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Yeah. They start to show we got one hell of a show for ya, Daymo got a good show, MBM.


Yeah, I'm sure you haven't noticed. Yeah, because I haven't been watching either. Ain't nobody watching the NBA. Yeah. You go Wolke, you go broke.


But anyway, last cup like last night, couple of teams, they didn't even show up to play the game in protest for Jacob Blake. Yeah, it's privileged man. Do you imagine showing up to your work saying coming into work today? I'm protesting Jake Blake's death, Jake. Blake Yeah. Jacob Blake's death.


I'm not coming in work. You can get fired. Yeah, nothing. Because they're privileged. They got that black privilege going. They got the African-American privilege.


But anyway and then Doc Rivers, he's a coked up to one of the games. He made a passionate speech. Check it out.


What stands out to me is just just watching the Republican convention and this they're spewing this fear, right? Like all you hear Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear. We're the ones getting killed. We're the ones getting shot. Oh, we're the ones that will denied to live in certain communities. We've been home. We've been shot and. All you do is keep your fear. It's. It's amazing why we keep loving this country and this country does not love this back.


That was amazing. Yeah, I feel like I'm watching a puppet show feel like I'm watching Sesame Street. I mean, it looks like somebody's got you on some strings. Somebody's got to be pulling your strings. You can't be this naive. Yeah, I mean I mean, there's a thing called Google. You can research everything. Yeah. Since 20. What? Since twenty. Seventeen. Yeah.


Blacks comparing black death and white deaths from police officers. Yeah.


Whites are almost done two to one. Yeah. So when you say we're the ones being shot, that's not true. Whites are being killed by cops to murder fact cops. They don't care what your skin color is. If they feel like their life is in danger, they're gonna bust a magazine in your ass. Yeah, they will make it rain. Y'all act like white people live in a secret society. White guy, white cop pulls over, white guy.


They get an argument. Hey, Amy, calm down. We white, we got it made. Look, I'm just going to give you a warning I. Yeah, just put the knife away. That's the way you think, and stop hitting your wife. When we come back, the way you think after sharing those statistics, the way you'd think, I would think that there is black supremacists that are cops and they are killing white folks. Yeah, that's how y'all think.


All these scenarios involving blacks and cops, they all have that common denominator like the media, when the story first broke with Jacob Blake, they said he was breaking up a fight right now. That's not what happened. Jacob Blake was of his girlfriend's house. She didn't want nothing to do with him. He didn't he wasn't supposed to believe that she called the cops on his ass. Yeah. Cops get over there and they figure out this dude's got a felony warrant for rape.


He's a rapist. He's a legit rapist, and he's got priors for felonies involving guns. This dude's a violent criminal.


And allegedly the girl he raped was a minor, 14, 14.


The cops tried to arrest him, take him down to the ground. That didn't work. He tried to take them. That didn't work. Jacob got up, put out a knife.


So let me ask you, Wolk, NBA players, you woke African-Americans.


What else to do? What else could you do? Those two cops would pull out a damn magic wand. What are you supposed to be? What are you supposed to do? He did everything. He tried to arrest them. They tried to arrest him to the ground. They taste them, do shook them off like he's an Wauconda pulls a knife. We supposed to just let him go? It's getting too risky. Yeah, they got a job to do.


Yeah, I'm trying to figure out. You're saying just dumb stuff. It's like you're living in the past. You say we're the ones getting shot. There's certain areas we can't live in. Yeah. Yeah. That we're the ones being hung. You're living in the past. I'm not saying forget your past. Yeah, but this country is not systemically racist like it was decades ago.


Yeah. You're saying black people are hung. That's true. Guess who was swinging right beside them? White Republicans. You failed to mention that your little personal speech of yours, who hung KKK, who founded the KKK, Doc Rivers, Democrat.


You failed to mention it in your little person speech. Oh, you're going to you're going to talk trash about the RNC.


And you also said black people can't live in certain areas, maybe in the past, but not in this country that we live in today. The only times I've been denied living in certain places in the past is because I didn't have the income and my credit was jacked up. That's the only reason I had nothing to do with my skin color. And why couldn't black people live in certain areas? It's called segregation. Jim Crow who founded it, Doc Rivers, Democrat man, you woke up shit.


And I feel I don't understand why you said we've been shot, doc, you're not being shot. Yeah, you know why? Because Doc Rivers is a responsible person who holds himself accountable.


He's not allegedly raping man or woman. He's not out here committing felonies with guns. He's not out here punching cops in the face. You're not out there pulling out knives on cops. You ain't telling cops taste. Yeah, you know why? Cause Doc Rivers is a responsible individual that holds himself accountable. But you want to sit here and cry for a dude, this dude. Yeah. I bet you won't let them watch your kids. You would you show us how to walk you is not viable.


Your house and what your key were before barbecue. I bet you would even put fifty dollars on this man's books in prison. How about if I don't know if you got a daughter now would you let this do your daughter. Yeah. Show us how walk you are. And you, crazy as hell. Let me ask you something that you keep saying, when is the country going to love us? I think you mean black folks when a black liberal is going to love this country, because for the past two months, I've seen black liberals and everybody live on the left, burned our own communities down.


Yeah, when it's black liberals going to start loving other black liberals and start shooting and killing each other. The leading actor in this country is black, there's black doctors, black lawyers, those black politicians, the leading comedians, black. We had a black president. Yeah, sounds like to me this country loves black. People are overrepresented in high paying sport of being in every league we overrepresent. You don't see white people crying about at least some affirmative action.


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