteers help you go home and flirts pretty heavily, pretty heavily, and thus begins an epic quest to walk a relatively short distance to get back home facing the real adversity.


Yeah, this was my big thing, right? Mm hmm. There's a kind of implied at the start of the film that these cats are really going to struggle out in the alleys because all the alley cats are really tough, right? Yeah. And there there was me expecting them to get dumped out and have the classic, like Disney villains of like the scary cats of the The Shining Eyes, like the Ehsani in the dark and all that kind of stuff.


And maybe the cats would get split up and all the kids have to find each other and where's their mom? But no, they get dumped off. They're all together and nice. Alleycat comes and talks to them. They get in the back. Some are nice people. Yeah, there's one guy.


They get in a guy's truck and he tells them to get off the truck and he shouts, and this is the one French guy who says sacrebleu twice. Yeah, it's the screen time.


And they're not in a lot of danger at that point. And then they walk first. The way they come across a nice some other nice cats do a little song.


And then they forgot the English guys who have to say you, because most of the characters in this film are English. But, you know, they really say, uh. And Uncle Horace, who's a funny drunk horse, will do horse was Uncle Walter that said sorry. Yeah, Uncle Joe, who's a funny drunk.


Yes, he's a drunk man and they all laugh at him, even just so I guess. And they all have a good laugh at him. And that's just the fact that he's marinated and then these go away, I assume. I think their only purpose in the film was to introduce us to Uncle Waldo just because he's such a funny character.


Well, they they stop O'Malley from drowning. Yes, but that's been quite contrived.


So, yeah, that's about the only adversity in the film. Oh, no, there's a train.


There's a bit when they're on the train line and drink absurdism, but they just that's the only claim to be mortal peril. It's just it is also a result of intense acting even seen as that frightening.


They they just claim down by them, falls in there in the water for a bit, then they go in the water. And that was all the peril there. And at no point do they come across a tough Alleycat cat or any kind of gang or, you know, any real danger.


Well, there's no external threats and there's no real character conflicts either. Everyone just kind of gets on. Well, yeah, I was I feel I don't want to go. I feel like I do say a lot in these parts, just like this film would be better if it was more cliched. But to go on this film would be better if it was more cliched. Tanjil I feel like maybe if you like, had it so that maybe Duchesse and O'Malley on that first would seem to be like natural or if the kid's mother was missing or, you know, because it's Disney dead, that struggle by a bit that would introduce something.


But as they all get along, well, they're all in a position of relative safety. Yeah, probably not.


I think there's not even any clash of cultures, you know, which is really the whole point of the film is that they're upper class cats and they come across all these alley cats, but they just kind of get along.


Well, I feel like if either like OMalley, like Duchesse was like a bit of a snob or if I just didn't like the accents O'Malley's way, he thought Feufollet, you know, I think it could work if one of O'Malley's friends was like, why have he brought these posh cats back that could work.


You know, I would be a small thing, but like but no, very open and accepting everyone. Yeah. Which I suppose is a good example for the kittiwakes, but it doesn't make for a really fucking boring film.


Yeah. Yeah, there's. So. Yeah, it's pretty fucking boring and she and. So, well, where did we get to, they get they meet all his mates who do the song really good song in the film.


Yeah, we get some pretty interesting visually and it's very jazzy.


I think that there are more like jazzy interludes than that being said, I suppose if it was just like Mary who just got lost, it was like satin, like the more sort of swanky drinking too, the more I say, I guess just lower class areas of Paris and the jazz culture influence and. I mean, this is very gruesome. No, this is the one that contains the unbelievably racist caricature, which is the Chinese cat, Chinese cat who plays the piano with chopsticks and has the buckteeth and talks about how something he talks nonsense with words like Hong Kong and how he's always Rockit.


Yeah, his lines like Egg Fu Yung Hong Kong, the fortune cookies is always wrong or something, and he's just not really racist.


I, I think the thing is for me as an adult viewer, it's so racist and so bizarrely out of nowhere, at least in the context of the film, that I sort of was a negative feedback loop to just being like weirdly hilarious, but like in an awful, awful way.


