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Got new show for y'all got a damn good show.


But remember your body you can always put on twins official horse win the day maybe a hat or maybe a white privilege card or maybe something bird products.


You discount code Chinese virus again 20% off. I was a damn good intro. Anyway, these vaccine passports. Not really. Well we talked about now. We talked about back in the damn 1800 do that shit for a bowl or leprosy.


This is straight government Danny radio now, but it's not out of the deal.


I want call the government. Tyranny is coming. I think a Happy download the people be watching your ass.


Are you going to the grocery store. He's going to the gym complete lunacy light like my kids. I'm pretty sure you got to get like backs name for Chickenpox, but we can go to school. Well, yeah that's going to school but this is for traveling within the confines of gusicks. This is a few want to get on the plane and go to Alabama, Georgia deliver shithole, California.


I mean if I'm just said it's not out of horny. I mean they make you load it. I mean, it's the same you can't travel.


That is kind of crazy. I mean, but I can see how they could go to something like this cuz look think about when we was kids here. I mean look what you do kiss. Do you have to get like chicken pox the months who is Kid the who the months you sound like you said monks?.


Mumps the mop with an emu MPS on you said monks. How do you spell it? I don't know how you spell umps month. I think that's how you spell I've been Wiz Kids we did get vaccinated for that didn't get vaccinated for Chickenpox monthlies. All they need to know what Mama did I've been my assistant coach of chickenpox didn't she gets mama had us just play with us go play with our put some medicine on a sores on face actually go over there and kiss and tell her how much you love.


Y'all take some dancing your sister knows how to dance and dance with me. Are y'all getting ready to start school? You can't go to school till you going to rain. I mean, I thought we got it. Like when it came to munch on my way to go put Cody. It was a cousin's house, right? But we got that feeling like a damn. Walrus.


This dude had the mumps damn here. Just big old giant net going.


Drop dead in his second breathing right now.


Schedule like he was allergic to bees and get stung by a bee or some shit. Yeah, man. He looks like Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor. He was fat and skinny. Are you going to look crazy like that? Like a damn was fat in the face in the neck arms and legs skinny as hell like you from Ethiopia. I was little boy man. I already knew something was off. Yeah, but that's but that's what we did. I mean we grow apart. Mama didn't have no money to take us to go to the doctor get no damn vaccination for Mom and Daddy to take us to the document.


I got to be damn near dead. Yeah, that is like, you ain't feeling good it take this Aspen go lay down and stop breathing. So heavy.


Relax, boy count to 10 and just calm down a all the white kids. Are there white privilege.


I know you cried about a needle y'all we walked around with measles or chickenpox man taking milk bath for that was just a joke and white privilege knows no color when people refer to White Privilege with a really talking about is economic privilege. Yeah, some people got more money orders and that doesn't that has nothing to do with your skin color. They used to be she has racism. I just think a lot of people the black community is lack enthusiasm.


They don't want to do nothing ambition ambition, man. You can find a bunch of white folks from the same thing. No ambition. No Drive New Drive majority of the time.


How tall is my dad that is a statistical fact there's a whole lot more rich white folks then. I mean there's a huge pay Gap, but I don't think not now to pay Gap. I mean wait, no just waiting for the Dust Bowl is just white people in general label money in black folks. Yeah, but it's not nothing to do with nothing to do with your race. Yeah not do the races because you you ain't got shit.


Let's get back to the desktop your hair back.


Draco hidden from mainstream media you don't hear from me. Cuz imma give you some tough love that's why you see all black people that grew up with nothing become rich and famous and Inlet don't know that you see some white people's blowing off everything. I mean perfect example. Look at Joe Biden son. Look at him. Yeah, I mean white he's privileged and look what he did with it and use me as economic. Look at him. He's telling it life is what I'm saying.


Lychee, Jeffrey Dahmer did was haikyuu man said it was a very smart bright Highly Educated as Dad making money. What are you doing his privileges you would like that and don't sleep around killing a bunch of gay black folks eating them. He was eating them. Yeah it have sex while they had a treatment.


This dude had all this privilege is not a deal with small doing brilliant. Just do start pickling to space.


I bet I bet that make up some damn good beef stew.


Kombucha, Jeffrey Dahmer 7th Street is good and righteous.


