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Yeah. Got a new show for y'all, got a damn good show, huh? But before we start, show everybody, you can always put those twins at official Hauge twins dot com because you are a patriotic teacher today, maybe a hat, maybe a white privilege card or maybe some bird products. You discount Chinese buyers. I'll give you 20 percent of your. These beings going scene in Comedy News Network, they had a communist Ducktown there. I mean, she's actually just born in China.


You know, they are a bunch of communist and she believes in communism. Yeah. Because she's Chinese. She's born into that crap. You know what separates America from China? Ideas. We believe in freedom. They believe in oppression. They believe in no rights to government. Is your dead in your mama? Yeah, that's what they believe. And, you know, in China, you ain't got no gun on somebody breaking your house to pick up a fortune cookie and beat them.


O'Reilley, you better pick up some egg rolls. Kevin That's how you got you. Communist Prick's. You got to pick up that damn walk and hit somebody back in the day. You got taiyaki, sun gets better in life to get them look Bitel.


So this may be like you go to ground, you got no purpose to take a damn saw something sholin his eyes look, you still move.


Aido second live on Netflix. Yeah, OK, I got second man, I got I got some rifles, I got some handguns. I'm going to give me a couple of shotguns. Hey, come. Come what.


Let's get serious on this. Ay ay ay ay ay ay, hypertension going, got no rights, man. We've been over that. Let's get off of that. You ain't free. I mean, they can't even watch this video. They beg you to OK. Want you to me out of here.


You are even watching this video I kept Kevin.


Let's get serious on this now, this is Chinese doctor, I think her name was Leana Wen Sambora.


What a hell. We're living in a free country in the world. In the video, what we talking to a damn communist doctor? That sounds kind of stupid to me. You know, it sounds backwards to us anyway. It don't sound to it don't sound right talking to a damn communist doctor. I mean, we got plenty of American doctors. We got plenty. We got the best doctors. Well, most of the world that most of my white said in one the right they want to bring up.


OK, Jim.


Let's get serious on this, OK? This doctor was on CNN and just shut up and showed a video to show me to shut. I've been trying to some them before. Let's get serious on this. Check out the video, do you believe that race is the variables are and what the messaging should be?


My main concern is that we're not going to reach herd immunity because of vaccine hesitancy, and I know that's hard for a lot of people to believe who desperately want the vaccine right now. And they're thinking, oh, well, it's just a small percentage of people who are actually anti vaccine. And that's true. There is the anti science anti Bextra contingent. But I think that there are many more people, millions of people who, for whatever reason, have concerns about the vaccine, who just don't know what's in it for them.


And we need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre pandemic life. And the window to do that is really narrowing. I mean, you were mentioning, Chris, about how all these states are reopening. They're reopening at 100 percent. And we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what's the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?


So that's why I think the CDC and the administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say, if you're vaccinated, you can do all these things here, all these freedoms that you have, because otherwise people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. And I fear a situation of coming into the fall where we never reach herd immunity and then we get hit by the next surge of of covid-19 in the fall, something that we could have prevented if we just got people vaccinated now.


How the hell are you going? What she say she can dangle a damn carrot to incentivize us to take the damn vaccine. Look here, we live in America. Yeah. I don't need no damn cat. I don't need no damn fortune cookie.


I got the Constitution. I got rights. What the hell you talkin, lady? I got to take a vaccine to be free in my own country. That's pretty cool for you. China people are not here in America. Yeah, we got we got freedoms. What the hell is wrong with you? See you here. She called us man. Well she said herd immunity like we are a bunch of damn cattle. So that's what she thinks of us.


Athame. No. A bunch of damn cows to. Yeah, that's immunity. Yeah. That's what the government that's what the doctors use that term herd immunity. I've heard it plenty of times, but it's like that's exactly I mean if you sit and listen to people, you'll understand how they see us. Yeah. The population, you just see us as cattle.


You know what, and you keep calling people, you, Cherno, put them down, calling people antifascist, I'm not anti vaccine. Yeah. Or you anti vaccine. No, no. We all about you taking a vaccine. Yeah. You can take it. I mean, my biggest I've taken vaccines before, and goddamnit, Dad, every time I get flu vaccine, I take that crap as I know attack that was actually vaccine was a Marine Corps, that it was all tests.