Yeah, it's genuinely bizarre how brazen it is. Yeah.


Well, I guess you know that well, the thing is, I'm going to say that's the error, but the whole point of this project that we've been looking at films in this era, it's not like, you know, a relatively affordable one there.


Actually, it was quite racist, even within the context of finally, I would say so.


So there we go. All things worth it to call this film racist? But yeah, so they have their fun jazzy interlude and they make their way back home again, no incident Duchesse and talks about how nice it would be to live with family, but they can't because they have to go home to the owner. The obvious solution is the OMalley would come to live with them, which does happen in the end. It's just not commented on here, I guess.


I mean, even if this was like O'Malley Shanmugaratnam, I was like, no, I like my life as a swinging jazz man. Yeah, I'd be conflicts, but they could just live alongside each other, you know, they can they can do it again, just very easy.


Walk around and really get back home. Elga tries to kidnap them again. But for the Winnie the Pooh Mouse is able to enlist the help of O'Malley and his gang.


You almost hear he's in some danger for a bit alone. Forget Somalia's name, he says, or Brian or Connie or Jackson or. Oh, and in the U.S. and then he goes, Oh, O'Malley. And you go, oh, you know, O'Malley. And then it's all fine. Yeah, yeah.


It's quite strange, given that you think that they figure out from context what he was talking about.


But, you know, I think they know. I think they know. But I think they're teasing him.


You know, they do wink at me. Yeah. But yeah. So they all beat up an Al Gore and he gets trapped in the trunk to Timbuktu where presumably he will agonizingly suffocate to death. And O'Malley goes to live with them, a happy ending. The owner is reunited with her cats and pointedly suggests that she wants Duchess and O'Malley to fuck. Yeah, and that's the ending. Weird thing that I skipped. We skipped over here. I want to bring up is the bit where the guys comment and how scandalous it is that Duchess and O'Malley aren't married, which is a very weird thing to see on the children's film, frankly.


Yeah. Especially when they've nicely really done anything.


No, but just like I do remember in the film before, the discussion of whether or not these are bastard kids who are not serving a life. Yeah. Pretty, pretty interesting. Yeah, it's with anything else to say about the film work for sure.


I really hate the geese. Just to be clear, we skipped over them because they're really boring.


Yeah, they think they're funny. So the dogs think they're funny. Geese think they're funny.


The dogs get to very extended scenes with we are like supposed to be slapstick, but I would say quite bad slapstick, frankly, doesn't have enough impact for me. I would say yeah, to be funny. One thing I forgot to mention is that Elga, in the middle of the film before my second film, The Dog opens up, brings up a newspaper, and then front page is the mysterious catnapping that was described as a work of genius. Yeah.


Which is mostly presumably because he's not suspected at all. Yes, and so it looks like someone's broken, in fact, being noticed and taking the cats with a very slow news day nonetheless.


No, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. It's also interesting that he decides to confess to the horse. Yes, for some reason, I guess he thinks the is me.


Well, the horse can't he can't hear the horse.


He doesn't know the horse is conscious. No, I know. I know. So, yeah. Same as any standard horse confession. Um. True. He just has to tell someone. Yeah.


He's so happy with his catnapping. Went so beautifully even though. It didn't you got distracted and lost them in. I think it's a Disney film, so we should comment on the visuals in terms of the animation.


So this is part of the Xerox era of Disney.


So if give a little history lesson and because I read up on this and I find it interesting anyway, so the initial Disney films are Snow White. You're also on the land and more importantly, your Sleeping Beauty are all hand drawn and painted. OK, yeah. And this meant that the animated drawings had to be traced over onto the cells and then hand painted, which was a very slow process, that the month was very long and expensive. And this culminated in Sleeping Beauty, which took six years to produce but was very financially unsuccessful.


