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Gil got a new show for y'all got a damn good show, huh?


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Because you're black and I've given 20 percent to white folks because they privileged. Deal with it, brother. Are you crazy, say? I'm just joking. Well, will you black your honor system and on if you use for. We've got a tracking system. We know when you wait a minute this call white privilege. His name Taroom Jackson.


What myth is here to say, hey, Kerlikowske, can you go by faith in me and let me know if Tyrone is white? Let's get serious. This man is a huge crisis at our border. The Bush administration, they like to call it a challenge. It's just you arguing over semantics. It's a crisis. Yeah. If it's a crisis is a challenge. Yeah. Anyway, but there are some pictures that came out. Yeah, man, it looks horrible.


I thought Trump was still in office. I said, wait a minute, not disposed to change, though. Well, let's correct that this started an Obama administration acacia's it's been like this for the last. This has been like this from where it's been since the beginning of time.


And it's always been a challenge, a crisis at the border.


Yeah, yeah. And when you don't enforce your own immigration laws there. Joe Biden. Yeah. And I'm seeing all these people wrapped up in these damn space blankets. Yeah. There's no Latinos. You look like a bunch of damn burrito's silver burrito's. When I go to Roberto's to give him a burrito is wrapped in a silver lining just like this. Yeah, but you're supposed to do better yoga. These people are like fast food. Yeah. I got these people laying across the floor looking like a damn can of soda.


What the hell kind of business? Y'all run it down at the belly like somebody opened up a box of chimichangas. How did some of y'all wrapped up like damn mummies? I'm like, oh, these people are like, hey, what kind of place you read it down there by, like a damn concentration camp? That the hell's wrong with you, man? Come on, man. Come on, man.


There's a picture in the background and it's I think they this SpongeBob, I wonder what those fights look like, what they it take to kill somebody. Put Dr. Seuss on. Oh, look at them. SpongeBob is gay. This is best, of course. Yeah. And if you don't know, SpongeBob is a homosexual and you're just stupid, you dumb it, man. Everybody knows SpongeBob gay. Hey, let's get serious on this. I could tell this to subvert SpongeBob.


I say baby, who is a gay person on TV. You know, I wouldn't ask what in the hell is this look like? Oh, damn it. First man. Yeah. Hey, but let's get serious on this. But, man, I got over it, man, because I'm not homophobic. Hey, Kim, I know he's gay. He's getting a three dollar bill. Hey, Kim, let's get serious on this. Let's see.


This season is now AOC. Recall what she was saying when Trump was in office? Oh, man. Concentration camps at the border just shown the video. Man, check out this video.


What we saw today was unconscionable. No child should ever be separated from their parents. No child should ever be taken from their family. No woman should ever be locked up in a pen when they have done no harm to another human being.


The Trump administration has come under fire for how it's treated. New immigrants seeking asylum holding facilities packed with young children are dirty. Food is inadequate. Diapers and toothbrushes aren't provided and lights are kept on 24 hours a day.


And it is a false notion. The idea that we have to choose between people is a false notion.


No child ever has to suffer for the benefit of another, and I will never accept that argument.


Hey, where you at LC? You awful damn quiet right now. Oh, I know what it is.


You don't want to piss off Martha, but you know Biden family and crime family. Yeah, they don't play that. Yeah. You know, you talk about Messa but Heesen and honey now you don't want to see Hunter walking with that crap pipe hanging out his mouth, his crack pipe. He said crap. All right.


You know, honey, I'm going to be putting up, you know, demands them, but they don't play like it. Hey, but seriously, man, I mean, they haven't seen anything that's changed. I mean, Trump, he gave you wanted to secure its borders in modern history. Yeah. And you came in and did away with all his policies. You wouldn't have this problem if you wanted to step in and do what Trump's doing. But no, I think you know everything.


I think you can do things better. And now you got these kids. We got a global pandemic. You got these people stuffed in there like a damn can of soda. Ain't you noticed, Pete, some of these kids get covid and you risk in the Border Patrol agents did because they're cold. They don't really affect kids. They can carry more likely turn out to be damn outbreak monkeys because look how many people you got wrapped in one area.


