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Ship of the world first standing at 6 feet, seven inches. He is undefeated in his campaign in the ring with an outstanding record of 42 wins, no losses, 1 draw with 41 big wins coming by way of knockout. A U.S. Olympian. He'll be making the eleventh defense of his current title from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Here is the hard hitting, reigning and defending undefeated WBC heavyweight champion of the world, the bronze bomber deontay worldor.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, standing at six feet, nine inches, he also is undefeated in his campaign with a record of twenty nine wins, no losses, 1 draw with 20 wins coming by way of knockout. He holds the coveted lineal heavyweight title from Manchester, England. Please welcome the renown, the colorful and the undefeated former unified heavyweight champion of the world, the Gipsy King Tyson. Fury. Guys, please take a seat. Let's start the news conference.


Keep you on the beat. No. No. Why don't you tell me why do you spend a lot of money to get the ball to being said? What you talking about? Well, you know what I mean. You know, I make no bones about you. By your own show. No. Be more impact on me. No, don't say nothing. I might not be working. That might be party me. No. I don't need you.


Yeah, fine. Yeah. I mean, he's got the final cut. Do you want to be mean? No. You don't even think about go before you. I did. And everybody did. Yeah. He'll pain. Okay. He couldn't keep his body down. You know, again, you're never gonna take part in a buffet. Oh, kind of like cowboy depravities up here. Oh, yeah. Okay. He'd better be sued. I say he's supposed to be because you're poor, too.


We're not married. Oh, God. Testing. Testing. Okay. Bring this bring this out to you tonight. Okay. You know, Botticelli, I'm afraid more than that. You're bringing this. Yeah. Bring it with you. It's all good. But hey. Oh, hey, Joe. Hi, champ. Great to be with you. Great to see you, too. How low ball? Well, the original plan was gonna be too bad.


Shelly, nice to have you as well. Extra security is always welcome, Shelly. No, wait for 80s training pop ones. They will be up in a little bit. Great. Excellent. Good.


I it was a great mom. Perhaps no body, perhaps far beyond my better judge. A whole six man body.


Just. Oh, I see. No, do it again. Trust. Well, it's nice to be with you guys again. Good to be with you, champ. Tyson Good to be with you. Thank you very much. Why? Why? Nice to see you as well. I was planning on sitting over here, but based on the circumstances, I'll think I'll be on my better judgment. Sit right here and hope nothing happens. Why the change in tone?


I said to you about a month ago, I've marveled. I said to you as well. I've marveled at how deferential the two of you have been in the lead up to this fight. You guys have shown great respect. You are well measured. When we were together in L.A. a couple times a month and a half ago and then a month ago. But fight we changes things clearer. Now, if I changes things clearly down there, I'm 40.


So here's what I'd like to do if we can keep some composure here and some guardrails to a well-managed conversation. And by the way, I do want to congratulate you on both arriving to this point and behalf of boxing, media and boxing fans and American sports fans. Also, thank the two of you for leading the way with what needs to be a more common trend in the sport. And that is simply the best fighting, the best willing to say forget business boundaries.


This is what the sport should be on top of the mountain. So congratulations for that is simply arriving to this point for all of us to take this in. And also, thank you for the past month to have two months of unprecedented access, great, varied and thoughtful interviews because the promotional lead up has been sensational. So let's try to continue that in. What is the last time you guys are speaking here on stage and to the public? The third and final time, you'll have to weigh in on Friday, which both networks will be bringing.


And then, of course, the pay per view come Saturday night at 9:00 as the WBC champ and the holder of the green belt. And this being your 11th title defense with 41 knockouts. I will give you the opening comment here. You have a live mike, but we're going to respect his opening comments. However, you would like to start this news conference, champ. Well, what can I say? You know. It's the final countdown, like I said.


And we all should be happy. This is the moment in time that we all been waiting for the biggest fight of both of our lives. Unfinished business, as I call it. And I can't wait no more when I say I can't wait. I mean, every word of it, you know, is torturing for me.


The weaker to fight to be able to sit around and wait as the days drop, as the hours fall down the second floor just to see who to wait to put my hands on the body. You know, this is what I've been powering myself for. This is what I've been waiting so many months for. This going to happen. Long time ago. But somebody put on a running shoes and they should have they need a more warm ups. They needed to get themselves convinced that they they that they did their best when they know they're not.


