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Yeah. Kevin, let's start the show. We got a damn good show, good show, and we tell about Black Lives Matter. OK, what are we going to do with Black Lives Matter? What we're going to do my. A grand idea, but it's. Can't say, see, that's the problem, everybody nobody knows what to do. Black lives matter. Yeah, I mean, I got some good ideas. What do you wake up to in the state of Washington?


Beautiful statement. Business, beautiful state to bed is filled with liberals. Yeah. Which is growing in the area. But anyway, yeah, they are ruining property values.


Up trying to move out, liberals moving east and white flight black like to him liberals may they come in all shapes and colors.


In a way, black lives matter up in the beautiful state of Washington. Yup.


That protest and check out the ignorance in this footage does not stop your touch. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. That is also not safe. Stand back. Let's do. That's right. Oh, thank you. I'll try to make up my mind that we are going to get lucky and have learned his lesson to be arrested. Oh, so this go. And by the way, I right here book. I can actually be free.


You have to stand back here legally on the freeway. Know. But I do know that I have the right. No, you go. Yes, I actually know you know Seattle because. Well, this is in Seattle. So this is your. This is the freeway, different rules and regulations. Sir, I'm green. I'm a member of the press, can I? I'm a journalist. Why why are you arresting people? I'm not talking to you right now.


Come to me later and I will answer all your questions. Do you have a hard time? Hey, man. It's, what, 70 oh. You got seven brains and this is the best way you can come up with the protest. Seven brides, you'll still come up with a stupid idea, you know, you all get in the car, you are talking it out, you are driving down the freeway. Yeah. All right. This is a good spot.


Stop right here. Let's start the protest. That patrol came up with a blocking traffic on the highway that's going to drive change a before you protest, you got to know what you're protesting. The inequality. Injustice. Yeah. When you stop it, impede traffic, take away people's rights and freedoms. What are you protesting? Cars, the people, the air, the freeway. What are you protesting when you come up with a protest? It's got to it's got to be effective.


It's got to drive the change you're looking for. Yeah. What changes you trying to drive? Right. OK, so the cops, they start arresting y'all because like I said, middle on the freeway, they ripping out of the cars and y'all saying, stop, look here. The cops are the sworn police officers. They have the right that they have the right to power to arrest, right? Yeah, they have the right to give commands.


And you have to follow them. You don't give the cops commands. Yeah. Stop, stop. What are you doing? You are in the middle of the freeway blocking traffic. So they're going to rescue for that. Yeah. I mean, you could you they could arrest you for false imprisonment. You take away people's rights and freedoms to move about freely on the freeway. I mean, that's not a protest yet.


Don't don't don't realize that seven people y'all don't know that at dinner cups dragging off the car, there's one black copter and y'all getting up in his face calling him my house nigger a b come on, let's be real.


He's he's protecting your life right now. He protects people's lives. Yeah. He's trying to protect your life. Yeah. You calling him a house nigger. I mean, yo, y'all are supporting Black Lives Matter. They've raised over a billion dollars. How much is that. How much of that money has went back into black communities. But yet and still you calling him the house nigger. Where's that money went? It's not going to black families. I'm going to white liberal politicians.


But the black police officer is the house nigger. I mean, the ignorance in this video is ten insulting charts.


And then again, you tell the cop, yeah, cops. What are y'all doing? I have the right to protest. Yeah, you do have it right. It's funny, man. She's starting to read out municipal code. He's the cop. You're trying to tell a cop how to do his job. Yeah, you have the right to protest. This is America, but you do not have the right to block traffic on the freeway.


A very funny man, a woman says she's a member of the press. No, you're not. You probably got a Twitter handle with 50 followers and she you got a YouTube channel with 250 fifty total views. You remember the press and you think this is a great idea to interview a cop while he's in the middle of arresting protesters. You don't think this can wait? I mean, again, like I said, you're in the middle of the freeway.


And your first question is, why are you arresting these people? Where have you been?


Have you been on a rock the arrest and of course, the black Jesus lady.


You remember the person you don't know that did arrest him for the black BMW being facetious. Let me say it again. You're in the middle of a freeway. You're blocking traffic. You're actually taking away people's freedoms and rights.


What if they did that to you? You will call them a racist. Oh, my God. I mean, OK, I'll give you example when you do a protest has got to drive change. A perfect example. Give example, keep my Rosa Parks. I mean, Rosa Parks, nice old black lady just sitting on the bus Minding Your Own Business. Yeah, a white man comes to move.


Girls, my seat. Rosa Parks ain't having it. Ain't I don't want your white supremacy bus. No, Moak. Yeah, and that was that protest. Black people stop riding the bus and guess what? They start losing money. They start losing money. Hey, hold up. We're losing a whole lot of money. Yeah, these black folks, man, this black folks man playing. So what they do. OK, y'all come on the bus.


You can sit wherever you want. See, that was an effective protest. That was an effective protest. What was they protesting? Inequality on the bus. Yeah, they couldn't sit freely, so they protest. I'm not. Right. What are y'all doing? Gadio doing giacobbe just protesting cars three ways, I don't know what your protest. I want this freeway to be moved somewhere else.


Al-Kasim, not only your ignorant, yeah, but this is borderline low IQ because you're passionate even when the cops show up. Yeah. And you still don't think I'm doing anything wrong. So, Shane, why, that's why. Yeah. Trump 20. Yeah, good oficial half twins, dotcom, and take you on a patriotic T-shirt today. Hell, I mean, to give you 20 percent of disturbing discount code Chinese virus. We call it Chinese because it's from China.


We make it T-shirts. Great again. We are.