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The part Kenny show on news talk with Marter private network during current restrictions. Don't ignore your health concerns. Our expert team is ready to help. Now, Jesse Kelly joins me. Yes, good morning. Good morning, Pat. You can text questions to Jesse on five three one six, but we want to talk about an app called Clubhouse. What is it?


I haven't come across it yet. It's something that's been sort of bubbling away for quite some time now. But in recent weeks and months, it's just blown up in popularity because you've got big tech people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg using it. And it's another form of social media, but it's very different to anything we've seen thus far because instead of basing itself on text based posts like Twitter or video based posts like Instagram or Ticktock, it's all about audio.


So essentially what they've done is take inspiration from radio, of all things. So you go on to clops, which is only available on iPhones at the moment, and it's an invite only platform. So you need to get invited by somebody else who's already on the platform. And the way it works, it's not a million miles away from your show. But basically we could go on Chlapowski now and you could be the the focus of the conversation. You talk to people who can then chip into your little bubble, I suppose, tune into what you have to say.


And then there's an admin there who can see everybody that's in the chat or listening to your chat and allow them to either join the conversation or just leave you on your own. And it's slightly different because as we know, you know, social media traditionally is a place where sometimes pylons can happen, big threads can take place.


This is very much a broadcast platform for the most part.


And it's creating a bit of buzz because it's different because of the transparency that's there. Also, an ad meant during a conversation, if, for example, you're talking on your programme on your chest and somebody starts putting in stuff into the chat, that's inappropriate or just bad behaviour, they could be kicked out straightaway. So that's essentially how it works. Also, it's different to podcasting and indeed to radio shows because none of the stuff is archived or saved in any way.


So it's a one time live broadcast. And if you're there, you're there. If you're not, you're not. And it's creating a huge amount of hype at the moment. It has a billion dollar valuation already. And I do think it's just going to continue to develop.


Have you been invited yet? No.


Nobody wants me hashtag sockless. Oh, is it? All right.


Now the question is coming in thick and fast. What's the best book reader looking for? One that does not allow Internet browsing for a child in a bedroom at night, one that can read in sunlight or with the bedroom light off or on? Is there a touch screen? One. Thanks very much.


Yep. So the Kindle is sort of the main one there. It's fantastic. You can get the most basic Kindle model. It has the eating screen, which means you can read it in sunlight, but it's also backlit, which means the child doesn't need to have a light on in the bedroom. The only real Internet access it has is to allow you to search for books on the Kindle store. You can put protections in place as well to let you know that you can turn off the Amazon one click buy.


So, you know, the child wouldn't be able to buy books without your approval at Kobo is the other brand that's out there. They're quite popular as well. And you can put different types of books onto it, not just the Amazon box or the PDF. So Kobo or the one that I would personally recommend is the Amazon Kindle. I want to buy a Samsung phone.


My needs are minimal, but would like a good space camera for photos in particular. Don't want to pay a fortune. What would you recommend? When I go to the shop, I get a bit bamboozled with all the phones.


Yeah, I don't blame you. It is very intimidating going in, and particularly at the moment when it's hard to sort of distinguish one phone from another in terms of what you require. And keeping in mind the budget point, I would look at something like the Samsung, a seventy one. I think it's in around three hundred and sixty euro mark. So it's not exactly cheap. It's a good mid-range phone. And the idea with this is that it's sort of the little sister of the range of the twenty one is the flagship phone.


The range is a little sibling and still has great spec for the money. An amazing camera. I was kind of blown away by the camera and the battery life is excellent as well. So look at the Samsung eight seventy one.


OK, would you get that really cheap if you were prepared to sign up for a couple of years with the provider?


Yeah, if you sign up to a contract, I think you can get it from free. So yes, you can absolutely get good value. Again, as we mentioned last week, and a few people have been e-mailing us about it as well, you know, with the same free plans and Simmone plans that are available now and the different digital mobile networks, there is amazing value to be had. If you're savvy and if you know what you're looking out for.


I want to buy a cordless vacuum. I have carpet on two flights of stairs and a dog. The rest of the house is hard. Laws, what would you recommend? That's from Michelle. You can guess vacuum cleaners that are specifically aimed at people, pet owners, so if you have a dog that sheds a lot or something like that, you can get specific ones. The one that I have is the Dice V seven. And there is a version of that, again, aimed at pet owners.


