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Well, Gareth Mullins, executive chef at the Moscow Hotel, which has reopened, joins me. And today he's going to Shrimp Laughy, the classic prawn cocktail. Sorry about that pun again. Anyway, prawn cocktails come in many forms.


The good, the bad and the ugly. No, you know, the kind of gunk that some people put on prawns and call it a cocktail to the very refined. What have you got for us?


Monopod. How are you? So I'm trying I'm going to give you a recipe today that I've actually been having since a kid. And I was laughing all further. I didn't realise I lived in such a posh house growing up. I thought everybody had really good prawn cocktail, so and so to make a cocktail. What you need is obviously you need prawns so prawns can be got many shapes and forms. The little small shrimps that you can buy in the frozen section of the supermarket I think are perfectly acceptable for this.


If you want to push your budget out a little bit, of course you can go to your fishmongers and buy some Dublin Bay prawns or some longer stand and steam them and show them on the also wonderful. Or you could use tiger prawns, which will be green and you'll have to cook. And there is recipes for coconut milk openly. Instagram is always incredible. And so you need 400 grams of cooked prawns to start with. That's going to make the base of the dish ten for the salad underneath.


And I think this is where a lot of people fall down and it starts getting Ghoncheh and they make the salad too early. So in there you need a cucumber, not we're going to peel DC and Doyce, you need 12 cherry tomatoes that we're going to quarter. You need some spring onions that we're going to chop to heads of baby jam lettuce. Ah, you could also use Oistrakh. I just think Baby Jam gives a little bit more flavor.


I don't know what is also a lovely couple of sprigs. A mint. I just like to chop them to the salad because it adds a little bit more flavor and and a couple of lemons. Then really what the whole thing is about is the Microsoft. So to make a Mario sauce, you need two tablespoons of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of cream fresh, a tablespoon of tomato ketchup. Yes. Tomato ketchup and juice of a lemon.


Juice and a splash of brandy. The brandy really does make a difference, so I would say try and get the brandy for this. It just cuts across the creaminess of the cream fresh and the mayonnaise and then the season a little bit of cayenne pepper and just check it for salt and might need salt because the mayonnaise and the ketchup is already relatively seasoned. And then so maybe the sauce should.


Therefore, if you do all of this, you just mix it up. I mean, there's no further trek than that. No, no, there's no secret here.


The secret is that you chopped all the garnish off in the morning and have it all separate on a plate. Make your marinara sauce on Christmas Eve. The different chaperones on Christmas Eve and dangerous put out some beautiful glasses and all. I thought I just put a photograph openly on the ground there. I'm using the Waterford crystal martini glass and you just put the salad in the bottom, toss it all together, drizzled with a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice, which are prawns on top of the.


And then a nice dollop of the Mary rose sauce, little wedge lemon on the side and maybe a little wedge of iceberg as well, just as a garnish, just to make it look nice. But for me, it's a great start. I hear people trying to cook Hofstadter's on Christmas Day and I think maybe it might be safer just to do a cold starter and then concentrate on really getting that turkey right. And obviously all the sides are very good.


And you would like before you embark on all of this, to have a cranberry Bellini.


Yeah, just thought I'd try a little drinks recipe. So, you know, Christmas can be a long day with a lot of beverages coming at you sometimes. So if you want to start with something a little bit later in the morning or you would say a cranberry blini. So I shared my cranberry sauce recipe a couple of weeks ago. So all I want you to do is take a couple of spoonfuls of cranberry sauce. Ashes are the splash of cranberry juice to squeeze a little and a squeeze of a couple of clementines.


All we're really doing is loosening up that cranberry sauce a little bit and then into a nice tall champagne flutes. Put a spoonful of that cranberry mix that I've just explained, how to make it into the bottom of the glass and then gently pour some cava or some prosecco in on top of it. And you're going to get the classic Pollini, which we know originates from Venice, Harry's Bar in Venice, generally made with a peach. But I think on Christmas morning is a wonderful way to start the festivities.


Got a feeling Christmassy already. Gareth Evans, executive chef at the O at the Parker Hotel.


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