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Hello, everyone, welcome back to the hell that is our lives today. Duncan, what was it?


Just the setting, the tone. I didn't hear you said good, and I'm a bit hung over.


Yeah, you know, why is it because it was a special occasion last night and it was a special occasion last night, we probably shouldn't say don't say about it in public.


No, you don't see a birthday. You can just say it was my birthday yesterday. People, the people who don't know when I mean, they can work it down to a month, but they don't. Yes, I worked three times a week. I'm twenty one now. Mm. Yeah. A week, as I meant to say. So, yeah. And also this film that we're watching, this is the Golden Talkies podcast, by the way, uh, as is tradition, I wait for a minute and to say that we watch films came out 70 years ago in this case today.


As you listen to this uncertainty, we watch it 50 years ago in this case today, and that is 1970.


So this is not really revealed exactly what your birthday is. No, I've revealed the year people can mark the year and they can work out the week, but they don't know what they were recording this on. But you just said it came up 50 years ago today, the film, we're told, is yet title Jimmy. Today is the day that the listeners are listening to it. OK? OK. Because the film comes out on the fourth of October, which is a Sunday.


This Sunday. This Sunday. Yes. That your listeners 50 years ago today, as you listen, not Ricard. A Kumite. Right. Gladiolus, I dare say, people will be able to work at my birthday because they'll be wondering why, why I'm recording, if I'm hungover. And anyway, for watching the vampire lovers this week.


Yeah, it's a hammer horror film. It's good. Yeah. Quick review and hammer. Yeah. I do want to give some context for our films are.


Um, well I yeah. I mean they made a lot of very successful horror films based on mainly on, on the classic characters like Dracula and Frankenstein and stuff between the 1950s and 70s and. Yeah. Did you know Jamie The Hammer films made Women in Black in 2012? Yes, I did.


I saw that the Dutch company had bought them and was like trying to make use of the brand name seems mostly fairly unsuccessfully.




I mean woman in black is black was pretty big at the time, I think mostly because it was like the first thing people had seen. Daniel Radcliffe and since Harry Potter. This is not part of any of the other ones.


I mean, that's true. No, I hadn't either. And yes, people don't really talk about women in black anymore.


I feel very much a flash in the pan. It was. Yeah, it was. And yeah, that's that's that's how many films who made this film.


Yeah. It's good, clean fun. So are we supposed to be shockingly violent? It's not very clean. No, I don't have any historical context. This week I went on TV back to you and was disappointed to find that the charts were the same. And there was no one that I knew whose birthday. There were some NFL scores. But I don't think people really care about that and I certainly don't. Yeah, there's really nothing that jumped out at me.


There was another article in Time magazine about plane hijackers. And so I guess that was a big thing at this exact time. But other than that, I didn't see anything that jumped out at me big time. OK, so that's the historical context this week. Perfect, nothing really happened this week on October 1970. Exactly. I'm sure we're going to look back and then we will see that the day was the day Watergate broke or something. But, you know, probably.


Yeah, I mean, as as as usual, if you listen to this before you, you'll know that we get our news from either what this website says or from Time magazine and Life magazine, which are, of course, at least a week behind generally on the news because they're their magazines rather than the sort of news publications. So and yeah. So there's there's a very good chance for effect. Over 1970, something huge happened.


And but as far as I know, I'm going to look into.


And so we're watching the vampire lovers. It's an adaptation of a book called Carmilla, which came out 26 years before Dracula. You know, that's. Yeah, it's cool, I didn't know that not it didn't become the archetypal, unpartisan Lloyd, but she's a shame. It's cool. And lesbian vampire, a nice lesbian, seduces a young teenage girl and then stops last minute. Yeah.


Which is also which is also what this film is about. Yes. This film tries to be a fairly loyal adaptation. Yeah. Apparently they had some big fights over the depictions of lesbian but pianism in it. Yeah, but the folks in charge of Hanmer said it was in the original novel fashion sense of the Man. And the scenes are quite exploitative. Not that respectful, but you know what? Baby steps. Yeah.


You want to talk about what happens in it? Did you have you looked up the what happened on the 4th of October? Nothing that interesting. Someone made the highest parachute jump from a tower.


Oh, yeah.


And I saw that in a safe return after one day walk out on a quest for higher wages.


Yeah. So they said nothing happened and George Frederick McKay died.


