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I worked so hard for this state. I worked so hard. You just got to have the greatest trade deals and add Japan to it. By the way, let's make it 340 billion from Japan, US DMCA all done. China all done for the farmers. It's done that. I can tell you you're going to have to get bigger tractors and a hell of a lot more land. You've got to produce a lot of product. I don't know if you can, but hello, de-mine.


It's great to be with you. I'm thrilled to be back in American heartland with thousands of loyal, hardworking American. Take that. Great people. This November, we're going to defeat the radical socialist Democrats and a right down the street. I mean, I don't even know, I just saw a poll, The New York Times. Can you believe fairly New York Times when we leave in 10, 14, 18, 22 years from now, The New York Times, we'll be out of business.


So will a lot of it. But did you see they did a New York Times poll, I think, in Siena, Siena, New York Times of Iowa. And they have me pitted against every one of the socialists. And we're winning by a lot. Everyone were beating them. We're beating them like they haven't been beaten before, you know, all the noises about their crazy debates. Nobody's watching the debates. But it's all about the debates.


They don't care about the farm. Everything out here. They love Trump.


And you should love Trump with one thing. So we're going to win the great state of Iowa and it's going to be a historic landslide. And if we don't win, your farms are going to hell. I can tell you, right. Sell, sell. They'll be said sell. Now we. We love our. We love the farmers and we love the ranchers. And we love the manufacturers, frankly. You had plenty of that, too, in this state, the great state.


And you have a great governor, by the way. But every day we're achieving extraordinary victories for the citizens of the Hawkeye State. The Iowa unemployment rate has reached an all time low in history. That's not bad at all. Let's vote for Pocahontas. Let's vote for Bernie. Let's vote for Sleepy Joe. His boldness, Joe. Joe, he always gets the name wrong. How many times has he missed it? He's an eyewitness. Great to be in the great state of Ohio.


They say, Joe, you're in Ohio. You can't do that no matter how great you speak, if you're Winston Churchill. If you make that mistake at the beginning of his speech, it's over. You might as well just wrap it up. Is the fake news. They would just absolute. They would absolutely destroy you. You can't do that. You can't do that, Joe, sleepy Joe. But you have these guys. You have these people.


How about bood edge? Edge. Who'd edge? Edge? They call him Merapi. You know why? Because nobody can pronounce his name. Nobody has any idea who edits. They say, say Edge, Edge. And he presides over a city that's failed. It's doing so badly in a state that's having the greatest year they've ever had. And they have a great governor also. And they had a great governor.


You just heard from him. Right. The great state of Indiana. So I don't see that one go down the line. We have some people. Let's talk about him. What happened to many, Mike? Where is he? He's not running. He's skipping four or five states. Many. Mike, I've had him up to here. More people are working right now in Iowa than ever before. Now, think of it. Think of it. Yesterday, we replaced an after disaster with the incredible brand New U.S.


Mexico Canada agreement. At the U.S. Embassy. You know, when you have a hard time with that one, you know, memory is a great thing. I've always had a great memory for whatever reason, but memory is a great thing, having a great memory. But sometimes you take like little clues. U.S.. Thank you, darling.


I love you, too. Where is that person? Look at that. Wow, what a good, strong voice. But you know how you remember it. The song I just walked in on, they're playing the song YMCA. So when you have having a hard time, you would sue us if just stick at the song YMCA and you U.S.. It's a massive win for Iowa farmers and workers of all kinds. It's a massive win. And it creates some fairness with Canada.


It creates fairness with Mexico. Probably the biggest reason that I ran was the unfair trade that I've seen. And one after one, China, Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, we've made all these deals and we have plenty left over Europe. Europe. Europe is next. I wanted to finish Shina before we started on Europe. I like to do them one at a time, you know, one at a time. I'm a very organized person.


But weeks ago, we also signed a terrific new trade agreement with China that will boost American agriculture by 50 billion dollars every year. And many other businesses like manufacturing, banking, finance. Overall, two hundred and fifty billion. And you know what, the farmers because I have a place in my heart for the farmers big. I went in, I saw Ambassador LightHouse's, who is in charge. He's fantastic. I said, what are you doing?


We're getting ready for the final deal. What are you doing? He said, I'm putting in 20 billion because I am Sony produce. Great. You know who he is, right? Secretary of Agriculture. I said, Sunny, what's the biggest number that China's ever done with the farmers? He said, sir, 16 billion last year. 16 billion. This was two years ago. I said, so 16 billion is the biggest because, you know, they targeted you and now we're friends with China.


Fact maybe we've never had a better relationship and we're working with them very closely on the Corona virus. We're working with a very, very closely. We only have five people. Hopefully everything's going to be great. They have somewhat of a problem, but hopefully it's all going to be great. But we're working with China just so you know, and other countries very, very closely. So it doesn't get out of hand, but it's you know, it's something that we have to be very, very careful with.


Right. We have to be very careful. What I said to Sonny Perdue, secretary of agriculture, I said, Sonny, what's the number 16 and 12 the before and you were targeted. I don't blame Johnny. You know, look, this marked and negotiators. They targeted Trump states. Whether they love Trump, they love him. And I know they love him in Nebraska. They love him at all these days. They love him in Wisconsin.


They love him. We won Wisconsin. They like him in Wisconsin and a lot of the farm states. And they targeted and the farmers came to see me and they said, sir, you have to do what's right. And when the fake news would interview farmers, the farmers would say, no, no, President Trump is doing the right thing. It should have been done years ago. Should have been done years and years ago. But you couldn't have made it because it was too much money, 16 billion.


So what I did is I put a 25 percent tariff on everything coming in from China. Two hundred and fifty billion.


And then more tariffs on things beyond the two hundred and fifty billion dollar market. We took in billions and billions and billions of dollars. We still are. And then what happened? When I heard about the farmers and I saw the farmers, they were in the White House. They came to see me at thirty six farmers. And I said, I'm going to give you. They said, sir, we don't want anything. I said, what do you mean you don't want anything?