What is this like fifty people, Novakovic, which means it's like, yeah, it's probably hundreds of people that were covered in close proximity. I mean, just cause they wrapped up like mummies when they go to sleep don't mean a thing spread. Yeah.


I mean, did it taste like a damn Egyptian little thing like King Tut's tomb? King Tut and his whole family gets ripped up. Crazy distally like dead bodies wrapped up in and discarded by, like the damos, what we call those people at the border, would you call them at the border now? Deduce the drug mafia at the border. Oh, the drug cartel. Yeah. We do want to show you as they wrap up, just like you could tell us, a body is over.


Aimed at them, Jakarta's media chopping head of it didn't hang, you did just an entertaining, so they pull your pants down, show how little you peggies, add injury to insult, add insult to injury. Yes, I said it backwards. Yeah, man, that's a fact. Sometimes.


I mean, OK, let's get serious on this, let me say this. Yeah, hey, Keith, what I said gets serious. Let me say something. You cut me off. I'm being serious, man. Let's get serious on it. OK, so very important issue. And all you doing is cracking jokes. Let's bring some to the table.


All right. There's some intellectual fontanet is. Now, let me talk yeah, I'm starting to get serious on. No, wait a minute. All right, look here, in all seriousness, but you are a jackass. Yeah, what do you say? Things are going to be different when I get in office. Would Kovik what do you come up with put on to me right now? Oh, look at the deplorable conditions at the border. Yeah.


You'll make it better than anybody looking like damn Britos. That's worse because I'm Kasserine. Yeah. Now it's worse because people look at damn boxes, chimichangas down there and let me say some. Now, that's worse because they know you were in office when Trump was in office, he wouldn't put up with that. That catch release troubling Donald Trump was catching you and throwing your ass back over the border. Now, when you day like, oh, we can get away, he'll let us say we just got to get to a sanctuary city and we'll be in a safe.


And that's the elephant in the room. That's why AOC is not saying anything because it fits the agenda. He knows he's going to let these people in the country and they just go rent to a sanctuary city. That's why AOC is so quiet. Yeah, that's why she's so quiet, because she knows these people are eventually going to get in and a nothing anybody can do about it. That's why AOK is quite. Time to tell you how many Democrats the scumbag's.


The scumbag's. So we've got to. Yes, ma'am, just it's like. When Trump was in office, he could do no different than what he could do not, right? Yeah, he can do no. Right, right. Yeah. Biden's office, everything he does, even though it's horrible, it's great. Yeah. Nobody's complaining. The media is not holding this man accountable. He did not Dega nobody. Digable they didn't say anything partisan, anything about the money they got overseas when he was in office, the vice president.


And look, they come comfortable. What's going over over at the border? Who's talking about this? Mainstream media is not Tumba. Fox News is talking about it. Project very to, by the way, is liberal mainstream media like they are nowhere to be found. They ask Kamala sheafs and saw these pictures came out. She's left. Yeah, I mean, she's just laughing. Well, I'll go down sometime by one year. But when are you going to go?


Well, I'll put on my camera sometime. It's not like an urgent matter for them at all. They got what they wanted out this whole border issue, which is to get elected by Payton Trump, a white supremacist. Yeah, concentration camps. And he was evil white people doing this to people who's just seeking asylum. Yeah. Do you know how hard it is to come to this country, seek asylum and pass that asylum test? A majority of people are being held in these camps.


They don't fit the parameters to even seek asylum. They're never going to be awarded asylum because they don't even fit it. Yeah, I'm just here trying to get a better life. And that's not seeking asylum. Yeah, you don't seek asylum if you're poor, you come this country. We have got to be running from being persecuted for your religion, for your lifestyle. Yeah, so that's what the press secretary for the White House, that's how she's painting them whenever she brings this topic comes up or they just people seeking run away from persecution or seeking asylum and refugees.


