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Hello, everyone, and welcome. Hello, everyone is focused podcasts, welcome to the Golden Talkies. With me, your host, Michael Caine.


I didn't realize you were doing that. I was just trying to get in front of you.


Why would we be doing that? Duncan, this is my normal voice Jimmy podcast. Every week I'm trying to do I'm trying to do my Michael Caine impression.


But you're right. It's so bad that you're making it really hard for you.


I'm like, OK, I'm like Caine, welcome to the program.


So you go and talk his pockets with me. Duncan, a.k.a. Michael Caine and my friend Jamie, a.k.a. Michael Caine, Michael Caine, Michael Caine.


So, Michael, you've only supposed to planetoids off. Is that how have you been this week?


I think a minute's probably enough. We've got pretty bad all time, but I'm going to do it. So I'm going to be doing it being tyrants.


I mean, I'll do it right. But and not constantly. You know what I'm saying? I think that's probably good.


And that's why I'm the real Michael Caine. So if I wasn't bad like that, I would be right a minute and a half.


What is this podcast about? What would be watching you?


Well, well, well, Michael, on this podcast, you, Michael and I, Michael, we watch films that came out 50 years ago this very week. Things like I say I think you say this week, this week. This week. You'd say this week.


This week's film is my masterpiece, one of the many DeCota. Oh, sorry, I didn't I didn't realize he had the name of the film you said you were speaking at quite a normal voice that you saw when Katka very quietly, something that you can see.


And I'm I'm early, like, okay. So I like soft spoken by Michael Caine, who's a bit more aggressive.


I am a British officer in the film, so I have not yet told anyone that they were only supposed to planetoids off. So therefore, I'm very soft spoken to, right? That's right. OK, we're now like, OK. Would you like to do a bit of historical context where we are now approaching three minutes?


So I would love to take every three minutes.


But Michael, what I'm finding interesting here is that when we watched our other Michael Caine film, we didn't spend a whole podcasting impressions. But I guess that one was less focused on Michael Caine himself. It was more of a group project. You know, that was the fucking joke. And there was Maki's parody and they were all a big group in the jungle. He's get Carter. He's all about Michael Caine.


Exactly, Michael. So this film came out technically on Friday, February 1971, realistically out in March and a wide release. But as you know on this podcast, if you've ever listened, we are we take release dates very liberally.


So we're very lazy. Yes, like that. First of February was a Wednesday. It is a Wednesday this year. So if you didn't know that, then you've obviously not listened to us before. But currently all the days line up. And despite the fact we're now 30, some answers and we're still not sure if that's something that happens every 50 years or if the next leap year will fuck it up and we can't be bothered working out. So exactly.


Enjoy that one. But this film further evidence into an historical context.


Do you know what Saint's Day is today or not today, but on the 3rd of February, Jamie St St George, St Blaise Day. And you know what? Been on Simpliste according to take me back to Teoh.


I don't know that young man. Catholics get their fruits blessed.


Good for that. OK, great for them. That's really great for them. Time I did an article about hot pants coming into fashion where they described them as a brand new outrageous variety of shorts, cut higher, titre an altogether skimpier than anything Ruby Keeler ever kicked in. I don't know who Ruby Keeler is. I think they were someone. I mean, look up.


I probably should looked up before I said there was a tasty bit of bacon.


They were a Canadian American actress. I think. I think there was an article about them elsewhere in time. So they were doing a little reference back to that. And that is actually all always sort of countries I have for this week. I don't know if you have any stuff that happened maybe this week.


Well, Duncan, some interesting stuff happened this week. Yes.


You say nothing like my cooking or, you know, saying like and I don't know, it's in Canada. You're hosting a wildlife program. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe Steve Baxter.


I'm thinking of exactly like Michael Corleone has lost it, but he's going to forge ahead and maybe he'll recover along the way.


Or alternatively, Jamie could speak and then he could just do the Michael Caine. No specific points when I quote or something funny, you know, just slow.


Okay, Michael. Michael, do you remember last week when we talked about a coup in Uganda?


I tell you remember that, Michael? Well, Michael, this week, fifty years ago, the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin took hold as president and dictator of Uganda.


I think you're struggling with some of these words, Michael. I don't ever.


And if you've ever heard Michael Caine say Uganda or whatever the dictator his name was, because you seem to really struggle with those honestly.


I mean, we also discussed the rising violence in Ireland at this time and this series of house searches by the British army in Catholic areas of Belfast resulting in rioting and gun battles. I'm Michael Pollan and I support returning national service.


There was a coup, Iroh, 20, 21, wasn't there in Myanmar. How do you see it? Is it Myanmar? Myanmar?


Well, I don't know. I wouldn't be able to answer this voice.


So is Michael Caine from Dorset Night, Michael Caine, because Michael Caine lives in your heart.


Young Michael is like Michael Caine, the debate team on each side. And he's going to beat down bottom left of England, which is an accent I can't really do very well. Yeah, there was a kid that wasn't there in Burma, former Burma.


Yeah, I'm giving up now my good time. It'll come back eventually when you least expect it. OK. Well, yeah, there was a coup. I don't know the specifics of it. It sounds like that.


Have you seen the video of the the work person doing a work?


Someone there's a video of someone like Lyxumia work near the parliament or like outside of the road behind him. And they're just they keep going and doing their work as like you see all these military vehicles drive past. There's like 40 military trucks and jeeps, like drive past them and go through the checkpoint behind him. And that's like what's important, not to let current events keep you down. Yeah, well, they're facing the other way, so they just don't want to talk, which is quite funny.


It really brings out something from a like misdefined episode or something. But and yeah, that's something that happened and it takes some of the stuff.


So baseball announces a special Hall of Fame thing to quote on the day dot com for blacks, which I think has not been updated for a little while.


