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The part Kenny show on news talk with Marter private network during current restrictions. Don't ignore your health concerns. Our expert team is ready to help. Jesse Kelly joins us now to answer your questions before we get into the questions, lots of leaks and rumours flying around about Apple's spring event. Yes. What do we know or what are we suspecting?


We are thinking this is going to be an iPad event. So, as you know, part of Apple's calendar is usually very fixed. The iPhone events tend to happen in September, but we're covid-19 everything kind of went out the window. And it was around this time last year that we saw the last iPad event. And so the rumours are circulating that between now and the 16th of March, we will see the new iPad pro. For those who don't know, the iPad pro is it's sort of the laptop killing iPad.


It's the one that's so powerful that you can do everything that you would want it to do and more. It has the big screen and some of the rumours and the leaks that I've seen suggest that it will be more like one of the Mac devices, you know, the way the Mac laptop recently put in an LCD display on the just above the keyboard. So there's some thought that that could be in there. And some people are saying that it might have 5G support, it could have an 814 bionic chipset and have all of these things or even a fraction of these things called to be true.


This is going to be the most powerful iPad that we have seen. And as you know, and as I mentioned on the show a few weeks ago, I bought an iPad Air a number of weeks back. And I absolutely know what it is so powerful. And so if that's what sort of the mid tier iPad could do, imagine what the pro can do.


OK, any other things? Some mention of air tags, which would be like the tile? Yeah, I'm finding devices that you've talked to about before.


Yeah. The Apple air attacks on Samsung actually have smart tags as well, which I didn't know about until recently. They're exactly the same as the Tupelo or the tiles, but they're just made by these different companies that they'll be able to use the apples, find my the function that you can use to find my phone, find my Mac, find my iPad and so on. So that's being talked about. Some people are speculating that we might see new versions of the air.


I don't know if I spoke to you about airports by airports, but I actually don't think that the airports are that comfortable. I have the latest version. I find it kind of hurt my ear. So it would be interesting to see if the airport three had a more comfortable design. But that's the speculation that's going around. But I suppose only time will tell because you never know for sure what Apple they're very widely used on American television.


They all seem to be using the air parts for their communication.


Now, the questions coming in, just loads of them. I'm sure you've dealt with this problem many times before. I have an Apple iPhone six. I'm constantly running out of storage space. I've tried to manage by deleting certain apps, all folders and conversations, but to no avail. It works for a while. And then I'm back to square one. At the moment, I can't use WhatsApp. What's my solution? That's from Tom in Port Monaco.


Yeah, this is an absolute pain in the face. Unfortunately, with some of the older iPhones, you could buy an iPhone six, for example, with 32 gigs of storage, which is not that much at all. The operating system of an iPhone takes between eight and nine gigs of storage, which is a huge amount gone before you put a single photograph on the device. What I'd suggest you do is sync everything up to the iCloud. So go into your settings, go to iCloud, back up and run that so that everything is in the cloud.


Once it's all in the cloud, then you can delete stuff bit by bit. But unfortunately, you are compromising on what you want the phone to do for you because you need the storage to work. So there's no perfect solution, but just pack everything up into the cloud and then delete non-vocal items.


Now, someone wanting to know, did you still feel as strongly about the iPad Air? And you've already just mentioned that. But the second part of the question from Orna in Dublin, would you recommend adding the Apple Care Plus protection insurance with that and any other products they offer the Apple care plus with?


I didn't get it. And I remember telling you that I was thinking about it because it's quite expensive and I think it just went out of my head so I didn't get it. I do look after my iPad air like it's a child. I completely I'm so careful with this, so I didn't do it. I think if you can afford the extra money to do it, it's worth doing because if anything goes wrong, anything at all, you will get sorted.


You'll get help as soon as possible. So I would recommend this, but I didn't practise what I preach.


Unfortunately, from K, could you ask your tech guru if there's a mobile phone with real buttons that could run WhatsApp for a 97 year old person?


Yes. Yes, there are. There are quite a few of them that you can get. Durrow is the brand that is sort of specifically aimed at older people, that you can get a flip phone that has buttons and you can put WhatsApp onto Nokia. Still have some of the old devices that are available. Albar is a brand that you can buy in Argo's and they do a phone that has buttons as well. So I think Albar or Daura would be my go to ones in that instance.


I bought a new iPhone. Second generation 128 gigs last May from Compu B, all contacts were transferred from my old iPhone a few months ago when searching through my contacts. The phone numbers entered from around 2016 up to now had disappeared. The numbers entered pre 2016. Still show I called. Apple went through a process which restored the more recent numbers. But the Apple rep advised that the problem might repeat, and it did. She didn't know how to solve it.


