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That part, Kenny Show on Newstalk. When Hollywood loses one of its stars, the tributes flow and the life is celebrated, but when it's someone who's very talented and very young, it's harder to make sense of it all. And so it was with huge shock and immense sadness that an announcement was posted on Twitter on the 28th of August, which read, It is with immeasurable grief that we confirmed the passing of Chadwick Boseman.


Chadwick was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2016 and battled with it these last four years. As it progressed to stage four a true fighter. Chadwick persevered through it all and brought you many films you've come to love so much, all films during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bring King T'Challa to life in Black Panther. He died in his home, his wife and family by his side.


Our weapons were not being used to wage war on the world. It is not our way to be judge, jury and executioner. For people who are not our own natural, then life start right here in this continent. So in all people, your people. I am not king of all people, I am king of Wakanda. And it is my responsibility to make sure our people are safe and that the vibranium does not fall into the hands of a person like you.


Hey, how are you? Where are you going, the toilet? Oh, come on, boy, you know, you can't go in there. Take that hose out of the tank. Robinson, what he said, take it out. Get out. Ninety nine gallons of gas someplace else. I'm telling you this up front, the NAACP would not like most lawyers, we only represent innocent people, people accused because of their race. That's our mission.


You understand? So I need to know this. Look at me now. Did you do what they said you did? I never touched that woman. OK, Joseph, you got lawyers now, just a taste of some of the movies in which Chadwick Boseman starred.


But, of course, his role in Black Panther gave him a legion of fans right throughout the world. Here he is talking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about how he brought humanity to the role, the superhero part of the powers that a person has like you.


That's an important part of being a superhero. We identify with the humanity. We identify with the fact that they have the same struggles that we have. You know, they have a mother and a father. So it's the back story is who are they like? Why does he respect his father so much? You know? And I think with us, what we had to do is grounded in an authenticity that is African. So we, you know, for me was like, well, I am Uraba.


So what is that particular your people came from? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So or also father that I'm Lembo from Sierra Leone. So like what, what does that mean to me and then how can I bring that to the film. And I think everybody across the board sort of did some sort of research on their characters in that way, you know, set design, wardrobe, you know, picking various different aspects of of the continent that we love because you can bring all of that into this place that's supposed to be fictitious.


But the idea is that, you know what? Cotton is a place that everything sort of could have sort of come from because they've been around that long. So there's a dispersion throughout the continent. So you can pick from anything you love. Like I spoke of the Egyptian reference, you know, the South African references, you know, references to the Dogon in Mali. So all of those were sort of like, you know, Ryan's research, my research, the designer's research and everybody to play the character.


You pick something that you loved, you know, and brought it to the film.


During his education in Howard University in Washington, D.C., he was offered a summer acting program at the British American Academy of Dramatic Acting in Oxford. Obviously, as a poor student, it would be out of the question to be able to afford it. But along came a secret benefactor who made it possible to travel.


Years later, Chadwick Boseman found out who it was and recently had a chance to thank the mystery man.


Many of you already know the story that Mr. Washington, when asked by Phylicia Rashad to join her in assisting nine theater students from Howard University who had been accepted to a summer acting program at the British Academy of Dramatic Acting in Oxford, he gracefully and privately agreed to contribute as fate would have it. I was one of the students that he paid for.


Imagine receiving the letter that your tuition for that summer was paid for and that your benefactor was none other than the doper's actor on the planet.


I have no doubt that there are similar stories in Boys and Girls clubs and theaters and churches across the country where I know you have also inspired and motivated others and offering from a sage in a king is more than silver and gold. It is a seed of hope, a bird of faith. There is no Black Panther with that. Denzel Washington.


In 2018, Chadwick Boseman returned to his alma mater, Howard University, to give the commencement or graduation speech. No one knew then that he was privately battling cancer. He gave the most inspiring speech, encouraging the young graduates to never settle, never give up. This is a portion of that address.


I was on a roll when I entered the system of entertainment, theater, television and film and my first New York audition for professional play.


I landed the lead role from that play. I got my first agent from that agent. I got an on screen audition. It was a soap opera. It was a third was it was a soap opera on a major network. I scored that role too.


I felt like Mike Tyson when he first came on the scene knocking out opponents in the first round with this self-propagating.


I was already promised to make six six figures more money than I had ever seen.


