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Last night, I saw you dressed in white. Nothing around you. I need to call. That's just a little from a track called Lightning Feels from the Killers is from the new album Imploding The Mirage, which is out today. Tell us all about it. Deputy editor with Hot Press, Stuart Clark. Stuart, good morning.


Good morning. Part the guest singer a wee bit later on, sounding very like Brandon Flowers is the legendary K.D. Lang featuring elsewhere on the 80s influenced record and Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac with blood from War on Drugs. Lucius and Bob Dylan guitarist Blake Mills are completed just before lockdown started. Brandon has been staying safe up in the Utah mountains, which he likens to The Shining. You can see it now, can't you? I spoke to him last week.


He's very anti Trump and guns and very pro Black Lives Matter. They reworked one of their tracks, Land of the Free, following George Floyd's murder in May sample Eric eight measured minutes and 46 seconds. Another boy in the bag, another stain on the flag. It's powerful stuff. And on their Instagram, he's become a born again Van Morrison fan and records that Lyndon Ardern stole. The highlights is the greatest vocal performance of all time. He could be right.


Van turning 75 soon will be celebrating of a packed Kanye show. Brandon is a massive rock star, but very shy and humble and still pinching himself. He can't believe it. The best moment of his life, he told me, was singing Thunder Road with Bruce Springsteen. I'm not sure Mrs. Flowers or his children, whose birthday he was at, will be impressed. No surprises, but a really strong set of songs from the killers.


OK, and new music now from the hit machine known as Katy Perry. Five. Is it the way I talk sweet, the way my skin is soft or how I can be a bitch, make you keep your fingers crossed? Is it the way that I praise the way that I please you or how fast I change my mind? I get scared.


There are many you could spend your whole life, but you could just go to the bank. So she's always been the perfect man. Could spend your whole life, but you could just go. So that's what makes the woman to me. Is it the way I cut my hair, as I say, a hit machine? We got two for the price of one. We got other music before we heard Katy Perry.


This is going to be a good album, I suspect.


Yeah, that's a taste from Smil album number six out next Friday. You don't have to wait a bit. She describes it as her journey towards the light with stories of resilience, hope and love. This follows a relationship break up and bouts of severe depression. She's currently nine months pregnant. Congratulations with her first child. So any minute now, she's going to be a working mother with season four of American Idol kicking off soon. Lionel Richie also on board for that.


It is, for the most part, a very upbeat record, albeit with some dark moments. Every song could be a single. Such is the quality of the choruses. And she's really grown as a lyricist. Good stuff from Katy Perry Smil out next Friday.


Now a new movie is coming out and we'll hear just a little bit today.


The Senate, by the way, the Shoma, he could hold the audience in the palm of his hand. He really did walk down the road with swagger. Man was red hot. He was on fire. Everything we put out was the this was our time. What could go wrong, right? It was actually a shy man, I don't think he had an easy target, you just didn't see black people in Ireland in the 50s when we got to London.


There were signs saying no Irish, no blacks, no. Don't it sound like a British person? So said, oh, my goodness, trust me.


That's our portion of the trailer for a new movie. Tell me more, Stuart Stewart.


Yeah, Phillip Linus would have been 71 yesterday. Happy Birthday fell to mark the occasion. The first trailer was released for a major new documentary, songs for While I'm Away, which hits the cinemas hopefully in the autumn. Our contributors include Adam Clayton, James HETFIELD, Huey Lewis Mid-Year, Suzi Quatro, and probably most importantly here, his wife Caroline and daughters Sarah and Kathleen, who haven't spoken a huge amount in the past about their ex-husband and their dad.


Not a puff piece. The drug addiction and drinking is addressed in quite some detail. Apparently its promises to be fascinating.


All right. Well, we have music from riptide movement, which will deal with maybe next week as we've run out of time Stuart. Clark, thank you very much.


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