Well, I know I took it twice. I took it in the Marine Corps, took down your that you didn't damage it does not like talking to you just got sick. You got to get out sick as a dog. Man, I was so sick. I damn almost mean well you had the flu so that I could throw up their hand and throw up. I feel like I was going to die. Einen worse than driving Eurocorps.


Drivers are worse now. You feel before before you throw like you go throw up your stomach. Yeah. You know, you feel horrible right before you throw up, but after you throw up you're like, oh I feel good.


But when you drive you're like, man, I did. I took it a second time. I said, what? I do this. I mean, we've taken vaccines, but it's like I'm skeptical because this virus has been politicized so much. It's like it's like you using this vaccine to groom the population to be more dependent on their government. Yeah, if I'm not with that. Yeah. That's what it feels like to me. Yeah. Feel like I'm being groomed.


Yeah. Yeah. I'm ready to work. Groom right. Yeah. No don't throw predators do. Yeah they do. They do that to people they groom. Yeah. Like pedophiles groom kids.


Hey I got a lollipop over here you see. David do that sick coming in. We'll set Fennica here little boy.


Got some nice warm chocolate black licorice mahi little.


But yeah it's a six year old family guy right there. She could be on TV, but I can't express a conservative idea. That's crazy. But they banned Dr. Seuss. But family guy's got frickin ratings through the roof. Morty, Rick and Morty. But I a Dr. Seuss. Oh, those are the best cartoons, man. I watched that over real shit.


And you know what, those cartoons like the realist, I mean, it's no B.S., yes, reality, it's actually real and the world is not perfect. Why are you trying to paint these cartoons to be perfect? You're giving a false impression of society. It's like I can get out looking at it. La, la, la, la. What a beautiful day to day. It's a beautiful world. There's some pedophile comes up and grabs. Yeah, like I never would have thought.


Like an animation cartoon is more realistic than actual the news and real life events. That's what I'm trying to say. Yeah. Yeah. Animation me. Yeah, Rick and Morty is closer to your dad right now, Rick, it's crazy. Richard Morey is up here, family guys down here to go South Park and Family Guy down here, Rick. And more is up here. You first of all, The Simpsons did it was Family Guy, South Park.


Now, Ricky Martin just just took it to a whole new level. OK, look. OK, let's get back serious on this crazy dish out here. What that ladies really saying they wanted to dangle a carrot. She's using a figure of speech. Pretty much. She's I mean, dangling the current, if you like, in China, they would dangle these damn fortune cookies. Hey, you want more freedoms? Here, take this. You got to take these fortune cookies.


Same thing with her. She's dangling his carrot, dangling things to get your friends back. You already got the jewels. You was born with these friends. You don't have to take a vaccine. You don't have to take a vaccine. And what's crazy is. You shouldn't have to incentivize a vaccine. I've seen that movie pandemic. Yeah, I mean, if that shit if Colbert was like that, do you think you would have to incentivize people to get a vaccine?


Majority population know over 98, 97, 98 percent is the 99 percent to survive from this virus just fine. That's why people are not in a rush to get something. They know that. Sure. Their immune system. Yeah, it's going to destroy it if you're overweight. Now, what does the science say if you up an age over 70? Yeah. You you got health issues, diabetes, preexisting conditions. You overweight. Yeah. You're susceptible to this virus that's been proven all over the world.


So yeah, if you want to get that vaccine, I'm not an anti Voxer said no, you shouldn't take it now take it. Yeah. Science tells you these type of people should take it. Yeah. But for some somebody in shape like when I called covid. Right, when I called covid, I got scared, I was on YouTube talking, all this crap is nonsense. So she told me that I was like, man, I'm going to die.


Right. I was nervous. But there's not an absence of ivory that ain't good enough.


I called the dug out guy.


I don't know, you can do a teleconference to go to the doctor. And I told him, I said, look, I want everything Trump got. I want the damn Hodgy chloroquine. I want a damn cup of bleach. I want the ultraviolet light. I want you to ram this shit up my ass and down my throat. Yeah, I want it from both means a double penetration. Yeah. I want all of that up. Right. I want to trump program.


I want you to get and you know, the doctor told me to wait a minute. How do you as I'm forty six is a man the kind of big you lift weights you work out. Yeah, I'm making all kinds of gains. Can't you submenu in excellent shape. You're going to be just fine. Yeah, some would be just fine. As far as cigarettes, well, I'm not going to see my wife's going to cigarettes, I get a man if I make it, I had it to man, he told me just to take Motrin for the headaches, stay hydrated.


