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Yale got new show for y'all got a damn good show, uh huh.


But for starters, you remember, everybody can always put college tuitions at official Hauge twins and Dudko, speed it up because you are a patriotic teacher today or had maybe a white privilege card or maybe some bad products.


Use this Kakutani Chinese virus, I'll give you 20 percent off ye Charles Barkley. Like, they always paint this man as having, like, strong opinions and he's proven he's provocative and all these all he ever really does is the truth, was the truth provocative? Not what? Does Charles Barkley have strong opinions? No, you don't have strong opinions that Charles Barkley. Why are you giving him all the credit? Hell's wrong with you people? Well, if you like, yes.


OK, opinions. He took the easy way out, if you ask me. I don't think he said that because he's tired of black people calling him a coon.


They say Baphomet fault, I won't get Carnochan today if you to see what Charles had to say, check it out, man.


I think most white people and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart. But I think our system is set up for our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grass of money and power.


So I see what you're saying. You're saying to Republicans, and you have to admit, when it comes to a halftime show, whether it's NBA or college, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal in Canada, liberal Smith.


That's a damn good show. That's a damn good show, but unfortunately, because these these athletes are morons and his minions and peasants did his damn Democrats and his liberal leaders, I don't watch them anymore because you scumbags, I think for myself and my hit were really hurt. I'm a hit man hitting him damn right into your pockets. A I mean, I agree with most of what Charles said a little, but yeah. Well, like he says, both Democrats and and Republicans are dividing this country.


I honestly do not think so. Yeah. Like the racial divide that's in this country right now. What side of the political spectrum is that coming from? Yeah, who's paying? Other side is white supremacists. It's Nazis. Yeah. They said President Trump was a white supremacist. Only knows constantly. Yeah. They're constantly on TV. Some of the biggest terror threat in this country. It's a white man. They also said, who AOC said that the president of United States has concentration camps at the border.


I mean, President Trump, he has strong opinions. When people started yelling for national anthem, he stood up for our country and said, no, not my country. And he called on some sons of bitches that strong opinions. But Trump has been doing it for years, that he knew he'd been firing people left and right and he should stand up for his country. It has nothing to do with their skin color. Yeah, if you want to make this country better, don't cry and kneel during the national anthem.


Once you go to the White House and talk to the man, talk to people on the opposite side. Yes. Instead of just talking, once you talk to both sides, try to come up with something to bring us all together. But that whole thing about Neilan, though, that's divisive. I mean, it's it's divisive. It's the political dastgir, the First Amendment right. I get all of that, but it's divisive. But it's not only that, it's built on a lie that white police officers are hunting down black people.


Yeah. Who's painting these fake this fake narrative about cops are bad. Republicans are bad. Trump is a Nazi concentration camps. Conservatives don't like gay. People don't like black people. It's all a lie.


Look at the new Georgia voting law. They said this is Jim Crow 2.0, that it's come from less than net new voting bill down there. It's making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Yeah, I mean, this is all coming from the left. I'll tell you, like this chart from what you said to a certain degree, I agree with you. The elite. They the elite. Yeah, I agree with you. But you can't blame the politicians because the politicians can be a politician.


They won't vote. They won't your vote. Of course, they can say he's bad. She's good. Yeah, that's good. He's bad. Of course they're politicians. That's the natural progression of what Democrats are doing. They paint nearby as sexist. Yeah, racist. Xenophobic. Yeah. They they play that race card like no other. The left has even taken rich people. You brought that up in your comments. Rich people. Poor people don't like each other.


No, I don't think it's that now the politicians are pitting the rich people against the poor people. Yeah, it's socialism. Where does that come from. Let's go. Coming from left, Paul, people hate rich people because they've been taught that. They're being there. Yes, is garbs that's not coming from the right, that race car socialism. Yes, it's all coming from the left. Yeah, poor people has not gotten really going for themself as of yet.


Even though they live in the greatest country, they think rich people are evil. I mean, they created stuff that's making poor people happier. Yeah. Even though the poor who don't help on these damned expensive er smartphones.


Yeah. I mean, they did it all legally, it's like everything you say, Charles, I believe in it, but it's only the leaders love the elites of the world is doing that. But these politicians, all that stuff you said that's coming from the left. Yeah. And I'm not saying everybody on the right is perfect, but they're not batshit crazy like people are Democrats. Those people are weird. The left makes everything about race and gender, about sex, which you do in the bedroom.


They play that car. You never going to hear that? Let me say, we're going to hear a Republican pander to anybody. Yeah, OK, let me say this. Just like I said, it's come out from the left right. Like, what the hell was I going to say? And you can pull another job back. OK, OK. I got it back. It came back, came back to you like they've painted like Republicans as old white men.