OK, Jamie Duplo, hit it, hit it, all right, so first thing is in vaguely medieval times and we see a man in a tower, he's trying to hunt a vampire and he sees a cool cast shroud and he goes, I can take the shroud and fight the vampire. And wouldn't you know, he fights the lady vampire and wins by cutting off our head and then we fade the credits. But, you know, in the film.


But as we keep talking about the credits here, I'm going to say these are bad credits and that they don't have a cool theme song. And that's really what I look for.


Yeah, there's no there's no a man called Sledge or anything like that here and there.


Michael, there's no crooked man. It's just it's a lower tier. It's an after credit sequence. So even that spooky other than the use of green font, you know. But anyway, we now move on to vaguely Jordan times and we see like.


Yeah, the role where the light powdered wigs and stuff you remember the first one is the same time period, just like 20 years. No, no. It's supposed to be. Yeah. It's meant to be a bit before I guess it's not a different time period. Wow.


I mean, without spoiling it, the guy that you see at the start is in the film later on.


Yeah, but he's an old man, so like maybe 60 years or so.


But when something went to medieval period and medieval, probably me going back too far, I guess for sure it would be medieval period. Was the belt buckle on his hat though. So he must be a star. So that's my he's like a puritan boy. You got me. So I must be straight.


And then George is the 15th century would be fourteen hundreds. Yeah.


And not in the 15th century. The vampires time.


So the so the medieval the medieval era ended in 15th century and the Georgian era starts in seventeen. Fourteen. So so you're saying that the guy was 300 years old? I was just being a generalized boy, I guess now since the steroid era, you know, you don't have to take me to task for everything.


No, I'm just saying let's because otherwise people are going to think that this is a film that spans three hundred years and it's not it spans maybe 40.


Yeah, but the original novel spans four hundred years, not five years. Oh, OK. This film is made by counseling by Karatz, Howard Kurtz yet, too, yeah, so known, a delightful Georgian masquerade ball that's held by the general as he is known.


I think he has a second name is So I can't remember this played by Jamie, played by Peter Cushing of Star Wars Fame and CGI Star Wars thing, I'd suggest.


Did you know that Peter Cushing was in, like all the Hammer films? Uh, yeah, he was in quite a few, along with Christopher Lee is obviously an alumnus, although he's not in this one because I had no idea.


I mean, I didn't really know what he'd done on Star Wars. And when I looked up his filmography, I was kind of expecting, like a bunch of stuff then like Star Wars, then the vampire lovers. But it was actually all vampire and Frankenstein and Dracula, apart from Star Wars, pretty much got a good face for it.


He has a fantastic face for it. Yeah, but I was just I mean, I didn't know that I find it interesting. Surprised? Yeah, I don't really know. I know I knew I had done hammer hammer stuff.


I was like the mean that was like using Dr Who in italics. So we would see a doctor who. No, it was never Dr. who I think he might have been the master or something like that. No, this is Cushing, his doctor who in this film. Oh, no. No, he was not. No, no, no.


I'm looking at something right now. Got to talk to in italics. Peter Cushing as Dr. Who? But as we noted in the film, Peter Cushing is a doctor who endorsed her in the Dalitz 1965 film starring Peter Cushing as doctor, he. I'm just surprised that no one's ever mentioned this. Well, I seem to remember the film People Count because oh my God, as far as I'm one doctor who film, I was incredibly unpopular in this country.


I was one of the doctors right now. Yeah. So I didn't count.


Didn't count. Well, these two don't go anywhere. McGann's cardless now. Regardless, Peter, simply talk to you, there you go, and other than that mean mainly Hammer films. There's a Sherlock Holmes film here, but I don't know that might be.


I mean, I guess it could be a private life of how the hound of the hands of a Hound of the Baskervilles. Uh, yeah, that's a Hammer film as well. So, yeah, basically Hammer films. I talked to he and Star Wars, and, of course, I was reading an interview with Christopher Lee recently, and he was saying that he was worried about being typecast into just horror films, and that's why he very aggressively tried to branch out.


So perhaps that's why I was when I was reading the Carmilla Wikipedia page, Christopher Lee was in another adaptation of this one Italian one, I believe. Hmm. Mm hmm. And so cruel to some mysterious guests have arrived and everyone's all abuzz about how cool they are. Yeah, there's a mother who may not be named and then her daughter's name is Marsella, which the more attentive people in the world will notice. A very cool anagram of the word Carmilla.