The problem continues. And as a result, every few days I have to go through the following process, go to settings, search bars, iCloud, Apple ID contacts, switch off contacts, keep on my iPhone, switch contacts back on Børge. This exercise restores all my contacts, but after a short period, maybe a few hours, or by the following day, they've disappeared again.


And I have to repeat the above exercise. I'd appreciate your advice. That's from gym.


Life is way too short for that. What I do and what I would recommend you do is even if you don't have a Gmail account, set up a Gmail account, sync all of your contacts to your Gmail account. That way, then it is fully thing to it. Everything, no matter what device you're on, if you just log in on that device, you then can download a copy of all your contacts to what's called a CVS file and CVS file and then put that on the phone.


So that way you're not relying on Apple. It's clearly a glitch between iCloud and the iPhone, which shouldn't be happening. But I've been doing everything through the Google cloud for the last number of years. I'm using iPhone twelve products at the moment and have no issues at all. So just ditch the the iCloud for that and use the Google products.


That's simply not good enough. I know you spent a lot of money on a 128 gig iPhone and you know, they can't help, you know, and it's one of the biggest frustrations.


Like, I know the last time I was using an iPhone, one of the biggest problems that I had with it was the lack of clarity that if I was deleting something from my phone, was I also deleting it from the iCloud? I think Apple, you know, a lot of people love how closed off the system is, how it all works together. I find it so frustrating. So, yes, it's a pain in the face. But the Google cloud option is a solution aimed at a couple of email questions.


How do you change your Gmail password? That's from Martin.


So when you log in, if you go to the right hand corner where your images are, where your initials are, click on that. Go down to settings and privacy and you can change it there. The only thing is you do need to know the password, the current password to change the password. Hopefully you'll have had a backup email set up in your account so that if you can't remember, you can follow the steps to reset it.


That way, someone else wants to know how do you delete emails from your phone? And OK, so the default setting on phones, you know, the way you can swipe left and right to delete, you can either do to delete emails or marcus', right. Or unread, so you can open the email and then hit on the trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen. Or if you go into your mail app, scroll to settings, scroll to swipe options, you can change whether an email gets archived or deleted.


And so I always have minds that if I swipe right, it's Mark Read or unread and swipe left is to delete it. But they are fully customisable that you can do yourself.


My brand new Apple iPad newest version will not stay connected to the ER wi fi. It says the router is not trusted. Er users wowi routers er said not our problem. Do I have to get a new router.


Hmm. That's a bit weird, but before you do that, can you just make sure that you have a password on your router. So that's an open network. So make sure that it's encrypted as possible. See if you can go in and change some of the settings there. ER should really be able to talk you through ensuring that your network is protected and so on. And then if that's not working, OK, I assume the fact that this person is just mentioned, the iPad or other devices can connect fine.


So if they can't talk you through that then ask them to send out a replacement modem because there must be an issue somewhere along the way. And if they don't do that, email us back any at and I will get onto them for you.


I'm about to buy a laptop. I'm interested in the Mac. Er, I use some, some phone and I have an iPad as well. Could just advise. That's from Francis and Sandy. But I suppose that's about the interplay between iOS and the Samsung system, which is Android.


Yeah, they talk to each other pretty well, to be completely honest with you. Like the key point for me is the connectivity between a Mac and an iPad and they just work so well. So any time I'm on my browser, on my iPad, for example, it'll come up on my Mac many to say that I'm using it there. So from a security point of view and a compatibility point of view that works, the Samsung will work absolutely fine.


Again, I use Google Chrome, I use the Google cloud, I use Google Photos, all of which you can put on to the Mac and the iPad. So I would have no concerns there.


I have an old Apple iMac desktop I'm logged at. My normal account, I can't remember the password, and there's no forget my password option offered, forgot my password option offered, I can't access the thousands of old photos that are on the computer. Is there any way of retrieving my password or some other way of getting back into the account?


I don't know is the honest answer, you probably need to get on to someone like Back from the Future or the low tech team at Harvey Norman and get them to try and figure it out. Sometimes you can get in if you put the computer into admin mode, but it's pretty complex and there's no guarantee. So I would get on to a recovery expert and hopefully they'd be able to find the stuff for you.


And a final question. Could you ask Jess, what's the best smart TV around 40 inch in size for an older couple?


LG make fantastic smart TVs that are very, very affordable. And the good thing about the LG devices is that the interface on it is very easy to navigate. And so that is worth checking out. One thing that could be worth considering, though, as well is getting a device that has voice control technology built into it as well. That could be a little bit more expensive. But I know a lot of the new Samsung, for example, you can press a button and you can tell us what you want to watch, which makes it a good bit easier for older people and indeed younger people to get the content that they want.