And I assume it's not still that. Yeah, I assume they will have renamed it. Yeah, I suppose I suppose it could be there definitely will be called the Hall of Fame for blacks. But there could still be some kind of special mention for people who played like the pioneers, you know, like the first black coach in the first.


Well, I'm sure it's one of those things where it's fine so long as it's not a plural and then it suddenly becomes much more. So we're just special wings for wing for black Americans. No one would have any spells.


So that's I mean, not necessary, obviously, because they they they played back baseball. It doesn't really need to be a wing for black people. They could just be in with everyone else. So I'm I'm saying the only the only point where it could be valid is for the particular players who were pioneers or who did specific things as black people in baseball. I suppose you talk too much about. Yeah, right. Yeah. Rolls Royce became bankrupt this week in 1971.


Oh, it's interesting. The car manufacturer or the.


Yeah, the car, the car maker. British carmaker.


I think I think I believe they're separate companies actually and maybe related to this. But yeah, I suppose this is early 1970s. So, you know, British car manufacturing is good and interoperable, but, you know.


Yeah, maybe it's, uh, maybe this is maybe that's why they're separate, because there's Rolls-Royce holding, I think, uh, yeah.


Rolls-Royce holding makes aircraft engines. But then I think there's the Rolls-Royce cars are completely separate thing because they they they're part BMW.


Nasdaq was founded this week, which, you know, given all the stock stock lately, that's mildly interesting. Love Story won a Golden Globe 28 Golden Globe this week, did a story, George C. Scott for Passan, one for actor and Al Gore won in nineteen seventy four.


She wanted to be Bush. You know, I feel like I recognize I feel like I recognize that from one of her love story.


Oh yeah. The woman in a love story. So why the Golden Globes in Los Angeles for you? Great. Judi Dench got married this week. Fifty years ago. Happy anniversary to Judy Garland.


She's probably still I know they broke up in 2001, so it's very well there go. It's very insensitive. Do you, Jamie? It's still it's still the anniversary, technically.


But I don't think Judi Dench, if she's listening, would be very I don't know, maybe they split up amicably and they they still joke about it. When we were married for thirty years and it turned out you were four years is a long service, I feel. I mean, obviously the and the happy happy. But yeah, I wonder how they can to turn to Oh.


Until he died. So there you go. I see you as being insensitive. Yes, it is right. February 6th was the time a golf ball was set on the moon, which is very, very. School and then slightly more important to a Catholic civilian was shot by the British army, a member of the IRA who was shot by the British army and gun owner Robert Kraft. This was the first British soldier to die during the troubles. So we're seeing rising violence and all that stuff is heating up.


Going back to the main thing is it's interesting. Wait, how long did the stuff go on for? Because you kind of think about it is like the first landing and then they just did it. Yeah.


You can never really from the back of the line when it was it was till the 80s, maybe last year landing in 1972.


Yeah. So I guess, yeah. They didn't do so.


Once you put the fact on the moon. How far away is that. That does come the question of what. Oh yeah. There's not really any. Did you say practical. They're practical. I think you said practical, but it's very practical.


OK, um yeah. It, they kind of landed on there and that was, that was it wasn't it. I mean they did all the science and then. Well it's very expensive. It's very expensive to send to.


So yeah, there were obviously quite important science experiments on you. Of course. Of course.


I'm in no way am I know. But I think by 1972 they've probably done the amount of new science experiments they could do that was not enough to justify the cost, is what I'm saying. Yeah, but you'd think you would think that they I mean, they are going back to me sometime soon because.


Yeah, but that technology's come on like in the last 50 years. Yeah. Probably plenty of new experiments and tests that they went through.


But the moon thing now seems to be like a weird nationalism thing rather than the scientific necessity. I mean I mean, it's always a weird to do it. Well. Well, yeah. I mean, obviously, yeah. It's impossible to separate the moon landing. So I just it's still that. I suppose not I'd say, but in a slightly sadder way, because it's something that we were able to do fifty years ago.




So one last event of historical importance was on February 7th, 1971, Switzerland voted in for a national women's suffrage, which seems very late. And yes, rectifier with tax assistance would actually be quite normal in a very depressing way.


European, I don't know, maybe, um.


Oh, yeah, I guess national women's suffrage, maybe it was maybe they had like a slightly archaic extra couple of years or something.


Oh, I don't want to. Sure.


I mean, presumably, presumably it wasn't like it wasn't like they they couldn't vote at all. It was just not. Yeah.


Suffrage. And then the right to do on future was rejected. A previous referendum in 1959 was rejected by the majority of Switzerland's men. Would might be due to be so paradoxical thing of having a referendum on women's suffrage, but they were not eligible to vote. Oh, yeah, that's not my principal reason for the delay of the Swiss relative to other European countries. What's the importance of direct democracy in the political system necessitated the vote? Insertion of federal cantonal universal suffrage necessitated the vote of the majority of the electors man, in this case, referendum over new federalism.


I think that the two big reasons are that they had direct democracy, which meant that when you only have men who are able to vote and democracy is much more direct, then it's hard to give women suffrage. You know, I mean, I don't understand the central terminal.


Well, I suppose because compared to something like Britain or the US to a degree where, you know, you vote and then the parliament's in there and they sort of do whatever they want and they can do. I want to call women's suffrage paternalistic, but they can put in policies. Wouldn't necessarily be popular if they think it's the right thing to do. Right. Whereas in Switzerland, where it's more direct, that was harder. She was only on.


The second thing is the tight connection in Switzerland between the right to vote military service, which does make more sense to something that is unique. I shall talk about the film.


