Transcribe your podcast

Lemanada. I'm feeling irritated about having to record a trailer for the podcast. You know why? Because I'm going, Who listens to these? Who? I've never listened to a podcast trailer in all my days. Okay, not a one. Never in my life have I gone, you know what I feel like doing? Listening to a fucking podcast trailer. This is going nowhere. Nobody's going to hear this. Why am I recording this? Also, the amazing team behind the podcast came up with a bunch of different variations of trailers, and I nixed all of them because I was like, what? These are so great and also not what the podcast is. There's these amazing sound bites and they're taking quips and the best moments of the thing. And it's just like this is a commercialized version of what the thing is. The thing is me fucking talking. I'm just talking into a phone. I'm literally just sharing in real time whatever the emotion is that's most on my mind in that moment while I'm in the middle of the emotion. That's the podcast. That's it. That's the thing. No bells, no whistles. That's the extent of it. It's just me.


Really? Do you need the trailer? It could just be me. And it's just like, look, if you like me, you're going to like the podcast. And if you don't, you're not. So that's all we needed to know here. I'm the host, me, Janette McCurdy. If you like me, maybe listen to the podcast. If you don't like me, maybe don't. Feels pretty intuitive. Hard Feelings is coming out October 24th from Liminata Media.