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Before we start this video. I need to make sure you are aware that this woman is an idiot. That's to give. She has a college degree. A prestigious university, Boston University economics, right? She has a degree in international relations, some international hotter and hotter here. She even get out of high school. She should have flunked out of junior high. She has a degree in international relations and economics. So she's got a Ph.D. in stupidity.


I was given I out want to give this woman man a break man. She is very passionate and she says things because she's overzealous and she just want to, you know, help her constituents. But no, I mean, this lady. A dumbass. She just tweeted, this woman should be impeached, this woman belongs in a mental asylum, in a straitjacket in a concentration camp.


Well, what's the need to block this woman up in a damn loony bin and throw away the key? This woman is dangerous. I mean, this woman could burn down America by herself. All right, she tweeted this couple of days ago. People that follow me think she, Socrates, think she's she's not even Taroom.


I look here, people on crack cocaine and heroin speak more to this woman. This woman is all right.


She tweeted this. Let me do some talking goyim. I'm just pissed off, man. I'm tired of this. Tired of these people, man. Or let me. Make me lose all hope in life. Here we go, here we go. She tweeted this, Billionaires need the working class. The working class does not need billionaires. Can you believe it? I can't believe she wrote this down and did she hit Tweet?


Man, that was a good one. Yeah, man, I'm a girl. Turns like three tweets on this. You know, the scary thing about it, she got ninety seven thousand ray tweets. She got four hundred and fifty six thousand favourite's, literally half this country a moron while she retweeted.


Why would you even favor that? That's OK. Listen, America, this is what we up against a bunch of morons. I, I agree. I actually agree with the first sentence in your tweet. I didn't think I was going to ever agree with you on anything, but. I grew at the point billionaires need to working class, right? Oh, I'm a billionaire, I need someone to produce my stuff. I need somebody to work. Yeah, he's somebody cocky.


I can't leave somebody for customer service. Need somebody sell my stuff. Yeah. I came up with this great idea. I'm trying to enrich people's lives. I need some help to do it. Yeah, but where you lost me was the working class does not need to be. What you said was was very important that we should keep on. Yeah. These billionaires are billionaires because they are enriching the lives of others. They came up with a brilliant idea.


Yeah. And people love it so much. They got to have it because it enriches their life. It makes their life better, you'll see. Yeah. Like that iPhone, that Android phone you got that medication you take every day to keep your blood pressure. Correct. So your heart don't explode in your damn chest. That hot dog, that slice of pizza.


Hey, Elsie. Think before you tweet anything you take away billionaires, what do you got? What do we got?


You got Somalia, you got Venezuela. I mean, you go across the globe, man. All you see is American businesses, man, American business. You take away business. There's no jobs for the working class. Billionaires create jobs like what you did was about a year ago. Amazon want to come in your neck of the woods, yet you have no you better not get out of here. You're evil. And he took his twenty five thousand jobs.


Take someone else. Somebody else could use them. Just who made it was Quiñones. Your data, one who needed two jobs like this lady. And you'll see nobody's forcing you to buy their products. Nobody's forcing them to go work for them. Yeah, they make people's lives more enjoyable to play station. The Xbox. Yeah. Apple, Samsung. The most important day giving people jobs without that job, what would they be doing? Yeah, and you'll see.


Why don't you lead by example? Would you throw away your iPhone, your your designer suits and if it's all your electronics. Yeah. And if it's so easy won't you create a job where you make a billion dollars. You just give it to your constituents. Yes. Not you have to have a great idea. Yeah. And most businesses don't even succeed. AOC Yeah. Don't act like this. Anybody can become a billionaire. It takes millions if not billions to be successful, to be a billionaire.


Most of these people fail six or seven times before they become successful. Yeah. And the typical employee, they don't have the mindset. They don't have the drive to be a billionaire on this day.


Just want to earn a living. They just want to go somewhere where they can clock in. Some might provide them a job to do, which is the typical American. Yeah, and it's nothing wrong with that. But your patent needs billionaires like they're even taking advantage of people. When you go to a job interview, they tell you what the job entails, what your responsibilities and how much to pay. Yeah. If the job's so bad, I tell them, no, you have not taken this job.


You pay me eight dollars, can at least get ten dollars an hour. You can negotiate, you can negotiate. And they say no. So well I'm a go. I'm, I'm a valuable person. I'm a go somewhere. Somebody else can pay them ten dollars at the end of the day, if they're not willing to pay you what you want or you really that damn valuable, won't you enrich yourself so these people will pay you more money.


Yeah. And then it's like this lady. Yeah. It gets better. Everybody look at this comment. They actually see it under her tweet. Yeah. You are clearly missing the point, big companies shouldn't be owned by the workers, not one do, making billions of dollars a week. We're missing the point that you say we're missing the point. Hey, what the hell are we missing the point? A degree. One more time. Let that sink in for you.


Read one more time. OK, read it. Might calm down. Yo, I can't believe she said we're missing the point. I look, y'all are clearly missing the point. It's always the person who says it is the one that's oblivious. By the way, big companies should be owned by the workers, not one dude making billions of dollars, which it ain't usually one do make making hour. The vice president, regional managers. There's district managers, death bosses, death managers, their supervisors.


There's a hierarchy. Yeah, well, look here, Maxine. Everybody, you do you start a business, right? You invest all this money, you put all the risk, all your time and effort. You do all that and you don't own the business. Yeah. You the employee, you take all the risk. You invest all the money you get there. Everybody, it it's your job that you started telling you what to do.


These people that can't even come on at the to run the they telling you how to run this place. I would tell you like this, they're lefties not today. Liberal you crazies. Hey, yo, the reason why the majority of people are liberal is they don't think. Right. Yeah. If you really want to own some company, you can work it. They come and buy your stock, buy the company stock if you will own some of the company.


How are you going to get stuck for free? How you want somebody just to give you some good day. If you want to own some of the company, buy some stock. Yeah.


How about this? This is even better. Start your own business. Start your own business. Yeah. Like when you look at Amazon, how successful they are today. Yeah. Last couple of years with the last few years, they wasn't paying any taxes. You know why not. Because they even and they post because that billion dollar company actually lost money its first few years before it became profitable because it was investing billions of dollars in new location trucks, vehicles, equipment.


But now the workers, they get all the proceeds because they just showed up and filled out an application, AOC businesses need the working class, the working class Nete billionaires. We need each other. Stop trying to separate us, you evil, which you could oficial half twins dot com and take you out of your high tech t shirt today.


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