Yeah, it's fifteen minutes and seventeen minutes. And so maybe we should probably talk about the film that we're doing this week on the film podcast. Well, now that we have historical context, we love it. Yeah, I appreciate that. Yeah. So tonight's film, ladies and gentlemen, is that Carter starring me, Michael Time in this picture. I, I can't play Jack Carter and going on a mission to find out I'm slipping into Jeremy Clarkson.


All right. My brother and I, I'm a London gangster who returns to his home up north in Manchester to discover the mystery and embroil myself in a world of crime and enjoyed. Is that always that, your plot summary? I'm a little worried that you don't have to adjust, that was very quick.


Oh yeah. This is the best to go for the prime minister. Yeah, probably the same way films like this, which are very exciting mystery films that a lot of nothing happens. Well, that's that's a thought. Why is that? It doesn't really move along, especially just meeting people for a long time. And then you get the answer, then heats up again. I suppose the first is decent talk at this juncture. And because my first big takeaway from this film, and that's why I've voiced before and just voiced again, is that it really is always remarkable to me how shit person looks 70, 50 years ago.


Just an absolute shithole. Grantchester in this film. That's true. It's not Manchester. Well, it's new. They say is Manchester. Newcastle, is it? Yeah, Manchester. They say several times that they're in Newcastle.


I'm going to come out bullshit, please. But yeah, I just don't like the way.


So it seems to me based on the fact. Well, there may be some way.


I suppose you're definitely not wrong. Yeah.


And so it's so new. The fact that you didn't get that tells me that you perhaps weren't paying full attention to this film, which I think it was attached and. Oh, OK. Well, sometimes, yeah, I wasn't. That's why I'm saying this film did not grab my attention much. And I found it to be one of those British films where there's a guy called Frank and there's a guy called Harry and there's a guy called Charlie. He looks like a statue, etc.


And they they they go by and it's old grey and they show each other and they beat each other up. And that's the whole film. And I just that doesn't interest me that much.


Yeah, that's fair. Not to not to skip ahead to my final review. Too early and.


No, no, no I, I, I, I sort of liked one that really the film I would say is one of those films where I like the main characters, the A Walter, but and immediately apparent to the audience that sort of slowly revealed. Yeah. Twisted they are. Yeah. I saw once that once that once the mask is off I would say that the film does become a bit more engaging, but there's quite a lot of very slow moving around, just talking to people.


Just basically it doesn't really move forward for a very large part of the film.


So something I'm thinking here, this is this is a British gangster film, essentially, and we've seen a lot of them nowadays, OK, like the gentleman and and well, basically Guy Ritchie film Guy Ritchie essentially.


And they're films that are similar to this but are a lot more modern in the way that they're made. And this film is supposed to be supposed to be, first and foremost, a response to the public interest in the criminal underworld as a result of the Kray twins conviction. I think this is basically just putting this on Wikipedia, but that's the the reason it was made. And it's supposed to be a much more realistic and a gritty representation of the underworld, because Michael Caine knew people in that world and he did a lot of research into the relevant stuff.


So I think perhaps in 1971, if you had watched this and alongside other gangster films and similar films of the period, then maybe you would get them right that I feel like it doesn't feel particularly special. There's a lot of films like this nowadays that I would argue are better and know that I cannot name them.


But I just that's my kind of feeling about it was sort of thinking because also quoting from Wikipedia or this is also like a reaction to restrictions of censorship.


I think it was when I was doing punk, but like the first gangster film of these kinds that people didn't talk about his performance, which we watched last year. And whilst I think performance is definitely a watched film and this is also much more interesting, I think is more to say, I would agree.


But that's why that's why I'm kind of wondering if we're kind of spoiled by films like this nowadays. And perhaps at the time, it would have been more.


Yeah, you know, I feel like if you just seen performance as like. That's like you're setting for the British gangster film, I do agree with you, there had more to say maybe, but then this one is very different and maybe the presentation of the criminal underworld, which would be more interesting in the context of the time, whereas for us watching it, the gangster films are there's hundreds of them and there's American ones and as British ones and his comedy ones and there's serious ones and there's action ones and all this stuff and like because there's this all that's about and we've seen a bunch of them, maybe that makes us not as strong.


Yeah, I think kind of what you're trying to say. I certainly think if you're watching this, the context you'd never seen, like quote unquote proper gangster film before, then it would obviously be far more shocking to you. Yeah, I think I think that's what I think the film. But then again, the film is still pretty shocking today, I think.


Oh, it's absolutely. And I think it's still a good film. Like, I didn't dislike it. And I just feel like a lot of the stuff that would probably be new at the time is not new to me as a as a contemporary viewer, not a contemporary viewer, as far as dynamics and stuff.


Yeah, but yeah. So I just go through the rest of the stuff. Yeah.


See, see if you can remember Alberghetti, Frank, Jack, Jack, Harry and Johnny and I don't remember anyone's name.


No. The film's quite aggressive with names right now, but I'm going to fuck you up.


No Frank don't date Johnny. Johnny Johnny Tissue's is going to come and cut your head off. Bill, what are you doing here, Bill. This is Newcastle, not London. Gave you Bill.


You know, that kind of thing. Yeah. Yeah. So the basic thrust of it is that his brother being killed, he drove a car into a river whilst incredibly drunk. Everyone thought it's an accident other than Jack because it wasn't like that. Yeah. So he investigates and becomes familiar with the Newcastle criminal underworld. I was always familiar with it.


But, you know, we the victims becomes more fair. And there's there's Frank Bumbry and John Kennedy and Kinnear Aitken here, Fred Kinnear.


And er I'm kind of making up the names. Yeah. Basically there's Tania who's like my head honcho around these parts. Yeah. There's Brumby who's not really a gangster, but he's sort of affiliated with. Yeah. He's a businessman with criminal links I think.


Yes. But he's not he hasn't got any gangster power. So then there's Eric who works for Cannier and then Swift I think also works for Cannier.