I can't wait. And he Delvaux he'd been not ever say he got me to big time boss. Elvin is getting I'm a slapper because he won't come back big time. Nobody has given me any weight, but it's a big time. Bugsy's in my opening statement. Don't you don't. Don't ever forget when I found to you you were strong, got on coke. When I found to you was you was like a big house contemplating about killing yourself.


So don't you ever forget who brought you two big time bucks? I brought you back. I brought you back. I provided food and put food on your table for your family to eat. And I'm doing it for the second time. So to do. Don't you ever forget that I brought you two big time bucks. Last time you were here. What did you do? Who came up and showed and saw you? How many? Fifteen the first time.


35. The second time when I came. How many showed up there. And you sold it out this time around? I sold the paper view to and this time around a year for me to see. Being on tribe is true.


That's bet money that Matt Damon we have not yet is Fabbro. You are talking. I say I give you a big banana peel. You never out. I'm talking big woman. He was. He was fine talking to my mom. I was in that promise not to be a mom. How do you spell your body? Will bring down our whole category, bruh. No one knows you are big as I. How are you? Cherry picked me.


You will come up because you don't want to leave it alone. Your take on was a Roman killing. Very good point. Was that an easy victory? You said you get in. Well, I had you to comment. Well, you will come back and what you did.


Come on. Come back, man.


You heard me. You took my advice. So she wants time for an opening comment. Orridge like to just engage. He can't help yourself. Which, you know, is something that Hillary or Mincer. All right. He's talking Hillary's nonsense. You want it. You just want to engage in this, which we love. Watch out for an opening to go over to the braveness GOP much. Go ahead. Take.


Take a minute for your opening comment and then we will fully show for an hour. Go ahead. You got a man. So we'll head Tyson. But everybody, he had to go to rehab. I go who are rehabilitated him back. And here he is now the second time round. Are you finished now, my mom? No.


No. Continue. This is your five minutes of fame. Continue after your tub. And here we are now.


Speak a little bit more clerical. I can't understand a word you say. I see you have, you know, here. Are you doing something here? Him in his heart. So I'm a little. All right. Take your opening comment and then trust me. We'll we'll go back.


I'm not here to know. Shirking on the table, were you? Go ahead. So he doesn't finish here. He says he's finished. Your car is yours. Give him a millennial heavyweight champion. Six defense of the tradition. Rich Lineal Bell, please. Tyson Fury. No deontay Wilder spout a load of rubbish.


He gave me an opportunity today. I give him his biggest payday of his whole life, taught him a big contract with Showtime, brought him to the biggest stage in the well being of Vegas and areas is now. He thanks, man. He's got a whole lot of appreciation for someone who's had him, looked after him and put millions in his account. Very nice person day. You know, you owe me everything I bring you to this level. Welcome to big time boxing.


It's his second fight on the talk. He fought his number one ranked opponent, Luis Ortiz, in his last fight. It just frames you no matter why I three 300000 buys in the biggest country in the world. Nobody won. I can buy a Belmondo million views. Oh, you know, so you're not home? Well, I am home. This is the home of the Gypsy King. I guess my ball. Don't. How did you do?


This is the A file here. Homeowner Jim, thank you. Time for your card. How many came as you stand to tell me, I came and saw your talent. It was full. And if it wasn't for the 50 Honeyball radio backup on your S.R. Watteau 500, you gave way to recitative tickets. They said you sort of molcho by turfed out and giving you the opportunity to play it. If your belt stopped low enough, took it off you and burst your bubble.


Just like the last British man you know came here, burst a bubble of an undefeated five-time. They are way home. They always get better. People look at it. They always want to take the credibility of when we have some. They want to write. They name. Ownership is brought to history and time.


And here it is again, right before our very damn right. You want to tamper credibility, something that you can't.


You don't have no claim to name two. I brought you back. I gave. The biggest part, everything you say is what I've done to you. Just keep it real. But we fight as a no shame. And I was supposed to be hiding here talking. But why are y'all ready to fight, whether you or whatever you want to be an actor or whatever? Less than three you out on your bed at night. Order here to poison a plant time and no one is going to whip your ass and put everything in your last time you risk.


Just like I did last time. You see it that I'm going to town. You dropped about the ever because that's only going to promote.


Hello, can you talk, Kent? Got to tell. I'll tell you. Tissue in your mouth. Let's have a great conversation about that 12th round a moment. What I want to focus in on now is the path that you both took to arrive here. So a look back at the past year and how you both have arrived, this mega event.


deontay Wilder points out his ultra explosive twenty nineteen as a big positive to get ready for this particular fight.


