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Ye. Let's start the show. We got a good show for you today. We've got a damn good show I was it last week. We just last week we did a response regarding Cardi B interviewing, but we said some harsh things. I said, man, that's equivalent to R. Kelly sitting down with Donald Trump. He said after that was too far.


I took it too far. Yeah.


So I was mocking you, too, but I kept doing that. What would you like doing? Your videos, your music. Yeah. So Cadabby saw response and she coded our response with a tweet.


She deleted it. Yeah. I'm sure she was pissed because that was incoherent. It didn't make a lot of sense. Yeah. And I've encouraged to your to your defense. I've said some things I'm not proud of when I'm upset. You know, we all biner you been here just last week from his tweet. Yeah, I know he was upset when she deleted the tweet and she's probably last couple of days harda deleted. Hopefully didn't see it. Oh, a couple of days went by.


I got it right here. I didn't read it to everybody. Hey, Carter, your publicist is a little bit too slow. You need far. It took a two minutes too long.


Yeah. So she deleted the post and after reading it, I was like, understand why you deleted it was wap weak ass post work as post.


Yeah, not like I work at post a new song. What it stands for.


What ASSP. You used to say yes or no. Man we Christians now I've been born again.


I'm a born again Christian. I look you.


All right. This is a tweet. Before you get to go, give up. She was upset. She was upset. Yeah, a lot of times when talk talking politics, people are passionate about politics when they get involved or the right thing.


Yeah, I'm more rational. I don't let my feelings get involved. The risk involved. I stick with logic. See if you did more of that, Kadee. Yeah. You wouldn't be sending out these jackass posts. Yeah, but to your first caller, you're young and I am. I was the same way when I was your age. I was a Democrat, just like you just have been on this planet a little bit longer than you. And I have more wisdom.


Hey, you got to learn how to detach from your emotions, especially when it comes to religion, politics, because whenever you sit down and talk to someone about politics or anything, if you could detach your emotions, you can learn some from the left and the right. Yeah. Right now you're listening to right now, Carter, you and his big echo chamber on the left. You're not taking any consideration of ideas or recommendations from the right. You just everything you say is a leftist liberal talking point.


Yeah, but here we go. Let me read it. The time is now, Kadee, yeah, time to repent. I like what she said. Politics is actually my thing, you want to know why? No, because I pay more taxes than both you fuckers combined a messed up customer with Christians.


My. I don't mean you know more about politics. That mean you make more money than me, does it? I mean, how do you put that together? That's right. I was upset. You was irrational. You wasn't thinking. I'm. I don't care how upset.


I've never said this damn dumb in my life. What is there's no correlation between how much taxes they pay and what you know about politics. I mean, how irrational is your brain?


I think Mother Nature's trying to compensate for that. What they gave you say, look, we we made them sweet, was too good.


We need to take some brain cells. That's just Mother Nature working things out. All right. Let me read this tweet, this whop webcast post.


OK, maybe if there was a president that made college education free, I wouldn't have had to strip when I did it.


Since you want to bring up my past, I have no I'm not against strippers. Yeah. When I brought up that you should stick to stripping and rapping, I would just give you a suggestion. You don't know much about politics. You should stick to stripping and rapping. I don't have nothing bad to say about strippers. I'm not a tyrant. Yeah, I mean, this is a free country. If you can earn a living doing things legally, I'm all for it.


Yeah, there's nothing wrong with strip. And when we brought up your stripping pass, it wasn't to put you down.


What you degrade you or put you down. Yeah, we was trying to let you know that, that they realize on the left they know you're ignorant when it comes to politics. Yeah. That's why they're trying to get in front of your 70 million fans, because if you're ignorant in politics, more than likely your fans are just as ignorant as you are. Yeah, they're just trying to grab some of those like minded people tend to gravitate towards each other.


Yeah, they're taking advantage of you. That's why we brought it up. But. Just so you know, you don't know nothing about politics, but this comment alone, I know you don't know nothing about politics. Yeah, but before you go into that, you say you strip to go get a college education that you had to strip. Now you're lying. You're victimizing yourself. You strip because you want to make that money and you like to shake that booty.