And then one of the nice guys who work for the London gangsters didn't want Charlie Lord Jack poking his nose lamp post.


LaRock once the big boss called Lampard or.


Oh yeah.


Is that not a footballer. No. Frank Lampard.


Oh. What did you say. Greg Lampard.


I don't know.


And the ball look like it's not going to mean anything to anyone listening to this anyway if we got the names right. So it gives a shit.


We'll make this to Jack's boss Jimmy. Five Shoes isn't happy with this, so he sends his henchmen, Lenny and Benny, out to get Frankie.


Benny, you mean you know Frankie and Benny. There's a really nice episode where they show us what they're up to now and I'll stick a thriving restaurant business.


Yeah, and but he also gets chased by the Newcastle guys mentioned Ben and Jerry's. Oh, yes, exactly.


Brendan Gary, before they became hippies, were involved in some nasty stuff. Yeah, that's that's what happens when you're on drugs, kids. It's easy to get to in what your ideals are. Yeah.


Brings brings a new meaning to baked Alaska. That's not flavors that Ben Jerry's is a flavor of Jerry's.


I don't know what the hell you're referring. Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska is about a Jerry's flavor.


A little baked Alaska is an ice cream topped with meringue in Jerry's place. I don't know if it is.


That is it is absolutely about Jerry's place.


It's what you mean by you mean to be there all day because they drove.


Oh, right. Secret that Ben and Jerry's smoked pot. I know you think they smoked pot, but they actually. In Newcastle, as well as stronger stuff like like weed and marijuana, is that even some devils?


I have one crazy record and the kids, i.e. Ben and Jerry's.


I do love Ben Jerry's. I do. What's your favorite? Ben Jerry's flavor. Cookie dough. Interesting monster. Should I also a big fan of Peanut Butter Cup, so I like to complain.


I feel like a Reese's Peanut Butter cup of an afternoon. Yeah. Yeah. I'm Jamie.


And then Jerry Rice had a police car coming, drug fueled rampage. You get a lot of sirens when we recall not to give away my location on the main road. So police and fire engines use that. But the nice thing is, I'm a really deep sleeper because of you live in a dodgy area, because I live quite near main roads.


So I don't really care. And yeah, you're not in a really dodgy area.


Yeah. You know, I was part of the gangs and I grew up and that's why I I'm with Ben and Jerry's. Exactly. And my trade never got off the ground. Where did we get into the plot summary.


Oh, I was just reading Cactus I guess. Last rating. Last two remaining characters. Dorene Yeah. I'd say Dorene is Frank's daughter, Jack Nese, although it's implied that she might actually be Taxotere. Yeah. And I'm Linda.


Linda. Yeah. She's like, I guess sort of a femme fatale thing, although she's a girl who hangs around Kinnear's office but secretly working for Brumby. Yeah. She seems to be either incredibly drunk or incredibly high. The entire film. Yeah, probably best probably dealt her some stuff with her. And it's more of a funky monkey like virus.


The landlady, right. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. No, she was Frank's mistress as always.


Oh no, no. Yeah, you're right. My response, mistress. And then there's also the landlady who probably has a name like that. Yeah. I don't know her name. So the landlady doesn't do much. Yes. She complains about Jack having making noise and then she sleeps with them right off. Yeah. That dries Syria. So, you know, we circle around everyone sort of vaguely tracks each other, frightens each other and says, you know, Jack, you.


Don't you look in this case or we are going to say, oh, the police closed this case, Jack, there's no need to leak, which is probably exactly suspicious thing you can say to someone who's already suspicious.


Since when is that good enough to play the fucking place in Newcastle? You expect me to trash the place in Newcastle, you fucking.


I'm Michael Corleone and all I say a cop. All cops are bastards.


Well, that's what you'd say anyway. Islamists Rivervale, obviously. But we find out that Brumby says that Cannier killed Frank towards the end and offers to pay Jack to do it for him because they have who's getting in the way of it to do for to kill Khidir for whom you've been looking for him?


Yeah. And you can you money because as we mentioned, there's no underworld contacts, but he needs Kenny on who's getting in the way of his business. And Jack says, you know why.


Yeah, he says, no way. No way of doing that.


He didn't wanna go off and fuck. Yeah, but whilst he's there, he just happens to wander onto a delightful pornographic film like a pornographic movie.


Glenda, I've just been in that bedroom and I turn the projector on the news, a pornographic movie, and it features no one but my niece in that film, that filthy film with you.


And then he tries to drowner very well, six pigsticking.


But yeah, he very quickly tries to mortarboards land, I guess would be interesting to try and figure out the information that they forced, encouraged him to take part in the film.


So he gets very pissed off about this and locks Bunda in the back of his car. And then he goes up to Brumby, who knew about it. And he told Frank that the renals in the film is in order to encourage Frank to kill Fornier. Yet and Jack's very annoyed at this, so refroze Brumby off a building dies then in a slightly strange revenge plot. But I didn't. Oh, he gets into a fight with Barney and Frank and Barney Frank.


Ubani. Yeah, exactly. And during the shoot out, they push his car into the river, a sort of, you know, get revenge on them. But they don't know that she does it.


And they also they've also told I don't know if he mentioned it, but he is sleeping with his boss's wife and girlfriend or wife forever. And the initiative they reveal that they've told the boss that he's sleeping with. He's more than sleeping with her. He's with her. And they're going to escape that. I don't think even mentioned that. I think that's that's the main thing of the film, is that he needs to deal with this Frank thing and he's going to escape with his his bosses.