I came up with two dramatic, devasting knockout. A first round knockout of Donna Brazil dropped jaws, then his November rematch with veteran skilled challenger New York. He's equally impressive and a bit risky. Wilder trailed on the scorecards, but his ultimate, a racer, finishes his seven gypsie. Fury's 20 19 was far more unpredictable.


He chose a new promotional partner, a new TV network this morning, tough show, the ESPN Pull Skewers, Chips, King Tyson Fury and a starring role in Vegas floral sanju knockout.


Tom SRODES badly bloodied and throttling for victory over Otto Baleen in September. deontay. Forty seven stitches later, he was off to headline. For you, this isn't your world. His popularity soared as while waiting. This is finishing what I started. This time around, he won't be able to get up. And now two very different roads taken have the chance reunited for this. Gentlemen, it was an incredible past year for each of you. Obviously, your rise in fame of coming stateside to Vegas and to knockouts that could win knockout of the year, sensational.


But by far the biggest takeaway when you watch that in terms of thinking about this fight is 47 stitches along that eye.


Your reaction supposed to be stopped, by the way, and in September and your feeling for the impact that it could make on this fight Saturday night.


I mean, it's going to be a big factor. You know, it's going to be a big, big factor now for me before him. You know, that's what he's been thinking about.


You know, Joe is a lot of this, a lot of a lot of energy that's been circulating throughout his.


Is you nervous energy? That's been certainly throughout his camp is a lot of secrets that's been going on. There's a lot of things they've been covering up. What do you want to share? Well, you know, I want to share anything with you, you know, but I just won that. You know, it's subliminal messages is what we've been given for all these years. So I'm giving you a subliminal message. Being a veteran in this sport, I understand.


I know I have a success. I know what nervous energy is or would it look like and what it smells like. Pussy. And I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait. And you really sorry about that. Nervous? Yeah, that's part of it. That's one thing. Tyson, how is it? How is he is owned by the coaches, the eye and how is the scar tissue? 47 stitches. Plastic surgeon inside now.


How's it holding up? Terrible. I called him four times in training come on opening of the flex. So he shouldn't have any problems. Open up. Then show me the biggest punch that's ever lived. The so-called biggest punch. Couldn't even keep him on down in the 12th round. Yeah. You said you want to taste blood. You've said this before and you've said in the leadership over me. I want to take him. I'm going to call time unsafely.


It feels like I'm going to say he's gonna get up off the floor. I don't think he's got the bottled minerals bollocks. What do you want to call it? A Yank. Got it. He's an on top fighter. He's a bully fighter. And when a bully gets bullied, he folds every single time.


There was as we were sitting here and the three of us were watching the highlights of the past year. deontay. I don't knock out the not in front. You knock. There was it. It was tinged with derision as he was watching your two fights that took place here in Vegas. What did you learn about yourself with the two fights here in Vegas over the course of the past year that he could say? You know, I learned a lot of things.


I learned I can come here and crack the biggest country in the world and become a bigger star than our homegrown heavyweight.


Now, I want to thank.


I learned that I can unite two TV stations, ESPN plus some Fox per and unite to the biggest rival promoters in the world. Is there anything the Gypsy King County, including slap him in the mouth?


Not enough, candy. Already done it. Been there, done it, wore the t shirt a million times. Wilder is a big OK for him. He's very nervous underneath. I can see his jumper going and I was heartbeat pounding on his chest. Terrified.


You believe he's nervous right now sitting upstairs with you? He's nervous as hell. He don't know what to expect. He doesn't know what was one-act. And he's got no time to stand up, man. That's what do not tag is brought. Time will not knock you out. Go do stand up comedy, bro. You got a career in it? You got a career in it.


When I knock you out, go begging me for a run. Just go. Just do that. You got to. You got to. You got you got a British accent. That's what they let. They're not loud. And with you, they laugh at you because of your accent.


You goofy, your big momma. You know. So you'll be thinking Big Momma. You know what you're saying? Big Momma, you speak English. That's what you're doing. Exactly. So you're speaking into that right now. So you understand what I'm saying? If you don't, you notice things was understood what had to be explained, because compared to twenty second, your body will be laid.


Right. I do want to ask you something about your life. It was your voice that we just like there. And that is what this time around you wake up because I brought my six foot is nails and I bought a big helmet from Alabama. Oh, no. You know what? God ain't going.


