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You've hit that midday slump. I need a pick me up. Imagine if you worked 30 percent less, you'd be getting ready to come home now. I'm sorry we can't shorten your working day, but a couple dairy milk, 30 percent less sugar bar, and this upcoming podcast should help get you through it. Cadbury dairy milk, 30 percent less sugar just as irresistable. That Pat Kenny show on Newstalk. Jess Kelly, good morning. Good morning. How are you?


I'm very well. Now, you want to talk about a number of Samsung products and the Galaxy Watch three, the latest iteration of their smartwatch.


Yet you may remember we reviewed their sort of sports watch the active watch last year. And while it is a beautiful design and, you know, it looks really nice, it's really nice on the wrist.


We weren't overwhelmed by it because the battery life was just not up to scratch in comparison to things like the way we watch some of the garments and the Fitbit.


But this is the Galaxy Watch three. It was unveiled last week at the big fancypants press conference by Samsung. And it looks more like a traditional watch than any of their other watches released before. The one that I'm wearing is a rose gold, which is the Hoan color du jour. It's back unfortunately bought rose colored rose. Gold is in and it comes in either a 41 millimeter or a 45 millimeter version, large, as I said, very standard looking face on the on it.


And then the bezel turns and as you turn the bezel, you can get the smart functionality. The way I have mine set up is that my home screen just looks like a watch. And then you swipe to the right and you can see things like how many steps you've walked, your heart rate, your stress rate, your sleep rate. I can control my music. I compare it to a number of different functions and it just works really well.


There's a genuine leather strap on it, which I think is important because when I reviewed I think it was the Fitbit versa with you part. The one sort of moan that I had, which is very on brand for me, was that the strap kind of gets dirty, it gets grubby, it's hard to maintain, whereas this is very easy. You just take a up to it and jumped on the screen on. It is stunning. I have a number of photographs on the watch just for review purposes and you would be sort of blown away by it.


It's an amyloids super marmelade full color screen and although it's Tinchy Tiny, it's only one point four inch. The clarity on the images is just fantastic. It also pairs to your phone and will allow me to do things like I reply to WhatsApp messages, see who's calling me, do the you know, the instant reply. So if I can't answer a call, I can just select, you know, I'll call you later and I'll send that message.


And I have to say, as a smartwatch, in terms of functionality, I'm very impressed by it, but also as a fitness tracker. And I'm by no means Sonia O'Sullivan. So I'm not pounding the streets. But when I've been out and about doing my little waddle around the block, it has been very accurate. It's not picking up things like, you know, one thing that I had before was some wearables would track when you're blow drying your hair as exercise, whereas actually you're just moving your arm, whereas this isn't like that.


It is very accurate. And I found that I'm moving more because I'm getting those updates. I can only see that maybe I've done four thousand steps today, so I need to, you know, get a wiggle on and do a few more.


And and I overall, I'm very impressed by it. Personally speaking, it's still a little bit too big for my wrist to be completely comfortable. And I don't know, it just but I find when I'm sleeping in particular, that the back of my left hand is kind of digging into the two little buttons that allow you to control it. But that's just me and my neuroses, I suppose. But it's for life.


But your life is good. It's better than we'd anticipated. It's getting around almost three days out of it. And again, that's me using the Bluetooth on and using it to control my phone. So that is far better than the previous version. And it costs 449 euro for the 41 mm model and 479 for the bigger version. So it's more it's in and around the same price as the Apple Watch five, but it's a good bit more expensive than, say, the Weiwei Watch or even the sports Samsung model that we reviewed last year.


Now I want to get to some of the questions. Do you want to mention the bods, the Samsung bods this week, or do you want to hold it over?


I just want to mention that I love them and I will give you a full rundown on why. But there are 199 euro and they have completely changed the game in terms of in terms of in IR wireless boards, 199 euro, the sound is far superior to any other wireless headphones. And I've tried this year.


OK, a detailed review next week and now this one. I need to buy two MacBook Air for Christmas presents.


I can get an air core MacBook fifteen A5, eight gig, 128 gig for 965 Euro brand new. Is this a good buy or should I pay the extra for the newer Retin-A model?


And the newer Ratnam model has a few extra bells and whistles and I think it is a bit more expensive, but you kind of be future proofing yourself a little bit more by getting the newer models.


It depends on where you're buying the the. The one from Bush, I think if you go to somewhere like whether it is Compi or you can get refurbished models from back from the future wherever you go, ensure that you're getting the full warranty with it because things do go wrong with these. And if you are saving, like, I think you'd be saving maybe four or five hundred euro by going for the one that you've texted in about, that is a good saving.