I've never heard that before. Everybody wants money. They want everything. They said, we just want a level playing field. I never forgot it. They said, we don't want anything. We just want a level. And we've been treated badly for years, for years. And I said, well, you haven't been given a level playing field for many, many years, for decades. You haven't been given a level playing field. We're going to give you the level as field you have it.


But but in the meantime, I'm going to give you 12 billion out of these tens of billions that we're collecting. Don't worry. We have plenty left over because we never got 10 cents from China. China took from us. We didn't take from China. Right. I said, I'm going to give you 12 billion for the year before and I'm going to give you 16 billion for this year. That was last year. For this year. So they got meaning.


A lot of you in this audience got 12 billion and you got sixteen. She got twenty eight billion dollars over that short period of time. And you were able to actually, in some cases, I guess, thrive. And I told Sunny, I want to take care of the small farmer, too, not just the big monsters.


I want to take care of everyone. But I never forgot when CNN fake news and all these people, they go around interviewing the farmers. They could never find anyone saying bad about Trump. They go into diners. What do you think about Trump is terrible what he's doing with the trade. And the former would say, no, he's doing what should have been done 20 years ago. Right. And now you people are going to make so much money.


You're not going to do just. You know what? Just relax. Take it easy. Put it away. Enjoy your life. What do you going to make? A lot of money. You're going to make a lot of money. And again, we have never had. Because they respect us. No, they didn't respect us. We have never had a better relationship with China than we do right now.


It's a beautiful story. I respect. The whole world respects us now. We're respected again. America is respected again. And we're fighting for products made in American and grown right here in this great, great state of Iowa to keep America safe.


We have fully rebuilt the United States military. It's now stronger, more powerful, more lethal than ever before. We have all brand new equipment and it was all built in the USA. And thanks to the courage of American heroes, the ISIS caliphate has been totally destroyed and its founder and leader, the animal known as al Baghdadi, is dead. And crazy Nancy Pelosi said don't call him an animal. He's a human being. No, he's an animal.


He's an animal. And two weeks ago, at my direction, the United States military delivered another historic win for American justice. Our brave warriors launched a flawless precision strike that killed the world's number one towers, Kazam Solomon in Gaza. Solomon He was the mastermind of the roadside bomb. He loved roadside bombs. When you see your friends and great soldiers of our country and other countries, frankly, walking around, they don't have legs. They don't have arms.


In some cases, some cases they don't have both. You see them walking around or riding around or the most brave people. These people have the greatest attitude. I go to Walter Reed and I see him. And a young man whose legs were blown off. And how are you doing, sir? I want to get back. I want to get back to the spirit of these people. It may even top the farmers, maybe talk to farmers, which just.


But he was responsible more than anybody else. 90 percent, they say, of these roadside bombs to fight us. He was responsible and he took a hard hit. He took a very high. He was responsible for murdering and maiming thousands and thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of other people. Not acceptable. So many was actively planning new attacks, but we ended his bloody rampage forever.


Yet Washington Democrats, true like crazy Bernie and Nancy Pelosi, oppose our decision to eliminate Solomon and just save American lives, that had a tremendous impact. Well, we're proudly creating jobs and killing terrorists. Congressional Democrats are consumed with partisan rage and obsessed with a deranged witch hunt hoax.


You know, we're having probably the best years that we've ever had in the history of our country. And I just got impeached. Can you believe these people? I got a. They impeach Trump. The best trade deals, the strongest military. Took care of the vets. We got choice. We got accountability for the vets. Accountability. We got all these things and they impeach the president. No, that's not going to work. Watch. Just watch.


They want to nullify your ballots. Poison our democracy and overthrow the entire system of government. That's not happening. I can tell you that. WASHINGTON Democrats have spent the last three years trying to overturn the last election. I'm not why am I not worried? I should be worried. You know, remember Nixon? It was like a dark period, a very dark period. It was like, oh, you think about it, right? And with Clinton, it was not good.


They say that with Johnson, it was a long time ago. None of us remember. But they say it was a very dark period. This is a happy period for us.


It's a happy day. It's a happy bird because we call this impeachment light. This is the crazy shit shifty chef. He's just sick. He's a sick puppy. He's a sick puppy, but you know what? Today you saw it. I hit my highest poll numbers since I got elected. Because the American people and frankly, people all over the world know it's a hoax. They understand it. They know it's a hoax. And we have a great party, the Republican Party.


They know what's going on. They know what's going on. And they're going to treat us very fairly. But the Democrats are trying to overturn the last election. We will make sure that they face another crushing defeat in 2020.


November 3rd. November 3rd market of November, 3rd market. Was that a great day? 2016, November? No, he's not going to do well with this group. I did well. He's not going to do well with that group. I won that group. He's not going to do well here with them. Even the exit polls, he took it right. You know what they didn't know about the exit polls when people were leaving. They're always very accurate.


You know, people leave who you vote. If I'm voting for Trump. Well, you're voting for. I'm voting for crooked Hillary. I don't care that she's a stone cold crook. I'm sorry. So who are you voting for? I'm voting for Trump or Clinton or Trump. And they're always very good. But this time, something many people, many may miss. I like that idea. Wouldn't we like to run against her? Why did you get her?


No. Who's tougher? Her crazy burning Biden would edge. Edge? Who would be the closest? Who'd edge yet? I don't know. Maybe we take another crack at Crazy Hillary. Would that be OK? She was always remember that speech so innocently given talking about deplorably. Remember, remember deplorably. But, you know, the only thing I didn't understand is that that's terrible. But she said another word that was worse, irredeemable. And I said, boy, shows you how good I am at politics.


I said, she's in trouble. She said, our people are irredeemable. To me, that was worse. Well, it wasn't that word that caught on. It was deplorable. The next day I'm speaking. And women are walking around. I'm deplorable and everyone's got deplorable. I say I think she made a bad speech last night, but irredeemable. Remember, she called them deplorable and irredeemable.


And me being so brilliant, they said, I think that irredeemable is going to get her know, deplorable, got her lot of things, got her like lack of ability. Together, we are going to win back the house. We are going to hold the Senate. And we are going to keep that beautiful, gorgeous, incredible White House. People don't realize there's a lot of work. You know, I just left Michigan and Michigan is booming now because of me.


