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Get your ticket for the win your house in Dublin draw before it's too late on the 4th of December, you could be the lucky winner of a four bedroom house in Dublin for a brand new master. Two tickets are available on Win Your House in Dublin. Dotcom, don't miss out on this life changing opportunity, but supporting Donegal, Gayo. That Pat Kenny show on Newstalk. Well, now it's time to learn how to make a delicious weekend dessert, and we have Gareth Mullins, executive chef at the Marker Hotel in Dublin, on hand to tell us how.


Gareth, good morning. Good morning. How are you doing? I'm very well. I love rhubarb crumble and I love rhubarb an apple crumble. So that's what you're going to do for us. You're not on your own.


It's my son's favorite dessert, and any time I make a he before he can. So I actually have to make two because he uses the first lunchbox during the week then so and so. Yeah, I'm doing a rhubarb, an apple crumble and I'm still a bit of rhubarb kicking around. So and what you need to make to the bottom part, you need a kilo of rhubarb, 200 grams of sugar. I like to put a pinch of allspice on a pinch.


Cinnamon and then some if you can get them coconut apples, peel them them and chop them up and 50 grams of water. And all you do is you put all of that into a pot and you put it on the stove and you stew for about anywhere between five and 10 minutes just until it starts breaking down and starts looking like a compote. The other thing then that we need to do is to make the crumble topping. So there's loads and loads of recipes and methods for doing this.


And all you really think is a good one that you control with the kids. So you want a bowl with 250 grams of plain flour and a hundred and twenty grams of butter. So it's cold, unsalted butter that you've called into cubes. Then what you're going to do is you're going to rub the flour on the border together, which are your finger on your tongue. And that's going to take, let's say, anywhere between five and six minutes.


It'll start to resemble like breadcrumbs or even a sandy consistency. So all you're doing is you're rubbing the the flour on the butter together and at that point you stop. Now, what I like to add into it stands for a bit of texture is some rolled oats or some porridge as 75 grams of brown sugar. Just to sweeten it up a little bit, some ground elements that just gives a little bit of flavor and texture on some coconut. You mix that all together.


You transfer your crumble into a dish or something that you can put into the oven and then you gently sprinkle your crumble mix on the top down, press it down, let it fall in. Because what we want to do is when it starts roasting, we want all the juices from the rhubarb and the apple to bubble up and make its way through the complex and be a part of town to treat. That doesn't happen and that's really it. And so that's a very, very basic recipe.


And once you crumble Parks, you know, I've got to ask you about that, that you can put anything underneath, really anything under underneath.


Because rhubarb, we've come to the end of the rhubarb in our garden. So I'm just wondering, is there much of it out there in the shops?


Yeah, there's a bit of a chicken around still. I mean, there's a bit of frost rhubarb still around. Most of the I mean, there's a little bit of the oil still still around the around and my people around. But the older, very obvious ingredient that's out there at the moment and that's abundances Blackberries. So I put all the BlackBerry bushes are starting to fill up now and you can see that are starting to go from that green color into the black it that we all know.


So if you want to just substitute the rhubarb, if you can't get it and do an Apple and BlackBerry crumble, it would be equally as delicious. Also, just apple, apple and pear. I mean, the sky's the limit here. You can really put anything underneath it crumble. So whatever your kids like and whatever you like is what goes underneath. It's the crumble pack as well. Brings the deliciousness from me. And one other thing I would say to is just be careful not to sweeten the the Compaq underneath because and the tartness of the rhubarb I really feel is what works great with it.


And we look to serve a little ice cream or maybe a little bit of cream fresh with a scrape.


But you do, even though you do have caster sugar in there. And when you're heating up the rhubarb in the past, so much sugar in this.


Yeah, it's there for two reasons to start out a little bit of sweetness, but it also is there to kind to help bring on the saucy part of it. So that's where to put her in. The sugar is in there. And what, like rhubarb. Those need a little bit of sugar and it is a dessert at the end of the day. So we want a little bit of sweetness in there. OK, and how would you serve this?


Yeah, so what do you love to serve? This is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream or as I said, maybe some creme fresh with a little bit of vanilla. Or if you're trying to go to healthier, it also works. Excellent. And yogurt, some fresh and only leftover, put it into the kid's lunchbox and a little tub and they can have it the next day. Cult and which is really delicious.


Absolutely sounds fabulous. I've actually done this one, not your one, because I haven't thought about the the Old Spice pinch and the cinnamon pinch and I haven't thought about almonds and coconut.


So what have I thought about. Well, just flour and projects to be quite honest. So but it's fine but my one is delicious too. Yeah.


It's a crumble. Makes you really want to be thinking about texture. So in your press, if you've got something that you know you want to be using loopier, hazelnuts or almonds or coconut or you know, chawia seeds or any of these things that you bought on a whim and the Helstar put them into your chromatics and they're going to bring a little bit more texture. And the main thing, as you briefly said, a crumbled mix is really just polder and flour to rub together and put Yarden in these fuel.


I mean, there's nothing to say that you couldn't put some chocolate pieces in there or, you know, the sky is the limit, really. And this is a real toy for dessert on a Sunday. You haven't really thought about what you're going to do for dessert. Most people will have these ingredients to hand. And and as I said to you, whichever fruit that you like and that goes into the compost parts and then the Cronulla part is what we've just discussed.


Excellent. Gareth Mullins, executive head chef at the hotel in Dublin, thank you very much for joining us.


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