I think it's called the Animal Extra. The one thing I would say by cordless vacuums and although I live in a small enough apartment, the battery life is not fantastic. You get about 15 to 20 minutes out of the battery. So you almost need to do, you know, a few rooms, plug it in and put it on charge, do your serious, plug it and put it on charge, then do upstairs at your old kind of get the full house torn out of one charge, if you know what I mean.


Yeah, I saw one vacuum. I think it might have been Barsh, but I'm not sure which comes with two batteries. So you can just as soon as you run out of juice, you plug the other one in if you remember to charge it.


I have a laptop which I use for self-employed business consultancy work. I've loaded no dodgier entertainment apps, just standard office packages. But the PC is extremely slow and I think the problem is that all of the packages are fighting with each other for control of the system. When I loaded each package, I followed the download instructions recommended by the package. And I think this is the problem. Is there a trusted place? I can bring it to get it all sorted because I have lots of confidential business information stored on the PC.


Now, that's from column. Yes, it sounds like you don't have enough room in the in the laptop and so you should be able to get robbed, depends on the device neighbours, a lot of them you can add extra ram. And so get on to someone like the low tech team as Harvey Norman. They might be able to do a bit of a check and see and hopefully then add more ram in in terms of your confidential information just to make sure that it's fully encrypted and that you do have a backup in case something goes awry with the laptop.


You should be doing that anyway. In terms of cyber security hygiene, we get on to the live chat guys at Harvey Norman and hopefully they'll be able to help you out.


This one is interesting. We want to download the Disney Channel, but when we go to download it, it says our TVs are too old. Haven't heard anyone else having that problem. And anyway, our TVs aren't that old. They are smart, just two years old.


And we can get Netflix. No problem. Hmm, interesting. Someone else said this to me as well, I think it was Panasonic they couldn't get the Disney pross up onto. And of course, Disney launched their new star offering today. The only solution I can think of off the top of my head, it may be your TV's operating system, not the app is not available for yet. So you could wait and see or you could guess Chromecast for 40 euro, plug it in and then stream it from your phone onto the telly.


Yeah, you'd like to solve the tele problem and whoever sold them the telly might have an answer. And this one here, I'm on my PC. It's a Mac. How can I make the font in all incoming emails larger? I can enlarge the front in outgoing emails, no problem. But can it be done to automatically enlarge the font on the incoming stuff? That's from James.


Yet James, the all computers now, especially Apple and they have brilliant accessibility options. So if you click on the little Apple logo on the left hand side, go down to system preferences, then click on the accessibilities icon. It'll give you a whole range of options in terms of font to try and make it bigger for you. And they can even change the colour and all the rest. But that's how you do it.


I could just recommend a Bluetooth MP three player. I've been looking for a while and can only find brands that I don't recognise.


That's from Nula Andrado Bluetooth one. I know Sony because I was actually looking to buy one myself. Sony Walkman devices are still out and about it. Obviously it's not a tape deck one, but the one that I was looking at. I'm just trying to remember the name now. So it was the Sony Walkman, NWA five five oh. So they always have dreadful names, but it's around 200 euro and it allows you to put your music on us and put your headphones in and then you're good to go.


So that's the one that I've been looking at. In terms of other brands, I don't really know. I kind of wanted a Sony one myself because it's a brand that I know when I've used many times before. So that's want to check it.


And Miriam Carey wants to know Jess's opinion on the Lola GPS tracker for elderly person who doesn't use a mobile phone. To be honest, I'm always a little bit sort of cautious when it comes to the sort of I haven't tried it myself, I have heard about it, but I haven't tried it. So I'd be reluctant to recommend this. And if you go onto YouTube, there are so many reviews and thought pieces, think pieces about these different trackers so you can look at those.


Another option would be to guess, you know, your standard wearable and use something like that. But I don't know is the honest answer and I'd be reluctant to recommend something. What I should do my homework first.


What does just think of Zhang M'Poko phone is Jaime Brand is fantastic. We have spoken about some of their phones in the past and the Pokot devices are lovely. They have great spek. They'd be quite similar to the Samsung phone I recommended earlier on. I don't know where you can buy them in stores here in Ireland, but they are excellent for sure.


We have to leave it there. Yes. News talks technology correspondent Jess Kelly, thank you very much.