Meaning? I say to Prime Minister Abbeys, a friend of my Shinzo Japan. You gotta do something. You got these massive deficits for our country. You got to open up plants in Michigan. Fast gin's affairs. You got to do it. Oh, yes. I will do it. He'll do it and he's doing it. Countries are coming in from all over the world. They're going to Michigan, they're coming to Iowa. They're buying new stuff again.


Like crazy. Like crazy. They go into Ohio, they go into Pennsylvania, they go into South Carolina. They're going to North Carolina, they're going to Florida. They're coming in like never before. They're all coming back. I ran on the issue trade. I ran on a lot of different issues. But trade was one of that was so big to me. It was so big. I used to say, how do we allow these companies to close fire everybody?


Go to another country, Mexico, wherever it may be. Make product. Sell the product into our country. Pay no tax. Who the hell would allow this to happen? Who would allow? It's like in South Korea, I went to him, I said, listen, your deal is no good. We have to make a new deal. South Korea, we're protecting them with all these different things. I said, no, when you got to pay us more, they agreed to.


They gave us five hundred million dollars a year more, they said. But nobody is ever as they gave us five hundred. That's nothing compared what they have to do. That's okay. That's okay. They'll pay more. But you know, they made a trade deal with the United States. Hillary Clinton was in charge of the deal. Right. And she said it's going to produce 250000 jobs. And she was right. Two hundred and fifty thousand.


You know what it was for? For South Korea, not for us. It was for South Korea. So we renegotiated the deal. If I have your permission, we renegotiated the deal and now we have a good deal with South. OK. This deal is going to put us to remember this deal is going to produce two hundred and fifty thousand jobs for South Korea. She didn't lie. Can't say she lied. She lies about a lot of other things, but she did.


How is she taking her defeat? OK. Remember the debate? Do you promise if you lose that you will support the winner? And I sort of I didn't exactly say yes. I said I didn't say yes in office, but I got, you know, sort of like sixty eight percent there. But she said, see, he wants to she's the one that doesn't do it. No. No. I feel bad because it's too late for her to get in.


I kept hoping. But I think honestly, I think that sleepy Joe, crazy Bernie, I don't even want to put booted age in. But I think he'd actually be tougher than her during this campaign season. The good people of Iowa have had a front row seat to the lunacy and the madness of the totally sick left. This is a radical left people that we're dealing with. Today's Democrat Party, I don't say Democratic Party. It sounds so much better in a speech like Democratic or the Democrat.


But that's not the name. It's called the Democratic Party. You know, some people aren't allowed to say the Democrat Party because it doesn't sound good. I don't even like it. I don't like the way it sounds in the speech. But I'm going to say it because I'm not looking to have them look good.


Today's Democrat Party is run by left wing extremists who want to massively raise your taxes, increase regulations, cancel your health plans, raid Medicare, shut down American energy, destroy your Social Security. They will destroy your Social Security, eliminate religious liberty, punish free speech, confiscate your guns, abolish your borders.


And indoctrinate America's children with hateful left wing ideology. Other than that, they're OK. Other than that, they're fine people. In short, this election is a choice between American freedom and democratic socialism. And in some cases, in my opinion, it's worse than socialism. Socialism's a kind word by comparison. The Democrats will lose because America will never be a socialist country. We can't. They're all watching tonight, they're sitting in their hotel room, little hotel right down the street and they look at it, this crowd.


The press never talks about my crowds. Do you see in New Jersey a couple of nights ago? We had sign-ups for a hundred and seventy five thousand people. We had an arena that held about 9000 people. We could have sold it out like 50 times. Okay. They don't talk about that. You know, they talk about Donald Trump, who spoke before a nice crowd. A birdie or sleepy Jill has I mean, Joe had a crowd that was so small the other day that they set up a round table.


Not sure. No. They were in a gymnasium. They were in a gymnasium. And they set up a round table. And people the ones that are here speech are now being is what do you think of socialism? They just said, I just want to be here to watch a speech. They set up a round table because the crowd was so small. And then they'll say it was a brilliant roundtable, it was wonderful. They never mentioned crowds.


You know, they never imagined crowds. They never imagined anything. I'll tell you, USMC, the biggest trade deal ever signed in the history of the world. It is way. It barely got any. We signed it, it barely got it, imagine they talk about the impeachment hoax, they talk about all the other stuff, but the trade deal that's going to change our country, it's going to bring growth wages before the end of next year.


The growth will be astronomical because of the China trade deal, the USMC, A, Japan, South Korea, Europe. When that happens, it will happen because they have no choice. But in the papers and on the fake news cable shows and the regular look, NBC is horrible, the NBC Nightly News, it's terrible. The good news is people don't watch it like they used to because they don't believe in it. They don't believe in it.


And as Sean HANNITY would say, M.S., DNC, you know what? M.S., DNC is right. So bad, CNN. Total fake stuff. Upset camera just went off the. It just went off. See? That camera just went off. That always happens whenever I say CNN, that camera goes off. But Americans across the political spectrum were disgusted by the Washington Democrats, the partisan hoaxes, the witch hunts, the con job, still a con job.


And so they don't love our country. I swear they don't. You look at Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco. It was so beautiful. And now it's a disgrace being watched all over the world. Needles all over the place. Everything else all over the place. I'm not going to get into it. Washing down into the ocean, washing down onto their beaches, people living in tents if they're lucky. I mean, you never saw anything living on their most important entry ways into what was a great city, San Francisco.


What's happened? And all she does is work on the hooks and work on all of this stuff. Really, these people are very, very bad for our country. We have to take back the House of Representatives. We have to. Registered Democrats and independents are leaving the Democrat Party in droves. And we are welcoming these people and these great voters to the Republican Party with wide open arms. And we are thrilled to be joined tonight by a lot of your great leaders, a lot of your really wonderful people.