Yeah, they're not they're not that over 90 percent or not that they're just people seeking a better life. Yeah. They're not refugees. Yeah. So when is this country going to stop being the world's dumping ground for everybody else. Yeah, I understand we had a Titanic and we got all these life rafts, but eventually we're going to sink right along with the people that come here. Eventually this country is going to turn into the country they're running from because they're not Americans.


They're not forced to take on American ideals or anything like that. That's why you got these stupid people coming. This country vote for God, communism and socialism, because we have ideals, man, able to change elections because of the people that we led in this country. They're fleeing the same things, but they come in and vote the same way because they're stupid. Yeah. People coming from California, where to go? Texas. Arizona, while it's too expensive.


Texas, I come here, I vote for a Democrat. Yeah. Moron's just idiots. You got a president of the United States is not even enforcing our own country's immigration. There is not one country on this planet is not enforcing our immigration laws except for the United States. Why is that? Because they want these people in our country. They know they're not going to return to court. They know they're not going to be able to seek asylum.


They're not refugees. These people, potential voters in this country. Yeah, well, they're going to come out here and have sex, have kids, and they're going to be. Yeah. Guaranteed, guaranteed, guaranteed whole. It had turned this whole entire country blue. And if that ever happens, every walk of life inside this country and every major city is going to suffer. In the main, people are just going to suffer as poor folks, especially black folks.


These people can come and take your jobs and do it for a hefty amount with no health insurance. These are all complaining about the way life is now weighted. This country is overrun by illegal aliens and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris just sit back, let them do it.


But it's already happening. I mean, these people are not moving into the white areas, just so you know, yeah, they are moving in Nancy Pelosi's neighborhood, they are moving into cities, urban neighborhoods. Yeah. And some of these people are dangerous and they are dangerous. There are some good people at MIT that wants a better life. But how many dangerous people is coming in this country? I don't like that jumping in a line in front of people who's doing it the right way.


You know, they just jump in front of line and they're getting treated better than the people that's actually doing things correctly, waiting in line, waiting their turn for years. Yeah. You encouraging people to break our laws, telling people you encouraging people not to follow the law, you know, you encouraging people to break our laws. Joe Biden, the worst. I say he's the worst president of all time. Yeah, well, give him the rest of his term if he makes it.


Hey, Joe, can I ask you a funny question, who the hell fall's going up steps? I know what you're thinking. NEWSROOM, Kim Dam steps, I'm sure you trying to show you about how fit you are. You just showed everybody how unfit you are. Well, he was still here. He was going first few steps. He's hopping up. He fell down once he got up, shook it off, ran again, failed you just just wait.


It is his show to hit it and then had the audacity to turn around and just salute everybody like nothing happened.


You're supposed to salute everybody at the bottom of the damn steps. Would you forget? Yeah. He forgot all about Thomas. Oh, wait a minute. I got to turn around and say. Hey, Ahana, honeybun, hey, make sure your dad have his life alert on it, please tell him don't run down the steps because I'll tell you right now, I got a sick sense of humor.


If he does and he falls, I'm a laugh. Hey, man, you're going to fall. No, I'm a Dalat. I see him tumbling down steps.


Who runs down steps would you give to start Joe joke women. Joe don't read Dunnam Statesman. Don't run down stepstool. I know you trying to prove Abi wrong, you want to show your body how fit. You have maskin, you are you ain't nothing thit, you ain't masker. You old like old man, yeah, walk up the stairs and I'm going upstairs, mom, taking it easy. I don't even run upstairs. Joe 46.


Why is your old ass running up the stairs to Air Force One? What do you have to gain by that? Well, you ain't got nothing to gain, but you got everything to lose. Yeah, and it's not a couple of steps. Air Force One. You going way up, man? Yeah. You like training like Rocky. How many steps you got to run up? Hey, Joe, I really don't like you personally. I don't like Armalite.


I think I hate her. Worse 92. I think both your scumbag's. They are not good people, no shit. That was a daily show he. Michael Lindale, true patriot, he needs our help. He is a man who started from nothing built build a great company, great products have seen rock bottom has seen the worst. He ran through drug addiction. Yeah. I mean, this man has accomplished so much thing. He's the epitome of the American dream.


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