Look at the Democrats, they're full of diversity.


Right. Who's at the top of all that? They're like like it's great to be diverse. We get that so long as you earn that right to be there by the ideas you have, not by the color of your skin, but our discussion. Yeah, diversity is great. But then they use that diversity to exploit our differences. Yeah, the left is doing that. Look at all the black people, the Latinos over in the Democrat Polyakova. That's cause that party stands for white supremacy.


Who's pushing all of that? It's the Democrats. Yeah. They're exploiting our diversity and dividing all of us. It the first did it with race, that ignorable gender nadie doing with sexuality. I mean, it's all coming from the left now. You smile. It's Hail me, man. I told you this gets CyrusOne this man to man. There was this man, Elsom Sacchetti shit you just said. Yeah, that's right. I'm the brains of this operation my man.


Your new nickname is Light Skinned Black Teen. At every last bit of that is coming from the left. And I think he was talking about the elites of the world, but he said it is possible. He said the Democrats and Republicans, that's what he took the easy way out. They getting tired of being called coon. He gets tired of being called coon. I might be wrong that you by today's standards, that was a very strong opinion.


I disagree with that. I have strong opinions. Yeah, he has strong opinions. You can believe in what you believe in. You stand for what's good. And you you think he's tired of being called cool? I don't know man across like you. Some advice, man. Once I got rid of him, man, I feel so much better. I liked it so much easier. I'm right natural's. I wish I had left a long time.


This is actually a whole lot better on the right, a whole that there is no victimisation. Yeah, it's no excuses. You earn what you you go on and what you want. You know, you don't make excuses only a little bit day. No victimize and create new victims in using adversity against this man. The Democrats are scumbags like what you are saying, like just to put in perspective a compliment.


That's why he dumped them.


I mean. I mean. I mean the left. Yeah. But to me. Yeah.


Hey, there's some good. Some bad. It's a whole lot of bad. What I'm saying is I used to think when I was a lot younger. Yeah. I used to think I was at a disadvantage because of the color of my skin. Yeah. Because I was like garbage. I was taught that from the moment I was born.


I used to I used to honestly think that I used to think I was less than when I was younger because I was black. Yeah. Yeah, a lot. I got that from my mom because when she went through Yeah. My mom every weekend was watching roots at Mama's House. Yeah. My mom went through Jim Crow. All Yeah. KKK, the Democrats did all that. Everything is horrible. Just happened in this country. It came from the left.


Everything is horrible in this entire globe. It came from big government socialism and liberalism. They are the real problem. But I'm a tell you, like these politicians going to be politicians, whether you're Democrat or conservative. But the person that should be keeping everybody honest is the media. They're actually enabling it. They don't want the enabler. They're not holding the left responsible. And sometimes they own the right. I see very many times they don't hold people, conservatives responsible.


They have a more hand in what's going on in the country because of the fake narratives that this country's racist. Yeah, if the the media heal, people can. I mean, freedom of the press. That was the whole point. So we could keep our government honest. Yeah. And they're just not government has proven over, over and over in history that they're not going to remain honest. Yeah, that's what the whole point of freedom of the press.


Yeah, but the press is enabling and allowing all of this to happen. I mean, like the whole new thing with the Drudge Vote and bill everywhere in the press. I've seen it. This is. Jim Crow 2.0, they call it, and that's media pushing it less, and that's the media is actually easier to vote. So that's not politicians, that's the left wing media who support Democrats, Democrats. They're pushing it. So. You was mostly right, but when you do Republican senator, you totally like nothing is good in this country is because we had Republicans, we freed the slaves.


I mean, the Republican Party was an anti slavery party when it was initiated. Everything is bad in this country. I'm not saying people want the right. We are perfect because we're not we're not perfect, but we're not crazy like people on the left.


Like when Trump called Baltimore this shithole. He's just being honest. It doesn't make him racist, but he's white. So he's a white supremacist now. I mean, I've been to Baltimore. It's high crime. Yeah. Rats look like so big like them rabbits. I mean, like rats are like cats. I mean, that place is bred so big, they eat in a cat's, the homeless is out of control, the crumbs. I mean, that place is a literal hole, is vacationing in there in Baltimore.


That's a. Hey, take it easy on the Bernie Sanders call that place, he can't, but he's he's got a decided name, so you get a pass. I'm just I'm pretty sure everything is going wrong in this country. It's because of people on the left. They left a left wing media. They're painting a fake name, calling us that bad evil Nazis and racist the Republicans. We don't play the race card. We don't play that pen and we don't play that game.