And this got Disney to the point where it was no longer financially feasible to make movie animation. And there are a lot of layoffs and there was a risk that they were going to have to focus instead on TV production. And but what happens is that the technology for Xeroxing, which is the same technology that I think photocopier is at for early voting ones still, and which allowed the drawings of the animators to be transferred directly onto the cells without tracing.


So that cut out a lot of man hours and made production a lot cheaper, and thus they were able to make themselves financially viable again. And the first film to use that technology was 101 Dalmatians. But the thing about Xeroxing is I only allows for these very black sketchy lines, which is why Disney films from this hour have this very sketchy style with very defined outlines. You may have noticed. Oh, sorry, I fell asleep there and yeah, and, uh, so I wasn't a big fan of it.


Yes, 101 Dalmatians, Jungle, Robin Hood and the Stommel, a very distinct look. And I think it's sometimes done well. I think 101 Dalmatians is pretty good looking film. It's been a while since I've seen it. And I like to remember, but I didn't like this one.


It was very it just it felt not finished.


Yeah. Some of the faces in particular are a bit weird. And the human characters, the cats are fine. I think most of the probably easy to draw, but the lot of particularly of the owner and close ups and look very odd. I also thought the composition was a bit off at a certain point. It looked a bit weird. A lot of the characters, they were really in the scene. Yeah, they're sort of floating on top of the background, that extended scene on the stairs near the beginning, although really difficult to do in animation.


I thought the cars, though, were really good. The vehicles were often like Fredi, which I was sitting and still, and I was very impressed by it. And I thought the background for really particularly of Paris.


Yeah, it grew in the background and you just kind of animations for the characters.


And so, yeah, there's a lot of there's not a lot of impact, I think, particularly slapstick sequences that really shows.


Yeah, the stair one was funny. Yeah, I don't know if I like it, but it was it was kind of a bit funny compared to lot of the dogs, I didn't find it very funny, but the stories are like, oh, I was serious. I was like, oh, yes, that's a bit funny. It's a bit funny.


The two sequences with the butler and the dogs just go on for ages and you start. I'm sure I would like them if I was a small child. And obviously that is the film's target audience. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, yeah, I know, I know, I'm pretty sure some kids I babysat once, like this was their favorite film, so I don't want to, like, could do it a little slow, as you know, the young ones like it.


But I would say of the Disney, this is very much the. Not the worst, but definitely lived here. No, I mean, that's why it's got to be quite boring. I think Aristocats won by about equality is one song in it, which is also just.


Yeah, it's that scene was nice. It was it was quite nicely done.


The music was quite good, but it just the rest of the film, not very good, are also very generic, but it doesn't have the cliches that you need to make it interesting, you know.


Yeah. And yeah, obviously, I'm talking about it as something children, and as I said before, I don't think you should show the film to children. So I don't think it really has any value for anyone apart from sort of completionist from Disney stuff. Yeah, it should be left behind. The dustbin of history, really. So, yeah, it's fair. Do you want to go on final ratings? I feel it's a pretty decent segue.


Yeah, I as you can probably tell from the speech I was giving, I don't watch, I think.


Yeah, me too. I think and I mean, I would I would really watch if you're on if you're a kid or you know. Well, yeah. Basically if you're. Child, and the thing is, like children are going to be entertained by literally anything. I'll show them something better.


Yeah, but I think this is not bad. And as a kids film, so I'm kind of like, whatever, but I would sit and watch if you're not a child. Hmm.


And I feel like that's probably I feel like a lot of people are big fans of the Oscars.


So, you know, the thing is, with all Disney film, it's going to be a lot of people are going to have an attack like this.


Well, exactly. Because, you know, back in the day, you know, you had we had, you know, a couple of VHS is that you could watch, you know, like, you know, I think I've got like a cupboard in my in my house that has like 20 VHS. And I was all the films I watched as a kid. Yeah. Yeah, I didn't. So, yeah, you're going to have more of attachment to them.


Whereas now, you know, nowadays these these newfangled streaming services and stuff, these kids and everything. Yeah.