Give me a cool 6. If you have any man needs a bigger feet with some potatoes, man. You got to be a psychopath just to go to show you no matter where you start life. Not what you start with is what you use would you already got to get where you want to be beautiful quotes going to go down in history health. I will put that shirt on t-shirt stupid ass cuz I got something better already made it quote was cleaning up. That's not what I want that on a t-shirt.


Shut up, and listen. I'm about to do that quote in like record time here. It's not what you start with this what you finished with.


Fall 2021.


I'm running for president. That's my flu.


Hey, we both would do what he says may you be the vice president and vice president be president. Hell, yeah, cuz you look as smart as me so it's not become illegal immigration is over.


U.s. 234 Euclid you come to the front. Do you fill a application your ass waiting in Mexico. Did it suspend call?.


What if imma do as president?.


That's enough Beatles get back to the topic at hand.


Resume countdown we never had presidents in the invite present country this twins. So as I was saying.


It's not on that Daddy is at home. I mean David had the blacks make his friend go to school, but they never said you had to be vaccinated but it never allow kids like go different places cuz they have a Chick-fil-A just for school. So I mean this is going to a whole lot further. It's like I don't see a big government. Yeah. It's like I'm not anti-vaccine. I'm all for you getting the vaccine.


Weird that type of dudes man go without the back soon. So long as you can take it as limited numbers are vaccines for you. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.


I think you could be fine too, but maybe not but when it comes to all vaccinated, can I say something? Hey, have you all noticed I was talking my boy Chris about this early man producer of the show me he do is all our enemies Got Brains man. He was telling us he said if you noticed whenever there's a new medication medication come out they take all the side effects. Can you imagine if you do a covid commercial and they tell you what the real side effects of seeing people take that shot take five steps and pass out.


They look like they drop dead or something. Yeah, man. I mean I got a I can put this in the context. Yeah. I got to see this video and if this is the actual news station, this is not made up verify Source. I mean when it comes to vaccine that's always some kind.


Mossad affecting all vaccines that's what all medication with all vaccines. Even it comes to like before Trump. I mean to get a vaccine it took years. I may be like it was years. I mean Trump a bad do but he came back with this shitt way too fast for my liking, you know the name but I like Trump and I like it's meant for great things to discuss but I ain't taking it so well because I just check out the video. He's recovering it home tonight and sharing is going to take me to put Italian Cunningham who's in studio with a vaccine alert.


Tell you when it Joseph Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier on this month. She's suffered a severe rash that spread over his entire body and turn his skin red after tell me a reaction.


This magnitude is extremely rare if you want to warn you at home as some of these images may be considered graphic.


These photos snapchats of Richard Terrell severe reaction to what doctors believe is the covid-19 vaccine.


It's still coming out for my hand 74 year old road to recovery relieved to breathe in the fresh air at is Goochland County home. If you Medical Center just came on so fast on March 6th, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ashland, the four days later discomfort my armpit and then I began to a few days later begin to get an itchy rash.


Then after that, I began to swell and my skin turn red this red rash quickly spreading covering entire body his legs and hands almost unrecognizable from swelling and discoloration Dermatology hospital is she says he could have been life-threatening if untreated for testing and process of elimination was the waxing that he had received that was a cause I don't believe Terrell's reaction has something to do with his genetic make-up and the vaccine type.


Regardless the doctor tells us this type of reaction is extremely rare. You really know tonight Terrell Dr. Newton are encouraging folks to get vaccinated and monitor their response and I'm told his reaction has been reported to the CDC and ECU doctors will be submitting the case to a medical journal this week. Terrell tells me he's still very weak and it will take some time for him to fully recover. But still thankful. He was vaccinated.


I just say I know Kevin is not laughing at that video, right.


Adidas lace like some bored carrots.


You got to meet me is lazy like them yams man.


His legs like some damn some beetroots.


Did you see?.


Lyft if you see his hands swell up down there came from African-American. Yeah, I mean just crazy.


I mean, I'm not laughing what happened to him. I mean minutes horrible. I think it's horrible. I have a sick sense of humor. So just you know, I'm sorry about finding anybody but you got to admit that something.


Crazy stuff.


I mean just this always so happy that yeah, like you cook chicken pot pie. Someone broke him down the freeway in back of a truck. Yeah, this damn skin is coming off that he made a full recovery. He did them pictures on there like you made a full recovery. He said his skin still peeling off but he's getting what he was in good spirits in the video. I think he's going to be like shit.