Yeah, that's why you strip.


I know you didn't finish college. You finish college. Just because you took some courses don't mean you went to college. I went to college. I got a masters degree in accounting and finance. Yeah, it was Orlando. It was Orlando. So you got to put an asterisk beside it.


It cost just like an education.


If you went into I'm still paying for them college loans. I bet they just you don't know no politics. And I can validate that what you said in his comments in these first couple since. Yeah. Free college.


Look, Kadee, nothing in this world is free about oil, water. It's not free. And if you don't get enough water, you die. Yeah. You something nothing in this world is free just because you didn't have to pay for your college education. Yeah, that professor. Those books. Yeah. The lights, that building that cost money. Do you think those if people are going to volunteer to give you an education, they're going to work for free.


Just because you don't think you're paying it doesn't make it free. Let me tell you how the Democrats is going to supposedly make this free. Yeah, they're going to raise everybody's taxes. Yeah. So not only is your education not free if you take advantage of because they are taking your tax money, but you're going to be paying for everybody else's education to the day you die. Yeah. That four year degree is going to cost you four times as much and they're going to take your they're going to take more taxes from you.


And you can't be you make a whole lot more money on us. Yeah. And I remember seeing a video of you complaining that the government took 40 percent of your tax, but didn't. You're going to you want everybody to vote for Bernie? Yeah.


And Bernie point blank said people like you that make all that 80 percent, he wants to tax you 80 percent, 80 percent. Did you know that? So, yes, I know you ignorant when it comes to politics, you don't know nothing about politics these people are taking advantage of. That's what they're taking advantage of you.


Yeah, these these Democrats, every time there's up for an election for president, they start making the rounds to all the black celebrities. And you was first on the list. Yeah, because you got seventy million followers. You got more you got more influence than most black celebrities in Hollywood. Yeah. I mean, you're very popular.


I think you got more influence than cable news networks. Yeah. That's what that white man, that little white man was sitting down talking to you. Yeah. Look, he wasn't a fan of you. He's just trying to get him some votes. Yeah. Who was that?


He was his daughter. Biden's daughter was there. Oh, I'm a big fan. No, no, she listen to country music. She listen to what you think.


Joe Biden and his family now talking to what I know.


They listen to some country music. Yeah. They they listen to like singing about that trucking. Yeah. Blue jeans and stuff. Dana in Akron and drinking and and driving that truck they in a house town.


But y'all went for Johnny and I will not put it past him.


There was talking down about you after a little get together because politicians this politicians on the left and the right there are sleazy. They're not what they say they are. Yeah. Like you're from the Bronx, you know, when you're being played. Yeah. But for some reason you put that same thug in a suit and tie. Yeah. He's running for president. You fall for it. Yeah. And I and Kadee, I know you didn't do this for free.


You were paid to do this. Yeah. Because you got power. Influence. It's not going to come to you.


Hey, let's do this, Kadee. Joe Biden didn't take interviews with FOX, CNN, MSNBC, nobody, but he sat down with Chieu. Why do you think that because you're such because you are such a good person. I mean, you're a political intellectual, Carter, you bragged about drugging men and robbing them. Why on earth would Joe Biden want to sit down and talk to you? Did you ever ask yourself that? Could you get those millions, hundreds of millions of fans?


That's why they say. I'm almost done with the tweet. This way it gets racist. Yeah.


Just sound like your B, F and your cousins, C, C, that's right. That's some this race minorities say to white people of a Southern drawl. Yeah. To talk down to them. Yeah, but I'm actually black. Both my parents are black. But I guess because I'm light skinned and I have a southern drawl, it fits.


I guess I'm white enough good oficial half to come and pick you out of a t shirt today. I mean to give a 20 percent of disturbing discount code Chinese class. We call it Chinese because it's from China. We make it T-shirts. Great again. We are.