But just be mindful that you won't have all of the latest bells, bells and whistles. The screen probably won't be as great. The battery may not be as powerful as the newer one. It'll still do the job. It'll still let you work away or play games or whatever it is. But my key thing is, regardless of what you buy, make sure you're getting the warranty that you need because things do go wrong, unfortunately.


Could you please recommend a good laptop for a child going back to secondary school? Second year budget, ideally 500 euro. He's looking for Mac books and all that, but they're out of our budget. He needs a decent one for school in case of online schooling. Again, parents are not tech savvy. Also, he needs a printer for the laptop.


OK, absolutely no way invest in a Mac for a school child. I've been going through quite a lot of the offers that are out there at the moment. And if it is for online learning, particularly for primary or secondary school, really you should be able to get away with something like a Chromebook. And there's one that I found over the weekend. It's called the ASUS C 202. So C 202. It's an eleven point six inch Chromebook. And what that means is you can do everything online.


So if your kids are doing the e-learning, if they're engaging in Zoome classes or whatever it is, they can do all their assignments through the browser. And it is perfect. It's a good size as well for tiny hands. And best of all, it's 219 euros. You get change out of your 500 quid. If you want to get something that's more a traditional laptop. There's the Acer Aspire three, which is a 14 inch laptop. And that at the moment increased PC world is three hundred and thirty nine euro.


And that is ideal. I did an Instagram Q&A yesterday and the amount of people who got on to me looking for recommendations for laptops for the kids or for remote working should I suppose were in that stage now where people are being told to work from home again. And this one is from Breard about a daughter going into first year college. A lot of blended learning expected. Would that Acer be the job there or do you need something more sophisticated for a college student?


No, the answer would do the job and the answer will probably be better than the Assoc.. The thing to check before you buy a laptop is what course is she doing? And is there specific software that she needs for certain fact for the majority of courses that are using things like Moodle and Blackboard and stuff like that, that would be totally fine. If, however, you're doing, say, architecture or engineering, you may need specific software that would require a certain level of a certain type of processor and so on.


So double check with the college before you purchase, but in general that Acer would do the job anyway of getting rid of Instagram's new suggested posts.


Most annoying thing ever.


I hate it says I hate it a million times over. And unfortunately, no, you can't. And I did tragically spend a good 30 minutes of my life trying to find a way. They have backpedaled slightly in that. Now, when you scroll down for those who aren't on Instagram, you used to be able to scroll endlessly through your friend's photographs. But instead of just allowing people to do that, Instagram wants you to consume more content, even of people that you don't care about, don't know and have no interest in.


So now when you go to the bottom of new photographs, it'll come up going, you're all caught up. Here's some suggestions between where it says you're all caught up and here are some suggestions. There's a little blue text that says view older posts and you can click on that and go back to kind of insta stalking your friends. But it's a very frustrating update and I know why they did it to try and keep us on the platform for longer.


But I dislike it immensely.


How do I import photos from my iPhone to a new laptop? I've connected the phone to the laptop using a generic lead. It's not recognizing the phone and I can't seem to get the photos onto the laptop.


There's a few different ways you can do it. The easiest way is to to download the Google Photos app, which is free. And when you download that, it'll ask if you want to think everything from the phone to Google photos. If you hit. Yes, that'll do a thing. It could take a while, depending on how many photos and videos there are. Then if you go on to your computer, open Google Chrome or whatever your browser is and go to photos, dot Google dot com and sign in with your Gmail account, all of your photographs will be there.


Very good final one, my wife, whip, smart mobile, always chose, not connected in settings on the airplane, but shows armed under Wi-Fi on the next screen where all the Wi-Fi connections show it's annoying when out as I see it first and go quickly to my data.


If instead if it's urgent, I'm not sure. I don't even understand that. But there you go.


No, it's a Bluetooth. Wi-Fi can work with Bluetooth usually when you hear or sorry in airplane mode. So if you're an airplane mode, if you type airplane mode, everything should get knocked off. But then you can keep your phone on airplane mode and turn back on Wi-Fi. So you're not running up a data bill or that you're not getting calls, but you can still get your WhatsApp and still access online. I'm not sure. I don't think that the Wi-Fi can overrule the airplane mode, though.


So maybe give the phone now restart and see if that does the job.


OK, yes. Thank you very much. You've hit that midday slump, I need a pick me up. Imagine if you worked 30 percent less, you'd be getting ready to come home now.


I'm sorry we can't shorten your working day, but a Kapre, dairy milk, 30 percent less sugar bar, and this upcoming podcast should help get you through it. Cadbury dairy milk, 30 percent less sugar just as irresistible.