Of course, exactly, they don't get you that I get you lost there and I would yeah but I mean, I'm not surprised. Whoo hoo hoo hoo. Anyway, the mother announces that her brother suddenly died and she's going to need to ride away with general fishing mind awfully. Her daughter could stay with him while she's gone fishing. Says yes, sure. Peace fishing has his own daughter. Her name is Laura. It's not Laura. It's different.


Is Laura this long ago? And she and Marcela became fast friends, but something weird because Laura keeps having nightmares and keeps getting sicker and sicker. And who knows what could possibly be. He's having visions of a big cat soaking our room.


It's a big cat that she. Yeah, it's a.. It's a big yeah.


So it's a big cat for four, but it's always the cat. So that's like her other form rather than a dog as in Dracula and the different or bat. Yeah. This is like a dream sequence involved. It was tries to be kind of surreal.


Yeah. So it's still pretty awful. Yeah.


I didn't really land properly. It's really just a bunch of images of eyes. Yeah.


Kind of like there's a bit in Trog like that isn't there. I mean if it was a dinosaur bit. Yeah. The dinosaur bit. Exactly. Yeah.


I think it's a bit more ambitious than that.


I wouldn't say. Well maybe because of the dinosaur stuff literally happening, whereas here is not supposed to be literal, it's supposed to be like, yeah, I guess that's true. So I'm giving it points more artistic. I'm looking. Yes, that bit doesn't really work. One thing one thing I did notice in this film is that compared to the old American films we've seen, I think almost all of the best films we've seen have been very cheaply made in terms of the sets, which are quite good but are very poorly made on quite a low budget.


But this this was filmed on location a lot as well. This one. Yeah, yeah.


The weird difference, I suppose it's also still true today. But, you know, the amount of money involved has gone up so much.


Well, the average you watch performance performance. We watched the games, which is very cheap from Trog trial was actually the hero.


But it was a co-production.


It was a co-production, although that one also didn't seem to be anything to the good time. Yes, those are the main ones, but, you know, I mean. Yeah, and certainly this film seems quite cheaply made. I think things happen. I was just my who observation that I do, I pay attention. Thank you. So Laura somehow got this incredible who knows why this possibly happened and so it mysteriously goes missing right afterwards we see a shot of her coffin, which shows that she's been dead for 200 years.


That's right.


Spooky. Yeah. So to address a point, which I feel is worth noting in a horror film. Were you scared at any point during this? No, me neither.


Do you think anyone would be harmed?


Because I don't think there are any scenes in here that were really designed to be that scary. Maybe you could even even if you were like a much like even you were like a small child, I don't know what would be here where you'd like.


You know, there's there's a lot of horror films there like like that that just they're not scary remotely, you know? And there's one tree. This one's where you see that they've tried. But it's almost like some people think. Just the fact that there's a monster in the film at some point makes it scary. And I don't know.


It's not like a creepy tone, really, although that's what I'm saying. They cannot just assume the fact that it's been like made as a horror film means it's scary, but, you know, they don't bother.


Have you seen the poster for this film, by the way, and based on what you're seeing? I don't think so. Because it's quite interesting in terms of just how little resemblance it bears to the final picture and.


Oh yeah, I see it if you dare, to use a deadly passion of the blood, that one. Yeah, yeah, Kosheh not for the mentally immature. Very nice. Well, you do see the image of like free Dracula is like whipping a bunch of naked sleep and yet it's too chained to a wall. Yeah, I see that.


I'm just saying, if I had seen that poster and gone, I would have thought of it ripped off.


I think that's quite common, isn't it? I guess, you know, that's not even like a scene that happens in the film. No, but that's that's all I'm saying is quite common. I think these are part of a trilogy, by the way.


Yes. The first of a trilogy that supposedly seems to get progressively worse.


Is that right? I was wondering what the other films were like. Maybe in future episodes will return to the. Yeah, and anyway, so after this, the main body of the plant starts apparently in the original novel, all of this stuff is like described like during the plot. This is all like a flashback when the main novel and here is sort of awkwardly bolted on first. Because this film was very weirdly structured, are quite a few of the ones who watched.


So we so I think what they call a businessman is out riding and he is played no sorry, the actor is George Cole, the guy who plays for Daly and he plays a businessman. Right. It's quite weird. Have you ever seen Minder?


Have I seen what? Minder. Minder? No. OK, so you don't know who offered Alias. No, I didn't think to articulate that fact when they mentioned it.


No, I thought it was someone I had forgotten. To be honest. Yeah.