No, no, no. I'm going to knock you, Spargo. I can't wait today. You know what else? You're not imbibing this, you said. You ain't no fit. You ain't scared, are you? You're not. Yeah. Don't look. Hey, hey, look at you. Is he a pussy with it? No big shit down. You know him all over the state right now. Come on, sit. Do nothing about it.


People throw him across that room. Sit there. You ain't go. You don't believe none of the words that you say. You can't plant. I don't know what you're talking about. Knocking somebody in the second round. You ain't. No, not nobody. No second round. You've got pillows for face. That's why I kept running through you. You cause you had come. You didn't know how. Last opponent. Can you tell that man to drop?


He failed. I'll tell you what. I don't want to get into fights strategy because you did put that out there about this act. There's so much you take what you can say about his strategy. What do you say we take a quick and much needed break for a moment? When we come back, we will get into the fight strategy of what we will see Saturday night. The final newsconference Wilder Fury 2 continues from Vegas after this. You're right.


I'm not really. That's one thing about. I'm what people listen to me when they say what was made you feel terrible shouting did something in the street. You know, I think it's a joke right behind it. Oh, hell, I'll help you try to call here. I'm walking. I walk in peace. I come in peace must around you peace. My OK, my is behind. You can break free. And you know what? I'd play for you on the case.


I say easily. You say, say. Mean a pharmacy, maybe become a pharmacy. Oh. Well, you already there. I'm sorry. You thought about that. Yes.


Anyway, so give me a look into how that plays out. Oh, please. Oh, please. No. Thank you. He's not there. He's dropping my pants. I just said going touch anyway. Now, we're not afraid of Brokeback Mountain. We're getting. Number one, it could be the one that, you know, until you get one. There must be some questions, how many questions? They call me and they just listen to.


And on that day, I had the world's attention. The first fights, not the first fight, was a failure, a success. His victory was no victory in that fight. I need the money. And that's why we're having a rematch. Just up the street. Engine blows I can't go to bed at night thinking. deontay was nearly knocked me out. Not to buy anything for a whole year.


Danica's not connected. Homeland under the canvas. I definitely thought it was over and it should have been. Bye bye. I remember opening my eyes. I just jumped straight talk. I looked to me like a maze, like you're OK. I have no experience with him the first time. And looking on this time, I don't think there's nothing, absolutely nothing in the world that he can do. I'm going to knock him out. If not, he's definitely gonna be laid out on the canvas.


Well, one thing is for sure, deontay Wilder is an absolute knockout machine. Knocks out each of the first 32 opponents that he faces from 2008 to 2014. He did knock out the means to burn in that first fight, but he made good on that in the rematch. The one fights that he never knocked out was Tyson Fury that he did knock him down twice giving while the 41 knockouts in forty three career fights very well. Welcome back to the MGM Grand Garden Arena.


Kate Updo with Tim Bradley shown puts it We had wondered whether things would switch up in five-week. Now, you know, I told you, Kate, I told you five-week detected a T. You know, the nervousness is flared. You know, both these guys are undefeated. That's what you go to get these type of events when you have no one in a mature the thoroughbred. This an alpha male. I think we got a good glimpse of what's going to happen Saturday.


Yeah, exactly right. That's my take. While to stand strong. Strong. King says he is. I believe it. And then and then Tyson Perry comes right out. I agree with that. Comes right on his face. I went went wild. It was was speaking. You know, he was saying everything with conviction. When Fury was speaking, he was saying everything. Conviction. I believe what these guys are saying. I believe it's gonna be a knockout.


Somebody get knocked out. I never did think that somebody was getting that. I didn't. I never did not think that, you know, somebody is getting knocked out after he's right here. It just happened what we just witnessed. Absolutely. Somebody warmed it up. So, yeah, absolutely. I agree. I never said that, you know. Let's see what else they've got. Joe, test to tell. Back to you.


Thank you, Kate. I think. All right, gentlemen. You took a nice break there. We were all able to watch the 12th round of December 1st. Twenty eighteen as we are here with the WBC champ, deontay Wilder, who has the highest knock-out percentage in the history of the heavyweight division. Beyond Joe Lewis, beyond Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, Iron, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, anybody the highest knock out percentage. And to my left, the lineal heavyweight champion, the world who absorbs the fewest amount of punches statistically of any heavyweight on earth.


Same painful tactician, the most elusive heavyweight that exists in boxing. Thank you. We're saturated.


So the question becomes, as everybody draws back to the 12th round of December 1st. Twenty eighteen when the bell rings Saturday night. Is it simply round 13? Do you just pick up where the two of you left off? Yes, indeed. Get that Mike to your mouth.