Yeah, as long as Erica. Yeah. Whereas these people reveal they told his boss allegiances with her. So he's probably going to be maybe we'll go on. Well, probably get on to someone involved in that scene. No apologies. Yeah, well I like to penalties. There's now now no one will play golf. Those they'll be desperately wanted to. My point will be they'll, they'll fucking kill themselves if I don't tell them. You better remember to tell them then I will.


Their lives are in my hands. Your life listener. Yeah.


Sorry. Finishing up so is revenge, which I'm going to be honest. I kind of lost track of the logic of is that it takes Margaret into the words and forces her to strip in front of him that got her. And it poisons our for Jackson. Yeah. That calls the police on Tenere. Whilst he was skinnier things started working for him. Or he thinks he's managed to bargain with Fox for safety. So everyone involved and yes. So they get so can you guys arrested?


Margaret is killed, we suppose.


Margaret, what was Margaret thing again?


I don't know. I don't know why Margaret was involved.


Yeah, that that did confuse me. I think he was just using her so the police would find a body and have something to risk with. But I don't know why he would kill Margaret Hoover. Maybe maybe she was involved with killing his brother.


I don't think so. Maybe because, I mean, maybe I couldn't figure it out anyway. Sorry. So so I can't find the one who actually killed his brother, who, you know properly that the deed was a guy named Eric get introduced into to intensive.


So he takes Eric down to a beach thing where there's a sort of I don't know how to describe it, like sort of what would you call a conveyor belt, not conveyor belt.


Yeah, well, and lift, but not for people with skis. For coal.


Yeah. Well, so what was that. What did they just dump it in to see that.


Right. Yeah. I'm guessing it's taking away wastes. Yeah. Obviously it's not taking away clothes. They can. It kind of like they were building a bridge and they were like dumping.


Oh maybe I would also make I think that maybe is what was meant to be is that they're building a bridge and they're dumping stuff into the water around the bases, but maybe not. And yeah, I don't know how you can it.


Let's see. I think I think the real thing that they filmed that was a cool thing. And but I'm not sure if that's what it was meant to be in the film necessarily.


Jack? Oh, I guess we didn't talk about how Frank was. Frank was killed. They forced him to drink a lot of whiskey and it's hard to see. So Jack forces Eric to drink an entire bottle of whiskey and then he has a shotgun with him, but he beats Eric over the head with that rather than shooting him and then sort of chucks it onto the conveyor belt thing. Yeah. And walks away knowing that he's done it on a job well done.


Yeah. Snipes at the last minute and it lies dead on the beach. Yes.


Right by who. And near is Kinnear's assassin. Right. That's Kinnear's assassin. You didn't see his face. He just has a jibbering.


Yeah. So maybe he's the real Jack Carter. Yes.


That's what was missing in the film. The camera. The camera pans out from his ring. Michael Caine incitation. I discussed it with me. Oh, no, I got you, Frank.


It was it. Well, short film was with the cat making that mistake or they wouldn't show the assassin's face. I really have something about fight for. That's a funny joke to me.


There was something that's going to just Arsala. I'm just going to check out here, check where our audience drop is.


Thirty eight minutes and one second. I fear it might be quite high.


I'm going to, I'm going to post the post. I like that or exactly like that or slasher movie details and I'm going to get the top spot, the AP.


So talking about I don't know if you had more to say about anything. I mean, obviously do more. But the cinematography was quite nice in this film. Yes. And I think the film as a whole, both plot wise and action wise, cinematography wise, music wise, really picked up in that closing sequence when he when he actually gets his revenge. It feels like a completely different film, I thought. And it really and as I said earlier, I wasn't necessarily paying full attention to the whole film, but I certainly was gripped by probably when he killed Margaret to when he gets shot because it was genuinely, uh, pretty exciting and very nicely shot.


Uh, very nice. He scored very nicely acted, et cetera, et cetera.


Uh, very nice. Yeah. I think maybe it's just a side effect of having a protagonist is so emotionally closed off. Most of the film is harder for the audience to engage. Yeah.


Oh yeah. I suppose the film also the shock value plays in its favor.


Does it kind of feel it kind of feels like he spends the whole film just trying to find out who he has to kill in the ending and then in the end he just kills everyone and it's kind of like, well, felt a bit pointless.


And I'm not I don't I feel like he could have done shit on, like, film noir, the genre or anything. I don't really like films, but like, this was just asking people.


Yeah, I feel I say obviously I think the important thing is more content that the conversations have beyond advancing the plot. Yeah. And there is some of the some nice ones. It does feel a bit too.


I feel like it could have done a twist or something where he accidentally kills the wrong person or, you know, someone gets framed or I don't know if you just or he's forced to kill someone he doesn't want to kill or something. It just it didn't really unless I missed something or or whatever, it felt like there wasn't a lot of that or any of that. Yeah, well, I was thinking the guy had so.


Well, no, I was just going to repeat the thing if kind of just find ways to kill and it does it.


So the comparison I was making in my head was to like this because it's a film about an amoral gangster loner goes to the films of. Year old Martin Scorsese, as it were. Yeah, that's because those film Scorsese was always have quite sensitive or spiritual aspects to its protagonists, even when they are amoral, you can understand where they're coming from and see who they are as people. You know, I mean, I have driven them to these actions where his character, whilst we do the mystery of character and the thing we come to understand with him is how evil he is.


But we don't really understand him anymore. Not as a person, I would say.


Yeah, it's probably can sort of I think it's suggested throughout the film that we can sort of see that he doesn't necessarily actually even necessarily actually like Frank, that much is more slight against him, as it were. I mean, but yeah.


Yeah, I like we got a lot of people sort of calling her a bastard and we don't really understand necessarily what we mean until we get to the end of the film. And he goes on as sort of psychopathic rampage, but very emotionless, as it were.


Yeah, he's very, very calculated violence, which is obviously scary to some degree. Yeah. Um, yeah.


