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Joe, you go with Kamala Harris is your VP. I got to ask you this question. Are you trying to lose?


I mean, seriously, I mean, Joe, I need you to wake up. You trying to become 46? You can pick Kamala, do better off picking Hillary.


Hell, you been better off picking Michael Jackson as your running mate.


She is absolutely the worst person you could have picked. You could have picked O.J. Simpson.


You've been off Komala hers. And oh, please explain this to me. How in the hell is she African? Please, somebody explain this to me that it's funny.


When she got sworn in into the Senate, she was sworn in as the first Indian American Indian. I'm not talking Native American. I'm talking Red Dot India.


What is he trains for? To see a damn transport hub.


She's only African American for political gain. She's just like a girl. Chief Paleface Elizabeth Horn.


Yeah, man, you Democrats just don't man your sleazy. Y'all exploit people's differences for votes. Yeah, y'all are actually disgusting. Clippy, let me explain something to you. She's not African-American, not even close, not even in the same ballpark. Her mom was from India.


You know, the red dot action. Yeah, right. Her daddy is like me. Yeah. Now we got our ancestry check.


We barely made the cut. Just barely. I mean, one percent.


And I'm Coke, right.


OK, you take me and a red dot in it and come out with a full blown African-American.


It won't work. Yeah, I know. In the Democrat world you could switch genders and he'll out as proof.


You can switch races. Hey, everybody, we shouldn't be surprised, right?


Joe said his V.P. was going to be a female and a person of color. Yeah. MAGINNIS Everybody, you go to a job, you apply for a job. You got a Ph.D., six years of experience. They tell you, oh, you're not what we looking for.


We're looking for a black woman. Yeah. You don't fit the qualifications. How do you end racism with more racism? I know why you did what you did. You're trying to atone for the past of this country towards black people. But how do you end racism with more racism? Yeah, and how do you trying to get more black votes by name. And Kamala Harris, you should be black people hate this woman.


Yeah, I think they hate her worse than me than us. They call us Coons. They absolutely find her disgusting.


So I got to ask you, Joe. Are you trying to win this election, Joe? Come on, man, you don't become president. Come on. You don't want it bad enough. Yeah, I think you win it with Trump. People say Trump.


Hey, I don't want to run. They make me do it. Yeah. Hey, I'm election was dog sniffing and groping women. And then I'm my name Kamala's my VP.


And on top of that, I'm a keep saying a bunch of racist stuff like like like poor kids is just as bright as white kids and and just saying some weird stuff and stumbling and stammering and then you steal there they steal me to get rid of me for doing.


Well I don't need your help.


I'm going to win anyway because I'm making America great again.


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