I was feeling myself.


But once I got the first script and was so bravas, you very often get the script the night before and then you shoot the whole episode in one day with little to no time to prepare.


Once I saw the role I was playing, I find myself conflicted.


The role wasn't necessarily stereotypical. A young man in his formative years with a valid script pulled into the allure of gang involvement. That's somebody's real story.


Never just the characters you play.


That's what we always taught. That's that's the first rule of acting in any role play, honestly, can be empowering. But I was conflicted because this role seemed to be wrapped up in assumptions about us as Blackphone.


The writing failed to search for specificity. Plus there was barely a glimpse of positivity or talent in the characters, barely a glimpse of hope.


I would have to make something out of nothing. I was conflicted.


How would it instilled in me a certain amount of pride and for my taste. This road didn't live up to those standards. It was just my luck that after filming the first two episodes of the show called me into their office offices and told me how happy they were with my performance. They wanted me to be around for a long time.


They said if there was anything that I needed, just let them know there was my opening.


I decided to ask them some simple questions about the background of my character, questions that I felt were pertinent to the plot. Question number one, where's my father?


The exact answer he left when you were younger, of course.


OK, question number two in the scripted alluded to my mother not being equipped to operate as a good parent, so why exactly would my little brother not have to go into foster care?


Matter of fact, we said, well, of course, she's on heroin.


That would be real, I guess.


But I don't want to assume that's what it was. If we're around here, assuming that the black characters in this show are criminals or drugs and dippy parents, and that will probably be stereotypical, that word stereotypical. When one of the accents pulled out my resume and began studying, the other accent was smart, trying to live up to what they had promised me only a few moments before.


If there's anything you need, just let us know, she said. As you have seen, things move really fast around here. But we are more more than happy to connect you with the writers if you have suggestions. Yeah, I said that that would be great. I say because I'm just trying to do my homework on this. I didn't I didn't know if you guys had decided on all the facts, but maybe there are some things we could come up with, some talent or gift that we could build.


Maybe he's really good at math or something. He has to be active. I'm doing my best not to play. This is acting like a victim.


So you went to Howard University. The exec holding my resume interrupted, peeking over the pages. Yes, I said proudly. He slid my resume back in his desk and said, Thank you for your concerns.


We'll be watching you. I left the office.


I shot the episode. I come in to shoot on that day, probably the best one I did out of the three, because I got what was bothering me off my chest. I was let go from that job on the next day, a phone call from my agent. They decided to go another way yet. And still, when you invest in a sea watching it grow without you, that is a bitter pill.


Swallow a bitter pill. Anybody that's ever been fired knows what I'm talking about. Even if you really don't want the job when they let you go, it's like any break up. You act like you don't care. I didn't need that damn job anyway.


I didn't need them.


What will you have those moments alone? You start to wonder if there was a better way to handle it and if you could have, you could have handled it better. Maybe you could help your family and deal before you know it. You're broke and you find yourself scraping together change just so you can ride the subway so that you can get the next job. And maybe if you could book something else, that would eclipse the feeling of doubt this building.


But it seems like you can't pay them to hire you now graduating class. Hear me? Well, on this day when you had this day, when you have reached the hilltop and you are deciding on next jobs, next steps, careers, further education, you would rather find purpose than a job or career purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill.


Whatever you choose your career path. Remember, the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.


When I dare to challenge the system, that would relegate us to victory stereotypes with no clear historical backgrounds, no hopes of challenge.


When I question that method of portrayal, a different path opened up for me, the path to my destiny. I don't know what your future is, but if you are willing to take the heart away, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first, the successes, the one that has ultimately proven to have more meaning, more victory will glory that you will not regret it. Now this is your time.


In the light of new realization shines on you today.


How his legacy is not wrapped up in the money that you will make, but the challenges that you choose to confront as you commit to your past.


Pressing on with pride and press on with purpose. God bless you. I love you.


How. How have you ever. The voice of Chadwick Boseman, who died on the 20th of August, giving the commencement or graduation address at his old university, Howard in Washington, D.C..


Here's to choir singing the exact same peace and. Did you spot the crucial difference, a small difference could be crucial even when it comes to loans, if you're thinking about a personal loan to keep independent money to can help you compare loan rates in seconds to find the best rate for you at Sicarii from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.