My main takeaway from this film that I feel should be mentioned, and I as I mentioned now, is that it is really misogynistic and it does not like women and so really quite hates them and or in the case of Darrien, robs them of all agency. And I think that is an issue. Yeah. Yeah. Obviously we find out that Darrien has been taken advantage of in some way. We don't know I don't know quite how willing she was to do it on our own terms.


But the film is entirely invested in what impact I would have had on Jack and Frank. Likewise, when we find out that Jack's fiancee has been beaten up, is there even framed as like wouldn't this be horrible for you as a person is just like, well, you're not going to like her now that she's beaten up? I don't think it really goes beyond that. We didn't hear stuff obviously is treated pretty horribly by Jack, but I think the film sort of sympathizes with that, as it were.


But and Margaret as well as obviously she's terribly I think the question you need to ask yourself is these things, whether it was like whether it's intentional or not or whether whether the film is talking about Jack being a misogynist or the film itself is misogynist. But I think the film genuinely does have this undercurrent of dislike towards women or a certain malice towards them. Yeah, I think I think there's a nasty streak in it. So yes.


Yeah, that's my that's my socially conscious comment for the. I apologize for that, so I thought Jamie's Internet crashed, but I think it's why I didn't I didn't say anything after, you know, I think about the problem.


I think the phone's misogynistic. I was laughing. I mean, I think. Yeah, yeah. Because it yeah.


Beyond that, I don't think it was. Oh, they all think I was going to say I was saying to the boy was that this film was racist by at least one publication as the best British film ever made. Yeah, I saw that. It's very highly regarded in many ways. Yes. I don't agree. So it's not good.


So I was just looking I was I was thinking about my point and that maybe it was revolutionary for its time. Right. And I was having I had to see gangster movies generally, OK. And all the ones that I would think of, you know, and American ones, British ones, The Godfather, Goodfellas, all the Guy Ritchie films, basically every gangster I could think of came out to this film. So I'm not saying they were inspired by this film at all, but I'm wondering if maybe the gangster films before this were like, hey, hey, buddy, let's let's shoot them up.


And then they get the Tommy gang, you know, like put the car up. And maybe this was one of the first that and was was made like this. I don't know exactly what that is, you know, but character driven maybe or and a deeper plot or something, I don't know. But maybe that's why it's so highly regarded, because literally every film that I could think of as against him I've seen and enjoyed came out after this film.


So I'm wondering if that could be part of the.


And yeah, I don't deny it's influential. Yeah. I can see why a lot of people would want to make films that understand the world. I made a similar character and or a similar style, but judging it as a loan product because, you know, a lot of influential films are understandably also really, really good. And that's why they were able to be influential. I would say that this isn't or at least I don't know, possibly just as a modern viewer, I think it holds up.


I agree.


I absolutely agree. And my my point is not that it's good. It's just that I can I can see why it has a following and why at the time, it was very young to be seen as very influential or unique, even if it doesn't hold up today because there's so many better things. And well, there was something else I wanted to say. I think I don't know, maybe there wasn't much.


And oh, I wanted to talk about Chanes Brown, which is very strange. It's a weird sort of diagonal karate chop thing, but on occasion transforms into sort of Woolton. The softies run with his arms sort of in the wings.


What are you to what are you talking about? Oh, the way he runs.


Yeah, I thought you maybe even like a run of acting rules or something. I felt this is something. Well, no, no pains. Ronney started with get caught and moved through the Italian job, even like, you know, before this. And I thought you were going to talk about like a run of movies where I know some some key to his is a no.


It's just a silly little arms. I want like the way he beats people up is quite interesting. So I kind of just like hit some of his palm and they get knocked, like when he beats.


I feel like no one really puts up a fight in this film.


He beats he stabs Albert. And I mean, sure, if you've got a knife pointed at you, you're not going to necessarily try and fight back. You're probably more likely to plead. But even when he I don't know, it just feels like he doesn't have a fight at all. And then Brumby can just, like, hit a bunch of times until he's knocked out and then some of the building and Brumby doesn't put up a fight. So I guess my cooking is just supposed to be one of these action men.


That is it's efficient. Yeah, I guess so. Calculated he gets it back. So. Yeah, other things I know. Yeah, right. And there's no indoor plumbing in these houses.


When I was a thing though in nineteen seventies. Well yeah I know it's strange when you see courtyard reach under our beds for a gun and then there's also the chamber. Yeah. And the thing thing to do I don't is upsets me to know that fifty years ago or more people were just sleeping on top of their own shit. Okay.


I don't. Well I don't, I don't think you sat in a chamber pot at this time. I mean, I had toilets. It just it wasn't as the indoors you're thinking of like the seventeen hundreds when they shouted go to eight.


No, no, no. I like it is how the chamber one the rent for the. I'd be like, you're lying in bed, Oedipus, you're not going to shoot on sight, you're going to go in it like. My point is that they had toilets. It's just a convenient to you. So you're not going to shit in your chain in 1970, I don't think, unless I bet people shot in that chamber pot so people don't lie dormant.


Jimmy, if you think, oh, no, there's no way there is no way in hell in 1970 saying it's what they were designed for.


I'm just saying people would they would know because I was going to stink.


Imagine how much that is going to have to be cleaned every time you shit in it more than here in Texas.


Pissed is not thinking about this shit. And you know that, Jimmy, for a fact. And you also know that person can easily be washed out or a shit scrubbing. So you change shit right now. I'm sorry.


This is a first real argument, Jerry. Fine. We'll agree to disagree on the matter of other people in the 70s with a shot and they absolutely would not yours.


No way. There's no way. No way.


Feel right. I'm just having a look.


Oh, it's a really awkward sex scene where Posher has phone sex with his fiance line. Yeah.