He said I was going to be just fine. You made it, man. We both did. Yeah, we both did we did the old fashioned way just to I was joke about Trump, he didn't Trump didn't actually say do that. He said like he was insinuating. I don't think he meant it. I think he just lost track of how people take things out of context. Yeah. I mean, I saw that line that I was like, what does he where is he going with this?


I just think he lost his train of thought for a brief second. He misspoke a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. But he. You think Trump is out there drinking bleach when he called? I mean, all these people have always done by drinking bleach, doesn't that? That's always why I brought that joke up. So because I know y'all want a good laugh, too, but he didn't actually say that to this lady, this Chinese lady man.


I mean, look. What you're saying is that's real oppression, right, they're making somebody take a vaccine, making a person take steps to in order to be free in own country. That's well, that's that's there's oppression. Yes. And then governmental tyranny right there. Yes. I mean, she's Chinese. That's all she knows. Well, we're taking advice from a Chinese communist. Hey, Chris Cuomo. Wake up, buddy. It's your show.


You talk to them. Chinese communist lady. What is wrong with you? Maybe you maybe you eat Fredo. OK, so I know you need to wake up, buddy. I know I could have found you a good, clean American white doctor that believes in freedom. It's plainly a matter. But you know what? It's in his defense that I know his name is on the show, but it's not his show. He step out of line, they tell you you're fired.


You're not. Most people get these shows. It's not really they're shooting at writers. Hey, this is what you say. If you step out of line, you're fired.


But I want to say one thing how many people have contracted the virus in over 30 million or 30 million and 50 million more fully vaccinated? Yeah, that's not taken into consideration. Everybody. How many people who had contracted the virus and never got tested? Like I never got tested. He's got it. My boy. Chris got it. Motherboard. Chris got a.. I got it. I got the first one to get sick. So I know I I'm pretty sure if you just let this more than 30 million people have got.


So if you got the virus, that's better than getting the vaccine because you actually got the virus, your body beat it, you got antibodies, your immune systems built a system for that virus. Yeah. So you don't need the vaccine. I don't hear nobody preaching that. Yeah, I don't hear nobody preaching. We keeping the death tolls. Are the people that contracted the virus and died. Right now, nobody's keeping a death toll of people taking that vaccine.


And Dad, nobody saying anything about that.


Well, what would you do that you're crazy? Say they never do that. Is that being fully transparent? I don't believe everything I hear. And I really don't believe government officials. They lie all the time. Politicians lie all the time. I like a hum on YouTube and I see all these famous black people. Yeah. Peddling this damn virus in the black community to take this virus, this crisis hail that you got black people, you know, they getting paid.


You think they're doing this shit for free? Yeah, they just did. Like, he called me a sellout and called me a sellout. But it's all these famous singers, rappers. I mean, hip hop. I mean, these dudes is they're like the pinnacle of blackness, I guess. And they pay these people to come out here and do this and they call us to sellout. You know, it's funny. I'm crazy. Say, if you paid to sponsor some by you, you are required to say, hey, this is what you are.


Yes, I'm supposed to say it. I want you YouTube. Yeah. Yeah, it's long. Huh, interesting. And, you know, some people I'm not going to say any names now just get off. Don't even go there. Don't even go that. You got to be able to tow that line. You can't go over that line. What's been some coincidences? Some. All right. All right. Yeah, I know. I don't know what their names were.


They took they took the vaccine. Yeah, they had. In the later. Hold on. OK, stop, stop, stop.


I'm serious. I have to say to me, I mean, that they already know that here's a picture of this us this spot, one time I see this lady that this lady is just pretty much said what she was already thinking and she just said it out loud on national television. We already know this. She just confirmed it for us. So you don't need to tell them this was going on. Hey, look, if you want to take advice from these Chinese communist, if you want to shoot at them teriyaki teriyaki sauce in your veins, it's going to take an extra dose of soy sauce.


Hey, I'm not saying don't take it. I just know I'm not going to take it. I'd much rather you take it. Yeah, because I'm I'm more worried about you.


I mean, I'm not anti mask. You wear masks. Wear masks. Yeah. Labellers and mask anti vaccines. It's we're not against it. We just have different opinions you can wear. It makes sense because it's all junk science in the end. Yeah. It's all junk science. You know, science is only as good as the person who's looking over the stats of it, the statistics you're looking at, the numbers you can have the greatest stats, the greatest numbers.