I'm not going to mention all the names because, you know, all those cameras are rolling. They don't like it when they do it. But one they don't mind is Governor Kim Reynolds. Come up. Kim, come on. Oh, so first gentleman, Kevin Reynolds, Kevin. Travel. On February 3rd, we're going to caucus on November 3rd. We're going to vote. And on November 4th, we're gonna celebrate. Great. Great job.


Thank you. She was driving me a little bit batty, she'd call me up. Kim, you'd call. What about ethanol? I said, Jim. I mean, I'm doing a lot for that place. No, no, we want ethanol. Then we won biofuel. Then she's asking for things I never even heard of. But we got them all. Whatever else you wanted. And by the way, Joni Ernst and the great Chuck Grassley are right now in Washington fighting for fairness, fighting the hoax, fighting for all of us.


So they called, they said, do you mind if we don't go tonight? We have to stay.


I said, I don't want you to be. I want you to be where you are because they're fighting for us. They're great people. They're great people. And they would call to Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst Cole. We got to help our farmers, sir. Yes. OK, we're going out to the farmer. They were great. Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg. Thank you, Adam. Great job at. Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives, a man with really fantastic jeans.


Got to have like the best jeans of the world. Although you had an ex-governor here that had very good genes, too. We have his son in the audience, too, but this is representatives had Grassley. Those two young men have the greatest genes anyone's ever had for politics. Thank you, fellas. Thanks. I said one of them to father to China, and he's now ambassador to China. Do you think he's happy? Is he happy?


I think so. I think he's happy. Great. Governate longest serving governor in history, actually, 24 years. We have the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, Jeff Kaufmann. And just quickly, we have the world's tallest campaign manager, Brad Paskowitz. And Republican National Committee co-chair has done an incredible job. Tommy Hicks and we have the great negotiator, the great man, Bob LightHouse's, with us here some. What a job he did negotiating for you.


And we have somebody that. You never heard of somebody that's a fantastic person, but you never heard of. Somebody named Sarah Sanders. Have you ever heard? Come ashara. That's pretty good. And we have a great football player from Iowa, Matt Whitaker is here. Matt? Thank you. How much do we love this president? And Mr. President, how much do we love the state of Iowa? This is an incredibly special place I actually met my husband here in Des Moines, so I love.


Back in Iowa, it's amazing place. We're sorry you've had so many crazy liberal Democrats running around here the last year, but the good news is it's not going to matter because at the end of the day, this guy will still be our president. Thank you very much. God bless. Thank you, Sarah, very popular. She was terrific person. Great person. So thanks to Republican leadership, America now has the hottest economy anywhere on the planet.


Not even close. Every prime minister present a king, queen, dictator, whatever you want to call them. They all say, how did you do it? And, you know, the truth is we have certain advantages, but we also have a people advantage. We have the greatest people in the world. I really.


Since the election, we have created 7 million new jobs. The average unemployment rate under my administration. Listen to this is lower than any previous administration in the history of our country.


Can you believe the lowest? African-American, Hispanic, American and Asian-American unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels ever recorded.


Think of that, more than 2 million millennials. You know what? Millennials, young, great people with a lot of future. They've gotten jobs and their wages have grown by nearly 5 percent annually. That's a record. Another record is that between the ages of 25 and 34, people are now working and that's a record. The number of people, 25 to 34. And under the so-called Trump economy, the lowest paid earners are reaping the fastest gains of any group.


And that's a great thing. This is a blue collar boom and that's a good thing, too. That's a good thing. Earnings for the bottom 10 percent are rising faster than earnings for the top 10 percent for the first time ever. For the first time ever. And median household income is at an all time high just for one second. President Bush Eight years. Four hundred and fifty dollars. President Barack Hussein Obama, eight years, eight years.


Nine hundred and seventy five. President Donald John Trump. Two and a half years, not three, because the numbers were taken a two and a half. Now it's actually higher two and a half years, including the tax cuts, which are massive and including all of the regulatory cuts and the other things you've gotten. Ten thousand dollars. So we'll think of three of eight years for fifty eight years, nine, seventy five, two and a half years.


Think of it, ten thousand dollars. It's one of the reasons the economy is doing so well and let the people down the road tell you about that. OK. Let them tell you about that. And those tractors and I told you to buy your tractors will be 60 years old if they have anything to do with it. There'll be 60 years old. They'll be old, tired, exhausted. Your land will be exhausted, you'll be exhausted. We've ended the war on American energy.


The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere on Earth by far. We're also proudly promoting American ethanol, and I recently approved E15 to be used all year round.


bio-fuel also. But the socialist Democrats want to shut down American energy. They support Representative O'Casey. Cortez's. That's a real beauty. That's a beauty. I can't even believe it. But I don't want to knock it because the Green New Deal, which would crush your farm's. Destroy our wonderful cows. I love cows. They want to kill our cows. You know why, right? You know why? Don't say. They want to kill our cows.


That means are next and they want to wipe out totally Iowa ethanol. They want to wipe it out, but we will never let that side get it. And by the way, that's the least of it. But I don't want to attack the Green New Deal because they might change it. I said to the other day, they said, what do you think of the Green New Deal as well? It should be studied carefully. We should look at look at it closely.


I don't want to talk about it till about two months before the election. And then I'll tell you how totally insane it is. How about this crazy senator? How about this crazy, crazy senator from Hawaii? They said I'm totally in favor. Not the smartest. She said I'm totally in favor of the Green New Deal. Well, you know, that would mean there's no more airplanes. Oh. So they started screaming at her in Hawaii. They said, the hell are we going to get the Hawaii?


They said we're going to build a railroad. She said the world's longest track, so the world's longest. She doesn't know that they don't want airplanes anymore, and yet they fly around in brand new Gulf streams and brand new planes all over the place. They're flying from place to place. They're talking about the carbon footprint. We're going to destroy the carbon footprint.


What time is my plane taking off, please? To lift up forgotten communities, the Republican tax cut launched opportunity zones, jobs and investment are now rushing into over60 Newsline. And this is incredible brand newly designated opportunity zones right here in Iowa alone. Rich people are investing vast amounts of money. Tim Scott, Senator Tim Scott, South Carolina came into my office. He said, I have an idea that I've wanted to do for years, but we've never had a president that could pull it all.