But yeah I would say like I think the to the films for me are would be in Disney's Tarzan and Disney's Winnie the Pooh is like the Disney films I grew up with, and then also Shrek, which I watch far more often. But you know, that's a generational thing.


Yeah. Well, the other hand, I think the reason I was struck by how often was that my dad liked it, so that's also the value of appealing to adults. It's good, though. They're the ones who put the VHS in.


At the end of the day, Shrek is very good. Yeah, we'll get to Shrek and years time and that would be nice. If I can get behind something akin, that's something I can very much get behind. Moving back to 50 years ago, very much the doldrums of Disney, yeah, that was is a not a period.


Disney's known for just being a bit shit.


This is it. But the thing is, like Disney's. The Disney hours just made up, so they sound stupid. Yeah, OK, so like as the blobfish pointed, this pulled the Seven Arrows, the Disney film making, which I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit. And I think it's generally accepted that they had a very bad period towards the beginning of their output of the unrest and lull during the 80s and all during the 70s and the 80s, and came back with the Little Mermaid and Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty of Succession.


But then that too began to fail with take on this Hunchback of Hercules. And then they sort of pick themselves up yet again with Tangled in a way, although I don't I mean, I had that everyone uses nicknames, but in fairness, I'm not the target audience for them. Someone want the say? Certainly popular. I wish they would go back to doing animation, looks like. Yeah, entrance cool, oh, not handle on duty, I don't know if handguns, cuz I kind of like Fredi.


It's always on offer now, if, you know, in terms of animation and I think, you know, it's I think generally obviously there are exceptions, but I think generally to the animation tends to look a lot nicer. I think this has got more control over the composition and stuff. And yeah, as a very childish person, I still find drawings being very magical and spellbinding.


You are very child, this person. So we're done with the film, you want to talk about what you've been up to or shall we say?


Oh, I mean, I think we can talk to you for up to an hour. I've already been up to much, though, what you've been up to.


OK, so I finished Yakiniku Army, which I talked about last time. Right. I'm not going to change my opinion. I think I think I mean, although actually I feel the main story is quite good. I think it does not focus enough on the rivalry, the emotionally charged rivalry that drives that sort of weird like an arc, but that after fight within the main structure, which is a shame, because definitely the best part about it and again, there are two side there's really only one side best actually I thought was good.


I was comparing to Yakuza zero. So that was definitely very disappointing. But as a sort of forty hour palate cleanser between hammering away at that, which I felt was quite good, I'm really keen to play after the calamity. I try to I'll get around to one day. And then I also finished reading the second short story collection of which of The Witcher. I think I talked about finishing the first quote from the podcast, and I think those stories are a bit stronger generally not those.


The second faction is stronger. I think I like it's the content I like that gets to the core of Gerald's character a bit more. And I really feel like Netflix did your dirty. Actually, I sort of this is always the case when you read the book after watching the film or TV show this case. But there's a lot of changes there. I don't really like I think, take the focus away from girls as a character and I think take away from some of those females.


The books. That's a bit stronger. I really don't. I got one that was doing and adding the parallel plotlines into which the TV show. Did you watch the TV show? No. No. OK, well, the TV show is split between free plots or free characters who have a plot, but like only one of them was written down and the others are like the events that weren't to happen. Right. And implied like you told about them.


And I think, like, the gap in quality is quite evident in the TV show. And I wish more time was spent on flashing these stories out properly. It does feel like Netflix is kind of rushing through them because they understand that The Witcher as a series gets a lot more game, a frenzy as you get later on. And that's really what that movie got to really want to have these they really want to spend much time on these sort of short stories about we the old morality tales.


And they are also kind of sad, which is a shame because they're very good. On the other hand, they exist in book form and I've read them now. So who am I to complain? No one. Mm hmm. And I watched some controversial opinion, I watched Muppet Christmas Carol, and I thought it just that, OK. I like great Jim Carrey.


One more Jim Carrey.


One is like weirder and darker. And that to me is what Carol is. I like it being twisted. It should be about really just torturing an old man until he's forced like Christmas. None of this fucking Kermit the Frog shit.