I mean, there was a British dramedy that aired in the 70s. It was very popular. My dad's a big fan, so I've watched quite a lot. I see very often daily is like a con man who sells dodgy cars and then the main character of Minder's, the bodyguard who protects other criminal elements.


The name of it definitely rings a bell with me. But yeah. And. Hey, sorry, George Call plays the the businessmen here, which is the second which is the second actor here who I've actually heard on. And. And he also runs comes across Carmela after a carriage crash and was asked to take care of her for a period of time and also has a young daughter. Yeah, it's convenient, almost as though she purposely sort out. And so the same deal sort of happens and that really starts seducing and also feeding off of the young daughter in the household offer after I can't remember his real name first called off on business in Australia for a few weeks and sort of left alone.


The government has proved to be a bit of an obstacle at first, but then Carmelo's goes through our mind, controlling approach becomes the official story. So that all seems to be going quite swimmingly. But the butler played by a man who looks like a human being but definitely isn't and starts to get suspicions in the local pub. Landlord says that there's been vampyres about. So he fills her room with garlic flowers and starts a long process of trying to scheme to get the flowers away in a way that seems even remotely natural.


You're very community communicative today. I'm I'm I am I'm you're going for the Pope.


I am.


I feel like I'm talk the world and yeah, the bit the flows is pretty funny because obviously the garlic flowers and. Yes.


And their first mention comes from because they're used to having garlic flowers around people who died from disease because they are an antiseptic. We should not be so perverted in modern culture, if not be garlic flowers. But God, it's so interesting.


Yeah. Yeah. And then they both the Countess or whatever her name is that the lady of the House and the governor, Chila Carmilla, whatever formula to try and get fires away with various excuses.


Yeah. But eventually Carmella falls out grace this card which is to seduce the butler and then he gets rid of the flowers, thus leaving her the the poor maid who's been dealing with the conflicting orders, deciding to. Oh, yeah. This time we see there's been a doctor who's been see and he immediately realized it was vampires. He was apparently a bit of a prototype for Van Helsing, who was obviously much more famous character. Yeah. In terms of a doctor who knows what vampires.


But he's the one that's just picking the garlic flowers down across the room or around the. The young daughters next, he gets killed by Carella in the woods. So after writing back finds them and so does the general and any man we saw at the beginning now. Oh yeah. He says it's because vampires about me and they all come from the old castle. That's right. Back in the day in medieval times. And he went to the castle and killed all the vampires there to find out more in medieval times.


The guy is just a bit older, so a few years ago in medieval times, and I feel them. But once you couldn't find the coffin, he really wasn't feeling too great mentally at that point. So he decided to book and never return. Yeah. And so the so, you know, now now it's all a group of boys. There's also a blacksmith son who I genuinely forgot was in this film. And Carl. Carl. Yes.


He's he he much like the college players, he tries to visit and to check on Emma and is sent away by the device.


Yeah, there's a lot of this film and a lot of ignoring very, very obvious signs that there is a vampire. Yeah. Um, Carl is like in the one scene where Carmela is talking with what's the daughter's name, the. Uh, witchdoctor. Emma, this one, do you mean Emma? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe. Yeah, maybe, I mean, maybe, I mean, no, Laura, this one was another one.


Laura is the first daughter, Emma's second daughter. Laura, is this one? No, no. No, I'm looking at that right now, Jimmy, I'm looking here. And I have written my notes in the order of the film and the name Laura is all the way up and then it says Laura is dead. A couple of things. Emma also has bad dreams. So so I'm telling you for a fact, the first daughters, Laura and the second daughters Emma.


All right. No change that oh, they might change. Sorry for the big write on this one. OK. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Anyway, those four are in the castle and they find. They find her coffin call rides off to go and save Laura from the scary lesbian until they have a bit of a struggle and she always wins but has a secret knife that you froze and then she teleports away as the power she has and she's in the coffin.


And Peter Cushing stamps her. They move the coffin to the chapel. And so they're surrounded by good old Christianity. And Peter Cushing stops her in the state and then she's dead. And the neighborhoods are just. Just make sure. Yeah. And then everything's good. Yeah.


Well, that was very quick. It was very quick. It's not a very complicated film. And also, I hate doing this and think they're very boring. They must be very boring to listen to. So I'm trying to make it quicker.