A full recovery, huh? Yeah, what roads are skin peeling off. Do you know what if I was 7 years old? I think I just rather get the virus.


Cuz there's a lot of people to get that burst at his age. She's like 74. Yeah, and they're fine. I mean he gets sick like I got sick, but there were fine. But these these people have any side effects with these viruses side effect.


It's not a side effect that the virus in you because you took the vaccine side effects when your eye closed and start oozing blood of something. That's a side effect your ankles to sleep. Aid side effects. Did you die that's not a sad if that's what it was supposed to prevent. That's a malfunction. Yeah, that's not a side effect. If you take a backseat and you die.


Now that I think in the Middle come in as what they fit that's what they label it. He crazy as hell side effects to get when you die. That's not a side effects in something you put in that back scene with totally wrong. Now it's kept you got looking like this. You got to look at it like a Democrat decided to hold medical community Works evidently. Look at it. Look at it this way not a crisis at the boys who challenged.


Can you die from his vaccine? It's not death. It's a side effects.


Get well, maybe we just a whole lot smarter now.


You know, what fine we're T. I know what I was going to say citizens. You got to have a damned ID card or passport travel is a free citizen, but they'll allow these illegal immigrants come to this country with little to no ID. Y'all going to make them get it? I don't think you are. Like if they start enforcing this for us to like leave the country and go to the state if they start doing it to the citizens here. I bet you did not going to do this to the people coming in illegally play.


They say it's racist for black man or Latino man to present ID when when both.


Yeah, but that's a boater. What do you call it? Voter suppression suppressive you discriminate against black people you being racist telling them they have to use an ID enabled them for a boat that considered racist in this country, but it is not considered government Tarantino racist in making sure somebody in Ableton them for them baby travel the United States. You have to have a passport with your picture on it. Yeah, I mean.


Let's not play Francis net. It would be racist to do that to blacks and Latinos to vote. If you only required them to show an ID, but they require everybody to show ID that like beautiful, right? That's it. I'm telling you. I'm the brains of this whole operation you one more time, and it was beautiful the way you are stupid liberals.


I forgot it.


You just came back to me. That would be racist if you made only blacks Latinos Asians require ID to vote, but they're requiring everybody to show the ID not just a white folks that job is not right. It's a request it's racist.


Play racist man that washes yeah, man, I'm sorry about that. I got lazy tongue, man, and we both do y'all should have noticed that shitt by now.


But nothing is Promised. Those are the new laws in Georgia to prevent what happened in this last election. I mean and they're saying that's that's white supremacy. Now, that's making sure the Integrity of Elections. Every vote doesn't count. Every legal votes account not think if you didn't want that Democrats because it opens Pandora's Box menu will be able to ask you the number here in the belts wouldn't want you to have an ID to make sure you who you are who you say you are. Yeah, you got to do what you want that.


I mean, I'm forced to identify myself to log into my bank checking account. My credit cards my bills my mortgage. I have to have an ID to smoke to drink have to have I mean why is the car?.




Don't say it movie freaking car down the street. I have to have a license you Democrats can piss off. So it's like was that make that races and I know it's this morning on the news here in Nevada. You trying to do the opposite of what George did when it comes to voting they talkin about once you register, you don't ever have to register ever again. And once you reach that you are automatically every election getting damn ballots mailed to your house. Now that use common sense everybody.


You can move people move all the time over time. You going to get a buildup of of of mail in ballots mailed to your house? Yeah, what's going to stop at new homeowner from taking your ballot and vote for you moving to another state and you getting somehow still get news about us from another state in this day. And I mean, that's insane. If you ask me if you want to be able to vote. I don't believe in mail-in ballots because you didn't is too much fraud involved if you want to vote if you want American you can.


Stand in line in show your ID or come up with some kind of system where you could actually vote from home yet. I mean you can log into your bank account and get access to your money. Why can't they come up with some kind of system where you can actually do this at home after you verify who you are run. I mean they have the technology to do this, but they don't want to do it. I can pick up my phone and soon as he sees my face.


I don't have to put an idea on how to put a fingerprint or anything. But that. Can't they come up with the lights for me to turn on my computer. I don't have to put in a password. I just have to show my face to face his password. That's not fraud proof because when I get your phone, it opens right up I could do whatever I want on your phone, but it will prevent a lot of thought it would still still have fraud with twins, but corrupt but you can take a picture if you ever tried to take a picture of face and just open up your phone and put your face, right?