I said, What is it, Tim? And he talked about opportunity zones. First time I heard. And we did it. And there is nothing nobody's ever seen anything like it. Money is being poured into these communities that would have never been there. What's happening is incredible. Opportunity zones. Remember it for decades, politicians ran for office promising to protect American farmers and workers. You've heard it all your lives, right? But then they went to Washington, they looked at those beautiful marble columns and that gorgeous ceiling painted and all that gold.


You know, the way they used to build the buildings, they don't build them that way anymore. We could, but they just don't know how. By the way, we're building the wall. You know, the walls over 100 miles.


It's over 100 miles long already and moving fast. So they went to Washington and they sold you out. What happened? They sold you jobs out. They sold everything. Globalist politicians allowed other countries to raid our factories, ravage our farms, rob our workers and ransack our communities. But the era of economic surrender is over because now we are finally putting America first. Before I took office, Washington looked the other way while China stole our secrets from American agriculture, you know your business.


What they do scientifically, nobody understands what they've done to a seed. It doesn't sound complicated. It's genius. What they've been able to do, what you've been able to do. But those secrets were being stolen, stolen and installed massive barriers to your exports. You couldn't do anything with exports. So people, not only China, many, many other places were stealing your secrets. Our new agreement with China will protect our intellectual property and pry open vast new markets for American beef, pork, poultry, seafood, soybeans, rice, dairy and much, much more.


But, you know, it is true. China is so big. 1.5 billion people, we have 350, 1.5 billion people. Think of that. And that's just we just touching it. This deal will be so big if it all works out. And you have the best product, the best product in the world. If it all works out, it'll just keep expanding. 250 billion will end up being much, much more than. And you know, I've told this story before when we were signing, we're almost finished and they said how much of the farmers getting meaning, how much are they going to purchase from the farmers?


An ambassador later today said we put 20, 20 billion, so the highest ever was 16, so we made it 20. I said make it 50. They saw what? And then people even far people said, sir, we can't produce that much. I said, that's a good problem, not a bad problem. I said, make it 50. So we now have in the contract from 40 to 50 billion dollars worth of purchase. To make it.


Right, Jared? As a judge, you better make it 50. I want those farmers to come back. Say, sir. Sir, we can't do it. We can't produce that much. Sir, what are you doing to us? I don't think that would ever happen. You think they would? I said they'll figure away way he's going. Absolutely not. Now I said, don't make it 20. Make it 50. The U.S. embassy is another colossal victory for American agriculture.


Like you've never had before. It's time. You know, we suffered for a year and a half, almost two years. Think of it, but not really, because I was able to give you those. I won't call them subsidies. I made that mistake once with the farmers. I said to this group of farmers that came in subsidy, I use the word subsidy is the worst word. Sir, we don't like subsidy. Please don't ever use that word.


I said I won't. I promise. But we have it and it will increase total agriculture exports by more than 2 billion dollars annually, think of that, including the huge dairy and Iowa dairy, pork and poultry alone. So two billion just in those small. Just in that small little grouping where you were doing nothing. It's called promises made, promises kept. Promises. You know, the last time I came, I never did this before. I never ran.


So they all said you never ran before, you can't do this if you never ran. So whatever happened that happened one by one, they started dropping out. Right. And then I was left with one. Hillary Clinton. And that worked out very nicely. He can not get to 270 remember 270 Electoral College. He cannot get to 270. I went to Maine. Strew Maine to it's one point one. I went there a lot many times.


Everyone said what? They kept getting me. Maybe if I have a great night, 269 269 loses, right? But we got 3 0 6 to 223. 3 0 6 2 1. So they were right. You cannot get to 270.


You can get to three or six, but not that is in the eight years before my election, net farm income plummeted by 20 percent. You know that I got here. If you look at a chart. For 15 years, actually, not a full 15 years. It's like a roller coaster ride down for the farmer soybeans. Take a look at it all. It was just a one way street. Everybody was ripping off the American farmer. Now you're going to see numbers that are going to be great.


Look at even what's happened recently. It's incredible what's going on. And I love it because you deserve it. You suffered a lot with people that were stupid. They were stupid. Under three years of my administration, net farm income has already gone up nearly 50 percent and will now be rising even faster. What are you going to do? You're going to vote for Bernie. You're going to vote for Bernie. Here I am on the debate stage.


Well, that income's gone up for the farmers, 50 percent. Tell me, how the hell do I lose this debate? How do I lose? And based on the polls, I guess I'm not going to lose in this state. I don't think I will lose in any other state. Because this is really true all over the country. This is happening all over the country, not just Iowa, but knowis you have Washington Democrats more thoroughly betrayed the American people than on immigration.


Illegal immigration, consternation, hundreds of billions of dollars, drains public services, overcrowded our schools and hospitals and threatens innocent American lives at a number that you wouldn't even believe. But we've got it closed up. But we're getting your people in. You have people that have worked for you for a long time, don't ya? I know the people, the gap, and they are hard workers. We have a lot of great people. You have a lot of great people out there right here in the mine.


A twice deported illegal alien was charged with shooting and killing a woman, her 11 year old daughter and her 5 year old son. In this region of the county alone, last year, ICE officers arrested nearly 4000 illegal aliens charged or convicted of heinous crimes, including robbery, rape and murder. Yet today's Democrat Party glorifies illegal immigration. We have no idea. Now we do now. But people would come in. By the hundreds of thousands, we have no idea of the many or fine people and all of that, but some are stone cold rapists and murderers and people that their countries don't want.


Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and even Mexico. Right now we have a love affair with Mexico because the Democrats, the Democrats wouldn't give us what we needed. And I got Mexico. They great. They put up 27000 soldiers on our southern border and the numbers are plummeting.


Eighty seven percent down. So the president of Mexico is doing a great job and we ended catch and release. You think that was easy catch and release? You know what catch you releases, you catch a criminal, you take the number and you release them into the. They never come back. We say come back, please. In three years. This is a Democrat. They'll come back, if you don't mind. In three years, we release him into our country.