With found actively unpleasant, but at the same time, it was shot very nicely and weirdly high. You know, like there was her like rocking a chair, which showed how uncomfortable she was. But at the same time, she was kind of interested in listening.


And it was I like to actually know in a perverted way, I suppose. And they say, sure, all right.


I prefer. Oh, yeah.


But I was kind of awkward. I don't think I enjoy it. And it didn't really I think so, too.


So that he also there's a there's a bit another sex scene when he has sex with the landlady. And but then he did get interrupted. I know. Interrupted when you wake up the brain injury or Frankie Benadryl, which is come in to the bedroom and he chases them outside with his shotgun, both completely naked when she gets in the street. What was your fault in that scene?


I thought it was funny. It was. Yeah. So I just decided and I had one more thing.


Uh uh. Uh. Under oath, when he when he froze Brumby off the roof, the implication is that he's killed the driver and passenger of the car, right. Orphaning the little girl was in the park.


Now we've seen them escape. No, we'll see at least the escape. You see the little girl get taken out and in both her parents are dead because the fat guy on them.


No, possibly, which I didn't pay that much, I would believe.


But I'm wondering if that's supposed to be like a commentary on how escalating things just hurts other people. I guess.


I suppose I mean, like, I don't think I don't care about collateral damage.


No, he's not. That's my point in the film. The film is saying that, like by by enacting his revenge on everyone Carter has now orphaned the little girl was the impression I got.


But I also know, OK, and it's not like I don't know the other cases, he doesn't call as much collateral damage.


I mean, Glenda gets pushed into the van, gets pushed into the water.


Yeah, kind of intense. Am getting tons.


And Margaret gets he has to be absolutely candid, Margaret and all I know he meant to kill her, but, you know. Yeah, he's just using her as I again, I'm not saying that Carter is aware of this collateral damage, but I think the film consistently shows that, you know, I just see more violence.


I guess I get I get the feeling that in the brief moments between torture and acting as women getting shot, I don't think it is. I don't think the film is showing that revenge is warranted. And he seems quite content.


No, I don't think it's warranted, but I think that's because he's an arsehole. Yeah, I'm I guess I'm suggesting that for me, the film had a minor theme of violence leading to more violence and, you know, people getting hurt consistently, people getting hurt by Carter's actions that we're not directly involved in his brother's death, which which which helps to show how he is a character who doesn't really care about people. But maybe I maybe I mean, you know, a film is what you make of it and it's what you you pick up.


So that's what a coward would say.


Is the actor that plays Brumby remind me particular thing about you.


Yeah, I got last night and it looked like, OK, yeah, right.


Charlie, we wrap up things and pack up. We said I would say, oh, the director of this film also made Flash Gordon.


Yeah. Better film makers. Yes. I feel like we should mention these things now forget. But we'll give them credit. We give them a shout out. My God, is he alive?


Probably not. Maybe this was his directorial debut as well. He's alive. He's 88 years old. And this was a daring directorial debut. And he made Flash Gordon. There you go.


Ratings, I'd say watch pretty as in and my watch football and actually stream out and watch it. Yeah, it's true. Yeah. I think I'll I'll probably read to the same. I was, I was kind of in between and watch it.


It's on and like a high stream so I'm going to say a middle stream go quite big range for this film.


It has very nice moments and I think it is an influential thing but maybe. Oh maybe I maybe I do want to say watch if it's on because no, I'm going to say I'm conflicted, I'm going to say stream and because I think it has enough good moments and it's influential enough to warrant you streaming it if I mean it's not available for free anywhere. I don't think so. You know, and again, that is a rating system is don't watch much of it's on as in if someone else is watching it or you're sitting watching TV, then then stream, which means it is doable for free and streaming.


Say you should watch it then by which means if you have to pay for DVD or assuming you do it and then get a criterion collection, which is that you should get the best version of the film available. Sorry about everyone.


Maintenance being weird. Yes. If anyone knows it's for not having a valid IP, address this song and you know, it's fine, but we can.


So I, I did my routine and I explained the rating system, but I did it very awkwardly because I was waiting for you to jump in at any point and you didn't. You're cool. And then so I might give that in. I might know if I don't, then a ring system is one three five and we both agree to disagree. Essentially, I'm not going to explain again, you probably keep in the other version, but. Yeah, right.


So in terms of at the end of the forecast being done, let's talk about all the media we've been consuming this week because we're very boring people like that. We're not going to talk about torture anymore. So if you don't care about what we're up to, you can go away. Next week's film is going to be on Nine Tails, which is an Italian horror film. Again, because we keep coming up. Brilliant fucking. They're releasing a lot of them.


Yeah. Yeah. But yeah. So I this week have finished two big games, which I would like to talk about. The first I've been playing for the last month, and it's called Thirteen Sentinels Ages Rhim. And it was fantastic. It's non-linear sort of sci fi story thing where you play as 14 protagonists, eight stories or go in any order. And it's a really interesting narrative sort of thing. We can't really explain it because then it will be ruined.


It's about sort of your thrown in with no context. It's about gradually piecing together what the story actually is. So I can't give a summary or anything like that. So all I can say is that it's really, really, really good. And if you're interested in sci fi at all, you should play it, because it's really interesting ideas and it's quite beautiful in the same way. And then something I talk about in more detail, I played it for in one afternoon last Friday is Yes, Your Grace, which is the Kingdom management game and where you sort of play as a king and you have to hand out resources.


All that she said I found it kind of found it pretty fun. Yes, sure. In its own way, but sort of disappointing and others didn't. But your choices didn't really matter as much as I thought they would, which I think is an issue in this sort of thing. And also, it's quite easy to have enough resources to do whatever you want.


