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Let me show you how to changebody positions in Photoshop.


Start by duplicating the layer press


control, Jayann Windows Command youand the back,


then go into the Properties paneland click on Remove background


to automatically removethe background from the photo.


Next, disable the top layer and makea selection out of the mask by holding


control or Command and clickingon Layer Mask thumbnail.


Then select the layer below and go


into edit Content-Aware Fill to removethe runner from the background.


press OK disable the selection.


Enable the runner layer in right clickand convert it into a Smart Object.


Next, go into edit puppet workand click over his body to add pince.


Then you can click and drag on a pinto reposition his body,


hold Alt on Windows,Option on the Mac and click-and-drag


in the blue circle to rotate the pin,move these spins around to readjust his


body position, commit the changes and youcan click on the icon to see that before


and the after like and subscribefor more Photoshop tutorial.