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I was 15 years old when I stole my first car. We just watch Gone in 60 seconds. I got one message for society. If you don't want to encourage crime, stop making movies about it. I'm Detective Reid from the Toronto Police Auto Squad, and it looks like you're being charged with Grand Theft Auto. We are talking some serious real time in prison. You are an agent. You work for us. This is Charlie was in any luxury car stolen in the GTA can be traced back to this man.


This is the guy who stole your car. So do you do it? He was a radioactive catch the wave signal when you were locked in your car. And then I just played it back to unlock the doors. Who programmed the software? I did. How long have you known? Don't worry about Mikey. I trust them. Charlie really likes you for you to be my right hand guy. Be careful. Charlie and Sammy are working with an international drug smuggler.


It's going to change everything. How much are we talking about here? Billions. Yeah, part of this is not. I want out. This is not what I signed up. Nick, over the world, you may not like this. To be reinsurance companies worst nightmare.