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In today's video, I'm going to be talking about the top five electric vertical takeoff and landing companies or otherwise known as Electric Vitalis. For starters, they're over 90 electric VTOL concepts. They range from Mount's like a bike all the way to Jets. Let's start with number five. Meet the Hexa from Lyft, looking for your own personal flying machine. That's simple to fly and can be bought today. Well, you just found it live. Texan is an all electric VTOL single passenger, wingless, multi-cap.


They're aimed primarily at tourism and short distance travel. It completed its first manned test flight in November 2018, and as an added bonus, it can float. It uses 18 propellers to carry a 250 pound passenger for up to 15 minutes while retaining 25 percent battery life. The Hexa is semi-autonomous and its stability is accomplished by flight control computers. After training in lifts virtual reality simulators, the passenger can use the single three axis joystick or can engage in autopilot mode using a small touch screen.


The triple redundant flight computer system continuously calculates the energy required to return to home. So regardless of the pilot's actions, the Hexa will automatically return and land. While the battery still has a sufficient return charge for safety, it can automatically land in designated safe areas or be controlled remotely by Lyft train safety pilots.


The hexagon also fly with up to six motors disabled and is also equipped with an autonomous ballistic parachute. Lift was founded by Matt Chasten in 2017 and Budapest. Their main headquarters now are in Austin, Texas. Right now the purchase price is 495 thousand dollars. Introducing the Pegasus from Aurora. Pegasus is an all electric six engine veto. It uses nine propellers to fly up to 180 kilometers per hour for around 80 kilometers per flight. It currently seats two with a goal of seating four passengers in the future, it can be flown autonomously or by pilot and can carry roughly 230 kilograms for safety.


It uses an auto land function. Aurora was founded by John Langford, the third in 1989 and was later acquired by Boeing. Aurora plans to both manufacture the plane, as well as operated as a point to point on demand regional air taxi service. They already partnered with Uber and it's estimated to be fully operational by 2023. It is not available for individual sale. Hung two one six is an all electric 16 motor veto, it gets his name from its two seats and 16 propeller's.


It uses those 16 propellers to fly up to one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. That's about twenty one minutes of total flight time. It needs two and it's flown autonomously. He can carry about 260 kilograms for safety and uses distributed electric propulsion, utilizes multiple propellers and motors to provide safety through redundancy for its passengers. If one or two motors or propellers fail, the other working propellers can safely land, the aircraft belong two one six has a multitude of sensors and navigation equipment, allowing the aircraft to make smart decisions depending upon weather and obstacles during the flight.


Having the command control centers at your fingertips also increases the safety of the aircraft.


He hung two one six was based off of a previous model. He hung one eight four, which had one seat, eight propellers and forearms. And beyond that, they have a single passenger hung one one six and production.


Hung was co-founded by Huaxi Who and he Fang's Young in 2014.


Their headquarters is based in Guangzhou, China, and main manufacturing facility is in Austria. They're looking to expand vehicle production to North America and Asia, rehung manufactures and currently sells the planes as a commercial vehicle.


It is not available for individual sale. The City Airbus is an all electric engine veto. It uses eight tilt rotors to fly up to 120 kilometers per hour for around 241 kilometers per flight and has a max flight time of 15 minutes and can carry 250 kilograms. It seats for passengers with complete autonomous flight. For safety, it uses distributed electric propulsion, provide safety through redundancy for its passengers and for its cargo city. Airbus is one of two electric guitars an Airbus will potentially produce.


The other is the single seat VARNO on Saturday, December 21st, 2019, the first unscrewed, untethered flight of the city Airbus was made in Bavaria, Germany. City Airbus was created by Airbus in twenty seventeen Airbus plans to manufacture the aircraft, as well as operating as a point to point on demand regional air taxi service. It is not available for individual sale. And finally, the Lilium jet Lilium is a German based startup co-founded in 2015 by four aerospace engineers and product designers.


To date, the company has raised more than three hundred and seventy five million dollars in funding, it seeks to raise another one to 250 million more after a full scale prototype named Eagle completed a series of successful unmanned test flights in April 2017 and then moved forward with the five seater Liliom jet. The Lilium jet is an all electric 36 engine fixed wing VTOL plane. It uses 36 Douglas fans to fly up to 300 kilometers per hour for around 300 kilometers per flight.


He seats a pilot and four passengers and is designed to be fully autonomous in the future. On May 16th, 2019, Lilium revealed that they had their first untethered and unmanned flight, which took place on May 4th, 2019, at an airport in Munich, Germany. Extensive ground testing took place before its maiden flight. Lilium plans to both manufacture the jet and operate it as a point to point on demand regional air taxi service. The company states that with their aerial ride sharing operations, a person can increase their rates of life by a factor of 25 miles.


Could this be the next Uber or Lyft of the sky with their on demand air transportation, it's estimated to be fully operational by 2025.


It is not available for individual sale. Did you like our list? Which one did you think was the best? Please let us know in the comments section below and please remember to like, subscribe and share this video with your friends, click one of these videos to watch more or click the notification button to be notified of our new videos. Thank you for watching.