But if you do not read them properly. Yeah. Or you don't know how to explain those properly. Yeah. Then you just as bad as worth a damn. But it's worth as a crackhead on a street corner sucking mushroom tips for cheeseburgers. Unfortunately. The only strong will say, quote, I'm coming to you only a chain or chain, what a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.


I like that. Quote me how you get there. I've read somewhere. Yeah, chain a chain. A chain is only as strong. Only as strong is as weakest link. Yes, Lord are times that Danti Strong is the weakest link in the chain. All it takes is one chain link to be weak in that chain. Amba shit. You say is. Hello. Hello, hello, I am an artificial intelligence notification, but the purpose of this call is to make you aware of the US resident.


You are now able to take advantage of alternative federal student loan repayment and hardship program that going tell you to take that vaccine.


Least didn't tell you that that phone call is coming anyway. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What the closest video to these people, she actually slipped up on TV or just made the insinuation that nobody can go back to a normal life unless you take that back, saying that they came up with in, what, six months? Yeah, I love Trump. I love his administration. He did a lot of great things, but just because I don't mean I'm gonna take his back.


Well, Trump didn't make it. Well, his administration did. Yeah, I'm just I just don't. Trump came that back to Trump. You did it. I mean, he did a good job and nobody's ever got it back that fast. Yeah. That's why I'm so lutetium back. So I'm a little bit too fast. Yeah. I'm leery that vaccine also because it's how it's been politicized. It's been. I just feel like it's used to groomer's.


But I want to say this one last thing. She's talking about how we need to make this vaccine so we can go back to normal, if you notice a headline on the R below her. Yeah, it says CDC vaccinated people should still avoid travel. It's like she's saying that. But then the CDC is on that. She's the doctor. It's like. Both y'all crazy, how y'all crazy no psychopath's y'all got a communist doctor telling us what to do and you have so we can get our freedom, you have a million increase freedom.


Cuomo, listen to her. Yeah. Sing and even thank her. Thank you. Yeah. They want to be oppressed. They want to be told what to do. Yeah. That's always going to be people in this country that are follows their sheep. Yeah. And those are the people that will get us all oppressed. Buzz us the Patriots. Yeah. The pro American to stand up and continue to fight for our freedoms in the chain. You only strong is that link is weakest link in the chain.


There's a couple strong links and now is too good. Strong links. The cold harsh twin.


We go make that chain strong. That chain is big. Don't follow us being a chain making strong, but you got to be leery of those weak links. And small Chinese companies doctored the weak links. Yeah, we must share these weak links. Share them. How the hell are you going to set them on? No time off. And don't we get that chain them strong links.


That's what this country was built on, man one No one other than what on earth do we talk about yesterday when I got the shot, I do this dog shit like a snake. Yeah, well, in yesterday's video to do took a vaccine, he turned his two legs into two.


But his lyrics, like they just like firstly pick beats out of the ground. His his leg actually grew a couple of extra ankles, his leg. How do you get a couple of joints in between a knee and ankle? Yeah, that's what they both did. Him and Adam Beckstein, he made a full recovery. Yeah, but it's like he's still shedding skin, like make like a damn snake.


But I'm all for him taking it back to the thought that he's in a risk group, he's elderly, he needs to take it. I mean, but damn, I mean, I need to yams my like, two yams, you know, but he made a full recovery. It's good. I don't think he made a full recovery. Yeah. He says go make a full recovery. He still is in good spirits. He a up. I'll tell you that.


I was only talking to get a ticket. He's still here. I'm still fighting. That's a picture, right, that he did for all of us. Hey, can I put some out when you take a vaccine? I mean, vaccines have been scientifically proven to stop, you know, people from dying from a from a virus. But the people that's taking it, there's no denying that you are sacrificing yourself for the people. You sacrifice yourself a great good cause.


Some people die from vaccines. You always have been of not just this one. You haven't heard about anybody dying from it. That's it. That's like really weird, right? Yeah. Nobody died from the flu anymore. Yeah. That's another thing nobody's done from the flu. It was like, what, 50 to 100000 deaths is a big ring fit for is around 40, depending on how bad it was. Yeah, some users be worse than others.


I mean, but when covid came that the covid actually killed the flu, so walked out with a virus that kills the cold, killed the flu.


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