Yes, indeed. It is unfinished business. Like I said, you know, we definitely picking up where we left off. I mean, he did change his game. He didn't change his whole his whole team. And you changed up everything. So I can't speak for him. But, you know, I'm definitely picking up where I left off. No more. No more calm, patient and devastating fashion. You got it. Go ahead, Tyson.


Yeah. You know, Round Twelve was a good round credit to Wilder. He got me to have two of the best punches I've ever seen thrown in a twelve round. Every white fight on, as we've seen, it's been very, very famous.


Yeah, they all knocked down on the gypsy king has been very, very, very active online and all over the world. But the thing that Wilder must be thinking is that guy would be best. He punches. I can have a throw in round twelve and he got up. Well, what have I got to do next? Over the course. Keep it down saying that right. But how does that play in your head? The fact that you hit him, that flush with that combination and we saw him rise up, we saw him go pure undertaker, the resurrection of a six foot nine heavyweight to then come forward at you in the last few minutes.


How does that play in your head?


I mean, I feel good. You know, it felt good in hear him and rob him and feel good seeing him. And it felt that seeing him rise, you know, because it was the height limped up to the fight. You know, we fans come to see have ways. They want to see knockouts. They want to see. Not now. And when you knock a guy down, he rise up like that and then come back and steals.


See that he got the stuff. My greatest, you know, say so. I'm not married at all. I know it was a controversial decision. Willy's to now even bigger fight, more exposure, more attention. So a more devastating loss. I was out of Iron Man, bro.


Now there are some who have put forth the idea that something clicked in your head that all of a sudden when you got up and you stepped to him, you solve the riddle a bit. And then you have been so openly talking about your strategy of I'm going to come in north towards 270 pounds, of I'm going to press the action and step to the puncher, which is so counter intuitive to everything we would know in the boxing intelligentsia of one of the best, most elusive big men stepping to the most destructive puncher the divisions ever known.


Why, sir? It's a bold move, that's for sure. But we fight fire with fire. But the confidence I take into this fight, we're able enables me to take confidence from going forward at him. His I've never lost a dogfight ever. Even when I've gone off the floor, even in round twelve, when I went at him aggressive, he was all over the show. He couldn't contain me. So I fight it out from round one.


He's gonna be gassing by round five and hanging on to for dear life. He even gets that far.


And then he says, you know, darn it all about nothing. He says The only thing that I believe in times of fear is this. That he said is that you got to nail him to this golfer. And like I said, eyebrow six feet an eyebrow, six feet, inch nails and a big hammer from Alabama. You know, I'm saying that's the only thing I believe the command is Mamoud, because, of course, he got a hype that he got to promote and hype up the fight.


So with that being said, a lot of the Foo Fighters like to tell a lot of lies related. You know, they say things are natural to make themselves look better and whatever. I understand. I get that. But when it's time for that bell ring and say, you know. Everything else goes out the window. You know, I ain't worrying about these fighters. I'm special and that what different differentiate me from the risk, my power, the mop, my heart.


Mop, mop. My willingness to go at these get these guys. My, my, my lion's heart. They know what they know what they aim for when a fire. That's why they change up trainers. That's why they do more than is what they supposed to do. And now he's dipping in, handed down, guys. You've often described that power as a blessing and a curse. How so? Must have. I mean, it's a blessing because I can get a guy in a given time.


You know, my saying they have to be perfect for twelve rounds out 36 minutes. I only have to be perfect for two seconds, you know. And the curse, the curses is like. Like my doctor said, he never seeing anyone with more powerful ideas as a human being. And he said only two things to happen. He said, when I hit some, I destroy it or destroy destroys means. And as you can see, this whole arms like Frankenstein right here.


And he's just add and. You know me. I got more scars on me and I had tattoo. Your arm was injured prior to the first fight, but yet not a lot of people knew that. You really start talking about that in recent months. How different has this training camp been? I mean, it's been it's been a lot different. You know, I'm more healthy this time. You know, my mom was a lot better. You know?


I'm able to throw it, you know, wood for power that first time. I need to throw it in camp because I don't want to I. I didn't want to injury. I said if I was going to injury any type of form or fashion, any type of way that I rather to do it in the fight, at least I know I'm getting paid. You know, when you don't in a sparring, you know, only then you can get from that is a delay.


And I don't want to delay this fight. We're gonna take some questions from the media, please introduce yourself and go ahead. Yeah. Audrey Assael from the Sport News. I say the first fight, you went viral. You had it until this day. You had the knockdowns. This is Black History Month. Yes, sir. Are you looking to make a big moment in black history? Come February 27. My God.