My instance hasn't. That's. You there? To make. Truly, in groups like. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, dolphinarium back. Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry it happened again. I think what's going on is really irritating me. I did you did you finish talking about your game? I talked about two games, but yeah, that's I mean, obviously after a back and forth and. Great. OK, so are you going to talk about yours briefly?


Yeah, that's a recurring theme. OK, OK, we're back. Maybe Jamie, I think finished talking about the second game. Yes. You agree. She said it was called. Yes. Yeah. OK, OK. Very briefly. I mean I imagine because you I'll keep it in unless you are just going to say I thought it was a shame that my choices didn't matter as much like what they would.


It doesn't sort itself out like creates an impression that the choices matter and that OK, which I really dislike like there's a trial halfway through the game and like you spent the entire first half of the game collecting evidence for the trial, for example. And you really encourage like gather all the clues. But it doesn't matter who you pick in the trial at all, because, like, if you don't have enough evidence, they'll say that you're making a random guess for political reasons and then they'll start all over it to let you go back and look at all the evidence this time, something good for you.


And then the exact same thing happens and it feels a bit looser. So that irritates me.


Um, so I don't know if I talk about it on the podcast, but I've been trying to play NCAA 14 that I talked about that before. I think you're into it's going again. Well, I just don't get it so instantly. 14 because you don't know is the last college football game. That's American people that ever came out and it came out in 2013. So it's on PS3 and Xbox 360. So first of all, I managed to get it on my computer, uh, definitely completely legally through a free emulator, but that wasn't running very well.


So then I thought to myself, I've got an Xbox 360, so I just don't play nice 360 copy. But the problem is the reason is the last ever college football game is because there is a lawsuit about using college players likenesses in the game, which means that essentially the reason that they stopped making it is because this lawsuit is because it issues. So not only did they start making the series, but they also stopped printing this game and releasing it digitally, which means that there's now very few copies that exist out there.


So I was trying to track down and copy for Xbox 360 and they were all very expensive and from the states. But eventually one came up on eBay in the UK and I was very close to buying it. But then I realised that actually you need to have an American Xbox 360 console in order to play it, and I've got European console. So then I decided that I would have to get free and copy the game for free. And obviously it's very expensive.


So. Oh, you back?


I am back. OK, I might go again. Great.


And I don't know if you've finished talking about what you're talking about. I just, I just I had I just blasted ahead and so then I realised I had to get free and they copy the game for the PS3 and I decided I wasn't going to because it was very expensive. So I kept trying to play at my computer and it just wasn't working.


And I got more and more interested in playing the game. So eventually someone put a copy of the game up for sale in in the UK. So they were selling it from the UK so there wouldn't be any import charges or anything. So I just bought it and then I bought myself a free and I've been playing it. So it's a good game. However, the free for some reason 720 P and and there's no way to get up to ten ATP.


So it does look a little bit shit, which I'm a little bit disappointed about, though somewhat reassuring.


And apparently I didn't know that was the thing though, that he said apparently it's very common and the Xbox 360 is able to play any game at ten ATP because it has the right hardware and software installed to be able to game up to be. But the PS3 doesn't have that. So I'm a bit annoyed about that because I didn't know that. And it says in the back of the game, it says if you have a TV and Micheel, which I do have the game of playing tend to be, but it doesn't play seven twenty P.


So that's pretty disappointing because on the emulator, on my computer it looks really good. Obviously the problem is I can't play computers not powerful enough, but it does look really good and it just looks a bit shit in TV. But the gameplay is good, so that's all that matters. And the other the other twist in the story is that EA have announced a new college football game and.


The same day that I spent all the money on this one. So at first I was a little bit annoyed because that was a bit. But then I realized that it's probably going to be shit because they're their NFL games, pretty shit. So it's unlikely that they're going to do very well because you go one summer night and and then I. The story of our band. So that's cool.


And but the biggest thing that happened to me was the Skull and Rakim, one at Twickenham for the first time in 38 years. Yeah, I do. Yeah.


A good friend and I had to look back to 1971 and we played twice in 1971 and we won both of them. So clearly it was a good sign that we were going to win this year. And it's a hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the first ever international. Did you know that?


I know, yeah.


Scotland, England played Oregon place and and that was the first ever rugby international and this was 150 year anniversary of it. And we won it and obviously into one of his fiftieth anniversary. You won that, too. So good times ahead for Scottish rugby and RAH.


And the final thing is it's a Super Bowl today as we record and hopefully as this is a release, unless I fuck up anything. So that's cool as well, isn't it?


It's a good thing that this episode isn't going to be a complicated edit because I was constantly. Exactly.


Because I really recording on a Sunday and it gets released on Sunday. So it's good that it's going to be really simple. Put the two things together, check the volumes and put the episode out. And I'm not going to have to find a bunch of different marks or anything. So it'd be really annoying.


It would be really annoying. Well, well, shall we call it a day? Think we should call it day when we talked about the film, what we've been doing and your Internet crap too.


So, yeah. Apologies to both viewers I knew. I don't know, I mean, don't know to be fair, equalises.


I don't want to jinx it, but we've not had any issues with audio or internet for quite a long time. So and yes, with over time.


But this is my first week using this new Internet that we got.


Right. Right. They did with everything.


But on Friday we were playing something together and I was using this Internet then that worked fine the entire time. That's true. That's true.


We were playing things together. Hopefully it will stabilize over the next few days. Yeah, maybe. All right.


But yeah, it's worrying because my last Internet problem was down to IP address stuff. I don't know how you deal with IP address.


I don't really know much about IP addresses, to be honest. It's kind of it's not that it's quite seems quite interesting because it's due to your location, but also your specific device and also your service provider and stuff. So I don't really know. Yeah. So I don't know what's causing the issue, how they work, but uh.


Oh well I work for a holiday here. Yeah. See you actually called.