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Can't it be you or someone else? Yeah, I think cardiology, some advice, politics, I don't think it's your time. I think he should just shut up and rap, rap and strip this whole thing. Yes, you're gifted. You should stick to stripping, taking your clothes off for me. Yeah. And rap. But just stick to that. You should stick to sexualizing women. Yeah. Stick to that stripping and rapid sexual theme in politics.


I don't even know how you work this out. How the hell did you say that? Get a sit down with Joe Biden. Yeah, I'm confused. How does a woman who used to be a stripper who's now rapper once bragged about drugging and robbing men? How do you get to interview somebody who is running for president? I mean, I wouldn't call it type of person an intellectual.


Yeah, Biden should have intellectuals interviewing him like us. We'll ask him tough questions like Fox News, somebody with some brains. What are you doing? I mean, this don't make sense. This is like Donald Trump sitting down with R. Kelly. I mean, that shit shouldn't happen. How the hell did you work this out? You got one hell of an age. I'll tell you why this happened. A Democrat to get votes, he can't he or she cannot sit and talk about policies because they have no policies.


All the policies are horrible. They got to go after stupid people. Yeah. And, Kadee, you got a lot of I would say stupid would be nice. Yeah, I would say ignorant voters. You got 70 million people following you. Yeah. And if they following you, they got to be ignorant. Yeah. Because you bragged about robbing and drugging people. Yeah.


So I must show you a brief clip of the video with like 17, 18 minutes long. I'm not going to show you all that. Y'all just so y'all have a gist of what happened is complete garbage. If you watch that whole video made you gonna lose some brain cells, do you go jump out of a window?


You can jump out in front of traffic first thing first.


Let me give it a whirl. I just want to come out, you know what I'm saying? I, of course, want free Medicare. And this is why it's important to have free Medicare because of what's happening right now. See why we should have been having Medicare for a long time. I, of course, think that we need a free college education. That's and I want black people to stop getting jail and no justice for it. I'm tired of it.


I'm tired of it. I just want more strict laws that is fair to black citizens. And, you know, it's fair for cops to kill somebody that is that doesn't have a weapon on them. You go to jail. You know what? If I kill somebody, I got to go to jail. You got to go to jail to. What is that what is that somebody please explain that to me, is that what the hip kids are doing nowadays?


I think it's what do you call it, a. I don't know what the hell it is you talk about. You want to see black people stop dying.


How can the president of the United States stop black people from Don Carty, the president of the United States can't even stop white people from the.


A tip for how you how you legislate hate out of somebody's heart, a car, you know, murder is banned, right? It still happens even though you've got the laws. So how's so how's the physical stuff black people from. I know black people step down, tell them stop killing each other, but tell them to when you get interact with a police officer, don't punch the cop in the face. Don't take his taser. Don't try to take his gun black.


Tell him not to resist the rest blur. That's what we do. And it's always work for us. And you said something else to what stricter laws get. What laws you, Tombo, that don't sound like stricter laws sound like chumminess. Yeah. Well, she said you mean to tell me if an unarmed man dies because he was shot and killed, that person who has the gun has to go to jail. Yeah. So let me get this straight, Necati.


A man breaks into your house, tries to get some of that bullet wapello. You shoot and kill him, you go to jail.


Wrap your head around that. Yeah, you know what, please, because just because an unknown person is shot dead doesn't mean the shooting was not justified, because everybody lives matters. Whether they are cop the black or white, they can defend their life if their life is in danger. So if you don't want to get killed by a white police officer, stop putting that police officer's life in danger. And another thing he said, Frige, she she wants laws.


She wants more laws is fair to everybody. She wants laws to refer to black people. Name one law that's not fair to everybody. Yeah. Name me one law that it's not fair to black people. Just one.


We'll wait, but we will be waiting all day because all laws are equal and fair to everybody. All laws are written not based on people's skin color is, but is written based on what's right and wrong. Anybody that starts off an interview and says, I just want Trump out of there, you should not be doing. You should not be interviewing anybody, especially in this regard in politics. You should stick to stripping and rapping.


Masand Man, this whole interview was just disgusting. It just shows you how the left will go stoop very low for both. They will do anything for a vote. They know they can't talk on policy. Did Democrats haven't figured out if you want more votes, listen to the American people what they want. You don't pander to them. Yeah. So Democrats go to Cardi B because they know she's got 70 million fans on Facebook. I mean, on Instagram, she's got hundreds of millions.


Let's go talk to her fans. And because I come off and tell them, oh, I'm a big fan, he has a sister. Oh, she's a big fan of Joe Biden's daughter. And listen to Necati B, he's lying to you. He's just lying. And so he's trying to get Carnaby's fans to go vote for your stupid policy card. You say you want free college and she won't free college and free health care. Have you ever gave any your tickets away for free, then put your money where your mouth is.


You want free college, free health care? Hey, if you get your fans free tickets or give all your fans free tickets and you will everybody have free health care free insurance, won't you give everybody free tickets to all your concerts since you like giving away your bunch of free here? The whole world revolves around money, unfortunately. And it's like I was going to say something. I totally lost it. It's going to come back to me, but it's like, OK, it just came back to me.


Everybody, like free college, high school education is free to look carte dumb. Everybody is. Yeah. Just because you make something free doesn't improve. It doesn't mean it just because it's going to improve. The education system is going to improve everybody's mind. If it's free, it's more likely to be disgustingly bad.


Yeah, maybe. Maybe you should just stick to stripping and rap and drug and man and Rob don't do that to us.


Which, you know, man, you got to do what you got to do sometimes.


Trump Twenty twenty. You got oficial half twins.


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