We totally ended it through a very, very slick group of.


Catch and release, may we please have your address and your phone number? Here's what have you done. We got out of jail. Oh, well, welcome to the United States. Please have a little information. OK, now we're going to release you. And then three and a half years, we schedule a court appearance for you. You will live. Does the only country in the world that catch somebody money in the water who's supposed to be Perry Mason?


You take them to court. Other countries catch somebody at the border. They say, sorry, you got to get out. We say, oh, man, we have your information. We're taking you to court. Man, today's Democrat Party glorifies illegal immigration, vilifies the heroes of law enforcement and pledges to dissolve immigration control entirely. They want open borders, they want hundreds of thousands of people to flow into our country. And some of those people, some of those people are stone cold killers.


Some of those people in the caravan's right. I came up with that name. They will give me credit for that. They don't give me credit for anything. They don't give me credit for fake news that was in my church. Now they say I see CNN. They should fake news has reported. No, no. Your fake news. That fake versus your fake news. They turned to camera. They reported that fake news is reporting their fake news.


Left wing politicians even support deadly sanctuary cities that release criminal aliens directly onto American communities. We don't want them. In New York City, the mayor's sanctuary policy recently forced the release of a criminal illegal alien charged with assault after being set free. The same criminal raped, brutalized and murdered a 92 year old woman.


They wouldn't give him to the ice warriors. The Warriors, they're tough and they love our country. They're very tough and they love our country.


And they're taking MS13 gang members. They're about as tough as you get. They're taking them out of our country by the thousands, by the thousands.


That's a tough job. But they love to do it, they love our country. Sanctuary city policies are just wrong. They're immoral and they are lethal and they really are something that has to be stopped. They have to be stopped. Now, what's happening is that the schools, thankfully, here in Iowa, your great Republican governor sometimes referred to as Governor Reynolds, signed a statewide ban on sanctuary cities.


Thank you, Kim. And that is why we need to elect more Republicans nationwide to end sanctuary cities in all 50 states. Thank you, Kim Rendell's. You know, I endorsed her, so I want to take full credit for the job, she's does a very, very early I endorse you.


I know talent. She's done a great job, Democrat stand for crime, corruption and chaos. Republicans stand for law, order and justice. We are. The illegal gang members, drug dealers, predators, and we are throwing them the hell out of our country, ideally, and we don't want to put them in prison because you know what, we got to pay for them for the next 50 years. But sometimes we have two of them, two dangers.


We have no choice. Thanks to our tireless efforts to secure the border, we have reduced illegal border crossings. Seven straight months in a row and they're getting lower.


And shockingly, as that wall gets longer, the crossings get less.


Remember the Democrats, you don't need a wall. You don't need a wall. You don't need it. Seven years ago, they all voted for it. They just didn't have the ability to build it. You know, it's not easy with land and this and that. And property rights. And they couldn't figure it out. But I couldn't figure out what the problem was. We couldn't get the money, but we got all the money we need. Now we have everything.


And you know, the last time, last budget, they didn't really face on the wall. You know why? Because they learned it's a really bad issue for them. It's a really bad issue. But I made one mistake with the wall. I should have said we will never, ever build a wall. They wouldn't give me so much money to build a wall. That was my only because I used to go. We will build the wall. Right.


And I was a mistake. I should have said we will never, ever build it under no circumstances. And they would have forced its building. And I was. OK. And by the way, in all due respect. You know who's going to pay for the war, right? No, no, they they play that. Think thinking this place. No, no. Through remittance. Illegal aliens from Mexico are going to pay for the war.


That's what it is. 100 percent. Because when I say something, I mean it. I said I was going to build a wall. And you think it's easy when you have a party that controls the house? You got to end that. You got to end it. You know, they said they picked up the house at 80, but I didn't run in 18. You know, big difference when you run 16. I ran 18 it in run.


And they did. They picked up they picked up some seats. I didn't run, but I'm running this time. And we've got to take back the house. And Kevin McCarthy will be a great speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy will be a great speaker. Watch. But getting something built when you have a party that controls one of the three getting it built is. I don't honestly, I don't brag. Nobody else could have done it. Nobody else could have done it.


And it's the real deal wall is the wall that border security wanted. Remember, I thought I could just build concrete slabs. I didn't want that because you have to be able to see through. Is it? Come on. This is the expensive version. This is the best version to see steel and concrete and rebar in between. It's it's really something. Did you see the other day where drug dealers got caught at the top? They couldn't get over.


We had to get the fire department to get them down. They couldn't get over there like mountain climbers. They got used to climbing. They got caught because, you know, that panel, that's an anti-crime panel. It's very hot and very tough. It's a very hard panel to climb the panel on top. Sometimes they say, you know, I'd rather do without that panel because I'm a very visual person. They said, sir, that's a..


Blind panel. I said, oh, it is.


OK. Let's put it on anticline panel. And on the wall is the top of the line. That's what they wanted. Mostly 30 feet tall. That's very tall. That's maximum. And it's really doing a big trick a lot wherever we have it. You know, 100 miles is all of a sudden alone. But when you have that, it's incredible. Ninety nine point nine percent. Especially when we're watching it, we're watching the sections. Illegal crossings now are down 75 percent since last spring.


And the powerful border wall is starting to set. I mean, pretty soon we'll be setting records and speed. It's going up very rapidly, very rapidly, and you're seeing it all over. And it's going to be really something very look. It'll be nice if we didn't have to have it would be great, but we have to have it. You know, they said we could have drones. Oh, what are you going to do? Drones flying around when people are going through your border would know what they could have drones flying around.


And they know because they were all for it. They were offered no oves and their guns, but they weren't drones. Well, we're gonna have drones too. But the drones are policing the wall and people in terms of human trafficking. People don't even talk about it the worst because of the Internet, sadly. The worst in the history of our world. All over the world. Trafficking in women and children. All over the world. All over the world.