They picked the wrong date. They put the wrong man. I mean, they picked the wrong man for this fight to happen. And I've said that many times. And when I'm not when I'm not the gypsy queen out, we're gonna have a true black history trivia question that's gonna be gonna be spread all over the world and they're gonna be able to write in any type of way they want it. Tyson Quest for you, do you think there's any chance that deontay can win a decision against you in this fight?


It was the only path to victory, a knockout. And I'm not sure, but I'm not reading into all this. This racial thing where that black man versus a white man on Black History Month. You know, I will I will refuse to to go into any sort of thing about it. You know, we are two human beings, two heavyweights on top of our game. This is not a racial war. This is two heavyweight boxers going toe to toe for all of it, all the jewels in heavyweight boxing, nothing more, nothing less.


So I'd just like to play it out. Nice. I wouldn't like your reaction to something, though, because a decision was brought up. And obviously the way you guys have been going out of here on stage, everybody is expecting this thing never to get to the cards. But let's put up the cards from the first fight, which was the split draw. And then let's discuss as you see the scores from the first fight up here and then let's discuss the news today.


In the news today is that Dave Maretti, Steve Whitefield and Glenn Feldman, veteran judges have been announced as the judges for your fight. These three of Maretti, Whitefield and Feldman have worked numerous championship bouts as well as the referee, Kenny Bayless. Your reaction to the judges and now Kenny Bayless being announced as the referee assignment?


Yeah, they're all very experienced judges, as we're seen Kenny Bayless as a top referee. He's refereed maybe fall. He does a good job. I've got no objections with the referees and judges at all. Whoever they are, they are going to do a good job. It's the biggest stage on the on the planet. So, yeah, I'm not no real concern about the referee.


You just show Bayless a veteran of megafires, Pacquiao, Mayweather or Pacquiao Marquez heavyweight championship fight. Your reaction at all to the judges and or to Kenny Bailey's being named the referee by the Nevada State Athletic Commission? I mean, I think they all or qualified. I think they all are qualified, qualified to to do a great job. You know, I'm looking forward to the fight come the 22nd Saturday. You know, I never I never will complain about the judges or the referee.


You typically don't worry about judges. I don't worry about that because I have devastating power.


Let's take out of our world the media titan Sam Gordon here, Las Vegas Review-Journal Lotto, historically great heavyweight title fights here in Las Vegas, but nothing of this magnitude for quite some time. Just what does it mean for you to be at the epicenter of the heavyweight renaissance here in Las Vegas?


It's the big show. I'm very happy that we could all get together and put this on for there for the fans around the world. And, you know, if it's any fit, as good as the talk in my journal on stage, I'm in for a real treat him well. That's for sure. Let's hope both men back up all the shit talk put on a good fight which really counts. Really matters. I'm not set on the line. The.


Anything for you to react to Tyson there? I mean, the question was directed towards. Sure, understood. Do you have any reaction before we take another quick break? Next wasn't OK. I'll tell you what, we're gonna hit again. No break. We're gonna bite the trainers up. In a moment. We remind everybody how to buy the fight. Saturday's paper view the ultimate showdown in the heavyweight division, the undefeated champions. You can go to Fox Sports dot com slash Pay-Per-View.


You can click by now. You can download Fox Sports app stream it live from. Your favorite device can also go to ESPN. Plus, dot com slash wild or fury. Click buy now or watch it on ESPN app or go to ESPN plus tab and click Wild or Fury Fight Tile. And of course, it's available on pay per view. We're going take a quick break. It's not only group. Yesterday, finishing up a bike I much.


Normally would be pretty rough to get. No physical evidence to support. Rotimi New Age. If you if I contributed. I said the fastest sales about. That's. Doesn't get much bigger. You know, this is the best version of the best gladiators to the heavyweight champ. Going toe to toe to get a piece of chocolate, the greatest players. One of the problems in our early. My main job is, do not you? Well. I knew that there were.


I don't blink. In the blink of an eye, that could be the last time you may even step inside of a ring. And here we are now operating around table. I'm going to rehab. Not yet, I'm predicting Iraq to happen and I'm going to finish what I started. Trail tested for heavyweight champions and what has been an electric final news conference here from the NCM break. 14TH Heavyweight championship fight, and this will be only the third heavyweight championship rematch in history after a draw in the first fight.


deontay Wilder, the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion, now joined by his longtime trainer, J.D., out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the undefeated lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury with a guy who's gonna be the chief's second for the first time in a fight with Tyson. And that is from the famed croc Jim Sugarhill Stewart. Gentlemen, thank you for joining us. I want to get into a fight strategy right away, but this took such a different turn today compared to the tone that we've seen in most of the promotion for this fight.