Uh, the woman who plays Camilla is Ingrid Tippett. And yes, I was also in a bunch of these films. I think she also was apparently in Where Eagles Dare and the Vickerman. So there you go. I say apparently I mean, I'm sure she was, but I didn't realize her from a small portion of the around, presumably, and probably where you could stay there as well.


Well, I am Adam Smith is Emma. She is in Live and Let Die and also in a carry on film and and what looks to be a lot of carry on films as well, which wanted to carry on films come out or we can be watching any of them. We'll be watching some of the less good ones, much like with all the Hammer horror films, their peak was like during the 60s. Yeah, but you know, so we end up with this carry on.


Matron's on was. That's right. 1972. I think I've seen that one. Yeah, I kind of wish there were 31 carry on films. Yes, I'm sure all of fantastic quality. We should we should have done that as a podcast to you as well, which they carry on for every. Élodie. No, I'm happy to abandon this project and do the half, you know, it's OK, you should be OK listeners that. Well, let's see when the carry on films came out.


Let's see when the next one is.


The next one is. Oh, it might be. Carry on. Woman Carry on loving. No, we must carry on and carry on with the Juncos March 1970.


Yeah I bet because look in MTV at least it's a British film with carry on hand in February 1971 then I guess.


Yeah I see that. So that's going to be quite well that's. How long is that way. Oh it's only four months away.


Yeah. It's been quite a year. Yeah it has.


And so I think there are two interesting things exactly to about this film to discuss. I mean have you ever seen and I realize that the answer to this question for me is no.


Beforehand I completely unironic classic vampire film. Well, have you ever seen, like an unironic, possibly vampire film yet? OK, which one vampire vampire who to which apparently is is loosely based on this, the book that contains this story in it, and it's a Danish film or or at least Danish director. It wasn't very good. I didn't like very much. And so apparently. It's it's from the collection of stories that features this book, but it doesn't the film itself does not really take much from this book.


It's mainly from the other stories in that book. Yeah, but it's it's an interesting film. It's one of these like. Well, I watched it for my course, so it kind of tells you what kind of film is that? Well, I was trying to get what was that like? Obviously, like you see a lot of, like, parodies of like Dracula, those Normcore films and stuff like that. Yeah, I like how cheap and cheesy they were.


I don't think I've ever seen one just like on its own terms. And that was it. Like this one experience. Yeah.


I really like this one as a genuine. Yeah. I mean I think that's fair. Yeah.


As a genuine I feel like it's got this, this very sort of charming has got a really quaint sort of trying to it. I don't think it would have had had I watched it without like that sort of background knowledge of what these kind of things are like. But I had a really enjoyable time, I think just because it was nice to see the genuine article, if you know, I mean, OK, um, I find it quite so.


The I will say right now the ending's a bit weird and I doesn't really there's no real build up to it. It doesn't really end in a very satisfactory way. And there's no real like confrontation.


It's just oh I quite like the way she got started through the it was kind of cool in her head, chopped off and stuff and the yeah. The violence was quite cool, but it was pretty rare and there was a lot of just. Walking about and talking and. Yeah, I think I think like the heart and soul of like all the movies like this, particularly this one, it's just like when the beautiful young waif is like getting increasingly sick and everyone's ignoring the signs or.


Yeah, it was you, the audience know what's going on. True. And we help. And the other thing I talk about is the lesbian aspect, that was that was the number two thing I was going to talk about the presentation of homosexuality in this film, because I think it's been quite interesting seeing how the films we've watched or this project like treat homosexuality. It reminds me a bit of like in all the things that I've seen where I like the idea, like it's fine.


And like I was always treated as like a choice, if you know what I mean. Like, the base assumption is that like. We could all be like kind of attracted to, like the same sex. It's just that songs aren't willing to take that step if you know. I mean. Yeah, like thinking about films like performance in particular, but also like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and the regular Valley of the Dolls and stuff. Um, yeah, I mean, I guess those ones kind of I mean, the people were kind of rejecting that idea, but I feel like the idea is more the.


It seems to be this recurring trend that all the gay people. Actively try and make everything else go for them, but it's also true that that's more I would say I noticed I mean, I do tend to get what you're saying, but I think it's beyond those. You see the guy rejecting that. And in this I mean, this it does kind of happen. True. I think it's more that the the gay characters are very, uh.




So who's the like a corrupting influence.


