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Doesn't look like anything else. So we'll start up with the size, the dimensions and the inspiration. So the the functionality I'm going to describe is within a space that is less than the most popular pickup truck in the United States. The F-150. So we didn't cheat in either width, height or length and we're able to achieve much better capability in the same same dimensions, same weight. Yeah.


Well, this is it for the fundamental design change. We move the mass to the outside. We created an exoskeleton normally with the way that a truck is designed. You have a body on frame, you have a better frame and that the body in the bed. Don't do anything useful that could have carried like cargo, like a sack of potatoes. It was the way that aircraft used to be designed, the way they had biplanes. Basically, the the key to creating an effective monoplane was stressed skin design.


You move the stress to the outside skin allows you to do things that you can't do with the body on frame. So we're able to make the skin out of thick, ultra hard stainless steel. It's really hard to show you just how hard.


So. France. France has a sledgehammer. Don't hold back. OK. So regular truck door. Go do it. Yeah. Yeah. Call time. I had to drive a truck. Same thing, hit a heart, hit a harder. Why not really wind up at. It's pretty strong, very strong. So if you think about it like a truck, you want to. You want a truck that's tough. One truck that's really tough. Nuts.


Big, tough.


Truck can take a sledgehammer to talk that one scratch doesn't bend. What else can we do with this truck? What have we shot it? Let's shoot it. Oh, yeah. I mean, come on. So that's a 9 millimeter bullet shot at the door here in California.


Unfortunately. But the 9mm, it is it is literally bulletproof to a 9 millimeter handgun. That's how strong the skin is. So it's it's it's ultra hard, cold rolled stainless steel alloy that we've developed. We're going to be using the same alloy in the starship rocket and in the Cybertron. Yeah, welcome. So they're on the right. That's like it's not normal for a truck doors moment. Well, we made a tissue paper. This looks like a painful verydifferent.


So, you know, when you say something is both tough, that's what we mean.


What about the glass? Seems like a vulnerability now. Transparent metal, glass. Yeah. Right. Let's let's let's let's show some of the tests.


So what can we do with this? Let's show the glass demo. Here to put firsts first, this is regular glass. This is like normal glass, hard glass. We will show you what happens with normal car glass.


Chateaus immediately put a little ball. Now, say Tesla a glass. Nothing. But it's it's it's it's kind of a small volo that's. Maybe like do it at bigger height with a.


So so that. Navigable. About. France. Could you try to break this glass, please? Now. Sure. Yeah. Oh, my God. Well, maybe that was a little too hard to we tried. It didn't go through as a plus side. Let's try that one. Really? OK. Oh, man, it didn't go through. I. ROOM for improvement. All right, let's see. So, yeah, we would actually throw everything, we threw wrenches.


We threw everything. We even literally through the kitchen sink at the at the weight of the glass and it didn't break for them. We had reason it broke. Now I don't know why.


You know, fix it in post. So. In addition, the car has an adaptive air suspension. It's literally built yet with the best suspension. So this will come standard on all the cars. I think this is actually a very important design element because if you have a if if if every every truck has ability to adjust the right height so you can go very low or very high. So you can be efficient on the highway and you can can to go off roading.


It's going to have the highest clearance of any any production truck. So we'd have to see a 16 inch clearance and you can adjust this on the fly. So it's adaptive damping and adaptive. Right. Right. Height these days are actually extremely important for a truck because trucks, when you do only driving, they're either too cushy or they're they're too hard. You need to be able to adjust dynamically depending upon what the load is. If you've got a lot of people on board, if you got a full baton in the back, it's got to adjust accordingly.


So, yeah. This to talk about the we called the vault semitruck trackball. So say. Let's look at those demos active. Yeah. The river is 100 cubic feet, six and a half foot length, that length up to 300 pounds of payload. I can. But what about a real world, real world test? Like, let's let's actually have a tug of war here with an F-150.




Si would see which one can pull, which lets lots of us do the tug of war video.


Yes, but it was uphill. So let's see on road performance. Now, let's see. But how does this compare to a Porsche 911?


OK. We're going to give the portion a little bit of a head start. Yeah, this is a kid, those parents hardship condition push. And this is the actual truck that does not CGI.


In terms of offroad performance, it's going to have the best angular approach angle, best clearance heights, best approach Wrangel. People that are really going off road. This is gonna be great. You can basically do the Bahaa Allianz thing. Free range is. So the. So we still have access to all Superchargers be capable of more than 250 kilowatts to reveal the actual number later.


And it has onboard outlets for 110 and hundred and 2.20 volts. So you don't need a generator, but the truck literally is your generator. And as a plus, because it's got an air suspension, we can tap off the air suspension. So you have a pneumatic source. Seven.


Yeah. On board the air compressor. Of course, they will come with Autopilots Denner. So the three versions. But it's going to. So that's the price without any incentives. That's just like the press, without any incentives.


But the the actual economics are even better than that because the cost of electricity is much less than the cost of gasoline. So when you look at the actual cost of ownership here, it's it's, you know, you're paying much less for electricity than you are for gasoline. You pay much less for maintenance. There's no oil changes, no smog checks, no nothing. You know that stuff. So your maintenance is low, the cost of operations are low.


And so it's actually comparable to a truck, a gasoline truck. That's ten to fifteen thousand dollars less. All right. Yeah. So you can order now if you would like. Tell us that outcome. So slash cyber truck. Oh, I should say also we're gonna be offering rides in this all night.


Don't mind the glass. All right. Thank you guys for coming. They just me a great, great party, your love, right around this thing. Great. All right. Thank you. To do the oh about this. Oh, yeah, but we made it. We also made a TV, so.


Let's bring it out. So you see the truck. See what I mean by the adaptive suspension? That's. So did after our suspension. You can drop real low, you go high on the outside with full load mode. So got to load mode gear, Bolton ramp to take a ATV or dirt bike whenever you want. And load it on the back. Yes. Oh. And a shot. It's hard. It's. It's currently plugged in and charging.


Feel like the car is adjusting itself. So you go like real tight on the freeway and you get away. Hi, offroading. Yeah. All right.