That I will start with simply asking you your reaction to what you've seen out of your two fighters here in the course of the past forty five minutes, Jay. It's appalling. It's horrible. It's naumkin, it's it's five-week, it's five-week, this is what's supposed to happen. You know, it's one thing when it's three months out, two months out. But when it's when it's the time when it's when it's that week, it's supposed to get like this.


This is what happens when you have the two best heavyweights in the world, both undefeated, both highly motivated, both as competitive as to humans on earth can be. This is what happens. I would I wouldn't expect anything less sugar.


I'm excited about it. Watching the fighters reactions. You know, everything's been quiet. Everything's been subtle today. You saw the mood swings. You saw all the hard work that these fighters have been putting into their training camps. You just saw a glimpse of it on the stage here that the emotions are going up. Emotions are going down. Emotions are going up. They're going back down.


This is what big time boxing is. These two guys are professional, but they still had emotions. They still have their. You know, did the chip on his shoulder, they both want to win both of these files as just, you know, expressing themselves like they should.


Sugar, you're one of the biggest variables in this entire lead up to this fight because the news of Ben Davison being out still a great relationship, but has been proven. Your former trainer with you.


But here we go. Nearly a decade ago, you came over stateside and you spent time in Detroit at the famed Cronk with the late great Emmanuel Steward Sugar's uncle. And you formed a bond also with your cousin, Andy Lee, who'll be working the corner with Sugarhill. Why the return? So krunk. Because like I said many, many times in the build up to this fight, what I did last time clearly wasn't good enough, so we had to change it all.


I'm going to look for the knockout and who barrel what by our club to go to the prom. What do you feel like you do? What do you feel like you delivered over the course of the last eight weeks to Tyson? Sure.


I feel like I deliver everything he asks for. He wanted to be better technical. He wanted to be more aggressive. He wanted to be a big, tall, dominant heavyweight.


Well, you guys have specialized in that for years with the heavyweights you have come out of your camp. The trainer change rose, your reaction to the fact that this camp went a different direction? It surprised me because I think the world of Ben, I think Ben and Tyson kind of been through hell and back together and they were great for each other. It's almost to use an English equivalent musically. You know, you had Lennon and McCartney were fantastic separately, but together there was magic.


And I think that Tyson and Ben had that kind of magic, probably still do on a personal level. Now, Javon Sugar is trained in him and he's a great trainer. So I expect the very best Tyson fury. And that's what we're we're ready for is the best Tyson Fury, because when deontay wins this fight, you don't deontay to get the full credit for beating pury at his absolute best. And we want there to be any talk. I want both guys at their best.


And I think that's why I've got guys. This camp has been very open in discussing their strategy. Also discussing the weight that you want to come in on when you step on the scale come Friday afternoon. Let's go and show the weight of what has been your recent fights because you are expected to come in upwards of potentially fifteen pounds north of when you first thought, as you see the fight at two fifty six and a half against Wilder back in December.


Twenty eighteen. And then what you did against Otto Valene and Tom Schwartz. Why come in at the heavier weight sugar? Why not? Tyson Fairey's 6 9, he's not 6 4 6 5, he can carry that weight along with the power. He's a big, strong heavyweight and the weight is not going to hurt him. He still moves around just like a super middleweight. Still, you know, has the ring IQ to set things up. And I'll just add some punch and power to his his arsenal.


Two hundred and seventy pounds is not a problem.


And then we've also heard from the fighters discussing what you say. If a second round knockout, I'm stepping right to him, why not go that? We discuss that between the three of us earlier. But, Jay, when you hear Tyson and Sugarhill Stewart being so open and discussing, we're gonna come in bigger, we're gonna step to the WBC champ. What did you think? I mean, whatever they do is what is what they do. And I think that that if Tyson comes forward like he says he's going to, it's going to be lead to opportunities for.


Because we don't worry about weight regardless with the anti. We don't even use the scale at the gym. What he weighs is what he weighs. As long as he's training hard and eating well, which he's always he's doing those things. What he weighs, he weighs. He's not. He's a freak of nature. And so what the other guy does is not that much of a concern. From a strategy point, because the ante is always the lighter guy.