Yeah, that's true. That's true. There's the way I sort of have been seeing, I think, particularly in performance, which I think is the best of those types of things that we've seen is like this sort of support for human sexuality, but complete lack of understanding of what it is or how it works. Yeah, which I've always found quite interesting because something is very, very weird. Tenuous link. But in the celebrated sitcom, Seinfeld has like a lot of episodes, I was a child.


But what's weird about Seinfeld is that was clearly very, very dearly wants to be like supportive and progressive. That can be absolutely no idea about how it works. And it always, always treats it as a choice. Yeah, like it has like it's always like a character chooses to be gay and then maybe they choose not to be gay or maybe they choose to continue being gay. And the show is like it's great that you chose to have that right.


But never, like, understands the idea that it's like. Obviously, like a natural thing, which I've always found by instinct, I kind of sort of one of the things you wonder about, like how homophobia like stays present in society is like when something is so obviously out of people's control, like, how can you demonize them for. And I was wondering if maybe like the cultural realisation that it wasn't a choice is actually took much longer than I initially would have expected.


It's still ongoing. That's true. I guess. Like what you see. Yeah, I mean, I've always just assumed that it was like people have always known it was something you were born with, it's just a matter of whether or not you demonize someone for that. I'm wondering if, like maybe like a bigger cultural lie about it was that it wasn't for a very long time or least no one was willing to believe it.


Yeah, I think that could be true. It like even an understatement. You see that tries to be aggressive and never addresses it on that term. And this film also does that. It's quite as I mentioned, it's quite exploitative, it's pretty just there for titillation and shock value. But at least Meister's, they're. And I'll else that no one of the other films that's based on Carmilla is the Batman vs. Drakula that found them.


Yeah, yeah.


It's from 2005. It's, uh, animated. Uh, yeah, sure is.


Not just as a female vampire called Carmelina, is it. Yeah, that is it. Yeah. That's not really the same as being based on that.


I'd say no influence or I mean the name is influenced by it. Yeah, that's true. Well, uh, you got anything else to say about the film? I don't really, um, I don't think so. Let me just have a like it was kind of quirky.


I like its charms as a sort of relic. I'm not sure I could have enjoyed it on its own terms. That's my final opinion.


Yeah. No, I think you're not going to have anything else to say. What's your rating? I I'd recommend someone watch it. I'd want to show someone else. Well, what is that then, extremism? Yeah, oh, OK, I'm going to say watch if it's on and I'm tempted to say don't watch.


But then I didn't dislike it that much, so it's kind of funny. Turn it off. You got bored. I guess it'd be fun to watch other people want to start with. It's surprisingly explicit sexual content to. Cool. We played it, we played among us yesterday, we did what I like, I'm happy to play, but I don't think I like it enough of the game to keep on going with it like a lot. I given a bit of a try in public service.


I'm with you. I think it's fine. But, like, I just I don't think there's enough of, like a deductive process to all to satisfy me. Always seems to come down to guesswork.


Yeah, I can see myself. Playing it myself. And. You know, I mean, like, yeah, I think it's a very good party game, but more just because it's something that everyone can get for free or for cheap and then you can just chat while playing it and it kind of keeps the chat going and conversation going because you're playing the game. Yeah. Yeah, from. You know, I mean, yeah, I know exactly what you mean.


What do you mean? Yeah, I do agree. I mean, it's nice to play for the people but yeah, I'm happy as a one time experience. I feel I know got my money's worth and not only goes forward, but I'm not in a massive rush to go back to playing again.


No, I mean I feel like we might play it again now that we've broken the seal. And I kind of do feel like maybe.


Maybe we weren't quite right by. I'm sure it'd be good if we had, like a larger group, I feel, because the balance was always just slightly off. You know, I mean, yeah, if we went to 10, they had like seven people. It felt like a little too in favor of the cremates. But then once we put it right with two impulses, the impulses had a little too much of an edge, I feel. Yeah.


I don't know what the that is. I want to I want to try I would like to play travel and terrorist but. I don't think enough people have got to I don't know exactly and maybe I'll see if anyone has it and if I could get a group together, because I think that one's fun because it seemed like a shooter context and same kind of thing. I don't know. It was fun, though, and. You experience any other interesting media this week.


Uh, have I? I don't think so. Let me have a look at my steam and see you. I've played most recently. Oh, Elder Scrolls Online. I started playing. Of course, I forgot about that. Yeah. Yeah. It's very, um. It's kind of, uh. It's surprisingly good, I would say, in terms of it does feel quite similar to like Skyrim, like a main game. And obviously it's inevitable and it's got all the usual, like ridiculous amounts of money for outfits and mounts and stuff.