The worst it's ever been. But when we have this border, it makes it very, very tough for them to come into the United States with women and with children stuffed in trunks in the back of a car. And the Washington Democrats have never been more extreme. One hundred and thirty two congressional Democrats have signed up for Bernie Sanders government health care takeover bill to takeover of health care that would strip all of those 180 million great Americans of your private coverage.


You want that? You got great deal. You're able to negotiate. You're able to keep your doctor, keep your area, keep your hospitals, keep everything that you wanted. Now they want to take it away. Report to an operating room when you have a cold. OK. In your local hospital? I don't think so. One hundred and eighty million people. But I'm not going to knock it because I want Bernie to bring it right up to the end and we'll debate it the day before the election.


OK. We are saving your health care while socialist Democrats are trying to take away your health care. And Sleepy Joe has no idea what he's even done. They know he's even know what he's talking about. He's so lost that honestly, that poor guy is so lost. They talk health care. She said it's over for him. It was over for him, actually. You know him a long time ago. Now it's really over. We are making health care better and cheaper.


We got rid of the individual mandate, the most unpopular, which essentially killed Obamacare. And we are protecting people with preexisting conditions and we always will. The Republican Party.


We're stopping surprise medical billing and making everything totally transparent. And I signed it already. Everything now is going to transparency's where hospitals, doctors, everybody has to tell you how much things are costing. Watch those prices come down. I have a really an expert on health care. He said transparency because it's a big deal. It's a big deal. Nobody else would have gotten it done. That, I can tell you. Transparency is bigger than health care because you will see prices tumbling like you wouldn't believe people go in for a blood test.


They get charged $2700 down the road. They get the same tests for $57, the same exact test. Maybe it's better. Maybe it's better. It's crazy. When you have transparency, it's all gonna come. You watch new watch. But this person, a real expert, said this is bigger than healthcare and I got it done. Unfortunately, it won't really start kicking in until after the election because it takes a period of time. They have certain statutory requirements, etc.


. Well, you better let me win. Can you imagine? Can you imagine I did transparency. I took the guts. I did transversal. And then I've got to watch as somebody else's. Didn't he do a great job for transparency? You better let me win, because I want the credit for that one. We're buying cheaper drugs from other countries and approving more generic drugs than ever, ever, ever before. We are defending your right to keep the doctor.


We are defending your right to keep your plan. Remember Obama 28 times. You can keep your doctor. You can keep your doctor. Twenty eight. You can also keep your plan. You can keep it. You can keep it. Twenty eight times he lied. We should impeach him. No, he got it on the line. He got it out alive. But we've run it much better. But essentially, it's totally different because of individual mandate, because that really took the guts out of it.


And we're running it much better. I had a choice. Do we run it well or do run poorly if we run it poorly? Everyone's going to blame me. If we want it, well, everyone's going to give him credit, especially the fakers back there. But you know what? We got to run it well. But we're coming up with a health care that if we win the House, we will have the best health care of any country in the world.


We're fighting the lobbyists and we're fighting the special interests. In case you didn't notice, and we are serving only you. And thanks to our bold reforms, we're now offering health plans that are 60 percent cheaper than Obamacare. We're offering a lot of different things.


And we have just passed recently. Ten months ago. Right. To try. I live. Right to try. You know what that is? People are terminally ill and they can't use medicine because they've been trying to pass this almost for 50 years. You can't use the medicine. We have the greatest doctors, labs, hospitals in the world. They come up with a medicine, but it has to go through the FDA procedure. Right. And you can't do anything.


You can't use it. They won't let you use it. Now, I have you sign an agreement. You're not going to sue the United States. You're not good at this. Your family, et, etc. Very simple. And they can use it. And you have no idea the results that are taking place. You have no idea. You have no idea the results. People's lives are based. And for me, it was simple. I said, wait a minute.


You're worried about hurting somebody. These people are dying. They're terminally ill. They're admitting that terminally ill and you won't let them use a drug that may work. Let them use the drug and we're letting them use the drug.


And it's working. A lot of cases. We have transformed veterans health care, including V.A. choice. The best you know, I think I'm a totally brilliant human being. I think I'm the smartest person. So. So I came up with a plan. I'll never forget I was in New Hampshire. I came up with this idea because everybody kept coming up to me and say, sir, it's really terrible what's happening with health care. We're waiting in line for two weeks, for four weeks, for seven weeks.


Honestly, people were waiting in line. They weren't very sick. They were terminally ill, truthfully, before they saw a doctor. By the time they got to the doctor. So I came up with this incredible plan. Only I could think of this. I said, here's what you do. Here's what you do. If somebody can't get a doctor quickly, because we have great doctors at the V.A., they don't get enough credit. You can't get to a doctor quickly.


You go outside, you go locally, you get a doctor. We pay the bill. You get yourself better. Right. So I went back. I went back and I told my people, do you have any idea how smart I am? Listen to this plan I have. They said, actually, sir, we've known about that plan for 52 years. We just couldn't get it approved. So I said, oh, that's too bad. I thought it was brilliant.


But what I am good at is getting things approved. And I got it approved. And people are using it.


And it's. And I know the people of Iowa don't care about this, but we are making substantial investments in rural health care. We are combating the opioid epidemic. Drug overdose deaths have declined for the first time in nearly 31 years. That's a great thing. And our great first lady is helping us with that. That is such a big thing for a millennia. Big, big. She is really involved and we will never let the Democrats give away your health care to illegal immigrants, especially when we say come in, come in, we'll give you health care.


You know, it's one thing they come in. It's like a rough situation because we all have hearts. But when people are saying, like in California, this wacky governor, he's just come in, we're going to give you healthcare, we're going to give you free education, we're going to give you everything. We're going to give you a beautiful Rolls Royce, see to show you how fat they are. One of the newscasters, a Donald Trump, said that the governor of California promised a Rolls Royce to illegal immigrants.


He did promise them. This was a lie and a misrepresentation by President Trump. They can't take a little humor. They can't take it. These people are sick. They're sick. There's sick people. Them in Shifty Chef is a very sick person. He lies awake at night, shifting and turning, shifty, shifting and turning in his bed, sweating like a dog. How am I going to get up? He didn't do anything wrong. How am I going to get home when a sick guy he is virtually every top Democrat also now supports late term abortion, ripping babies straight from the mother's womb.