I mean, and all these 40 plus fights, he's probably been outweighed in all but four of them or so. So it's normal. It's easy. He's fought guys 100 plus pounds heavier. It's it's never been an issue. It's in fact, it's usually advantageous.


What do you think? He got away on Friday? What do you think you'll be on, Skilling? Well, I really don't know. But I've been waking up around about 2:30, 2:30. You know, I'm saying so I'll probably come in high 20s job, you know, maybe come in at 2:30. So. So we're running.


I let you guys bring a calming force. Everything up here. Thank you for that. I appreciate that.


Sugar Jay, we're going to let you go. We're going to take another break, hear the final news conference of wild or Fury Two. And then, gentlemen, we will let you have your final comments. And one last staredown. We're going to continue on from Vegas. Stay with us. Great job, guys.


Thank you for joining us. A lot more exciting when we're not here. That's for. Now, you don't do this on the ground, no, like. What do you think my rap sheet is significant about? The final newsconference of wilder fury, too, of course, you can go to, slash Pay-Per-View and click by now or download the Fox Sports app to stream it live from your favorite device. You can also go to ESPN. Plus, dot com slash wild or fury, click buy now or watch it on the ESPN app.


Go to the ESPN Plus tab. Click on Wilder Fury Fight Tiel also available on pay per view Joe Testator sandwiched between deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. It has been a fascinating and I think now people motivated very much here to see what happens on Starry Night past hour of a visit with two of you. I thank you for that. I thank you for engaging in such a thoughtful conversation after all the vitriol that we had early on here. But now I have a sense that it could be bubbling up again as I will offer each of you the chance for your closing comments.


Respectfully, I will ask for you to sit back. Let Tyson go first. Then you will have your opportunity. We'll wrap things up and then one final face off. Everybody good with that? Tyson, the floor is yours.


No face off, says arem gentlemen, you can do as you please. But arem doesn't want it. Please go ahead, Tyson. Lastly, thank you for everyone who turned up today all the news and media from around the world. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Not going to go on all day. Fight is gonna be an amazing fight. If he's anything like what we've done today should be a very, very good fight to watch.


Tune in on Saturday night. Fox Pay per view. ESPN Plus and Beatie Sport Box Office. Be there, be square.


I'll say very professional. Thank you. deontay final comments of the final press conference. Like I said, it's the final countdown right here. You know, you can see that we emotionally invested in this. We want to give you guys the best, the best of us. Come Saturday night, we're going to release all our negative energy and the region is going to stay the, you know, out the door fight. You know, we're going to be able to come together and and and give each other hugs and tell you what great job we done.


You know, right now, you know, is is it's time. And this is the moment we all been waiting for. This is the moment I've been waiting for. I'm sure as a mom, he's been waiting for his well to be to have so many, so many people, so many eyes looking in to to put the heavyweight division division on notice. And it's been throughout these last few years, it's been it's been tremendous. What's been going on?


And as our first fight, as obviously, you know, it was amazing. We we we we lit it up. And this time around, it won't be no different. You know, I think there'll be one more intensive fight this time around. We know each other a little bit more better. And what more do you want for us? From us? You know, to give us get to give our all. And that's what we're gonna do for you guys come Saturday night.


I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait for it. And that's it.


But we all can't wait for its undefeated heavyweight champions meeting up. This is what the sport should always be at its very best. And give credit to the two of you for making that happen. Yes.


Q One last thing I'd like to thank. Everyone has been involved with this. You know, the networks, the promotion, the promoters, the managers, because we're face like this is hard to come by, you know, especially nowadays. You know, we always say the best, you fight the best. And sometimes that always can't happen. It takes buildup. It takes a certain point in time for that to happen. But this is some that's never been done before.


It is the two networks, the two biggest networks in sports, Fox and ESPN. And we got, you know, you know, our haymon, we got you know, everybody does involved so many names to name it, so many people and everyone that knows who's involved. And I just appreciate you from the bottom, my heart to get this fight going. And here we go, guys. I can't wait.


Great credit to pay ABC and Fox to the Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum and top rank and ESPN guys, you brought it in for a nice calm landing. That was easy. Well done, champ. Good to be with ya, champ. Good to be with you. Kate, take it away. We survive somehow. It's all you. Thank you very much. Get out, though, here with Tim Bradley, Sean Porter. Listen, we had a lot of constant back and forth between the two initially about who had made this a bigger fight.


Doesn't really matter in the end because we're all winning in this one.


Tim, what are your thoughts on.