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They're part Kenny show on news, talk with Marter private network during current restrictions. Don't ignore your health concerns. Our expert team is ready to help. Kelly used talks technology correspondent, do you believe in Christmas pajamas? Were they your thing? Were they you think they still are?


Jonathan, this is news to me. I mean, I'm this years old and this is coming to me now that I should have been wearing the same pajamas as my family.




Like, do you not do that? So we now have a thing. So my nieces and my nephews will all be wearing matching ones and their mom will wear matching ones. And then me and my siblings, even though we're all know almost in her 30s, will wear matching ones. And it's fantastic. And I'm getting absolute cringe locks through the glass here in front of me of people just dying inside. I talk about matching jammies.


I am 200 miles away from here. You should see my face right next to Jonathan.


Yes, of course. No one's questioning that.


Look, I have to say more power to the people who are out shopping there today, as we heard from Henry earlier on, because people will do it sensibly and responsibly and they'll respect the rules. And I don't know what it's like. Now, you might text me quickly to five three, one, two, six to give me an update on what it's like out at about. And I'm sure, Andre, we'll talk about it.


But shopping is very important at Christmas time. And if people are looking for inspirational tech ideas, Jess Kelly, to the rescue or just inspiration and life in general.


But yes, indeed I do. Yeah, I have some gift ideas. Over the last two or three weeks, we've been doing our annual techie gift guide. The first week was less than 40 euro. Last week was less than 100 euro. And this week we're up to 200 euro and under. And the impressive thing is that 200 euro, obviously, and off goes a long way. In fact, one of the guests on my on my list actually hit to your 100 euro.


The best thing I bought this year, well, at least a form of it is on this list now.


It's not going to be there. What do you think it is? Bush, honest to God, a game changer for the complete game changer. What is it?


The Jihad? No, no, no.


Jonathan, I know you're name, but come on, my hair is no longer enough to justify the use of a Jewish state. But that's beside the point because the list not. OK, let's jump in.


So one of my favorite gadgets of the year, these are headphones that I mentioned pretty much every week. They are the Samsung Galaxy Box Live. These are little anear that sit in to your ears, obviously enough. And they pair to any Bluetooth device and stream music. The thing that I love about these is that firstly, they are very small and discrete and they're not cumbersome in any way, shape or form. But the sound quality is amazing and you can wear them comfortably and confidently when you are out on a run or like me just waddling around the place.


They are usually close to 200 euro, but at the moment they're down to one seven 999, which is a very good price. And as I said, I've mentioned them pretty much every week for the last 52 weeks, so I would recommend them. OK, that's one.


But there are alternative boards available. There are alternative boards available. There's the Google pixel boards and these are 189 999. And I really like these ones. I tend to sort of alternate between headphones just to do a bit of AB testing, you know, like the nerd that I am. And these ones are very good. They are very comfortable. And the sound quality, again, is very good. The only reason they're not top of my list is because I have teeny tiny little dinky ears.


And sometimes the design of them. I know. And sometimes the design of them actually kind of hurt my ears if I'm wearing them for too long.


But if you are sort of a proper adult, maybe you don't have that problem.


So big ears like me are fine. It's not what you're trying to imply, but the Apple earbuds airports. I know you can get the super duper ones, but they're reasonably good value. The old older types. I think they're only about 160 quid the last time I checked as well. So there's plenty of options if you're looking for that as a present.


The one thing I am considering this Christmas is is some form of smartwatch. Yes. And you have one on the list that might appeal to me.


Yeah. This again, it's one of my top gadgets of the year. This is the way we watch this, obviously. And if it's, by the way, on, it's a fitness wearable that pairs to any device. You don't have to have a while. We phone it does the sporty stuff. Weld is really good autosport detection. So if you start walking, it'll say, are you walking? You want me to count this as exercise and always say, yes, it has sleep detection, but it also has really good smartwatch capability as well.


So you can manage your music as in if you're a Ferrone, you an apology Spotify or your podcast or indeed news talk. You can just hit pause and read your messages. It's usually 130 euro and it's down at the moment to ninety nine.