We actually say all lives matter. And that's deemed racist.


Yeah. I was going to say something. Everything is going wrong in this country. You can look at the organization Black Lives Matter. That money didn't go to black people went to all white people. Yeah, they. How much was it? Millions or was it? It was in the billions. They profited big billions. It was over billion. Offer young black men defs. Yeah. Did somebody take LeBron James, his image or your image and go out, make a bunch of money and you don't get none of the money.


Who's doing it? White liberals, liberals. They're manipulating and using our diversity against us to separate this country. Yeah, I mean, I even remember when Trump was still in office. I think it was some kind of like maybe I guess it came up if he would go to the White House. He said, hell no. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A lot of them did. And put out this reason why I brought it up. He said he would never go to the White House when it comes.


I think I remember correctly. Think about this. Martin Luther King back in, what, the sixties, even though this country was systemically racist, is a white supremacist actually in the damn White House back in the 60s when he went to the White House. If Martin Luther King can go to the White House back in the sixties, why couldn't Charles Barkley go to the White House in twenty twenty when Trump was in office? Yeah. Why? Because the left will spin you as an Uncle Tom.


A sellout. Yeah. You love white people. You hate your own kind. That's all coming from in the comments people leave on our Twitter saying, I'm trying to be white. I love white people now, man, I'm just being me. Your skin color doesn't dictate how you think or how you behave or how you wear your pants. Yet nothing to did at the ticket, how you felt. Hey, it looks great, so it's great that we still white do seconds pass like man that down.


What are you doing? If I see a white dude walking with his pants saying, say you got too many black.


It's OK, I know you're not a racist, but you need to need some more white friends, you're like, hey, I want to say this. And another thing, Charles Liquidy, this was a picture of the for Charles. Understand where you come from. Yeah. Politician's going to be a politician, but it's the media that's more the problem than anything. And the politicians on the left, because in big tech, big tech, you got to remember when Biden and Stewart came out with this incredible sense that you can find it nowhere, but you got people coming out of woodwork saying President Trump actually took them in a fitting room and raped them.


You actually had that one was crazy. Yeah. You and they didn't mean that. I mean, all these fake nerds to Trump is a bad man, that he's a misogynist. It's all of lies. And only the only media left leaning media is doing it is the Democrats. Man, all that horrible crap that she was mentioning when you came out and said that a majority that shit, I would say 90 percent of it is coming from Democrats and left wing in big tech.


They are pushing it. Yeah. Like a public saw, not just because Trump might stand up and say some. They are paint him as a white supremacist, but they're using that race card. Yeah. Let me let me say something like you brought up earlier. You said that the biggest threat in this country was white males. Yeah. I mean, in guns. And it's like. You're obviously OK. I mean, I think it's stereotypical to say it's racist.


Yeah, it's mass shooting when a white person is it's got to be a white person or whatever. But you're not counting the gun deaths in these inner cities, which makes these shootings. That is why people don't I mean, don't get me wrong, that is horrible. When you go in some place and 10 people die or 12 or 15 people. That's horrible. Yeah, but if you actually count the gun deaths in these inner cities, for some reason, they don't label them as laborers.


It's gang violence, gang violence. And those are not counted. If you I mean and it dwarfs the numbers of these whites, these so-called white supremacists and these white people doing this. I mean, they're both bad, but they paint like it. Only white people doing it. Right. I mean, all races are doing this. And I'll say this stat and I noticed pissers people, especially when they black, but 50 percent of the violent crime in this country, including murders and rapes and all that stuff.


Yeah, it's not white people. It's not white people is committed. Just six percent of the population. I going will tell you that is because you might get to trigger just take a wild guess who that is. Not white. Someone might look like me. I mean, it's it's black males, black males, 50 percent of the crime when they only make up six percent of the population of the country. That's crazy as hell. Now, if they got on the news and said that fact is that the biggest threat in this country is a black man between ages of 16 and 50, it would say is racist.


They would say it's racist, but what they do to white people is fine. But when you look at these statistics, it's actually a fact. Yeah. That can be racist last, can be racist, but facts can. I mean, everything that you see in a video, I mean, I'm not going to hold it up to I hold against politicians because they're there for one thing. Well, you got I hold a media accountable because they the media, Malcolm X even said is they can make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent.


And they've done it for the last year. He says the most powerful entity in America, that's who that's the the main culprit, not our politicians, because they just can't be politicians can be a politician, but our media can hold these people accountable and keep them in check. They're not doing their job. Politician's going to do what they're going to do. Yeah, it's our media that should should be putting the blame in big tech now, big tech Twitter, Facebook, that they're so much bigger than a little bit of a problem, too.


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