Right up until the moment of birth.


That is why I have asked Congress to prohibit extreme late term abortion, because Republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from God. Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortion, socialism and blatant corruption. No matter how you cut it, that's what it is. The Republican Party is the party of the American worker, the American family, the American dream and the late great Abraham Lincoln.


You know that, Abraham. Remember, I always said I couldn't be more presidential than any other past president. Other than perhaps Abraham Lincoln when he's wearing the hat. Because it's easier to be presidential. But I only have about three people in front of me. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Is everything okay in Iowa? Oh, I see the world is ripping you off well. There's not a thing I can do about that. Thank you. Good night, everybody.


Good. Now we got to do it the right way, Republicans. And by the way, can I be honest? Doing this takes far more talent than doing that. Doing that is very easy. This is not easy, especially when you just left Michigan and you just left other places and you got maniacs doing a number on you all the time for three years. You got the maniac's for three years, I think before I came down the escalator with our future first lady, I think really they were doing it that they started even before it came down on the escalator.


These people are maniacs. So you have all that see you fighting that and you're doing farm bills. We got your farm bill approved, by the way.


I don't even mention that because that's massive. By any other standard, but it's peanuts compared to the USMC and the China deal, right? So I don't even mention it anyway. Republicans are fighting for citizens from every background and from every race, religion, color and creed. It's true. And our numbers with African-American workers, people are through the roof.


Are you because. No, I used to say, what do you have to lose? I'd read down the worst and crime, the worst on education. They got this. They got that. They got ten different things. Oh, horrible. And one day I'm in front of this tremendous group of people and I'm reading this list, African-American. They have the highest crime rate. They have the highest this they have the worst education of the worst schools have the worst.


I said stay with me because they were with the Democrats four hundred years more. I said, stay with me. What the hell do you have to lose? And you know what? You know what? No. And now they have the best employment and unemployment numbers, they have the best poverty numbers. They have numbers that nobody would believe. They're doing so great. It's so great to see it. It's incredible. Youth unemployment, African-American. Ben Gray, we're asking all Americans to join our incredible movement.


We are a big tent and a big party with big, bold, beautiful ideas for the future. We're what the country was based on originally. It was called greatness. It was called. And during national school Choice Week, School Choice, everybody, we continue our fight to rescue children trapped in failing government schools. Iowa became one of the first states to pass school choice. That was over 10 years ago. Now Governor rattles Senator Ernst. Senator Grassley and more than 100 members of Congress are supporting our plan to give school choice to every child in America who needs it.


It's a great.


To give former prisoners a second chance at life, we passed criminal justice reform. Think of that. Think of that. We had a lot of great conservatives who wanted it. We had liberals wanted it. They couldn't get it passed. President Obama couldn't even come close. He didn't try too hard. He talks like a well-tried. To uphold the rule of law, we have confirmed one hundred and ninety one federal judges, a record who will interpret the Constitution as well, and two great Supreme Court justices, by the way.


And his party's right. Two great ones as part of my commitment to rebuild our military, we secured an 8.5 million dollar facility to support our our guardsmen at Camp Dodge right here in Des Moines, Iowa, right here. Camp dyads, camp Dodge. Everybody, you take care of Camp Dodge. I recognize Israel's true capital and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem. We recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and yesterday we just released a historic new plan for peace.


We're going to see if we can get that done. It's one of the toughest deals of all. One of the toughest deals, but we have a shot at it. For years you watch as your politicians apologized for a country, they apologize. They would say, I'm sorry. Now you have a president who is standing up for America and we are standing up for the great people of Iowa. We are standing up for Iowa. At stake in our present battle is their survival, frankly, of our nation.


Look, you know, I can make this speech really short. All I have to do is say, Hello, Iowa. You have no choice. You have to vote for me. Otherwise, everything that you've built in your entire life will be gone. Goodbye, Iowa. Have a good. Instead, I work my ass off up here. OK. You think this is easy, It's a little hot in this room, this room wasn't designed for this benefit.


If you want your children to inherit the blessings that generations of Americans have fought and died for. Then we must devote everything we have toward victory in November of 2020. We have to. And by the way, for those beautiful farmers that want to leave your small farms or businesses to your children because of our great tax bill, the biggest tax cut in the history of our country, the biggest that you benefit by. Because of that, there is no death tax or inheritance tax as.


So I always say, if you love your children, that's a great thing. If you don't love your children, don't leave it to them. And that particular text will matter. Whatever you love. Is there anybody here that does not love your children? Is there anybody here who loves your children?


Well, it's Iowa. Iowa, you love your children. Now you have no tax to pay. You leave here. You know, in the old days, meaning before Trump, what would happen? You'd leave your farm, that associate farm for a massive amount, that kids would go out to a bank, they'd borrow money up to their up to their eyeballs and then end up losing the farm. Now you can leave your farm. And they did that to pay the tax.


Now you can leave your farm. You don't pay inheritance tax or the state. So when you're looking down at your children, you're saying, where did you get lucky?


Did you get lucky? Look at them. They're enjoying life.


But only this way can we save the America we love and drain the Washington swamp once and for all.


A swamp. That swamp is bad. I had no idea it was going to be the second this degenerated to degenerate swamp. I had no idea. When I came out, I said, we're going to drain the swamp. I had no idea the swamp was that evil. But we're winning. We're winning because we're in the White House. With your help, we will lift millions more of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence and poverty to prosperity.


That's what's happening all over our country. Together, we will elect a Republican Congress to create a fair, safe, sane and lawful system of immigration. It's already happening.


We will continue to enact new trade deals that result in more products made, raised, farmed and grown right here in the USA. We will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending the AIDS epidemic in America in less than 10 years. We've already started. It should have been started in the last administration. Incredible should have been started earlier, but we started in less than 10 years. The AIDS epidemic will be eradicated, will be gone.


Who thought? Who would have thought? Who would have thought that?