How does it know what I differentiate from me. Go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.


Are going for a five k walk so it doesn't kick in until you've been walking for a certain length of time. So it'll know, you know, if you're going say if you're out on a on a ten minute walk and you stop after ten minutes, I probably won't pick it up. But it's very handy for those of us who, you know, every once in a while when I do some exercise, you kind of forget to his record on your recording device and it'll automatically do it for you, which is very helpful.


OK, very good. This is the one this is the best take on the gift of the entire year and. He doesn't have one needs to invest. Yeah, this is the Phillips area, and it's a bit of a random one for a techie gift guide, but I can't cook, right? I can't butter bread. I get stressed trying to boil an egg. But the air fryer has enabled me to make dinner. The idea with this is first and foremost, it's there to try and make your diet a bit healthier so you don't have to cook with oil.


But what I do is and this is, you know, watch out, Nigella Lawson, basically choke on any type of food item into it, turn it on weight about 15 minutes or whenever you think it's done and then it's ready to go. It makes food and food preparation incredibly easy. And I'm not joking.


We had an old one that had an arm that kind of moved around and it was made most of the chips and it was Brut, whereas we got one now that has the drawer, which this one has.


So in other words, you pull it out, you put the food in, and then you push it back in again.


And it's used two or three times a day. Like if the kids come home from school, you make potato waffles in it, you can toast sandwiches in it, you can make your chips in it.


You can do all sorts of fantastic chicken wings in it. It's great for chicken wings. Yeah, I'm blown away as how this has been. It's one of those things that's been invented. It's like the microwave. You wonder what you've been doing without having this in your kitchen. And it doesn't involve oil. So you're not kind of looking after the cholesterol. I sound like an ad for air fryers, but good Lord, people look at airfreighted.


Yeah, no, it's a fantastic gift. And it's definitely wanted to at least as you said, it's something for the entire home and softeners up.


Do not make this the main gift for your doctor, because it may be a bit like the time that I accidentally may have bought a Hoover for someone's birthday and it didn't go down well. So make sure that you saw from the ground before you give us your name.


OK, let's move on quickly before you get a divorce. Hmm. What else have we got? We have I think you'd like this, Jonathan. So I know that you like taking your pictures and I know that. And, you know, we've spoken before. We're not printing as many photos as before. I'm printed one all year. Jonathan.


Well, this could help. This is the Polaroid one step plus camera. It looks exactly like the old school Polaroid camera that my granddad Tony used to have, which none of you will get that reference because he didn't know one.


But it's one of those real old school cameras. It prints the pictures straight away. It's 139 euro from three Ireland and a few other retailers around the place at the moment.


But I just love it. It's a real kind of a throwback element. But there's also the nice thing of having photographs to stick up around the place. The one thing I would say with this is that the refills, the paper refills can be quite expensive.


Yes, Polaroid haven't lost that particular part of the camera because that was the thing I anyone who remembers National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation will remember the big Polaroid. And there were they were the thing if there was a Jack Kelly talking about technology on the radio, she would have been saying this is the best thing since sliced bread.


And then you bought one and you had to take out a second mortgage to print off the next ten pictures.


Yeah, it's not ideal, but I look, it is it's a nice gift and I think it's something that someone would hang on to and appreciate time and again. OK, very good.


There's more on the website just so people can look at it. The any page, where can they find all the goodies?


We're going to tweet everything out now. So if you follow up EMT on Twitter, you will find the entire thing there.


Just Kelly, good luck with the ER Fryer and send pictures posted on to Instagram. Jess Kelly, the cooking sensation, as well as the technology correspondent. Thank you for that. Just we'll talk again soon.


At Tesco, we're excited that Christmas is near, but ask yourself honestly, are you on the naughty list this year? I've cheated on all my Zune quizzes. My homemade banana bread comes from a can.


I told the kids strategic gave six months of housework for homework. All is forgiven. See, for us, no one belongs on the naughty list this Christmas because after the year you've had, we think you deserve it. Tesco every little helps.