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Barry John Crow is an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent, the fastest sausage tire on the planet, 78 sausages in under a minute.


Bravo, Barry. John Crow.


Your obsession with speed has led to something extraordinary. And so as ours, Ireland's fastest broadband network has just got even faster. One gig, broadband from Virgin Media, now available to ninety seven point five percent of our network.


She Virgin Media got a Virgin Media bring on amazing subject location and availability and supply.


Ireland's fastest broadband network based on analysis by Douglas B.. Intelligence Data Q1 to Q2 2020. See Virgin Media drive forward slash proof. It's cheap.


You love pennies. You'll hear at the top of the queue here in Blanchetown Town Center. Why have you started to Q1? What time with you from point four to six quarters to six by forty five. And what is this about Penneys? Is it the fast fashion design or is it just classy to just love it to get a buzz. Why you get top fashion brands for cheap and what are you going to get today? I don't think you want to hear it over.


The radio will be to go and on the right. So you're going to stock up on underwear? I am pajamas. You were in the queue. You're in flip flops. Are you going to get something more suitable for winter? Well, yeah, definitely. I need a wardrobe. You need a wardrobe? Yeah. I don't know. I only had a baby shower. Congratulations. How old is your baby? Is far more healthy.


Help our customers and colleagues of my customers Twitter, Facebook and do social distancing measures while shopping with us. And thank you for your support. We're inside the penny superstore at the moment and it's busy. But there's enough space. You you're filling bags of stuff. What have you bought so far? What are you buying? Christmas decorations. Pet stuff, baby, for Christmas. Jamas, you have a baby having a first Christmas. Yeah, my granddaughters have enough for Christmas.


And what have you got, pajamas. Pajamas and pajamas.


Pajamas and pajamas. You didn't come in your pajamas, did you? I wish I did. But how does it feel that the stores reopened after six weeks in the factories, open for thirty nine hours straight for the whole time. And was it worth it getting up at the crack of dawn to be here?


Oh yeah. It's just hard to be busy enough with skill rounds and looking after my friends generally. So I said I'd have to. And you're not worried about the crowds now? Once we know to keep our distance. So we stick together and we just watch if you're going in to get a step back and wait if you are trying to. Social justice. Yeah. As much as we can. And then just obviously substitute face masks and sanitizer and things like that.


It's quiet, actually very quiet because who is going to be open until tomorrow. But it's good quite is good people so it's good for the situation. Your opinions. I've noticed you've got a friend who is not funny yet. That is funny. I got up probably about two months ago and delighted that the shop's back open. So we came out really early this morning just to get our Christmas the staff and the Christmas shopping. You just had to get stuff.


Yeah. So see, you love going out to Penney's just to have a nosey. And even if you don't need anything, you just pick up a lot of stuff. So it's great to be here and just lots of stuff in the shop. So how I feel to be Krakow's and as you said, a head start. Are you concerned at all about the pandemic? Would you just want to get on with it?


I think people will set the stage where you have to live and you have to kind of adjust to our lifestyle. So people of just going shopping and going to the shops, even if they're not buying materials to see what about it's part of our culture. It's part of our lifestyle. So tough the shops back open. It seems like we're getting back to some sort of normality. I'm having a chat with Lindsey Brown from Canberra. You traveled all the way to lunch to first thing in the morning to shop in Penney's.


Why is this a great Jemison's bed clothes and children's pajamas and just any great in general? And has it been hard to live without pajamas yet? But you have to sleep in your bed. Yeah. Yeah, everywhere. Like, you know, soldo pajamas out over the line and things like that. And you wouldn't get sizes for me. So you're relieved. Really great to be here with me as well. So she's floating around there somewhere and it's a big story, easy solutions as I've been walking through the whole pandemic.


So to treat yourself to your frontline worker, I yeah, I'm you to the health care system in St James's Hospital. So a very important job. And you just wanted to have a little bit of retail therapy, that's all. So I'm enjoying myself. So you've bought some wrapping paper. You've also provided for. Wow, what Barcott and what else. And just neupogen with just a smaller sense of everyone's buying pyjamas. You have to help me.


The most essential thing to a woman, especially now with your deafen, that's almost worth it, getting up at the crack of a half hour every morning. So there's not on this morning with another half or so of the half or I just thought I got to cut it so I'll be back home and I won't be in the midst of all the buttons. So you were aware that you wanted to keep people safe. So we're coming early here because.


Yes, I knew that would happen. So you're looking for a bargain? Yeah. And was it worth getting up so early or is it is er just to get Christmas Eve pajamas. What a Christmas Eve pajamas. Like Modern Family pajamas. So these are pajamas that you wear for Christmas Eve. Special one. Yeah. For the kids and. Yeah. And everyone has the same path. Yeah. I decided to go forward and I had to be a get.


You got these special ones here with Christmas trees on the Christmas tree is and yeah. I'm very festive. Do you have any special Christmas tree pyjamas on. This is important. We want this. Yeah. Yeah definitely. What is it you love about ponies. I mean that's a celebration going on. People don't come until the moment we've got Stevie Wonder signed, sealed and delivered in the background shop, early morning shopping, getting the Christmas tree and now the late night back on the lights and everything looks Christmassy again.


How much did you spend? Fifty, 150 or so. You've got a local one. Yeah. Yeah, well, I came here really early by seven a.m.. Yeah. I bought mostly Christmas shopping. Nothing that I really need a baby oropharynx. Well I just need a few essentials because of my baby gone yet. That's it. When's the baby? February 3rd, just early risers, so an early riser. Yeah, as the economy opens after six weeks down, pajamas is the number one thing.


I mean, we have to look at ourselves sometimes as well. We've had a tough few weeks of. Well. Absolutely amazing. Absolutely love shopping at Penney's. I couldn't wait for it to open. So it's been amazing tonight. And it's reopened today. Oh, I'm absolutely delighted. One of the best shops around wouldn't go anywhere else, which happens if you were counting down the days for the easing of the lockdown. I was out shopping again.


Yeah, absolutely. About six o'clock this morning to get here. And how have you found all the sanitation, social distancing measures? Absolutely brilliant. They always are. I mean, you come in from time, you're leaving. Absolutely amazing.


And did you guess you could say an endorphin rush when you purchase something shopping again? Physically. Oh, yeah. I'll be back.


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