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That pot Kenny show on Newstalk. Now, it's always a bit of an event. New music from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. And send it in my letter to you. So that's the title track from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band new album, it's called A Letter to You, and the album is set to be released on October 23. And to tell us all about a deputy editor of pasture, Clark Stewart.


Good morning. Good morning. Another song for Patti, the old softy, 12 heart stopping house rocking tracks, his words recorded over a mere five days in Bruce, his New Jersey home studio. It was all done live. No overdubs, but that sounds pristine. Nine of the songs are brand new and three date back to the 1970s. Jadi needs a shooter if I was the priest and song for orphans were earmarked for different early Bruce albums but never quite made the cut.


Now we've heard the bonus tracks on his various reissues. Darkness on the Edge of Town especially, and they're all quality. In fact, Steve Van Zandt reckons that dozens of the boss's best songs have never seen the light of day. He just keeps on writing and writing. That's what he does. I love his solo stuff, but the real magic happens when he's with the E Street girls and boys. That's his gang. Always has been. Always will be.


My intel suggests there would have been Irish dates this summer. But for covid Boo, Bruce has spoken of wanting to go outside of Dublin again. So Limerick, Kilkenny, Cork, Belfast, Galway. Here's hoping for next year.


Now there's a new T Rex tribute album featuring these guys. Very, very sweet. Glad to be back. Don't look back. Hey, I love you, you dirty and sweet. Oh, you're pretty slim and you're weak. You've got teeth of the hydra upon you, you dirty, sweet. And you're my girl. You build back. Oh, yes. You're on team you. That's true. If you cloak full of ego. And while you got the blues in your shoes and you stuck in.


And that's the sound of U2 and get it on bang, a gong, a tribute to T. Rex Stewart.


Yes, Angel headed hipster, the songs of Marc Bolan and T Rex that was originally released by Mark in July 1971, a massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Taking care of piano duties back then was Rick Wakeman. Now it's Elton John, assembled by award winning producer How Wellner, who sadly passed away a few months ago. He was a big part of what's known as the man with the golden golden Rolodex. He also got Joan Jett father, John Misty, Nick Cave Maqam and Sean Lennon, Kesha, Governor Friday and Maria McKee to cover their favorites Edge, a massive Barch, a Marc Bolan fan.


Incidentally, U2 are releasing a very fancy 20th birthday edition of All That You Can't Leave Behind on October the 30th. Back to the Marc tribute. The Nick Cave version of Cosmic Dance is absolutely gorgeous. This, though, is the stand out from peaches. Solid gold, easy action.


Love is the same, and it always will be special forces from the tree. But I can't use. This is the action. That is in line with the thoughts of a tiger who knows how to ride the. But I can't get no satisfaction. My wife is somebody that. Satisfaction is easy.


Solid gold, easy action from speeches, one intriguing thing, as you wrote, when you go on Spotify and you listen to this album, there's no sign of the U2.


Yeah, physical only. I think they're trying to boost the sales. A lot of these tributes are lovely ideas, but sound horrible and really disjointed. Angel headed hipster really works. A fitting tribute to Mark as a massive fan. There's a documentary the other night on Scios. He was a brilliant pop star.


Now you've got some new Irish music for us as well. Let's listen. Who cares about the. And I show me the. And broken man down. Johnny Kayseri sat chandru, fell in the embers, Peter. Sacred features are all the empty bottles in their own. They the special seat for him, high school, no church pew that run along the back wall. You never be a scholar. But the adults are always looking for. Now, this is Seamus Fogarty.


Stuart, this is fabulous stuff. Listen on the headphones and he were Pat and your mind will be blown six minutes long.


It's as mad as a bag of frogs. The first taste from is a Bag of Eyes album, which follows on November the 6th, a male singer living in London and signed to Domino, the same label as Villagers', Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys. That'll be some Christmas party if they're not social distancing. There's a lot of talk about New Trad., which sounds just like Old Trafford, but this guy is really having fun with the tradition and taking it in loads of different exciting directions.


I'm hearing the Beta Band Early Pink Floyd with the small faces and of course, luckly banjo and bleeps from Shakey's faggoty brilliant stuff.


Stuart, thank you very much for joining us and introducing me to that son. Looking forward to hearing the entire album. Stuart Clark, deputy editor of Hot Press.