I just say that for the sake of impression. Good cats.


Yeah. Those are my thoughts on media consumption. Oh. Oh, Miss Piggy. Don't don't put it there, Miss Piggy.


So you're talking about the Whicher? Yeah. So Cyberpunk came out. It did. Are you going to get it? No. Or at least not for a few years. Yeah, yeah, I'm the thing is, I'm datings.


They have too much hype around them, so outlet is like willing to be that harsh on them with a few exceptions. Yeah. And I feel with these sorts of things, it's better to wait a few years and then see what public opinion is then. And also it does seem like the one universal opinion is that right now it is about bitterness that may or may not prove of time. So I might as well wait. Well, my thing the reason I'm probably waiting is I don't think it would run very well, my PC and I'm thinking of getting a new PC at some point in the near future.


Yeah. And and I have an Xbox One X, and I feel like it's probably made more for Xbox 360.


Yeah, I think from what I've heard, it runs quite badly on current. Gen current. Yeah. Or I guess down. Now that feels weird to say that. Yeah.


Jim would say um I think that stuff a lot of people, not a lot of people I've heard people say that this seems like a lot of content was cut. All right. Like it seems like there were features that didn't have time to add in. So that could always be a DLC thing. Yeah, well, I've seen a lot I've seen a lot of people say they're going to wait for the inevitable game of the year edition. It's going to have like.


Yeah. Well, I think the thing was just like modern big budget games at this point is that, like, it's always, always better to wait because there will always be like this super overblown, like review action. And then you look back in two years and nobody's going to give a shit. Yeah. And also, like, they always end up patching stuff in that is like really important and helpful. Yeah. Just why why do you need to.


I think we're going to be that revolutionary gameplay wise right side project, at least with what Jafri and it seems to say that they're their unique thing is that the writing is unusually good for a video game. Yeah. You're not going to be missing out on like it's going to be a unique gameplay experience is going to be exactly the same as every other group and World of Warcraft or RPG game, you know. Yeah.


And I do think it Lewski do, but yeah, I think I wait, but I think I'm going to get watchdog's legion.




And although I've not seen many reviews of it, actually, I've, I've read a couple that talk about how its main message is. It sounds interesting. I the on are much more amenable to I think is actually genuinely trying something unique. Yeah. Potential to be expanded upon something genuinely interesting.


Watchdogs too. I didn't play much of it wasn't I really didn't have the same magic as watchdogs, the first watchdogs. But this one, I feel like it's added a lot. I just I was talking to is a good game and watching this one is a good game. But because they'd already played watchdogs one, I feel like when I watch those two, it was just kind of the same game or not the same game, but very similar game.


And they never really go into it, whereas I can tune in to watch those Legion.


Yeah, I think it also is Legion is definitely trying to do something because it's trying something new.


And it's so I mean, the hacking stuff's great in the first two. So, you know, if it's still got that with another, it's pretty decent.


While Sims watch was one of those. And yeah. Also yeah, I think I'll probably get that and then I'll get cyberpunk in like a year, half year and I've got a new computer or something that yeah.


I'm still very slowly playing for the are free if I will probably not finish any time soon and I want to play fucking sentinels. I guess the light here is very good and also nobody bought it and that makes me feel very sad.


So what's important, I've got a lot of games I've got and Jedi pull in order to play.


I've got Red Dead Redemption to play well once I finish items which are free and that is, you know, but quite a big one. For the first time in a long while, I've actually played every game I own for one console and I will actually finish one my be four games. My switch is already lost as can't remember catching up to the game going for. Yeah but I'll be nice.


I'll feel like I'm getting my money's worth at once but I'm definitely looking forward to Christmas. I'll be able to kind of set few days aside to play video games because that's my certainly my Christmas break is over.


I think I started work today on my dissertation.


I mean, I've got no I've got a lot of work to do for Christmas. Yeah, sure thing for you as well.


And I will be able to take certain days off, you know, to which I would be much more.


I would.