But it feels like genuinely like I paid six pounds for it and I genuinely feel like I could get everything I want out of the game. We're fighting anymore and like only pay once I've finished it to get the expansions and stuff. So I guess that's a good start.


My Final Fantasy 14 free trial. Good heavens. Word now, Duncan, you could have got that. You could have played for two hundred hours.


You can eat free. And very quickly, Nancy, I mean, I just I just I don't know, Jamie, so I you know, that's one thing, scuffling betrayal behind it.




I mean, I guess can is but just because they only have like two hours away from the people. Well, I yeah, I mean, I don't know how I feel, but, I mean, it's kind of this this is the first time I've really probably played people and. It's a bit repetitive, and so I think, you know, the fun is really an upgrade in your character and talking to your friends and stuff. So maybe I mean, I feel like it's currently just me and one other person playing it.


And I feel like if we got if we got more of a group together, it might be a bit I mean, it's still really fun, but it might be a bit more about like teamwork and stuff, whereas now we're kind of just going through requesting stuff. But yeah. Yeah. Well, what about for Penguin Club. Penguin is great.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Club Penguin is is great. It does. Yeah it does kind of feel like that. I guess it's nice to have like and be playing like an adult version of Club Penguin or bean weevils or like all the other more Shivon suits I played when I was younger, you know. I got a problem. They said no more adult version of that. No, I'm saying right. In terms of the high tech stuff I've been doing, I watched Taxi Driver and the King of comedy last weekend in the Joker, a double bill.


So I can now confirm happily that, yeah, the Joker, those two films, often they're both much better.


Cool. I've got the same company in my watches and I even watch it tonight. Actually, I was looking for a film to make of it, which is pretty fun.


I like it. It's definitely not on the same. It's definitely a lesser Scorsese film, but it's still pretty good. And Jerry Lewis plays himself in it in a role that doesn't portray him too great a light. So I'm, you know, good on him being such a good sport about that. Yeah, interesting that Robert De Niro is in Joker's.


Yeah, I mean, it's clearly to try and make like the the with illusions more like own up the windows, but yeah yeah. I suppose because we have no record of this he's acknowledging, I would say it is more that it takes ideas from these two films. I don't think it has good ideas of its own fair and it's really the differences.


That's not too well developed.


So people know I feel like the difference is it takes like an existing character and kind of puts them in that story. Reboots it maybe. Indicated there, really, because the version of jerko in that film isn't an existing character, I don't know, but that's I mean, the original character who becomes something resembling an existing.


Well, that's true.


But yeah, I guess, yeah, I think I mean, I don't mean to I suppose the other thing is that like in taxi drivers say, like, it's not entirely clear how they could, like, avoid his feelings of like societal rejection and loneliness, like his left more open, whereas Joker does provide easy answers and is, you know, a slightly more simple film, I suppose more like I was lesser for you. I mean, yeah.


Because like, well, you know, there is a place for Joker and there is like there are actual reasons for him to feel like maybe he is important or being short shifted. Whereas with Travis a all of that slight is not clear what happened to Travis in the background. But like all of us, clearly in the Zone had oh, I like his problems are of his own making. Yeah. Which is less of the case in general, whether it's genuine external pressure on offer.


Ruth. A torch takes over again, it's good. Oh. Yesterday I was meant to watch the vampire lovers, but instead I watched and fire up across the second dimension. So then, you know, there's the old Finnieston and I see this fine. It's the one where fitting us finds out about Perry, the platypus is a secret identity, right? So I was in it for the deep emotional drama that that causes yet. Yeah, I see you guys quiet as he gets mildly upset about it, but then learned his lesson by the end of the film.


Yeah. So there you go. That's what I was doing.


Good. Are we going to end it now? Yeah, why not. I have work. Sure. Isn't it. But yeah. And I'm quite tired and thank you for listening.


I hope this wasn't anyone's first episode because you really were very tired. It was pretty wank.


And I mean, to be fair, it's not so much I'm tired. It's more that I really had not much to say about this film and. Right. Mhm, yeah, yeah. You don't lie to me, and I am bound to acknowledge what I just said, yeah, acknowledging. Yeah, OK. I mean, I am also tired, but I feel like I can I could get by if if. Yeah, OK. Right. If we keep if we keep talking for another 30 seconds, we get to 45 minutes, absolutely no good bye bye bye.