That's that shitt opens.


It's that the damage that damn Snapchat has to be some kind of login feature. Yeah, like when you log into your bank password, you have to register with the government. They have to verify who you are a damned abilities do that. Yeah. They do you want to stop off voter fraud in this but they damn thing Nevada. They just going to mail out ballots. I'm not saying just last election was won by Joe Biden because apart never said that didn't say it don't put words in my mouth.


I didn't say that.


Kelly's foods that may have been your whole Channel it take your whole Channel down because you just you talkin about it. Yeah, it was you going to say I forgot. Hey man. Are you home? Let me let me talk on them. Say something.


I was going to say this song to think Joe Biden came home when they when dad was going and make him shut up a we do by the forgetting everything. They look here like people who laughed at me saying I am running for president run for vice pres. I mean look look at the clowns in the white house now clowns up two steps three times Harris was when she was running for president. Only person that got less votes than her. Was that guy with that black guy with the lazy eye.


What was his name the black guy from present? Yeah, who is Black Adam lazy eye.


Yeah, I do. Look at you when I look in the total opposite directions. Don't nobody want see that for president everyday. I think even he got more votes in her you think so and then she becomes vice president. Just cause she's black. Nobody liked her. The gay guy got more votes no to White gay guy.


You look Mad Max. We can do ya booty booty booty booty booty booty chicks. I don't care. It's booty booty back to disa these vaccine passports. Yeah. That's why I'm not in a rush to get no kind of vaccine that they can take like five person makeup minutes to look at it and it's crazy that I could understand. I don't think they can talk population is country could understand if it was something like Kobe scored. It was called leprosy 20 and that was spread and you wouldn't have to ask nobody to get that.


It's kind of crazy cute and turn in for a passport for covid-19 99% survival rate. What's the.


It's kind of crazy to me, but I think it's like 9897 Sahara 90s. This is this I mean like if it was like leprosy. Yeah, and it was passed by like coughing and like I just seen leprosy people's fingers fall off. I mean, it means you it looks horrible is done. I mean who would be complaining about getting a vaccine if that was going around that many Americans got this enable 350 million in this country. I'm not forget. The numbers is kind of crazy. I forget how many a lot of people die from it.


But I mean how many people got infected by the who knows they don't know really man. I don't really know everybody who got that. I think it's on a hundred million people have been affected by the three that's only been tested maybe 50 million people. Who knows. I don't know. Imagine of leprosy will spread like that in this country. You would have no art.


I'll be back. I'll be in that back scene line. And if if that line when moving fast enough, I will be be beating people's asses in front of me to get up and get it.


This line ain't moving faster. I'm liable to catch this shit while I'm waiting in line. And I don't I don't care if you liberal conservative moderate Christian Catholic Muslim. I don't care you in the late notice old man's face photo. I'm trying to get this damn vaccine, but see that's the problem with this is where do here in lies the problem.


9998 97% of people get this or just fine. I think it's even how that because there is no way in hell you can test everybody. Yeah.




Crazy, man crazy, you got to get a passport to think this is a maybe you have to get a passport to prove you had the vaccine in order for you to travel within the confines of units and private businesses, May Institute your private business if you instituted you going to kill your bottom line your stockholders ain't gon let you do that.


Think about it and I know you can't fly with us unless you have a vaccine passport. You can put them out of business for the shooting yourself in the foot, but I wouldn't put it past him and I wouldn't put it past me to get Joe Biden and I'll be probably bail him out. Yeah, I just feels like some kind of going to going on with this vaccine what you think going then? I don't know. I can't speculate what they're going to say. I'm a conspiracy theorist and they going to ban my damn Channel 7 Tanja pinion or Trump collude with Russia didn't punish it.


But they're not appreciative just people on the right. He did it. We just couldn't find the evidence. He did it. He's that good at he was amazing. He did it. We know he did it. We can't find the proof be cover all this damn bases bank accounts telephone calls.


Business trips seven things just what clean? Why did he do it never happened. How did you do it? This guy is good. Just a bunch of Hypocrites man enough for me when we do it is a conspiracy theory when you're racist when you do it, or you doing it for the good of mankind.


Y'all just batshit crazy. It's all.


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