And because what I've been doing during semester is basically not again, this office is pretty stressful and then the games I end up playing are not. Not one side will want to play as much.


Yeah, well, it's easier to, like, go for something that you can play in short bursts, which is why I've been doing, you know, like I've been playing and I still enjoy them and I've been playing like FIFA in and NBA and shooters and all that kind of stuff. And I still like that, but it's just not the same. Yeah, same stuff.


Oh yeah. Also just related and possibly brought up earlier. I did watch the game would shoot it to go. I hate them a lot. I really don't like how they're just a showcase for trailers and that they like really just pass over the awards and sort of them inconvenient. I really hate when we don't give people like proper acceptance speeches or anything and they just sort of rattle off awards one after another. I think it's just chessy I really don't think it should be trailers in the awards show.


It makes it sound. The way I feel is I think it's all the award shows are obviously influenced by like the people who make the stuff no know, like pretending the Oscars are a bastion of impartiality. I feel like that's too naked when you have trailers literally in it. And also like how among us got, I think among us deserve those awards. But like, I don't think it should have won two awards in the game was 20/20. It came out two years ago and it seemed weird to me that no one was willing to acknowledge that.


Yeah, because it's not even there's change. It's just that people can adjust with it. I mean, a new map was announced, their Star Trek, right? No action.


I thought they were making a Star Trek or something. They might have not also be doing OK, although this all goes back to what I'm saying was a bit weird to watch people giving an award for a time being the best multiplayer game and then also show off among us and then also show off a trailer for it. Also, they have an award for most anticipated game, which is such bullshit. Well, that's just what gave us the best marketing that shouldn't be praiseworthy.


What was the word sorry most anticipated? Huh? You know what the fuck is interesting? Oh, there's a sale on steam. I'm just saying that if it of words.


Also they gave the award to Heldon ring. I'm nobody's seen anything of that game for years. Hmm. So I think. Yes. I appreciate more important things. Oh, also also also I have been watching movies, Segunda, which is very interesting. I've been enjoying it a lot when I thought I. It's surprisingly really good for Anami from the 70s. And it's just really good at like introducing more complexity in very small ways, like a wash would just not bother to do.


And I find that really impressive, given that it's a show ostensibly designed to sell toys. Yeah, I believe they will. But, you know, the main pilot can be a bit of a dick sometimes and be selfish. He doesn't really care about the people he's saving. The superior officers are all kind of dicks. They are federation doesn't really care about them. They're just using them as a diversion while they build better weapons. The villains are horrible, but are also weirdly sympathetic at times.


And I think this is very clearly a good versus evil conflict, but it's done in such a way that it has texture. I think worsts shows were not involved and I appreciate that. So it's been a really entertaining watch. I'm looking forward to. Watching more Gundam stuff, once I watched the first season and does have contact with the rest of the. Yeah, good Joe, I've just been reminded of yeah, do you get a bunch of adverts on Facebook for really weird steam games that are not yet the.


Like pizza simulator or human farm or any other variety of like completely random games. I've realized I haven't on so.


Oh, well, let me know if you do, because I know they're all they're all the same. They're all the same. And for. Right. So the different games. It's the same advert. And then it always ends like at your wish list and then it comes out of the link and you click on it and it's a game that's not yet the it's like completely random. Yeah. No. Yeah, Mike, the only sponsored posts I have right now is for Waitrose from the.


Which doesn't. Paint me in the great light, but, you know, which is Phonte and Sunesys. Michael. Well, then, well, call it a. I think we shall call it an episode truly dual. Dibby Davoren, thank you for coming along to watch the Aristocats for something else. I just don't watch it.


And if it's your favorite childhood film, sorry, but it's not as good as you think.


The person who played Skat Kat is called Scatman. That's nice. Also, I forgot that there was a character in this film called Scott. Yeah. Scott Scatman Scroller Crowthers. Oh, oh, he's the guy from The Shining. I'm, you know, black guy from the shiny. Yeah, I figured it out, but yeah, OK, well, that's cool. OK.


All right.